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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 19, 2016 11:37pm-12:37am MST

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[ cheers and applause ] announc: from 30ockefeller plaza in w york, it's "late nig wit seth meyers." tonight -- paul giamatti. fromdirty andpa" actress and comedian, aubrey plaza. ew york times"olumnist, frank uni. feating the 8g band with joshre [ chrsnd applause ] ladies and gtlemen, seth mers! >> seth: good evening,
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this"late gh" hoeverybinnit? [ eers a alause ] ry good to hear. in tt case, let's get to the news. e east coast is bracing for a winter storm thacould dump as as 2 feet oow in so plac. or as one local meteorologist t it -- >> winter is cin [ laughter ] >> seth: that guy's such a bummer. [ laughter ] e to this weekend's pected snowfall, experts are predicting a spike insage othe dating app, tinder. but member, in either se, yorely end up getting as many inches as you anticipat. [ laughter ] [ cheers [ cheers applause keep in nd. dold trump this week questioned how ted cruz could forget both thate was nadian citizen byirth and that he once accepted a $1 million ln from goldman shs don't know. probably the same y soone
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supported gay marriage, iversal heth care, a wealth tax, prite sector union, an assaulweapons ban and hillary clinto so [ chee and applaus] dona t donald trump sd day that he did not pect sarahalin to spk r, quote, that long duri h rambling endoement speech earlier this week. she did speak r over 20 minutes. t member, for sarah palin, that's only three seences. [ laught ] a ton coms, but only thre sentce music icon chesaid receny, dona trump can't ce up with a hairstyle that looks human, how could come upith a pl defeat isis.sof u're looking forlan to defeat isis, i wouldn't count onher, eithe [ laughter ] bein' honest. [ plause ]
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campai tod said that trump a pern of deefaith. said trump, "it's true. i've spent aot of time reading the bibl." [ lauger ] trp voic] it's a wonderful book. i'veeaaloft. [ laughter ] and let me say, it's very great. a 93-year-old world waii veterais making headlis for his plans to travel to australia to reunite with his war time rlfrie a 70 years apart. the man says he's excited to see thland down under, a australia. [ laughter ] beappy for him! [ cheers and alause i just hop i just hophe doesn't get lost- i ju hope he doesn't get lost in the bush [ laughter ] or if he's lucky, the tback. you guys --
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so we trt outght lahter sing r. kelly has come forward to defend bill cosby. soought to clear bill's me! [ laught ] applause ] the we go! that w call fr bill' wyhas onof tho odewd wsng and finally, the los angeles public library has announced that it willorgive latfees for borrowers if they turn in their overe books within the first two weekof lrary card lders, died years you guys, we've got a great show foyou tonight! [ cheers and ause ] he is the st oshowtime's"billions" and a fantastic actor. pauliamatti is on the show tonight. [ cheersnd applause can't wait to o him. is aantastic actress, she is aerfuy person, a friend of ours. she's in the new fm "dty grana." aubrey plaza is back on the show. [ eersnd applause ] and we will be talking politics and the electi with "new yor
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frank bruni in the house tonight. [ cheers and applaus] it's fantastic sw. but befo we get to all that, the city of flint, michiga contues faca masse ter crisis tt halasted for nearly two years. and manyre now calling for the resignatn of michigan's reblican governor, snyder. neevidence suggests his administraon dismiss concerns about f's water. and now the questions are, who isble, was tre a cover- and should snyder step down. for morethis, it'se for "a closer lo." cheers andpplause ] now, as americans, tre are certain things we takeor anted. the mcrib will alwaycome bk. [ lahter ] maarmon willlwaybe on tv. and we'll always have access to clean drinng water. but inlint, that's not the case. their water has been poisoned th lead for almost t years afr costutting measure forced on them by the state. >> the problems began in april 14 when the city stched its water source to the flinriver
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t the corrosivriver water sn't properly treated and stripped lead fr pipes. >> iiately, there were complaints about its taste and smell. >> seth: now, i'm no expert, but i'm pretty se water isn' supposed to sml. u never get the subway d say, uh, ts casmells le water. [ light laughter ] also on e subway, it's never wate [ light ughter ] so just hobad s th prlem? >> lead inrinking water should t exed 1partper llio innt, morehan lf othe hos saled had over 1,000 ppb. thhighest readg was 13,2 more than twice what the epa considers toxic wast >> seth: that's right. the watewas twice as poisonous as toxic waste or just slightly less poisonous than a moter engy drink. [ light laught ] in fact, theeraso toxic 2014, general motopped using it to make cars. >> the cy of flint imaking the watesafe to drin but wh you use that wateto make
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sort of corrosio >>m says those higr chrine levelsan cause car parts t st. >> seth: t water was so bad it caus car pts to rund yet they l hum beings ep inkingt. becawhen it s to poin, evne knows the human body is more durable than a chevy cre. [ light laughter ] so the result of ts mamade publicealth crisis is that ousands of people veeen poisoned by their own state vernment. d the question nows, was there a cover-up? d ate offis owhe watewas unfeo dr and so far the evidence ry much sgestthey did. >> one resrcheclaims the ate altered ta to make t war seem safer. he says e state t on tested the wrong homes, but alred a re, eliminating tefrom twoomes thawould hawn toxic lels ld. >> in es>> in essence, the s took an 'f' grade for flter's report on lead andade it into ana' gra. >> seth: ty rned an 'f' into 'a.' that's something kids do to avoid getting grounded. i didn't fail the te, mom.
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[ lahter ] now this crisis began in april 2014, but the first public acknowledgme from michigan's govern didn't come until the end of september 2015. snyder says hepoke out blicly, as soon as he found out about the problem, butlint residents aren't buyg it. >> the governor sa as on as he found out that thad was cong from the watehe told people to op dnkinit. >> no, that's bull. that's bull crap. [ laught ] seth: bull crap, incidentally, ill healthier to drink thanlint water. [ laughter and applause ] and in s and in spite of l of this, flint residents have actuay been forced to contie ying for their watethis whole time. >> you're talking about an economicallyvantage area where people are still paying for their water bills, despite the fact that most of them can't even use the water. >> residentsay they're paying for po. >> seth: they're paying fopoison. e ly way you should ever pay for poison ithrough tietmaster. [ lahter ] give thesomething to bieve
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now snyder has finly started taking some responsibility, but flint's water ist the only crisis sder's facing. he's also dealing th teachers in detroit w effectively shut down the city's hools on wednesday withreplanned sickouts. what were the teachers otting? >>eacherare upset abou recent p cuts and wh ty are calling deorable conditions at their schools. thphotos show justome of e ms. heavily damaged ceilings in roofs, micsharg rooms wi studen. >> seth: there's not a mou in e clasoom, t mse shares the classrm. see it all in the new pixar dud, rata-teach. [ laughter ] the govern rick yd, the same governor is now alogizing for the y s administration poison the pple of flint have to say to t teachs? >> in terms of the sicko in the detroischools today, what your message tthe teache >> i would hope you would stop harming the children. >>eth:nless the school was serving pencils for lunch, they weren't haing kidsorse than lead in the water. this h b"a clook." [ cheersnd applae ] we'll rightack thore
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what started as an amaur heist now a global enomenon. one do hav wonder,w long c this che go on? look, we're trending! t me s that. wefamo! toyota. let's go place [ cheers [ cheers and applause >> seth: evebody, plseive it up r th8gan [ cheers and applause ] so happy to them here. also, he's bn woing hard on
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amazing job us josh freese, everybody! thank you souch r being re. [ cheers and applause ] josh h worked with everye from katperry to a perfect circle and h been a member of ch iconic bands as sublime with rome and the vandals and yet he ss is week has been his greatest accomplishment. thank u so much for beg with us, josh. >> thas, man. >> seth: and come back any time. >> absolel [ applause ] >>eth: n, many you know, movie awards seasois in full swi. the golden globes we a few weekago. osrs rightround the corner. and there are so many great movi this year vying for the top awards. but i thk there is one movie ghnow that really stands out, and my t thait's poed to be a big winner come oscar night. let's take a look.>> >> in a townhere loyalty i king, with the le between right and wrong, blurred. and e is anying blin one thing reigns supme. >>ou all know me.
11:52 pm
i'm a father, i'm a son, and e i'm frobo [ er ] >> "boon acc ght ht ] crice ing thfilm n accegrit, emotional,nd theovie with thmost bostoaccents this year [ light laughter the politician with the upscale kennedy type boston accent. >> i athe mayor of bosn. was elecd to cle up this to but that esn't mean i'm not going get mhands dirty. >> the townie who says t word bro in every sentence. >> bron't tell me to cll out, because i'm crank up, bro. and i kn whereouive, bro. and bro, inow where you , o. anbro? i know what you drive, bro. a nianaxa, bro. ght ughter ] >>heard nosed tective played by a british acr wh tryi his bes but doe't quite ha it. >> i know thinks he's wicked smart. here's t tng, i'wicked
11:53 pm
>> and one actor, who decided at the la minute, not to do a boston accent at all. >> i'm going to go park the car in harvard yar laughter ] >> "vanity fair" cald "bosto accent," tour de forcef dropped rsd a brilli showcase of the words wickd piss the w york times says,s wi all movies set iston, i spent less time pang attention to the plo and more me thinng that nt is good, or kes, what's th guyoing [ light ughter ] i kept wdengf the dictor ever stepped in and asked, where do y think your acter is from? [ lighlaughter ] featuring the word for, but said ie boston way. >> 40. >> 40. >> 40, bro. >> 40. >> 40, i'mry40. [ lit ughter >>nd loaded with geographical rerences to cities and towns sachusettsnd thereater ston area. >> i c meeyoin an ur in woester. >> how about medford? >> h aboutorcheste >>ow about gucester? >> how about tnton? >> ah, my cousin ec's from taunton.
11:54 pm
wicked. >> you want toeet ther >> nah, nah, how abo waymout >> how about revere? >> how about somerville? >> how about marblehead? >> how about arlington? wt about brockton >> how about swampott? >> whyon't we meet in braintree? >> that coersati goes on f n minutes. light laughter ] and the only thing stronger an these accents the love beeen a man and won. boston style. >> what do youant from me, donna? i wanyou to stop eating like garbage. [ laughter ] >> but when are you going to stop putting jimes on my ice crea oh,'ll put jimms on your e cream when you stop acting ke a [ bleep ] prick. >> donna! [ light lauger ] see the movie thats being hailed as ocfull of aerial ots of shots of fenwapark. and "boston accent" would not be complete without people talking
11:55 pm
that other bosn stuff. >> i mean, yno southy yalty is morimanth a gun, you know.don't ta m for it. u know, just watch "e departed,"r al," or "black ma," "mystic river "go baby, gone." [ ght lauger "boondock ints." you know, "goodwl huntg," actually, has a lot of those themes too you know, thers not sa amount of olen, but i think it sti holds up, ya know. >> the "bo globe" askswhy d ey keep dointhis? [ light lauger ]d "loseles t" ys, nery s has ople talng abo knowing one another's latives. d quirinabout eir rrent wheabouts. featuring 75 new songs from the dropkick murph tt l sound li this. anshots witheal bostonians who std in the background to give the movie authenticity. oh, and i almost fort. it also has peopletinghot
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[ guho] >> what e you gog o about it, bro? [ nshot ] hey, pal. [ gunshot ] [ gunshot ] [ gunshot ][ nst ] >> "boccent. prob a b affck fil [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: wll be right back wi paul giamatti! [ cheers and applause ]de, if wha ar, if wharev, could put tvs anywhere withoulooking at cable wires and boxes in everym. moer, we are settler we settle for cle. and thsimpler thgs in fe. like our drab clothi. that's right, daught. and homemade haircuts. exactly, boy. besides, if it weren't for wires, how would cousin tobias gehis pracy? hey - shut the blanket! i need my privacy! (vo) don't ba settler. get $1 reward card
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[ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. our first t a talented actor who you know from his work "straight outta compton", 2 years a slave", and "sideways." he's currently staing in the new series, "billis", which airs sunday nights on showti. les a look.
12:01 am
thing weay -- i amevero proud when i choose not to ec prosute ca. at's true,n ry bu in a whe i wishhat i uld just bmore -- man. i haven' i haven't figured out w to do that andy job athe same time. you know? >> seth: please welcom the show, paiatti! [ chee and alause ] >>eth: >>eth: how are you? [ chee and applause an >> seth: so ppy to s. >> thankouery much sir. >> seth: this is -- there's a t of coincidences he. we haven't seen ch other for 11 yrs -- >> true. >> set sce you hosted "snl." >> yes. >> s we ha bliard coming, poteia >> thas right. >>eth: and when you hosted "snl",he night y hosted, there was a blizzard. >> that's right. >> seth: and after the show, the after party at the rtaurants,
12:02 am
>>s ght. >> seth: and we had the after party right heren this studio. >> i remembeit wl, yeah. izzardfoll me wherever i go. >> seth: yes. >> i the blizzard king! >> set youot ripped f. inste of gettinis coo party at a restaurt -- >> i kw! >>eth: thiwalike mitzh with cooler op. [ laughter ] >> yeah. yeahyou' rht. it was kind letwn. i s lookforwto the party. >> seth: iwas bacally boxe wi a bud light. >> yea >> sh: it was a buer doritos. >> sh: sorry abo that. >> no, it'okay. it's all right. thank you. >> seth: congratulations on "blis." >> thank your.>> seth: this was the highest rated prr in showtime's history. [ cheers and appuse >>s what they say. yeahank yo thk you.>> sh: you play -- people love i >> seth:ou play a u. attorney t souther district of york. >> that's right. i play, like, dy guiliani --e >> seth: and you're tryingo take down damian lewis. >> that's right. >> seth: and youuyare fantastic. >> thank you. >> seth: there is some nuance though. you feelike peoe hing the show knoo they're rooting r? anwho do youant them to root for?>> wl, think the idea is at is gog to be complicater people. >>eth:ch>> i mea at the enofhe da i play e go guy. so hope everodros for me.
12:03 am
>>eth: but you'rper bied- but ilay the law -- >> seth: tt's super biased. >> i'muper biase i'm per ed [ lit laughter ] ahat the endf the day, i pe the guy who breaks the law, peopren't goin "ya the guy who breaks the law." >> seth:ka >> you know? but we'll see. it'supposed to be complite >>eth: i wl say, when we're talking about what's comicated about it, it's onef th grea-- you've played lot of great aracters. you're in one of the best introduction scenes i would say yove ever had in anything. thfit time we e you -- >> yes. >> seth: you a lng on the grnd, and a dominatrix is standing over you. >> that's right. [ laughter ] seth: a -- >>ed up li a big o turkey oe grnd >>eth: dss up d it's pretty comomin t is very corosi. i have to say, it is one oe most enjoyable things i've ever do. >> sh: it wa [ laughter >> i'm not kidng. i read tt fiene, w like, "i can't wt to dthis actually." [ light laug i rely like but i only hoped it would be and i'm t kidding, tastelly done. >> set that's ce. >> you know what i mean? >> seth:nd it is. >> yest is. >> seth:is tastefully done. the ghti idark, th dominatr is shot from hind. >> that's right. it's very tasteful
12:04 am you know,t's great. it's like -- glk to dominaix, an aual on i goto learn aboutll this stuff. it was great set so yodid research with a real dominatrix? >> oh, yeah. ye, yeah, yeah [ light ughter ] >> seth: and, now, i also heard you shot on locationactual new york city sex clubs. >> this is correct. we shot in two sex clubs. one was just strip club. >> seth:kay. >> vy tasteful >>etreat. [ laughter ] a the other one was sex . >> seth: what -- have no -i have no idea what the would be like. [ laughter ] >> reay? >> seth: fill me in, paul. >> whe was it? there was this vetery clinic. >> seth: okay. >> and there's a service dr neo it it's on a street - itlike 2h stet, or sothg. s uh-huh,h. >>6th. [ laughter ] and you go right in the door. and you go dn this cridor -- i mean, people are bringing eigs and cs this place. and then you go through another door - set so ou don have pet, they know ectly what your deal is. >> i think so, i think so. so then you go dn a stairce, anyeah, you're in a sex club. and it's like -- it's creepy and scary. >> seth: yeah.
12:05 am
the is a classro. seth: oh, wow. >> like m a ughty boy wrten a million tis on the black boar ere is an operating room. and there's ke all of th weird stuff. -irdest p it is,here wasar and i though oh, they serve -- but don't serve booze th there was just a bar with so stools. and the only thing behe r thathese w a milk ske machi and aaffle iron. [ laught >>et a waffle >> so i'm like -- so guys going there for brunch? [ ghughter ] best brunch n york city. seth: thas how they get the won ther they'rli, e're gonnao a plac-- fantastic waffles >> seth:d then once there, let'see atapns." >> aolutely. cris belgian wfles. eth: i wou nant to -- i do not thi about the hd space i'd have to to be at a sex club and the head space i'd ve to be twaaffles -- to t, at all. >> sh:ee very different. absoluty. the wholwas really kd and i mean, researching it and stuff, you'rhearing ab stuff th i can't talk about.
12:06 am
ke, "that's co, that's gd.i'm done. that'sre." >> seth: so you need a safe word jto talk out . [ laughter ] id. ge out omy hd,otal. >> seth:ike, tambourine! tambourine! >> pas please. tambouri! sh: so i want to talk to you about this, because u mentioned you're seein "hamilton"ext nth? >> im. >> seth: yeah, "hamilton fantastic. cheers and applause ] >> evebody's big fans. i'm reallysyched. m really psy. >> seth: si saitnd it inspired me to go ba and watch ohn adams"your fantasticbo mini sies. >>, i appreciate that. [ cheers and applause ] wow, tnk you. thank you. >> set do you -- bause john adamsetpretty short shrift in "hamilto >> ihe in itt >>h: hs ght laughter ] really? >> seth: and i wilsay, you know "hamilton" -- >> nothing! >> seth: but y know it's sort of like a sort of a rap-base sical. dknow tt, yes. >> seth: 'cause e is -- he getsame-dropped a couple times. okay. th's it? seth: and i'mretty sure one of it ne time milton says, and i apolize, tse aret rds. ese are alexander hamilton's words. >> oh, really? seth: "shut up, joh you famoer [ bleep." [ hter ] i'm pretty sure that's in the
12:07 am
declaration of independence. absolutely. you're kidding me, reay? they say that about him? >> seth:hey y th. do y feeclose? do you have a closeness to john ams, ayinhi ain, i would ima y d a t earch. >> y i did not the same dominatrix resear not nearly as tertaining. yeah, no. i definite do. yoknow, he gets a ally -he was not a veesidt. let's just be nest. >> seth: yea >>s of a crappy prident. d you kn, but it is funny. ll walk arnd and pe ve niceill recognize it. d still, they'll a be li, "you were sensnal in the n fran bpic." [ light hter ] anm alys like, t g can'-- othe sam ad opic. and i'm likeou've to be kig me, ma but th unbelievae. ot iit at all? seth: wel to be fai when i went back and watched "john adams" -- the "john adams" mini-series is not that kind t alexander halton >>hat's tr. >> set like, that was a n -- like, remindede, oh, history lyepen on the point of vi is told. >> absolutely. >> seth: because hamilton was kind of a dick head in "john adams. >> ijohndams'sd -- in a t of people'minds heas kind of a dick head. but heas cool.
12:08 am
as sort aad i mean, i memberhei was reg about him -- hs like a per ror someing. i mean, he's reallcool. >> seth: here's the thing. whenou gsee "hamilton", i think, wheth linhaens, yoshouake a big sce abt leing. [ laughter ] >> ibject! seth: obj i played ben franklin in the "john adams"ini series! [ laughter ] i can'it to hear what yo think about it. anyo mucfor ing hereman. hankman. apprecia it. seth:lwaygood to see you. paul giamatti, everybo! [ chrs and applause ] new epises o"billions" air suay nights showtime. we'll be right back with aubrey plaza. [ eers and appe ] man, i might man, iight just chill tonight. pupponkeybaby... puppymonkeyby... ymonkeybab puppymonkeybaby... puppy... .monkey.
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ chee and applause >> seth: welmeack to "late night," everybody. you know our next guest toght from her work as april ludgate on t hit nbc show,parks and recreation." starti tomorrow you can see her along side robert deiro and zac efron in the new comedy, "dirty grandpa." s take a look. y're a hard man to track downpressor. >> are tsey pants? yea these are your pants. i found a rther's original in the pocket and i've been sucking on it all morning. >> y do know that m not a ofessor, right? >> yeah, know. you're just a dirt dirty grandpa. i ke youpullt couch.
12:14 am
you. that's the only ing that's going to be pulling out tonight. [ light laughter ] [ audience ohs ] >> seth: plewelcome back to thshow, a ung woman who hurt her acl so i'm goi to go carry her over. aubrey plaza! [ cheers andpplause ] >> seth: >> seth: look at you! chee and appuse ] >> hi! souays ok sup sexy, but the cane wast wa missing. >> kno i know you love a cane. seth: iove a cane. so how did it happen? how did you st it up? >> i tore my acl playing basketball. in a bketball . >> set allight. >> and had to get ee surgery. and t a daver tendon put in my knee, soy knee is haunted now. >> seth: oh, it is haunted. [ laughter ] that's offial, right?
12:15 am
>> officia right light lauger ] >> s you geto the daver ahead of time? or is itust -- >> no. >> seth: really? that's a bumme 'cause it would be fun - they said no. [ ughter >> seth: well, hopefully you got >> i know! [ laughter ] >> seth: you play a lot of basketball. i dinot know that. >> yeah, i just ball hard. [ laughter and i won't stop. >> seth: and you balled too hard no, i won't. >> seth: oh, youe still goa ut the -- [ laught ] i'm nna stop >> seth: last me -last te you re here, we had a problem ki you stop doing sothing. we h t casreion of "par and rec it wast ally a reuni, it was the night you aireyour nale >> that's right. >> seth: and jim'heir, the fantastic tor who ayed jerry -- during the goodnights for the show, you guys just full on made out for like a long time. [ laughter ] [ cheers ] >> yeah. >> sh: and have yoguys stayed in touch? >> you kw, we have tee children. >> seth: oh, oka [ laughter ] so it nt really well. >> yea kind just took it and ran with it.
12:16 am
that's fast rnround on three ildren. 'cau that is under aear ago. >> i kw. i know. [ laughter ] our ds a disgusting looking.i hate them all. light laughter ] >> seth: "dirty grandp" congratuon 's super funny. you auditionedor a different chr than the one you eed up plang.>> no. i -- i wassked to audion for thother char >> seth: gotcha. rt of thzac efron love terest. >> zac efronove interest, like the cool girl or whatever. but when i read the ripti was like, "ii'm ing to b this movie, i'm gog to play the girl that has sex with robert de niro." >> seth: sure. [ light laught ] >> becse that'what i want to do. [ lahter ] >> seth: yeah. wi all due respect to zaefron, lovely man. >> yeah. no, no. >> seth: not your type >> yeah, no offense to him, but i was ju like, "when will i get an oppnityo play de niro's love intest er?" so i just was ke, "i'm doing it." anit was actually at "parks
12:17 am
i left onef thla days of oushoot,he last epode, i just wenfrom there to the dition. and i had a planasthem >> seth: oh. >> like my butt. >> seth: uhuh. [ lahter ] >>nd it was inhe script. so it wasn't, li, tolly, you know -- >> sh: out onowhere. >> freaky my part. it. and i even h the "parks and re make-up department,ike, put make-up on my -- jt make sure my butt looks gd. [ light ughter ] and en i just went thered i juste threw the script out and just looked at t camera said a bun of al dirty things. and th i flashed them and then i left. and then i got it! [ laughter ] >> seth:o this is -- cheers a applaus] s like -- is ian instctional defor young actors. >> yeah, if you want to be an actor, you just ta your clhes off. set tre yo. that's very inspirational. >> b iwaa chacr ch seth: gotcha. >>'m a character. >> seth: you- do you -- u have sex with robe de niro in
12:18 am
and you guys -- do you have to like psych youelf up for t this is throhout the fm. this is pretty much all your acter want that's youancing with rort de niro. [ lahter ] >> that's robert de niro wheearwie. >>et yh. one ofrica'sreat treasures of actin yeah, tscene was awesome, because we didn't rearse it. we were dancing in aightclub, and he was just down. he was lik "whatever you want me tdo, tell me where to put my hands." >> seth: wow. he looks prettdownhere t. [ laughter ] yeah. that's like my favorit that wn't even in the movie. that was just methg weust d for fun. [ lauger ] . >> seth: you -- you have -- it's a comedy. so when i y intimacy, it's not so intimate. >> wel >> seth: but did h-- ughter ] >> to me it's a love story. [ laughter ] it is! >> seth: yeah, it is! i believed the minute i firs saw your character, i liev that you wanted to have sex wi robert de niro. >> he'met his matc >> seth: he s met his mah. did give you -- did y guy like connect borthe film started?
12:19 am
>> yeah, he'a very classy guy. he gave a start gift. i believe it was a very >> set uh-huh. >> a i was le, "should i i didn't know him. we never tked. and i was like, really scared of rking withim. >> set sure. >> because i was terried. but i was like, "i'm goingo do somethinki of crazy." and i took la alluy picte of myselin my trailer, in character, and th i pried it out and iut it in a book of zen buhi and i slied i under his trair doorith a little note that said, lik "happy shooting" or something. [ laughter ] and then i juslike wted. and i didn't hear anything about it for a w and i terrifd that i had made mistake and thamaybe was going toet fired anday he wouldn't like that. beuse i t ow him. >> sh: rig. >> andhen, like kind of just casually came over to me, like, a week ler and he was
12:20 am
[ laught ] and was like -- put the picture on page 4, and he was like, "i oy got to page 4." [ laughter ] it was very good. anthen he walkedy. d i was like, "got him!" [ laug >> seth: and theyou did have to shoot a verfunny sex en with rt iro. >> yeah. >> seth:s th -- was that day evendatinghan the others? >>eah, that day s -- yeah, it was sry. it was an enti day of us, ju, li, prending to -- >> sh: yh. >> [ bep each other. wld notay that waa beautiful, y two mak lovece. >> well, parts of it were. but yeah, it was cra. it was reall-- thereas so manyeird moments. buheas so cool aboutt and so, like, pressional a everytng. and i -- felt d r him, beuse the very fst thing at hpened befo we en started doing anythi was- original mbra wasupped to, li, p off and it was going to be this gag and then they decided at the last minute that wre not going to do that.
12:21 am
anyway, so they weike, it won't pop off, it's fi. and the very first take,hey were like, "action!" d helike, went tards me, d pops off, and i w le, h!" [ laughter ] and th how we started the day. and i was like, ell, at ast we broke the ice." [ ughter ] >>eth: well,ou wl always havehis. that you he is incdible bert de niroxperience. >> yeah, and so wi he. >> seth: yeah, absolutely. [ laught ] ll tell you this, ne time he's here, tt's l 're taing about, is aubrey plaza. >> goo >> set thank you so ch for ming bk. it's always great to see you. >>hanks r having me. anksor carrying me >> seth: i hope you al up on give it upor aubrey plaza, everybody! [ chee and applause ] chk out ir grandpa" in theaters friday. we'll be right back with frank bruni. [ chrs and applause ] if you have derate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a olic.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: wco back, everybody.
12:27 am
author and an ard-winning journalist who has column the "new york times" every sunday and wednesday. please welcome to the show, frank bri! [ cheers and alause ] >> seth: >> seth: how are y? >> i'm good. how are you? >> set i'mery go. we wertalking bae. you have to ite two colua week. do is shoery day of the ek and sometimes it's rd to cop thatial. rit now withhielecon, i feel it'a little bitasie for th ous. >> it's lot easier. >> seth: it's a lot easier. >> yea >>eth: a you have been writing a lot about thon far to pothat somof the candidates he n note of y y. >> seth: ted cruz in debate actually broht, the moderator brought up one our columns, and ted cruz was not, he made it verylear he was not a n of no, so we h so it's tual rnshi >> seth: yeah.>> you know, we feel the same about each other. >>eth: that's always nice. >> yes, yes.
12:28 am
[ cheers and applause ] you kn, actually many year ago 2000, i cover george w. bush's presidential caaign. remember hing nn ia group ofampaign aides that inud ted cruz. >> sh: oh, that's right. >> and thereas no sense at th time that he woulgo on to beco ted cruweee in thisampan. >> seth:ight. annoyou also, donald trump? other peon you have written abt. anher rson that tookote recentlyand yoe a column whe y actually h to apologize to trump beuse you de a miste. >> iid. i was chsingrom ba of people whom he called "losers. >> seth: yes. >> which is basillthe entire unerse, maybe including u, to >> set i havbe called a ser by dald trump, yes. >> righto it's, . so it's, wel we're together in thisn. >> set tnkou [ light laughter ] was bacally sing from the eire universe m fieopl and one tames on the list was howard stern. t it was the lawr howard stern, not the radio show ho. >> seth: right so trump tweeted that i w a dope. seth:ight. otr one of his words. >> yea de, dummyndosi beme a dope. i don't ow where that ras e taxonomy of p ins. >> seth: yeah. >>ut i didweet back at
12:29 am
>> sh:here you go. that, th nice jonalism right ther to admit ul i believe in, i believe falling on your sword. >> seth: now you have a theory, because i was one of the people that when this w thing std thrump, thght uld short-lived. thought this wou never have the kind of momentum it has now. ats yo theory as to why th contieswhy he still has thisositioinheolls? >> i tnk >> i think he do this amazing job ofutting so much fodder ou feeding so much new stuff to the dia eversile day. that his sins of the pasget eredrit? no one remembersft thr eks at he said let's ban muslims, because he's given so much fresh chum in the water. >> seth: right. >> it's sort of like the eternal suhine of the spotle candidate. [ lit ughter ] the steeps gng erased. >> seth: right. whereas if any other candite d do just e of t things he, it wouldn a mpaign. >> we uld talk about it incesstly, bute keeps turninthe pa. there is so ch new inrmatio he's aacking someone ee. and he's done an increble job of making every her candidate ta about what he wants them to talk about. ted cruz has spent the las several days talking about donald tru's attk on
12:30 am
it's kind of briia >> sh: he has been pying a nderchess game you wrote something that i oughwafascinating, this ea, ofry candidate can imagine giving aoncession speech uimaty not wo out for them. donald trump can't le. like, he'sor he's cra a thatosing, i don't know what wod happen. >> right. ser is his worfor people who are no gooin life. seth: rht. >> i think normallif someone loses iowa, they say i'm going to win n hampshire. i think if trump loses iowa, it's a duction of the entire brand. >> set yea i tnke's going to burn it dow right. seth:e's gointo burn to theun [ lighlaughter ] other -- >> seth: you can't be allowed to coueaying e thgs! yeah, i think i wou be sced ii ren iowan. wouldn you? >> seth: yeah. >> so, he may n because they'lvote out of fe seth: yeah, thi so. i thinwe all eually will. usyou st canicre him standi at a podium beingike, well, we did ourest. >> rigrit, rht. >> seth:hat's not hi hter ] >> no, no, i mean, ai think i sa in e paper, he can't ar the nickname come back kid. >> seth: rht.
12:31 am
coach foa guy who has many private planes. >> seth: exact. exlty. no i want also talk to you about this. because yo career trajectory has beeno interesting. you were the cef restaurant critic at the york tis" for a longime. >> i was. seth:'ve alys bn fascinated by this when you have to eat meals like th whereou then are going analyze and write yourpini, is it still joyous to eat? >> yeah, think eing is pretty j >> sh: oy,o you neve it ver got boring for you? that never got ring what gethard ideribing fo with w words. the vocabury. >> sh: i see. >> so like, mois tender. >> set rht. >> and then you find yoursf ing succent. >> seth: yeah. >> andadmyse a promise en goto the twentieth succent i would stopeing staunt critic, and i tnk after 100 i finally ga up the gig. >> seth:otcha. is it true that whenou travel as a restaurant critic, yohave kp a loprofile d be in disguise? is thi-- >> not many of us disguise ourselves. but, you try rlly hard to make su ty ve no idea you're on your.
12:32 am
seth: got it. >> and i waslways not a good planner in advance, i'd be on the phone making my reservatn with restaurant ani would look at my bookshelf. and so i dined out as mr. webster, mr. fodor, mrgrm, mr. updike.never wi t same rson as -- >> seth: i can'telieve no gured that o. >> y know,omeone pbably did anwas too kind- >> seth: yeah. they're like, shakespeare is coming tdinnergain. [ laughter i th pro i tnk saf s it'br >> rig. s a didou ever ve a particar awful experience? >> i had many paicularly awful exrience >> seth: and when, during that awful experience, do you tn feel awful knowing that you will have to have to like commit it to paper? >> you feel d, because you know some people a working hard. busome restaurants a jusso off their game, u'reoing customers a big favor. if you didy, hey, don't go here. set right. >> you know, the is great restrant in downtown new york now, called locanda verde. >>eth: fansticlace. >>reat itaance. it used to be a place lled ag. >> sh: oy. >> aggo was dreadful and i was
12:33 am
and i membered one night i red rack of lamb >> seth: mhmm. >> and ts la that lookedothing like lamb came. and i said, what ith? and theyaid it's aeal chop and id, "wl i ordered the rack of la special." and they said ohit's ourack ofamb veal chop. and so theliterally created hybree whereone d ever existe >> seth: and yououldn't appriate that feat of science. well, i could w about it. >> seth:here y g thanyou souch for ing here. thank you. >>h:eep uphe good work it's wonderfuleading you tce a week. [ cheers applaus] ank bruni, everybody! be sure to read his column in the "newk mes" on ays and wedndays.
12:34 am
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12:36 am
[ cheers [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to paul gmatti, aubrey plaza, frank bruni, everybody! josh free, thanks again! th8g band. [ cheeuse ]


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