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tv   News 5 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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thksna oonnuincovege of e r teree in nunt. the wn is post-pg the navote on the chae d tonit... the blic wor session to discuss the re increa. anyone who lives in monume or owns a businesthere is encouraged to attend. the meeting arts at 5- at the wnall. as we'ven pog... the final tee rate increase wil be hd on mch 7th. we sll have a montleft o thwint season ahead of us.. but the destive force summer floodis still fresh in nds anit springs residents.. this is video from august of last year...
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w the cities fod recovery team is hopi you canelp provide somenput when comes to upcoming flood recovery projects. looking ahead for you.. a publiceeng is scheduled for tomoow night. it begins at 6 at city halin manitou rings. coloradoprings police are looking for the suect o fired shots atar lot ithe 100 block ofwest vmijo". it all happened early saturday morning --hen police say the owner n illegally paed jeepri to ask a tow truck driver to releashis vehicle. the w truck driver said no and pulled the car into a lot. li s sholyfter.. a oled stati won pulled up tot.. ansomee fed seval shots ou t win e w truc t thhie. police say tuspect got away. the station wagon was und lar, unoupied, with a lly loadedunn thpassger at.
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and as injed neisorning... the colodo sings man accused of stabbing his neighb ove ise compt will bin cot. it hpened two weago in the 400 blocof north kiostreet. police say the vtim, armed th sma b, knockeon hisneigorkevin y's"oor to mplain aut the volum ris that's wheney rew thmato tround and stabbed him multiple times. les arrest... and e vi sfered non-fe threatening injuries. weather d trfic on ts. ief morning meteorogist ephen bowes here n with rst alert 5. a mid-lesturbance rough nort utah this morning iheading eastward. it is already bringing some snowto areas around salt le city. clouds will increase steadily today wi snow developingver the eamountains this afternoon d th evening. areaof snow willontinue velongast of the mains ernit nigh a wint wth advisory is i fectelr coty f
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nter weather advisorieare also in effect for the wet mountains, the wet mountn valley, d sangre de cris mountain and f huerfo and las animas counties. owals of 4 to 7 inches are expected in southe areas. ntertormarngs are in effector pes peaabove 11,000 ft and for higher peaks g the wet motains sare de isto mouai. lollhigher totals arlikely on those higpeaks. mpaturesn th20s this morning, so have theoa handy. ansunshi we wi be filteredhr iasg cldsrning. thcloudsl continue to ilthis morningndntis teoon. mpatures wilwarmhrough the 40this morni. wilbe ithe 4050s with developg snow wesof i-25 ithe hier s. ow continues develg ov thmountains this afternoon. ghs ll be in t 40s and 50s. areas of snow willry tmove ouof the mountai overnight. snow accumulation east of the
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rng now tor election watch... there are eight days until super tuday. when 1ates incding colodo -- ll make their pick r a pridential nination. over the weekend... two major battles concluded as edicted th both parties' front runner taking the victy.. with donald trumtaking south carolina... anhillary winning in nevada. anwhile... formerresident bl clinton clearing the way fohis wi'sampaheren colorado cltofishedp hisoutherncolorado camn ops th ap toolorlle sund aftno. he td thcrowe a thousa supporters out llary's an tght th country's dr problem and solidify a path to citizenipfor legal imanhe ao ediss desire to implement -- free commity college and othe job-training programs. coloradoieutant vernor "joe gcia," was in the dienceages that the fo
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's theiruturwe must be most foced on. therarpeople coming ouwith bt, needo get bs, need to buy a home, need start a buness. th's wt w talking out. therreside alsheld a rallon surday -- at the onvention ce..we wl have morcoge of the race for the white h... coming up in the next half hour of news five today... stl ead lead poisoning i the light as city oflintdeals with theionoing waterrisis.... and ng up in yhealth ly. a look at the dangerous -- life long effects it can haven chdren.... us... ifou're sure what to do withs year's tax return... have a few responsible recommendations for you at
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'sext, in your consumer watch. tay's yr healthy faly.. 've beor oe watersis flint. d today we're looking atow the le-taied tap-water - will likely impa the lives of e children who drank it.lead causes the most devastation -- on e deveping brains of babiesnd toddlers. however, the full impact of lead isoning isn't clear til much
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two lead poisoning survivors and how their lives are impacted decades ter. --- pkg -- nats as pou want g your child the best shot at life sot: hollyghell, mothe "i rembethe y heasorn d i s neveso hapn myli." for his first ons - vi brhtwe metvery develoenst then... soolly brighel mother "at first i didn't realid wh was ing one waha eizures.david habeen eing d breathing le painthips a dust in their home. sots: parents "it was in the carpets.. in the walls." "an't belie th hapneto mson." "wi d .. i st prato td." jerry bus wadiagnod with severe ld poisoning at two... sot: jeral clabin, mother "hs been in and out of the hospital8 mes... 18."eral clabin no idea r sohabeen chewingn lead paint chips tir home. sot:erallabi mothe
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crazy ... l yocan thk is my baby ght berain damaged." so parent "will he ever be normal." like t children in fli - n one n ever know whdavid and jerry mit have become... but day - we know whthey are. jerry will turn 21 soon d stl lives with hisarts. so jeral clabin, mother "ht ll me mother. he call nr 2. jump ahe in te we're nuers.. all got numbers. we all num to him. i don't understand. he's been doing it for a long time." nats dr. bryan bue eated jey nely twoades ago. we showed m jerrtoday. sot:r. bryan burke, pediatricia "you can tat he's more in control ofimself tn he was this is better than i d hoped. cae he the mos siicantly lead poisone child i'd ever seen." any blood lead level higher than five is considered elevad. jerry's s an astonishing 203... high enough to kl hi compe that to levels in the 30s... that's the highest the state
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nats s he circling arou me." david brhtwell's lel of expore w 47. sot: hol brighell, mothe avid h been diagnod with hd.. with tourett.. a lot of times iill think of tomanyught onc" d says he has always struggled to f. soavidghtwell, had lead poisoning "i usuallyike to think like background music in my head to help the foc because the background music hs. he ialso a high school graduate t: hly brighell, mother "he aduated th a regar diploma, whicht - one point we were even sure at was gonna happen." college inoin the picture - and david is sti working on getting ariver's license. t he did getis first real job rently - helping kids with special nes. sot: holrightwel mother e's got the most kindest hea of anybody i've ever known." vid's mom thinks t challengesf his own childhood - have made him nsitive to those of oths. sot: holly brightwell, mher "i ary proud of the man he has beme."
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stephen bowers is here now with rst alert 5. a milevel stncmovingthrorthern uh this morng is heading eastward. it is already brinng somowto areas aund salt lake city. clill increase steady today with snow velopi over the eaermountains this afternoon and this evening. areas snow wi connue developing east the mntains overnight tonight. a winter wtherisy is in effect foreller county and far weern el paso county, where 1 4hes sw ected. er wtheriss are al ieffect forhe wet mountains, tet mntain vall, and cristo mounins, andor hrfanand las animas couies. snow ts of 4o 7 inchesre expectedn southern areas. wint storm warnings are in effect for pikes peak above 00 feet andigher peaks along e wet mountains d sare de crisountai.
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on those higher ak handy. any sunshine we see be filtered tgh ireasing clou this moing. the clouds will continue to builis morning a in thioo temperatures will rmhrough the 40s this mning. noon will be in e 40s and 50s with developing snow west of i-25 in the higher spots. onti developin thmotain afternoon. hille in the s ans.ofnow ll tryo move ouof t mountns overnight ow accateast othe mounins ll gerally bless than 2nches,nd me snow will likely me rather than
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watch... cls-acti lawsuit has bn filed against a-m-c theatres claiming thehain makes it ha for blind people to enjoy moes. acrding t lawsuit fed in san francisco a-m-c rarely id appropria, functioning audio-deription devices to bli custors. those listed in the lawst say the devices are often unavailae, haveow batteor play the wrong audio descriptions. the wsuit also claims a-m-c staff somemes nd blind customers devices intended for t who are deaf. this tax season... the r-s is on paceo match or exceed lasyear's... 77-mlion refund checks.. th arad about 28-hdred doara pie... as manreceive rend.. expes say thers mthing better and ter yoshou do wi yo money- instead of a shopng spree ncial advisors say the first ing you should dis pay
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itards. th also mmenputting rend money intan emergefund. and en.. ifou still have some left... it good idea to deposit so money into a retirement account. a reminder.. .the date to submit tax returns has been med back four days. year'deadline falls apri18th. coming up... a happwintereekend turns terrifyingors inest virginia... aftea broken cir lift -- leads toeveraluries.. now an iesgationunderway. plus this. engine nats a whacky winter veion of a familiar sport is coming a tradition in wiscoin. 'll show you how to ay....
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,singg "well, shake it up, baby.... and it bee yea since "ferbueller's day " and the city of chicago is
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summer celebrion called- "fris fest..eventsla in may includ-- a screing of the hlywood c, a touof fng ons, and rtif that famouparadecene. marv foul-mouthed mercary "deadpool" me another killinat tox office.. for the secondeein a r.. the "rau hero in redhe the numb opot... alrdy became the high ossinged-rovie -- afte opening on valentine's weekend... annow has alaimo fame. "deadpool" is ofally the most successl x-men e in north america. mang mmonein its ten days tha bo "x-n: t last st. and "days future past swching gearnow... a lift malfuncti at a west rginki resort is under investigation.. saturday morni... thities say more than 25
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"timberline resort" failed... more than 100 wereeft straed, twpeople were ta to the hospital wi non-lif threating jues. seven others were treated the scene, no word yet on what caused the lift failure... but a reso spokespern says it had been tested earli that morning. the ft has been closed indefinitely. engine nats "we ca it snowmobile softbal it's basically slopitch softball, ayed on a snowbile." chis out... ings get wilin t winter in grnville, wiso... where snowmobile softball becoming aeasonal tradn... it's just keegar soft ball... the batters run arou the bases foa score before they can be rown out... except, all the running is don by snow mobiles. ere are some specific rules... players ha to keep their engis off til the ball is in play.. and all the required wintear hand a softballuite challenng... 's all in the name of fu but sterday's tournament was extra competitive for teamfighting
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you t to try it ce, and you geaddict to it." "as longs you don't ack your sledp, is not bad. otrwise,ome of these guys got $1000 sleds out here. you do tt, you're in trouble." orgazers s it's a great event at's really all about getting the whole family outnd enjoyg the snow.. time for weather and traffic o the 5s. chief rning meorogist stephen bowers is he now w first alert 5. a mid-vedibang thronorn uh th mni iading eastward. it is alrebringingowre aroltakci oudsincrse steadily todawith snow developi e eastermotains this teoon d th evening.
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developi east the mountains overght togh a winter weath aory is effect f tcounty a f western el pasunty, where 1 4 inches isted. winter weaerdvorsofehe s, m, ansacris motain for huerfo and las anasouies. snow totalof 4 to 7 ines are pected in southe areas. torm warnings e fector pikk ov ,000 feeand for er along thwet mounand sangre de isto mntns. cally higher ts are ke on those hher peaks. temperre ith20s this morning, so have the cts handy. any sunshine we e will be lter throu increasing clouds this morning. e clou will continue to build this morning and into this afternoon. temperesill warm through e 40s th morning. on will be in the 40and 50s with developg snow west of i-25n e gher spots. ow conties deloping over the mountains this afternoon. highs ll be in the 4 and 50s. areaof snow will try to move
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snow accumulateast of untains will gerallyssthan 2 inches, and morow will likely melt rather than
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than for sticking with news five today at 6:30... heup parents. classes eicott distri2 canceled todayecause of at the distriald a "threat siifolence." thdistct aouncedhe decisi to cancel claes ia
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keda ho be termined the el pastyheriff office is investigating. ght now e tracng the turkey creek fe that broke o on fort cson traini grounds ickly spreading to more than a thousand acres or the weekd. news 5'soanna wiseoinss ve outside of fort carson... whercrews are still on scene. jona... go morni... crews are sce. they shere overnight t monitor the fire and maksure doesn't get out of contol. once when e sun comeup, you might stbe ae see some smoke in the air, crews say thers need to worry. they spent the wkend digng aroundhe fire ord to contain it... and they are cautiously watcng to make re it doesn't ju those lines. the rkey c fire bre out saturdayorning... startling many people in southern colorad... with the large plu of smoke sibloloradspring pueblo and c city. officiy it hned during a shooting exercise...
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remote area where no structures are threened. as of sundayy safiretorcheabou-hundred acre.. and they we hoful of having it 65 percent contained. the good news thisorng.. the coer temperares ar expectedlp with thfire figh of ce,e'll connue to acis sry and bringou e test updat on air and online at koaaot com. reporting live irado springs, joanna wise, news 5. the owner of three greatan that viously attacked four kids in the eastern el paso county communityof rush will face misdemeanor arges related tohe attack. the owneof the dogs has not bentified but the el p coty sheri's office says he is facg charges of unlful ownership of a danrousog, which is a misdeor thattackappened saturday nighwhenfficials say a womabrought her five ks wi her to check on her bosses animals.
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was chking on the horses in the barn when she hearscream d rerned to find the chdren had been attacked b the do thre theldren derwent surgery. a parod meer of a whit supremecist pron gang... is backind rs trning.. 36r "ds sintonwas aredn o suay.. he wanted r alged parole viatio. officis say simonton was one of three polees arrested this month -- for removing their ankle bracels. this mng.... closing uments are expected in the triaof "dynelane." she's the ngmont womancced of cutting an unborn babfrom another woman's womb. bo the proseti a defense rested their ces frid. prosecutors called 16 tnesses, but the defenscalled none an sted lantoldhe judge e would not testify. duri t trial, lane's fst terview wiolice waplay for thjurywhe she clms the victim, "michelle wilkins," was the one who attacked her. lkins s tack last march
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egnant -- she surved, bu her baby d not nechard with attpt first-degr murr, assault, and laul tmination of a pregnancy. new this morning... the pueblo county board of mmissioners may help send more students to ege with marijuansales tadoars. today... they wl discussing a w initiati to match the money raisedm the "pueblo county scholarsfund"... following up for you... that discussion llappe during t brd's regularnday meeting.. which stts at 9 a-m. the fund is said to be nats rst vor-ovedle holarship paidory pot ta dolls. back in november -voters in pueblo county said "ye tan exciseax othe first sa of unpresseretail maruana fromocalultivaon facilities. weather and traffic on the 5s. chief morng meteorologist stepn bowers is here now with
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milevel disturbance moving through northern utah this mornings heading wa its already brgi snout ke ty. ou wilinea sy day th sdeloping mountas thisafrnoon and th eng
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ernight tonight. nter weath advisorn eforeller coun and f n tyere 4hes of sw is expecte winter weather advisories are al in effect for the w mountain the wet mntain valley, d sangre dcristo mountains, and forueano and las imas counties. snow totals o4 to 7 ihes are peed in southern are. winter stormarnings are in efct for pes peak above 11,000
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right now...i-70 throughlenwood canyon i ba oafter la wees massive rockslid c-dot is using a pil c to cort drivers through t canyon bu.. in just a few hours the hiway will close again! todaand for the neeveral d the highway will remain closed from 9 a-m to 4-p-m while crew continue rairs. r 4... drivers lle esrted by a
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toy... "btangice reme to anfrom glenwd spris. thtimes will vary because of the pilot car situation and will be posted on the bustang website. c-dot esmates the damage from this slide could rge from 2- 5-milliodollars. ng live look right now in denver... where in just a uple of hours.. more t0 vonteers will be joinedy n vienceurvivors for rally at the state capitol... to urgcolorado lmakers to ject what so arealling "dangerous" gun laws... t now a numbbis are making theiray throu the state gislature.. one that would allow concealed weapons at public schools... another that would dismantle corado conaled cry permitting and training requements. looking ahead... shou gun mufacturers be held sponble for victims of gun violence a judge will considethe argument today as lauit brout by sandy hook families
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e lawsuialges the gun ed in the attack, an ar-15 high-powered, semi-automatic assault rie, is todangerous to ll tthpubl. anthat mak othat g rengn,... along withistribors an seerhave a lal obligation to sely rket such a daerous product. t lawsuit brouby the families aeges the gun makers the exact opposite.. g adrenalin-fueled ads and targeted-product- placement invio mes. dad wheele sui gunnuer "i woue s them st lking aviolent prone young as tirde custeracbardensuing gun manucter "it's their target." the lawst focuses on a 2005 law passed by congress that protects gun manufacturers from ability , essentially -- a firearm is "mis-usedin a crime to kill people remington is trying to have th se disssed...
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2005 law "provides complet munity." coming up. investigators are arching fo answers after a mass shooting in michigan... we're lening more abt the uber driver -- accused of murderg six people... an another mass shooting investigation... the f-b-i is doubling down on its ruest for help from apple.. the test developments om
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welcome back... toda.. thmich man acced of lling six peop in a random soting e is expected tbe arrainged o rder ces. investigators inamazoo say "jasonalton" chose victi at random surdanigh shootg people outside aapartment le a car dealersp and a restrant. sipeople died, and two oers, incling a 14-year-old girl, were serious injured. the 45-year-old uber driver, who's married withwohildren, has no cminal record. at this time.... investigators have not uncovered a motive. the director of the staing bend a jud's decision to order apple to help io thi-phe us by acd san bernarno shooter
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the agency os it tthe victimof tro attack to tccess to the nman's cellpne. last night. comey post a messageaying the "f can't look the rvivors inhe eye or ourselves in theror. if we don't follow this lead". some victi of thck will alsoile brief supportinghe government position. in a new online post apple cald the government to withdraw its request and and rected the mpany is not heinthe f-b-becae of its busine ierests. bill cosby's wife "camle" heduled to give her deti a defamation itgainst him thisorni the comedian attorneys still figh to st it. however, the deposition is expected to gohead at nine a-m eastern iningfld, massachuses. eight women have sd bill cby for defamation. they cla he portrayed them as
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assating tm.they're among 50 women wave leveled seal misconduct allegations agnst cosby. he dens any wrdoing. weather and affic the 5s. chief rning meorologist stephen bowes here now wh firsalert 5. a mid-lel distbance mong through northern uh this morni is heading eaward. it is already bringing some snow tore aun lake ty. cloucreaseteily today snodepingver e eastern tains this afrnn and is eveng. areas ofnow willti deping et of the mains ernight nigh a winter wther advoris i effector teller county and far sterel paso unty, wher1 to 4 inches of snow isxpected. winter weather advisories are in effect for the wet heai ll, and sa de cris motains, andoruerfo an s an countie totals of 4 t7 in are expected isohe areas.
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11,000 feet d for higher peaks along the wet mounins an sangre dcr mountai cally higher totals are lily onse higher pes. temperatures are in the 20s this morng,o have the coa handy. any sunshine we sewill b fieredough incasg clouds this morning. e clouds wilcontinue t build th morning and into this afrnoon. temperures will warm through e 40s this morning. on will be in the 40s and 50s witheveloping snow west of i-25 in e higher spo. snow continues devevethuntas is aer highs wi be in the 40s and 50s. area snowi try to mo out he mountainsrnight. owccion east oth untas wi gerally be ss
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in this rning's election tch... new developments in the race for the white house after an eventful weend for both parts. in south carolina.... businessman donald tmp won the primarby double digits a collected all elegates aft nning each vindistrict. d history on trump' -- s 10, no repuan prentialandida won both theew hampshi and south carolina primaries- trump ha-- ande on to lo the nomiti. evenignews... former floovernor jebush spendehimpgn... affinishinfourth in the primy eltion. on the democratic side... hilly ton beat out bernie sanders the nevus saturd. putting hein a strong position heading into t demrac primary in southarolina th weekend. it wasckoterely delivered va viy,hor id in, 76- to 22-percent.
6:47 am
rona on turday, she will haerio momentum heading superuesday on march 1st. weill be right back with the five thingyou need to know before you g and he'savannah gutherie ook at what's mi up
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it's almos here areheive things to ow be you go. asse ellicotdict 22 cancelodayecau of what thdistct cled a "threat of significant violence." the district announced the disio cl clsein acebook pt overnit. a -up da y to be termined. the el paso county sheriff's offi is investating. crews contin to work on fort carson... where a mae sfir s burnedore than thousand res..
6:51 am
hanging above the mountain post today... the fire was5 peent contained as of sunday... goodews this morning.. the oler temperatures are exctedhelp. keep checking with news five through the day for e latest fefight pgress. monument is post-pong the final vo on the water te chgendonight the will be publick session to discusshe rate incr. anyone whoives imonument or owns a business ere is encoured to attend. the eting starts at 30 at the townall. as we've been reporting... the fil te on the rate increase will be held on march 7th. mor.... closinumen areected in "dynel lane" trial. lane's the longmonwon accused cutting aunborn baby from michle wilnsomb. she is charged with atteted rsdegree mder, alt, and laul termitionf nanc thhe prosetion and dense rested the casrida right now. i-70 through gnwood canyon is back open after last week's maive rockslid
6:52 am
esco dvers through the canyon but... ust w hours e highy will cloga! daand for thnext sevalays... thhiy will rain closed from 9 ao 4-m ile crews cont repairs. lot car escortremes ter four. weather and afc t 5s. chief morninmeorogt a vel stbanc rough rthern utah th morning is heading easar it is already brinng some snow to are aund ltakty. clds will seady towithw velo or the untains is afooand this eveni. areas of snow will continu veloping et of the mountains overnight toght. a winter weather advisory isn effect for teller countynd far western el paso coun, where 1 to 4 inches of snois expected. winter weather advisories e also iefct for t wet motains, the wet mountain valley, and ngre de cristountains, and for huerfano and las animas counties. snow totals of 4o 7 inches are expected in southe areas. winter storm warnings are in effect for pikes peak above 11,000 feet d for higher peaks along the wet mountains and
6:53 am
thoseighepeaks. temperatures are in the 20s is morning, so have the coats handy. ansunshine we see will be filted through increasin clouds thimorng. the cloudsill contin to build this morningnd into th afternoon. temperures will warm through e 40s this mni iln e 40s thevelopg snow west of i-25n highpots snowonties delopinover s. areas of snow will try to ve t of the mountai oveight. snowccumatn east of the untains will gerally be less th 2 inches, andore ow will likely melt rather an
6:54 am
stay cnected wh k-a do coall day. l beack with yr local
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race, do race, dona tmp in position for the nomination and fling go unstoppae? with two wins under his belt a idates dropping out of the cedonald trump in sion fothnomination and feeling confident. >> you're going to get so ti you're going to y please,
6:58 am
stand it anymore. we don't wanto keep winning. we can't stand i and i'going to say, i don't care. we're going to keep winning. we'rgoto maka great again! >> on the democratic sid hillar hillary inton re-eneized after winning nevada. with two more ntes this week and super tuesdaeighdays away, is there anything left that cou shake up this re? facing jtice. the ub dvespected in the michigan shooting rampage that killed six people and injured two others, due inourt today. now,e'reearning he may hav pied ures in the mdle of his alleged shootingpree. >> i kind of jokiny said to thdriver, you're not the shter,re you morning, whatnesses sayingbout their interaions that night. high high poweredresse.
6:59 am
onof tan bnardin oote heayevyonetake dp ea and senior moment. a 106-yearld woman fulfills a li dream, visiti the prident and first lady. >> i thought i would never be ableo gntthwh ho >> stillan a >> the meetnd greet a dance that has the interne on fire today, monday, februar nd 2016. >> aouncer: from nbc news, this is "tay" with matt lar d savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcto "toda" wow, it is a monday, isn't it? do i makeou nervous, savannah? >> i'm getting used to you. matt off this morning. were i south carolina all weekend. >> donaltrump with ten point win comi on the heels of a double digit w in new hashir the question now, can he be stopped the republican primy? >> not surprisingly,he presidential race is our t
7:00 am
doldrump and hillarylinton making their cases as e clear leaders in their races. >>s weaid, trump picking up his seco strght victory saturd. a decisi win in sout carolina. where marco rub eed out t cruz forond place. second clion bouncing bac from hisefeat in to sen senor be sanderin nevada. >> the democtic imy in south caroli is on sury. we're justig days from ser tuesy contest in2 ates. and amer and amica samoa. th cou cement the race on both sides. we have complete coverage at is key moment in the campaign. beginning with nbc's hlie jackson in las vegas. go morning. >> good morning. this morni, thceer of attention in this ra has shifted hereo nevada, wher donald trump will ho a cple ofales today. history on h side right w. no repubcan s won new


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