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tv   Today  NBC  February 20, 2016 2:07am-3:00am MST

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>> next time. >> a >>ounc: frombc news, ths "today th kat withate lee gifford anda kotb stu1-a roefelleaza. >> h, erybody. congralations. you made it ry day friday, february9. >> tt's one y jams. "cakbycean" by dnce. >> la, la, la. >>s -- e by the o >> gi. >> thi iseally gng outf ha. o invited lorighlin? you th have the musical ste a 1ar-old girl. eat off he wnd if y greup ithe 70- 80 ans you he sml
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l ho" it'so secrethat li is bac they anticip reboshe'l usuthat and then p hero the te >> iil fu >> look hd sheoks. ceere "the edgefght." i've known you sinceou we 16. ha aa. she hadn't even started. >> we can reminisce later.the weav known each other forever. she's the only o that looks the same the guys from ipping boston e here to help increasthe value ofour ho with incrible before and afteot they'relw n. >>nd ourend uire has anotheunbeabletoryt caly bscd asod wilgiou clls. >>iss ri, you're eit? >> i exced.
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andeang aut i ane llma thi >> i third seas. >>'t tn on tv wiout u on ilately.thailer, reu, of i >> apparenthe is n al havfot this et n hiv, te oes. i don't belie it. >> loo ye ho drive. ou sit's n rhond miing a tter t's ho. hoda ps thho in da. weno hoda - lo, y donet taugh loly, ay ye. tnkoebk fa llt. no it's srtgo nou . an bobby pi kle it hi bjoke? >> s d be etith huand cy o di't wtop sen goog map we want thank hor tha>>ave u ev beeto a ear or mov andhe pelerod yoe ckin
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whater hing ihas. [ snze >> ido happen.woy oumylfoughing and sneezing. i don't ti wn he a dog it us icont d o . i vehe snkye. 's g atiye. >> do. >>t yhi? hs e g. doesn'maer wt in itte whait fro eelek sa >>ot es hiifhapps d oftent iu e si, no don't go awhere. don'infe ady th's what i ssh. ea >> d infect odel. t somes body walks i gesmelof the peume oretnd irt toneez th dt ca n've me e -- snee>>f you ve aold,s ppen to in urch.was rh --ic--
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i d coheeebere. felt mh be. alf adden y gettile i was fi forours and- then yocoul'tp you edouro >>ha gdnes i hapned chbecae iad peopl vinge iad moretu immeatelbecae eyare out peop. you'r t theer and they havpaid mon tsee ay, eyikyou. t wr r the tegrh nto a owndas supt th snyeoe cohing he wt she s. t at thimavoan legmaslo.r iheadomrades t fou bin andirtlto m gh was cghing cyom srto ni yeah yeahshe tne to stt maki announcemen l pl couhestif y . >>tifl is. fehappen pe ugh. pe eeze.nobo wops --ou kn
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actor ress on ia ical le d a bi ugor sneez the w i when y'r e meline, and you ge. you c and ppl upset u are noonlyouand sneezi hackin y're tryingt h, stumbngll over themand they he missed i n yoa tick you n' cough d tt' worling iworld. y alsoe that in eaters. >>veryonop whining. weave y to help if you snee a lotr yours do theyave be teachpeop neeze into your arm. >> the elbow thisslehesnee it a snee guard. it mus be fdr s ?ye >>ny way, y putt u on
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>>chust be attracte at hewisend ew then you take andou it's $ for pacfseve >> thit's a good. inkt'sterrible. the kids at school yan cture ? ill be a. >> were u mean gl? >> was othreceivend ofmean gls. yo a dogred youook like st friday wshowed medith vieiwhat dog sheks lere is meditand g looklike. e w a cker aniel. >>adorable. >> they matched mep to an afghanound at's wrongith ri? [ laught ] as obee do like th. >> youinof do. we wanted to trynothericture
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firs all, wh with th mohawk? ohit's also funny. you know what? [ lahter ] >> all right. okay. m a po. aery cu pooe. anhe i am. i'not a la wte teier. tsot fa. let' look atattue mat larould be a german ephe. oka >> kinof. we ieregiand 's britny. >> tt esn'look likrej. no no,t esn' t' tlot n. tisn ap >> what wait? >> y want us tdo y? >>t be like perfe dog. li we to thathy dmydle aiir? didn't you jet a regular pood?
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nohe cing t s.t.reer tt thing?>> iad the.a. hyou d abthe rsio taxton>>renoaby io th the headli. 's you ll bquzed matan thdebased inan wrg. ilr he ch mnshe vabuly woar e ith reg wring gmen at meaou kw h tose the wo n j memize wi flaca li did, fove. thiis a ge to sho stup we >> already knoe haveart. wor fod on vm uess wt it m. >> >> hs the seence. wh the oostely a -- >> ws one lely. >> tt's whatd. >> yaid "t o 's gky.thatot
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>>s ob pan mns - t saone. rong >>ebl mei t . >>wardcemo becset tribicishat i sa.bls spy ] >>umr o. whh whh t folloou b describeas tpsichore? >>elcrin talwa aou? l mbrk il goith l. [ er ]>>t'the er? >> >> ias gng to walt escrib thavi to dci. >> ithere more i hopeot. goo>> t lone. ic theolngoulde descbe -let'see yo asmt ase e, li.
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a,an hotelr go nht s >>hohtt tdo soinwithesis >>ooghslee pta. [ buzzer>>ha yhi it ? f hel. >> o s cheat natas t rorhas syritic amenities. >>t s dees. i wig. >> t y for tt. >> itimeor o- >>day funn [ laug ] lori,nswer wioda. itcold -- how cold was it instead of yellfr the copsusled go o that wa >> it wasoold -- >>d was hitchhs holding upic thumbs. th t g n at >> tse. was so cold>> h cols it?
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chatng, inhe g. >> onef >> t. two t ofee. >> aight havfullouseoday. it's en fu because l whs here- lori. we'll cah uph the betil actress andfind out what she's been up to that vy fewon haso we think. >> really? i want to know. >> we'll be right back. ifou're approachg now'ti to get in a row. learnbout medicarand the opyou have yoe, medicaresn't cover everythi - only 80% of ur part b mal expenthe reup tyou. so if 65around ther, about icare supp insuraplan,insubynitedhea insump lill standardi supplelans, ve of what medicar and could save youn out-of-pocket medical s. so don't w
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flonase. 6>1 changes everything. e e waly supposed to be in six episobut thfa d lorighlin much sh came aerieegular on "f hous inch theylayet
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>> now lori starring in llmark hallmark dramatic sereries alls the het." and shel bacin t otf "fl hoe"alle"fler use". >>nd s andncle jesse s got it, en a a the years. take a look. >> goomorning. cheers a applause ] man, oh, man, i'm exhausted. oh, yeah ? fromast night? >> no. from wking up and do the stairs to thattic. made that climb ery day for seven years? >>m-hmm. wonder yo butt was so fm. >> what do youean "was"? lete -- d i y s?i ant is. ki m >> oh! treaywaa loof lovi gng on'there? we yobo single backn e y?o. s rried. ven ckth >>ah
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back tn. >> w'te all? >> ippen >> i discoves ally big cl arn. you have bied to thi gotalian m f how long? >> h california i ma he's aouia boy. 1year, toer aos22 or someing. o you lived and learned. >> there you go.>> how was it gettg everne did you guysstant always in iwasn't l oh, we seeing each other the first time. the stmotional mt was walking on tound sta, seeing the set it waseeing the house. as it exace same? >> exa the same. we werguing that cch was diffent. no. we had aigger couch ba then. this ialler now. that was the most nal. standing treith your scr ang with everybody eal.fell b to ourld rhythm like we never left
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>> those were the best. e n tb ver wal >>s i unusual you guys stayed in touc llop a on a t nt >> c't. >> we d come together as a family. we really lov sobody at netflix said i have r worked on sh where i han on h e way that you d >> we lo bob!the new showone osunday night, i that k ofond with this a and da, castf wonderf canad actorsinancouver e the saport. th i love this show. i can't believe it's season 3. wow. you talked ouit here before
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>> hrt, grea.everyone c wch it. really proud oit >> thinkfull hse" d be so iconic >> no,one o uvenown it uld be asnicst i toda first ofllndicatiois wh kept it a. weave getions of fanth n't bowe weron 're t ddg. woulkeo come now. lelland her friend rse. >> hi! >> tcao e you. we'll cut to cial in a second this is reilly a r >> hi. ur american girl dolls. >> we'll take a commerci brea f te u, kids. n weome back, a fu tv trivia and wind out which brd dog lori is don't go anywher >>eautiful one. plus the guys from "ipping ston" with before and after ro upgrades afr this check this out, bro. wh'shat, bheim?
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>>we a k with lori loughlin ready for a fun tvia game. first, which b of g lori? >> let it be a good one! >> samas y yay. >> i suddenly like my breed.
2:29 am
>> you ladies rey? >>t are weoing? >> just answhe qstion. >> geady! >> tv famy ia. hat ily sed the cols, mily bthat gainedular the. ptrily. >> what? be rng >>t's an audio question. he familcomedy that feated the follong sonas e the song. le anmarria ove d marriage >> yeah. ooh, abund "rried with chdren." yes >> name the sh that feured the fami with thfolling three chilen -d.j., beck and darlen >> oh!>> "roseanne"! >>eah. i like bter wh play on. what you talkinabou wi?
2:30 am
character. hinamewill. the otr one. >>, wiis. nold! >> you got one. if you can't answer it. >> i didt know you yelled out a line.e no sense. >> basedfield, what is the family fd in t ngest t-m. >>ap days. >> lve it to bver? no. the siso! oh, don't -- >>hat se? >> i havnever tched it one me. fams scre gb. te uwhat family show is from. therady bch! >> lori! the izes a always teible. ook >> look what i get. >> oh! >> "fuer houailable februa 26 and "one calls t
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if y if you are thiing of spcing up ur home, we have two guys who can help out. peter and j.t., real estate buddand the stars of "flipping boon." they have eathey say will add braggings any home. i cabelieve th are here. >>omebody'sleeping with mebody justing. somebodys iends with medy up gh alghty. what agetting d with? mo >> first do y see tt? >> do it again
2:35 am
there g >> fanic.>> ts a before. basiy we add columns when we can. this is screing foit.there is theeforand th after. iss mplemp. eris a coln ghth ro mding ther a split borand r. 'se. ju a aoln there itak aiffence. >>rnate, t. yes right befe. push the wall back a lite rown this ofa little bit that what we d w. >> gee, i wiould see it. >> y woulde this. ait. take look. >>lookcrazol uth the wall. look. 's jt the pi owood tother
2:36 am
>> i have it all the te. thethat gs up like that. ne pie at a ti. >> brst. lding.en that pi le does l? youave enping int f. >>we go. >> g back. herethe befo. >> what's wrong with theore? >> before, bically wde is ihere. you've got to style. you have to put a little crown molding on it's too the material0 r. not expensive. >> ps your "laah." has an >> ts ist thg x ste.reotnywhe ncy.sht ne easy . easyown. wt's that brish acnt?>>'mrom london, ve.>> all right. >>ince when are you fr
2:37 am
>> honest,m. it comes out. now you br >> is this a joke? i confud. >> this is another b right.we a showingou h simplit is. we are framing out the wall here. now weut the wall up. >>his is a faux fiplace. bibang for your buck without brking the bank. put in an ectric fireplace. th iplasr. itoo like ncrete when fished. the is the d. me, $6. put it on like this. >> and the finished thing? finisheuct. li that. >> tight is on tv. >> electric fireplace, mantel. we'll get there. we have the mantelpiece. this is actually an old ba. wasrom re. bud carthut. he ds ll the te. reed tumr. is is a hured yearold and
2:38 am
you know what y d ther and trendreput a betiful ve ofler vase notase. a vaf ower ai is at aelecic reple? >> ectc. whore t goolookg ladi. >>ook at t hotes. >>oda d lly pa. if yowanto inhi iss unr twgran you want to thiand spend soore money $2 squarfo. dient lor. isa com bge. al lo ochoice t 1,0 tob epha md. >>utt a avae to yo h yesnd n is o iay adds lue. now you have a split face tile t emogetr. >> bm-a-ka, o's ur daddy? look at . huh? who's youddy? iike it more on the same
2:39 am
looks li seby was in the saucen ty were making this it'shemeh yo thiis real ste. assic ok. as ,000 to $4,000. real sto. >> yh, baby. >> this nice clasc . again, repurposed lumber put thatr. d that a gasirep. yo simple del, tworand. up he yospd ,0 t where's thelding? ifferent h. ots of options. okay. thk you. >> so much -- i'm sorr >> right on the leftia.i'm so we are back anl give you ose bus. >> aowo we whi ando rig this wierfterhis. >> thanks,uy he here ithe city, parkis hard to find. seems like eryone drives.
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> if y >> youre t of e dark othes in theloseand ne proou wwhe r bor y, check out these sts. >>eyceasheerctn inormittihite dss at the grammys.
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color kanye'sashion sho her to show you how you can ll off winter wh have fashn expert dee caldwell. elcome back. w ts trd. >> imylove it. >> i want tohow women how ey cabeli fe ill mooth in thete d slender. >>irstmy shs owinofe white jes,hite on it >>he wri ahite den in jea jennif lop collectn. avaie at kl's. ths ur winteite mixe th off white in the seaer white, are the tones ou be we thenfset itith the tans and lsand taupes and uff. weed ne wedge wi i plinarnditthe cors. weept the lry nil. that's pretty yan wear dit kinds of white.
2:44 am
>> amandhas a cute white penc skirt i lovehis jaet. aolutely.e jacket from new rk a company. expensand l yl we hed in wai th a bt. th thesk regalessf whatorhe skt is, it is always gng to be slimming. th ifr blington. its out thfabr. yowant sndex andycra in the mateo rve e hi ni, co dowand slri yoad ttoe. en we ded dee to elgatehe l 'sm buon as ll. utif. aude shoe. >> ls nextith a white that gou the dss is fromontimes avlaat this is the optic white fo /summer. e key thin is you wa patterns the keyh theatrno it. and thrticaline righ there is creating curves f
2:45 am
maggie ln esze 20 th thislongates you andak y look awell >> i lthe jack. rom new york & compa dded tan to goith it a the otiefr zapcom. juo adde flai >>'vn singho boieevywre. iovosth tuce c >>hankoulyri >>tephiecong he g >>e utal. >> ect wa tdo apin nautal wh the blacand upd e asell. en tapris.everybnts how to wear aapris that i't too lan end. we added a malli sha ist the knew,ecause mae metli wlloatth le the jack icalvinle from lo &lo just setngn. if youano me lite suiting mo, it keepst casual a fun
2:46 am
's hd to wear ite s. >> you havto hava icker pant. thre the polyees in it the lyc x. spdex. and jewry. >>up cute from burng >> let bring out the ladies. >> thanks, denise. >> was it just a coincidence or could it have been divine
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,,,,,,,, >> every very once i whi we across a story that see t be more thaemarkabl coincidenc ire br compell ies gowinks bos d s
2:51 am
goavin hel his hery ocky ap e wavising h famy en r 9-arld gnd u herasd ifheou lo over hibo rept e hon nday. anth aviy plns, this d n tonishg d wink. >> i was thrled when jake ked to read boo rert. i changed so spelling and told him what a gat job he done. the namethe okas "sht r the hot a li boy who lo when t camith seous ess s wo't let himanymore. finally the doctor and coach convinced his mom it wou safe and he deup sco the poin the game.
2:52 am
something troublede. at jake edlly s moamidhe aeed and haalready heduled a medil checp fomonday aernoon. la monday got armin ll. myonatt was oking back tears. he td meake had be diagnosewith juvenile diabetes and they h taken to the hoital. i was nearl speechls th that diagnosis my son said thoras azed witthinigent quess ourng je had asndpleereed that eemeo know exactly w to do. even pricki finge to te hiblood. i knew immedtely it was a god wi. ofll the books in thary jake c have chen for his book report he had picked "shoot for the hoop" ich is about a boy with juvilabetes. it wasotoincidence, i wa sure of .
2:53 am
to prepaim for whacome.and tohifr being afraid. ar god winks wonde? >>! ey a wonderful. >> they are. what t y. >> beautiful. >> vicky reportst is je, who tus 18n monday, ntinues to managhijuvenile dietiktrr. ju like the boy in the bk wentn to plabasketball as a senioinigh scole's playing seballnd footbl. >> whoa. >> the messa of the story is sometimes we go through days encountering ranm cidents, we think they are one afte another. but you pull back and look at the bigger picture, you see that the is a icent sign. 's aut togetgod wi by godin hat's righ thank u ve a gk wh>> sre it onndm. hi theonnect buon. wethose stors.
2:54 am
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and includes vitamins to help convert od to energy. mmm, thesere good! nice work, phillips! thtay side of fiber,
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,,,,,,,,,, > this thisoesn't happen y day. >> no. we have squire'sife, lise, one t mt brilliant female impressionists in rld. ove her toieces. >> or female impersonator. nevernow who i'm waking upext . [ as judge judy ] >> it could be judge judy. do you see stupid on my forehead [ as katri hepbu ] >> or ould be katherine pburn. [ as fran dresch
2:58 am
[ marge simpson ] >> mbe it's marge sin. [ asart simpson ] >> that woulbe cif it s rt, man. that wld be really cl, hey. >> what if it was -- barra [ barba walters ] >> barbara walters, oh, hoda tb to -- >>ee what i mean >> you're amazing. [ as porky pig ] >> that'all folks. >> cominup, the mysters of laura star dra messing. >> do this agege burns. [ ase burns ] >>et ready lo aittle -- wr e . so jente, lou manferdini. vi durasnotherrtis ofheonth. mtrr!
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do you know it's ne? th lbrutal backdrop allowed us to analyze invidual stoc of dividual comnies. and makendividual dgments before the year. becoming less w's be pformance for 2016 this wee thisk. at happened that mak things lesshaotic the federal reservis putting itself on hold. c p let's no let's not talk about re hikes. it might be just what's developi plus oil and china are behavin themselv wch leaves rn ings.veve thathe strong suund on ad mey." tts alys. what gers h able to ace spite sling growth, aker overss market and bizarrwn s consering fony ems, ptilay fashion an apavit evens th even athe consumeras me are change ith thanks to better emploent and chr gas. wi that in md les goo e melan fonext w


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