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tv   Today  NBC  February 24, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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i love the poorly educated. >> reporter: trump rallying his supporters late into theight. >>rab, gb, grab. you ow, i get greedy nt m, ney. tell you whate' gng do,ight.we get gedight now we're going greed for the united states. we'rgointorab and gr and grab >> reporte overnight senator cruz thanking his supporters. >> is that the only campaign that has beatedonald trump and the onlyampaign that can beat na trump is this campaign. >> reporterumpakg s final shots before the caucuses at senator cruz. >> he's like a baby compared to some of the people i have to -- he is like a little baby.ftweak little baby arisonut for l he ever seen.he'she bes >> reporri back. alday tuesday makingase it'snclear what trump even stands for. >> and, frankly, i'm n willing
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with donald trump. e truth of the mter is donald became esident nobody knows what theeck would d he doesn't know what teck he wo. >> rorter: this as senator marco rubio continues to win endorsemen b ackwlging the field t splinted. >> first of all this ce remains multicandidate. ben carsonnd ted cruz and myself. hard core of republins whoo t wantond trp the no as lhey're being divid uporhree or four people, gr ld that's not going tcoinue. >> reporter:hey'll drop out then. >> ihink vs will take care of that. >> trump predicting a rubio/trump >> yeah, rubio. nice to. say why are yoso nice, becse heast hime. whene does, heil-- you'll see wh happens. >> reporter:r:, sigfor senatomarco rubiis that
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goers after receive high profile endorsementro party leader there could be a sign enough me for rubio to catch up to p to make the argument he's innominee. he has one more debate before super tuesday george. >> okay, tom, thanks vermuch let's ing tnaldrump . trump,ongratulations on your victory. third in a row. e drudgeort, want to sho it to everyoneit says you are the nominee right no are they right well, ie see. we certaly have aantage, george. it was a great night. it was a great day and we were looking pret good, i think, by y standard. >> younow, you'rnning despite the fact you have taken many positions at odds with the republican party, suppted democrats the pt, even more you're wning -- it's remarkable winning against a united front of elected ficials. want to show this art from fithirtyate.
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what does that tell you about the republican party today and will it ma it harder to unite the party? >> i have many endorsements but i don't go out and sk them. now as of yesterday ople were calling and a lot of peoplwere calling ll have many endoements but it's not something i want twork for to be honwith yecauset's a waste of time. doements mean very littl we he ou know,e have somexcelnt esements d something i'm ry proud of t 's a lot of work. you kn, they want me to go to certain area, have a bigews conference, i would rather be with the peoe and rather work with t people and t the kind of numbers we t sterday because those numbers ar amazing. we wonh ery singro, ery ngle group. men, women, evangelicals, we won withll sorts oeducation, if you talk abo educationt the highest level to lower lev won with everything, orge >> it was a pretty s victory last n. you so ted cruin tt piece fr t llamas. mao rubio making the same
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nobo knows what you would do, w yowod actuly accompli your al identhey'rsangouav laid out the details. can you tells right now what are e first three things would do on y one in a trump white house? >> well, t firsthing i'd do nockutome the execute orders sned byur ident. especially the one on the border where peoplere allowed to come in and just pour into our country like swissheese. i'll work t immediately to knk ouobamarand start taking care of our vetand mitary. >> you haven't said how you'll replace it. >> o vhaveeen solutely eatehorrib and we' g ake of ouvets. that'seen ve, veryig f my camn, the vet >> making thpoint u haven't laid out specifically how you're going achieve those goals. how you'll build theall or replace obamacare. >> i've been specific in terms of the wall and in terms of
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health ce savingcounnd that could happen becae a lot of people are liking it a lot, obamacare is falng out under its own weight dead by 2017. people areot signi up for it. it's a dasters. the rates and premiums gng up by 45%, 55%, 65% and we'll have it at a fracon of thst and i'm very specific on it, george. i'm a very specific rson, believe me. >> finally, mr. trump, have yo given any thought to who your viresident nomin might be if, indeed, yoe e nonee and whher ou be an eld ficial oa more outse the box candide. ell, i haven't given thought. because i want to get over the line. we'll sll not be over the line. i think we'll do fantastic and amazing what you'rlooking at ansome stes whe already i'm very close in texas and, you you have aor from texas, i'm leadi this will be thfollowing we but orida is looking fantasticall ohio is looki
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you look at the different numbers and the different states, we just gotumbe in on georgia. doing fantastilly well, arkansas, so we' looking very, very strong, i thi, george and we look foard to it. itit going to be an intereing ek woing, many of the states and it's goingo be an interesting week. >> we got to go. can you give me one na? of a vice president? >> uhuh. >> too early, george. you'll be one of the fir to . ybe not the first but you' be one of the firsnow. >> mr. trump, thanks for joini us this morning. >> thankou very ch. >> as you alluded to earlier this morning ike with senator marco rubio and i gan by asking him out his nd place nish ineda. we alys wt dbett. i lived there 25 years ago, 30 years o and it was a great experience. obviously ity and state has changed a lot. we love coming back. we have a lot of famy members ere bualways want to d better. weeel good about our second place finish
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year and theevada caucus is than any other vot we'll see around t cou, w exrice and a lot of people turned out. t happen there. i congratulate donald. he had a good showing. weicked signicant number of delegates the and wmo on to the her states. we have a big week nt tuday. >> it was another big victory for donald trump and he said that many are wondering whyou haven'gone after h. ev hhas said that you haven't hit him anwe know that the next debate is coming up. do you expt to be -- are you going to change your tactics and be more agessive towards donald trump. >> yeah, i don understand this. i ow there's a craving in e media for people to atach other but i've never been a campaignt attacks people. now if i've be attacked responded and set the record straight about policy differences. i pnted out the this donald is for that i don't agrewith. t we'lhave a debate tomorrow night and t areolicy diffences we'll talk about those. if he says something ion't agree th likhe did in the lastebate about george bush beinresponsible for 9/11 il coect him on it.
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that it seems like voters are gravitating toward the one who is the angriest. you didn't mentionny names but many peoplassumed that you were refring tdonald tmp were you? >> well, sure, his rhetoric is one that taps io at anger i share in that ange 's o of e reasons whi n for the sena fivyears o. was ally upsbout t direction ofuroury a inabilitof the repubcan partto do anything about it t ger one won't solve ou oblems. you also have to know what you're going to do about running for president voters need to know what you're going to do and donald hasn't outlined actly what he'll do. he'll tell us whathe result will be but refuses to explain how it'sngo happen. >>here have been four coests so far across the state. various parts of the count a y he comout on to with super tuesday coming out, what do u need to do. >> i think what ople need to understand about these contests beeen now and march 15th, al e places that award delegates ich isow theomination is decided. it's not deced by w ma
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deleteyou have and awarding em proportionately. mah 15, you'ren ohio and flida thatward them all at once. that's wre yave to sta winning stat and we feel very confident about whe we'lbe come march5th. >> you pickeup five delegates yesterday. anyou real picked upany more key endorsements fr the esishment. t weenitth republicans and democratthat voters aren't real embracing the establishment, politics as usual. are concerned thateing that type of backing may actually work against you an your campaign? >> in der for republic mie to becthe prident of thenistatesitas to be someone that cabrg the republican p tether and th grow it, as well. and whe'rehong is the ability to bngt togeer, to bring tother all kinf pele whin thpublican party including some for whom i wasn't t fir cice. >>nk you so much, si >>hank you. thks sch. and it should be anothe lively debate tomorr nig
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right now donald trump ahead i all those states witthe possible exceptiontexas. thas it. wee on to thossevere storms smming the uth. least7 tornadoes reported and linzie janis is onhece inenlaflora. orning, ie >>r: good g, george.vastation re is incrible. a torno riinthroh this apent complex rowing debris ovethese cars and look overere. the enre second oor this artmt buildingarffyou can see rit ineople's vioo >>ook up lookp. >>ter: mor t den repoedornatearing througpartof the gulf stes. overnight pensacola,lori king a direct hit as lightning luminatethe sky,an see this massive funnecloud moving before cutting a twmi path of derun. >>ornado just touched down e coletely colpsed. >> reporter: how did the tornado this morning the sheriff showing me these apartment buildings destroyed. this is whe we lean heavily
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and, of cose, ank d fo e red croste i oh, my goness. holy cow.>> reporte watch as this enorus tornadoompletely obliterates this rv . winds tossing nearly 200 rvs, ashley east steppi outside her camper as soon as it was safe. >> i jusimmediaty ok o nning elpeople >>epte two pplkied d doze injured.rsresponders seahing for those who may ill trapped in t mangled mess. >> we're hoping we c get down into those debs piles and try find ople >> rorteeay another twister ing into tgy fill witle. rippg thwahtffhe side of e il. >> i startedeang evedy get down. everybodget down. take cov. >> reporter: a repord tornado plowg through assumption parish, louisiana, too, winds pickinuphis parked p
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tornadaterspou over lake pontartraijust outsideew leans. authare woing to secure this site so that residents n come back and try to salvage some belongings. was even serious injed here. ha youor that. moowosngou stmsnd new warnings are out this morning, righ sam? >> absolel robin. our hets are with those people in pensacola. incrle de and in louisiana,s well where are ose storhis morning? they're already ale and kicking and tornado tch out for a go pt of floda and wah this into south geora. now south georgia, i want to tehat weseen se tornado warngsut in thst e storms. pay particur ten to thiand this.ast squall le fins to move st, some are will sestro winds and even se hail. possibleordos. raleigrhamall thway into southe virginia. i want you to watch that tay. these st are stilltrg as they mov at 6:00.m d.c.,
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ly good news, rsey, new city intw yo state a connectit and also wesrn massacsetts, these storms weaken a little bit as ty get to youy 10:00 p.m. but strong ougho make tvel a nightmare. there are alrey delayed flights at many airports along theast coast and there will be today. robin, george, lar >>ll rht. a lot for sam to tckoday. > ove on tw pmn hi rder getng our firook rvaneom the shop that uberrivevisited bere going on rampth killed six ppl injuredwo hers. abc's alex per has the latest from kaloo. good morning, alex. >> reporter:ood morning, geor. this morning we're learning a lot morebout what the suspect was doing and the urs before the shtings anjust howlose so peoplcamegettg to his . is m o glimp att's beeved to be shooti suspect jason daln thhourbefore the deadly ootis. rvllance cameras cturing dalton checking out fiarms at
7:14 am
the owner saysalton didn't buy aun but did b a tactica et like this one. >> theson here was friendly, talked to us, was smiling, joking around eporter:ess th three hours later prosecutors say the er dver unlehed a rampe killing six. 14-year-d abigail kopfhot and inred the parking lot of this restaurant, doctors say at oneointer heart stopped. t she's now ghti for her li >> actually shsqez my nd. itas mac o reporter: richard smith and his eaold n tyler wereed in this deahi rkg t. we've no lea tyler's enage friend was also there and hid in the familcar callg 911. mally lemieux and tory curtis were aost th45ear-d er'ssengthat nig un mlo's dadthis xt, multiple shootings with people dead. t home pleas he also warned them po were looking for a suspect in a chevy. wh t colge student called ber gme her aigned
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packing, she canceled the times ping for anoer hicle. but they kept getting the same driver jan, the last cancellaon just four minutes bere police arreed h inity just makes uel reallyucky that we fold ouinstincts andidnetn that. repr:oth those young ladies saying it will take them some timfor thshock this to wear of dalt who's been appointed a public defender is due bacin court ne wee robin, george. >>o good thereo are. >> thank you, alex, for that. sam,e heard about th nd, now the ow >> becseehind the storm we showedoun e eastoa we got some snow this morning. poplar bluff, missri, you're inine for some of this. st. louis, just started for you now. watch this, springfield,ary. rememberterd we toldou uth of t le. garyindiana veryh in py to get some big snow a the way to lanng andlint, asl. look at e ades of pi. 6 to 12 in right there in northern ina,
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cod be 10 ches of snow. toy: it'gog bch dah more sunshine anliter windighsil wa into ans st i o ay dry, which will ma for much ea commutes in sthern colorado! enjoy the return o more sprg-like weather. a weak co fnt will movehrou late today, th wi dro teeratures slightly othsday..ut ain orw eected company th
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e planne pantod shooting wilbe ourt tod th wl the first court appearanceor robert dear since undergng a mentalealth evaluation at the ate hospital in pueblo. do you kno awis? the lawyerhe tmhoot rugged him al. that thent d m e juispeo onheerr is competento antrl. crt dear he d t at wi a mental ex. he's accused of shootg and g e ople at the lodo springs an pareho. the ty of colorado springs is askin for puic inp on a land swap. ahead
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could be afctedy e corsial
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wcokoa. u'ki a o rnad teahrou uisiannight. ted across t gulf stat. damagiuns ofopes in deadliest oeakhis yd tre are wngs this morning. also rigw, ljoinus, michael rahan. yeah, dald tr cruis to victory in the nevad gop caucuses as hillarynton and bernie sande battle forhe democrats' support in south rolina ahead of saturday's vo. also this morning,he centers for disease control and preventionssuing a new heah alert as the investigate at le 14 cases ofually
7:28 am
the.d i tew celine onadeig retu to thetage ltight aittlit me o tha ou know celindi's known for h per ballads. st night s gave a perful tribute toerate husnd rene in her first perfoanck. . hear it emotna >> thank yomichael. >e'in en dr$7ilon croom ttle, the "dancinwith t sts"o-sttalker the hotelholl himo a room next t hernd secretly rorude video of hrough ephole. an smith has the latest for us. reporter: erin andrews suffered thrgh an unthinkable crime.
7:29 am
is hotel dissemiting t on and nowhe's back sayin t s failings caus her emotial distress >>m happy to rort -- reporter: she ao-host o abc's "dancih thstar but this morning, erin ans tang a ver pernal challenge. a $75 milli couroom battle against staer a a tennesseearriot claiming t hol made it eas for h to film i t nude>> is s humting t her and ctinu a is nev go t. >>ephev sr fik tean a navill crt tueay as h lawyers de howichael daviarrett found heroom er, telling the jyarrett called the marriott of vanderbilt ursity wh a strang request. >> i'm michael barrt, want a room next to erin ans. my quest. >> reporter: and the hotel did nothing to prevent him from finding the room nuer. then faid to notice he remo andltered epho oner door t d . >> he standshere for 4 and inutes and vs .
7:30 am
wysg barrettul fast onenem >> deived. he connived, he stalked. >> repter: claiming his criminal behavioras his responsibiot thes ding he tried to film andrews three diffentotels over nine months i 2008, always witthe same m. >> picks u the phone, calls the hote here, thi is ff scott and eandrs, i nd to nfirm our reation. reporter: barrettaterpo postingm onneventll pl ty stalking in 20entenced t30ths is. fo arewshe ordeal shaking her to t core rli as a "gma" contributor difficulty in coping. >> i would g through putting my head down because i felt like everywhere i loodverybody was look even i ty -- nobody wa lookingt me at all. >>epter: bute mergi to be a key aate i strethening anti-stalkin leation even telling
7:31 am
serious this cme wil i affecty fe. reporter: micel barrett isn't represented but is expeed to testy in the trial. the hotel's franchise owner tells us they lookorward to inghat nille marriot actedeasonably and appropriately and andrews' attorneys could callitnesses to talk about the emotional dist that she suffered. the trial is expected to last nelywo week,robin. >> allright, ryan, thank you. we bring in abs chief legal analyst dan abra. we know the stalk already ted minal court. w strong is thi civil s >> it's a vergiv sui agns him butoe'tav money s theuestio isng tobe how strongas is agnshe fnchise owne theanag an et tera. that's where you're tal about the pential foree pocket ahe pottial of a payout. is i really ce whe we'r going toalk about how much aho pays itore than was t any wronoing. >> when we say how much, she's king f 7$75million. >> $7 milln. shhad been askin for0
7:32 am
keep i min for context hereavageost wrongfuleath cas inilourt pay out $3 millno $5lion s whe you'sk f 5illi in a case likthis, isn enorusnu and certnly wld tnk more than she's going to get but, again, the questn isoing be who haso p it ando the have to allay it together even though there's no question that he, the staer is the person who is primaly responsible. >> which t hotel said this is terrible what happed t i an him. what is theirdefee. >> the qstios w it neigt. d th dthinth ys look he fooled us. heas aurce execive. knew h to pla tame and as the r room. her positio is going to be, , nono ty should never he allowe him to be in that ro next t me andeyuld ve fou tha peephole a lot earlier. >>s ryan said couple more weeks a -- >>absolutely. >> thank you, dan. we move on to thatlorida
7:33 am
hit man to kill her husband. dalia dippolitos serving 20 yes for the crime but now she's back this court taking the stand for the first time in a new bid for freedom. abc's linsey davis is tcking thecase. good morng, linsey. >> rorter: goorning, geor. dippolito cims sheas not trying to kill her husband. she says she was simply ught onape discussint because shs trying to get an acting job. herawyer cs she setp he policetment onl d abo beinheeali tv sho"cops. dalia ppolito is taking a stand for the f timeing a retrial for hirin a hit man to killer husband of six months. >> i was afraid. >> reporter: h 2011 guiy verdict overturned due to a tainted jury pool. >> he threatenedme. he threatened to hurt me he threated h mmi. y kn, htwoin thead. >>'m posiv like 5,000 percent sure >>eporter: dalia says she was acng dur had video fm a scripthadalia, her then sband michael dippolito and rmer lover mohamed shideh
7:34 am
ojecty plaed to post onocial media. >> thi is somhi to be someth you gs are going to tn l -- oocial media, right, so we ca to get an actingob omom >>o th i acting? >> yes. >>eporter: but prosecutors say that was noct andlleged she pan under undercover cop posing as a hit m $3,000 to ki her husband. >> is your husband miael? >> reporter: the real act instigators say was dippolito's rion t the south flodaole ficers llin herhis lie. >> i'm sor toel you, ma'am, he's been lled. >> no. >> reporte b her law clmshe pol weseg her up appearaen the realit show"cops." >> whether you like dalia dippolitornot, she's entitled to the sameonstitutional ghts as y and i ahis cases about a pic department that tossed her under theus f purposes of getng fame on a "cs" tv ow. >> reporter: t boynton police saye e confident we have
7:35 am
officeufficient evidee to me the state's burden and playing off theineippo said i tha undercoverideo her ex-and told pice that he is5,000% sure she was trying to kilim but she's sticking to her story. >> she is. >> it was jt an acting jo >> she was convicted. okay, nsey thanks very much. he dark side of interne fame. one of the teens behind a pula sensaon becomes the target of aangeus . > a bigawsuit over a voricumer ashtonoming sc re item. rescan item. vo: itappens so often you alst get ed to it. phone voice: mainenu representative. representative. representative. vo: which is why being put first... lax, we got th. vo: .takesome gettg used join the natio atioe is on youre
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bituinm ma bt' ner st a cgh >t is 7:42. back wit aautionary tale of what could happen if yourideos go vil. you may get more than 15 minutes of fame. one of the kids behind damn, daniel, the lest internet sensatn falling victim to a s.w.a.t.'i prank. abc's paula farissere wh e details. >> good morning, lara. you know, the callame in claiming that a boy had st his
7:40 am
tus out it was all a hoax. s.w.a.t.'i is not only a wte of taxyer dollars but it is dangerous. he'she internet sensaonn those white vans sneakers. >>damn daniel, back at it ain with the white vans. >> reporter:smingly mundan o a califora high schooler walking while his friends comnt on his outfits has been blo up ontwitter. the viral post dubbed what else, the damn daniel video. >> damn, daniel. >> reporter: the snapchat montage already has been retweeted over 30000 times and liked by over 400,0 flowers since it s fst pte las monday. but while diel is gaining internet fame. back at it again with the white vans. >> reporte josh holtz his friend who posted it became a targ of s.w.a.t.'ing.
7:41 am
esdayorning reporting aoax homicide causing armed officers to swarm t hom home in what they believe is a form of trolling. this prank is just another exame of the dk side of internet stardom. in ather case, alex leeaka alex fro targeecame an internet sensation in 2014hen he wastographe bagng items at his loc target. the picture earni him the adoration ofany female fans but leading t countless online attacks. >> they would be sending death threatlike saying ty we going to kill. people would like draw pture of bning my house down. >> reporter: then david devore dealg with backlash after posting this video of his son dentist. is this real life? >> it'sustidiculous the negative comnts thatame way. repter: this reaction,ll too common. >> wheneople become mous some people feel a desire to violate their pricy and som
7:42 am
in a very hosle andegative way. r butordi t al from tget the trade-off was worth it. >> i'm happy. >> dn daniel or daniel sn't commented pubcl but i could be a clue as to how he' al feeling about a this. it is morning tv. we'll keep it can butlear i have no idea what makes a videal these days. >>one of us do apparently thank u very ch. cingp on "od morng amera," the power o love. supetar celine dion's emotional turn tothe stage last night and whathead to say about h beloved late husband. also laterhisrning, lara, thereion, the ct ofllerouse he live. come oback. to theoman in e mid-'s showstopper... you're right. it's time set ts birdree. h blooded, check itnd see... otever of 103... feelin' hungry?
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hi. when heartburn hit fit baast ms smohies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutlizes stach acid at the source umtu tum
7:46 am
welcome back to "gma," everybody. and singereline dion is ba. showing her heart will go on another powerhouse performance in veg last night tang the coleum sta theirst timece her husreasd . ke a l
7:47 am
husband husband. gh after people thought that was oking atim actually, but d not. iidn't need to because time i my eyes i felt renen stage wit me, whether he was sead in backstage or ahome with theki ds,e's alwseen on sge with me a notng wilever chan that. [ applause ] masterpie. >> just t audience, how they were so sptful.
7:48 am
"fuller house" taking over times square. d.j., stephaniend kimmyll grown up. living with chronic migraine feels like each day ia game of chance. i wanted to puthe ds in my for. soy doctor told me aut to andapprove enth snifint reces adac dayfor ulwi chr mrain
7:49 am
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7 days ago, phil wasn't thin out ncing. was tnking about his joints. but now he's takin osteo -fle d noticing a real diffenceinis jnt comfort. thfeelg origines ithis area... spreads throug thebody... here, inducing hariouslyigh levels of embarssment in his son. he kws it's workin that ok of abject humiliation on his son's ce. you re made to dance, il. so dan shows improved joint comfort in just 7 days. osbi-f de to ve. two big weather stories. stloui earlier this morning the heaviest snow between now and noon. remember, there are blizzard warngs out in the area in red re for parts of illins on into indiana so that's the big one. the other one a t stron orms this rnoon.
7:52 am
7:53 am
rocky mountain, fayett " morning america" is broughto youy oiceep of ge up for great. ge ufor t. it's 7:56 am, wednesday february 24th. i'm abby ane. toda it's going toe a much nicer day, with mo sunshine and lighter winds. highs will warm into the 40s and 50s for most. it is expected to stay dry,hich wil make for much easier commutes in sthern colorado! enjoy the return of re sprinli weather. a weak cold front will ve late tod, this llro tempatures ightly on thsday...b no rn or snow isxpecd to accompany in just a few urs, we'll find out if a judge thinks accud pland parenthood ter is competent to stand ial. accompany is front. in jt few hour we'd
7:54 am
ks t acsed annerenthood shooter coetent to stand trial. robert dea wie aernoon:30. it's his first appearance since his mental health evaluation the la time he was in court,araid he would t operwithmental saiwanted t reprent hif during trial. heed of shooti and killing garret swasey, 'arre ewt, and jeif markovsky at a anned parentho n codo splackfr. thci of colorado springs and the oadmoor are stl decing whether or not
7:55 am
of land ne the tel. last week we found out the four areas o land thawille affected in proposals appred... th include the bear creek area, ruxton canyon, noh eyenne canyon park and the chambeain trail. citystkiublic ion on the swalers titoniatold campmentary school on preserve drive from six teight oclo. 's on to attend if you want to share your opinion. ng up at27t a real-le lo at how a
7:56 am
7:57 am
spring d here's a lookyomocommute - good morning, erica. it's 8:00 a.m. are the secret lives of your teens putting them in danger? insi the brand-new bk pong the troubling issues your kids ul facing, how soci med coulde deroying their se-estm. and a ry blaming johnson & johnson and the company's talcum powder for a mom's ovarian cancer. so many questionw about the case and wt men should be concerd about. dr. jen ason here live to break itown for us. time for meo take it and wee coting down to oscasunday. owing you how to steal secrets
7:58 am
>> there's no dif in celebrities ane rest of us. we're all just as gorgeous. >> how you can borrow the looks from sofia, kerrd alicia vikander. everywhere you look the tanners are back. >> we alstill look good. >> the sta of "fuller house" are live in times square. d.j., stephaniand kiy our house dishing all about the reunion you've waited 21 years for, plus anxclusive sneak peek of amera's favorite fami back in actn and the surpse guest you don'tant to miss as we say -- >> all: good mning, america. everywheryou lo everyere y g heart >> that's not al a ve full mustang with the women from "fuller house" and here they are coming in our red car g with o doghimornin reat to have cdace cameron bure, jodie eetin and andrea barb allere live t
7:59 am
cannot wait for thnew show. >> tl wagging. when i saw that red mustang out >> nice car. >> very nice car. have a big anunment as wunt doo oscar sunday, yoknow, are eited carpetan electrifying night and abc is the only place you can e the red carpet live in the st hour before the show star, and we're thrilled. you can't get rid of us. lara and michael are back togeth again this ar and amy is goingo jn us. she's flyg a t way from afra t she'll be th us. jess cagle and joe zee wl be there, as well. and i know you'll be backstage with t intvis. that's right, yes. >> we have t big show on monday as well. >> ge has ow tdo then to get to l.a. no pressure. it is,f course, the biggest night in hollywood. we have some brand-new spris this year. we'll be live backstage with incredible bind-e-scenes
8:00 am
thgreen room, that's a fst, withhe biggest stars as th're getting ready too on stage srting at 7:00 p.m. on abc. ea join us, if y will, for our hugescar after-party which it just never stops on "gma." >> all the stars monday morning. >>verybody asks about our dress. e you guys ready? 's not just about -- >> i know we're ing oscatips how to get red carpet ready. ey're not incling us men, gege. i'm actually a lite hurt by that. i'm just saying. >> oh, no. >> you know what, because i kno you've been working hard on this. i know because, look, look, they look carpet ready. look at george -- >> i mean, yeauld wear that and look like a million cks. >> you know what, i love your flattery it's very good. it's worki. it's working. 's reay working. >>ha you, sam. we appreciate that. but right now let's go to paula faris. she's got the mning rundown. >> i pdict you all will look dapper. how abouthat? >> yes. let's jump into the political ring. we begin with donald trump's overwhelmi winn the nevada ucuses s wide marn of victory yet
8:01 am
ump got more than 40% of the vote even winning among hianics and evangelica. nishing a distant second was marcbio and rubio just f pots aad of tecruz w finished in third place. now, trump is promising similar results next week. he leads in the lls in neay every super tuesday state. and least three people ha been killed afterozens of reported tornadooued dow from louisna to flida overnight. hardest t, a trailer park near baton uge. reporter michael vinsanau from abc station wbrz is there. michael. >> reporter: just sheer destructiohere in louisia. if youake a look, you n se e trailers are just ripped apart, twisted, torn in ery which fashion. nowats are a aoss the plac air-conditioningunits, golfartsanything y can agine. ese falies tryg pick up the pieces here. as y look off into the stance you can see debris scted all across the place. cars still left he, windows shattered all as the place. iaid re, e mireust trng tpick up the p everythey
8:02 am
order. >> sheer devastation. michael, thank you. our heartst to the falies this morning. extensive damage is also reported i pensaco whera toado azed a trail of desuction two miles long. sam's forecast coming up montarily. new details in the battle between ape and the fbi over wheth to unlock the phone of one of the san bernardo killers. apple is expected to tell a rajudge this week that congressnot the cots, shld decide ts case. apple will also are that the govern is properly using an 18th ceury law to enforce -- to forc rather, t company to cooperate. and sometartliideo to ow you from minnesota where this driver ignos e flashing ghts at this railroad crossing andhe train slams into the truck dragging it a quarter mile down tse tracks, the driv miraculsly walked away without serious injuries. anit's being called the most life-like rot ever created. we want you to take a look at
8:03 am
dy. e compa's first rothat lks on two legs. here'she greatqualiz. put it out in thsnow, right. among its many talents, it can pick up ten-und xes with se. and if it falls down- i don't know if 's falling dow i think that's actuatting knockewn, getbackp. no human aistance required. i feel like thiss a less in posture for all of us, though, how to pick up a ten-pound box, just a ltle reminder, up and down and when you get that, just follow the robot. >> well do. >> very lifelike. i actually amobot. i brg the to you. >> all right. >> that robot was pushed, robin. our investigation. >> that was prettymazing. >> to be able to get u hey, we ha a maj vdict that we want to tell youbout, a big alth battle. a st. louis jury awardg $72 milln in dages to a woman's family after she claimed usi talcum powder contributed her delopment of ovarian ccer. abc's deborah roberts hathe latest. >>eporter: it's a stunng judgment.
8:04 am
johnson foa 62-year-old miouri mom'svarian cancer. >> jon johon spentot of time keeping this infortion from the public, and so this verdallows other women make informed chces about the productst they buy. >> reporr: in court documents jackieox said for er 35 yeshe used the company showero sher powder, which contns talcum, for her rsalygiene. e lauit linking it ther cancer. fox didn't live tolaim her legal victory. she diast october ter 1/2-year battle with the diase. heson marvin salepped in as plaintiff. >> continuing wi ts trial was, indeed, younow, painful. but the end of the day, it is, you knowitas what she want. >> reporter: in a statement to abc ws, johnson & johnson said "theerdict goeagainst decades of sound science proving the safety of talc as a coetic inedientn multiple
8:05 am
the company plans to appeal the veict while fang 1,200 similar lawsts around the coun fo"good morning america," deborah roberts, abc news, new yo. >> a dr. jenshton can't wait to weigh in. it's getting a lot of tentio i was just seeing lara's reaction to this. what has beeknown in medical literature about the link between talcum powder and arncer? >>o, rso hisrical cancer, in year 2000 i was an intern. inheyn world we ew that there were studies that showed a nk bween the genital usef talc powdeand anreed risk of ovarn cancer. w, t data is all oth pl kind inconcluse. sohow li o risk, some show 20% creased risk, and some show no link. the theory is the pathway goes nto the uter to the fallopian tubes and to the ovieuses dame there. and don't really know is it or is it other chemical in the powderhat's
8:06 am
>> is eranything -- you told us about how that happens. anythingo tduce y sk? >> look, ovarian cancer, the are some things th we know are associated with a reduced risk. number one, men who ta birth control pills,eing on the pill colusively known to drop the risk of ovarian er, having had children, breast-feeding also tying the fallopian tubes, getting tubalition knowcreaseisk.all the buzz in the gyn cancer world is about the fact that the now known to actually start in thfallopn tubes. >> so, you have got the attentioof a lot of op a homeight now who are listeningto youand are there mptoms? i mean, yo know, a lot ofplare gointo be thint could ly be somethingith them. >>ou control, cae about 1 in 70 ll get diagnosed with ovarian cancer, symptoms, bloating, pelvic pain and pressure, ineaurination, these are vague and common mptoms that affect a lot of women. if you notice a differencend you fe tse symptoms ery for two weeks, call yourynecologist.
8:07 am
for me time. >>uspected, yes. >> b not in the mainstream pe knowing it but they do know now. >> l's getver to micha thank you, robin. here's aook at what'comi up on the "gmaorningenu." a rentg alert. socialedia cld huryour teenage girls, and i need to pay attention to that myself. and our osrs red ct allenge under way right no rachel at saung's 837 ilding with our beauty dream team. can't waito see the transformaonthat shs going to come with. i'm here with "fuller house" stars, canceameron bure and jodisweetin,ut wreisng somebo. >> hola, michaelreno. ie how she said that. we got all that coming up live on "gmere in tim square. a reall house, it's fuer than it uto be. "gma mnings brought to youy l,t, powerful aroven relief that
8:08 am
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8:12 am
wcome back t "gma." we'll turnow tn eyopening new look at a topic so many parents areorried abt. in "american girls: social media and se lives of teenagers" nancy jo sal dig into the real dangers they can counonline and tked abou it with kat couric from yaho >>ammy weeks was facing the imagable. r 13-year-old daughter had been fou dead. >> nicole touched many people throughout her short >> reporter: according to igators nicolad seet been messagi with this virginitech student. 18-year-olvid eisenha o k and snuck out of h parents' how to meet up with
8:13 am
nile's story now stands as a reminder to parents o the dangers lurking on social dia. >> i mean, i thinkt'srobly impoible if you he aeenage daughter right now thae doesn'tnow what kik is. it's known for a place where you s ecuatese. 's h kis use it >> reporter: theew book "amerin gis: socl dia thcret lives of teenag by journalis nancy jo sales elores t lives of girls whore coming of agen world ruled by socialmedi lle about the rols is playing in the life of the country. >> one of the first conversations that iad with some gir in los angeles really set the tone for the wholeook to me. e said social media is destroying our lives. ani said, so why don't you justo off itnd she saihen we would have no life she said she discovered young lives playi outn vious platforms that promote negative
8:14 am
sometime harsh judgment and harmful behavior like berbullying. somethg that 13ear-old carrie has periced. iot a message o instagram from t guy, he smed like was my age, so i thought i could usthim. >> reporter: but after ending the friendsp she say the boy and one of his fends began writing htful things. >> started getting mesges from his fridsndhey we saying these things likeoue ugly and cursing me out. >> reporter: her momecidedo do somhing a it. >> i spoke to this woman and i said, you know, yr daughter is cyberblying my child. shwa shocked, embarrassed, made her own child get on the one andpologize profusely. >> reporter:es says it's ving a majormpact on how tee girls socialize. >> something abo t technogy, thgh doe maket easier to relish responsibility for another
8:15 am
of girls, ts i incdibly damaging and challenging metis. >> reporte fgood morning amera," katie couric los angeles. >> rl eye opening. >> yeah. >>e've had a conversation with this a l with our rls. all theirlsnow you're not supposed to go on kik. >> stay off . >> stay off . s tellinghey feelike ith're not onocia mia they hav a life. that's the b part it is, it is. another topic people a talking about, oscar sunday a our big "a" after-pay sho is on monday and this morning, we've gotrets to getng red carpet rey. m loves this. abc's rachel smith is at samsung 837ight now. before we get t her here's a look athe dream team that's helpg real women get red caet glam. >> reporter: it'hollywood's red hot oscar ruay. >> beauful. >> reporter: we aembled a red carp dream tea to make over ree wen with this season's award wning beauty trends.
8:16 am
artist to stars likpierre knell pie cruz, demi moe and alicia vinder. >> no difference in a cebrity and the rest of us. we're allt as gorgeous. >> repter: glam squad's creative director gvanni vaccaro is t pro at recatin ceb hairstyles. >>eople come to us all time wit tse red carpet photos. >> reporte 23-year-olditi as is tempted t try sofia rga'slip. rachel ellicott kee h hair straight but wants to test out alicia vikander's twisted updo. >> i lov it has a twist to tha kindf looks like a brai >> reporter: 27-year-old chrta aiken keeps thingsatural but loves kerry in's lob look. >> fee likhateverhe do with her hair i can. repor wilur makeov mavens deliver? this red carpet challenge is on. all rit.
8:17 am
samsung837uig with a-list beautyteam, charlotte tilbury and vaccaro zachgiovanniaccarovaccagiovanniaccaro and they're a viewers of "gma" and friends and family to our staff and these t will giv us great tips we can all use to get glam at home sohank you very muc for being here and working with us day. we appreciate it. thankou for having us. >> let's get right to it. fi ue ha aditi. this is what she looked like before. and this is whatditi looks ke now. come on out. tranormingditi into sofia vergara's red carpet look and she is looking mighty stunng so, charlotte, tell us about aditi's make. what trend d you e. >> aditi has t statement matte lip ands a gorgeous sort of bright berry and it really lts her eire face and is trending
8:18 am
and she's also got it on her cheeks and a lit bit a kind of rgeous sor of little bit o eye to wing it out and lift it. >> stunning. giovan wha about her hair. >> suc hot trend seeing all over the r carpet. this st of texred style. this beachy look, ver simple to re-create a home all you need to do is blow out wit a round brush, get i with a curling ir and make sure the ends are not uniform. >> unning. thanyou rych, aditi and xtup, than,adi, nex up r model rachel. here's what rachel looked like bere. and rachel,ome out. we have transfmeds her into icia vikander, oscar nomated acess. wow, gorgeous. right to it, charlotte. wid you g her tlow like one of your clients, alia. >> on alicia today what i wanted to create today w lly i always fel the skin with thi buagic moisturizer which
8:19 am
mi skinhen we use a wonder glow onophich is an amazing primer whicheflects e light all ove and gives y th reallylong skin which is azing on the red carpet. >> wonderful. >>hen we use a kd of demi matte fndation w gives you flawle skin, little dusting of anir bruwd. >> quickly let's g to gionni for the hair. we le that look. >> so difficult, seems to create but so, so eas create a twist in front w ilove. itiv thi casualelegce. >> and a great bun in the back peect, emently l's wrap thgs up with miss christa. here is christa'sefore look and let's see christa now. so chst we have transformed her into kerrywashington's r caook and asheak her way down, charlotte,ump into how you translated her look. >> the eyes are sky look and what we've done i like aittle pale prime so s pme s alver t lid andn we didt grelywo trick where the highghts in thnersopen up the eyes.
8:20 am
so sorry, charlotte. can weet the ha? >> lr hair, faux lob. i love it. verysimple. pin those endsnder and leave someut in the fntor softness. >> awesome, ladi, come join us. robin, they looking so hot and veryed carpet ready, don't y think? >>ll look incredible. wonderful. k you, rachel, for that and apparely michael had a makeer. it looks likes jpalmer. >>uch less athlec. much smal higher hair. >> outside to sam. >> we figured out the dewy loo is stand i the rain. hello, times square how are you. where ar you from. bloomfield, new jerse >> upstate new york. >> los angeles. >> you have an acnt, young lady. >>london t' wha t at is welcein. let'alk ait. let's swou what's goin inoro. in comeheclouds. ftv ha you handled. here's another are ttets rain, tak a look at where the flood wates ar isking rain.
8:21 am
neey and pointsnorth. be prepared for the heavy i'm co. today: it's gog to be a much nicer day, with more sine and lighr winds.igilrm iths an50s for mosts eday w w maoruc eaer ctes souern colorado! enjoy the return of re spring-like weatr. a weak cold front will ve through late today, thiswi drop temperatures slight on uray.but no rn or snow is expected to accompany this front. iningout side. we don care. back inside to- >> all: lara. >> tnkou. sam, get inhe.we a countin dnoar sund. ho cis rock's highly anticipate monologue has evybody ndering, talking and his plans for the show have been shrouded in secrecy until now
8:22 am
tweed this picture you're lookgt it "the rtian" star kristen wiig along with j.j. abrams, fans assuming a possible space adventure ready for liftoff and then the comedn confirmi those guessesith this picture of himself an tront it i think i smell a "the martian" spoof. great mines thi alike. chk this out, everybody. yo kno what i saying this i my sakeek for our annual "gma"scarrailer spoof that we d but the big qstn is. >>ho wore it best. >> who wore it better? not even close. >> w wouldre it beer. >>ou look eat. you lookike aetr asaut. >> yeah very scienceminded i gt i a fouod sam, g over he f this. if you thoht grump cwas in way foul moo you need do check out thi kitty who puts the fer in ferocious. we thi her name means stone
8:23 am
her nasty side eye has earned her a major flowingn instagram. >> that is's anger. >> just like serious angry. >> that's serial killer cat. th's not grumpy cat. serial -- what it means in japanese i sear kwlal killer >> thereougo. grumpy cat, youe got competition from sia killer cat. finallye are all getting red carpet ready working o for oscar sunday. ihink found a genius fitness instructor w hasthe grast i've eseen. >> nice. get the deltoids. april stey, workingut can make you whine.
8:24 am
byep curls. goorning.. it's 8:27 am wednesday ry 24th. i'm ane. today: it's going toe niy,it reunine and lite nds.ig wl wa io th 40s and mo. is expected to st dry, wchill ke for much eaer cmus southn colorado! enjoy the return of more spring-ke weather. a weak cold fro wil movehrou te today, is dp teures on
8:25 am
in jt w hos, we'll find out if a j thinks the parenthood competent to stand ial. robert d it'sis pean nce himental alth evaluation. the last time he was in court, dear said het
8:26 am
ex...andaid he nt to represt hielf during his trial. 's acced o shting and kiing gaet swas, ke'ae ewart, and jennifer hood clin i lora friday. united way is povert simur today... as part of their 3ys homelness campaign. e simulati task ive life oparenttr take re of childrenwhile yi to sufficiency on social secy member 65 people ll beartipating. the simution begithre this aftnoon woman whcut un
8:27 am
everywhere you loo ywhere gohe's a face of someb >>ou kwhangu lhatonnd ynow these beautiful fas, nre, "fuller house" stars. we're lking over at you ladies andt' jt tangs bac in wow. >> look out. yoaneeach one of the younger girls in t ladies. you can seethem ye. >> you knhey're bringing a whole newgeration. my girls are addicted tofull hoe" reru. we were just geeks. we wento san fncor christmas d nt to th
8:28 am
>> b reunion com up. >> anotheruestoming up. fitla, a ltle abo the show. >> a secret the girls don't know. we're about to speak with the stars and learn behind-thecenesecrets. before that jess on the "fuer house" phenomen. >> it'seen 21 yea sincee said good-bye to one of amica' alti tv forite family, the tanners from "full house,"well, they're back and this tim the womenn charge. lo out, folk e trs areback. >> ai ain. >>eporteeir met t "full house" gangn 7 when they moved into fyights with tee ds. ru. >>ou'v gotit,du. ter:nd three dudes. dad dann >> i'd like t gethe gls to bed before "goodorning ama." >> reporr: unc jesse.
8:29 am
so my growing up whj., stephani andmichle. itay have gone offhe air in 19 butiv on eveo pu reruns. now fast fward t ecad. th tan glsnd tha peering nexdoor hbor. >> ho, sweet home. epor arellwnup. >> to the hand,lor. oh, snap you go, girl. >> reporte set to bring down th house, this time around in th netixsequel, "fuller house." we all ill look goo so many great mories. my family and i used to watch this allhe time. there is still so ch ughter ahead and larnd sa they're with the sta rht w. >> so exd. hoo bps sitti in thet with three of the stars, candace, jodi anda for ourxclusive unio y, welcome back. >> tnk yo >>owoesfe t beac togeer onamera. >> so awe. >> we're loving it. >> asked you fore. did we g this right? is this very silaro ho? >>t is.
8:30 am
the cis aite gger. >> too big. >> the couch is too big because the "full house" cou which is the original "full house" couch,s bee in stoge for 20 years,t'sctlly love seat. so how yit fou adults on thathing i hoidea. was it alwayshis small? then we reaze we've grown. >> yes. sll in tse day. >>e thi up. fnd o,ntamo posted. do we have it? can we roll this video joh posted look at that. total throwback of the twins when they were very, verylittle. mary-kate and hley. so wt wast lik forou ys ove john stos he's always so fun when he comes. what is it like to work with uncle jse? >> he' great. he'sncle j. tous >> ah. and he's -- y know, he's the exetive procer on show oh, is that weird t see him bossn? he dsn't really act like a bon. >> no. >> he's like family so i don't
8:31 am
>> he loves t e t craft service. >> doesn >> i got to aou isalngut a we were getting out of the car. rsome rson we were a car this morning. >> to look cool. >> 18 million people have just watched the trailer. this has g to be a sure sign athis sho i aea a hit, so how dt el? >> oh,odness, i'm like don't -- >> t couch, that was- 18 llioneopl wated ach. soxcit a i le m i don think that any of us have ever seen anything like this for any television show let alone something that we're invoed i and is been suc a hugear o our fe. it'sn ince complimenand testantohe loyty o "fl house"fans. >> and whateorge said is so true also for my kids, what do younk abouhis show tha we l it gro n ods hav fndt i reruns?
8:32 am
is the emise? >> it's a combination. the chemistry isre, obviously, if youan't tl clee arnd how mhelove eachher, it's a tr a real and i think the shows class and timeless in the sse thatt's about family and it's about love andthose stories cry through to a and everygeneti. >> yeah, wl said,e binge-wch or shoue wat it like a rmal -- because now you guys have tak a classic and modernized itorheew audien. ca seam thehole season. >> well, you know, ihink someuntuffe were ableo g like wit carlyin thug someto linhat didn't have to be neay tied up within 2utes le theld ow soou c k wch a few episodes at a te bparent are also tkingut that they'oing to dole it out. you finish yr homerk and do ur cres youanch episode of "fuller house"." >> can we mti this gu reraveliith a big furry dog. there was a big f dog i the show. theog is plow everywhere.
8:33 am
got to ow. >> well, could ie the samedog. timeas pass. >> he's ad even better thanhn te moss. >>ll right. i dot mean to bring everybody do. t'go the. >> we plaed thi whole nht forou yo ho out a h som iave fun. yeah jast nig i sck myongue out at tommy ande stuck h ton a.itas las. ce on, let yourself have adult fun. m offia namineee of us the she wolfpack. ow! on einubli >> ow! first ti iid that it scaredtlba in the scene.o it off >>ake her cry. we have a surprise for you guys.
8:34 am
>> do youecoghivoe. hello, a y out ther he . yes, i am it's very early where i am. >> hey. >> hi. >> you a good bobget. >> mylease. eyping. i'mn a bunkein northn cafoia. >> location unn.>> jus because youcan, urse,b,ustecauseou ca so,eally -- the fee like on se this fls likeamily here to us did it feel thathe you ysll gotth? ye wll have sd this tpr wever ry snte apart. it'll be year maybe thas by at e most over tast frnds. all hp each otr. gonowsy'veeld mve e yes. >> that's so ni. b, what' the biggest diff the set, obvious the age but tl me abo wt eels like,ive us a mplingfhat it's like a day i the li.
8:35 am
method that i used to have on "fuluse" which is candace and jodie and andrea help me with my nes. >> ts true whao an you forget tm and tyelp you. heides scpts. >> you wk in aoom and say at's goingon, sometimesoucaememrhat -- i would write itownnpenc ukn, anywhe i'd write itn anote. >> sometimes we just say, bob, just snd here. he th ishere you e. >> i le .y'reaysheor u. y ot walking over the. me back here. >> i'm goingoook for tha from now on us reading off the plate. that'somethi il for. yme. iid a coupl episodes and k i got a bac asanny nner tryi to get back int th t a departure fro that oman.he's a good >> his >> he is goo man. >> he is. you are too, bob.
8:36 am
tlsu. >> sooob get. e ewer q too. st to is, lie do you think t y arrs tne out t you thought they would w "full house" ende >> that' goodacal ye ihink mine has. isheldes dauter so alys responsible aurturing sindf the head of this family and she's verian i tnk that was a cool job for her. so, >> kimmy gibbler is just as ny as s was back i the '90s. she he's matured a little and i think her warobe has impr. >> i le the skirt - d't know if it's a dressut lov it. you lookat today. >> ah, stephanie i sll kind of fun a wild a edgyasn't lost heall srp wd,you ow,omedic timo s lf fun to play all thes yea lar. o what's gatut tha olsill recognize all of you and think this is
8:37 am
what isite tngabouctuayng backhe se >> it's just shong uto work. >> ye. >> the three of us, andrea had us alle- h cofe cups made for ushat h charte names o tm s w walkroundith sphanie and kimmy gibbler, coffee cups and such a pasur i can't even expres to wk with your bes friends every d evab. >>e truly know that. >> ah. fl it. you're right. it's a j tha so many people don't g a chance to talk ab noual a itnd i es thankou vy much for >> thank you. >> this giras tet to work. >> i got to go to "the ." w hn "the view." great to see you. we bewatchi.plgmny in thankyou. >> hanon. 'll do a ltle wther. actuly feel like we might stt out west do little san francio weer whynot.
8:38 am
ve import s our our spoor netflix we were able to replicate the living room. it pmieres thisfriday. >>oo. h d i doolread nowo theoards and ow yo a litebout frano. feel fe top inf y li. degree. , s let's g to . is normal. this is wromn ego the way t portland, seattle toda >>re we in new yorkthen? 83 at me. i kw you wou feel . i'ab acone. today: is going to be a much nicer day, with more sune and ghter windhs will th s fo st. s exct to ay dry,hichke mmute er ! en re o re sing- weatr. aeak ld filou od llrop teeratures sligly on thursd...but no rain sw is eecto accompanth t. the f numberends. thas brought to you by ig hers.
8:39 am
you gy t way. >> i've had a glamquadelping me out here but you were right. wee been hanng out at samsung 837 all morning long, glamors, h tech so man funerienc le the cial galaxy experienc at the osaic booth s let nap a selfie, ys. ca we do that? ayree go bam. looking good. ok so let's take walk over here. our selfies inoostedhiee-sry screen, credible if y loo closely tohes at setup, mc of instagram ot. coolhotography expere each individl that comes out re. the futuref technology is ghhe. sa ra >>mazi because i can tell that pture is made up of little oth pictures,t is so -- the are. >> there i am. logreat, right? >> it is fantastic. coming up bl a menda gates are talng to
8:40 am
8:42 am
y hatt`t3n`1$' bt@qw+d 2w3n`1$'"a@qg' tt3n`1 @ql,`t$'" 6&$ tt`t3n`1$'tq4w`t`1$'gzt&< tt4w`t3n`1$'" hn o+`t3n`1$'" iz%b( 3n" jn 72`1$'lz 4 bill gates is on mission,
8:43 am
philanthropists speaking out about the fbi's encryption battlegainst apple saying he believes a solution is all about striking a balanetweeniv liberties and governmental safegudsut when bill and h wielin stopped by earli this week, they ha somet eln their minds and had a chce to spe with the about their fodati's aual letter d tues they ce deeply about. aight to have you both with us thk you. [ applse ] and there's no a sign. that came frhe heart. so appate let t yo all put out every yearand, bill you decided to something different this year to direct to tns like whave here inhetudio with right now. atas t purpo b at >> , t inial inspition came from high school newspaper where they intervieweds andkes what superper would like to have? and we were kind of surprised
8:44 am
an i talked about energy, tt those really do relate t the inequityt wve tolve in therld, a the young generation that's got the innovation and perspective that will helrive what probably gn or flyeve? at's the purf having theseeere the nex geration, morenergy. perpow, moreime as itplieom aund rld. >> iolloungns da ty think tt are to be dfere in e home 15 years from w, different than theirandmother'seneration b 's actually not true espeallyhen youook a ts paork that women do a home >> and that disparity in time impas all of, don'it? it aolutely do. an when i tkbo workit som othearing ings weant to dt hom like car for our children and the elderly but things like or andf y arepending yourim partilarly inhe
8:45 am
choppingood or en in the u.s.oing laundry or chores it mesou d't reach your potent >> we wt t solutis you areuggegrsbi more engy tells whyhat is you superpowerou wa. >>ll, eney is py more fundamental thaneo reiz li started reallyrovi a few hundred yrs an we got energy and tdea you can justlip thaight swit that' pttymagil. we t and t sever blion pele who d't have it. >> for you both let's lay out some ide and solut espeally as the next genetion i here i fnt a ppeng on ery single word thatou're saying, so wn it come more time, what are some of the tngs you're proposing. >>we fir oogni themount o time wom are yi wk the redutnd redistribute it insi of the household ife do those three things both at a policy level and directly in our homes, i fundameally
8:46 am
open up women's potentia so wheresgabe okay, gabe, what's your question. >> i have a question for ll. so, we a know abodnd sotechnogit'mwoering, wha other technologies are y excited about thatre l well known. >> well, it's a vy good question ndnd sola i w ing therice dowven amically a able to store thaener because it's intermnt that's one path to a solu,nother ph is instea of taking e s and king electricity wch i hard to t directly make gasoline, so it may com in a form w don't recognizes oneur keyoues rht now. >> a cizen of a developing country, pakistan i've seen s gohrou a lot of this theiraree and to a doou suggest them to overco this problem of energy and how do you think thatould help them succeed?
8:47 am
probm and usgourcend liti paicipatio i uld say in terms o reducg thinequi, go into sm he it'sienc thny. inva tt help women spend less tim cking or les time gatheri water or washing machine that works more efficiently and lastly, i would say redistribute the workload in yo ownhoyou ne toalk wit your partner en befor you're married aboho roles and responsibilities, what are the hidden expections of ts rkou sawndas looking aer s w spon, nog. >> wve that convsati. very mu for y qution. nolaoul have t f estion. >>o can t se a of tuing off the faun thhtreec howe saverg o a larr sce? >> well, i think it's important 'r aware thatricansse twic mney pererson
8:48 am
countries and so if you get tt mind-set oow do weonserve you hel with thelo wat shortayo save money, so aness is where i all begins and conservaon is a pieft we nd to do>>oh, we, ll and melinda gates, thank you very much thank you all. the students were just i mean, leaning in. >> great conversation had veryd conversatnlike that a it's just,oy, whould your superpow ?
8:49 am
8:50 am
gates' full letter at our e,amcom on y!wel be rht b this wk "a" i gngeme as riner joins the ct of"l standing." >> "l man standing." >> good morning, america. uh-h >> wve got ckstag pa. >> let's do it. >> friday on -- >>oth: good moin america. >> we sawouith the muppets
8:51 am
>> we'll see you on your acting
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> i'l scky we areavith > ri safels stravels.
8:54 am
>> see's 8:56 am, we ryh. i' a. today: is ing to bch nir day, wit rein lighter s. hntthe 50 i thiilke much sier cmus in souern codo! eny thrern re spring-li at a wea co fnt ve through laodaythis will drop tempures slightlyn thursday...but no rain or snow is expected to acmpany this front. thwoman who cuan unboabfr inow ing to hear her senten. a convicted dynel accoy is
8:55 am
who cut an unrn baby aother's wos now waiting toear her sentce. a jury convictedynel on al charges. lane lured michelilkins to her longmont homeith craigs-lisad for baby and maternity clothest year, then attacked her. lane will be sentenced in april. she faces 16 to 12years pr t a few hos, we' find ouif a j thin the accused anned parenthood ooter iscompetent stand trial. bert dear wi be rtftno at:30. it's his fir appearance sie his nt alth evaluation. the last tim he was in court, dear sd he would not operate with mental exam...and sd he re eldung hiial. he accused sh a lling swasey, ke'arre stewart,jeifer markskat a d pareod clinic in corado ris on black friday. we wilhave more on das apperance ahead on krd
8:56 am
8:57 am
>>s ivith lly & michael." today, fm the hit series, "empir tari p. henson. and jaime lannistem "game of thrones,"ikolaj cost-walu. us,nother audience meer could wk awayhome big buen we coinue our "oscar countdown games." l next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney dtelevion] aow,ere your emm award-wiin-hostskell
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[cs and applau] kell geez and aw-shucks. hey,t's weesday, february 24 2016. and guess what todays. i babs biry. [appla michael: hso loer a baby. he a man. kelly: he's a teenager. myast one, my last o ent ead a he d it. herew
8:59 am
lly: he promiseme he wouldn't michael: well, he ill sits on your lap at wrestlin matches, technically. lly:t's not just myon's bihday, schully's nephend my son was born at the nt door at the hospital. that's atir 1-year rthd part yep. w abouhat? michae wow kelly: how cs ? en iostea picture on stagrathis morning of my son a few years back. i guess this w le when he walike 3 or 4rs,7. an there is oh, my gosh. miaee looks sassy. kelly: sassy, rit? and tn mark, at the sa exact time,osted a pict aqnse day and iaid this is kind of t differenc between o personaties tha -- this is my sweetaby, my sweet tiny baby. is ihoi e him i hea at all tes. and this is wt marsees.
9:00 am
ye. ye pplause] michael: i'm kinof dig mark's vision. kelly: y le the grn-up vers michl: yea 'sy boy. yeah. at's mma kelly: i don't know. it was so funny last night. i tucked himn and i said don't forgethen you wakup in the mornine still 12 because youon turn 13 uil 9:31 thisorng 9:31s th secd came out and the rainbow came out with him,w. 'sike e of those kids, you kno thast -- mewant to keimim baby fors s ssible. michae wl, happy birthday,n. ke, an and joaquin. yes. pplaus yoare looking - gt ct of the kids last night becausee always ke airthday coagfor kids forheir birthdays. and was just looking bk at
9:01 am
they wereo ti. and tused tall getlo i ve phogrhicvince that the kids did n useto be at each other's throats all thtime, likell hugging ea oer, all in the ed. michunchowadays beeen a brotherr sisters a hug. because you le him and 's justard do that. they're . key: i foundave a lola bidet. auter] it'sncredibl chael: and you wonder why th'rfighting r n. that's why. kelly: it'sedle shs like it' ok,ab d i'm like whatreou guys doing? [laughter] michael: well, you know, wn ds gw up, they tend to do things in -- as adults, you kerisight? kelly:ight. michael: at e int, he's gog to makisn.
9:02 am
michael: well, it's going to ppen. at one point, i don't have my tattoos. i knoyouid. ll sllo but i have- michael: iike this one kelly: y i have my giant remove i had itemoved, yeah. michael: but heris a star who d this put onis baci wonder if you could figeut y'vseenhis,ig? kelly: iave seen i i know who thats. michael: you guysnow o that is? adam levine. it took hisi month get this tatto kelly: yeah, youon't just show up and say get me thank you am levine on my bac michael: yeah. he said it was aradual pcess and wh is it it hasierce-looking ng mermaid who cradles a hge skull in her arms. other ski designs, sixwaows align his ribs. the wheel of a ship at the nape of his neck. oh, sounds li a pickup
9:03 am
ship. i better pan up. michl:ut six month from what i hear, i don't have any. d i heart's painful. kelly: it's not painful. michael: you say tha but othe pplarlike oh, no, it's s paiul. kelly:ut i've been in labor. i don't know what actual pain . [applause] you can cut my -- oncyou' in labor,ou're like cut off my head! n't care! i don'. i'll do ything. i'onying. i know i said i wanted too natura i didn't mean it! lied! i lied! whers the ni doctor? the man wi the needle? michael: is too late. kelly: yeah. i'llo ything. ael: but that looks s much work and he ssix mohs. d th'sot -- i mean, he has tattoos all ovehis body. lly: well, tattoos are addictive. the funnthing autto is that you getne and you meately hate that onbu yo want a dient one. i mean, that's really true.
9:04 am
like i thoughthis would look --ike i don't ow wha i thought. michae well, my daughter and s,heth aer, not the twins. t they have tattoos. kelly: yeah. michael: and i think i said here before. my daughter has her bihday in roman numerals. and i'm like is she goi to [laughter] kell kind of cool thoug it's kinofool. it's cool. tattoos are soiffere now too th when i got my first tattoo. ttoos were a whole different ballgame. everybody's tattoo w like a pirate. it's like the kind of tattoos pirates wouldave in the 1800's. w ey're dainty. chael: is like a metal rod and th're dping in hot c kelly:ind of. the whole procs is differe now. when i was in prison -- michael: the prison -- kelly: wn i ooed myself at the prisonhop. no.
9:05 am
they'ree delicate. they're daintier. they have mo meaing, you know. chael:you'reng to do somethg like t hopefully it has some personal meaning to yoand it's not jt se ndomhought that comes int your head beuse later on, you may say don't think the same way and then you're in trouble. kelly: my firs ttoo, thean ys to me what do you want? and i said whatever y think. michael: no! kelly: y. [lghter] oh, yes. uh-huh. that's what happens when an 18-year-old ge thaouri. whenou'r 18,'re like i going to be this age forever and i'm going to be awesome [laughter] question. would u ever walk into a hair nd and the guy gs what do you want and you say wteve youhi soluly. kelly: yes. do that all the time. ye mos certainly do. michael: come in my room. i gother c and clippers. kelly: yea i'mearless whent comes to
9:06 am
rvous ab miael: yeah. kelly: no, i reallym. huh? chaeeahe hair grows back. i won't even do that. iave like a 20-minute scussion about what we're going to do with my ha. two tis of week, you've got keep itight, keep it right. [laughte kelly: ii all of my hair depurtthe past two years, if i put them a together, it uld take less than half theime of one of your haircuts. michael: the only reason why my hairtakes so long is m other, allie tks toe. it's a black thing this is truly a bck thing. kell could i go to a black barbershop? michael: absolutely. just plan oneing there all day. [laughter] lmanbring a magazine. kelly: i will bringazin michael: no, they supply the
9:07 am
and then they have "martin" on . [laughter] [applause] kelly: i post for i the ladies are -- we're so boring the they'r taking selfies hey, what up? ok. miael: b yeah, they would key: rlly? chl: and i have lene much at thearbershop at my time of waiting. kelly: but isn't tha more of a man thing? like whave to -- like i need to get in and t out and like mark will -- i know -- i just know from my dad. my dad on sundays wou go to ernie's bber sh. church and ernies. and we wouldn'see him again. she got -- he got a phone ca she wld be call him the office. michael: you have your sptstalk. you have your pop culte talk. you have your gossip. you all have those thgs. we need it. but athe same time when i'm in the chase, he'cutting them. can't u cuand talkthe
9:08 am
and h and eats d s i'm like dude! wh are dng? i'm captive now. nothg i can do. kelly: right. so with mt's always lik i'lle at t hair salon and i've got the foils in and the ir color in an i'm sort of li halfway thrgh the process. and then the phone rings. and it's like i think i have appendicitis. and i usuallyun out with the foils and thehing on and -- so i'm ver-- michael:ee, that's your own family. the are barbers. i boug girl scout cooki in there. they sell everythingt the barbershop. gelmat t beaut salon. chael: foromen, u have stuff in your hair can only stay for soong. so it's got to be more precise. fothe guy it's like well -- i meane time, it tm s longtt my hair and by the time he fished, he had to goack and start over again because itw back.
9:09 am
bridge. [applause] lly: want to go to your barberop a i want toet haircut. i want to see whatakes -i want t see whahas. michael: ok. u're more than welme. gean: tape piece. michael: we d't have th much tape, gelman. [lghter] lly: and i'm going to s -- it's allieright? i'm going to say do whaver you thk look pretty. michael: oh, no. kelly: i sayt all the time. ater y tnk. nt? and i go whatever you think. michael: no, you're ing to come out with ke sts in ur eyebrows and lines o them. kelly:orks not my eyebrows, please. please. [lghter] plse. was one othe -- i overeezed t 1980'snd no i'mn to likfo hairs. the wind blows, holthem on. no. [laughter]
9:10 am
member got eyebrow extensions? michael: yes. kelly: i'm not kidding. i t eyebrow extenons and i wasike oh, my g, thiis ing. this ilike me before i monkeyed with my face all time. and i was like this is great. cause in the late 1980's, early 1990's,oung girls in your early 20's like it was grooming was all the rageut was like pencil thin grooming. was crazy whate did. and now, le the natural eyebrow look is, you know, like the bigger the bette wchs amazing. michae yep. kelly:nyway, so a certain point, if you keep rippi it out, ripping iout, ripngt it sps growing back. like mone. right? so i w and i got this eyebrow extensn because iad friends that haveone itnd they're like it's incdible and it's amazing. e women were incredibland amazing and i lood like a kid again. michael: how longid it last?
9:11 am
like don't get them wet and i was like what? so the next day at soul cycl class, i looked like i had grown a mustache and a beard because e eyebrows - [laughr] [applause] it had like -- came -- they came -- and they were like the glue like itelted then re-enact sarated. so they were like -- mark'like doou haveair on your fac [laughter] terrible. michael:h, boy. hey, great tught though. great ea. kelly: welhat was today's beauty lesson. michael: yeah. pplause] d real ickly before we get started. you know, the nfl comne is co up. kelly:hat's thcombine? michael: it's where th take all the top players in the country and you to indianolis and you all g tested under theameonditions so they can trulyauge eryone under the same -in the sam
9:12 am
chl: so you can say i'm pefast overeranth ntverybody to sa ion't care what you did t, but we nt everybody here. show us together. everybody pretty much does it. but e nfl network and dirtv e pledging,000 in . de use rich eisen is the main host. he does something very funny. every ar,e runs a 40-yard dand he ru iin hisuit. kelly: cool. mich hislow as molass, ? soow ty're eouraging ople to #runrichrun a also tjude d they're going to donate money. he always does it for a cause. and i ve st. jude. i think it's an amazing thing. [appuse] so they're asking fans to run a 40 -- u run a 40-yard dash at work in yo suit or whatever it may be. as long as youon't have eyebrow extensions and you post
9:13 am
th're going to raise some ney for st. jude. i want to that ou you. [applause] kelly: that's gre. i el bad for the big guys, you know, the gs that a defensive guys? like they make therun and everything? michl: ebody's g to run. kelly: tt doesn't se rig. michae if u can't run 40 yard you shodn't probably play ftball. kelly: i don't know, but some of thos guys, the job is just to be a big wall. chael: it's so fun to watch them runthough. to watch a big guy going -- aughter] wallow dowdown the 40 yds. kelly:ho is the slowest? michael: outside of rich eisen, you'll be surprised though. you'll s guy who weighs like 340 pous who fast. kelly: yeah. michael: and y'll goh, my goness. it's amazing. and then you see se anyou go ok, i can go plafootball. it's hard toell. but the fastest are alwaythe little guys. key: yeah. michael: all right. [applause]
9:14 am
hey, hey. we got big sw today. ta p. henson is [applae] michael: yep, yep. anyou know him as jaime lannister from "game of thrones." nikolaj ster-waldau is here. [applause] calmown, ladies, calm down. calm down. >> and we comet our oar countdown when another lucky member of our studio audience will walk awawith somco hard cash. [applause] michael:p to ongrand. kelly: up to, up to. ye yesterday's was disaster. that was a disaster. : $300. lly: i felt like we really failed her. gelm: doetr today. key:llight. we'll br today. in our defense, i rely dn't feel like it wur fault entirely. [laughr] michael: well, i kin feel like y come re --
9:15 am
chael: you come here, th tickets are free. i'mure yoguys probly tol your wife you paiform. but they free. and you walk away with $300, $500yeah. [applause] kelly: no, she came with her m and her mom was like yo owe me at money. beuse i guess she oweder mom moy and her mom literally was like'll take that, thank you. [lauter]michl: b ware reto kick o this party. our dr's in position.
9:16 am
avel trivia." pplause] [applause] michael: whoa! kelly: we are plang the be me, aren't we playing t best me? we were throwing them and catching them simultaneously. that was eitg. y, tod's trivia danr's fr rhmond, virginia. that's regina ryan, evebody [cheerand applau] michael: the's something about that j-l big bootyong. kelly: big, big -- michael: i don't twerk but it makes you want to twerk. kelly: did you see the video if it's so cl. chael: oh, i saw theideo. kelly: j-lo's le work mich i saw theeo. regina, great job though. audience member: tnk you. michael: all right. [applaus
9:17 am
westlake from calirnia. maggie: good mornin key: they' telling me you have an aen where are you originally from? maggie: i'm iginally from scotland. michael: i heait. that's my old stomping ground thher is different from scotland. maggie: sure is. where youn this picture? maggie: that was alaska for my husband' 60th birthday. we dd a cise. lman: ce. michael: oh, very nice. kelly: because we always talk about doing an alaskan cruise. you see like the big orcas anal of at? maggie: we didn't. actually, the weatr was wmer than we would have liked it to have been but it's very, very pictesque, it's beautiful. michael: i've ways wand to do that too. one day. maggie, we're gog to sn the wheel. hopelly, you can w another
9:18 am
pplae] [applause] key: here's a gre prize, maggie, the verandah resort and spa in aiqua. [applae] sevedays and s nights, al inclusive. this trip provided in part by hotels.c. 's a prize valued at $7,400. yohave 20 secondsnd oy one guess, maggie, good luck. maggie:hank you. michael: on yesterday's show, we talked with cls handler. in what countrdid chelsea say shspen timat a s? mast mich you g it. [ause] >> congratulations. you and a guestill enj seven days andixights athe verandah resorand a on the beauful f antiqua. this allluve cibbean vacation par nestled o 30 spectacular beachfrt acres, ovloing a tnql bay. enjoy a host of activity, fine
9:19 am
tranquily and more. [applause] magg: thank you ys, smuch. kell heymaggie, ngratulations! maie: thank you. kell now yet to help make the day a luc member of our studio audiee who receive a $500 gift certificate from oma saks. so please pick a number betwee and 184. maggie: number 76. lause] michael: theree are right there inhe front. all ght, me, congratulations. congratulations, young lady. everybod stay right there. theeautif and theald taraji. hensons he with . [applause] >> still ahe on," we continue t give awayash ase ntinue our "oscar countdown games." from "gamef thrones,kolaj
9:20 am
9:21 am
9:22 am
>> hollywo's biggest night is mo here. watch the oscars sunday february 28. then wch as "live" bringsou the best morning ever. it's "kelly & michael" "afterscar show," live om the dolby theater monday february 29. the countdowis on. it's jt tee sho away. [alause] kelly: he plays the captivating and powermatriarch cookie on the hit series "empire." please welcome award-winning actress tari p.enso [cheand applau] tara: hi! hi! kelly: hi, beauty. chael: what's upbetiful? how are u do baby? taraji: goo kell t around. look at this body.
9:23 am
that's unfair. taraji: yoknow what, is called boxing. i love it. kell oh,ou tbong? taraji: it's aming. it's not like i ntpabu 's just the workout. you trainor twoours first in whev ercise he gives you. yohave to do it for three minutes workp yo stamina. i me o sopping wet. kell you smell so good. taraji: do? keep going. chael: she's like sopping sweat. and she's like you smello go. kelly:hat haens to your fingernas? you put themn gloves? taraji: yea and o is broken. and i didn't care today going show the people th i'm real. [laughter] [applause] yosee that? nails eak sometimes. michael: but boxinis gre though. en thoug you say you don't want to spit is confidence builr. taraji: it really is. m ncared k downhe stets myself anymore
9:24 am
four-five. you might not get up. lly: iove it. michaeut y've had a big year. 2016 is o toon incrible start to you. ngratulations the gden glob congratutions on the naacp imagard forest actress. well-deserved. taraji: thank yoso much. lly: i lov cki much. whyas cookie concted tall of us? taji: bvehe has n ff and s stasp fo at she believes in shs uncomomising when comes to wt sh believes in anshepeaks the truth. d i think,ou know, wheyour children werso- wre s good at that cause we hen't been tnted by society. and th tainted. and then u' taut to breathe you're asked a questi. think about and manipulate your answer, right? well, cookie doesn't do any of that. you ask her a queion, but s is going to ll the truth. you might notike at you want to heabut yowill getn answ.
9:25 am
taraji: thank you. [alae] kelly: iaw the cutest picture. i the cutest picturef you as a little gi an swear, i had that same outfit, the ribbons and t top. taraji: my mom was very serious about my hair. i had baubles, ribbons, barrets, bes, had it all. she wave m tick louse about me. i was very pretty when came to school but when i came home, it was very different. michael: it's great becse you weashionable then. now as okie, you're fashioble. do y likhelothhat cookie wears on the show taraji: d i lerally d't anything. i'm ju aaper dol i let po do what h does. he researches fashion. i don't. michael: that leopard print looks faliar taraji: i know, someone on this ow went as cookie for -- [laughter] [applause] you ow i saw it, right? kelly:t's before you had
9:26 am
chae youaw that halween show? tarajii didi repostedt d evybody nt nuts. younow at? yo know how comment? yes! i wa screaming. i s likeo you want te is it was amazing. look that that. that kd perfect [lghter] so this is great to know because, you know, setim when i want to taka cation like y take a vacation, i know i have someone to filln for me. kelly: that's grt idea. yeah. at ain't hapning. kelly: i do kd of want to see that. tarajiyou are against lious. at would b amazing. michael:ucious, t down! when we come back,e'llet t scoop o cooe's sweet revenge wh "emre" returns. and we'll beight back with taraji p. hens, evebo. [applause] >> still ahead on "ve," j
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
, nikolaj coster-walda ou jt t away o gacy! for wt? did promema you c.e.o.? >> no, mom, i didnnow was going to make that decisi right befe i ted. >> welthen call another meetinand re gng to take another te back. kelly: she has tt broom. [applause] at so good. miael: don'talk back to your mama when shgot aom.
9:30 am
s my mama oraraji, i wouldn talk ck to her at all. michael: thais the true. everybodlovethis charaer becae of e reasonyou said be, very direct if you ere'oter. bu what do you love theost about cookie? taraji: i love the mother she is. she goes to the end of the earth for h family and for h baby. that's how i am. i don't kn anyher who uld not do that. when fally gethersf together, e feels d about andoni her chi or whatever. that's just something that many th comes wh beg mother. d thinth's w everybody take to herecauhey see sheacrificed a lot. you know, gng taifor years. mean, she could have chosen noto sell dru but she did thatause t didn't want her chdren tli the life. they had to get out ofhe hood someinofay. mcdona's cck wasn't going to get them out. michael: you mad happen. tara: yeah. so she did something bad, her
9:31 am
cycle of poverty forheir three sons they're not statistics, you ow. so she'sort of a hero inhat gh sh me up a the uimat sacrificr her famy. kell we jt saw a scene ere. will cookie get the eire back? taji: stay tud. [laughter] chael: what? [applause] kelly: c y give us like this much like a wink? a wink? tara: i thk by nowyou guys know cookie gets ptty much whatever she wants. kelly: ok. yeah. taraji: just leave it like that. michael: you knowh, i'll be watching. taraji: yes. michael: thi shois my debate pleasure. it is "empire," season two returns at 9:00 p. on wednesday, march 30 o fox. [applause] make sure you watch taraji p. henson, everybody. taraji: thank you. kellext, nikaj
9:32 am
9:33 am
9:34 am
[applause] [applause] michl: well, you know our next guest as jaime lannister on the em "game of thrones." now hetars in new fil "gods of ept." please welcome back to the show, nikolaj cost-waldau.
9:35 am
nikolaj: hi! kelly: howre you? michael: good toeeou brother. kolaj: hey, guys. kelly: you guy look the same ze. yeah. [applause] u bem wn right now. michael: i'm just wondering th when you walk down the street, does somebody come uto you a go hlo, hello! nikolaj: and i just saw at picte you onalloen. you're a fine lookingoman. [laughter] [applause] ri michael: i'm blushg. kelly:hat's nothing. you should see some of the outfe isets into. if you think he's a beautiful taraji, u sh s h as oph. michael: c't help but giveaway tngs when i'm oprah. we all knoyou from "game of thrones. nikolaj: yes.
9:36 am
michael: sixth seasoof the show. such a bigit we know you came here today to te uwhat's going t hapn comingp. wh canou tell us? nikolaj: i w'tell yo-- wellwhatever you w to hear, and the truth is, you don't want to kw. u want to be surprised. and if i told you, wou get killed. so i can only say we wrap sson si it's coming end of april. and it's going to be -- we did ourest. it'soing to be gat. kelly: reay if nilaj: yea michl: oh, thawas a lot. [laughter] an congratulatren order for you becau you are recently named the rnational starf e if france. nilaj: kw. [appuse] michael: that is awesome, man. kelly: wt do you win? nikolaj: you win an awar i mean, the funny thing is i won thteational star of the year in turk lasyear. kelly: oh. nikola and then i actually won anward in denma from -- it was l awards international or something. and then they said it's going to
9:37 am
can't make it and the ty said well, in thacase, we dot want to give it to you. [laughr] michou are no longerhe n of t career. niko yeah, this internationa thi is they go down t lisand en they find some crazy fool whsays i'lbe there, they go o you're the ternatnal star of the ar. [lghter] i thinth wenthrough georg clooney an then page 5 they came to me a th're like co. kelly: so wre dyou ke all ofour internationalwas? do y have annternatial om if nikoj: we ha the room, yh. we have an inational rm. it's scks d stks o betiful awards, yeah. miael: i know you live in nmark w. j: d ael: but yr wife is from greenlan nikolaj: she is, yeah. chael:hat language do you speak at home? nikolaj: we speak danish. greenland used to be part of denmark. it is still part ofhe dan dom. kelly: loo at your beautiful family. you're surrounded my women. nilaj: i am, yeah.
9:38 am
chael: greenla, what is that langge? nila is een land. it's part of north america, greenland. and it's cnected to i guess nave-americans ands very, rycult language. kelly: do yo speak it? nikolaj: no, i speak very little, unform my kids know a little. and hopefully when they get older, ty'll, you know, s time and learnt. it's ver important, of course, language michae yeah. nikolaj: as part of their ltur it a beautiful culture b it's one of those languag whe you have oneord li say walk, but then if yosay i'm gog twalk to the grocery, the word just gets longe kelly:ight michl:h, it's not sepate word nikoj: yh, igets longer. then they have the sounds like -- [laughter] kelly: can you s anything? beuse i'm just tyingo ke -- nilaj: that mns i love u, so that's aittle wed.
9:39 am
i -- bk. ght back at ya. [lr] [appuse] that was impssiv michl: for somebody with a lisp like meo --ig be good at that language. i mayavfound my nguage right the. kelly: we've finally foundour la! mich yes! [laughter] we're ing to take a bre whene co back, wre going to talk about what it's like for you to fe off gerard butler i "gs of egypt." be rig backith nij coster-waldau.
9:40 am
9:41 am
it's our pre-osc celebration.
9:42 am
of cour you did. >> that would be unwise. ite you still ner miss? doesn't it get dull? [applause] nikolaj: yeah. ae b kelly: i'm trying to picture you guys ia waro fitting together. nikoj: ok. kell i mn, just like- [laughter] lotsf lo clothery andhest hairs. my kind ofm is at i'm saying. michael: but it's "gods of egypt." d you plod nikola i play --t's c. the director d this mie based on the egyptian mytholo and in the mytlogy, u have like the gods thisize, the mathis size. and we actually did tt.
9:43 am
planets ke a different specs. and we can transfo intose surhero gu. nikolaj: and gerard butler plays your ule nikoj: he plays my uncle chael: but he kills your nikolaj: yea michael: and you're tryingo come back and capture -- nikoj: spoke to someone who says it'sust like "the lion king." [laughter] yeah so i have to avenge my father becae i'm abouto crowned king of egypt and then he comes in andpoils the pty and then, youw, it's a whole -- ael: he can spoil a party, gerard butler. in awa nikolaj: iw. in a very good way. [alause] and ha great guy to work with. he's done th types of lms befo. we had so many fights, smany action sequees. michael: but a lot of work to cheograph though. nikolaj: o yeah. kelly: did you get hurt at all?
9:44 am
minimizing how hurt you ge because en you fall down, it's going to hur we're t that yng anymore. [laughter] wellyou know the funhing where you're ke 12 and- i remember whei s a kid, we' always doitunts. we wanted toe stunt gu and you would fall downstairs and you wou get up and d again. w -- irip a little and i go oh, my god. [laughter] it true. kelly: it's michl:l,he movie is "gods of egypt." onsid. make syou it out. nikolacoster-waldau, everybody. [applause] nikolaj: thank you. key:ey, our "oscar countdown games"tie en wreturn. so sti aroun
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
9:48 am
[applause] kelly: hey, are we on michael:ea kelly:k. we'reontinug our "oscar countdn game because big afteoscars speci is just three shows away. so let's meet the lucky member of our stuo audience who has a chance to win up to $1,000 toda so let's bring her down. michael: all right [appla ,000nd the persoo s a chance to win itodayme on down, liurskey from doylestown, pennlvania. [applae] llhis is excitin lori: yes. michael: hi,i. gotoese game y. now in thiga, l you h ailof cards with different song ts that he eier been nominated for or an acady awards.
9:49 am
r head and kelly and i will title. kelly: here's the good news. havthe voices ofngs. lorive good. michael:es. if you get sck, u can pass. just mak sure you keep it lori: ok. michael: and tn u pick up going. for ch o you getigh you win $1,000. [applause] lori: l right. miae 60ds. vene minute ll on your mark. michael: who up first? kelly: i'll star go. lori: oh,. "over the rainb michl: yeah. [applause] [bell] lori: lori: t inglewood, "frozen. >> "raindropep fallinon my ad."
9:50 am
i ve no idea. kelly: so pass. pass. lori:titanic. "mye wi g on." michael:ea. [laughter] loumm, i c'think o it. go ahead. [laughte lori: i am so bad. kelly: is . [bl] lorigot four. i go four. [applause] i got four. kelly: all right. miael: well, lori -- y: it's not your fault. lori: i wanted actoran es miael:ou ge th warm teeth. our vocals are not opened up.
9:51 am
so catulations. l righverybody. stay rht there wel right back. [appla >> i y'deo knowore abouanytng you see on our
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am [applause] michael: welcome back, y guys. wh dyou have over there? kelly: donna jon froron, ohio, says my son has a barode with his social security numbe tattooed on his back.
9:55 am
they cld iify his body if neceary, bm-dum. michael: but your social secuty number, wow. kelly: gelman thought that was funny. michl: yh. gus you got to scialo get that number because youot undressed. kelly: i have i have a dream chael: char said my husband, ted, is a thirdenn barber. she's beenbering over 40 years. michael is right. if youeed tonow anythino into localarrshop. men are bigr i than wome kell thais so ue. michael: o n believe me. no ppla key: yes. yes. 100% true. miaell do repeat
9:57 am
lly: ginfer goodwi >>nnounc: "ties ve right now. rump hshe jackpot in vegas. ho is winning nevada could clinch the nomination and w hi vicry sech ft some peoplepeechless. plus tom selleckn being and butting heads with whoopi on "blue bloods." and all ow long we have the mother of all surprises, don't miss a minute of i it alltarts now o "the view"
9:58 am
johar, candacamerore, raven-mo,and paula faris. now,'s get things started. [ cheers and applause ] >> hell heo, hello and welcome to "the view," y'all. welce to "the view." so "a's" sara haiss back athe table. wait mine, hold ,ol
9:59 am
are my eyes deceiving mer is eryone ihiauce nt >>hey ar chee and applause ] >> tt's becau we're throwing a baby shower for sara haines! [ cheers and alause ] >> i love it. >> we wte to let you know if anyo ithe audience stas to crown or your water breaks we vere weot emts allver the joint, so we it all ge [ cheers a alause ] thatnclus u, ra, if you have your baby toy, you're cored. >> ts s - >> isn'this cute? >> >> all the food. >>has right. soe' ano surpse. de a entertainment expert francesco bilotto has b redegning new apartment in brooklyn for weeks.
10:00 am
and we ha -- we got h live. got him live from your ac frcesco. >> hlo. >> hi,y. >> is that your apartment, ra? >> hello. >> your work is almost de except for the nursery, s how does sa feel about at what sec do you have for her? >> he'ovingy cheese. >> well, sara, hello! i'm in your aparent, ashe said, we have a big surpre for you. by the end of this show i'm goin thave your nursery completed for you. i got max in there woing. we got aot to do in, gosh, 52 minus, so i got to hat's right. well youonlyave about 50 nutes lef reallet that nursercoted, so y betr t your bind to work. we'le you in ait. [ cheers and applause ] >> we need some eene oopi think weeedome kleenex for this one. >> my nose,'m crying. >> i j want to say how beautifueverything looks today.


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