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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 25, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm MST

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[ cheers cheersrsndpplause e >> steve: from studidio 6b i i rockefefler nter in the heheart t of nework city, it's "the tonight show starring jifallon." ghdhdhoioijimmy and hi ests -- rard bututr -- jenny slat-- mul gugut t e 1975. and featurg the legendary roots crew. love: 425 washingt statat teveand now, hhes, jijifall! [ cheers a applausus] >> jmy
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xx whahai'tatain' abouo. y! hi. hihi oho@i loou! i love you! come on. welcome, everybody. welue, w wcome, welcome to "the tonig shoho" thank you fofobeing here. i apariaia it. [ cheers and appppuse ] looking od. here'shat everyone's talkini about. tonight`in h hston, , xa the was yet anothe republican debate. [ light laughter ] even the people on "grey's ananatom were li, "how lonk doeshis go on?" [ lahter r ist ov? [applause ] tonight s tentnt republican de. yoyocan tellhedidates are getting bod uphere 'cause at one point they took turns prank calling jeb bush. [ laughter yodon't t ve to o tha it was fny but cruel. that right, ere was anothe debate, i'm not saying thehere running out ofofopics but this s one was atman vers
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eccentc billionaire ju like me, , t on the other hand, supermans super st lik [ lalahter interresting deb cheers and applause ^ last n nht, jo kash said s favovote presidint was orge eashington -- [ [ ght laughter ] because could have be esident forever but steppe down after two ter. while trump said his favorit present was george washington 'cause h halso wore a fafaastiti wiwi [ laughterer [ growling ] wn boy, dogo b#b [ lit [ light t t t er ] nerececcus* trum hing a shl in his x rere theheheump spd tweetat mneylean election. , nald tmp is fiti withthitt romney. even the oscars we're ke,
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that's too mucuc teve: come on. we don't need it. >> jimmy thth too white. in a new interview, dona trump'sife,e,elania, said that she speaksksnglili, italn, french and german. whwhh good 'cause ishe e ever becomes first lady y e'll need to ologize for her husbd in at let the four languages. [ laught ] thqhqhl come in handy. [ applauau ] > s sve: _o start. >> jimmy: it's a gooootalent to have. someore election news. the uth carolina demrac primary is saturday and hillary c,intotoholds a a double-dit lead over bernie sananrs in the stste. when aed how he'd go after sohern voters, bernie sanders said, "pe, call mememeon ers.""" [ ught and applause ] conel sanders.s. >> steve: colonel nders.s. immy: yeah, i don't kn why we didn't thinof that earlier. ananhilly clinton appeared on the "steve hary show" yestday. and she id she pfers thin crust pia to deep p sh pizza. yeah. whehehsked what her favorite totoings are, hillary was kekeke
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toppings when all the othehe ndidides release their favorite toppings." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] okay? ir is faia a lot ]f]feoe are excited about this. facebook jt lalaed%some ne reaction btons.. [ [ [ rs ] they're kind olike e ejis bu instead only having the opti to like mething, people can n act to p ptsh love, wow, haha,`angrgr it'stty s srt. but we have r suggestions that might b beven moel@f. take a loo first thers, g g it,t, yoyo eed." lahtir g . [ cheers andlaus] next we have the, , good, 18 pagra posabout bebeie sanders. [ ughter and applause e >> steve: scll, scroll. >> mmy: and finly the's "dn, danl." [lauguger ] [ chee a ause ] >>ve: damn. >> jimmy: damn, daniel. [ light laughter ]
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that's gat. >> jimmy: damndaniel. if you don't knoqtqtjust googog it.t. it's funun.. fiy a a a movie about t r pline workers cal"life ononon thlinenejust relead d s first anititooks great. the movie looks great.there's one sml prlem. the trailer spells te boswortname wro. thisrealal see how w ey spell it. put an "e" in it. that's pretty bad, right? but it's actlly not the only thg they got wrong. take a looat this traileit got worse fr there. get readyorhe year's most movong drdra statring te bosworth. ademy awarnee, sharonontone. d ldenlo winnene travoltit see the filmritics are calltrmphant a a flawless."lifon theine. >>imim: that can't be` rrec meone's ceceing fired.
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cheers andndpplausus] , ththkhyo thank you v ry muc e ebo. welcome the show. it's aood one tonight. it's been a great week so fr. there's s re a aad. tomorrow nightony award winner nathan lane w ll l he thehehow. [ chrs and applause ] >> s svelove nathan lane. j jmy: pluseri rurueul will be here. cheerspplause ] and one of my favorites, memean m my lynn r rskub willl bebeere e morrow night >> steve: yes. [ chee a a appe ] >>8>imimdoinme snd up. >> s sve: doing stand up. >> jimmy: : .. and ofofourse wel d/ thahk u notete atat aaysyon fridays. but fififi hs a taleed actor and a char, chming guy. i love this guy. he's g g two big newovie ming out. "london has fallen" and "gods egypt." is is s s mo gerard ble here tonight.t& >> steve: ! [ cheers andndlause ] >> jimmy: giant movies. bobo movies, big m mies. i'm going to catch up with gerardhen he and i areoing
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why would i play thaha >> steve: he'siantly muscular. >>immy: : ah, tough dude. >>: you er see "0?" >> jimmy: plus, from the new disney animated film "zootopia,jenny slate is oppingngy. [ cheers and applae e >> steve: oh, , ve jenny. jimimimwe le jenny, too and great, great music. i ve t ts band. theh1975 is herere >teve: yeah! [ cheers a a applae ] >> jimmy: it's sallele"the sound," at's the ne of the m. stetew's ur? >> jimmy: 9 thw my out. s: n?n? [ lighghuguger ] yeah.. th's t third hip u'efthugh this mth.. j: ah, knowut is new ng's supse totoe thwo outut >>teveoh reaeay? >>immy: .
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i can no-- i io f exible no >>ve: >>immymyog >> sve: yogaah. >> jimmy: yeah, i ju do downward facing do : constantly? >> jimmy: constantly, yeye. that's all io. thth's(s(s i get to work. steveve, leleyou downward dog it to work? >> jimmy: i downward d iall the way to worhleah. >> s sve: you u ow what, why t, rigig? >> jimimyeah. >>teve: ntasc. >> jimmy: everne suld do . i'm just telelng y y guys. the 1975 is , , ys. what i'm talkikg about. [ cheers and applause it a good nd, he's a good lead sinr, isn't he? >> steve: he is anld school @ nger. >> jim: 's's good lead sing.and every band needsdsood lead sinr. i w him on "saturdayig live-- >> stete: he was just fantastic. >> jimmy: this guy just t ew me . i go, ohlovevehis guy. anyways. it's a fun stonit. [ chchrsnd applause ] thank you forng he. guys, it's time for "tonight show hash tags." here we go. ta hash tags >> jimmy: are you guyuyun twitr? anyone out thehe on te [ cheers well, we use twiwier on our show every single week so if you watch our show and you want to play along, we do this thing g every wednesday where i send out a hashphag and we ask u
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on thahatopic. sce "the bachelor," t tt's e ofy jams. >> steve: my js. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: thatat my john, my jo -- damn, bach [ laughter ] it had its hometown dates isododthisiseek whicwas -- >teve: yeah. >> jimmy: yeah. and so, i se out hash tata called #mymymetototwweirir and i asked you ys to tweet out a funny,y,eird or embarrrrsing story about youou hometownwn somothininth happeped. we gotothousands ofotweets.. within 30 minutes it was a trendingopic in the u.s., so tnk you fororhe tetet [ cheeee and applause ] it'sunny noi thought i'd sh o mymyavorite e y hohowns weirir tweets om y u guyuy he w%w%o. thth fir one is @a@anhoror shsawenlha gn it s eding to replacecausene spr papats hmertime o& it t ery y pme."." [ ught ] >> s sve: : me on. >> jim: thatat genius. teve: that's geniu >> jimstop, hammmmti. >teve: hammertime [ laughter ]
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>>immy: can touch this. >> steve: i knowbut n't >> jimm yeah, okay, got y [ hter ] >> stevedamn, jimm >> jmymymymn, jimmy. this sne's from @ottmalinoff he says "my homexosed ptaer mon on a ad t tnel so toa wouldt get t by - on thro. onadased it." [ laughter and applause ] a toad tunnel. >> steveveyou know what we ne, man? we nd d@ad tnel. i'sickckf this garbage. >> jimmy: now he got a trara for toads to go throroh h e tuel. >> steve: > j jmymyma lghghhi one's from @erinoppy. she says "the town sn home of 937 7 ppy people and 4 grouches. we vote onon the 4 grouches are at thennual fallll pfeststal." [ applause ] >> steve: m ing for grouch. >> jimmy: this one's from @leslieebeth. she says "my homown has an ananal p pan fesesval where
10:48 pm
[ lahter and appuse ] steve: really? fferert t t t in my hometown.. ut queum. [ laught >> steve: damn, n%qun. >> jimmy: damn, queen. [ laughter ] >> steve: she'e'a nut queen. >> jimmy: yeah, that was youou nickname in high schchl, wasn't' it? s sve: was, ye. for r o unfortunate years. >> jimmy: made@you the manouou are today. >> sve: yes,t did. >> jimmy: congratulations. [ laughter ] this one is from @hoososrdaddy. steve >>ve: oh. jimim: no, but hoosier. >> stete: oh. >im: h-k-o-s,p,ike e hoosier, indianayeahah he sayay"my homemewn c crates thbibih ofohn nfllcamp withellenfest whh he's veco bk r. 0 steve: yesf applause ] >> jim: i'm busy. i was born in a small town. i grew up ininma town. but won't go back totohe smaltown [ lauger ]&
10:49 pm
she says "there'e'e'monument dotownnt treest friendip buevyone calls i i i toileteat.t.look ais thing. [ [ ughter ] steve: come on,t thth sesese jimmy: heefefe seat u agn. >> sveleft the seat up- >> jimmy- left the seat up again. stevewn, toilet seat. >> jimmy: : isne'srom @jbspivey. she says "mymyowetown n n amous or ononns. oumascots a git onioin erls." ththe he his. >> steveyeah. - [ chrsnd applause ] >>ijmy: i tt guy. >> stevevevidalia. jimmy: : dalili gooooonion. >> steve: bebe oni. >> jimmy: iteallllis gd. i like that dude this last onc'fromomompepel. he says, "my hometown cebrates porday complete wi the higy ughtft title ofittle miss pork queen." whh was -- that was me i ihichohl. [ eeee and applalae nckname? >> jmy: those are ou onigigighow w sh tags." to checkckut more of o o vorites, go to nightshow.w.m/hatags. stick around we'll be`rightack with rard butle
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beuse it's nererust a co
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a very tented d busy man starririn two new lms,s, ( "london n s fallen," whichch opens mamah 4th and "gods of egyp" whh hi theaterd imax 3-d tomorrow. ease welcome gerard butler! [ cheers and alause ] jimmy >> jimmy: i love you. welcome backck good to seyou. gerard butler. they l le yoyo come on. you knowow to dot right there. cheers and applause ] hank you. >> jimmy: thah's a m m m star right there. at's a movietar buy.y. ananyou r being here. -i appreciate it,an. you lookokood. you u d a a g weekekd.($& you were the -- you re at the & daytona p>>h my god. >> jimmy: was that? >> it t s azg. >> jimmy: : u dihave fun, gh >> o othe momoun dayi had in my life. an we m/toycleleow ride taking us to whe ent. mum -- my familwere with right, becausesehey', like, p2esesonal wcher zumbas.
10:55 pm
so ty me to the e ent with me. myom told me my -- t t twas so fun! [ laererer jmy: is fun. it's le wostock or somethin >> yeaeaea an y y getetthe ce cacaananth take u ar e trtr >>myre traha >> y yh,as trandnd& marshaha jimcome on. y y chee a in fac it t iwawa amazaz it wasun >> jimat's ahono >> hug >>mymybut ge, ntmen,n,n,rtrtr engid you -- >> youet t tsa dve -- that bset's not ntlemen anoror my: : 'sight. yeah drs s art ines yeye. >> drs s your enginene so at thprs cocoerencn bere, hn aet said, " " you have anyththr eeve?" i said, ah, yeah, but t had nothinup my sleeeene jimim: no, they do is to yobecause theyoto o cause they makek-- it a giant deal. it's an honor to s ts. >> yeah. exactly. >> jim: : ivivs,tart your enenne >> and he said, what about ying this is daytona? this sc spapa [ laugugug ] >> j jmy: well tha300. >> tally cheesy, but i'm apcheeee kind d guy >> jimmyi ke that. so o shouted, okay, everyb you got to join with me. because it was l)le, 200,0,0 pele. i'm li, ththths dayta. >immy: ye, yeah. cheers a appus]
10:56 pm
i want to show -- here a clip of -- watctcth. >> reaea??? tis i idaytona!a! [ chchrsrsnd applause ] drivers, start your engines! [ cheers and applae ] >> wow >> wow... >> jim: : werful. so mom was with h , right, and sheame up at the end and went, "o"omy god, that wagreat. i i al think thawas gonna be done well. well done so, i ought you were goingo ke a foo yourlf." >> jimmy: yeah, thanks mom. i appreciate it, yeah. i thought didiprettytyood, to be honest. p>> pretty good? [ laug ] >> jimmy: 9 me, let me show you. let me show yo >> you'd do better off. >> jimmy: let show yoyohow it's done. righ >>entlemen start yournginin! [ chee a alause jmy: i almost had a heart taca. thais brilliant! >> jimmy: it is a blast.t. >> o god. .> jimmy: it is a blasa. that`ts a fun thing to >> i feel lilili wuss next to
10:57 pm
0 that was awesone. [ laught ] >> jimmy: no, , ver. >> t tt was leonides right the. >> jimmy: thank yo aww,w, apprereate that. let's talk "london has fallen." this is a a g sequel to "olympus has fallen." big action. you're a good action mie, , stmamab is is just a fuf, fun, fun movie. lotsexplosioio u'reavinthe present. gh you're sret service. >> yea somethingike that. >> jmy: y%ah, , u gogoo - london. s go to london -- i mea the last movie, yoknow, yo went through hell with it. so ihinkhe aience e very iesd in who ware. we e cided now, letake it on the road. take us t of o comfo ne. soe go to londnd. d it's atate funeralal and all the most iorntnt headsdof statearerand of ce e rns t t t e theh britith prime mister has died inind mrious circumstances and turned out to be thimaivivatta. and they ce us om everywhere. it ends up memend the esident, london clos and him and i on the road no knowing where to turur so there's surise e tionon pinnity around evy rner. thattuff? itot to be reay crazy.
10:58 pm
lond. it l lks srere, it'se e.e. >> it was a lile weird. a little crazy. well pararof it s in london and then rebuilt four city blocks in bulgaria as well.. >> jimmy: : hat ght?>> so rebebt. pauls- jmy: [. >> yeah, iwas crazy. fact at one point t t lgararprime minister was there and we d the biggest shootout ithe movie and he was the with allll bodydstarrinat me. ani'm like, know$i got irright at.. laug ] you know d d't want to say ititit 're too scarar. he's r ry he wants to watch utis bodyguards want himut of here >> jim: yeah, ofourse. >> and i'm'mnao, boom, boomom.. >> jimmy: ititas a very dangous situation. well you're great at it. pi want to o ow everyone a clip has fafaen." takeke loooiat this. theaso chatter on is.p none.. something of ts mamaite it took years to plan.. and we had days. >> it's a blood bath hodid you do this mike? >> we ononave to get it right onon
10:59 pm
more tn that. >> mayday. maydyb. yday. marine thrhr is dodo.. chchrs a applause >> actor >> actor. love it. now gerd you're -- y y play a a lot of tou guys s y yr vies, right? but i was woering if you're tough enough f a ge of slapck. [ laughter ] >> yea ihinkt's nny you nt to play with me now. >> jimmy: i don'n'know why i i doinisjs gerara butler, everydy. ondon has faen" opens march 4th. "gods of egypt" hihi theaters tomorrow. wee gonna play a a ae of apjackck psoing'g'going dogo right w.w. come on --ome on back. [ chee and applause ] there there has to be a way.
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p[ cheers and applaus] >> jimim: : baba witit gegard butr. right here, mean ce .yeah. hehh twoig n movieout. applaus onn haopens s rch 4th and "gods ofgypt" hi theate tomomrow.w. first of all, t to say i'm notoe your fir insta...>> i >>&jimmymyyeah >hat what y call it? >>my: yeah. >> as we are speakg myirst ev itaam photoast t gone out. and it's me and jimmy fallon! [ cheeeend appla] yeah! >> jimmy: itrtwith me end then it endsjust being pictes orererestnd - uf yeah, . u get boreprettyuiui. >>r mebody good.>> j jmy: yeyeah.'s le someor somebod good. thk yo ireate e uguger ] oh man, you'reonna sla - you'rena get slapped buddy. gerara and i a e about t tplay a game cled d apjack.itorks the same blackjacat t end of each round, e wieret slap the los aososoue face with aiana prohehec hand. [ laughter ] ]
11:05 pm
finally, finay a ndnd ho mpenis th. [ lahter ] [ cheers and appppususus youounow how manyey i ie waitededor this mome?t [ laughtht ] >> jim: ye. dly i sa the samthing with baby y ms. [ lauger and alause ] the fit to w thrhr rounds winr. take turns dealalg. no splpls ananif it't'tititi ththdealer los. rard, as oururst, y!re going to dl first. two cards each. loser getslaed. he we gobuddy. od l lk. rit.t.t. e e . p>>y. you first. yeah >> jimmy: y%ah, , at'sight. yeah.. eight, okay.&& ght's s ea
11:06 pm
hit me. hardrdfist. all right. go ahe. >immy: ye.we that's s ntastic. hit . givi me a picture card. come o i lolo this. i love this. come on. you got to beaea21 11 rig tre, r)ght? [ [ ee and applala] ye that'soo g', man. you might well fl it ovov. t's see how u did.. >> y w w walmost a jackoff. jimmy: i -- n ni -- [ uger ] wewel pl thad!ga n nt ti ere.e. let's see. l l's s s what you u end upaving thth okaka okay. >> jmy: : u got thth, yeah. right? and you'll probablgo over. there yogo. hey,hanks so mh for coming onhe show.. don't forgetu're the best,t$ man.
11:07 pm
eendlae jim i0motion. n'lieve i juit the @geralelein the face. alright. [ laughter ] here we gogo righ and then this one es down to thne uppto you. ohoh or six@-- what are you going to d ther p? >> hit me. >> jimmy: yeah. >hat't'okay. >> jim: whwh do you have? wh do yohave? yore lng at 12. 14. >> i'm gon g -- >> jimmy: u got a a oblem, ddyn you u ta problem. you t tonow when to op now. lauger ]@ yea >> > >my: it. at's 18? >0. >> jimmy: 20 >0.0. >> jmy, god. come on, , by i'm g%ttininready. @im: off thisamam [ [ ughter ] >>ou'll pracdicet.
11:08 pm
what happe ia die?>>eaear ts hit. [ slap ] [ htht ]x >> jmy s?? ju go ahd and do i hit meyeah.. me here.e. slap ] p [ eers applae ] >> jima ruer hd, irt me. yome r ithere ear ont one. that was reareactionth hurt. asked them totoutut bri [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so that it hits. >> and they said tnks gugu >> j jmy: : l right, hererwewe go. is is to see who wins, right welayiyi to thor two?? weplayg tohree.. ok. les s llquick.okay >>imyep. >> aw -- [ uguger ] >> j j: : at reais -- >>hat't'thja on. >> jimmy: it's t jack . absolutelylyyebaby. >eah! cheers and appusus] jimmy: i'm t gonna feel it >>ome on.slapap chee and applae ]>>immy: i let that one linr
11:09 pm
can weee tha [ lauguger ] right. fre w wgo. is is all e rbs, bubuy. you u ad uto you, rig >> yeah.& >>immy: seven.n and down an ght. yh. >> jmyand up t tyou.that's not bad. got te i got nine. all right, i'm feelili g >it it. >> jimmy: yeah. have a fling i'm -- i have a feing i'out to appe ank yoso#mucfor comingngn the show. i really appppciatit, ma yore mfavo mov star. [ lauguger ] come on. the you go all l l t, a aht. gerard just do it. get over -- i've e ready you -- slap ] ] [ cheers and applae ]
11:10 pm
th wasaybe a ltle ha. [ ughter ] jimmythat oneyou reallylylylylyly wep do we have ----an we t a replayf thata my hair whipped back. off. our thanks tgera butler,r, ybodod [ chee andndppe ] you havey b essingng stnd! jejey slate joins us after the break, everybody! [ [ eersrsnd applause ] ey sayhat in life, we ouldn't sweat the e all stuff. but when you're builng a mercedes-benz, there r%allys no small stuff
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eersrsndpplaeae ] >> j jmy: : r next guest i ia a very funny and talend actrtrs who stars in the n n ananat disney film, "ztopia," which openin@n theatersrs 3on mch 4th. dies and genemenenense
11:16 pm
je thank you for coming back to the show. >hank you >> jimmy: i apapeciate ts. back. we fove -- >> jimim: love jenny slata dodo anyone ever call you jennif >> no,o,ecec that is not my name. >> jimmy: ok all right. i was tryin'. >> no. >> jimmy: sorr ay. >> you know, t ty don't. i am from boboon, d not even -- [ cheers and applause okay, thereryoyoyo >> jimmy: it's's l l l l ubted u. suah, u'v' from stst. yeahahi can see that happeni.. yeah. y y're e ench!! we canelby yr acce.p[ lighlaughterer and well, myom didn't wanna name m mjennififecau she didn't want ople to call me jennifa. hey, j jfa >> hjennifa.
11:17 pm
[ lighlahter ] >> jimmy: you thanked me back stage -- yoy thanked me for not t asking youo plpl slapjack. >> oh, yeah. >> j jmy: yeah, well, yeah. l first of all, theyey really slapped the bananan out of each otr. you di >> jimmy: yeah, we did. yeah. welappep the b banas o of eachther..( >> you slahped the banas out of each otr. [ ght laughter ] jimmy: , my gosh. yeahahah spphe bananas out of eacacother. yeahwe did.yeah. >> youid. >>immy: but you say you're t good at lying, yououe nono good at t ker. >> i don't. first of all, doknow how to plait at all.l. >> jimmy: you don't t owow to play poker? it's e ey. >> that'what everybody say but i never understand. jimmy: : ay. >> and -- >> jimmy: good dng y y d d't play. >> so theregs thth. d just givivup. p>> jimmy: ahn well, noi waa play you. [ lighlaughter ] >ell, y shod becaususi ve a h hriblblpoker face and pi i n't like -- liked toame night whererey plpled aame where somee's the murderer. >> jimmy: yeah. >>ou know, w wn yo@u pick -- i picked the murderer card a when t lights went back on like, thhost wase, so -- it's me, i'm soror. i don't -- [ laught p>>immm: can't lie, i can't lie. >> i will leave. i didn mder anyone in re life is is a me.@ [ light laughterer
11:18 pm
sorry, yh. >> sorry. thanks for the wine. >> jimmy: you were s sing that en y y ran f class pridenen thahawayourhing, honosty y s your tng. >> oh, bime.& j j: wait, so, when werer class presididt? >> oka i r r ror#c prident in ninth gdedede >> jimmy: okay. mplatformrmas, like, i knew i was running against a a really popular person. and i was just like, i'm'monna gogoor it. and myech was sically lili, you might ntvote pfor mamassa, but i actuau carebo this and this is al have. [ jaughter ] >> j jmy: : is aldldlhave? >> jenen slate, this iall l have. [ lauguger ] >> jimmy: come on, you have to vovo f that person. >> y yh. like, everyoyo is like, oh, rnrn.. at dork k o upupt. [ughter ] e e n havehihihike job and then a fourpars. fake job allllheheime. [ lit lahter ]pp>> jimmy: that's i yea vote for me. thisisalali have >> ts is all i iave. >> jimmy: and so did you do -- so, you were class president for just ninth grade? >> yeah, no, f fr year alall fofo yrs. >> jimmyreally?< >eah. >> jimmy: wow, that realal -- you had it for four years. >> that speech works allllhe titi
11:19 pm
jim: yeye, , at's'sll you have. i was a social dirececr for my senior year. >> yes. j jmy: and wead -- w% lmt like a b bd, w a akeme.. pjiy ananjejey and joey sosowewealled oursels s e 5. [ light laughter ] we sd,d,eeee2 ive, vot j-j- ow. [ light lauguwer ] [ chrs a a applause ] immy: : d weept it ali.. >> yeah, you have to. >> j jmy: they votededor us. we kepit alive. >> yes. >> jimmy: '92, man. class of '92 i mean, cls '. >>h, n n no, no,e o. imahwhatevev. lit laht ]i'm yrs old.d >> jim: yeah, me too. i got mfirst k k sterday. light uger ] >> j jmy: m gladhat you're pa a od liar. 'cauau ias telliou this time i gusted in a lie caese i went to boon, , ere u'rererom. >> i am. >> jimmy: and i got -- i went to the aarium. i wentnto the aquarium, they have a great aquararm in boston. i gogoin a cab. e cab driver j jt wanted to ke sma tk th me. >> yeah.&& >> jimmy:phe w w goes, how was it? i go, , , it wre you know? and then hgoesesdid you see e the e aleses ani go - n an aquarium.>> jmy: : ahahlless there -- i don't'tnow. thermaybe is like a whe watcher thing.
11:20 pm
they're giant. >> jimim: : didn't the whale -- iididt t e the whales but i was lying and i go -- i just go, yeaea yeye, i i w the whale. i didn't feelike t tkini. he goes, you saw the m mma? [ l)l)t laughter ] ] ye, yeye, i saw the mom. he's like, sheheith the babies?& lilit lauger ] i go, yeah, , ah, the babies he's likik two i got, t t mom was there with h two babieses ani'm making uthis whole lie in my head. he's like, didou have toake a a&ut there to watcthe e whales? i go, yeah, yeah, yeah, ta a boat o o t. light laughter ] ing. where's my hel?? i ha lying. gog into like whnacks they served the thing. veveever been, i never saw the whales. okay, u t me, all right? but yowere telling m myour sty,nly wh hned to you, buwhatasour cab you g got anynyab thing. h yes, an uber. >> jimmymyoh, is twhat i iwas? >> it was ubebe i got in an uber. >> jimmy: this can only haen to you, by the way >> yeah,or sure. yeah, for sure. [ laughter ] >> j jmy: damn, jenny.
11:21 pm
ah. >> jim: damn, dael.@ >> so, okay, i gotn ber, ubub w wch as we were e dising is somee' pepeonal.r >>immymyye >> you know, so, you're like getting a cela and -- [ light laughter >> jim: yeah. >> is like 2:00 a.nd, like, i i d had maybe a a cococo [ laughter ] >> j jmy: at:00 a.m.m. ah, e. >allylyjuststnene>>immymyjust one.& yeah, ce. y kw, to make other people comfofoable. >> jimmy: yeah, , ank you. eah, and i'mn the car, m li -- yokn, anthe guy's like, welcome to the trivia cab. [ lighghlaughter ] and d ke starts to flick ghts -- >> jimi've neverereardrd thth. is thihi-- c c cou do that? p>> no, i don't t t t.. jimwelcome to the trivia a cab. >> t tvia cab. >> jimmy: is ia "dateline" epise. [ laughter ] this cld notnd wl. >h, yeah. >> jimmy: i would have hopped rit out of that thing. >> b-te. cotant. i feel like i'm justonstantly on the vge of murd andnd'm alwaysike e jenoz. ughter ] jenny. then he's likewe're gonna plrivi and w wust ke, oh, i don't knowny
11:22 pm
>> jimmy: yeah. [ lighlauger ] jncding whe iive. which myrienen put it in my phone. [ light t ughter >> jim: you ly had onene pcocktailil& yeah, onle cotail. immy: only had thrhr mamainin. >> tt's ght. it was mililwith a littltl riri of -- [ laughterer so i like somehow swered all the questions right and i won and i'i very competitive. so, i was ke -- and then -- [ lighghghuguger ] ist it nice to have a a beautiful, graceful actress on yr show, thouou? >> jimim: noit is. but so, he was lili, t. the pres a a itrk. >> jimmy: , my gos i to y! >> a i w le, therizes e -- oh! gigi, you're g gna gilled tonight. [ lalahter and applause >> jimmy: only hpens to you. >> nuh-uh. >> jimmy: jenny, i wanna talk about "zoototoa." this is git disney animated film. are you excid? diyou freak t enisney lled and s sd they want you to be in the m#mie?? >> i tly -- - its an honorlto be in a djsneyeyovie.
11:23 pm
and en ty it is. [ ght er ] ] >> jimmy: of course.e.@ >ou k kw? and when they called me, i was just, like, what princess am i gonnbe?@ [ lahterer s.s.`. i get what ts . like givivmf my y r4oocrow i'm read >> jimmy: yeye ge so psyched, yea here's your r aracter here. >> yeah. >> jmy: you're a sheepep aring glasses.s. 'm a shehe. [ lahter ] [ applausese >> jimmy: that's close. that's close to a princess. >> i was le,h, so i'm, like, a dorkshp whwewes glasses ancarries a lot of oks and peopleind d takak vae of her a a she's sort of just dealing with that. thth mes s s s. >> jimmy: ye, ect.t. >> like, i'll i >jimmymyyouore gat in .. ananat s ser fun. ('s fun, you know, the way disney does it. it's good for kids. but there's a coupleokesn there that adultwi getet that's really good. so, it keeps imong. >>h,h,eah. jimmy: : 's good. i rad. and jason baten'n'jn j. simns'st t t ou gotta grerere castpele. it's wowo it'sy funny anit really fleth action.i felt le wh was `$& tctcng, i i s --@ even thougi waint.
11:24 pm
immy: wereou in a car? were y y on horsrs was on a horor.. uber hsese hahaou u ud that >> yh. >> jimim: it's theheest. >> o o oan. >> jimmy: oh, gosos n you get a ---mow f f4&n you get a horse over h [ light laer ] u gotta a t me to hotel man. >ig time. ah.. >> jimmy: have a clip. >> y. >> jimmy: here's jenny slate and jason baten an ginnnner goodw i"zootopia." ta a loo >>'d never me e t this - e. >> c't jt uch a a p'ol... is li cotcandy. >> stoit. - >> whe to?>> raiorest district. vine and tujga.. there, , affificam t rougug the whole cici. well, thisiss so exciting, @tually.. i mean, well, , u know.. i -- i ner get to anyinin this imptant. >> you're the stant mamar of zootopia. >> oh, i'm more of a glorified secrary. i think mayor lilihehejust wanted the sheep's vote. buhe did ge me that nice g.
11:25 pm
apprecected. >> sme weather. s fun littleleame he lis to use called h h ln fart once. hehee for at. tel[ lahtht ][ cheeee and applause ]>> >my: jey slate, everod "zootopia" opens in theaters and 3d mch 4th. we have music c om thq97 next. sticaround. . ybody. my moderate to severe chroniplaque psoriasis madede simple trip to the grocery s sre anytng but simple. so finalal, i had an important conversatiwn with mdermrmologis abt humira. he expxpined t tt t mi works insi my bo t tgtt and help block spific source ofof inflamtion thatribububuto my sytoms.(( in clinical trialslsmost a as w 75% skin clebrance. and the majority were clear r rpalmost car i ijust 4 months. miower your ! ility to fight i iections, including rculosis. serious,ometes fatal infectioiond cancers, ininuding lymphoma, haveveappened;
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ appla j)n: our next guests are & celebratatg the relelee of - their second a, , , t titltlcalled "i li it whwh u u eep, for you areo beautiful yet so unawaf it." [ cheers and applause theye going to celebrate by hosting g hosting an event for fans tototoow in new yororoitits wewewe side, so o eck k k ou performing " "e sound,d,plse lcome the e 75! [ cheers a applaus] well i know when you're around cause i know the s snd i know the sound of ur hfart x x
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you'reund causi know the sou i know the sound of your hehet well i ow when you're adcause i know theound i know the sound of your heart weli i ow whe you're arounun cacae i i ow theound i i ow t s snd of your hebrt - i can't belelve i rgot your me oh by wot you comega said i've got prlewiour oe d ur t tes b might move in andnd tht tha ppu were saight noi'wonderinin you're s sconceieiei i said i love y y whatatoes it m mtete if i l to you don't regret it but t i'm gd that we're through so don't y tell me thaha you st don't get it cause i knowowou do well i ow w wn you're arounun
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ofour het elknowhen yoyorerounun use i i ow the sound know t s snd of your hear wl knknhenn yore arorod causi i ow t sou i knowhe souou of youour heart w wl i i when yo arod
11:34 pm
,,, el well l know when yore arod cause knowowhe sound i i the sou ofour heart t well i kn whehe yoyore a aund cause i ow the sound i knowhe sound ofr heart well i hen rerod use i knowowheoundnd i kn the souou our t l kn w wn you're a aund cause e ow sound knowouou r art t cheeee and applause >>immy: : at the way to do it. danielelth19
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