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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  NBC  February 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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the first is tonight... ght here ast. pauls cathol chuh on el por road... om 6-30 to. the second meeting will be hel on thursday night atir station 16.. on farthing drive.. sorom 30o 8. as we' beefollowing, the incredibly wet weather l ring caund to under l meroughout thyway and broadmoor bluffs neighborhood. now homeowners are literally watching t investsments umble before their eye the city is applying for a fem ant to hp them rea a ttlement agrity willave to compete for in may. for more information on th meetings, ad on over to our website. we are ka dot co reportinlive in rado springs, joanna wise, news 5. anksoanna... we the may bnew life for a colorado spr landmk... is morni. we'rtracking m lopments at abandoned "colodo ossing" finally has a buyer. the 153-acre mixed-use
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interquest -- stalled out in 2008 when thveloper went bankruptnd stopped paying contractors. since then, the unfinished she has sat copicuously empty and abandoned. now, it appears there's a buyer foe property -- denvered "westsidvestment partners." "they woulget ownership of the whole 15acres, ps the partially-construc buildings." thrert sale price is 22- milln dollars, with closing scheduled r aprit. contractors combined to take ownership of theropey st year. so far, no word on what the ne developerslan do with rado cin veterans iour community will soon be able tget the help they nee the mount carmel ceer of excellence. the center, located of8th street on thwest sidof colorado springs, is worki to integratveterans seices into e building. some of e grout ll
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s-o, epor fountion, and the elaso county workforce centernd divisioof human rves. they wilbe movinover the next couple of months. there will also be a job training programhrough goodwill services. today l finally ow wheth or notater res will go up in mument. the board of trustees sayshey have been keeping rate artically lofor too lo and that's why thehave pposed a new rate schedule. t the economicevelopment cooration warns a quick spike inates couldarm siness and mmuny grth wel at today'meing d vehe decisfor yo meanwhile... the eb reservior idealing wiigwater levels ... just six weeks into the new ye. the south boat ramp will temporarily shut down...through mid-marcor early thpark c let some of the water out. professional wakeboarders we oke with are tinfull advantagofheater. ey s is e ghes
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overere that's eosed a theres a peninsula over there that should be exposed and now it's cometely unrwater we're told the south fishing areand the north picnic day use area are ao osed...u the water goown. e representative daney esgar from pueblo wants to help homeowners in our state conser water by using rain barrels! ey'rsold in hardware and gardening storesere, but usi the barrels to trap rain water is tical ainst state law. thats because runoff from our gutters flows into srm drains... then into streams and eventually interstate waterways. some argue that apping a flawed. "csu came and did a great presentation tthe inrim water coitbacally saying th is solutely no jury. this doesn't hurt downstre users. soonce we heard at report we
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again this year." her bill would limit consumers to usingust twbarrels per household .. a maximum of 110 gallons.and the must be edor irgang lawns adens. weathed affic on thes. meteorologt stephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. a potent storm system slammed e southeastern u.s yesterday and brought several tornadoes to the deep south. tt system slis eastwa it makes room for our high essure rge to make stward pgr too. for now, that western ridgis still centered wt of us. clouds a spilling southward downts easrn flank and rig over t top of us. warmer weather is bod up beneath high pressure ridge, and as it moves eastward our temperatures a gng up. temperatures this moing are in the 30s. highs today are going to be in
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the high clouds will not be quick to movout this morng, but we can still s some sun. temperate at 10 amill be in the wer and middle0s. corado springsill clor to 5by nn with middland upper 50s around pueblo an caon city. the 50s and 60s will car us thugh the afternoon with increasi sunny skies. at 5 pm, we're still in the 50s and 60s, but we're cling a clear evening s th temperaturesooling through the
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colorado often tops lists of the happiestnd healthiest places inheation... but there are some parts of the statwhere that's not the case. a new poll revls whaso feel areheost miserable places to live in colorado.. "road snacks" compil the list
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like commute times, unemployment, cost of and mriage tes. they found the dver subu of "sheridan"s thmo mirae.. followed by "edgewaterand "feral heights thay "cherry hls village" ishe happit. ebloanked 18th most serable, and colorado springs raed 45th out of 118. monume-- ranked the third ast miserable city. today... colorado congressman 'doug lamborn" will deliver the "state of thfifth congressnadistrictaddress. lamborwill discuss the issues affecting the district which includes coloro springs... fountain and monument. it starts at30 a-m at the antlers hotein colorad rings. we'll be sure to bring you a importandates. still ahead in youhealth watch... if you're trying to reduce strend yoga and exercise aren't working out for you. we'lshow you a new type of
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in tay's you in todayour healthy family... a new alternative to traditional hip replacemen is sparing mule tiues and speeng up revery. "britney glaser" goes inside the opatinro to learn more abt the anteriorpproach. --- pkg --- e number of hip replacemts performed in thenitestates hamo than ubled from year 2000 to 2010, according to the u.s. national cr for health statistics. orthopic surgeondoctor ala hinton, says although the surgery effective, e traditiol approach of gog beside or hind t hip joint,utng through muscle, had itflaws. sot: d alan hinn, orthopedic surgn herobl with that is the pelvis kind bl back and forth while you're doing the surgery" doctor hinton says a newer technique called the anterr
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worken muscles and tsues - and uses the hana table foa heightened range of moon sor. alan hinton, orthopedic surgeon "rather thanoing thrgh the back of the hip through muscle or through t side, also through muscle, where yohave to split muscl doing an anterior aroh we jt ve the musesut of the way. it makes for quickerecovy and a little bit less pain for the tient.charline andrent can age with that. she only spent one night in e hospital after undergoing the anterior approach hip placent sot: charline andrept, patient "i was just nting get out pain anif it took tto get out of pain, i was willing to do " sot: dr. alan hinton, orthopec surgeon "wreble to lay the patient flat, so thatheir pelvis doesn't ti and we canakintraoperative x-ays, real-time xays, of bothips anwe can compare le very, very accuraly and also positiothe cup very, ve acculy"
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great. for her, that change meant becoming likherself again - ter several monthseing home-boundecause of the pa. sot: chaine andront, patient "when i felt like i wanted to get mylothes on and i did l by melf, that'when i atheand traffic on thes. meteologt sthen bowers is here nowith 5. a pote stoystem ammed southeastern u. steranbrght several tornadoes to theeep south. as that system slides eastward it mes rm for our highpresre ridge to makeastward progre, too. for now, that western ridge is still centered west ofs. clouds are spilling sohward down its easte flank andighthe topf . rm weaer is bottd up beneh thigh essure dge, and aoves eastward our temperatures a going up. temperatures tmorning are in the 30s. his toare going to be in th50s d 60s. clos willote quk to movouth mning but we can still s some sun.
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the lower and middle0s. colora sprin wl belor to 50 by noowie d upper 50s aroundo and caon ty. the 50s an60s will cry u rough the afternn withincreang sun ses. at pm, we're still in the 50s and 60s, we're cooling. clr evening comes wi temperatures cooling through the 50s and into t lower 40s by 10 pm. in this morning'heth wah... a new study reves customed acupe y impre symptoms ineople with fibromyalgia. spanisresearchercomped weeklyndividually tailored acupcture to pcebo treatmen in ents diagnos with fibromyalgi ter ten wes .. the real acupunctu patients reported less innse pain than placebpatients. acupuncture also improved their physical abilities, fatigu level anoverall ality of life. if you'rlooking to reduce stress and improve your alth this year... you might want to nsider fat therapy! it's the newestorm of metati... and consists of oating inside a "sensory deprivationhamb" i 11- ndred po of sain 2 galns of watet allows y to esca froyour sees...
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wa.. a w study revealcustomed acupunure may pre toms ipeleit fibromyalgia spanish researchers compared weeklyndividll tailored acupuncture to placebo treatments in patien dosed with fibromyalgia. after ten weeks . threal acupuncture patients repoed less tense pain than plebpatits. acupuncture al improd eir physical abilitiesfatigue level and overall quality of life. 're looking to reduce stressnd improve your health this year... you might want to consider float therapy! it's the newest form of metation... and consistsf floating inse a ensory deprivation cmber" i n 11- hundred pounds of salt in00 gallons of water! it lows you to escape from your sees... an"flog" can hp yo reach a relang "tha brain state" which is st dream- ke! t can help with ronic pain, it can help th insnia,
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that it takes you to allowou to wk on whatever you wa to wo on." floating iproven to drop stress hormone lels. and claritof mind contributes to overall well being.. some who've tried it says floating lps them sol pblems.. be me productive and improve relationships.. youeed a tt relation this tuesday morning b can't get to a float spa... how about the next best thing... cturing yourself at this beach "anguilla" ang-willa .. don't go away...
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welcome back... in this morning's consumer watch... the spring housing season is officially underwa.. t with a record short supply! according to theatest numbers om the national association of realtors. inventory at thend of december
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fr a year ago. the supply of homes for sa was the westin thetart of 05! as for last moh. ordocom,epts listin werdown aev sharper 4 percenfrom year ago. some apple fanhave discoved going back to the 19 can actuallykillyour iphon it turns o that manually changing aiphone, ipod uch, or ipad's date to may 19-70 or earlier prevent the device from turning onfter a reart! apple has n gen a reason for the bug, says an coming software update wprevent the issue omffecting i-o-vis. this mor we have scam ing for you. canon city man is accuse using star wars lego sets to con people out of money. william murray facesharges of computer crimes, fraud and theft. instigators say at least 16
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te murray advertised go sets for sale online,ut asked for the moneupront, then nev delivered. anyone else who may be a victim is aedo accan city lice. many here sthern corado use solapanels to powethr homes ing natural energy. bustores cou be next! toy... lar advocates.... cal lawmakers and vironment colora will lach a campaign to g majorlers to use r power! they wilrelease a re showing the benefits... if o biggest stos and shopping centers used their spaces for solar panel the event ar this moinat ten-a-m at theuper-targeon inent pot in c spngs. weathed trfic on t 5s. teorogist hebors is hereow with fit alert 5. a potent storm sysm slamme the southeastern u.s. yesterday and brought several tornoes to the deesoh. as that system slides eastward it makes room for our high pressure ridgto
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for now, that western dge is stilceered west of us. cloudsrepilling southward down its eastern flanknd right over top of us. warm weather is ttleup neatthat high pressu ridge, and as it moves eastwd outemperures a gng up. temperatures trning are in e 30s. highs toy e intoe the 50s d 60s. the hi clos will n be quick to movout this morning, buwe can stillee some sun. temperature at 10 am will be in e lor and middle 40s. colorado sprgs will be closer to 50 byoon with middle an upper 50s around pueblo and caon city. the 50s and 60s will carry us througthe afternoon with incrsing sunny skies. at 5m, we're still in the 50s and s, but we're cooling clear evening mes with temperatures cooling through the
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fit upt 5-30... happening today-- homeowners afcted ndslides in colorado sin may learn about theition forelief. ne's jnna wise joins us live from st. uls catholic church -- where the first meeting will be ld -- with more owhat the city is yi to dox thoblem. joanna... good mning... rit now e city is working to idtify all homeowners who ve bn pacted by the recent
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those homeowrs could be able to opt into a federal grant program. that is what theity will be talking about at the two meetings. here's a look at when they will be hapng. the first is tonight. right heret st pas catholic chuh on el pomaroad... from 6-30 to 8. the secoeeting wileld on thursday night atire station ... on farthing dre.. alsorom 6-30 to 8. as we've bn llowing, the incredibly wet weather last spring cnd to shif under serames througho thskyway and broadmoor bluffs neighborhood. now homeowners are literally watchingheir invment crumble be theyes. the citys applng for fema grant to help th rea settment-- a program the city will have to compete for in may. for morenformation on the meetings, adn over to our website.were ka t m.repoing in corado spngs, ja wise, news 5. today... planned parentho is open once
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nearly thr mons after the deadly shootin we were ere yesterday at the ceremony as the clinicpened its dos. the ilding is only ptily usab... that e in can opera whe consucti crewsinish thr e biggesdiffenceo th cilitys thtsidof the budi ich ll und construction.'s just little less space. on they walk in its ke a gular planned parent healthenter. they're going to get same care and see the same folks they werseng a few months ago. a majoconcern with the clinic reopening is safety... d the possibility of a copy cashter. planned parenthood did not reveal specifics... butells us there will some anges toecurity prures. owing now thi rng... we'vlened the name of the man edr the d a crash on i-25. police say she was 35-year-old aniegreen-cortez". as we toou yesterday o news-today...
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hit a barrier along the oulder of i-25 near fontanero. liay she was n wrng a at bel and is beeved that alhol was a fa ithcras w today.the humane society is investigatg ter a dog was kill and a man was iur i a shoongt a home in lorado happelast nig ithe 800 blk of hsier dri. thhomers say one otheir dogsecame agressive... to try and prevent the ds from fighting... the homeowner's girlfriend shot one t ds... but the bullet alshit e man in his leg. he only suffered minor juri... d the female was charged with reckless endangeen llen mesa countyheriff's deputy has been laid to st. and yesterday. thousands from across the cotry...ther ed in grand nction foris funeral. deputy derek geer was shot last week while pursuing an armed suspect. he was taken off life support a fedays aer he was sh....ter final act of
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deputy geer had been witthe mesa county sheriff's office for fteen yes. he was also a navy veran,...who leaves behind a wife and two childn. his wife says she beli the prdest moments of his life, were whehis son waborn andwhis dauter was opte from cna. time forther traic on the 5s. meteorologist stephen bowers is here now wh first alert 5. a potent storm system slammed the southeastern u.s. yestday and brought several tornadoes to the deep sout as that system slides eaward it makes room for ough pressure ridgeo make eastward progress, too. r now, that western ridge is ill centered wt of us. clouds are sllg soutard down its eastern flank and right over the top of warmer weather is bottled up beneath that high pressure ridge, andit moves eastwar our temperates are going up. mperatures this rning e the 30s. his today going to be in the 50s d s. the highlos wi not b quick to move t this morning, but can sll see some sun.
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the lower d middle 40s colodo springsilbe close to 50 noon wi middle and upper 50s aroundueblo and ocity. e 50s and 60s will car us through the afternoowith increasinglyunny skies. at 5 pm, we'retill in e 50s and 60s, bute're cooling. a clear evening cos with temperatures coolinghrgh the
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right now... large stretcof i-7remain closed...after a massive rock slide! gypsum to glod springs... in both directions ishut down... while crews inue working to clear the boulde which fell onto the highway yesterday. c-dot crews spent most of the day removing the large roc
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inlenwood nyon. they used eqpmt to split the huge rocks so thould be ved out of the area. no injuries or sious damage has been reported. one pulo teen's paion for e is gting him som national recognition. south gh school freshman, stin allenbaugh, was invited to "the congressf future sciencendechnolog leaders" this summ, which bringsogether stents from around the country to rub elbows with and learom astronauts, nobee winners and deans top universies. as they student representing pueband one of t youngest e se, lenbaughns to this experice to opel hlf towas his dream joas an astro-physicis he'sopin lea more about his favorite aspect of science -- light, it ves through space. w stuff like reacts in different enrots like
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also involved in j-r-o-t-c, allenbaugh aims to work for the r force e day, researcng r space and maybe even spending some time on ace stat two colorado springs stude and one from fountain will also resentg ut colorado at the congress thiye. still ahead... as temrares dip to all time ws on the east coast... one restaurant is chlening customers to bravehe cold for a free meal! plus... a new mother facing ars afr her newborn baby is found suerged in a toilet!
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're excited all oucrafclas footlongare ju $6 each like our flarf swt ion chicketeriya and k & chse. $6 f a fooong isig news... especially if you' the media. folks, wcome tosub-pocalypse 16 - where foot traic for delicious subs is putting tremenus presre on sidewalks here... much the cracks are actual appearing in the sidewalks..cracks! seismologists aren't sure
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back to you bob. joy of our dious classifootlongs r just ach - alfebrry at subway. welcome back... this morning... new questions are being raised out u.s. supreme courjuice annin
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ading up to his death. a tecounty judge says she spoke with scalia's doctor t day he w fou dead... and the doctorold he scalia had hiory of h troubhigh blood pressurend was nsidered too wk to under surgery for a recent shoulder injury. those detas are at odds with collections from fends, who described scal as his usual, happy self before his death. the texas judge decided topsy was needed,... saying hdied of tural causes. y... e uned ss cot guard is conducting a aring on the sking of the "el faro" cargo ship. they're expected to fos on t evts that led up to the sinking... including the backgroundf ew members,he ship's prious missionsand the cot guard' search. the hearing starts at 9a jackille, florida. a seco hearingich hasn't been scheduled y, is expecd to focus on the voyage itself -- tk e liveof all 33 people onboard. a heing is also scheled
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rar "cliven bu. he'll be in court answering to the charges brought agait him from an armed confrontation in 14 that forced feral officis toelseattle being rounded nr his ranc nad bundy is the first to face arges in what someates hailed as a victory in the fight urn federalanto statcontrol. bundy's son,on, remains in custody is morning for staging the armesit-in on federal land in oregon. this morning... we're learning more about th spicous device und on a rental car ne the albuquerque international airport.fel authornow say hoax accoing to an a-t-f spokpers the device that oked la pipeomb did t contain any explive elemts and posed "no reat" to the public. a mechanic fnd the device unr a r during an inspection. the f-b-i is sll wking to determwho built e devi this morning a calornia mother is facing chges after
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inside a public baroom a left the infant in the toilet! right now the baby is in critical condition. police say the mher is homele.... and they found h by following a blood trail out of aubway sandwich shop and into a nearbyng lot. after hearing e baby cin employees at the subway were o get to the infant in time to save its life and call 911. take a look at this.rescue crend bystanders in florida were caught on camera puing woman from debris after tornado destd her home. workers had irst dhe the unconsous woout of the bble... before putng hern a sttcher to cry herut right now hecondion is unknown. yeery's tornaddestroyed
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well beforwe get you a check of your rst aler5 forecast... we want to tell yow people on thet coast are dealg wi the freezg temperatures they'rencing right. so are brave enough to rticipate inhat's being called the polar v challenge... one massachusetts aurant is offering free lunch to anyone who eats their meal outside in the frigid cold! yesterday afternoon... dozens of patrons took on that challenge at the "hot table" with a winter weather adsory in effect and temperatures at e time othe challenge not even in the teens. e outdootables we mostly ll! althe ney the restaunt would herwise have made on the sales of food, they are donating
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time nor weather andraffic on the 5s. a potent storm system slammed the southeastern u.s. yesterday and brght sevel tornadoes to t deep so that system slides eastward ites room for our high pressure ridge to make eastward prress, too. for now, thawestern ridge is still centered west of us. ouds are spilling southward down its eastern flank a right over the top of us. rmer weather is boleup beneath that higprsure ridge, and as moves eastwar our temperatures are gng up. tempatureshimoinarin ths. hitodaare going to be the 50s and 60s. thhigh clouds will not b quick to move out this morni, but can sti see some sun. temperature at 10 am will in the lower and midd. corado sings will be cser to 50 by noon with middle and uppe50s around pueblo and caon city e 50s and 60s will car us rougthe ternoon with
5:44 am
at 5 pm, we're still in the 50s and 60 but we're cooling. a clear eving comes with temperatures cooling throu the
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several of america's favorit cording artists are adding thr newest grammy ds to their collection.
5:46 am
just startineir coection with their very first award! mark bger wrap up of last night's gmmys... -- pkg -- nats "are weut of the woods?" ylor swi got theramm sttemondayht. nats "ylorwift!" and then added ther cotion ----- three awards..ncding album ofhe yr for "1989" "i want to thank the fanfor the la ten years." fans of rapper kenick lamar got to celebrate ts "we gonna be alght" his show stopping performance.... and 5 grammys...includi ng bes rap m for "to pimp a butterfly". ts "this for snoop ddoggy style, and this for s. l liorer, eve that ts "t'go beyon, let's do!" honors for "recorof the ye" nt to mark ronson and brunmars f their dance anem "uptown funk". nats of mars " wouldn't be up here if it wn't for the peop dancing to ts song. thanyou gu so ! the ght's first ti gy winners uded ed sheeran.... "s the year" for "thinking
5:47 am
anmegan air, besnew arst. nats ", i'm a mess." stin bier also won hisirst grambest recording...... chris stapleton ok best country album.... and alabamshes won best ck performance. nats audio issues marred a perfornce by ale.... but not tributes to lost legendsnats "the thrill is gone" ......inclg bb king... nats eagles' lead singer, glenn frey.... and glam rocicon david bowie... na "nd ctro jo m"y ga's tri mley to tinger amonthe highlightssic'bigges ght. mark barr, nbcew stl ahead... a thief bbing califoia home... avesehind a rprising clue... what the homwner found tha will likely lead to his quick
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welcomback... take aook...this mansion in florida which waonce a mlion dollar home... now selling for only fraction of what it's worth. that's because... the brht color you see is not pa othhome's oginal si.. th apr paint!... vandals patethouste... and destoryed the inside othe house -- walls, floors, and fixtur desr ripped o
5:51 am
symbols inside! because of all the damage... the house is selling for onl ree hundd and tw fiv thousa dollars thti see here this california us. wasn done by vandals... t it's a worof art painted by the homeowner.. ral sportor demratic presidential candidate bernie sanders! the owner -- an english teacher -- saypuing a sign in his lawn wasn't en. so he used and blue paint to creahe bernie sanders campaign logo on his roof! he did ask permission from his wife!. who also a strongande supporter. the couple is planning on gettg a new roof aft ection sn.. and here's one good one.. after s house was robbed.... a california man fou a piece evidence he couldn't belie! he discoverethe thfs cephone charging on the tchecounter! the vi ss ame home from worand waedn on the man
5:52 am
the spechad a gun. so t vicm n to his bedroom... lockedheooand called 9-1-1.. en it was safeo meut. he wald the kitchen and fod e thiefs pne... unlocked and full of selfies! police sasy the pictures will help track dn the criminal... o's still at lge ts morning. time now for weath and traffic on thes. meteorologstephen bowers is here now witfirst aler5. a potent storm system slammed thsoutheastern. yesterday and brought several tornadoes to the deep south. as that system slides eastward makes room for our high pressure ridge to make etward prress, too. for now, that sterrie is still centered wesof us. ouds are spilling southward down its eastern flank and right over the top of us. warmer weath is bottled up beneath that high pressure ridge, and as it mes eastward r tempatures are gng up. teeraturess mornin th ghs daargointo bin
5:53 am
quick to movout this morning, but we can seesu teure 0 amill be in the anddle 40s. s wbe close to 50 nth middle and upper 50s arnd pueo and caon city. the s an60willarry us rough the afternn th increasingly sunny skies at 5 pm, we're still in the 50s and 60 but we're coong. clear evenincomes with temperates cooling tough the
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homeners affected by landslides in colodo springs may learn about their optis forelief. pl.. a local lawmaker is revisiting a highly disputed issue coloroado... we're hearg from one ste
5:58 am
ading new efforts to lalize rain barre in our state. we're starting on the mild se withemperature the 3. today is ing to ba warm one! with plty of sunshine, highs will be ithe 50s an60s. wee ing even warr late is wee i will have tails coming up in weatr trafc on t 5's. good morning, thanks for joing us on is tuesday, february 16th. m shleneockrell. ira has the morning off. first up at 6:00... today-homeowners affted by laslides in colorado sings may learn about their options for reef news 5's joanna wise joins us live from st. pauls caolic church -- where the rst meeting will be held -- with what theity is trying too tfix t problem. joanna. go morni.. right now e citys working to identify all homeowners who ha en impacteby the recent landides. ose homeowners cou be able to opt inta feral grant program. that is what the city will be talking abouat the two meetings. he's a look at when they will
5:59 am
right heret st. paulcatholic church on epomar road... from 6-30 to. the second mting will be held on trsday nit at fire ation 16... on farthing ive.. al from 6-30 to 8. as ween followinhe incredibly wet weather last spri caula to shift unr seral homes througut the skyy and broadmoor bluffs neiborhood. now homeowners are literally watcnghe iestsmes crblbefo their eyes. the citys applng for fema grt help themeach a settlement-- a pgramhe cit will have to cpete for in ma for more informationn the meetingshead on er to ou websit are koaa docom.reporting live in colorado springs, joanna wise, news 5. thmay new life fo rado sings landmk. "colado crossing-- a 153 acre med-use developme at voyager aninterquest - stalled out in 2008 when the


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