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tv   Today  NBC  February 22, 2016 7:00am-9:58am MST

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doldrump and hillarylinton making their cases as e clear leaders in their races. >>s weaid, trump picking up his seco strght victory saturd. a decisi win in sout carolina. where marco rub eed out t cruz forond place. second clion bouncing bac from hisefeat in to sen senor be sanderin nevada. >> the democtic imy in south caroli is on sury. we're justig days from ser tuesy contest in2 ates. and amer and amica samoa. th cou cement the race on both sides. we have complete coverage at is key moment in the campaign. beginning with nbc's hlie jackson in las vegas. go morning. >> good morning. this morni, thceer of attention in this ra has shifted hereo nevada, wher donald trump will ho a cple ofales today. history on h side right w. no repubcan s won new
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trp's got the momentum, even as his close competito and some in the establishment try to slowim down. >> reporter: ovictory lap anta -- >> oh, that's so much better. >> reporte -- donald tmp didn't mind the dark >> g the lights off. turn off the lights! turn off the lights! >> reporter: demanding the lightstay off after the protester pulled t plug. trump fresh off his ligh-out wiin southarolina. uch beautil ctory. such a conusive victory. >>epter: trump looking ahead atherirst place finish tomorrow in nevada, perhaps stoppablnow. thgh h rivals are tryingo. >> if you believe we need a strong contrast with the democrats, then we welcome you abrd our team. reporteut cruz's disaointg third place finishin sou carina mamean more g third place finish in south colina may mean more pressure to peorm in the super
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uz hoping for a o-man ce but marcbumarco rubio makethree. >> reporteulling in his biggest crowd yeinenness, facing a new line of attacks from trump, who is refusg to rule outuestions about rubio's igibility fothe white use. the orida senator, born the unitedtates, his parentsor in ca. >>'moing to spenzero time on hisnterpretatn of the cotitution with regards to eligibility. >> reporter: k to rubio's sttesting in the race lo enough ri together the esblhmt wing. >> we're still gng to have our prary. 's a smaller field this morning than it s. >> repter: the end of the road for jeb bush. the end of the line r now for his family's presidential political dynasty. >> tonight, am suspendinmy campaignyeah, yeah. ank you. reporter: after that emotional speech, the scrale fohisupporters and his donors. and new this morning, the rn launching a frh attackd aimed hillary clinton for her
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2008. >>he d >> t damage betwn the clintons and the african-americans this country might be irreparable. he r looking at the general election as the he of the party reiterat the pmise to back whoever the nominee is. cruz a rubiohting out, trying to prove iton't be trp. pect tsee over the next few days more endorsemts comout, with rubio knocking do reports that mitt romn will back him soon. guys? >>allie jackson, thankou. > we mentioned, sou carolinas the next battleound on the decrat , where hillary inton hopetouildn her big wi over sanders in vada. isten welkers following thoscampaigns. >> good morning. hillary clinton is focusedn fund raising in s an area. hoping her donorand supporters are reenergid after hewin in vada. e question, can she maintain
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>> reporter: clinton had a big win in nevada ov t wkend. >> some may ve doubted us but we never doubted each otr. >> reporte carried tvictory by unionorkers and rican-amerans who turned out in force. 76% of blacks in nevada choong he >> this one isor you. >> reporr: clinton posting this photo to inram, saring the victory with her husband. trying to gainround wi miriti, saers courted afcan-americans at a btist church in soutcarolina sunday. late urged his suppoers to outharolina has th oprtunitto make erican history, and i hope yowill. >> repor 72of young voters in nevada and had stronghowing ang lati the loss raes questions about his ilitto win moreivse aas, li many of the super tuesday stes sanders stressing, it's all
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gh as i wanted. i id or anover again we'll do well en young peopl workinclass people ce t. eporter: both candates looking ar clinton commanding a double digit ad in south carolina, whe her ound game in full swing. >> i wt to a iu plan on voting for hilry clint. >> reporter: aes close t saeracknowledged the slim chances in sou carolina. sanderis shaening his focus in places he feels confident, like corado, massachusetts and michigan sunday night, both campaigns took aim at the blic frontrunne >>e don't ed to make america grt agn. it never stoed being great. but weo need tmake america whe ain. you wa candidate who is gog to defeat donald tru you're looking at that candidate.>> this morning, the cnton mpaign is diuting th sanders won e latino vote, as
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sanders in areas that are latino. the sanders campaign is call it spin. this underscores t importance of theato vo, as super tuesday approaches ands th race heats up. willie and savannah? kristen welker looking at the democratic side. thanks. s get anysis. cowaseed as an adviseto t mccn-palin campaign campaign, and mark hrin is thmanaging editor of blobe polics. good morningo you. >> goomoing. >> niclethe ques, is donald tmp unstoppable? he seems thave theentum s tw and has two biwins und his belt. >> flip it the otheray around. cated cruz or mao rubio win? i thk it's a harr question to ansr. it would be defyindecades of liticahistor seize the nonation in marco rubio's case, after coming in third,
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case, he hasn't won since io. it is possible. iny view, it iincrsingly unlikely. >> mk, the argument om a lot of republicans i if you get donald trump ia e on one fight, it's the way toeat him. i guess the estion for me is, which ofhe candida whether marco rubio,ed cruz or jn kasichgis up the fight at thisoint, given how well they've en doing in the second place slot? >>one ofhegive i all them think somow, trump can be entually stopped when it's onon one. u've got the contest here torrow, and then sup tuesday week from torrow. i think itncreasin-- as nicoe sa -- increasingly rdo come up wi scenario where any of the t stop him, unless ey get one on on me republicansre talking about orthodox supporters. maybe try to simplstop trump fretting a majority of the delegates. all three scenarios ar at this
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methg changes. we nd to cavt it. maybe trump will falteor something strange will happen. you look atolitic histy, tru is in a mmanding positio >>ark, does the lendar favor him, the states coming up next and the fact they turn to winner takes all in a little while? >> winner >> winner take all ia wathat could hurt trump. say in ohio or florida, home ate potianouldin nner take all state anget momentum p, both demographically d gephically, doesn't have wenessesa guy th a guthat can win new hampshire decisively and southarolin decisively tells you a lot of you need to kw. he'll ably win here tomorrow. a nortastern, southern and westerpowerhouse it's up tohe other candidates dec do theyll sta and how do they exaihow ey evenal stop him? thvoters need to dide this. right now, again, t curnt trajecry, trump is song. let's hop over to the democratic sid
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were relieved they wonevada. a loof people were looking at w it wasoing to spin and the story changed because of t result. shdid ll with african-americ voters. that'll be important in south rolina this saturday. what the path forward for sanders? >> ink she me it difficult to imagine a scenario whe rnie sanders overtakes h. she's become aost ump-like on the democratic side. the demoat process makes it harderorn upstt candate like bernie saers. isas a decisive victorr her. she goes she go to states with much more forable terinor her and her ssage. >> saturday ends up being quite important s race. good to have youoth. anyou so much. >> thanks,uy also this moing, disturbi new iormation ergingbout the uber driver spec killing s peo during a weeke soting rampin kalazoo, michigan. ble coy has more on the investigion. good morng. >> gd morning from kamazoo. this is where that driver is
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people and the injury of two others in thshooting spree. investigatory they have a gun. they have surveillance vid. they areure he did it. they stillon't know why. >> repor >> reporte this is the man police say went on a rpa in kala 45-year-n lton. huand and fath of two, allegedly shoong his victims at ranm. >> they weren't targed for any on other than the there to be a targ. rte dton ub iver, and police are loo into reports he pied up and opped off res in the six hours between the firsshooting d whe was caught. one of t e of the passengers spe with nbnewsy tephone. >> i kind ofokgly said to thdriver, "y'rnot the shooter, are you?" he shook hisead or said no. got up into the room and they saw the news. i said, that's the car twe we in. reporter: uber says they're
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they did a bround check and police c poce cfirm dalton did not have a politic record. eighpeople were shot in three separate sotgs. the locations,rtment complex, a carealership and the parking lot of a cracker barrel restaurant. among thdead, four women returning from a play. they had car pooled to save anre swappcars when the shots rang out. also dead, a father and teenag son who re shopping for new car. >> yee the stuff othe news all the time. you don't think about because it dsn'tffecyou. then ts hits n just your community but ur friends. >> reporter: led onefighng ba tears during night gistggli to ke sense such ndom violence. two survivors are ithe hospital. a mother of three ot multie times in rious condition. and a 14-year-old girl who w pronounced dead for more than an
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preparing her body for organ donation when markably she was hand. doctors realized she was still alan her int surgery. >> jt awfuwful s. you never wrapour adro why that could happen. blake, y. for thfit time, the direct of the fbi is personally wing in on his agency's fig with apple over unlocking a phe used by e the san bernardi shoots. pete willis mon th. good morng,avannah. e fbi directoramesey says the investigation of what happened in san bernardino cannot bcomplete or thou without getting a look at the one. the p in the povernight on a onal surity blog, he say we can't look the survivs in the eye or oursen the rror if we don't follow this lead the lead is a phonthat was owned by syed farook employer, d that he used, which the fb found in his mother. agents need ape'o unlock it. applisesisting, saying the
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nts, it would have to create if that ware gets in the s,coopardize the secuty of any iphone in the world. mey writes on his blog, we don't want to break anne's cryption or set a master key ose on the land. the fbsays there may n be ything of value on that one, phones but nothat on and it was owne county. m ok, ple o, said this case is about much more than a single pho or a single inveigation. heays what's at stake is t data security hdreds of millions mill of abidinpeop, and sets arece that threateveryone's civil lirties. >> skes high on all sides. pete, thank you. a powerful cyclone tore through fiji. death ll now at 17. authorits are getting a scal
7:14 am
aid to the islands. ery shelters after t we destroyed or swamped. winds from the cyclonest reached 180 miles per , king it the strongest storm in the southern hemisphere since at home, dozens of ssgers managed to escape minus foreegabus explod into flam. thbus pulled over outside of chicago on sunday afternoon ter people on board heard a big po the driver got all the passengers off the bus moments later, t entire bus erted with flames anthick, black smoke. body was injured. the use of the fire is under investigation. ke a look. >> here they come tohe line. this is the finish to the daytona 500. bounng oh her. unbelievable! >> i thi it was hamlin. >> aer 500 miles, it came down to that.
7:15 am
finish, determininthat danny hamlindged out martin truex jr. by 0.0 it'she closest finh of that race in secon in second gre, hamliwrote a tter to himself, wisngor his dayta 500 victory. i'm sure he described it just liket. >> let it be a pho finish, extra excing. al, how is it goin >>ike lightning mcqueen. >> yea weave rain in th sohet buwatching ather storm ouof tas a on into the southet. later moow, 'll move over e south. vere storms with possible rns tomorrow. into wednesday, traction in e midwt with severe weather ahd oft, snow behind it. rain for the east. for torrow, we are looki at 16 milli 16 million people isk for dangerous lightning, winds and tornadoes. weday, we have a light risk
7:16 am
th 21 miion peoplet risk. rainfall nt fiveays. look at this, anywhere fm 3 to 5 inches you g to southeast. t 1 to 2 inches in the northeast. on the backsidof the system, a decent amount of snow. talking from the u.p. of chigan all the way int ntral indiana. 4 to 6 incheof snow. e gointo get to your loc focastn ne we asked a group oyoung people when they thought they should stt savingor retirement. then we asked some older people whenhey acally did start ving. this gap between when we shod stt saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared foretirement. just sta as early as y can. it's gng to pay off in the future.
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we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. ing your chaenges. that' that's your lestweather. savannah? >> al, anks. new developments in the bil cosby sexual assltscandal. hi wif set to answer questions under oath this morning. the wife of elhapo speaks out for t first time inn exclusive intervw. wh she's revealing about their maiage and her huand's
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another woman's womb. bothherosecution and defense restedheir cases ecutorcall 16 tness, but the defense lled no andted after lane told the judge she would not testify. lane is arged with attempted first-degree murder, aau and unlawfulermination of a pregnancy. right now... i-70 through glenwood canyon is back open after last week's massive roslid c-do using a pilot car to escort drivers through t canyon but... th mni t hhway wil ose again! today and for the next several days. e highwawill remain clos om 9-m to 4-m ile ews continue repair workhere.. afr 4... drivers willtie rted by a lot ca chieing meteorolog-- stephen bowers joins us w with a look at our local forecast... sthen... any sunsne we e e fiered tough increas clouds this mornin the clouds wcontinue to build this morng intthisteoo mperesl rm t e 40this morng. noon wbe in the 40d th velong snow f i- the higher spots. ow connu developing over
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highs will be in the 40s and 50s. eas snoll try to ve out of the mountains overnig. snowccumion st of the mos will generale less than 2nches, a me snow ll liky melt ratr
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7:30 now,ony morning, 22nd of february, 2016. back to workor most of us wee we're hpy theeoplere out on the plaz >> let'soo ahe stories
7:28 am
eepublica predeial rac ads west f tomorrow's nevad caucuses. donald trump is souing more confiden than ever after saturd's win big in so carolina. >> we won with everything. tall people, short people, fat people, skin people, just won. >> hry clinton took nevada deatic ccus over the weekend. the next const in that race i south carolina on turday. theuspectednman in an ho's long ramgehat lt x people dead in kalamao, michigan,s being arraigned today. 45-year-old jason dalton was a uberdrer. police are looki intoeports that he picd fes during his alleged shoing spree. on of the psengers spoke t nbc. kind of jokingly sdthe driver, "youe not t shter, e you?" he sok hisead o said no. >> investigators say daln had no cminal record ando parent cnection to the victs. the united states supreme
7:29 am
time sinceheeath of justice antonin scia. his chair is drad in bla and will remain intslace othe benc until next month. bill y's wif answeri questions uer oath todayn defamation lawsuit tie toer husbans sex assault scandal. this after her lawyer spent the weeken trying to postpone the deposition. stephanie gosk is on theto this morning. good rning. >>oodmoing, sannah. the deposition is happening here at this maiott late lt night, a jge denied cosby's motn to dey. cosbs lawyers said this place was too public and iwas csen by the oth sideto, in their words, harass and embarrass camille cosby. >> reporte for more than 50 year of marriage, s avoided the limelight, even as her husband's fame soared. now bill cosby'segal team has been fighting to keep camie fr being dgged into the comedian's public legal battles.
7:30 am
federaludge denied cosby's emgencyotion to delay h depotion. camille, who worked for years as her husbans busines nar, will now testi in a civil s brought by seven women who algehey we sexually ultedy bil cosby and claim s denials are defamation. cosby's team fed this motion la turday arguing camille was being forced to testify a a public andunsecured venue, crting an uncear media circus and personal securit threat. in the end, a jge ruled i should go forward. the couples rarely seen together in public these days one of their lt appearances was or a year ago. >> thank you. reporter: camille sat by her husband's se at the interview turned to mountin algations. >> i just wanted to ask if you want to respondt all a whether any of that was true. >> there's norespse. >> reporter: no cosby fac a cral trin pennsyan,
7:31 am
abe, ing fmerempl employee, areacotand total, 12lleged victims filed multiple wsuits. coy's response was t sue eitf em, including constand. cosby's lawye have reatedly denied allegations of any wrongdng. they've foughtack atvery stage. >> thereou still be a fight. judgeay cille doesn needo awer every ques. private conversations between a by law. busissonversations are not. whehey draw the line could get ver contentious. >> stephanie gosk with a good preview. thank u. 's bring in ari. goodmorning. i think stephieai it out nicely. a lot of peoe are famiar wi the privileg maral communicions, that you don't stify to those, and yet s's still being forced to testify. explainwh
7:32 am
mentned,he was the bines mager. spoke to joe, thlawyer who is g to do her deposition day, and said shmay know things notause she discued them w bill cosby but iwas part of her work. for pl payments made, business relationships with people. ey arg it may show the ilcit conduct thas at iss in the case >> whatin of queions wil she be expecte to ask today? >> did you oversee pments to anyone? wereou aware othe legations? did you have contact with any of these wen or their law through the years? >>his is comg out of a civsuit a damation suit filed by thelleged victims. there is a separate criminal instigation going on right now. could what is said in these depositions by cille cosby, cod that evidence bedn the crimina matter? s. you raise an important point, savannah, which is, a l of people questioned why over all these yrs wit all the accusers,o actio was taken by prosecutor one of the thing many
7:33 am
have enough evidence offust one acsation. this new criminal case with bill cosby bei indicte anditin not oy for he seputation but h freedo one othe key pieces of evidence came o the s, w cases, where he aitted he obtained the quaalesor the use ofwomen. today, we have his wif i a new deposition. everyone on both ses of the se wondeng if shel say anythi that will affect t criminal charge. ould beconsueial. ank you very much. >> than. good to see yo let's get a check othe ather from al let's show you whate ve gog ha thi systemhat's pushing its way throughhe rockies. ing to bringight snow for the region. night s into the texas panhandle onnto tomorrow. the afternoon. are looki snowfallmots, anywhere from to 6 ines. amarillo could see 2 to 4 incs snow befe it'sllover. rest of theaytoday,k o strong storms in sther texas.weteaer from th
7:34 am
sunn in the northeast. not as wm as t weekeut still nice. out west,nother warm day in s angeles. sunny skies and 84 >> that' >> that's youratest weathe willie? >> al, tnks ver much comg , t 106-year-old wos priceless rion meetin the psidend the first lady. trust me, you do not want to miss this. up ne,he wif of mexican
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we' >> wreac now at 7:. th the 're ck now a7:41. withhe wife of notorious drug lord king nnel chapo speakg oufor e rst time >> wittelemund shepe up about eir relationship, the treatment hind bars and the infamous sean pennnterew. here's jac rascon. >> rorter: to the rld, hs po el chapo, but tomma col aispo, he's simply her and. am in lo with him, she says. he is the father of hildre the so-spokebeauty qen born in born icaliiamarried him on he18th bday, a he was 50. it w conrsion, tay htreated me. guzmanas been onhe run o
7:40 am
their maiage. his escape last july was embarrassing for the mican governnt. after his after his recapte in january, guanenback to tian she' oy been allowed to s him once for 15 minutes and he was shackled, freezing and n left alone they wanto me m pay his escapeshe says. they say theare not puniing him. of course they are. she was asked about her husband's much-talked about lationship with mexican telenovela sr del castillowhamed up with an penn for an interview i mire her work, cor aispuro says. i've nevern jealous of her when asked about her husband work, billionsn drug money, she smiles and says, i don't knhere any of that is. their twin daughters are 4, d corol aiuro says she saddened tdon't e more of
7:41 am
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they' playing yousong, will. caon, we're seeing the "fends" reunion. >> that's right. it happened,everybody. the beloved castame tether for an nbc special honoring legendary tv director james burrows. it turnedut, all of the fries involved afterall. >> courten cox, david schwimmer, matt leblanc and jennifer aniston. >> reporter: he introduced his frnds on stage. the castame together to honor the director, james burrows. >> he gave us t opportunity of a letime and probabl the best ten years of ourcting careers. >> reporr: it was theirst time the old friends got together since the end of the seriesearly 12 years ago. theyked about the early years and the start of real friendships bween them we rlly fell inove anded eac other instantly, and wodang out at eachher' houses and watch the sw together. >> reporter: t recalle how
7:47 am
into classic scenes. >> one of m favorites was the blackout episode. i lov it with the cat on your back. >> keep going with the cat on my back. he said, keep doing it. keep doing so i yelled, cut,nd he never didit. >> it wentn a long ti. >> i remember the episode w the boys went to a ranger game andoss was hit in e face with a puck. we're sitting in the emeency room, and joey, of cour, has the puck. he somow got it. schwimmer has the bdage on h face >> i always loved t flashbacks. >> oh, da rnt off. >> to fatica and the seb. an ross wit his afro. >>ross >> we wou do anythi for jim bowe burrows. he taught us everything w know
7:48 am
collaboratn,ou know. >> he's our papa. >> as y can imagin many people online thrilled to this highnticipated "fds"eu ys't sming hingsenreunion. it's what dreams are made . tayl ng, myxcit is rougth roof alhether jes brows shs weored lt ght. "cers." you ve "t""w and gre. filly, jul serkses writing, decad and decades oftalent. thank you f the laughs across e neraons. cast of "frids" got back together and people onne >> nt the other great shows. >> gs bk to mary t moore. 40 yes,incredible. >> carson thankyou. oming up, the surprisin blast from the pasthen it cos to music making a b comeba.
7:49 am
7:50 am
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,,, glado ha glhaou wituscomingp heop othe hour, i'm shel cockrl wi this tod show date... mngthe turkeyreek fire burning on fort carso groundis 6percent contained. ews weren scene overnight monitoring the fe whh quickly spread to more than a ou acres oeku mistilbe able see some smo in the a tod, but cooler
7:54 am
ep cheinwith news five through the day for the latest onirefighters' progres this morning... the coloradopr manccusedof stabbing his nehbor over a ise complaint will be court. it happed o weeks o inhe block of noriowa reet. poli sayhe victim,ed with small bat, knockeon his neigorvin rile dootolainbo theole of riley's t-v. lice say that's en riley ththe man toheround and stabbed himuiplees. riley waarrested. and e vict suffered nofe reening injues. chief moing meteologist -- stephen bors joins us now with look aour local forecast... epn. ansunshi we see ll be fiered tgh incasin ouds this rnin thoul ue is morng and into this afn. mperateswarm throu 40s this morning. noon wilbe iths d 50s witheloping snow wof i-25n e gher sts. ontinues developing ov the motains this afternoon highwill be in t 40s and 50s. areas sw will try tve out t mouaivernht. sn aumulion east of e mounins ll generallye le
7:55 am
ll likely melt rather than accumulati. good monday morning! is most
7:56 am
7:57 am
ovse aler growing growingoncern thiorning as thumbefthselated to popula antiety medations skyrocke. why ctors y this emic i
7:58 am
lions, tigers and pda s, oh my! mr. woo,reakfasttime >> al gets wd when he get the ance tbe an intern at the world famous san diego zoo. >> how do you tou d day? herestfrnd's weddin taylor swift shows off her dding par style and reveals honor ever today, monday, febary 22 2016. when weo crain >> hi,mom, from long beach, california! >> i want to give ashoutout to my boysn wilmingt. mom lovyo >> good morning, portland, main we're having a baby boy. >> cebting our birthdays from vancouver,waington. good rn michig. w lov u, wrangler!
7:59 am
it's monda morning, february 22nd,. great, great crowd out on our plaza. bright, shingfaces,py to th ni rnin tt chilly but >> iis lit chil. >> cspmorning. we'rels week twoow o 's tuatio >> yes. >>ow is it going? >> it'fine. spraed kle. eryoneays itld have be better to haverokeit. don't tnkt' . rius. >> that's wha eveone says. >> who says that? everyone. one. that's crazy. >> sce wre sve to u, av y ridn twoinutes another gment. >>ou migt t g > c men o "today." shclean we cleanut ourlosets a yohe chanc to se l i isni. >>ah >>lill explain. it for a gat cause.
8:00 am
8:01 am
8:02 am
you overe, overse, and use with other this likalcohol. exactly. basically, what t study und, whhe studyuthors found, is over a 18-yr period, from 96 to the number of adults who filled these prescriptionscne ss increased by 67%. mo conrning with this statistihe number of death increased almost four fold. theumber of prescriptions were increasing thr times much but the number of deaths incrd by four timer more than fourfold. >> is it because they're mixing thes-- the benzos, as they're called with prescription ugs? >> rit. >>here's n immediate explanatn for this. what the stu authorsuggest is it's not only a combination of using these drugs with other substances, suc as opioids and alcohol, which, when usedn combination, marginalizing t fety of drugs. t only the fact that the
8:03 am
qutity almost doubled. ch indivualerson might actually be using twice as much as they should be. or usi it for a longe duration. all of whichncreases the risk for overse. >> one of the takeways when i was reang about this smso be to oviders, to maybe not be liberal in prescribing tse if there is something else that might work as effectively. >> exactly. the issue is, why are we prescribinhese drugs as providers? is there a safety net? is there a safety mechanism in plac it up to theharmacisto lookor aruginteraction? hostly, the onuswnnus isn all of us as a cmunity to prevent the unrtat deaths. alarming numbs. >> thank you so much, d az. the wanho wai 106 ars to visit the white hou d her reaction. ev better than you might pect.we're going to hr from her. pl, the plans being made to celebratehe 30th niversary o one ofy
8:04 am
bueller's d of is al up to thjob? spent a day as a givextra. get tra. re in vinelandmefpro, weiged out h to gerich inedients like bacon into 22 light soups, sof u wa 100alories or less per serving without giving up ri f do what we d..make pro. jane likes tthings u 'e ves new fit non-yortouss fluffy d ry is her w 80 calorie obson.
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8:07 am
bac back nowt 8:12 with what's trending today. we all kw wt i like t sendn e-mail or text. nobody writes back. >> re >> company clemera anyzed are 5 million mesges and came up with a tt tt' osed t show the bt way to ge a sponse. he are thr way of spending a request. mb one, he i w thinkg aboutearlie do you want to pizza? number two, hey, i dinitel like to get together nex we. do you want to get pizza? numbthree,hey, it would be absolutely wonderful to see you. you wano get zza? i'm so excited. >> ditely not three.
8:08 am
track sales agn, which was ke back in the '90s. >> got the pencil. >> it getsstuck. >> for some reason, ieel like want themo come . i have mixed tapes from the radio. on wt toet t go. >> well,ou mht have toet a vintage ce ck if it's popularenough,hey might make them again. >> have you looked at your dad' das? dad's? >> did you evereep a blank tape in your boom bo >> yeah. that's how you mak a mi >> you make a mix for airl you like. you have the mix tape, all the in othe songs. >>ou can make one for mike. now t a video tt's bnd to p a smi on yourface. the 106-year-old womanhoot her wishoisit the whi house,nd she met the first coupkeok.
8:09 am
>> how areyou?>>'m iceo eyo it' honor. >>ou wt to say h to michelle? >> yes! >> sho down now. don't goquick. >>he no, you are not. yoe not. >> youta slow down. >> i thoht would nev live to get in thehite house. >> you are here. >> alack presiden >> look at him. right the. a black wife. >> tt'me. >> yes! and i'm to celebralack story. >> s is awom virginia mauri 1ears olouldn't kw it based on her mood she led the president and mrs. obama in a danc she said hecret to livin longt keepmoving. >>wow, 106. >> amazing. >>he wasorn in maybe? the things she's seen in this country, and then to visit the white house. >> that's why this moment is so ecial for her. unevab.
8:10 am
blues, we have a wayo lift ur spirits with se very expensivespirits. toy is nationalgarita day. wee celebrating wh a new cktail calledhe bilonaire margarita. it costs $1,200. >> what the? come on! why? >> you'll ar. madeh a bnd of the oldest and rares tequilas. only50 bottles in the world. i havene here. it sells for,hisbole, what do you 7 r 5 7 r 5 , $7,500. we posted the recipe at should we enjoy this $1,200 margarit >> just one sip. >> tis the firste i've had aargarita thiearly. >> it isretty good. >> hs getting his money' woh. >> carson. that was $600. >> is aually reay good i uldn'tpend that kind of
8:11 am
good. >> the botesn't going anywhere. >> are you going to beble to get to pop start? >> should have waited. you did make a dent in there. >> here go! now foraylor swift, '80s movies. sober up, carson >> feeling good today. >> are y d you radio show today? >> everything will be jus fine >> lov you, man. >> good moing. no, rst, we'll start wit taor swift. she has been busy. she's a gmmy winner of cour, but wasn't too busy recely toupport a childhood frie on saturday. or swift rning home to pennsylv to the maid of honor for hertbrit. ta pted these pictures on instagram instagram. she met brithen she was 10 old and has known the gom since kindergarten. taylor called herself the happiest maid of honor ever. the city-wide, weekend-long, 30 years in the making, here's a party for you. remember this?
8:12 am
>> hard to believe b "ferry l -- ferrisbuellesay off" ca out0 yea o. therganizers will re-create this parade scene, movie enings screenings. ferris -- ferris. >> sobe >> sausage king ofchicago. >> nice to see you. >> have another, on al,ow about a look at the weather? >> so we'reooking at a risk o strong storm f hou all the way to tlahaee for day. infact,e' got 16 milli peoplerisk damaging wind gusts, maybe a tornado ortwo. into tomorrow, or wednday, i ould say, norfolk t ornd21 million folks a risk. a lot of rn aroundallas. 2 inches. 're talng 3 to 5 tough t soutast.
8:13 am
snow on the bide of ts system we'realki about anywhere from 10 to 12 inches through wester michigan. ok for tt all the way down to indianapis, 1 to 2 inches. oh, didn't spill it, >> that' >> that's your last weather. >> al, thanks a lot. we have sers alls week called "up for the job." >> tequi reall -- >> yeah.
8:14 am
ke most of you atome,e started our careers with internship internips. we said, it's time to be tes all over again. al, start us off. >> my pick, guys, the zoo. turns out the san diego zoo is celebrating its 100th birday this year. they offerede a unique internship with the help ofheir incredible tea of zookeers, ito get u close and persol with lns and tigers and bears, ohmy! >> >> y, ck. al roker. >> thas comingby you are running late so we'll spd through this. si this waiver a we'll get arted with the day. >> it says i could die. >> ll you know, simple. >> maiming. what about dismbershi >> we have a lot of members at the zoo. if a mem decides not to be a meanymore, it's
8:15 am
>> not funny. >> w >> we're excited to haveou as a panda keeper today. we'll teach you to cleanhe panda hibi. >> what doeshat entail? >> a lot. theyre on a high fiber diet, so a lotf poop to can up. they poop 50 times day, wt. >> wait, ty poop 5 tes day? >> 50 tim aday. >>nd give u show business? >> you are doing a greatobs my intern, al, bute have to moveuier since the bear is hungry >> faster, faster. mr. woo,akfast time! wow. wow. that's cool. i'm a pan bear, and i'm okay. >> al i told u, no selfies, eeting or facebook. you're an intern and we have to work. come on. >> okay. niceo meet you, kierly.
8:16 am
you'll be making brunch for the lions. >> kd of like having martha stewart making meatballs. >>yes. like to put dferent scents out so ty can experience differt things every day. like aromatherapy? >> exactly. so of their forit tngs arhe kitch spices. then perfumes. the more expensive the perfume, the better. >> they like shchenel >> the do. >> amazing howragrant it is. >> they want to mask the own predator smell in order to better athunting. in in the jungle, tigy jule, the lion eats this mog >> good morning. we'll meet our new intern, bradley. what do you think?
8:17 am
let's see how much he wghs this morng. 7.35. he's rht in his range. he's doing pretty good. n you smell him? >> i w going to say, he smes like eucalyptus. >> do y approve of intern al? >> i likeeucalyptus. >> >> really,al right right here, we have abail. chs, isal and andma. these ones all came her in 1928. ey've been at the zoo -- >> 28? >> yeah. she's probably 130 to40 years old. pretty simple. undo the twi tie and drop it in. tot all down re. >> we decided since y did an excellent job toy, we'd hav onef the aassadorset you
8:18 am
work today. jake how do youhink he did today? >> ino what you h for breaas breakfast. >> i had a great time. most iernshi at the zoo are no on. they're typically office jobs that ,he zoo say i am now koala koala-fied to work there. chew on that. seehat i didthere? >>id you have a favorite >> liked mr. woo the nd >> pooped 50 t a y.>> it didt smell. interesting. >> turtles since 1928? >>ut 140 years ol which is amazing. >> that's fun. >> if y're a la, don't wear perfe by the lion >> there is prottion. it's okay >> drive tm crazy. coming up tomorrow, high fashion, hh ress.
8:19 am
takes w she interns at "kozma poll -- cosmopolitan" magazine. the men of ay"leaned out their csets for a good cause. your cnce to own their suits after your local news.,,, corell with th rellith this today show update... thisorning.... closing arents are eected in the trial of "dynel la she's the lomont wan accused
8:20 am
another woman's mb. th the procuon and defse rested their cases friday pross called 16 wiesse buthdefecalled nand st aftere to jud shwould not teify. during the trial, lane's first interview with policwas playedfor rywhe e clms e victim, "michee wilk" was the one who tacked. ne ichged th atted first-degree murr, asslt, and unul termination of a pregnanc ief morning meteorologist -- sthen wers joins us now wi a aour local foreca... sthen... any sunshine we see will be lter thrgh increing cloudshis morning. the clouds will continue to bud this morning and into this afternoon.temperatures wl warm through the 40s this morning. noon will be in the 40s and 50s th developing snow west of i-25 in the higher spots. snow ctinues developing over the mountains th afternoon. highs ll be in the 40s and 50s. areas of snow will try to move out of the mountns overnht. snow accumulatn east of the mountains will generally be less than 2 inches, a more snow will likely melt rher than acmulating chief morning meteorologt --
8:22 am
8:23 am
i s i seehe wayhat you mov > good morning,erodmondaybrry 22nd, 2016. nice day o on our plaz awesome crowd. lots of smiles. wee hpyo say good morning to them andll of you.
8:24 am
ma will beac morrow. coming up, ever wanted to spor one of matt's srty suits, or carson's handsome look? jillarti caned out the guys on the show's closets and i out to sell them for a worthy cause. yoan buy them yourself. we're mak meal time easy for y onoday food. every recipe calls for five main ingreed ingreed yent ingredients. >> reporter: we partnered with "my big greekedding 2" to give you the wedding of ea forouchance, share your story and video at lki that. let's get cthe weathe wee do expe te wet weath
8:25 am
nen ehet. dweek, r ss. re, sn and icy. westn two third looking . latter part of the week, down. lehrough the s.s war a goof th cry for t early part week much to above normal sbove n in th et and wrn this othe co. ohio mississippiiver vall. later, the cler air moves
8:26 am
>> that is your latestweather. mr. da? >> mr. roker, thk you very much. it is aeap year we get an extra day onebruary 29th. we want to give you a angeles. you have to come to th plaza ings. your backpacked, ready to go, a friend who is along for the ride and, mt importantly, a poster showing u how youuys would spend thextra 24 hours. yo couldin a three-nigh trip losanles, leaving here from the plaza that very you'll have a great weekend at the line hotel. you caneny a beach to lo at them on the bikes. u ve a dinner, t oral, and, of cose, more courtesy of our friends at discover los angeles. if you'rever 18, come to the plaza this friday. vp by ing your poster packed bags and the friend willing to do it with yaor a chancewin.
8:27 am
we're going to sell some of ur stf. what do we do with thelothes we no longer ar? r th m of oday," it s me for a closet cleanout. we ask organizg wizard jill mainor hel everye can look like you guys for a good cause. we teamed up for clothing consignmen i'm helpi t guys clean out their csets and cash them out r ity. first, they h part with some memorable outfits. >> come on in. >> hello. >> welcome to matt's clos. i've been preparing for you. a wile ago, i adop td rulehe ru, if i buy something new, mething elseeaves the clet. navy is the staple of my wardrobe there is a lot of navyackets and suits inhere. you know what gets more atntion from me on the air thannything else? >> theidsuit. >> whenear sething aid, cra twitraffic.
8:28 am
had its own twier handle for a while. >> iave one me item that i'd like to ask what y think it'll go for. >> very expensive. that's priceless. i'm not takg that out. it'sot f sa. it goes tthe smithsonn. >> nice it. >> probably from trhree of the ce." there' a lot of the casual wear. >> this is new. >> i have a ton of it. >> still have the gs. >> ah. >> i love the navy a ack. fashionista. i think viewersill be excited to be wearingour clothes. >> is a clean i've washed it all. >> i have a tng for you here >> show our viewers how they can be like willie geist for a good cause. >>ou can ateastr the clothes for a good us ism tondon olympics. this is what we call a me-worn item. got the lo on the front, the usa on the back. it's a great shirt you can wear with a suiand tie orear them casuly.
8:29 am
i've wor them couplef yrs condition. >> what t of person would you say would wear your clotng? >> someby who isbald, i ink. prone tad jokes and puns. >> vable. >> vable. >> this is more of a casual >> look at thelining. fay. >>'ve worn this. these are a my orange ties. it's lik your daily dose of vitamin c aroundour neck. >> all t moneyrom this se goes to charity. >> let me money. >> let d. >> you b b. >> ware going to lauh the sale in a moment. first, i'll talk about this. this is for such a good use. >>t . absolutely asatt id, we are goingo benefit city harvest,n organization that delivers nutritious food to those fighting hunger. you g online today and buy these things, which wllhow you h to do, it's goi to a greacause.
8:30 am
we've offer a lot of stuff. 'ltaithat the end. >> matt l lot navy a brown. his, as savannah said, h suits are tapered. the's aot of variety here. there are some suits going. the r bathing no not for sale. >> important. matt les anug in seam, too. >> little too snug. >>hiis me here. as i said in the piece, the suits are all in great condition. u start to accumulate som and wanted to offer and share with you. went with a couple casual things, o. i'm a giants fan. you c find sports stuff. >> andhe fishing. >> mr. roke >> this is one of them. brown. i like brown and blue. kind of like matt. actually, there's matching pants, it's a suit. relatively conservative, but i think timeless. >> and we have, i think, mav or ice man at theend?
8:31 am
this may appear to be coo to you but undneath is an exhated fat of three. th's my secr i have a few tngs here, too. myecommendn is get a job at tv. they send you free stuff. it's how i got this. outside of televion, i wear the same cargo shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops. this isn't me. but i'm luck doi have to have a few things. >> we'll get to sale in second. people interestednling ings ocoignmen at ares youhave? >> whe youonline,es gi ru foll t rulesecause they knowtak thet money. ep it seasonal wh seasoin, ts wheople a buyin r now. make itureerfect think what a ber willhink like take picresike it wil represent it. no stains, no rips. >> this looksgood. shall w start thesale? >> let's do it. >> ready? >>three, two, on >>e're ve. >>uy stuff. >> buy thoseclothes. >> pick them up.
8:32 am
stuff. what's up there. we have tons of sff we think you'll love. going to help city harvest. jill,anks. up next, one woman's start-up is shaking up the
8:33 am
8:34 am
first, this is "today onnbc. we we e bac at 8:40 withne woman's simple ideahat is a ga chang when it comes t sending ers. >> nbas the story. reporter: wn a bouquet of owers shows up at your door, you usually wonder w they're om. christina wonders where they're from. i was eing at the fm to table restaan where it was basicallyn pandia fashion. they'd tl me the name of the chicke i was eang. they had imported carnations on the tables
8:35 am
farm girl owers, got its star >> i was dork that, every weekend, was at home wting business plans. >> reporter: s has no formal training in floral design, a no business degree. >> started researching. i found a industry that was huge butad little innovation int in rent years. >> reporter: most flower companies, she found, use imported stems. she said no tolowers ships from thousands of miles away. >> t same way that we shouldn't ex t e nice, ripe peach in dece, we oun't eect to geteony in demr either, right? wre celebrating the fwe ile is in season. our mel is, instead of havg ndreds of tions, we have one daily arrangements. 0% american-grown flowers. >> reporter: growing up in a farmn indiana, she knows first-ha the importance of seasons and suppoing local farmers. >> use to be 150 rose growers and now tre are 5 coercial sed ones inhe
8:36 am
i didn' want it toet tthe point where you can't buy domest grown flowe >> reporter: she tried to get vestors toack her farm to vase ea, but eed up with a ring of rejections. >> couple female invtors said i should take my husband i with me to pitch,eing a solo female founder is difficult. >> reporte sheootrapped e startup hersel >> i wld g up at 3:30 in the morning and come to the flower mart, load my c with flower i'd have to take several trips back and forth. >> rorter: it was a labor of love and bloomed into busisshat now shipscross the.s. today, she has closeo 50 employees. >> thear girl team start their day her at the flowe mart. ofte while is still dark outsid the flowersre sorted and snped, carefully arranged and wrapped. thend result, more tha 300 bouque sent daily. >> rorter: there known for
8:37 am
bulap sacks, charming a eco-friend eco-friend. some flowers a shipped. if they're local, m arrangements arre by pedal power. >> hi. ve got a flower delivy for you. >> honestly, i can't eve breathe. theye so beautiful. >> reporter: har to belve the brain behind the bouquets once teased. >> i wore flowers in my hair a lot angot made fun o inigh school. it's fullircle now. >> who isaughing no >> exactl >> reporter: oday," san francisco. >> love sheeeping it o the fa. ry cool. >> like tsee that entrepial spirit. coming up next, dner thouthe fuss. sime mea with fe inednts. they are alrdy iyourpranantry.
8:38 am
8:39 am
nbc. >> aou >> anner:today's food is
8:40 am
re b at 8:. y.ek,e' c five-ingredit dies. that doesn't include t sentials, likeil, salt pepper a butter here wit us is elizabeth chambers froman to xas. >>oo rning. >> i love everything a ts supermp. l's lk at eds. >>esspy inliansaus i'ro m fm tas a we l gsho weave the canned tomato salt and pe, oil. it'sik ave-mine al. >> crowd sayou c you canseny protn. myom uses shrimp and i somes use chken. whatever you have in the pant -- or the fridge, not the pantry you want to refrigerateour >> little bit ofoil. >> you can get over here and ir. >> yup. >> basically, we want to me
8:41 am
asoon t sausa stas to cook, we'll add t crushed tomaes you can buy tomatoesith oregano oregano and garlic ifou want. you c let it simmer 5 t10 nutes. thene'll ahe pers. they add salt, hint oflemon, a lot of fvor for aittle thing.>> your sauce is crushed tomatoes >> basica th crued tomatoesn a can, you can do anything it's bas for almos anyt. ys tte as y go. ithene thing thateopl don' do. tae it and see how muchalt and pepper. >> speaking of stg, whave ourasting cw downstai. phenomenal. realgood. >> it's the simple tngs y forget that taste so good. >> i'm glad ke it. salt andpepp crusd eppe is nice for extr re. if you want to go crazy with ingredient gredients, we'lltick with n't go crazy wh the crushed
8:42 am
lt and pper. ou finis e. >>great. >>t's dic and super easy l t addheas to theuce.ll let y do that. ad the pas. thr it rig in there? use the ton so it doest -- >> of coursese the ngs. obviousl wasoing to pour it. >> go o for it. >> i dn't know my owntrengt he. >> y got it! >> yeah! >> all right, peanu gallery. sticks the landing. >>wow. [ plause ] oh, mysh. that's great. that was elegant.>> we're going to addhe feust >> justcooking. don'in just g azy up here. >> you'resingelai but anpaa? >> y can use quinoa, put i rice
8:43 am
that you canut ove any -- >> iryinnot to me ss. thersheinished odt. >> delicious. you are trying it. let usknow. >> i'll try i afterhe break. let getossert. >> have ncate.deo fiveedients. >> thi is m favoritipe th entire world bause it's not oonlnly easy but cup f cup. cup ofbuttadd a cup of gar, i'll g you the whisk. >> ye >> you mastere that. ing for it. >> you trust . >> cup of self-rising flour. y're mulplying the reci, thr cups, threecups, three cups. all in one dish so youe not messing u b bowl.last thing, one teaspoon of almond extract. >> iake such a mess. it' ok. bakgs my specialt >> kes. >> wo
8:44 am
>> once it wallut gether. >>ow lono you c it? >> 375, 3to 45 mis so it's brn. if you want to another gredient,ou c dcinnamon. top with sugar and cinnamon th peachesret in season, us rhubarb, bluebeies, anything. >> how does it taste? >> really great. both of em. >> winners. >> super eas even i can d it. thank you so . >> thank foravgme. >> if you want to look at our five-ingredientecipes head to u next, the mt entertaining mann go, david
8:46 am
first,his > back back now at8: witf the iest, a snaziest dressingen ingolf, did y. >> in additn to his show "feherty," he's joining the nbc golf broadcast am. good morning and welcome to nbc. >> i w wching your fashi section a little eaier. i was coveting some of the stuff. my wife says i look like a homeless pern who just robbed nostrom nordstrom. >> you look eat all the time. so i w wating 45-yead choi, who dsn't hit a t o th leaderboard, with d.j. d bubba, who won. what do you think of the state of golf now? i've been a prossional for 41 years and this ishe most fun, i think, to watch, that i
8:47 am
've got a great bunch ofs ter wit jordan ieth, ricky fowlerja day. the thi about these guy is ey like each he >> right. >> they're fond of each other and root for eachother. where wn i played, the best players in the world, they didn't even know each other. tiger and phil didn't know each other. >> you mentionediger woods. ot of people still curious about him. can heome ba from the injuries. will h ever get to aer jor. the way you loo at it, wre is he and can he get thfour majo to get the jacket? >> i think is unlily he' t the four. i dot kn how he is. i d't tbody kws his physical suation at e moment. the only mistake i've eveade about tiger woods would be undestimating him. >>yeah. i still -- i'm believer i thinke can win ain. i don't know if he can win ur, but ink he can win again. >> let's talk out the show air" "feherty."
8:48 am
president george w. bush, great conversations. what's the idea behind the show?>> is jus people interted ingolf, people who playgolf. no just professiol golfers. the way it's affected their ve avorite shows are the one where iust did bobs to costas. people people have perceptions of you and me, what they see on tv and the dio. you have to change that. >> rio? 1904 was t last time. >> y'll be thereovering yeah. >> yeah. >> ryder cup and the open. " "feherty" is on ourister stion, golf channel. time to get birthday wishes om al. >> break out the ces and llns. first up, we have a happy100th mr. oar mitchell from tallahassee,flida.
8:49 am
deacon and spends time on his boat. taylor isrom colorado. 100 years old. athletic gal. she did werobics three times a week until last ar. fanttic. happ 100th birthday t phili fr new york. he has been you shall eusher at his church over 70 year . dothy from california, also 100. love this. sh ss tecret to longevi is to know when enough i enough. i like doroth ny mari, 10 one techavvy y. stays connected usi cebook. i'm going to friend you later. if you want to honor someone or their milestone birday or anniversary5 years, hea to today.cocelebratend send photo, a well. >> love .
8:50 am
>> antny mackie is glo have o ha y with us. at almost 9 o'clock now, i'm shellene cockrell with this today show update... this morning, the turkey fire burning on fort carson ounds is 65-percencontained. crews weren scene night motorihe fire ich qukly read to re tn a thousandcres over thweekend. you might stilbe able to see some smoke in the air today, but cooler temperares are expected to help the re fight. and i-70ou glenwood canyon is back open aft last week's masse rockslide. .. this morning the highway will closagain! today and f t nexteveralays... the ghway wi remain closed om a to 4-p-while crews ntinue repair workre ter .. drivs wille escoed ba canyon. chief morning meteorologist sthen bowers joins us now th a look at our local forecast... sthen... ansunshi we see will be filteredhrough ireas clds this morning.
8:51 am
ild this morning and to ts ternoo temperatures wl warm through the s this morning. noon wilben the 40s and 50s with developing snow west of in the higher spo developing over the mountains this afternoon. 50s. areaof snow will tryo move out of the mountains overnight. snow accumulation east of the mountains will gerally be less than 2 ihes, and more snow will likely melt rather than
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> thi >> this morning o ns morning on today's take, ahonyackie is back then the tal ofhe tape. a john c smackdo ke any otr. don and keefer sutherlandogether on the big
8:54 am
it' it's monday morning, februa n 2016. ce cwd on balmy day outside. insi studio 1a, i'm willi along withal. >> dylanas going to be re. she went down sick. >> does eryoneave to be on their death bed before i get to come. >> matten down to the last moment. >> what does mt have. >> i don't know wha he had. >> our producer is sick,oo. theye all dropping like flies. >> do you like mysong? >> cake by the ocea >> you love this song >> what does it mean? >> i know what it means. you don't know wt it means?
8:55 am
i don't li to know. oh, no. >> guess. yes. nobody td me. >> is this t hr where you have to read t newspaper? >> no, no. that's decorative, really. t's trump b the ocean. >> tmp by the ean, awa from the ean, trump everywhere. unlievabusy weekend i politics. ns for donald trum in south carolina and hillary clion and neva, sectarynton bouncing back fr her defeain bea bernie nd in nevada.sheo have this o and s got it. she's 53% to 47 ove sanders. tther siditthe publican, donald trump getting his second saight victory foowing new hampshir now with a winin byoue digits in sou carolin on turday. he finished with 33%f t vote there. marco rubio anded cruz vy clos with rubiodging cruz ou so trump i looking aad as
8:56 am
minaon. >>t's me >> it's mean, vicious, beautil. when y win it's auful. we're goingo start winng for our untry. >> tha >> tt was trp' vto speech on satury night in south cali. >> w. at was azing, t numbers. ivan liked likehe w going to have t babyn ag kd od like that >> just state, south carina. congratulations tohusband. loves you. now ead to nevada and we'l
8:57 am
>> the momentum nce th begiing of this mpaignas en unbievae. that's because my father messagresonates so deeply wi so many ople. [ eers [ cheers andppuse ]. we're gteful to eacof you. than young here to support us. >>vankgets uand eaks good bit ahis evts because e's we-spoken and impresve. >> as onof theuys on "morning joe does is mea you think hel get the nominaon? what does it mean? >> you'd hav make case to hat 's not going to n the nomination. ha to e the way it doesn't ppen. lotf peopl havargued publicansayeav tget hionon one. ce cruz rub getout, but why would eitherf th get out? they're neck and neck wi each other. >> i watchmeet the press," and uck him on yesterday. ifou loo his fe, it look like he lost. heot tt kindf look. the trp. he little more imated. but i don't think there is any
8:58 am
>>ead a rfesterdayp on agen georgi talkedbout how muche' gog to w when he's esent. he said,oueoplare ing tosay, president trump, plse st a the winning. we're nning too mu. >>h,y gosh feel bafor jeb sh. >> j sh rember a yr a wa goio beeb against hillary. that wefor wewut do truettingn t race. jeb sh inouth carolina ttin 8% o the te. suendi his campgn. it's ove for him. he gotnderdablemotional. >> the pple of iowa, new hampshirand south carolina ve sken,nd i respect the decision. soonig, i am suspending my campaign. >> no. yeah, yeah. >> n n >> thank y. [ applause ] the these guys t so much to thcampaigns. they pheirilies ou there, w24 hou a day, so vested toee it d is oious diicult moment for him,t's the end his
8:59 am
heasovernooflorida the da are bind him. he steing off the age. >> neveray never. you nev kn. >> y thi h come back a run again? >> you nnow. >> replius is in va tomorrow. >> why deyuses? it's oose things that can't ining in a room d ha to say out loud whoi'm gor, and have to connce other people. seems like the better way to go wld be like let's not those. >> lika primy. >> y. >>ou c watch tm, it isamazin we watchedheinow a it's gups of peoe.yosupport hillary. you anover the. you pport berniestanover there. undecided,tandver there. hillary anbernieeople, make yo case tho people. they gnd snd with the other group. it's amazing. >> all right. >>emocratic prary is in soutrolinan saturday. thflipng wherey are this wee hat's right. >>'re talking apple, y ys. there's been aot of pressure on apple tlease to try get thcode to t atod r e firsti, i reor james comey personally weigng in onisncy's
9:00 am
phone us by thn bernarno ooter. comesays the itigation of whatapd in san berna cannot be te without getting a lophone. saying, and this is int his ement, we simply wan with a sera to y to guesshe terrori's passcode wit the phone essentlly -desuctianthouiting deca touess correctly.that's it. donant breaknyone's encrtion don want masterey loo on theand. we cank at the survirs in t eye or ourselves inhe mirrf we don't follow the lead. earlier this morng, apple's chieexecutive tim cook said, bacally, thease was more than a single phone or investigati. he says what's at ake ishe dataecurity ofillionof le they're also sayg -- i mea eraralkinds of questis. i wareading e yk ti" dot thini jurink wine do notng. >> look >> iid s ine that tre have bn of requests over
9:01 am
they said, i think it was somethine it, i can't read without my glasses. 11, >> 11,000. they said th they ve out information 7,10mes. it's n t first time the red it. >> iit technicallysible foem to what the vernment is ng theto do? that'ques. th're saying they'd have to ke a -- th'd he write new prram gethenfo out. the governments saying t need it. i think t cmosense quesoneoe are askings, cat u st takth one phone, open itp and lls wh ithere thout mpromisi t other pho >> exactly. whul'te able t-- so t cha of evce remns bren coup fbi guy walk it over, stand outside a ro, itor ape do it, give them th infoation, and thewalk away. >>on >> done. >> i agree. yton500 sterda >>nbelvable nish. t was sose. thash what w it, like a tenth a second. >> 0.01 send.
9:02 am
first daytona 500 yeerday in a photo finish. est finish in history. watcthis. boom! look at that. >> oh! >>ow. >> that's incredible. there was another incredible mont. oundur goobuddy hn cen >> what happened? >> t fox spos report jamie tt wks rightast cena, the honory pace car driv. check o. >> ty' a gng to be at thbooth. wow >> smashed him ie face wh her ponyil. >> hdoesmove >> joh doesn't. >> whack. the look hees one more ti. one more time. >> come on >> bam. she lat tets how cou ss jn na we talke
9:03 am
and i rnedt the g time. ner sahim. apologs. #youan't see me. run that onee time. cena is like, i'm not moving. you what you want to do. i'm staying here. >> i'm in my lane. >> we t. >> herit is. one more time. >> i likit in slo-mo >> a little pony wh. now watch me wpowate e > you alteus to th. a meorolist liberty ch at ktlat s anles d dres that dsn'tork well. >> it has green i thkey is greso anything that has gen is eleconally removeby the camera. >> is she maked? >> not qui. >>ake a look. >> in the '30sn the gh desert. i'm going to havto change. lot is. >> the tng i when you wer, y knothere'a maey a certain cloing doesn't wo with it.
9:04 am
is that a blue dress? >> that's a chroma key. theyan pick almost any color to key ou >> they justeyed out you he. >>r jacket >> there he is. >> loothat low pressure system >> te off you shirt. >> i look like al. that's crazy. >>hat er hpen to you, anytng like t >> i've done i on purpose like on halloween kd ofhing. no. >> did you get a million followers yet? >> we're not quite tre ye >> how close are you? >> knocking on the door. >> how close? >> well, the door is a littl ways away. >> it is. >> i wouldt say we're knocking on the doo howeve it's day 19 of our 25 days of giveaways. today's prize, a kenmore elite crossover ultrvacuum what? >> you'rging presents away? >> we're giving presents ay. you bet. let's goofabookom/tod's
9:05 am
let's see wh we're srtin wi today. boom, 285,000. it woulde so fantastic if we could get to 300,000 today."today's take." that's what's going onund the country. here's what's happening -- oh, billboard. severe w severe weather making its to the miatlantic states, snow to the west. in for the east. fotorrow, enhanced risk, 16 million people at sk for tornadoes from lake chles to the panhdle of florida. wind gusts and then dnesday, slight risk from orlando to
9:06 am
whe's hoda going? 21illion people at risk. look at th, overhe next fi days, wide swa of rain, could be 3 to 5 inches down to t south. snowfall, look at this, lansg to flint, you uld e upward of a foot of snow. hoda, hit the button. one more time. >> 2,118. watch this. go. boom. onhe move now. at's wt's going on around
9:07 am
>> that' >> that's your latest weathe back? she going to hit the button again with a spe gues it it,ntho ckie. >> boom! i kwit. >>omon. >> guess who is coming up? >> >> >> ant no now yocan createour own tour of italy atve garden, starting at $12.99
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9:10 am
> ant nthony mace appeared on brdbroadway, indie films, yame it sroudest achievement is inon this show 17 times. >> yup. >> inis n film "triple9," he plays a crupt cop bei ackmailedy the russian mob.>>lans cnge now that he has a new partr. take a look. >> all m tontroduce his nephew, chris. where' you come from again? >> >> territory. >> is that even a police? >> belmont,hat's wronwith him? mae h get you t come to workon ti. >> you seriou >> remember, u can get t day off. it's all i got. >> can we talk out is? >> will,ll no. rememb, if you get on the show 20 times, you g aree smoothie. i'llunch it for you. >> you're on 18.
9:11 am
m winning. thesewo guyredifficul we're g totyou, anthony. >> it's a good bust. >> come on. >> wassking howriedife was. you know what h d in the cocial? he pled h weddi rinut of pocket. >> i was lotioning m hands. lo at that. en y push lion , u take off the rinso it dsn't topy. >>e don't play le th. masolidarity. >>ea her over ere. >> take off your rings gether. >> no. >> when i read abo the movie, it sayacon,here is a heck of a cast unlly star-studdedas for an action moe. >> yave real cool aracters that comeogr and make this world gr thriv and explode.
9:12 am
like yave bun ogrea tors a great nsemble. had fun ming it. how d youdescriour acr, lite >> one salt is another man's sugar. i wouldn't say he's corrupt. he's a guyooking for an oppounity outside of the everyday 9:00 to 5:00. you know what ian?>> it's how you look atit. >> yeah. how d you cose yourroles, an i'm surou get a of ripts tt come yr way. i don't. tahat you give me. no it's all about theirector d the script. i love whe i canead acript from beg end without fagleep, i know is a good movi my thing is, literally, if i ad read, b the time i get to y, i'm asleep. never fails. >> you're pg forourole asalcon in "captain erica:civi war." th heen heck of characte f yo i hasbeen.theecon coole tng i've
9:13 am
being king in new orleans. give me som of that all >> that was a big deal. that a bigdeal first met? >> i'm wng tigh. yeah, thead thing isou can't do ain. i'm gonna do it n. wther the ask or >> i'll sho u iny king outfit ae like, l's. >> how fatherhoo going? grt, man. there's nothing bett. it'sverything i thought i would be. hink being a parent is perfecthen you choosehe right partner. >> ah. >> i'v been very fortunate t have a gre partner. >> see? >> i was just gin him -- i lo ahonynd love anthony's wife. >> antho i stickinground to swer your questions. 're going to play celebri fishbowlomin upnext.
9:14 am
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9:17 am
we're going tolay celebrity fibowl. pull a question and answer . >> wch this. alright. who wro thi from lake ty, flor , when are y o their - oh wh you are on the r, do you take potty b >> tha probabl >> yeah, cau dot. uestns for him? et try another one. >> g wh anoerquestion. >> all ght. eyto fro wiscsin. doou sep with atuff animal? >> oh. >> is this for me? >> yeah. . of course i do, ye. i mean, no. >> whodoesn't? my has a stuffanimal, a ltle dragon tt he insists ays in my ro. isually wak upith a sffed imal iyfa.
9:18 am
>>nthony i ling ts s . >> this is goi to be astic. >> sandy fm rich, at up, sandy? whic aual sale dou loo forwtost?>>id aone look at tse qutis? >>e'llind aoo one. >>reat estiona aua holiday sale at bass pr op >> hers good one. >> my manpa. 's t
9:19 am
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takin aook at headlines. the sup court hears cases day f the first time sin theeath ofustice anton scalia. the crt is enl spl ideagically ang t eight mes. pridentba plans t nonate a replamentver the
9:24 am
that job shod fal h succesr. new nbers oer dmatic proof tha t vacci for virus is virus i down for hpv. it's d since the vcineas mmedn 20. wn for 34% for women in their early 20s. it's the most cmo sexually transmitted infecon in the types lead to cervical a other ncer fewer than half of teenage gir and 1/4 of boysave had a the dose neededorul ection. theonsumer product safety common is warning no hoveoard currelyd in the itedtates is certified as safe th canose an ueasonabl riskf fe ttan rest in ju or death. hoverboard batteries have been blam for dozens of fires. the commissn ishreang rells i safety standards are not met. toys "r" us said it stopped he pular hovertrack
9:25 am
issues. deadpool" is alive andl at the top of theox office. it brought in another $55 millionhis weekend. "kung fu panda 3" was second. > a story wit a happy endi a bald eagle nursed bk to healthfter being caught in a net lasteek isk in the wild. spectars ghere t giv the eagl a proper seoff. the eag fst landed on top of a hotel neby. eventually flew off and disappeared. al, isn't that tiful? i can say that without reservation,is. >> awe. > yway,he week ead, the wet weatherthe southeast. plenty o sunshine in th northeas lo for snow a the rockies.
9:26 am
severether along the oes coast. things quiet down without a lot going on. chveormal out w a throughout much of the country. midweekperiod, we see chillr air move io the ection. a the cot. by the lter part of theek, we a below to much below noal in the easrn ird. western two-thirds loong >>hat' >> that's your latest ather. to two ofhollywood's most
9:27 am
donald and kfersutherla. despe having 0 films between th, the fathernd son never have appeared together until now. them to em to talkut their new ifou oo did not choos it. >> reporter: a talented son ying to live up to the hig stands o a perful father. it'sart of e pl of "fsaken or" it also theea forr suther, whoatr donald has been atar for the last hace >> i'm g embarrass him right now. i've alwayfelt notnly is m father one of the most prolific actors in the english langue but one of e most important. he's someone iante to wk th. for my wholecare. >> it true you didn't rze your dad was an actor until you were ? >> i always knew he was an
9:28 am
i didn't know -- >> you thought i told joke >> didn't kno the scope of whe haddone. >> "mash, "ute," "oary people," the lsendls. >> what advice, you being w yoare, and your son is getting in the busine, what advice d you offer, or did you step bk and let himo his thing? i dn't give you a advi. isaid,e uthful. b truthful. and theay i tookhat was, don't get caught forcing a moment, even if it means -- even if in e script says, the manks himlf to tes. if the script or you're not gein tthear figure out another way to porayit. like son,n' list tha well. eporter: kier listened ll eugoorge his own successful career, which incles higights like x's "24." wh the series enfer
9:29 am
into genre he ved, the westerns. also starring ingri kier's old frie demi moe, it features the cplicated relatiohip tweenhe andsons. >>heienc tha i had in this film quite extraordinary for me. inany ways, i felt like i was cheating. because whether iwas dynamic aggression towar each other or anct of conssion tt was very sorrowf -- >> it was a of that >> -- i was looking into my father's eyes in any one o those giv nts. >> behi the actor were the ey of my son. it inrm thetuat it was supsed to itas we wanted. it was our hope. one interest note, donald sutherland said he wanted t in a film that kier directs. we're going to lookorward to that. in the meantime, "forsaken" inheaters no >> i didt k n woed ge.
9:30 am
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9:34 am
y you know nick gehlfuss from hameless." no he's savg lives and racingulsesn "chicago med." >> it iludes"ccame and "chicagopd." take a ok. insucted you not to go anywhereear jennifer bake >> b i heard good news jeifer hasn't had any of the ualid effects. shoing great in her treatment. >> that's bede the point. you bntly dregard the one thing i ask you not t do he could be on the road to remission. i'm sure they'll drop the wsuit. >> youon't kw that. i had tried to supportive of you, b one more sste and i will suspendyou. >> boy. >> s. >> youe in theghouse. >> she'sogood >> amazing.
9:35 am
weucked iy h perfmance, wching that >>ve time. >> your i a nurse, ster rse, yourew aun medi. i did. >> did thatelp f the role oh, yeah. so, puts m und the biggest microscover created. les it ts way, if my ther or my sisr were le to breathe and was the onl doctor around, t they'd be the first to pform cp on emsees>> there yougo. >> ds you mom think you're a convincing dto wn shewatche theho >> yes, actuall she does. it's theest complimen y can receiv fmeopl w know th world. hicago med" is the les t wld that dick wolf eateinhica. firend . at's inrestinou have this spread acros t differen shs, withhese thre different cas inractin t's synergy atts finest withtelevision. what he's done is igine all yoavitcterrom your favorite swsmingling. yohave jerry seinfeld and the
9:36 am
at "c" the gs from "fds had a cockta, as we. it'slliant. the wlds clide namalturally in rl life,o it's pracca at the brilliancof dk wolf. we were talkinghat dick wolfan't lose. he comes out with something a yonow it' going t . what is the magic o dick ? why does itork soll? >>s not luck, i don tnk ea >> he's loyal to hi ns.we knows what works. he ya he puts it outther he doesn't want toak flashy shows. he jt wants toe sws that work and h ity. and to areat job honin the noble pression >>n i was out ther isaid, he nee lawyers then he's got it all. nowe'll have to pay you beusou called it. >> hav't gotten theheck yebut,di, i'm happyo be
9:37 am
it aotne thot ine hicago post," the postoffice.>> n quite as exciting ust gave h another ea my friend. >> what to the paper t. >> we've got a ltle quiz. >> , boy. >> mal lgo game. >> y said you're a convincing doctor. >> word or rm, tell us if it's medical or made up. >> okay. >> startt off. >> i have to prounce th. ribenori rinorigamitus. >> made up. >> i didn't sl that well. >> ok. madeup. >> real. lines the inner airways of the lungs. >> i had that lt summer forget forgot about at. >>ongiform >> spongiform. >> use that in a sentence. >> ie ai i phone a friend?
9:38 am
>> something tha resembles sponge, like something with a lot of cavies >> theree go. >> interestin sexy >>e exposedyou, nick gehlfuss. >> congratulations o the succes of the show. cah "chicago d" tomrow at 00 onc.>> dinne wit five ingreds,ctor a b sargen pple are real cheesepeople the generaons anning or 60 years. they don't bieve in arfici th or perficiathat. they know that in a world of ov-processed there's no sstitute for apiece real. real cheese people belie every caerole deserves a shred of authenticity, every sandwich a slicef gi natural cheese off-the-block 100% real. sargento,
9:39 am
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9:42 am
seriouy? we'll give it 6 for composion. scary. wow, what out just putting a fair, hagglprice the winw? t zany enough? sotimes the besteals e etty pla to e. is thisorni on t od, ve ingea you c whip upn minutes. >> we have thexecuti che ocean eanaesurantere new yocity.he a shrimp riso goo seu. ooe
9:43 am
mp, ,e cen k. andrs you ndts alr i t ry. th don'tunt. >>e l ee. w doe arte be >> take autternut squash d ct in half. weeel top. en wre goi dic theop into slices aheno stick andnto cubes t we're g tote in ament. allright. >> t the bottom wre goi ve with the peel. we're just simpl going toe t seeds and we're gogo drizzle it wit a ol l. we g to seasoit salt and pepper. >> niceeasy. we' going tooast it 375degrees. until tend it'll take about minutes. ok. >> you're goioe it w a knife. when it'ser, it'llo rht h. wh it's tender,e're going to oop out t ree. >>et i coolfffirs >> yes. righto thood ocesso we goi pul it unt
9:44 am
st goi to ta couple of seconds. >> you have a coupl sash e png? this is o sq. the bottomf the one uash. >>okay. then we've gothed we'veak tutternut sash top that we' ded sautd. it's reago. i a greatexample,re you can o i two ways. >> su w, this is, in a the time consumi pa? >> yes. th takes about 15 to minutes.what w going t d h is e going to actually saute the rice in the ove oil for two nutes. >> you want to brown it, get i nutty? >>t. it helps it ab the stock litt faster youdd ttockn cple adtion that's a diffence bween risotto and gular, l's say, ricedish. youdd itnadditions.
9:45 am
knan a the n additionf thliid. >> gd trick. i s going to ask howou kn. thas i teabou15 t 18minus, 'r gngo add o rimp. rawmp? >> likeawsh >>s issh shr they'ven d/4 in. we goingo finh coong that right in th ri i wituash. >>hat w adyiced. no if you hand m the ree? rmally, arisotto,ou would fini it with se butter and some cheese uould do that here, if you'd like. e pue, bedes having another way to use theame grient twe, this is gng toe t re a eamy consteyitut ainxtra fa aufu tt' ea >>eeps itittle al >>ay an
9:46 am
>> finhit with fshsa.>> ten p.looks grt and smell good, too. >>hais got ts t eetns it >> oh,ma fantastic. >> tha youerymuch. rfndy to . ad ttoday.m/food
9:47 am
9:48 am
oday" o c. so good ian't speak,,,,,,,,,,,, >"toy's ta."".." we'rep to 290,000. >> smelesslyeggi eve day. you bet that. >> what are you doing today? >> the leannd the >> and your traing is here. my trainer is here. >> a hunk. >> i haven't met him yet. looking forward to . >> i bet you are. >> a restaurant etiquett >> sd be fun. >> we have -- what se do we ?
9:49 am
>> with yr ainer. >> after a margarita. >> thanks forging out wh us thi moing.
9:50 am
9:51 am
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9:54 am
and hoda kotb, le frotudi 1-ocfeller plaza.>> hello, everybody! yes, it'seginni of the workweek but ifunday mony arhere,y 22nd. that is "confessn"yrida geora . ho is hgf trole ccentrang becse mebodys here. wh >> thatguy. >> my t ire. 'sexng, ne is chris. he'srom australia. >> is hoda good w in in the morning? >> we train 5:30 in e moin >> he's going to show the workout has me . youaiou hatedit>>no, i sd i'm nothat good at it. cis is going t sws some exerses. >>ook tho tats. >>e'sot a fe >> if you missedhe big "friends" reionastnight, we have all thehighlights. >> no last year it was all
9:55 am
so there's a newan craze calledhe dab. linknd dab,ink anddab. i ner lea thenae. >> i theeannd the dab. >> ty'reoing tow us ey sd iwas easy. >>okay. y sai a neeke thrmom. le wn uaker le ipstother. wd. weent to orida. d jus -e justot se rays my was jt lik -he's on e my e sawy hns k in e bby. to mymom, that's mar higginsclark, and she id le wnuck up to her. she saidhe b on the it seemse's here everee w aew love heres.
9:56 am
>> s's notnoo mu >> tt'shate sahe dayt s l yo petayndny cet was love yr ps. i t emn e sofa. >> ian believehey jt m liat. >>he immiaoo athe ca. dheyveret mdy a n o youfurnit >> ah t to ge rid aoon ssible. >> is natnalargarita da how do you li hoda? like m ckth just tuilael. just ila. thas really hasikne of those why we have a margarita cupcake, you might add?reui soaked. wry it? eing so you it. >> i'm nsed to ing swts. >> yourrainer i watchinyoyo trasatchgu, ho
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