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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 24, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MST

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ea. >> and taking a look at the rar, tornado watch inffect in georgia and florida overnight. dangerouconditions from the deep sou up the east coast. covera continu with accuweather's paul williams. morning, paul.>> good morng, ken dishgs reena. same deadly storm that causedavoc throughout the deep south, that same system isow going shift towards the east affectinthe folks as far north as d.c., richmd, and as far south as jacksonville down to tampa wit damingwinds. chces o tordo as well as damaging hail. and u ha to keep imind why. this front's going to cut underneath all this rm air and cause thstorms tfire off.kendis, reena. ll, turning politics, anotr sweeping victory for donaldru. >> tru won the nevada cauces byhat looks like his widest margin yet. made his victy speech
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tellin the kro he attracted vote across a b ectrum, winn ang engelicals and hispanics. >> marcoio takg seco ace. pickin nave sup the estlish. ted cruzinishing third, and ben carson, john kasich trailed in single digits. now all eyes aren super tuesday. >> as theotes are counted, let's get the latest from the lls right now in nevada. >>bc's lauren ly is live lasas this morning. lauren, now thatrumpas won, are we hearing anything from his chalngers? >> reporter: you know, reenand kendis, we absolutely are. we heard from tecruz a short me ago at his watch party. he mad the point that all of the ballots had not been counted yet, but heid conatulate donald trump on a go ening. he also the point that the first four primary states are meant to narrow the field. ying that that's exactly what they've done. he also saidhat hiory has shown thato one has won the mitionithoutinning one of the first three contests, ying only two candidas have done that, himself and donald
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he made the point th after the first foucoests, he is the only one, has the oy campaign th has or can beat donald ump. now, we also heard from ben carson. he said that he believ that something -- or that ings are starting to happen he. when he tol that to supporters, heas justt of thcaucus vote >> oka laen we're learning a lot from the entrance p for the voters that wergog into the causes in neva. what are we getting out of those? >> reporter: yeah, kendis. entranceoll data showing these p causes were markedy ne his inesirfor outside candidate. onvoters andlso ew ghand voteanr. and both of the trends among voters helped vault donald trump to victory. now, we also saw the support of evangelicals and hispanics thrown behind donald trump.
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evangelicals in iowa los o among them here in nevada to dona tmp. anthen also ld trump ng tt st sng wh hispicbisi t there. >> who wou have thought th two hispanic candis woul lose to donald trumphuh? >> exactly. by aig margin. bc's llyster le in las ve thk you at report. tay whbc news as the votes come in from neva. we'll keep yp to date all rning long and have moreive reports on "americthis morning." the docrats are on the other de of e country making their case in south carolina. hillary clinton and bernie sanders peared at a town hall last night, thaking pitch for the african-american vote. sanders omis a hike in funding for historically black colleges, whi clinton tald about racialarriers d police shootings. e soook questions about the-mail scandal and benghi. >> i testified forhours on thbenghazi committee. you know, peop were really,
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goodness. i to t tru. here have tned over 55,0 pageof e-m. body in y cabineposition s ever been transparent or open >> i like her d i respect her. this is not so kind of personity fight ortuff like that. we're not republicans, after all. >> sande called on clinton to rease transcripts of her paid wall street speeches. she says thathe'll only do it if thecandidates, inudin the repuics, agree to release theirss well. w is morning, the late justice antonin alia suffered severamajor health problems according tohe supre court doctor in a just-released letter, the doctor ss scalia was overweight, diabetic and h coronary aery sease, amo otheents. he waslso oker. meanwhile, senate republicans haveul out taking any action on his replacement until the next president nominates somee. resident obama's plan to close the prison camp at gone tanotic bay, cuba, is facing stiff oppositionro republicans coness.
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aspects of tlan would be the transfer of me d to facies here in t unitestates ch movurrently ain u.s. law, but the white house has not ruled o the president taking executive actioto go around congress. a jury says johnson & johnson must pay2 milli for a womas death from ovari cancer the alama womaamed her illness onears of using the company's by powder and shower to shower product. hnson &oh fe huned lawsuits ying failed to warn csumers t talc-based productsould cause cance the alabama woman died lt ll. repoed cas osexually transmitted zika virusn the united states. l the cases involve men who d areas wi zika their female sex partners. according to the c, suggests that sexual transion is more likely than previously thought. but there's encouraging news about the zika virus two houston hospitals have developed a rad st fort
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just a matter of hours. however, initially theest will onlye available in those two facilities. xas chilen's hostaand houstomethodis e hospitals don't want to be overwhelmed with requests for testing. > the cdc announced ey've expanded travel warnings to trinidad, togo, and the marshall islands. if you're planning a vacn, keep an eye on those pces. >> well, one young mhe in northern california is spreading her ssag abo the benefs of physical fit iocence one bott ofine at a me. my kindf won. >> yes. >>24-year-d april story's so-called wine workou video has gone viral. >> we see her lig wine bottles and doing pu-ups. while taking a sip of ne. stor says she did theideo just to b funny,ut she's happy to reach such wide audience. >> what i want to show people withy videos is fitness is sothg youan dovery day,
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n use anything. >> we should be clear, storey has posted dozens non-alcohol related videos, but she says simple everyday meworkts can help just about anne. >> look at that. >> tryg to doing this all day long. show you the gun show. >> i'm not so suret'going to work for you. you ank all the stuff inside. it's an empty bott. i'm not sure the workouts going to work foyou. >> drank it like two hours ago. >> things you have to do to deal th me at this hour. >> tell me. this is the least t. i likeit . loing od. coming up in the skinny, major casting news from hollyw who' taking patrick swaysy's ro in the "dirnging" remake? also ahd, t danci wit thetars contestant and sportsster ithe middle of a gal drama. thse iolvingalle ker d a bitel. the scare outside a skyscraper windo the scaffolding crew in trbl on the 62nd floor. why one worker said a rescue w
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r naral looking coloras real as you are. sh wld y roots thh-up that is de thatnitely not best place to t stuck. two workers stranded 62 floors above midtn manhattan. theyere placing glass nels on t buildinwhen thether tued rou. and ey decid to call it quits, but scaffd wastucin e. e guoperating it says that he had it working again before firefighters cut o a window to ue the wkers. >> there was no need for the fire department at all. this was overdone. >> they were fine. they're fine. no pic.
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they have their all their ceificns >> just an average day at wo. firefighters say the two men wind and rain for about an hour before they were pled to saty. they alssay e workerwere lucky the scaffoldidn'tilt ile itas sckplace. >> i don't know wha would me me cry harder, beip that high oe ld wind and ra. >> i think if it came down, you uld be crying harder. well, we're going turn w tohe dma unfolding in a urtroom in nasille involving "dancing with the stars" favorite eriandrews. s's suingheational marrtt hot for $75 milon for bookinhestalker into the room next to hers, alling him to spy on her through peephole. here's abc ryan smith. >> reporter: eri andrews, who made a name for herself reporting fromhe sidenes, and now a hos on abc's "dancing with the stars," finds hse takingn a tenness marott and a stalker in a $75 million
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l me ity f the stalke videotape her in the nude. >>his is shumiliating to her, and it ntinues. >> reporter: her lawyers telling a nashville jury, michael vid barrett call t marriott of vanderbi univeity with a stnge request. >> i, michael barrett, want a om next to erin andrews. that'sy request. >> reporr: and the hotel did thing to prevent him from finding her room number and subsequently booked him in a room next door, where, accding to the lawsuit, heemed and alted e peephole of he room. >> he stands there for 4 1/2 minutes and videos her. >> reporter: barrett later poing the videonli. in2010 he pled guilty to stalking and was sentenced to 30 months in prison. buaccording to andrews, th incident caused her seve and peanent emotional distress. in court, the hotelawyers arguing barrt's criminal bevior w his responsibility, not theirs. >> hdeceived, he conved, he stalked. reporter: according to the
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expeed to testy, and the trl is eecd last nearly two weeks. ryan smith, abc news, new yo. >> thank u, ryan. and when we ce ba, mont. >> and wha 5 centoste linehas giving a judge second thougs aut his bankruptcy case. "t ski is next.[male narrator] wh amerins ver to serve their countr their country ises to take care of them en ty come home. afte26 yrs in the mitary, james mineffered a paralyzing injurthat changed noonly hisife, but his fe's. [jam miner's wife] my role as a care gir 's a 24 hour, 7 days aeek thers no bres. having a spinal cord iury is n like st hurt your back. everhing ia challeng ale rrator mple d-to-day ling requires enormouassistance spinal cord injured veterans are dependt upon the v-a for eir healthcareand fits. gettinthem can ban overwhelming process. paralyd veterans of america
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snny, s sy snn >>timeoworthskny." ppg our adlines this morning, cele dion big comeback. >> yeah, the five-timeammy winner made a triumphant return tohe stage last nighat the coliseum in las ves,er first concert sie the death of her husband rene last month. taed with a video montage of their moments tough the ars tohe curtains drawing back and her son"with one more lookt you. her voice breaking up at times during it, underanbly. after her rst number she ske to the audnce sharinwith howuch e misses him and still talks with him. >> i feel and i know hhears . one way or another, i know he wi give me a sign for his
3:17 am
and now can feel tha he's llin me to zip itnd srt singin >> oh suc a heavy hea but so much humor. and last night's opening event livestamed on to a worldwid audience. >> it was a great show. is the first half hour was broadcasd was reall touching. >>news about the upcoming tv remake of the 1987 claic "dirty danci." singer, dancer and actor cole prattwi be pling the ic re of johnny. >> he really needs to work out more. best known foris appearance in pi's video "try" showing off his performance skillsnd ura chised pque. >> the three-hour musical airing on a will also staabigail bresliasaby and deborah messing as babs mo. i cat waitor thi >>next w 50 ces
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apparently it's a tng for the rapper to photograph himself ong piles of cash. justt week, the judge said the 40-yeaold raer's instagram phot are raising dots about his aual need for bankruptcy protection. one of those photos actuay ed piles of ch to spe out the word "oke." >> n he's gone and done it again. posing in front of a walof cash that would make y dse bank jealous. how do we know this real cash? >>probably is. hey, the rapper filefo bankptcy lt yearft a judge ordered him p $7 million toavonia leviston er a sex tape lawsuit. he reportedly owes suntrust ba and sleek audio nearly $30 million. we'll see how it plays out. nd finally speakingf thumbing your nose to the judicial system, mexican drug lord joaquin "el chap guzman afely back behind rs
3:19 am
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this is max strength and fights mucus. that one dsn't. uh...think fast! you dropd something. oh...i'll put it back on thsh.. neex fast rad d gel thmax-st and fi mucus. stthe relief tch the misery. let's end th. i like beer it makes m aollyoo fellow i like be >> well kno. the man who really likes a certn brandf mexic beer is now finding himself inrt.
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dubbed mos iesting m he world is now being cled a adbeat. abs ck watt explains why. >>e can speak ench a ssian. he is the most interesting man in the world. rorter: but the mho has played hor ten years, jonathan goldsmith, now knee-deep in the most interesting legal battle >> ifer dos equis. >> rter: apparentl goldsmith'preference foros equis intoxicated him to believing he could ignore s omises reads a complnt filed by h manager who is claimi thivating chap owes him a cut of close to $2 million. in pure money. >> ion alwaydrink beer. >> reporte or apparent always pay that manager. he stopped in november 2014. >> hiswo cents is wort$37 and change. >> rorr: the st declaring there notng interesting out being deadat rers to goldith theeastonorable man inhe entertainment busine. >> the lastime he flirted with dang, danger got clingy.
3:24 am
counrsuehis manar. >> myclient, i haveo tell you, has been t biness ov 50 ars. 's an honorable man. he's never cheated anyone. >> reporter: goldsmith cims by dishing details and dollars inlvedis now ex-manageis jeopardizing this gig, and calls him a failed c-list actor, now a faed personal manager. stay thirsty, my friends. >> as one of the most teresting men in the world, he is a fighter news los angeles. >> i love the commercials, and apparently i just surved our control ro. nd they -- >>hey love it thacos a shot of tequila on the side. >> that's how you ink your beer. what would you drink with "world news now" beer? i like er >> that is my other part-time job after the show. >> a shot ofito's vodka. >> you know i love my tito's >> you ts, as well. that's a true picture of how a looks before she gets on air. >> yeah, bore okberfest, as well.
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goodorning. >>go morni i'm reninan. >> and i'm kendis bson. here's a lk at the top newefollthis rning on "world news now." winning streak 'shree in a row for donald trump. living up toxpecons in nevada. trump won the ucusesy a wide marg, prevailing over marco rubio andedcruz, ande' promising to score big again on super covage in a moment. erveeen at least a dozen tornadn the uth, part of the strong s system in the regn. the twisters caused deat in louisianand mississippi. severe thunderstorms will be a
3:28 am
ka virus in this country transmitthh seal contact from men w had avel ttheir female partners. anwhil houston doctors s they have deveped rapid ka and celine di mes a triumph antd return to thetage at the coliseum in las vegas. her first concert since the death of her husband. it was livestreamed before a worldwide audience. those are some of r top stors on this wednday, february 24th. announcer: abcews, thiss "world news now." >>i, everybody. as you know, donald trump has coined that term hu, an man, 't he live up to it st night? >> what a night. a lot of surprises in th entrance polls. weinto break it all down in jt. >> it was hant victory for dona trump in nevada. and tru handily won the nevada caucuses propling his mah to t republin nominaon.marco ruo d ted cruz trailing well behind after a
3:29 am
abc's laenyster joins ve frolas vegas. laur, good morning. >>orter: good morning, reena d kendis. enan poll results showing e gop caucuses he in nevad were marked byewighs i aesireor an outsir ndidatanin voter anger thosvoters helping vault donald trump to victory. gop ters lined up to caus heren nevada, choing who should repsent republins in the ceor predent. >>eason i'm voting for trp is he'really saying what everyone thinkg. >> there'snly one, trump, of course. >> we loveou, trump! >> reporter: abc news ojecting donald trump won the neva caucuses as expect. >> iyou listen to the pundit eren't eecd to win t much and nowe're winning, nning, winning t country. >> reporter: trump made s final push wh neda voters tuesday hurling insults atival tecruz. >> this y ted cruz is the
3:30 am
i meant. now i've met much tougher people than ted cruz. he's like a baby compared to some of theeoe i have he's like a little baby. >> reporter: and cruz responded. >> and, frany, not willing to gble daughtefuture with donald trump. >> reporter: cteing abc news he thinksmp's insults are a baroter w ratt the ont-runner is. cruz taking some jabs ofis own. the truth of the matt is, if donald became psident, nobodyws we hecke would do he doesn't know what theeck he would do. >> reporter: marco rubio escaped trump's attacks t launched a fehimself. >> i didn't just become a consertiveik year an half ago when i thght about running for president. repor barson a jn kach sll i the race, to desplow po numbers. just 30 delegates were at stake here in neva. ne, though, is super tues march 1st, 11tates voting and nearly 600 delegates up for grabs reena d kendis.
3:31 am
any voting trends that might have caught your eye last night from the entrance polls out there? >> reporter: some of the testing on have do with who else, donald tmp winning suppt among hispanics as good as marco rubiond ted cruz mbined. also, after ted cruz performed well, winning evcal supporin iowa, the one contest so far that he has w, donald trump w that evangelical suortere in nevada. >> it's stncredible. wh about trump's challengers? i've got to ask yobefore we let you go,lauren, are we hearg anything about the responding to the results there nevada?>> rorter: we haveea from d cruz at hiwahing party here in nevada. you kn, he did conatate donald trump on a good evening. he madthe point all the votes are ill beg counted and that he ithe only campaign at has shown that it can and has be nald ump, as ted cruz obviously won in the iowa caucuses earli. >> lauren, thank you smuch. w go bk to playinghose slot machines. abc's ur lyster live in
3:32 am
you to vegas? >> extly. and she's done worki. >> she's worked a long shift. >> can go party. as tmp looked to the next round of votes on super tuesday, he reminded ters he would build a wall at the xican boer and keeguantana bay open. >> for more abo what trump had to say, hers abc josh haskell. good morning, sh. >> rorteood morng, keis a reena. other state votg, anoth biwin for dold trump. re in nevada, ump won s third straht sta telling supporters at treasure island he won with old voters, young votersnd latinos. trump rastrong ang gelical voters delivering another ow tted cr. for voters w wd an tserandate wells it like it is, billioire businessman eventrge next u super tuesday, w less than a wkhen 12 states wi v >> we' had some greanumbers coming out of texas. and ing numbers coming out of tenneee and geoia and
3:33 am
d then in a cole of weeks later, florida. we love florida. 're gointo do very well in ohio we're beating the governor. that good. it's always ce to beeating the governor. >> reporter: as for second ace,bc news is pjecting a close race between marco rubio d ted cruz. kendis andeena. all rit, josh, thank you very much from nevada there. 're also watching the votes come in from the silver state. be sure to watch for our litical uptes the air, onli all morni long right here on abc news. the demoats are vying last-minut votes beftheir nextriry in soh caroli this satury. hillarclton and bernie saers took part in town hall last t, each trying reach o to the black community in a state where african-ericans ma up more than half of the democratic vo. >> we must sustain and strengthen the historically black lleges and universie >> rism along with economic
3:34 am
all e rest have toe addrsed. otherwise,ou know, we are ver going to be the nation we should be. >> sanders wafter inton over her wealthy donors anwall stet seche clinton said the real issue was hang the best plan to ack down on wall street. >> hillary clinton is also weighing in on the president's efforts tolose the pson at guantana bay, cuba. clinton says that the prison is a continuing recruitment advertisement for terroris and that presint obama is right try to close it. bureblicaninons t e it tway. here's a's jonarl. >>eporter: it holds oe rld's most notiousrrortsinuding 9/11 masternd khalisheikh mohammed, and abu zubaydah, once al qaeda's cef oopations. in releasing hn tolose guantanamo -- >> keeping this facility open is contrary tr values. it undmines our standing in the world. >> reporter: -- the president is trying to ep onef his first promisesa pridential candidate.
3:35 am
>> rorr:he white house plan is short onpecifics. of the 91 detainees, about 30 would be and tother countries. the rest broht to unspecified locations in the u.s. >> the yare . >> reporter: congress has already voted to fbid bringing detaineeto the u.s. t the white house didn't rule out the present acng on his own. a rlly simple questio if tho barriers remain in place, can you still close tt cility, yes or no? >>e are now asking for congre to give it fair conseration.and i'm not going to speculate at this point if congrs reses to do that. >> reporter: if the present tries to defy congress and cse guantanamo bayn own, througexecutive order, congressional republicans say they are preparetoight h inourt. in fact, they have already retainedounsel thelp make the case. jonaan karl, abc news,he ite house. this morning the kennedy cousin once convicted of murderinhis 15-year-old neighbor is back iurt. prosecutors are trying to restate the conviction of miael skakel for the 1974
3:36 am
he was fou guilty of murderingmartha moxyack in 2002 but was granted a netrial in013. he's been free on bond ever since. and johnson & johnson has en hit with a major palty in the fir of what may be a string of lawsuits over talcum powder. a jury has ordered the cpany to pay $72illion the family of an ama woman w blamed her ovarian cance on the talc produc. she said she usejohnson & johnson babyowdeand ower swer for 35 years. she died lasoctober. several top fires of a polygamist sect in utah will make court appearanc tayo face fra and moneyaundering arges. theyere ken into custo erday theirompound ong theh/arizona rder. among those arrested were two brothers of st lear warren jeffs who i prison for chi xualassault. ferators say the ects tried to defrd a od stamp program and t proceeds. > and this 37-year-oldother
3:37 am
charges. veronica paderez is listed as esident of thechool's pta, now accuseof stealing $52,000 om the gup and 26 grand from the litt league. her husband ys it's all misuerstanding and that the charges would be straitened out soon. >>omf the ar. okay. here's a great littl girl who's just looking for a couple of other girls to compete against her. oh! anshe's 9-year-old jesselyn silva of hackensack, new jersey. she's beoxg for two years ready. >> float like a buttfly, sting like a bee. silva's already won a coup of tournaments and e's inhe ring working with a trainer. the probleishe can'tind ma girls, or evenoy th maer, to box ag >>he sayshe vexing beusu can hit people without getting trouble. look at that. i'm scared. hegrdmother isn't a big fan. dad calls her old faioned.
3:38 am
>> exactly. >> lk that. she's got a niceite ok. look at that >> she can takout ronda rousey. >> she's got something going there. >> yep. >oming up, speaking o boxi,ylvester stalle's big oscar wish. can he winhe award he di't get back in 1977? nd alsahead, t controvey surrounding pn manng and the sexual assau allegatis at t university of tennese. the coaches speakingut. an using dnes torack down poachers hunting endangered ans. j. holmes is in africao show us the hi-tech fit. first, t forecast map and the storm warnings anghe eastoast. wa yourki, war you neighbors, kanye west is tweetingga. >>nnouncer: "world news n" weather brought tyou by mega red their grades and their communies. service arni makes school excinbynectin classroom wi community service projects.
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she died wheshwas only 56, sos is persol. and hopefully my heartbreak is your wake-up call. coloal cancer is the secondeading cancer killer. but yocapreven this disea. screening finds precancerous polyps so they can be removed before they turn into cancer. i've been screened. if you think that you're at an incrserisk like i am, k ur doctor when to start screing. d if'r50ol sned. do ag he myother here. plea do can to stay around for yourself and for your fam screening saves lives. coer at a major university oan outk of the mump india unsitys offering free vaccines to students, concerns at a major university over an outbreak of
3:42 am
indiana universi is ring free vaccines students, faculty and staff after a fifth case of mumps confirmed on its bloomiton campus. whilst recover cpletely fromhe mumps, complications can include deafness and even death. another university is scrambling toontainn outbak of a dierent sport. >> the coachf eversports program at the univey of tennese are joing forces to defend their sool's reputation amid a sexl harassmeawsuit that's linked to star quarterback peyton manning. here's abc's baz a kanani. >> reporter: a united front at the universi otennessee. >> i couldn't be mor proud to be part of a culture here at tese that is truly nnted and bonded. >> reporter: 16 head coaches coming forward togetr to fend their school's reputation against allegations of sexl rassment made a lawsuit swping national headlines. >> to think that the univeity is not tating women falys totay not true. >> reporte at least six women disagree. they'rsuing e univerty claiming it createa hostile
3:43 am
male athletes by actg with deliberate indifference in its response to incidents of sexual assault. e it focuses on five recent cases. but one paragraph the 64-page complat refers to a 20-year-old allegation against super bowl champion quarrbk peyton manng. backn 1996, a ma trainer at the schooaccused manning of sexuly assaulting her by putting hisenitals in her fe while she examined him. a claim manni gning vehemently deniesthgh he did settle out of court. >>t's involvg one ofhe great heros in ourulture in sports. it's atory increbly poteialldamang to peyton mag. >> rorter: the unersity's cohes are concerned about the damage t lawsuit could meato their current athletes. >> i tnk it'unfair that a lot these individuals that
3:44 am
never touched drop of alcohol. reporter: zikanani, abc news, washington. >>nd butch jon, the head coach there,ays it's being ed, e lawsuits bei used against them for recruitin purposes. it affects lot of women comi forward. a case like this can he su big repercussions across the couny at l lel. >> and ramificions f the university. manning wrote about the incident in his book, says heimply was caug mning anherteand sa it harmless. >> she had a different side of the ory. >> absolutely. coming up, rhinos under reat in the wilds of africa. >> their biggest predator humans poachinghem for their highly cod rns. now how authorities are fighting back using drones. that's next. kathy sat with frustration, g for a wa to make diffen kath i want to hp people, i wanto make a diffence. i want tget thgs done. th she saw something could i be hero? she d topply i shou give this a try.
3:45 am
m americorps member n. service gea i look sharp... ay she wento tinin there sht people ared her passion, people who wanted toake chan people who joined americorps all these people are heroes too. m off to serve. they servethe commun ey pnt houses. thade fries. they prepared for disaer. they servepeople in ed. they cleaned beaches. theyelped wildfe. together ty served. gether themade a difference. gether they eroes. in americos, you can be a hero to
3:46 am
tt4 bt@qoptt4 "a@qx tt2watu# s4 bm@qtwt tt4watu# s4 " dztq 0 t 4watu# s4 " entq 4 tt4watu# s4 gzy#l tt4watu# s4 " t&i- tt4watu# s4 " iz#dx tt4watu# s4 " jntq atu#" lzt& )yd in south africa,hinos ve been hunted for eons. but over the past ten years, the kiings have reached a crisis level, skycketing bnearly 5,000% >> now cservationis think th've finally for silv bt. oufrie.j. holm h the story fromouth afra. reporter: i'm on patrol wit ngs at theldt me reservinfra. armed poacrs come afr a rhinevy night on tse grous. butonihegersave
3:47 am
this is the last attempt to combathe kling orhin in south rica. the ojecis called ai shep, dron with in cas tr the airnden back images in rea time to a mobile command center where a team monits them. looklosely. those whitets, that's me and the rangers onatl. but if a poacher ispted, the dronteam c tell the s where intercept soutafrica is home to er 80% of the world's rhino populatn. but they're fang extinction in the wildse of eir highly covetehorns. the high demand comes from asia where the hornare lieved t haedicin powers. thisan says 's hrdrom iends that it can diseases. mixes ue hornnd puts in a d >> there is no scitific proof that rhino horn has any medicinal benefits. but ople firmly believe that rhino hos have the attribeshat it's said have. yoknow, it's theamas
3:48 am
doesn't exist. >> repte rhino poaching has reachedunprecedend levels in south ca. ten years ago, 25 were poached. the number last year, 1175. i met with a forpoacher who asked usot to show his face. through a tranator he says he's killed at least 50 rhin and says he did it to or his family. did you evefeel bad for what you were doi, r killg these animals? he says at times i wou feel sorry for the animal but i had to dwhat hi to do. park rangers say trying save the rhino from poachers is like fighting a war. >> somwoulsay they're getting close to wing the rhino ofe plan. anyou all are fighng tha bale right now. >> we're trying because it's very b. >> rorter: but f now, the war ntinues to saveome of africa most majestic creares.
3:49 am
i should point out ibelize where i'm from, the nservaon groups there are using it to protect, to monit the brier reef which is the second larges in the world from illegal fishing. >> there using lot of technology. theld wildlife fund also beingfunded by ggleo help use te ofy. oo doo doo doo doo doo doo o doo doo green, een green it's yo home, it'sr dream adon t,keept hethy and n me it green, green, green making it een is makg sure e air in your home is healthy forour faly to breathe. make sure you test your home for the esence oran. it's easy. to learn me, cal prerve yr family's health a well-being. get your home tested. w,hat's ling healy and green.
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ask yo dr wh tstsc d y're 50 or de ea g screened. i'do anythg to have my motr here. pleasel you can totay around foyourself and for your fy. screening saves lives. soover the course of 46 years, sylvester stallone has pear and starr, get this, in more th 50 movies. can you beeve that mostously, of course, e rocky and rambo franchises. >> so far,however, he's rked oyhree acade award nominations, but could ts be the year he finally takes home the golden trophy? here's abc's brandi hitt. >> reporter: rocky balboa, an iconic movie hero with strength and heart.
3:53 am
the most humble hollywood. >> sylvestertaone. inrom reporter: back in 1977, sylvesr stalloneid notin thoscar for best actor or fo writing "rocky." but after shadowboxing with muhammad ali on stage, he was stilappreciative. >> it's somethini'm gointo trsu for the r my life. unbeliable. thanyou very, very much. >> rorter: and now nearly 40 years later null >>ever tught wld be able too see -- be able to cross th thresho again. >> repte stallone is backs rocky, nominat for best suorting actor oscar in the sequelcreed. >> everying i got has ved on and i'm here. >> repor with his daughters by his side, t hollywood avyweight won his first golden last month and reflected on beibsent during hisuickrise to fame. >> then i realized that family is everything and that the east awaou can get. you get one chance at life and you'd tter fight to keep it.
3:54 am
for sylvester stallone. they wanto see him win becse he'somebody who's worked so hard and for sh a ng time. repter: when "rocky" won bestpicture, the fi's producers are en pulling stallone ostage. >>'d lik thank you for sharing your dream of rocky with us. >> reporter: sunday he may climb those stairs againthis tim for his own oscar. sylvestestallone star has been here othe hollywood walk of fame for more tha30 years. the rocky fnchi a huge succesrossing than biion dollars worldwe. brandi hit news, hollywood. >> it could be his night. abc is the pla to be on oscar's nit. live coverage stts sunday at 7:00astern:00 pacifi tune into "world newsow" next monday morningor a full wrap-u >> looking forward to it. chris rock. >> chris rocis hos itill be f and exciting. we should point out that jack ll bhere with fashion. >> our "bachelor" analyst.
3:55 am
>>urned faion analyst. >> and we are all gear ud re >> o is thati'going to >> jt abt.
3:56 am
3:57 am
3:58 am
>> is that it? android can do rough terra and when t going ge tough,his bot stay its feet. >> a goo wednesd moin we beginith another decisive victor for donald trump living up to expectations in nevada. >> tru won the nevadaaucuses with a dominant lea over his rivaoving onepser t thelican nati. its his third win in a row. in his victo speech h cimed to haveon a broad spectrum ining evangelicals and hispanic >> marco r and ted cruz plac e retill tseo cl afr a bruising wee the camp ail. she cdidasnt dn toer tuesday tmp is prisingoull offimar "your voice, your vote," c' la lyster has the latest from las vegas.
3:59 am
caucuses we mked byew highs. they helped v donald trum to victor the top candis spokingo their supporters l nit. >> we le vada. we love nevada. thank you. it's a great state and ty ve grt peoplend i was so proud. you know, i went to ucus. i was a over the pce tonight. the pple are amazin the enthusiasm. we won t evangecals, we won withyoung, we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won withoorly edated i love the poor educated. at's angry. we have to elect someone that llake a dferenc and someone tt will win and you knowhy we're gngo win if you nominate me, because i wl unify ts party. we can'tin if wre divid ainst each her. >> the role of the first four primariesistocayas bn arrow theield and we have se the first fou states do
4:00 am
you can choose beten two washington dealmakers. or oneroven csistt conservative. now, there were just 30 delegates at stake in nevada. n for candidates super tuday, mar 1st. 11 stes will vote and nearl 60 delegates are upor grabs. reena and kendis. >> late morning there inas vegas where they're still counti som of the vote our thanks to lauren there. the republicans are fanning t w. trump to virnia today. others to texas. >> as for the democrs, hilry clinton and bnie sander looking towa voter i the ttleground state of south carolina. that's ahead of saturday's primar >> the candidates did te part in a townall event last night. we get the latest right now from senneth moton. kenneth, gd morng. rorter: good rning,hgs, kendisnd reena. hillary clinton was fired up afte aederal judgeuled the former secretary of state's top aides should testify over her use of private e-mail, but ahe


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