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tv   NBC News Special Super Tuesday  NBC  March 1, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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ted cruz wins t states including the bgest prize on the map tonit, texas. >> 12 . two epic battles.and the ock k ckinindown. after a a brutalight onhe -um > w will not accept -- >> wdd donon have t make america grgrt agai araca hasas never stped being great. >> i'm not a politiciaia tnk goodness. i guese nowm, but i'm not. >> friends do not let friends vote for conartistst if youou w wt someoneho will stand up to washington, a a - pyour, w has stood to washingnon. t battleines getrawn ll over again. > a a veryoooo e e engnno you, th t tolls closedd and almosts al theer tueue states. i'i' joinedd in ururur elen adarters b savannah guthrie
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wewe wan toet straight to the results, theiggest pze to t sta of texa tedruz wl be victorious in his home state cr aheroeded the statefokho, in the repub\icananprimarar here's how it breaks down in the georgia gop primary. we alsoo project him to win in the statetetevirginia, in ssachusetts, t t projejeed nner is donald trump. and chuhu todd i here,hat do u makak o o that s s r.r. >>t'ss been a big night for donaldldump.p.p. if we can t tow upp our delegate board,'d like t/t do that real ick. sws youou t ishe nig dld t tmp h h sururdo a masssse delegate le, oveve 0 delega leaeaeanow. pted uz, solol second tonigh ksks mostlyyo that texas ctory. the dapapintment tonht is ruo. isne with t t as f a a mia n n nti
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hours.pso f h hs for14. he has shot inminnesota, he & may winhose caucucucu and givee them his fst ory. he's going tbe thin delegagas toninit.t. right now he doesn't have a single vvvv cru a a trump havee o anything. thers g gng to be pressure on him. wh suld they consolidate aroundnd the eststlishment thoughtt would be rubio but cruzs in second. >> let's goo too cololo. bernie sanders jus a few ments ago, the projectct wiwi in n e caucuses in% do.. in oklahoma, another winor bernrn sderstotoghghgh ov hillary clinto in texas, big prizeze tre f f the democrats, hillary cnton is therojected wner tonight.t.t. in rginia, again a w w for the inton campaign inin georgince again, hlary clinton the projeceed winner.
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close to calal we are keeping an eye on a very narrow race here, savannah, you've bee looking at t tse craticic numberer wt'ss your lklklked abobo has comem t she'ssacki uugeaul toghttecausefhehe southern states. bernie sanders picked up his home ate, vermont and oklahoma. - d yet the numbersre going t be ireasinglyqfficu f f bernie sandnds. t just becauseee pledge delegat g picked up wh v vers go to lls,ut t so becau of super delegas. this is somet you fin in the docraticrty,ot the republican party. elected officiaia have a aig sayb they canecid who they want t t support. and andrge, sfar they're pptiti hillary clion. that't at's helpeder o o o up% this big lead. it's a delicate dance for her rit now.
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ems like she thinks ts is a forgrge nclusion.. alreadad we seeee her t)tg to commandeer a slogan from donond trtrp. hehe says make ameri greatatat again. no, let's makemerica whole agaiait's alreadygrgrt. shuh t tonight a auteingna kinder and more lovingnd she'e' clearly tin to be thehe antete doteo donald trtnp. ere's no question shshs looking forward,nd norueststn he is asll >> after donaldd trump's wins tonight, rather than the usual victoryyspch, heepoke with reportrts in a news conferencn with governorr chris christie over his ououer. rege some of w wtt he had t say. >>his has beeee anp amazing evening. alalaly we've won five m mor stes,s andndnd looks like we could win six or seven or eight or nine. it r rlly been greaea
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exciting eveving. it s s great to be in fla. it s great to o t mira witi th friends and t press. our nation is in serious troue, we're being killed o tre.e. china is just taking advdvtage #pof us have nothing aga china. bu theirir leaders are too smart for our leaders, our leaders n't have a clue. the trara deficit i it $400 mumu. no country can sustainin tt kind of tradeficit. it won't't be tt w for@ng. we have the greateses businesss leaders in the w wld on my team already. believe me we're going to redo ose t tde dedes, it's going to be a thingfbeaety. yoook a a countries le mexico,,here they're killing us on the rder, absolutelyy dederoying us on the border,, in - rmrm ofconomicdevepment, companieie likik cajer air nditioior moving into mexico. ford movingnto meco.nanisc closi uphop in
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we have e p it, folks. i kw h h to stop , we' @ink to creatat jobs. we'veoingo create jobo le u've neverer seen.n 're going to lower taxes substantially for the middlee ass, i is bee fortten in ouououcountry.y. it was theh predominant facto i i i makiur countnto a a country that we all lovee s ch. d we're all sororo of. but we havee forgotttthe middlee@ cl 're going too lowertaxes. we are really the source, wehaha gat gre pwer. the p pblem is, w w havav polilicians that truly, truly, trulyyon't'tnow what ty'y' doinin we'r'r goioi to workkk vevery, vy rd i i so honoredy thisi evenin you wouldave toldn juju 16th, when i was wit my fe menia,eame down the escscator inruruwer, and it lood literally - - well teray like thisou have a % lot of cameras here. lookeiterally le the ademy ds. it takak courageo n, i'l
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cocoage to run f f president, when you look at a of the oblems ourountry hand you look at our, which eallyy b bnb depleted, `rapidl dedeed oing to makak o o m mitarar bigger and bter and stronger an e er fore anddnobody nobobo, nobod i i % goinggo mess wit us,folk >>onald trump speaking at a news conference, and some supporrs in the room there ass wewe.%% ty tur has been with the tru campaignll y. she@ joins us fm palm m ach floror it wasasurious thi was n a victy party. trump likes a vtory lap. whyhe newss nfererce? >> t t tinst of doing the victory lap in a s stehere h h mimit haveru mpaigngns tryrygok forwararheanteoo more intimate@vent with friends and family, andndvenn the pss a a a hi milago estate here florida. you hea him s he's gng to focus on ts state qui a bi
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dada, h hs done thjs lot, where he's beeny astiti veryryoutrageo. andurduddenl and been`caca and p pdential ding, aifferent demeanorn we see aotmonald trump. it gives people le n nol& ll hope there is a ffererid o don tru e. onha oesnsn ive all o ee personal insusus. ve bnpeaking to a nber of gop aderer insnsererer withihi e party whoay thathey're - very conceed about h tone going-forward. they're cononrnen about h h okingore presidential as he getsonomatitis. stop cling peoplee losers,, and the name cacaing, insteadd a ag like a a nomimor the esidenen for t repca party, ts is side of him we sawtonight. he didn't menon t muslim ban ununl h was asked. instea focusus o o tas, ade, jo. bary attacked rub and cruz. steadurni his focus overr to hilla clinton, sayin t t t
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her s ss eve eligible to run for president. that, of cour,s a a reference totohe e-maill scdal. thegoing e-mlscandaalal askededbo the idea of this c ctested conven,@,@,@,@ what he - - - he f about that, a revolt, a aecd ballot revoltotentily for mco rubio o o john kach. and donald trump sai that sicay thatasot democratic, tt w wld note a democratic t tng t do, it's the people of the gop party. the voters choos himi and t t rtitself will hav t go donald ump. hecls hielf a uniter a nu oftimes, he's looki forwardooheext contest. aty tur,hahaserch whyou were speaeang,e have anhe call tmake. wee beeeeing the state of masshuses,he demococtic stste, nbc ns can project thathillararclinton w ws in nds. it's going to be cse as you can sethere, this wasasne that% many thoughternie sandfrs in
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chuckktodd? i ing on the c ce for h hlala really great night. e wnenenf the s stes sanders competed in. nd onl compednal th stash monnd s. shompetedne o of e states. here's onef the plas where th both wen h hdd toea and she b bt ththth >> clintonweptp t t t south this ing. she watcx t t rests come in fromiami w wre she had this to say e elier to her supporters. >> america prospers when wellosper. amic is strong wn we're all stng. anan w w w know we'veot wlde tododo but that work, that work is not to me america great agaiai americic never stopped beiei grt
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we haveo make america ole.e. we have to fill inin fill in what'sn hollllededt. > m min ameri wh a phphse w wveea a lot from hillarinton in th last several days ashe beginsso pivot@ herer attacks t tard donald trumum andrea mitchell is in miami, what's theood in clinton mp?? i don if they've even had a chance to react to massachuttsews yet. >> i dididalk to tjr top sokesesn about mamaachusetts, and very excited abo massachusetts, becauau frankly, she was there yesterday, bill clton washereret a polling place today. they really went into heart ofofew engl wch is bernien sadds backyaya. to be ae to competesainin him there, is a sweet v vtory for them. they did lose o oahoma tohim, and colorado. but as chuckckc wasasust sasang, h dn't compete in mananan places. she h bigin in virginia, and held hne, her firewewl in thesouth.
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african-american a a hispani mmunities.especiallyn texas,y the way. but also int lea six es, sheid winhe wte tete more narrly, but s srted ing she could win white votess well begiing t troaden herer se. they feel they aren a march to nottave the notion, they certaiy are hoping win florida, that'hy they' here tonighg. androaden her s sportrt in the russfeld stat afterthat, they d think that they can begin toay claim to e notion while s s s be rpectl to bernie nderer a arying toouldld supporte.evenenhough berniedersrs m m m cle night, h h i i goingo.goll the wayo t enon, he's looking toward new jersey and new york and california on june 7th. he has enonoug ney,y, he's been brininng in me moneyhan inton in terer ofot having a per pac.
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nations.s. 1 million jus this past month ale, and 5 orr 6 mil since his big os in south carolina,,@ he has huge amount of money t pspend. evenhough hee dsn't'tightht now have themomentum, hehe of course, is still hopinin for some good rults forsota. llaryhillary is pivotingowarar donaldld trumpn she'e' not attacking hihi e's usisi his lin n ns mu as he'sttacking her. we hear him calling her t, ing h out. his aims. certainly rededecting his attention towowd herers well a a that sontrack, for sti having t nail d dn the rest of the republican raceith big lead on d%deges against cruz rubio. >> chuck td has been
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pad, computer with exi polls. > can t democ nominana.. bernieanders exceedinghe nomination b doing what h d night. he's n n vying towin. >> let me show you what's going on, bnd why donald t did toni a third ofhemon a candidat o shares mvalulu cruz dididery wl among tho oo`ha myaluesvoters. he bea trump acrosshe board these places, even in places he lost to trump. alalama, arkansas, georgia a oklahoma um does not do w wl with sharesy value votetc. th a inom cases christnconservaves, evanlicals. watcn i show@ bring needhange ters. this i where trump dominas, ts well over % in se stes. high numbmbs,ear50 in alababa on t change vote. 4444 i kans,ver 50 inn orgia.
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we hav a sond brd up re, th i the energ don oold trump is bringi. he ihe change cantetesssfafa as canandarecocoererer coco breakakak tutuout t gegegia,te vivirginin u n n n the statete trump wawas, there's beennecordd turnout. w w w w wakee arere r rhtht now,w,w,ararar o,ear w wt he has to say abo his path forward aftertonininininisssswewewewewewehthtack k k io., hey, neefast heaburn reef? try co mt zant. releas a cooling sensatatn in your mouth d that.
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asyour doctor ouxaxaltoo,,, wel k tur supup tuesday covera,,e're j jned senator marco rubi nice to haveou wh us tonigh >> gooevenin
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lumnmn tot.arueaeded ,cose no les uststd we ar i mpgn. we'rehe proioase. e states a a ardrdg deletesis of engevotes yop inhehe statata of rginia ate we e tin tsthast ke weave my degatat as ldru hasthendf the night.miotstl oue' doi lln n n ear rerns. uually in aradition wh yavavav someone like dold trump in th. yould have eryonon cin back and sayini i is time to mearnd. wh happed is the opsite. people are saying, you have to@ pfighgh ononhat'st stae i ulf theeepububn pay, d isksk ppl t jus,
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ndemhe >>ou warar att twe,yo hi v ctct sprayanhand you tnkhatke ast u?>> >noonrump h heen dodo foronths. wou to you, look at ery stahahas o o the boardt he willl undedeerfo ery public pl t taken, escially in virgia. i telel yo he was ahe of us by 15 ints no one expted t to bee competitive. we hve only had five d ds to explainn people what a conartist donal tru is. i can't waiai t t makehe case for the nex couplpl weks. wewel see what happens o saturday, again t tre's votin goggnn erica. th follong ek, march 15th@ do y y yave totart wiwning ststes. winner takak all, that's whehee el grea tonightt was suppopod to o uz't. heldsds tonht w w@ a a ain in tes and'te allhe letes, a a a winn thenehboring stata of oahoma anoesn't take all the
9:21 pm
i never saidi we wereoingo close outut this c cpaign oner tuday, t cruz di >>ator rubio hecks out here, m i your@llenge at is int.t. has your campaign come tthe asment t there's onlnl two@ outcomes heeor yoyo you don't cahh donald trump o you have to te thi all t wayhe convention. there does npot s smo be a mathematical path for you to inch the nonotion. haveveou com to that nclusionon >> you have to all the way to cleland? i donelieveat i think oncouet to the winner take all phase, the map $% ts a lotot friendlr to . if a a couple peopleren't onn llot we wod have won viviinia. iihink the questn is howow does donald trump get t t legagas. usually in these camigns you have a front-runner and the
9:22 pm
thth's not going to happen w wh donold trump.p.0 theynow th nio of dodoldld t tmp m mns the end o the mododn republican party in a evevevting wa. we canno nominate somne in our party who in dition to beingonartist and sriri alalbl t opininis wh the mocrcrs on plann pararthood and israel. yoyo name itit someone who refused to cononmn the ku klklan. that means kev station in novemb a vote for donald truru now iss a or hillary clintonoin november >> t thoseho h't won anyny states,yych i tnks rererring to you among hers. i wish you would think about tting o o of e r r r a unitini to try to stop donald trump.viously that is not yourplan. but how do o u aue thatt you're `oust an agent o nominatio of donalddd trump ifhi par contueividedititll
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this, here'syy answer tothat. tete was supposed tolean up tonight. his enre cpaign was built.o nning iowa souththarolililnd ping theotherer at tonight was the night he was going toolaia victy.y.y. -that didn' happen. ted cruz won hisis home state eree's not goingoet the majori of dedegates,nd he won the neighboring state of oklahoma where h hs gngng to have thare legate tha it. erese winromhere? that's the questioned has t asas he cannifyfy theepublican part he cpet gro it. i'he only one in this rac pthat csistently beats hillary ton innveryrypopo. i'm the onlyneh thaha as chance toteheepubcan party. tonight w supposed@ tbe the ghgh you uy h hee heardrd h h campaign y thatrepeatetlyly they w we going to sweep t t southern states. gotot beat in e ery single o&o of them except hisis homee state an the neighbobongtate of lahoma. you look a atate like viviinia,,nd we bically have ed donald trump therer that'ss despite having to share the
9:24 pm
or five other candidates. >> tha you foror takingime with us, w wpprecicieit. ee spoke tooor rio tnouragog conveatat w recorded. weweanlou rig w,e hasood news we gotrojectio in fm the ate of nnesota, in e republican caucus there, and rubio is the projected winner nigh marco bio,o,is first win this campaign sean in mininsota nit. now, ted cruzre off h win of oklahomand texas, both t t t nbc's hall jackson, here's what he hado say. >> why do yo gorom here a&aer susurtuesday? how do you get the repcan nomination>> thehelerocess of this primimyas been whittlg. we started with 17andidates a yearago, the firiririrourr states whitited that dow iderably. i think we'll conon toarrow the eld. at this point the have b b 15
9:25 pm
onon candidate has beaten dond % trump. that's us. haveeaten him three differentmes. for the repupuicanan it's about 65, % of rububcaca nationde who recogogzeonald nhe best candidao go head to heaea t t hilllly. that heost certainly losos hillarar r republicansho't w wt see d d ahenoe. heoomhehe a uny, the only to beat doldruru is forvs to stand together unid statesed and at whaha j hope will happen in tayay and wee to follow. > mco r rio all t totoaketo take this to a contested convnvti. what's' yr sategy foro making this two-man bb?? ry candi is going to look at the results. >> should sodyyp out? >> think theeho are nning, allf them lov this country and they're putting ts countryfirst. ift becomes clele t t a
9:26 pm
does not havep a pasas andas not beenenble to win a s s inn 1 ces tnk tre ceses a -poinin w wre y yave took do youantald trump tbebehe nominee. if donald trump ishe nominee, ink w g clobbered, we se the sete, the suprememe purur foro a genenatio in theeill of rights. know the other rublicansp running don't wan that, so'm confideople areoingng ok at t mbers, l lk at the results. and conder wt t do, and it is my hope tha@ as par we come thehehend s t maess,otine ndnd wilrive rty o a iff. >>ndha jacks joins liverom crez headquarters in stafford texas.hae. >>nehef the moments iad with senato cru was ask etr he i1inourara somemee to dropt. whethere'ss eouraging marcoco
9:27 pm
the senator backed awayrom at.heheiday theampaig takes a look at where they snd now when it comes to@his race,he caupai rylyl talking about ththth degegeses here, yououeard chuck tng about it a awell. the delegatat mapsps how you g g e pas to the nonation, potentially looking ahead to the pna.i asked if marco rus projected win in minnesota changes thehe argumentt all. the aid said not in anyway. cruz is t tg o mak thehe casehe can bring t t t cococovavave one of th challge heas is publicans he has railed ainsns he needs them o backk him agaiast dond trumum the questionemther thatill happen f t cruz. >> weeavav a ather call to make ght nono demomoat caucun ot d nbc news projectshat beiean ws i minnesota. wins t ccu th 's of e -'lhoww y a st of the statet he s
9:28 pm
lo a mso fbernsander es tshangeyt no,t doesn't. ey wonhe s stetehat had the leastmount ofinoritytes. theetates@ thaha -- twothth caucuses -- ones inn his h he state, oklahoma ere. he didn' win massachusetts, the only other state@ hee rgrged. it's hardd@o l lk at tonight and say is aood nightor bebnie nds. you cant ose t t b bck votot 85-15. and e e eto be the docratic nee. it ds not add . >> we' backk in a m ment wit mo on what the super tuesday results mean for the deepl divided republican partyty the fututu belel tehfastst an helyoaccecera, we've creaead d w company... totallllfocused what's next foyo business. the ue parership wherpeople,thnoly anideas push eone e rward. aclerating iovatat acleratitiransformatio
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live claritin clear. evevy y.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i i i koo manmericins ha lost faith in ourfuture. we hr it in the voif pantho't kno they're going to give their kids the opoprtunities they desve. you c see it ith es of@ woing menennd wimhoon't't expect anythin to come sy, butonder w itas to be iteeo haha.. like many of u, find strerere a aururse in th values i learnedrommyyamily ad fahn tey gav m mimpleoro live by. old mststyioll thouou n,or all the @ople youcan, for as long a youcan. >> hlary clinton speaking to suters in floloda tight afte a very good nit, 7s in her cumn tonighgh we wante to bri you upo date. +r watching rmont, the republican rac t close t t
9:33 pm
alasasn caucusus the doors don't close forthth half hour or so. we want to bring inur nbc n n politicalanalyst,icolle wallace andeugene. looks likik thisace is shing upnto a ump/clcltonn battle. >> i thini w saw hillary y clinton make a t t ttord a general ectconon she's usi trumums vulnerilities. there wasasot@ shothrowntt fellow rereblicans. phe did t town some o .ast from t lt to 10 daya. he been ensnared in this scandal for the last fdaysys ihouoht you him come down a notch in terms o o his rhetori and b bba. he was speakini at a news coerence notn frontf thsas of oplele where he generarayrings i on. >> it seemse thenergym
9:34 pm
as repeplicans. a sgad thehe ver preseuentititiooking ent. do i bieie h ill be our nominee? ies. m notot quite at my 10 steps. we sawimry to present hielf as sometetet dferent tonight. heas at la,,, ceni m, hs yi maurn. >>anh a notedh the ch hehehe awhee ty're coororor >> w wd knowhosehairs anywhere. >> i thththt,t,e did not. w are your thougs here ase -- itoes look like trumum trump vsuss clinton.
9:35 pm
racece i've also been@h@ thinkinin a good dealonightbobw t reblicarty how it begins t put thehe pieces back tother. iimeananhis is aarar tha in many w ws isredibl succccsfulul it has contrled bototses in congress. most state houses, it iss not a coherent piticalrce?e? >> whas it stant for? >t stands f trum >> he's s ngleleananly & rererened wt it meanss t tbe a publan. he's turng out voters. 300,momohan ususl. >> look it's a popularar insurgency. is the republican party d%dinededed bybyds learshipi theeople who@bhoose to belong to it.p's popop, t working ass, populous we
9:36 pm
eses arere e emically frususated and cultullllll tredrepublicans, and the bubuneseseing oe pty been kicked to theidee of the road.. on't know what they do, what do they do, nicole? >> it's aigig of how disisnt the establishmeme a leaearship in washingn cam from the grassroo of thth y. th's always perilous too either party. totoe people acting surise om thehingng they hearar 's a terrible sign, i shoul see it ng..iould cauon f from thinking all of thth p picies that trumppalalout, or t tt aociad withem. 've focusednto t did. cecearhe policies the pportersie @in. ey a a attcto if n n bbct to his projeion of strength, his willingness to condem everything a a washon. th political clasa3 t lobbycsts, theonorsnd thehe dia,a, wling tons to takekehe fight to all fourf them.
9:37 pm
someone hasheir ck we hav tooake a a -- real quick -- >> i think there are i iortantnt cy differencnchere oughghfree traden entitlents, on litary interventions. i think there are someairly - - >> that'sot the whole appeal >>hat's going to h!v to b b dealttwith. th establishment's going too ha to reconcile self to this w way of looking a a isises. she quit a high pfilele positi in the docra party d threw her support behind berniesaerer
9:38 pm
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we a t t tin we areracking caucuces acrs corado tonight. d nbnes now projojting rn san athnnn "c"corado's demoatatauses"tonighg. a ewididlook a10. plus.. w i i ght intoton caca.. and why itieiein souern lodo are seeing a shar
9:41 pm
tonight on new5 1 1 ahe e e o o toni 15 states willlave voted, 35 stes remain.
9:42 pm
e going take our fig f ononicjusticic forociaia justice, f f envirmentnt sanitytyfoworld ofeacece to every one ofse stes. >> berni sanders a b barer speaking ii vermononee h two si - tl pley offf heart and money for him to moveee rwrwd. >> right now we have a congresswoman from hawaii who just resigned as the ve c c from the dnc too puter support hind bnie eaers. >>et's look at t@is p, it't' tough one forernie sasaers. hehell b b c cced t sou to ary toto wahqt a satic stak he' b clear abobo his ion a a the issue t ttt ally come fro his h%brt that he c ceses ouou about bngngg
9:43 pm
ard about bringngnging justice,e, all@he wayay you heard from him. i'mroo endorse@ernini sanders bececsef theeeee issues th areree m mrel totoelanan - the@ isssss tha have n yet been talked about, a w theyy derven this campgn. thatats t tssue of w w andnd peace. >> tonight ngresswoman,ou can't tryo win theemocratic minaon, byy writingng offff a whole secr of th democratic electotote. you lookxit polls outut of alabamkansasgeor clinton istiti sande in the black vot by 80 points in psome casesn ho does he gooorwardithh numbs l le that?? >>here are manytas that are yet tvote. ere are manyople,ho they willhoo be our next cocoander i chch - ian tell you for myself as a soldier and as a wareter and
9:44 pm
ployment to iraq, served in mededal u u uhere i saw rstndailylyhe high human st ofr.. sf the co thathese inteen interventionisthahae wars have had toughghariety of different programs my endorseme for senor bernie sande iss based on the ntrara pointn thisuestion of war andndpeace, o thi queson of who will b the qualified commaer in chief to take u uown path toward peace ananspery v%rs continuing down this interveionini war regi change polili, that secretaryylintononas advoc forothn ir,n lilia, and now in syria. >> let me just ask you, b%be sander has madee som big prpmiseses
9:45 pm
cocoege tuititn. a revolution is neded. a political revotion, we're seeing turnoutsown a ang demos. phow do o u get tsssrereon, if demratsren'twing u t t po >> ihinkt's by having tsep conversations, by engaginon ople whoho have not yet felt theyeyave ace bng heard i r politicalpress. so ihink as ye seeing what's happening o o the road. u're seeing a l of extement comong fmn p pces where people m not h ve been invoed yet or involved for a very longgtime,ecause t is an honestyeing addssed her about the issues that are ipportantnd a aececng people's ever dayay lives. on these issues of w w and peace,here directly nnted to t tserograms tha bnatoto bernie sandede is talkin about, that hlala intoto is talking about. if we aow thisntervevtionini regime c regimemehananapolicy that $- secretary clinton has amon, we wilil see how
9:46 pm
dolls that haveen spent overas,,titie totandn e w of cannotook at these iues aseparate thgs this i iuefar apeace, what kinin ofmama inn chihi we willhave iss central and core to how we can plan a fure of success us h he at home. cononessmsm`gabbd, w ec your timetonight. >> tha yoy. we' goihwo ta a break here.. we'rng beyond tonight thgegel l ection when comeac when your type 2 diabetes numbers aren't moving in the right directn, it c be a burden. but whwh if u cocod wa up t/lor blood sugar? imagine lovingngngr mbers. scover once-daily invokanana. with over 6 minn prescriptions and counting, it's t t #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibito that to lower a1c.
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,,,,,,,, % welcome ck joioing hnheh , rmer former gogorn. we saw chrishristie standin in t t background when d daldd trump waspeaking tonight. i'm wondin are we goi t see a truru bandwagon of largernbe tomoow? i thihi thehe will somom additional endorsements. there are peopleho doant too ju o the trump bawagon. you s s the did froro p pl q_q_nd mitch monne sng negative signal inhat directio >ohn kach, u uess you -- he wins,,e may now b thee only winlessss candidate, unless hee gets a few hundred more ves i ivermon rubio canat win. is thehe me prereure on kasich, ors this everebo
9:51 pm
>> i i thinkverye gets to sta in until marap55th. there will be a lot off presssse ononohn joh. he wants t run in hisis he stat >> tryryg to get somebody on the ballot in texas andorthth calina toegin with to see if there c be@ a separare candidat me peopl talked abo kasich as bei that person. t tpipi party candidate, smebobo is a candndate now wl ha a aroblbloing that, bebeuse the number of s stes have sore loser laws, you canan both run in a prim axhen ru foror a dififrent p in n ee eleltion. u proba he to findome fresh blood for a thirdrty. >> is that establishment fantasy at thts point? >> letet be honest, everything is e eablishment fantasyv >> because the reaea is what? dodoldmp is winning wiwiing big. >> yes, winning big, and dng on thehe backs of the establhment. so the establishment has too c mee ith a astrategy.
9:52 pm
strategy or m mbe a latemarystra forlilili that trn. wewe see whereheate tata look likik a t ed oevening toee what speed thatra is moving in. doe thenton mpaign, iss therer a window of opptunini ere? sfction, the separion righttow in e r rublican rty? dodo shehe h ve a narrow window here? >sss narr, i i thinkt's a b window. i thinknkheheoping ooight-throughhh atat tdvanta of fac that rub house is vivid. as lcoco id,he fallill not fo t tmoats, t t be a ae to take advanta o othe acac t trumum wilil erg d@mocrats t coo th pls tote agains somethiet can moreee eneg than a r somethththatssne piece - you have r rubn moderates? >> sheees that -- if i were her,r, wouou see thatsn opporty for theplee w w
9:53 pm
trump has of hp ba of th rubn baseay they will n votet for trump. what are the gng to d d i he is the nominee? she c cldake pitchor em, of course, they'dave to agree with some of ththlicies she standsdsor >> whitmant said yeststsay on msnbc. given thehoice betwten t tmp and clclton,he wou vote for clinton. >> i i heafa about aepubcan % nato who isndnd that, would likely eorse clinn. the demococticarty i i not one big unite coaln. n n t. >> does llary inn withth runn mate,oe she need soon like sherrod brbrn,hio nator of swing stat that people w find exciti? es s need to goo in tt rectctn. >> brownwn isfantasasc, he would be a wonderful runningmate. viously she goi to make that ll. i think that part of thnswer ts is for her tooontinue
9:54 pm
sanders sportersndhese xt f ek makinin sur thashshsh is being inclusive o tem if het on that really eselp t energize the entirecrat democratic wing of the political ectrum. weav got to te a bea back in moment witit some final thoughts on this all importqnt
9:55 pm
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it etoovyouraxaxive en tt lalove your bodba. only miral drates, eases anens tolockatur,, so you h he peacofddfrom srtrtrtrt.
9:57 pm
,,,,, wel welme@ backko our sup tuesdayycoverage. tw r res still outaing we'r watating r rht w, ont, the rerlicaca race in vermont still too closeo call. you can s s john kasich is just behind donalddrururu there. we should alsoote the repuan caucus inaska the doors close the in a l l le overerwo minutetete nothin obvusly until after ---the doorslose then one of f e t ts you note, you'll see the delegat ers,s, i idd y d n toto o o caidate. de the. let's talk to chk abt that.. >> we c show you, we't tonit. u hav t t get t results by congressional dict. an seehe ul.
9:58 pm
tedd cruru when the nht i ivrr he h hhave 10000eleseses look s ul?nono ver goodthat number will grow asoon as we get the mnesota nbe in. t goodight for marco rubio. look at this, this i ihe demomoat si, tonight look at what hry clint w ablblto dotonight. she almosos netted nearly20 delegates just tonight aone, she a aeady came in with a 400 -- basically -- 450 legatelead. now lo, she hahah a a 600 de lead, she's n qte at the halflfy rt, sheil be over e halfwnt comearch 15thth i thinke're getting p ptty close to thinin. thehras presumpmp nominee, p pbably is going to getofofcially attached t hillary cln afton the. >>lligwell, t anks to th of you. great to see you, getome sleep. we'll see you o o the "toda show t torrow morninin >> i ten minutes.s.%
9:59 pm
ank youor beieiith us toght. we'll seeouomorrow on nbc ghtl news. for n i lelterrolt in new york, goight, everyonene we begin t we begin@nonighth a news five alert ...n-b-c news projecting bere sands tonicolorado ca with about hf of p pcincts repoing-- sanders-- has a huge lead overerillary c cnton. 're e ststst of f dozen ates rticicatg in supup fsday. we've enenolling t t latest returns on the bottom of the screen all night fororou-- we'll brbrkdown unty-bcounun rerns coming up in a f minutes. democratic vers s owed up in owdsdsere in colorado on t ts super tutuday.... to shohosuput2for their popotical party, and chohoe a presiden nomomee news five's zach thaxton ilive t caus lotion conado high school.
10:00 pm
paso o unay have anan unakable repation a t t republan stronghghd in purple stabut tonit's caucuces certainly chahaenged that nion, wititoverow crowds energized sporortheiy'& presential candidates. vo#1 thehline wrapppp down one llway and ararndndo he windjng down a flight of sirir d inin 8 8lassssoms at coronado high school. throngs of el paso county moats likely breaking maximum occupancy fire e regulationonto caucus foththr prefefred ndidate. "when we walkein the d it --was ne t tt i ought was goin w a circle arouou thehelding." ernie! hahas raise " vo#2 this prenct representing colorado springs' west side, feeling the bere, suppor bernie sande by a 3-to-1(1 rgin in the ststpoll. "i doubt anydy's going to ange anybody's mindntonit, p but the other hand, i think ititl be gd to just understandh


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