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tv   Today  NBC  February 15, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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just said it,mmy and golden globeinnictor willi shne >> s, he's in thehouse. ye ye sothis book we're going t tal about. buzz. with our friend brian. and our fendina torr. >> very excedbo that. >> she is soadorable. by the y, iave a hot piece of paper here, it's very messy. is isusa day"nd khi lee and i have ourrammypicks. youan seeowhe ientally wtten wh the xs and ecks. we'reoing to take our pks for the grammys. she's going to putt in the va anyo amanda. plseee those -- rehe son't shine rig so you were sg cute little boy. try once a month tooee mymom. 's harder and harder for her
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me tetrnd visit motakeer outdier. o as anpportunity to seey scheck my ltle -'m insany in loveit him. i amnsanely inove wh hi hs so cute ahouus want t nzle him al da w aay g to theha eig tre aolis t bayon t harbor 's spretty >> howld i ? >> hs4 mths i think. >> he's so cute. he is sh cue. ? th's worth nn >>, no, we alws pa we alys pay. >>hey d't hav m sff o their w li. nd y bngt in? yes, te bring it . >> a bag? >> e's a lot of b w do. yore funny >> we we >> we went to ptuertrico wch was hot,
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this girl w gettingried fohe fir tt and th's he. we jusad great time >> youe a swimsuit mol, why did you -- can we see tt again, plse? she' making tha -- it'ery clea what you're doing there, hoda. hat's what ido. >> don't do that. >> evercee bee i ghth e, that's wha i do. i'm behi. like beibehind >> allrigh so ." heart s funny this week >> couple ounny ts you're jnir ast faoul l t onf t ctbersol noodle " andhe d spotn imitationf rachel n, that's jni anton's character from "friends." >> this is incredible. it so great to see yo>> oh, colin, oh, hi, hi, oh, wow. >> howoubeen? >> wh, oh, yeah yeah, i've been, yeah, i've been good, yeah, i've been good,ah. >>s it me or do you always
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>> oh, what, oh, yeah, wow, okay, what, okay wh ye >> vycute. >>w - i thheke lt u t w. thatod. >>nl li, her >> excuse me. >>eee to -- we'ng goun ment allrigh s ade --e you sn the coverf ogue no let's s . >> is g adelen this is h secd cover. >> she looks great. how eous. r skin. tograph y in t light ou knohat'sy, looks greatith a little makeup or a lo e' got aaton h ha. e on the indey her piy. ssge. t.
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isn terf on" maga. >> fros family. >> w goi to guess. >> it's on its way. >> we're going to t sre right now. >> we got we got it. >> whos ? >> i says rey ke so w ow it's elvis'granddaughr. >> why w we kw at what do y mean riley keough >> because it' lisa mae' daught, i know that. ril kegh. >> the g on the rig is elvis prley. , riley keough, itt be elvi kid. >> am i right? wait, who's kegh? >> lsaarie marri g med reykeou. t? >>yes. oh,gosh,t good. said t a dd veaw riley keouexcellent. very smart. time to tal
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di t are actlly "ortsll and women from walfe, rgeo. one ofm doe eve have h t on. we'lalko e' goteeny tny-s th aimittulye c awiui'snd-a. eewo wh us okay. weroug ohe bch s here hal aun, hlgrah,omnou >>omearinginks,hone >> oh, ie t you. >> how areyo >>ngratulation,es. hank you. >> okay, you totally f n te the announcement? >> i i waso t t rest,like,hello, ing, thank youmuch. i was le a baby -- >>verybody was there, right? do we have that? thnd --
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oka tha y, everyby, i apprecteyo you and you. >> what d you family sa oh, right away, he goes, i ew , yes. >> ah, s sw >> i calle my i don't wto s what she saidecause she cussed. she was bawlg, ying, so cute. >> has she seen e picture? >> yes. she gothose from me. >> mom s, like, thank god it's taeful thank god you have your suit one're going tolay quick game. e we can tcover.see if wean identy t ls. we go, picturmb one. who it person? khy >> 19 >> lookedre too. >> tyra >> i it did you >> i r. aright, nber ree. beyonc >> was >> okay, i kind of knew. >> wait,e're trying to g o
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>> thought they were supsed , n us oh, is ts the win blown. s, you guy, cotulaons. you've gten incredible feedck, by the way. >> we'rereakingbarrrs. we'r letng women knowhat auty is beyond si.m fulsize /16. didhink i would eve be in the s, l alone t cor, come on. >> as aoman who'ssidered a plus-sized model, i was told i ulr in bable to do any of th things i am and i'm a testament y shouldust contino go after yr dre and goals. nd you'reestament t your ta-tas. >>heo. >> thank you, cotu >> thank you,u. and we'llo hav segment a you. a yo >>yes, s cn this way dhe go also o that way. e,guys. like that.shne >> wt anute leteak
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inkean thegirl ion'thi h wants the drin>>ouant to keepim compan oh, yeah, we wantedotay d wah. >> yes,ou can. >> you't hav aeart conditior anhi, do? no, do yove a disease i t- >> no. can him compain t you like. careful. ye slllive. yes, are. alright, you knowt i timefor, t's t our everyone has a story nomine >> ts month is linds oppes granot grandmher. they're going to be skyping. >> hi, ndsay. >> from ltan, massachusetts, ndsay' th this is a surprise t her -- y caller bubby, right? >> all right,hat's good, she wrote in toell us about her grandmother'se ory.
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th boy weno high school wi, nate n. 84 years old, phyllis married te this year. d at the wedding lindsay made a toa saying a good marriage is where both people feel like they're getting the bternd of tal. >> oh. >> did y even know lindsay had tenn to us? noteally. look at nate. te, yowith us? fo0 years so. >>e's been exced for 6 years he said. >> always i love with her. >> you guys are going to come usn ursday. saying tost meaningful gt sheould to give them wallace eir very own wedding song. never too late for love. >> loveit. >> i hop you hav a safe trip s okay?
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ow cute are they? >> bye, nate. >> be sure toune in -- [ laughter ] what's going on in here? >> always thing. >> is thihe best dayf your lifer what? look at yo >> i sndingp saight beuse there 6'3". kno all righty, quickshouuto our darng megan. our press person. weust ado he >>e tew a baby swer for her and it's cald -- it was a themt was all about love. itasosted by savannah and natalie. and we wanted- it was held doto in tribeca at a p called -- >> le nd >> harveynsame congratulationn his award. inre wd e msy.
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thtreatment inct streth froroot-tp. everinch is 10x roer, r long, er, shr hair new trong. ti hongeu. garn he's she an actress andraed oper center and has even voiced aew video games. wrealking aut t love gina rr >>orheastiveyes, gina kep the boys in lin as jessa piersonpowerfulead a law fm ohe hit u ries "suits." >> now with one of theirwn on trial, the stas have never been higher. mike wan t reprent himself. is he crazy? he c't do at. thashat i tried to tell him. m. >> the only problem wit that, henows it' his decision, not to mention the oy thing that's stopping him from going and
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is his loyaltyo us. >> so that's it, he's represting himself? >> i'mot sayin that. >> what exactly are you saying? >> i'm saying i ha a plan, but i need you to sign on. >>hater iis, i'm in becae if that kid handles his own defense, you and i are going be the next ones on trial. >> tt's thearting ne >> dp the hey. ye soice to s you. >> i'm happy to be he,hank you so . >>boy, youre tghn th en'tyou? >> i , iam>>hou?>>'t kn >> you'r sif i peon. >>ha yes,yes, no, she's defity is fmidablecharter, and she takes, i mean, she doesn't ta anying fmyone th's jt -- that' it' mh mfun. >> t than. >> is that how y are life >> depends who youal to. >> whatld lfibue
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so i g it' rking.>> years. and y have lite one, righ we he an 18-yr-old daught yes. bio. yore great actressut i dn't kw theingingar of your su. w kdf your fir ve? that wasir lo. was-ll i wand t d s gwp andeike the 6 otinoersif rnad pers.iand toive on ste. live on the broadway stage. i goto do th. actlly ended up doi oadway musicith tommy tun andete ratan thaas m fe. that the f 18 s of my . >> whatr path wasoing to be. and then i glassical play a i dideare outof town a tn i booked vie and i booke you know, le att span and their memories are about tha theove toave yn w. no can bnd write
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>> i loveo that. >>earned you werrained nger. i tug y we an alto. go goody. >> i'm fin with a little whkey and-hen the fet comeinvery- mce goes down apl ve>> le ithenhis wav a song aut that.>> i the teefs wen o k,e wldave an solute blas i canlrea tellrom mee her, ght. >> iit te whe y exercis inhe mornings, yaves ? do, no, you'r on. i watch th's rigi'm on t ellial elliical. callthecaly ou by, gng t d 4 mes onocalse.ight ck. >>'re taldelit. bk seeus. >> thank y, i woullove to. >> and say hello to that wondful husband o yos. ts" airs wednesdays at
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sist netrk us williamhatners re >>ide the ilen>> sopes t inspi women of
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>> history you deservmore than thi darling. wella new samsung tv wod be nic but we need low monthly paents. we yes! stt shoppingoday. jill and kate usthe me dishwasher. sa deternt. t on jill ds u with wetspotty glass. katedds fishet-dryth five por actis thatry ds prent s anfilm so all that's le is t shine.
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,,,,, mmmm mm
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mmmm, yoplt >> ttsllusat su eti mgistory yea wit tee dferecors reprentg wenfll size t alohnehe nest coverel ashy graham who gavesn elusive bend the snes look at the making of the magazin in turk and keikcaicos. >>d goo "to sh i am y special correspondent onhis esive bind t scenes tour ofsports illustrated" swimsuitdition 2016 let's go into hair and meup. im im t first ever size 14 model tren e p "sports lurated. 'r minghistory.
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alf mcurvwome outhere it 's sxcitin m spchle >>t's >>t's justra how good s is, rit. the rumor aretrue. she's t miceldanf fashn and, yo. justhat neel stuf >> see the conditions tyut me in? i haveout ice in the bk of my nts. therm plu siz has terrle mean it'sou're t, y're o of shape,ou takare of yourself. ieallyant to get rid labels i tnk t world wou be tt pce who them.>> iso prty now, iave aen jce theorng but iil also have a chip in theafternoon. yo gotop t ene level
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el comfortable in the ski ey're in, alway enage themo lk in the mror and start tkiohe body.caehe meou aually ge t know your bodynd sta to appreciate dfere thing on it, then thee you'r going to l the wan that u ar honey, this is n beauful. >> perfe >> she rit, i t n beautid her. h a swe rl. alright. the swimst etion is out today.>>h'sho of a-list
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've got the facnd a t johnson the ucts in bath tine worketr like am. a combination signed to lp impve your baby's skin barrier
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it' t's fun day monday, presidents' day, and while we've been enjoying the longoliday ekenhere no break fro
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re is pop goehe week brian lthaza balthar. >>brian, h are we ing? >> we areng eat. grayday. >>tns last night was ivis pregrammparty. the 40th anniversary of t rty. its a big nemaker. rlyim thr aprise rfornce. sh sannd t audnce w thretap,eering. someon tooktithheir cel on glad they d. >> again, her voice isn poin it sctikely -- >>'s o t stage -- >> s haserri s fr >> right, , s seemed to rise ait. what'slso mg news is was c noodling none other tn bla shelton and gwe stefani. firm on his lap the whole night. ther werheers for ever. e satn h lap the whole night. i'd s get a room but they're
10:30 am
they s likey're havingfun together. >> ty seemike the in . ood forthem for you. >> through cnched teeth. >> she h a n sin out ll"makike yo" somere singt may bbo no onlakeeln. leou me lik y baca li i dn't think i was --ou made me likeyoyada, yada. >> anyone else perfother than rleyy? >> b it was valentine's and john legee perrmeded a vid vide whi houstonecause it's the four-year bring theoom . theylayed "the gatesove ofall." >> i thought itouldaveeen loer than th. some things seemik ty' yesterday, oers see le ey're s longo. >> te is funny. lady ga is preparingo perform athe grmys. david bow tribute.
10:31 am
she got david bie -- that's s chat.she's getting ttoo ofavid bowi one caion says, this is the imehat cnged my life she als hnothne ptiod hail ry fulf gre,t.wie. i'm sureou love thatthie. >> no, in't. >>he just that and she's perfmingtoght. willenterestingo see if e rewears somet revea or no rember perfoce at e super bowl ectacular. super , osrs won a gde gle. this i a g y f her. >> let' talk nl." andkae. >> kany sn annteresngeek inhe world of kanye. he performed on "s." >> i don't e hblic >>oes hav one? so herform his s ultralight beam ahls
10:32 am
le i avaable o h website.heree is o the rformance. youknow,e'ad a weird week. kim was there by the way. she's still sporting her bleach blonde hair which takes a highght and ulalight beam. there it is right tre the. she basically -- >> that's m? >>ah, that's her bleh blon hair >>re youpove? >> i posive. so he stautti some wrd tw t. e tbo masve dt helaim he he sa, iris toyou,y brherswhe il$5 llion iersonadebt ea py w overcome. ok, thi isy trueeart. uow, it'suestnable etheorott' tru o no d't ow ene wen twe mkzurdha sa eaeomorw y ca >> iure he stim a xt he id, know it' your birt, butou please call me? it wasn't his birthd. >> do pee his clo? is anyone buyg em?
10:33 am
ot of mon i proting hi fhionin a the action to his cthes hasn kind of fair. d'thi anye les th. >> it's nasy being a multimillionai ornot. but they we also livg -- he d k wereppently ling kr'se wle ty were buildi a20illionsion so there's l that doe't d. llhe aot o mone >>ha finces. >> i donknow >> i think a kk staer mpgn willai for kanye. >> they're two ofhe most iconic tv characters ever create william shatner. >>ight afthis. the flvirus hits big withches, chills, and fever, e's no such thing as a lilelu. and it needs a big solution aiviral. so when the flhits, ca your doctor right ay and up the ante with antiviral tamiflu
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> yeah, be caful. we'r talking health re. ah, we're talking about heart rates. it was0 years ago that "star trek" boldly went where no tv show hadve gone before,ade household names of kirk a spoc one year after leonard niy's death, wam shatner is pgbute in aew book. it called "leonard, my50-year friendship a remarkab man." have you tht of sin to >> it's quite thebook. ome back. >> tha ych alked about hown your career you're never close friends with peopleou with because there was always a ason for that. the show would end andou'd go your separate with him, differen >> eve showt sts,ou're frie for. athat youe ing, yr
10:39 am
worried about theame ings, yo becomeeally gd iends. show's over. >>gi >>egisdisapprs. he es heas hisife to lead. dhis guy y spentrs with y oio't see beusee's- >> iust told you, i had dinr wi himynight. >> you'v ruidy whole theo >> sp wreg his thing.>> no the poi that's usually w happensut it didn't happen wit you leonard. at kept you friends? >> well, threeears doing the series. bye-bye. got t me a living. e. oh w going to makemoe?, we're gng tmake seven?oh, we're goi to doersonal nvtions. >> conventions. we were thrn into each other's any. much time toge. >> tk about ie binning w you gs wen't eve -ou re kind ofealous oim a lile waatur -- >>mpetion?
10:40 am
ddly h broke out and i said, wow. >> y bro out, come on youok s sharp i tho pants. >> at? >>ado - >> wha pts? i know,t was my onl ap no,s of wenaduge cruss on u. >> i know, ah. >> you bke out huge. >> huge. >> wasne ofthem. comeon, yid fine. >> so what'm sinis,o o compete? that's wt i'm saying.>>well, we donhe air for the gese play but no, we dot. >> but tt sho -- >> you to ruin another story. >> the thing is there is mpetition it doesn he be -- >>maliciou >> thas the , licis. it ccoetitn. >>o wt happed athe end -- >> thas what i elain ith beginng of t book.
10:41 am
because the was a lot of press about how your friendsh had a sortf falling out o something. what happeded? >> you know, i don't know and that the mystery tha w go to y's grav >> but you have a lite ea. n i swear t t friendsh homeh- >> he wouldn't talko me >> did tak yr cls maybee wasing someor enti k? >> ion't wanto go there becae his mily's around hi t i don'tkn. >> butowt is heartbreing. >> tbreaking. >> you do talk aut h alhosm >> sentim a n be he died of ve,iendship and how i mism. i never a reonse. >> do you ever run intis family membersr iends, mutual fen? >> his son is good pt of th book.intviedso surprisisurpsing tou tugt m
10:42 am
so there a -- there's a great de of leonard in leonar i d research on things i didn't kno about him.i interview h twice, three tis. i did a wholeour a a hf on him on disc. and then i had an intvihow an i ierew him and evoked stors that heev- h didn't even rememrhimsf. >>well,hey'n the book ituite a t. you worked rd. allhe best. >> david as well. yes. >> allrighty. >> we're talking birds a even bees whee show you the newest trend of house pets. don't miss the fun after ts. if you he postmenopausal osteoporosis and hh sk fofrtu. catell y plia s ov the protect from fcture.but re pmy doc pli
10:43 am
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> if a dog o cat just d't cut its a hseet you, you might fd the newest m of your familyight here today.
10:48 am
hoong to lve a pet at he alone toxotic anima. >> one of the hostssavid mijews. >> , dave. welco back. >> t you. >> so theseren' fierce things like you usually bring. normally i bring you wildlife i'm hosti thi new sw et talk" that' all aboutpi people understd their ps cling exoc pets and m some animals that yight not nt toetset bause eyre a little too wild. y just said how lg you shouldeaveour pet at home al whheanswer >> sot's - >> don't rui it for me. what is it? >> honestly depenn you but y shoul -- a dog probably shouldn be goingore an fr oive hrs alon so you want toet dog walker i he . i do four. 31/2. what's the first thing? >> aalpaca. >> they're so silly looking, en'tthey? >> if you guys want to ce over here get a look at how beautiful
10:49 am
this is the who farm pet trend. you can gently giv a little pet. th wool is actually -- these guys were dtica 000 years ago. ho come around this way if you wt and just giveer a pet the. >> she doesn't like softets. >> obviously if you're getting ones a pet, it nds to liv outdoors. you have to have a ba. not everybodyan handle an animal like this. you wan to do your resear. make sure you can take car of . you have a good t. they can be vy affectionate andhey're very cute. >> what do the eat? >> theyat pnt material so let'so on to our next animal. >> bye! >> here you , swtie. ourextnima y probably have heard of too. this one is a chinchilla. chinchla is alson ancient anal. these guyre from sou americ yo can definitel pet ts gu >> the softest fur. they do breed these gsor
10:50 am
so would not support that.t these guys are -- their furis thickau they live at high evations. yove to remember, they can get ovheated very ealy. ey don't reall hen abity to cool off. >> whashe life-span? >> they can live f several years. they'reore than a mouse that lives one year. you want to t about the life-span. >> becou get so atthed to th. >> they l in aage in your hoe, right? the guys a hav a spec heah quirent. ey nd toaket s. i'mng to phem inhere.becaushey len the untains, they d't get -- look a at >> they keep their fur cle by llingn thet l . re youdding? >>ow does rli i dirt - i h keep ras slgh offd . >> kd o le l spa treatmen >> is he happyn there? >> hs totha e does. understand what i needs so you caneep i happy.
10:51 am
>>oh look at this. >> gorgeou animal. isshe coatoo. a kind a kind ofar rat. parrot can liv to be 80 yea old. if you're gting aet paot coat w,at, epar. >>ant ta? >> i hear you. er you answ. >> theery edy.ey'rintelligen ey're soal.they bh people. you need to makeure you're providing expect of life fo tse guys ote,re goi to thri >> is le zoan >> i. >> w. >>ot tong the pout. >> last butot least. >> is a pig. is this a pot belly? >> actuall not a p belly. >> he looks mor like a ar. >> this is 50-pound ni-p. e are aot trenow.
10:52 am
gethis big. this is a 50-pound pig. some people g these pigs they'r over 100 pounds. do your research. kn how big your animal is going t get. >>"pet talk" premiereshi
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>> next, ouravore things ths odayon. >> oh ,yes, isold ouide ty' here time to share our forite things. found theecret sauceor ha. i'd like to say you'r welcome. th i calle rdy to go humidi blockinrizz inhitor. wo it. spray it in. blow it andas your jaw drop >> my god. >> f you say that, ho. >>,$13. reyo go. wh you g,kathie?
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ran ar hasot a brand-new line out called flawless faccollecti. wille sold on qvc thifriday. priceo be revealed then herris typically start ou $30. ooh. she'syovyerso anerroducts th woerful. th ithe blu i use. >> oh so you just swit all around? >>e'reappy for he >> we lov oureve. a qck shout-out. we're looking for women who took a break fro the ceers maybe to r t k t ce tirar a et bk in woe. fdetail go tooda and
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cathy ra.. >>raael! >> announcer:air styling pructs to the nest all new "han lab." grammy award winrbrandy.
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>> rachael: me, eier. >>nunce a h never seen his soul mate until now. for the first time i dayimehistory,hey will get engaged, plan a weding andet married in an unforgettae week. now,are youeady for rachl? >>achl: hi, guys. happ president'sday. i hope y're enjoying your d off at home. i'm here with my girl,gretta. we have a reay fun project -- heers d applau] >>chael: we hav a reall fun project day, a very special "human lab," but y ow, it is a holiday, but iidn't mindng to workod because the luxur about having this jo somebody else doesy hair for me. >>yes. rachael: and i'm terrible as gretta knows. when i do my hairt home, i don' even dohe back. it gets crand matted squirely. ion't have the energy to put
11:00 am
's an adorable int to t "humanab." today our "human b," our ewe test products, they are all dads whoant too their daughter's hairetter everyday. i know so cu. >> and i lovethat m completely tryg to redeem mylf because the only client wh ever firede in over 20 years is m son. he told me, h said to me, mom, u don'tnow how to d g yles, want dooy hair. it m be atrend. >> rchl: i lov th. lookt ty her son, wht mop ha look the hair on that il what does rky doith all that? >> i don'tkn,he nea there a long time. come on, schl is starti. raael: dads do hair, too. let's mee the dahter duo for thehuman b." watcthiss i adorable. >> almostimescol,ow about pony tail today?


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