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tv   News 5 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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newschannel 13 dana molina is li outde the courouseith more. good morning dana. good morning dana and jon. we expect a jue to make that decision re in court later today. that same judge... judge gilbert martin .oed dr be mently aluated la december. ...aer a ries of outbsts duri his fir court aparance. at the time...dear sa he wod not operate with the aluations. but cot records showear s ketohe e nt health insti pue month for e evaluathis will be the fit ti happears in court sce then. and we expect to learn more about the outce at today's hearing. des acd of shooting and lling. u-c-c lice officer rrett veran ke'arre stewart...and jennifer rkovsky last nove. the aring is scheled r one thirty here at the el paso unty courthse we will ve a cridth courtrm th afoon,nd brg you e oue in our lar newssts. reporting ve... in colora springs, dana
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a jury has found nel lane guilty of attempted murder... after she cut born baby from mothe womb last year. jurs found her guty on l charges. prosecutors say lane lured michelle wilkins to her longmont ho with a craigslist ad for baby and maternity clothes last arthentaeder. wilkins sp r the rdict me wn"i may never get anre answers heri may never get an explanation from r and i've come to diover that i really don't want anything from her. what i do want to express is my frusation and anger at the callousnesof her actions" lane is scheduled toe sentenced in april. shis facing between 16 and one-hured-20 years in prison. colorado ste officials
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pueblo pgram thats helping survivorof huma trafficking cts. the el pueblo treaent center says 12 girls ha been tots adescent eaent er sin ptember. there three rls at eb rhtnow.who ar being rehabid r beg lved in huma trafcking. rks at thay thals testruure and a safe environment. "so people out the know it exists, but there's a reluctance a to understand that it actually exists in their own community. t truth is, it happens everywhere so it apning in yo own backyard." the center says its had a variety of esses... somefter a few hours... and others after a few months. at least three le are dead in the gulf coats after a poweultorm moved through the region. o people killed in losiana ter a tornado touched down in -v park.thwind ao o ried toof f olds m prairievil. throof about quarter mile ay... the side wall of the gym now flat
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building. police in mississippi say at leone person was killed by the storm. investigators say e 73-year- old ctim died in a trler... several other people w also huras well. a too also left several people hurt in peacola florida.... the nd brought down utility poles and turn over several cars forecasters y that as as 2milln- peoplecross the southeast were in the path of yesterday's storms. an more seve ather may be ming later today as well. prident obama's proposalor closing th gutanamo b detention center i generang a lot of controversy... the president's plan is to transfer the remainin91 detainees from cuba to their ho countries ... or to american prisons. the federal supermaxn florce andhe ste fality east ocano tys on the list of 13 potentia sites for th detainees. that fact isn' siing well wh the emont countyheri. group of fellow sheriffswe d
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prident and ste our opposition to g terrorts t u.s. soi and i'still opposed to it. the esident's plans drawing strong reaction fr eleed representatives in colorado. foresponses t president, go to our website the votear in ... and donald trump one step closer to the g-o-p nominationor present. while trps democratic rivals are hoping for a super tuesday coback next ek... their opponents acrosshe aisle coting voters in the south... abc's keeth moton shows us who they're focusi on the south rolina primary is morning dold donald trp?on a wiing stak afr another decisive ctory?this tim nevada. sot donald trump we love nevada, we le vada ve f trp but at anr at ington andstroe for an outsider ve top frontrunner aneasy vicry over s rils. sot trump ofourse youisten to the punditwe werepected to win toouch
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winning, winning thcotry. it's aht for condeten republic establishment favorite marco rubio and iowa caucus winner ted cruz.sot ted cruz the only mpaign that can beat donal tris thi mpaign. n carson and john kasich weree bottom of the pack. eye vowed arch on to per ..the demoatare also focus tuesday bufirst uth carolina. sot llar clinton "why is the one standa fore d not for everybody else?" hilly ton fired upuring a cnn town hall after a federal judge ruled the rmer secretary of state'sop aides should testify over her use of private email. but ahead of the democratic primary in the palmetto state, the focus was on african- americans who make up half of must susta and strengthenhe historally black colleg and universies sot clintocism ton racism along with econom ises educatnal aressed. inn s calinaod, missouri. republicanar taking part in votesuit hosted by trp's fox news nemesis megyn kelly?trump declined the inviteiting a scheduling conflict kennet moton, abc ne wagton.
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rescue teams in nepal have found the wreckage of a plane that went down in the himaas... l to come... wee findg out maeowe oboard en it nt down... what witnesses say th saw just before the crusthe c-c says several new cases of the zikairus may be inditing a n way for the virus to sprd. we're lookg ahd to quiet
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toy: it'going be cer y, with moreunshine and lighter winds. highs will wath 40s and 50s for mo. it is expected to ay dry, which wil ke for much eaertes n do! e rern more spring-like weather. a weak cold front will through late today, this will dro temperatures slightly on thursday...but no rain or snow expected to accoany this
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cooler on thursday than it will be on wednesday, b temperatures are expectedo warm back up through saturday. sunday will be cler with our next storm systemecd aive te nd. it ithe nday em that will inback the chance for showers, with the potential for showers expected tst into tuesday -lib wrap with abby on t a judge has decided agnst johnsoand son... and now they're facing millis of dollars in penalties. stilead... the reason why one missouri family filed a lawsuit against the mpany.... and... consumer rts ha released their list of thbest new cars.. we'll show what the top rateanis ead in america's
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thanks for joining us on good morning colorado. here a look atas you wake up is morning. a ssouri dge is ordering johnson and johnson to pay millions of dollars in damages in a lawsuit over its talcum powder. the su was filed by the family of a woman who ed of ovarian nc..who were asking for 72-milliondoars in damages. family members of jackie fosa that her cancer was caused b johnson d johnson's product. plaintiffs argued that the company was aware of the danger... and neected to address the problems with the product. johnson and johnson is appealing the ruling. experts are say the housg rket is startingo ow signs of fe... and... lego feringome
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theilatest set. abc's rea ninan ankendis gibson have a sneak ak in america'money. go morning. toppin "ameca's money"... good news about hoing. ho pris were up almost fiv and- a-half percent in december stest pacen a - a- lf perts say prices s have rm to rise, because supp iso low. a pshe n consumer res annual rankin of be new ca.
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suba, che d m- top-nk stic brd buicnu ven. umer report coiderpeormanc e and reliability while comping s annual list. and finally, some notablnew gures lego's new ity t". mom ldina baby bottle, but drsed e office. a bearded dad is the one pushing a roller. and on the right, a boy in a wheehair. lego cls them "an attempt to stay itune with the world around us." and that's america's ney. have
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today: is gog tomuch nicer day, with mo sunin and lighte winds. highs wil warm into the 40s and 50s for most. is expeed to stay dry, which will make for much eaer commus in souern colorado the tu of mo spring-like weher. a weak cold front will move thrgh late tay, this will drop temperatures slightly on thursday...but no rain snow is expected to accompany is front. exten it will be slightly cooler on thursday thait will bon wednesda but temperatures are expect to warm back up
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saturday nday will be cloudier with our next storm system expected torrive late monday. is the monday system that wi bring back t chance for shows, with the potential for showers pected to last into tsday.
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w,et's check r mmute.
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your timesaver traffic. ad-lib tffic the c-d-c sa vestigator are looking into mo than a dozen new ports ofhe zikairus..e agen says that severa t 1 cases involve pregnant women... and tt the reports apar to inte that the disease may be le tspread through x. however, the c-c says the mostikely way to becom infected is rough ites aseen nfirmed in 23 u-s states and thstrict of columbia. healthnition
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arch and rescue teams in nepasay they've located the wreckage of a small plane that we missing. as many 21 people were on board the plane at the te ... all whom are believ to bede. e anwas heed ta popular hiki wn in thhimalayas... butstonctwith t apo after gh mis. wiesse repoed seeg flaming from the plane as it we down. the cause of the crash s yet to be determined. in issii say atleast one person was killed aft a round of severe weather. investigators say thr- old ct d a ailer dung the storm. several other people we also hurt. investigators are releg video that shows the man accud of going on a shooting rampage in michigan... we're finding out whathat video shows ... ahead in our ne half hour... plus... the 17- yeld accuseof killing a mesa coty dep was in courthis week.. we'll ow you at his torneyare hopingo compli le
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rado it's 6-, wednesday februa 2h. i'm jon rroll. d i'm na clemens. new sueillance video is showing what happened just hours before jason dalton... the kao gunman ... opened fire. the images show dalton inside a g shop..wherthe ste owne says dton boht a
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less tn e s ter e first ooppen the uber driver h been appointed a blic defender. de have identie thman who was killeda short chasafter policefficer was woded. the er medical exin ys 33-ye gerando gonzalez was shot and kille after and her ma tried to drive away from the sce an mpted bulary the e,ff chid whit inhe leg. shwated t spitalter-d withing a mesa coun sheff'sdety is aski not to be ied as an adt. austin hzer peared in court his chars were read. he was orinally chargeas a ni eliis m..but haaiey nttry m as auleyy the hope that the jge will keep e ca out of adult cot. weather now, you'll want to grab aacket before heading out the door this morng... it's a very chilly srt to the day. 's a le
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fromur neigod wehe twork me at. stortrac 13 abbone is live in e atr acco mp ad-lib toss to abby... atr on 1s toda is goin to be a much niday, wh more sunsh anlighter nds. highs will want 40s and 50fo st. it is expect to stay dry, wch wl ke for much easier comtes in southern corado! enjoy the return of more spring-like weather. a weak cold front will mo through late todaythis will drop temperatures slightly on thursday...but no raior snow is expted to accompany th front. extend: it will be slightly cooler o thursdayhait will bon wednesday, but tempaturesre excted t warm back up through sarday. sunday wl be ouer with ou nextrm system expected to arrivte monday imondaystem that ll bring back the chance for showers, with thpotential for shows expect to last
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we're only few days away from leaing who will be ng home an oscar ... t don't expect to get any sneak peeks beforeunday's academy awards... we'll explain
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corado. re a loo you wake uthis morning. many kids dream of coming a astronau but even space can get a little boso... one astronaut decided to have a ttle fun... american astronaumark key posted this video of someone in a gorilla it bursting outf a bag on the spe station... l to sre one ofw crew mbers. let's ke another look... th asonauts han't said
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tweeted quote "i thout you said you had ings under contro up the." and sa released anot incredible pto from spathis pictshs e of sa'sns. the pict was taken by t cassini space crt. each of the moonave uniquechs. cela -- is ase ase ate of al one of e brightest obct solasystem. mi calook la bull's. ys is small moon th a cold, airlesd heilscar . 62oons he en discovered in orbit arod saturn. in jusa fe days... the biest nit in hollood ll ben. the acad awards is this nday ...ight here on
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who will take home an oscar is underway of determini who wi take home an oscar is underway. and theris a lot of secury in place to op people from finding out who thbig winners arahead of time.. abc'brandi hit explainsust hoch crec sus the car te. form brandi hitt pk surs: brian cullin, pwc sorn california market naging partner mahauix brandi hitt, los anles nats -- 1 ey bestec keeps lld. marthauiz cullinane searry those mous briefcases again.ot -- he oscar goes to..." ar's oscar winners. sot -- martha ruiz, pwc tax partner brdi: "has there ever been a stake?" rthano - there hasn't." 2 for2 yes... price- waterhouse- cooprs oscar ballots. nats -- thisn par anne. soan cul c southern us. we t hav
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10 insi that "secret, uncisclosed location" . seri is ght. there'a ecialized alm system. biometric locks. d no iernet ce ... where a small team counts all 24 categoes -- by hand. sot martha ruiz, pwc tax partner "it's up tbrian ani to then consolate everything... make sure we're going through their piles... counting that... then recounting that. we wituff the envelope..ose .. seal it wihe red." 8 those 24 "winng" envelopes and duplicate set -- arthen ld in brieas like this o. both are lked in aaf.. until ossu wh ruiz and cullinan enter thsafeode... and he briease. each - thenraveling a erent e to the oscar red carpet ... escorted by l-a- p-d. sot -- brian cullinan, pwc soutrn cifornia aging ner "no matterhat ppen.. aleast one of us willet there.2 t bran hitt, abcews corrpot feel a ltle bit like 007?" martha: "a lit bit." lastea as a sof -- they even carri a third briease thatassed host- ne paicha. sta -- hand the peo e esr... secoforee announme t -- b culna c sohe lirn markema per andis het et t ep?"rian: "it's a biimrtse. e aly is... there's a cr we ep
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bran hitt ws- s gele d weilbe oadcastithe osrs he krdo channel 13is s stt five we're looking ahead to quieter d drier conditions! your forecast is coming up
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ining us on good morni. re loo you p is moin da ito be a ch cer day, w re sunshine anlir wis. h will wa into the 40s and 50fo most. it is expected to aydry, whi will ma fh siommute in southern lorado! y the turnf more spring-like weather. a weak coldront will move tough late today, this will drop temperatures slightly on thursd.but ain or snow expected to accoany this on extended: it will belightl cooler on ursday than it wille on wednday,ut mperur areexpected to warm bacup through sarday. sund will be cloudier with our next storm system expected arrive late moay. it is the monday syemhat will bring ck the chance f showers, wh thpontial for showers
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into tuesday. -lib wrap with abby on t the accused of openfi insi colora ing fi side a colorado spriplned parentod wil ben urt today. abby on set showers excted to last into tuesday. adib wrap th abby on se e man
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opening fi inside a colorado springs and renthood wil be in cour day. wh today hearing could me fhe iaof robert dear. plncealed carry permits could be goi
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we'll have the details on the new bill in your capil report here's a live look outside...
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th f ing us o go morng lora. re a lk as you ke u mo ths do newschanne13 wer block... 13inutes non-op news and wer... e man cused of killing three people in a planned renthood clinic last nomber wbe inourt today. robert dear is heduled to appear ifront of audge ts afternoon for a reew hearing it cou b cid whher 's compent engh to stand ia krdo nechannel 13 dana mola is li outsi the courthse with mo. goorni . good morning dana and jon. we expect a judge to make thatecision re in court later today. that same girtin .orded dea bntally aluad december. this...after a riesf tbursts ngis fir urt pearance. at the time...dear said he would
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with evaluations. and i't going to gto an aluaon..i can't lk like the batman g. t urt records de wasak the state mealealt stut puloast mothe alua. wille e t me he appears ou sce th. anwe ct tlear outodaaring. thhearing is scheduled r ir h t eso coun courthouse. we will have crew inside the couroom this afternoon, a bring you the ouome in our later casts. reportin live... in colora springs, dana moli, krdo newschannel. th who cut an unbo b from a motr's womb is now waiting to hea her sentce a jury convicted nel lane of attempted murder. they found her guty on all chargeshe was facing. lane lured michelle wilkins to her lgmt ho with craigslist ad for
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othes last year, en taed her. wilks oke r the verdict camewneste "i m never get anreal answers om her. i may ner get an explanation from her d i've come to discover that i really do want athing from her. what i want to express is my frustration and ger at the callousness her actions" lanel be ced in april. she ces to 120 yearin ison. ma oj ra ngs rescue missn are underway... d center s it will be a game changer r e ci annocethat toward the once the project is 60-bed seasona beme a 150-bed, year-round lity. the upgrade include laundry facilies a large kihen...but
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pressionals on help the mess get off e stetr good "the need is increasing, an the resoces currently avlable are limited." "a place to sleep, a shower, a she... simple things like that make a fference on looking for work." project organizers say cotruction is ed t begin the next few months. if you'd like to common the oject, or have any questions, a meing is duled march 15th at o'cloc. at city hall the wier storm came went ju like at. but it defitely left its mark in southern colorado. especially in tellerounty, which ok an escially icy hit. woodnd park ancrystola got nearly a half-foot of snow yesterday morning. one peon even called us ying thego teines e avy sn w te care oqukl onaj hiysbut,s peusual, linged on the side streets. :456 "u st havtow do a behave. i love colorado...this
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while you can." even t l elevations got f to a rou start, seeina loof aidents. luckily there were no reports of injurs. but it's a much different day today - no snow inhe forecast. stl pectchilly temperatur a yore heading out e or this mning. here aiv look oside from ourweather networcamera at . stortracke 13 abbone is ve in th weher ceer now trking a little more sunshine today. ad-lib abby... at 1s toy:t's g muchnir day, with mo ssh nds. highs will warmnto the 40d 50s for most. it is expected to stay dry, which wil oruch easierommus in soun colorado! eny
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weather. weak ldrontill thr tay, is will drop temperatures sligly on thursd.but no rain or snow is expected to company this front. extended: it will slightly cooler on thursdayhan it will be on wednesday, but temperures are excted t warm back up through sarday. nday will be cloudier with our next storm system expted torrive te mond. it ie mond stemt will bring back t ance for ers, with the potentl for show expeed to la inuesd. ad-lrawith abbyt no let's chk onour commute. check you mmute. pa r isat krdo wsrao yoimeser traffic.
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well-known prst a pro life activist in southe colorado has ssedwa faill caer past of saint doc thol urch in security.... rmodwas most well known wo. he led the "respect lif and "pject rael ministries" in the area, and ofn spoke for his beliefs at the capil. vil rvicfor m rch fourtht seven. and a mass... march fifth at ten a-m. both wl take place ataint cs. a mmithi
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thldo onir. wants to make suret's predor future storms. the matou springs ood recovery tm is talking about projects like the stream bed restoration in a nearby gch. thid imake sure the city isn't vulnerableit was the er20. our goal is to veryg safe, th community safe. hatever n o ep it moving smohl d thflood waterss in the channels awe can - that what we'rtrying t do. high water through williams canyon remains a concern... which is why team members are focusing on building creek walls. thfate of cannabis clubsn colodo springs is stillup ithe aithis morning... last nht. tyouncileld a wn hl meto hear fr t pub proposn thubs. zens o people swed up in support of them. one cannabis club owner eve helped oanize a march to the steps of city hall. 0215 hope an ope their eyes atle
6:52 am
are d ves a little leeway caabis c e a gy area .... member pay afee ... and e club giv tm pot. a few pele coerns about the businesses. 15 there i a imal element to rianus orad it's bng explted.counciis exctedo make a disio on the ban on rch 8. a w ll ulend colorado's conclecarry rictiothe new ll uld end e edert for carr concle handgun. itassed the statsenate on a partne ve yesterday. republican sponsor senator tim neville calls permit unnecessary burdn opin ircoenght aunedo in at lled hous a fedel appealurt haupheld a colorado law requing online retaers to warn customers abouhow much they owe in state sas taxe
6:53 am
lan't scrinate ains interstate er so far... the re mkeng assoation whh chaled the ap to the e ng regnitde or r st ca s.e supre cour baed sfr eor retailfrom ecng state taxes if they don't have physical esce in th state. e univty tennessee is ng tha name be ken t of a a tit ne lawsuit against the college. thschool filed a motion to erase an mention of manning's name fromhe lawit at accuseshe scolf mi hang sexual asul laintsai hletes. the lawsuit s filebyix tified n, a focuses on fe cases from0-13 to 20-15, but also refences show soo s a historof misconduct. donald tru
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nominaon.. trumscored vote. marcrubio camen nd plac with 23- perct. and ted cruz came in third th 21-percent... you n find the mpte relts on our website do dot com. less than a arrayi for support. last night, re tone- hundpeople cameut for a caucus meeting in corado spri the sanders more than five- ousand doors in the sprin stat, he's iden together theiver win e democratic mination? 150 people w ed up together, 'l voters caucus next tue. opivg ast are cleaning up this
6:55 am
tornad were rtedn th regi. thople e ad after the storms ripped throu the gulf cst. a maive funnel formed over pensacola florida.. shortly before leaving two mileh of destruction. anpartment complex s leveleby the isr. inai jes pari, uisia twope kied and dozens injured as tornadestyed an- v-k. near, another twister came roaring to a g fled th pple -- and rippedhe ll thsidee ildi. scg ybody get do, everybody getakever." near new lean..e water outs skippeacro ala another person was lled bthe orm miissippi. as many as 20- million-people acss the southeast were in the path of yesterday's stms... and re severe ather be cong ler today as well. now, here's a lookt what's ahead good rning america. 's what' cong up on od morni america.
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w you wakep colodo.. waynse this shot ofhe comip ovocky ford. d want toee yke corado. send your ures twake up colado at kr dot c... you can also eet th to us posth to our facebook ge at do newschnel 13. be sure to use the hashtag
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>>good morning, amica. breaking overnight, do trump's huge winnevada. >> now we're winningwinning, winning the cotry. record turnout. trump relishehis victory. we wowith pooy ucated. i love the poorly educated. >> marco rubio second d less than a week om the ser tuesday shdown, donald trump and marco rubio are herehis rng. >> oh, my goodness. holy cow. dely storms tear thrgh the south. 27 reported tornadoes across t stariing s ofbuding desoyinndre of hom, flpingver ucks. now new warnings are o thi morning as severe storms move east.
6:58 am
in court, the rerter and "dancing with the ars" favoriteakes on a tel ana stalr with $75 million lawsuit ov iasion of privacy. did the hotel make it too easy for her stalketo spy on her? >> celine dion's triumphan return, the superstar sing proving her heart will gon taking the colism stage in las gas for the t time sin r beved huand passedway. her powerful tribute this morning. ohthat was wderful to see celine back on the stage last night. good morning, america. two big sties to get to, the big n for ld a ossetos,amovni>>t de, tornoein gf asstatesd show you where there ing today. >>t the race forhi house. it's "your voiceyour vote" and
6:59 am
trump. more than 20ointictory in vada last night. trump has woin theast, the south and now the west and join us le a ment. runner-up marcrubio here too firsthe latestneda fr abc'som llain las vegaood rng, t. >> reporter: good moing. in vegas they sayhe tre is your frnd. rightow the tre isavoring donald trump 3-3n the priry cander and winning big last nit. more than of ca-grs ose trump. he won by a h margin tte was alrey on the vicry stage hoefore they could figure out second or third ple. >> thank. >>eporter: this rning, donald tmp wning t nada cauces and heading into sur tuesdawith reamentum. >> wwon the angecals. we won wityoung. we won wh old. we won with highly educate
7:00 am
i love the poorly educated. >> reporter: trump rallying his supporters late into theight. >>rab, gb, grab. you ow, i get greedy nt m, ney. tell you whate' gng do,ight.we get gedight now we're going greed for the united states. we'rgointorab and gr and grab >> reporte overnight senator cruz thanking his supporters. >> is that the only campaign that has beatedonald trump and the onlyampaign that can beat na trump is this campaign. >> reporterumpakg s final shots before the caucuses at senator cruz. >> he's like a baby compared to some of the people i have to -- he is like a little baby.ftweak little baby arisonut for l he ever seen.he'she bes >> reporri back. alday tuesday makingase it'snclear what trump even stands for. >> and, frankly, i'm n willing


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