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tv   News 5 at 10PM  NBC  February 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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very where we he has this huge loving spirit, and i just could ner imagine going on with le without that." aiden's short fe has already seen its faishare of struggle. sot monique ver sie he been little he's h lung issueshe to the doctor'suite a." receny had three surgers at swedish medical center. sot monique "i trusted them." but mohs ler... four yold aiden d to be tested for hiv andepatitis. somonique "i found myself making dea with god, calling everperson that my prayer wrior team, you like god people got to go everybody got to die but not yet." to monique'selief... the first tests are gative sot moque "y're excited buat t sam me you have this lite thought your mind is this just for now?" that's the same thout kim shaf is having. sot kishafer "you worry, how can you not
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are negative... her doctorn colorado springs ld her she should get ood rk done again in six mons. althgh swedish tolher ey didn't think it wanecessar kim "why aren't they aatically doing that for everybodyi would thk yod wanto put somebodyinat ease. afer, ke my ot patits, istilleft wi questions. sot kim "why in the world, if people have access to tse typesf drugs in a hospital or clinic settg are they not rdoml teed? thatakes no sense to me,'m angry about that." sot jim avery wy "it's mind boggling to think how did this happen, wre a hoalas dirty needles." toey j aves reprenti a d pat.. ofhicheste hepatitis b. t jim ery "ty want to know the truth, theyant to know how it happened, theyon't want to ju hear oh some guy stole a nele a we' prosecuti him." the attorney hasn't filed any civil lawsts as of yet... theriminal case still n
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he says eskinds ofases can ke years tprocs. as fwedish.. sk whyll patient weren'getting follow u tests. they sent thistatement.. saying those decisions are being made on a case by case basi..depending on wn the tienhad surgery... however if a patnt would like follow up tests... they can call the help line to diuss at. wel beure keetracng thas rob d lisa? here's a live loutside rht now, in colorado springs and pulo... a co start to e day.... but wmed up nicely. ad fecasmian jous le in studio w... with a closelook acurren nditions. tomorrow, our next weather maker, a southerly win flow at the surfacfrom 10 to 20 mph during the afrnoon. with sunny ski temperatures will be about 10egrees warmer than today. most cleonight with lo in the 20's and 30's. tomorrow will be mostly sunny with chilly air early then pleasant temperatus fr lat
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wind and dry f will create gh firdanger. dons of homeowne impacted by landslides last spring gathered tonight to g important information on options moving fward, notably, relief. the first of two publimeetings was held tonight to ge residents in the skyway and broadmoor bluffs neighborhoods, signed up foa federal grant ogm which allowsheity to use fema money to buy their home hoowners wou only ge75 percent of the value of their homes. if you coun't make tight's meetg, there another one this thursday at fire station 16. the adline to signp r federal aid is marth. a reprieve tht forrouna sand monume water cmers who pontlly face a hugrate crease.
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to delay a decion on just how much thike water r. news 5's zach thaxton s t's meeting mo brd of trustees. joins us nument town hall to explain. monument trustees say th want more time to hear from affectedustomers bore imposing rate hikes, which they say are neceary after years nrate increases monument town hall was pacd tonight with people concerned th, in some cases, their water rates could increase by double or more. ase've reported,he town nager and mayor pro-tem say previous boards rustees negligeny pt rates artificial low for 20 years,causing the monumentater se to art losing moneyn . the only solution,hey say, is matically raise textear anthen keesing rates 8-percent p for the next 5 years -- mething that could especy af low- or fix-iome familind lal businesses he calculation for me for the first year jump is pbay about
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for thisext year. at t end of 6 years, imost doubles." "it'going to hit probably the poor the worst and our senior citizens or fixed mes. we have a hard decision fore us, but we need toake it, unfortuny. tonit, trustees voteto delay their final desion until march 7th anhaopen house workshop bweenow and then to hear concerns from affected customers. the dateor that open house has not been set yet, buwh we nd out, we'll leyou know. it's important to point out this rate hike would not affect "triview metro district" or "woodmoor water and nitation," which serve the majority of people in monument -- only those on the west side of i-25 rviced by the monument water enterprise. we'll let you know that e monunt trustees deci on march.
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a wrongf dea lawit, led against the father of dylan ine,...has been dismis..dutole error.ear old dylan disappeared from his fher's ho vallecito lake in lalata unty ivemberf 20. his remains were the e death was ruled a homicis father, marknad rson of interest in the death. the court rulea ongful dth lafid byanothe elne..against her ex husban should have been filed two years after thdate his remains werevered. it was ally s were notified,...four days after thue olimitations had expired. a teenager accused of killing a grand junctionheriff's deputy,...told investigato he tried tohoot himself bore tug e n on the off. at accordi to an arrest affidavit released today. prosecutors sath17-yr old suspect will be charged as an adult...and isacing almost a dozen chges...
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me couy sheriff's deputy derek geer, a maied father of two... was lled in the line of last week. funeral services were held monday. investigators say he was trying to athe suspect on chges of violating probation. he's due back in court nex week, for a form filing of charges. xxxx tens remain highween cityanagement and e rank and file ie puebloice departnt as we fit you, a poceunion survey f a majority meers would suppora vote of no confidence ef luis velez. ws five's andy koeth a closer look nit. city manager sam azad knows the police officers aren't happywith eir chief. "well, aually, it didn't show a whole lot of confidence in me eith. so, i can't blame the chief for everythi."e defended cef velez in the face of a survey thathowed 94 outf 99 union members sut a vote of confidce. "chief directly reportto me. so, i'm respsible fowhat happin all theepartments, not ju the police department so, the buck stopse, i'll take the uimate
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tterleafter e su byoth thchied unio eachighlight a need for more officers. sevenew recruitsre goi thugh e acady but union present kenneth rhodes ... who idy po prevents from sakin ca ..tolds in wng sev cers is op in e bucket mpared to e need. by his calculationueblo would have to hire at least 100 new offirs just to catch up with erage staffing levelat departments ound the state. azad said evcity department is deali with stafng needs "eighty to 85 percent of our budget is personnel costs and when you s a lot of vaccines, d that has happened throughout the country, inot peculi here, you freeze those vacanci anuse thatoney to balance the budget." he wts tstleasg poce vehiclo upte fleet, anis iting in police maing and modeling software to help officerhandle the work load. "if you cat ing in n ficers, lets lerage that techlogy to help offers to
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as they can." union present rhodesold us the mberwill not formally hold vo of cfie because a majority on city council backs the chief. buthey dou velez can regain their confidence because of a "my way or the hhway" mindset. andy koen news 5. you'd like to read up on l ofhe bacd fooverno confidence sur... n nd tse duments o oubsite koaa e first black commander in the colorado sprgs pice departme retiredoday. mmander etcher howard of the stetson hills disi joined the police e in 1977,...and has served the colorado springs cmunity for almost 40 years. he wasroted toomnd i 08. howa was alsthe soutrn colodo regional coorditor for the crisis interventi program... which teaches officers how to deal with people suffering from mentalllness and personal crises. we wish fletcher howard all the
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now to a story that's trending online. after a fire desoyed part the "oldest church in colorado". on the eve oash wednday. it appears tt so... created what looks like a "crown", above a pnting of the viin mary, inside the church. parishners are calling it "a true miracle." news fi'sena wlanhas the story conejos county. ok rq prayer nateavirgin my. we thank you for gding us and being th us ruybal:i belie in miracles, i alwaysave. it hpened e nighbefore ash wednesy. ruybal: i've had a lot of things happenn my family and i do believe in miracles d i thin this is definitely a miracle a shocking electrical fi tore ugthe barooms, our la oguadalupe chch" with smoke -- and leing behind wt some cl -- a signf pe. patterson: s offers just so much strength and courage and just to think th the churc was saved wi the dive
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rength is very empowerg aftethe sme had cleared, fire investigars discovered a crowhad formed above a painting othe virgin mar patterson: in my eyes, this is a racle.... parishioners le ndsandoval patterson -- claing the virgin ryas- se way -- responsible for savinghechurch patterso i'm an engineer and i cannot figure t how th could have hpeneif it wasn't just some kind of divininteention omur ly! but er sero ist quick to call is airacle. sergio: i cannot sayhis is a miracle because the churchs very careful, they need to make some investigations so we cannot say it a macle but we believin the presence of god, we believe in manifestations, so maybe it's a manifeson this urch -- weve-- is no stranger to fires. years a -- an elerica fire destred this ho of worsp -- so, on the eve of ash wednesy. pattso it ings chills to your bes jt thinki that 90 ars ago this happened d here
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situion today though -- theiprayers turn to thkfulness. prayer natholy mary,other of god, prafor our sinners now in the hour of our death, amen rerting in antonito, lena hoan news five. the church estimates repairs to cost upwards of 500-thousand dollars. father sergio expects it to rein closed fothe ne 2-3 mohs wle cleanup is underway. serityamerasere ing a seve stolethroug south orida. a clos look heamag coming up... and wee just days ay from our naon's next primar election. the latest from the campaign tr.. straight ahead but first here's
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wedng on new5 ce say these apps mibe
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it all begat 4:3 severeeather hitting florida this week--somof it ught on tape. threllaneras i miramar, florida capretrs br flying everywhere is morning in the midst of possiblena. fier winds uprooted palm ees and debr throughout this neighborhood. in virnia: crews arworkto clean up the left behind aft hey snowfall. the snowis now causing floo and ice. some seetsunder two feet watrnin and the ice--also tong t and powerlines throughout the
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video from pinon park in the springs. a look from cameras across colorado. highs todain the 50's and 's. cuent ll ove southern colorado..... satepictures, not dyd t wartoday. an area of hh pressure wil bring drskieagain morrow with warmetemperatures. hoy ho, mostly sunny through the day. a illy start tn nice andmild from late morning through late afton. a few ghhin clouds in some areas fromime time. lows tonight in e 20's and 30. hitomorrow in the 50's, 60's and 70's. 7 day foca f the springs, high t63, gusty wind thursday warm with a hig 70. high fire er. pleasant friday and saturd with sunshin coonext week. pueblo high torrow 70, windy and warm thursday th high fire dang. a record high on thursday. cooler fridawith leswind. the weekend stts mild then cooler air sunday. canon city and woodlanpark, waer tomorrow with breezy afteoowi. very windy with high fe danger thursday. pleasant friday and saturday thenoor sunday with a few snow showers possiblover the high elevations.
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who the nation's top dogs? l ahead...
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new tonight: a federal judge s ordered ple to hp the ha in to an i- one used by one of the san bernardino shooters. the rung will enable apple to provide the software tthe fbi to bass a security feature, and uock the phone. ferainvestators are ill trying tdetermine if the shters, with ties to is,...hawir suort from the terroretwork. 14 people were massacred at a holiday luheondecember. the oote lateried in a gun batt with police delopingight president ama is laying out his plan to minate seone for u.s. supreme t vacancy. obama says the constutis eaabout the process and intends to nominate someone during the remainderf his term in office. "there's not gonna be an particular position partar issue that determines whether i nomate them. t i'm going to psent somedy who indisputably is qualied for the seat andny fair-minded pe -- even somebody who disagreed with my politics -- would say would serve with honor and integrity
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scalia,...the longest serving justice, dd over the weekend at age 79 of natural causes.some repcaleaders in the senate have vowed to stall the process untia new prident elected. e deatof justi scalia spking conrsation on pitol hill....the campaign trail... congressman ug lambo was in colorado springs today... and spoke about the supreme court vacancy. ====== "i don't think the president should even send a name, if he does, the reblicans should not send it to the floor for a vote. the ne president should make that decision... at way the american pele can get involved." and at the u.s. supreme court today...a special tribute to theate justice. in aradition.... atates back to the 19th centy...
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late justice's courtroom chair,..he court bench and thdoor leang t the marble courtroom. on friday, his body will "lie in repose" in the supreme crt's great hall. flagat the courtill be wered to half affor 30 days. x in your eltion watch coverage. some polls show presidential candidate donald trump with a big le over ted cruz, ahead of the soh carolinaublican prary. rit now...heeading by 18 in the polls there... a state with so manactive duty and retiredilitar..ted cruz is promising gger u-s fighting force. heocratic side...bernie sanders trails larylion by 21 points in the latest polling. keep in mind those southcarolina polls vary. expertwarn theolli i nevadaor theemocrac ucus on saturday a even less riable. von miller wl get paid b
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huge w for the falcons toght - i'll show you how they d itexr on
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, air force lost to unlv by 36 points last montplaying them in clune ena...
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lewis palmer high school... hiory wasnn the falcon side ithis one. losers of back to back gam coming into tonight. lcs started ow in the rst ha but up a inat halftime. th unloadein theecd half... dish out tjacob van - fromhe wing...puts e falcons one. haen gham scelesin the rst ha... up and under for the bucke unlv kept answering but falcons ke cliing. zack kocur to van streaking to the ne reverse lay... faons roing... goup 67--- at e int.. jacob n with anoth trie - he finhed the me wh 21 points tad faons showrcenfr flr. outrebg the rebe8 - 74 erv - they'v in aowt home. the best thing about srts is the arments. it's t thinghat brin us ba. thbest team this...
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best whatever... and if you can smaalk some friends even better. the broncoare now in the nning for e best defense of all time. they better an the 85 bes or the 200ravens?? aqibalib is one of those broncos at always has an opinion.... and goes fuher than just the defense. the bron corner was on n networday d he was a litt more contte the normly is. think its us man just the teams the quarterbacks we played thught our playoff run plang a team thats averaging 30 ints in the pyoffs... man malik is crucial. danny tre is crucial b marsh crucial madepending on wha peyton dbrock crucial.. but wi this defensuh not whoever but with a pretty good quaerterback... we'll be successful. cria.. t th ts nsotoever buwith pretty od good quaerrback... we'luccessful. e denver pt is repting that tro are liky to place e franchise taoniller fore
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it'sikely thatheroncos will tag h as soon as ssible. franchise tagging a play means signing hito ane yeaal that paythe average of the top five plars at the position in thleague. miller would be able to ld o for a ng terdeal... e brcos uld ve until july 15th to get a long term deal done ate wresing getsoing this weekend and lots of eyes on mitchell high school. 120 pound nior done liles will be one of just two from his team tquy for ate. a state plac bor lileis looking for more than a icipation dal time ound. heoe 't thk the ight lights of denver will make him nervous satday. > it feels, it's just, whole crowds arounyou. at home when you're on the mat up there, it's just great. les 's already bn there, he' already placed istate, so i'm okinfor greathings for h this yas well. so i thi he's paed that overall venue donnie liles... mitchell wrelingour fina loaf
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moly cle tonhtitlows in 20's and 's dnday lle mostly sunny, breezyurg the afternoon and warmer highs inhe 50's, 6s an 70. windthsd wh gusts to 40 mph. a fire wther watch thursday with high re danger. germ shorthairedointer named "c" is america'sop dog! 0-esst kl club toght. the ree-year-oeat t nation'sost prtigioug compion. an for watchin 5 at tomorrow morira, shellene and sphen for new5
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