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tv   Today  NBC  February 12, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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to a winte ndla >> you calle iickedig air, and i'd aicked cd r. it'll be fezg or below freezing orelowero in lot ofhe untr 30 deg below rmal. is tside o a frid good morng. goodmorning. have to t you,his is h. it goi get rougher. here's what s when you combine aroke wer mai insconranton, pennsylvania, and br it's a instant ice scule. coating power linesnd mes. eyally hav gten i unr control, but it created a . 'll morcenes likehis over the next 48 hour re wha happing, again, wntioned. theolar vorte is always over the north le, but it's now shting overhe norern atlantic it releas t arctic air into
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across t canadian border as the j seam dips into th east cot. ght w, we'vegot, by friday, is morning, iteeike 4. new york city, 1currtl in cleland, it feels le. out i minneapolis, 8 below. then the colair al starts to sink in. 5:00 a.m. saturday, washington is 1 7 in cleveland. 2 in inapolis. as we continue, wind chills be a b faor. cleveland, ao beck n zero. saturday teoon, it' even colder. botm out sunday morng. look at these temperatures. we'l see records in boon, new york washiton and roane. chicago, y're going to be ld, as well. that's where we fdin tibble i hope y have theold weather ar readyau it's going to be brutal, m friend.
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al,s a balm20 degrees here rht now. ovght as you mentioned, th mercury ist going to drop. thboom is going to come of the floor. there's going be chi advisory starting tonight, l morr mning. eratures are going to be zero here in chicago o here going to be furth owest, where the winds really blow. th're caing e wi l tus0 touspelere being urged to check ghbors. a tip fress i .i'm ssing a layerthis morn y clos attention to pets. ouldhey go outside? feed them more bause they us mo energy. important thing, these thgs d't work ll ithe co, eier. if it gets down to mus 40, whicwe ally it dsn't, ey d'tork a. make your ll to the travel agent beret gets that co. >> ire thinking of traveling,on't head to florida.
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headut west. go west, youngan or won. spring-like warm temperatures will feel like they're in the april or may ran. san frcisco, phoix, pueblo anseattle. that's where we need to go. >> we'll have you back inside coup min. it w chill between rnie sanders andilry clinton laht during their deatic debate. eir fit since sanders n in clton turng to les of attack ttry slohi mome. t's n caaign coverageith andrea mitchl. go morning. >> hlary clinton tryg to regain herooting aer her big loss in new hampshire. sed beie sande of being a e-issue caidate, and disloyalty to presidenobama, which was hugely popular with nority voters nevada and soh carolina, the next state toot >> reporter: cnton tried to put saers on the defsive.
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abouour president i ex om replicans, i do not expect fm someonruing for the decric nominion to succeeident ob >> that is, mame secretary, a low blow. >> reporter: she, seizin what he e has tkasint, on oba's recorin deali with congress. >> you donhink pdent obama essfullosed the gap? >> i don. >> rortet was clinton's rst ance since new hpshire to regain the trust of wen vo. >> i'vspent my ee adt life working towards making sure women are empowered to make their own choice, even if the oice it to votfor me >> reporter: sandeees his candacy as hisric. somebody my background ith my views, i think ord be a historical accomplishmt,s well. >>epter: they hammered each other on immigration, the
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to make sure health care ia ght for all people. 're nogoing dismale anything the nbers d't add up. i beevi can get the moy that ieed by tthe wealthy,y closing loholes, gs we're way overdo for innd i think once i'm in the whe house, we will have enough political cital to be able tdo that. >> sectary cli, you're n he whi house y. reporter: and forgn polic >> journal askho you lien to forgn py. we have y know whohat is. >> wl it ain't hen kissinger,hat's for su. >> that'fine. reporter: when asked if race relaons would be better under his presidency - absolutely. we a going to create millions of js for low-income kids. >> reporte witclinton earning the endorsement of the congressional black us pack d a slam of sands against john lewis. >> i never saw him.
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met presideninton. >> reporter: sanders releasing an endorsement video from younughter oeric garner. died after new york police put hn a chokehold.>> that's why i'm for bernie. >> con idiggg in for a fight as sanders continues out raise her by a big margin sinchis new hashire cty. >> andremitchell, thanks. let's turn to our pane political analyst nicolle wallace d polical coes corresponden steve kornacki. good morni. >> gd morng. >> le itec if you watch the debate, you see ere are certain voter groups and issues tt keep cropping up. let's start withhis battle, and it is an all-oattle for the afrin-american ve.e, w steve, we sawillarylinton really usher in this strategy
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which i t wrap her arms around president a and his legacy. not only that, s that bernie sanders didn't do so suiently. >> that's thinteresting thg. president obam still extremely popur with afn-american voters. more than 50% of the electorate in south carolina. all of the areas whereerni nders would try toome after hillary clin so many of them, the cricism he levelled againsher could so be applied to psident oba. e pointed that out te and again. basicay put him on the defensiv he had to say, this is why i'm criticing hillary clton but it's not meants a criticism of president obama. it's tough to accomplish. >> who do you k better in terms of attracting minority rs? >> ihink what was more interesting on that ont didn't haen on the stage. john lewis is an american icon, not just in the african-amecan counity. iug it was one of the rsherriticisms of bernie saers abseeeism on th
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>> h response to a question. he didn'ju say that. >> corct. >> wknow hillary clinton has a problem with women voters. we saw it in new hampshire tough week with gloriateinem and maine albright saying thhadidn't hel how did she go? >> someone just beat you for over 2ints. i've been ere. shheld her ownast night one of her strongest performances for her to do better among women, she has to do better, period. she better. some of the thingshat have beenff putting, she fixe >> she sai don't vote r me because i'm a woman. she said it bere. the fact i'm a womans one of my qualities. didn't bernie sandhave a interestinply. >>e was asked, a you blocking history? he didn't come out a say it, t we've never had a jewish president. when he won new hampshire, that's the first time a jewish candide ever w a primaryr atatr,e havet d too many people whca themselves socialists, eher. >> the last topic,all street. she said she woun't
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voters as dumb. >> front page of the wl street journal s a story about how gushy her talks were. she's not going to get away with not releasing more infon >> wshe was speaking in the paid speeches fothe banks. >>he made hureds o thousands dollars speing to e banks. this issue is not going away. has a disnct advantage over her he stage andherail. >> she said president oba ok some of the money from wall street and nobody said hdidn't stand up to the banks. >> again, that comeback from sander why did they give the money then, that easy to undetand >> >> nico lle, steve, thank y very much. thnext republican debate is in south carolinaomorrow nigh most of e candidates are already in the palmetto state. last night, donald trump took s message toouisiana. nbc national correspondent peter alexder is following t gop. go morning to you. >> matt, good morning.
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politi. donald trump's opponents a hitting him for his e of vulgarity. umith the opportunio swealast night. says, in fact, he's swearin off foul language. as the candidates geready to squa off for the next debate tomorrow night. >> reporter: the billionre barrelling into baton rouge. >> unlievable. ok ais cro. eporter: dold trump earlier taking m at ted cruz r alged rty ickschargingruz'allies with seading minformn in soh carolina with push polls. a watchin trump teted. cruz denying any involvement. >> he read reportsf what is bng said, but somebody else is doing them, not us. >> rorter:ruz is fighting on two onts. targetg trump and marco o with his ad accusingio of broken promis. spoofing a support gro. >>aking me feel dumb for trusting them. >> vote fomore than st a pretty face next time. >> reporter: the cmpaign
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tellin telling nbc news,nfortunate fatlily she was not vetted by the casting compan we would not he let her appear in the ad,hey said. a famili face is giving b bush a boost. george wsh will campaign with hisroer, appearing here monday night. >> i'm pud of the fact he's coming and honored. challenging them to be more positive. thinki. does he realize the family lecy spenngll youtime being negative. rorr: b bh, who descredmself as a joyful tortse, is nocampaigning with the joy of e texas chains massacre, bio rubi is trying to shed his robotic image. loosenup in ont of the cameras. acing to an opposition aid. days after cracking under pressu on stage, rubiorack a la fzen ndbar. he said, it's not going to slow him down. >> we're not suspending our campgn
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ssg babies? try signing toddrs. eck this out. at dond ump's rally,1,000 people in attendance, he fou a19-monthld in the crowd with bejewelled binky and the mawk. signg e back of his hand. not clear i there'y wip for at. matt and savannah, back to y. >>hank you, peter. apprecte that. there have been major devepments in the syrian crisis overnight. announced big strides towd a potential cease-fire. keir simmons is in syria ts morning. good morng. >> matt and savannah, good morning. there are pele adamascus thisorning who areptimtic anotheo not believe there will be an end to thfighting. the hostily is still here. it won't apply to isis or the al nusra.
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accelera a expand e liveryf d to comnities der ege inyria, where some people, including children, have be dying of starvation. the secretary of state says he knowe agreent is bitiou but the humanitarian push is crucial. >> we have agreed to accelerat and expand the delivery of humanitarian aid beginng mediately. sustained delivery will begin this week. >> the announcement mes as the syrian army,ked bysian air strikes, is adncing in the strategically importt areaf al. a province pushing back rebels and possibly threening another siege. there are pictures of president assad here. he's still in control here. onquesti, will he really nto stop the fighting when his forces are on the offensively? matt and savannah, back to you. >> keir simmons, thank you. >>let's now to a disturbing scenin ohio. this morning, foureople are recovering after a mrmed
7:14 am
reaunt and started aacking peopleandomly. nbc's stice correspoent pete williams has the latest on this. what c you tell us? >> matt, good moing. i can tell you that four peopl were hurt in this brutal aac at a mediterranean rtaurant in columbus. the fbi is helping local pole. whe authorities sathey don't yet know the motive, they're looking in whether thiwas an acof home-grown extremism. >> reporter: frightening moments for dine at a columbus, io, restaurant thursday, wn a man wielding aachete b randomly attacking cusmers. >> they've got at let ur inreif you can send some moreedics. >> c >> reporter: pole say thman walked into e nazath restaurant and deli around 5:30, d a conversation with an employeend left, b ce back to the restaurt halfn hour later. li say he approached a couple sitting at a booth just inside. thiwas a brutal attack. e man walks to people that are just thereaving nner,
7:15 am
>> some of theatns srted thwing chairs at him, trying to get him out of ther >> reporter: after attack, thn drove ay in a white car, leang police on a chase. >> are you behind him? >> that was the car,ollowing it. >> reporte police ofcers foedim off the road a few les aw and tried to subdue him with tast he managed to get out of his car with the machetand a ife. >> he ed acrs the hood at the officers. officers fed a couple shots at him and put him down. >> reporter: regulars at a polar restra in a ie neighborho are sken. >>t scared the crap out of me. i just gothere. i'm tryi to figure out what' going on. myriends work there. >> four le are athe hospital. all arin stable coition and excted to surve. investigators are diing into the tacker's pas ting figure o why this happened. matt, savaah. >> pe wiiams, thank yovery
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we have mr. roker back and t of his attire. >> we'll explain why thacoat is a hottem ter. >> exactly right. >> first, let'ow what's go there for tod. we're looking ateavy raiin the pacifinorthwt. la-effecsnow continuesn the nortast. lookt those temperatures in l.a. 86. phoenix, 88 degree we'll get to your local forecast
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>> tt' >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks. just ahead, haison for accide on the seof the new "star rs" movi now a criminal case becae some of theeople behind "e forc awakens" face prise. just in time forentine's day, the scitific test to find
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with your partr. we puthree couples to t test and they hewill groh th results li
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first, thiis "danb ey >>they're staying warm iid aheaon trending,eed someing to do thiseekend? fao haa great ideao keep yocompany valentine's day. that's right, fabio. anthe world premiere of hoda's n music video
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righround two! brinit, rlfriend! rich, eamy, 10 natural se. mini babel. k a lilege good friday morning... we're coming up on the btom of the hour. i'm ira cronin with this today show update. ppening todaat city hall in colorado sprin.... councis marijuana force is holding is third offial meeting... e group reviews, studies, and evaluates laws and regulations pertaininghe to rijuana instry.. no word on what today's agenda... that meeting takes place at 10 a-m inhe pes peak conference room... we have new information this morning abt what happened on the night precuts claim a former inmate tried to bak into the home of a former corrections officer. this is 34-year-old thas guolee-- he got to a shootout with police on tight deer 30th. courrecord just obined by
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neighbors ifhe offic was at his sierra springs drivee. ces wife callepolice wh she heard loud banging outside her home. officers responded-- a opened fireolstard oot them. heas wounded... and arre. no officers were injur. goulee remainsn on a one llion dollarond... he hadbe qstionein the 2013 mder case of the state'prisons chief "tom chief morning teorol stephen bowers joins unow with a lo at our local recast... stephen... with sun filtered thugh the clouds, temperatures will rmthrough the 30s d to the mid-40through 10 atemperates at no w nearin50 around colorado springs and monumend well into the 50s arounpueblo and caon ty. we don't get any warmean 50s to lower 6 today before oling gins and 4 and 50s make their returby 5 pm. thisvening wl be partly cloudy with mperatures cooling
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bac morning. 12th of february, 16 th view frotheop o erock. can'tee ,t'here, the polar vortex, descending untry. its 16 degrees on thelaza righnow. going to getnder ut this valein weeksnuggle up, snuggle bunnys. >> this is the only cold weekend we've had. >> we havenmp. 've had mild winter. >>tr >> it is in the single digit had the fenway park, whelanis this morning. it's n baseball.
7:29 am
>> we are, ma. otr sports that iolve a ramp this high, 14 stories high, to becontthiddle o center field. i've gotten twes asking if i'm going t com this. iouldt even roll dn the. pls to d and wo live a le bi >>ked up the stairf one of tho salt lake ci turned arounand walked bac down. you havebe kidding me. we'll see in littl while. >> thank you. let's take a loot the lis ts morning. hillary clinton and bernie nders claed othe current presiden ltnight's mocratic dete clinton quesing saers' t for president >> theinsm thatwe've heard fro senator sanders about our esen i om repu i do n exm someoneunning for the democra nomination to succeed president obama. [ applause >> madame secretary, that is a
7:30 am
la i ard, we lived in a mocrocie. last i heard, a unid stes nator has the r with the president. >> sant on to s president obama has deextraordinary job. > during a rally in louisiana, donald trump promised he wouldn't use foul language on th cpaign trail anymore. he faced criticism earlier this week for repea pps vulgar term used to describe . disappointg news. th vacci for the zika virus isn't comsoon. large-scalerials are a least 18 months away.the group votedwo vcine idates are alrdywing promise. als ts morning, the british pduction company behind "star wars:or aw is facing criminalchges over an accident on th movie. bill neely is in lonn with this. goodmorning. >> good rning, savannah.
7:31 am
office records and broke the leg itsn st, harrinford fo that, the makers of the latest "st ws" move vie,ie, rce akens,"reeing prosecuted for failing toen the star of the hit movie wasn'hit by the s. >> might need this. >> i think ian handle this. >> reporter:arrison ford's character han soloxpects trble in wars" but he didn't expeco be hit by the door of his spaces >>hat a piece of junk. >> she mht not lkmuch. >> reporter:e's with the mlennium falcon for decades. two years o,e s filng on th set of thealn when he was hit by hvy hraulet dahl doo dahl door. -- metaldoor. he spent weeks oncrutches. ain's safety body said it was serious, it's prosecuti the production company for failing to manage risk on the
7:32 am
by law, it saysye must tasonable steps to protect ers. th is true on film set asa facto oor. e "ar wars" pduction company says cast and crew safety is always a top prri we are disappnted in th decision fordanaged tohe movie, later volkjoking about his injury jimmy . asried about yo >> they clod a [ bleep ] me. >> repors not the only timer-old fordas had a luck escape last year, he crashanded his vintage ple. >> expla what happened. >>s a plane h. we're here to talk about this one. this diated ankle forward. >> hey! >> rorter:here's no sution ford i considering
7:33 am
>> it's true, all of it. >> rorte theth, clearly awakeni ain' heal a safety officers >> lawit mns theilm proder aren't convicted,hey face fines and possi prisonment. aid the fullyooped in the investion. for the "star w frais,nothing nothing can stop it. th sequel has already be shooti at the s sope they'veix spacdoornow. cko yo is in e next e? >> no -- >> s the pnho hast en . you don't kno this, but you'retepping io th u are stiinghepot. athin isssle.
7:34 am
>>'set c of th her, checa. the are not the lawye u're lki go abo you lawsuit. we've goreake-efsnow. sore pking u three feet of snow alrea andhe's mor to suay eeclly from ie, pennlvia, allhe way to wat wn yo, where ey may snother 24nches in. xt weeksund, we have a ippeomin in,ndt'll bring snow fro minapolis t cleveland. ministry mix fm misuri t h roli. mond,ceentor the utheast and d-atntic. thiss monday ternn. es warmer aets. canou believe it here, we gng to rom wagt to boon mperesth0aybe lo0s.
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>> t that' yourates weathe tt? >>e just sai t ,id you t, wa,ther luke fa? >> i not.>> s,e d. sanna ixpinhe wholstarar fnchise t me >or the record books. you ve to e t newest nd-blong video from go. plus cancience predict love? >> i'meff rossen and welcome the love la theseseahers say the can dermine who you'll be
7:36 am
relationipill la. we hav a mriedoupl that's be together for cades, a wly engaged couple, a these two,ust meeting t on the weirdest bli date er. who will the mt upndandwich and somewhe o, and cland re a nowhere be, anwarmth and oking go, and sandwich and soup d inside jokes,
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arn more about theost prescrib pill r relapsing ms ithe us, at talk to your dr about cfa, d anoer rap m >e >ar bact40hi morng.on rosn reports, a lite fferent t science of love >> think youndour partner werent to be? yo mayured at what science has to saybo at. natial invtiga correspondent jeff raszosn has a fun test, for some, in time for valentine's day. good morning. >> g morning and hpy early vantine's day. do these coues behi me look ous to yo they should be. they'r about to find out how compat they ar how c i possibly know that this is all abouthe science of lo. u cano scientificests f attrtionnd actually h lon
7:41 am
long-tm compatibily. we senhese couples into the official love lab, and ty tk all of th scienfi tests. guess what? we just got t results ba. 'll reve the results live t them and to you in a mont. first, here is how it works. >> reporr: lov i itheai >> wt d she smelllike? >> sweet. eporte mee he r the love lab at claremont claremontuniversi. >> you find out who is -term compatie with each other. >> you can hkt u and see on a compur w i going to be together>> we can do n. >>orte we've stre couples. andjack,ried for 48 yes. this coueust got gaged. then there's kristin and josh. >> hi.
7:42 am
>>eportehey just met on the weirdestlind date ever h coue wilbe t mos mpatible? >> i'm placing the sensor he sting to yr heart. >> reporter: firstup theest test. testing h much zest coues have. researchers wire each couple with sensors. do theireas bt niyun how mu homu are they sweating? and the chemical is released when you trustsomeone. >>t if this turns o dly? >> it wause i need to pay the carer the si h each o one minute. >>s is deepn the brain em and they can't control it consciousl >> there no cheatingn the test. >> reporter:hen our med coom in, aos of ne. >> jack's levels are peing, bounng eally enying >>ut y? not so much.
7:43 am
f you looknto each other's eyes one minute, starting now. >> so award. >>epor time for tt tw the visualtton test. >> what happens here? >> in thistest, our participants put o these eye trac goggs. two images are sho side si. onef the perso t ce with dethinglse that's appe 'll see wherettention goes. >> y canck tir eyesht? >> what ty'ooking at and how long. >> one by e, they do it. >> one, tw three. >> reporter: for t last test, e couples no w up a swea and a stron scent. >> what are we doi here? >> blindfoinghe men to test their smell. >>how? >> they'll smell wom to wherett to most. >> these guys will smellll of women? >> yh. what cou wrong, ri >> wkthe fst woman and smell. >> flowers, smells nice >> to 5. >> 4. >> n his fiance.
7:44 am
>> >> 3. >> >> he gave h fiance a lower number. >>he married couple? >> 5. >> good. >> reporter: t blind date?>> 4. >> ladies, your turn. a lite bit eaty. nd. >> spy. >> reporter: afterou of teing, time to crunch the numbers. >> i thi the results a going to be surprising. tror cplicat an we think. the moment we've all been waiting for. we're here wh the couples a have the results right here in our hands. you ready for this? >> yes. maybe? let mpull them out. cathy and ck, we'll start with you. rried 48 ars. your hea rates wereot in
7:45 am
>> maybee won't make 49. >> good news, you both looked at your partner more than the attractivepicture, the moy, brpitt we wanted to look at jack more thanrad tt. good news there. good jo guys. let's move o to thengaged couple.ready? you were the zest tes winner by far. i'm looking here, you were more attracted to yourartner than anybody in this entire group was attracted to their partner, and that incdes dawn to you. you also read highels of y oxytocin, the trust chemical. dawn dawn, da, wn. quotin from th or, y wereothowingigh atchment. going to have to work on. >> suring. >> what do you make of that? >> we already put theeposit downo the caterer s --
7:46 am
>> it'll all be okay. marriage thera is a great thing. let's move on to thendate couple. 'lltart with attracti. krisn, youad low attractio to josh. >> okay >>over your rs. now we're up to josh. josh, you had negative attraction to kristin. the number was actually less than zero. i'm sorry. >> is that possible? >> it was in the negative numbers. e gd news, you swed a strong emotional connecti >> thais what matters, right? >> it's all about emotio theoctor sayshis isctually a great tip. grt tip for first date it's because you weren jus at a dier, you were enjoying an exciting experience together it an instant nd. . love tip is, if you're going on a first date, go ton adventure togetherecause you get an instant bond, even if there is n attractionthere. >> very excing >> before we go, there is a winn. there is a clear winner of the
7:47 am
believe it or not,t'sur gaged uple. so ce. they're still going t get married, t odness. your numbers were soigh the charts andou are attracted to each other. he'sust off the chartsazy. congtus. for bei sports. back t youn the studio >> fee good spotf the va day ween eawaing when said there negativ on, less than zero. >> on upside, dnattracd t mr. roke >> yeah. >> wre a gng tomell each he during the brea cing up, how'd they d at? wiie is in e orange room with the sto behindok go's groureaking new i was not aware of howuchacidity was in mdiet. i s so focused on ma goodd choices, i hano idea that it was daginghe enamel of my teeth. i want tfiit, i wanted to fix it right away. my dentistecomnded pronamel.
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7:54 am
good friday odriy rng... we're mion the topf the hour... i'm ira cronin with this today sh update. new this morning: colodo springs police are looking for a man they say-- roed ausins at gunint just before o'clock last night ie 50ock of normurray firsayhe mhowed a cashier a hagun... and demand mey the cashier complied -- and the man got away. the suspect is ded -as a black or hispanic male, between 6 foot 3 -- and 6 foot 5... with a slender bui.. he was dressed in all blk --nd wring a blk anwhite ndana. we've ard abseveothe armed robberies in this area around the same time. in your election watch both democratic presidtial ndidates will make their presencenown in colorado..ahd our ccus march fit. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will attend an annual cratic party dinner tomorrow. sanders will also hold a rally at the colorado conventi center at 3:00 p-m.
7:55 am
campaignfoher mother in boulder and denver nexweek. colorado joins a dozen other ates, on super tueay to choose a psidential prefence. chierninteorologt -- stephen bowersoins us now with a lo at our local forecast... stephen... with sun filtered through the clds, teeruresill warm through th30s and into the mid-40s throh 10 am. temperaturest on will be aring 50 arod colorado s and monunt and well into the0s arod lo and can city. we don get anyarmer than 50s lower 60soday bef oling begins and 40s and 50s make their rurn by 5 pm. this ening will be partly cloudy with temperatures cooling
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you'ren the mfolove it 8:00 on "today." coming up, te folitt romance. hoda delivers a special vantine justtime f the big day. a nemusic video celebrating lo-term lo. to bri out the romantic in all ofs. one pject, two legends. >> the rolling stones! >> willicatches up witmick jaer and martin scorsese, who are joining forces to bring the story ofsex, dru and rock ' roll to the small screen. >> we hav quite a gd woing relationship.en thoughe' both useto geing our own way to se extent, we botow we have to
7:59 am
ot fee the single and ready for a nig of binge watchi your favorite mcom. shouldn't do that on valenti's day. today, friday, february 12th, 2016 >> xo >>omhica happy valentine's day. >>verything is bigger in texas. 're in e big apple! ood morning, nor carina! >>oo morning, washington, pa. we wee back now. 8: on a frid morng, a frosty friday morning. it is 19 degreesn our pl
8:00 am
up aown the east coa. were here at our makhift fire pit outside. we're staying warm w these people are freezing. >> >> this is the white blanke scene. >>t's ugh to sit on this thing. it's cold re in new york and colder up boston. that's where dan drer is. she's at theconic fenway'sn sfme winter srts park f a great competition. wegog to g to k in with her iust -- look at the height. >>he's at the to oh, my gos >> she's peeking over. not going to dit>> maybe we shouldeterne tse lunch tys >>emories of the dorm. >> exactly. first, we want to give shoutout to the men of nbc ws whore covering the presidential campaign. andrea mitchell, kelly o'donnell,hris janzen, casey
8:01 am
highlighted in a new "elle" magazine feature, called "meet the girls on the bus." reallyool story. chec o. ongratulions to them. t's get eck of top ies. taon is inde athe . the race r e whe house, theemocrats sparred ring a debate while the republicans gear up for bale of their o. nbws white house correspondent kristen welker is in milwaukee with the latest. good morning, krten. >> tamron, goomorning to y. hillary clinton anbernie sandertraded jabs over everything from the healthare tooreignoly. but it was the issue ofhos e better ay toresident obama that unleashed the shst exchanges. >> reporter: sectary hillary clinton saved her sharpest attack for last, accing senator bernie sanders of being disloyal to presidt obama. >> iis a -the kind of criticism that we'eard senatonders about our president, i expecfrom republicans, i do not expect from someone runnior democraticomination to succeed presidenoba.
8:02 am
that is a low bl. >> reporter:lint hoping to rein mentum afr a humiliating defeat in new hampshire, didt let up. >> but thoseindsf personal sessmentand charges are ones th i f find particularly troubling. >> senator, one of us ran against barack obama. was not that candidate. >> it was a fiery d to a nhtin which sanders andnton hammedachther over health care, social serity and the pre tag makinit all ppen. meanwhil the g cdidates ar gearing up for their own debate, set to take place saturday. but t cruz campaignng some damage rol, yanking ts campaign after reports that that woman pearedn adult films. dold truith his smlest
8:03 am
omising to wah his toue >> do >> do it, do it! >> i won't use foul language. they're all saying, do it, do it no, i'no >> trump raised eyebrows on thursday when he called the pope a, quote, ve political person, cing his plans for the mexican border. also, he made jabs at jeb bush, hisla to bring his former other, fmer psident george.ush out on the campaign tra wh m. all a prude ofhat we might e en the rublicans face off. >> thankou. police in ohio are tryinto find a motive for a vicious attack on thuray. a man wi a machetetormed in a mediterranean restaurt randomly ssh stoms, injuringour peop. thttacker pled but was ler nd shoutt by pol the joinnvesgati
8:04 am
the houscotebanned the use of ecigarettes o planes. at one pnt, therwaa cloud of opposition om congressman duncan hunter. >> so this is lled a vaporizer. >> visual presention. the california republican said nicotine vaporizer helped him quit smong and argued the should not be banned oplanes. thcommtee approv thean. vaping is already forbidd on most airlines. >>what to gefor lente's day? t $100 w ofthg to o e y clners offin rerd, hg to getlothesacker i wasut he sa, peontactd sband ing.
8:05 am
>> someone h to replat. >> gd ming val's d >>ron,hank you. up next, ok go music video f. plus, how you have f be your date f valentine's day this yr. early gift for the special y. hodareeres a new video celebrating lasting ve in a speciawa ght after these messes.l inus. that urges us sha to tn uphe h antaigger risks. y shou damaged hair silence thatoice? new do renerate nourishment red algae complex in a formula that urishes to regeneratexemely damad hair. fosmrong and healthy lookinhair as if ged never happened. nedoveegenerate noisent. mmmm mm mmmm, mmm,
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8:10 am
it's 8:11. timeor what's trendin today. >> do you thi the averaife expectancy for aan andoman is -- >> >> o -78 >> 76or women. 82 forwomen. >> 81 fwomen. 76 for n. really >> wo >> the rean i bri this up, th questionas been bught up,ould you want t least that? would you want to liv to 100? no. >> i i was healthy. you say ? >> ion't want to, no. perfectly healthy, you don't want to live to it's not possib. >> nman lyd i1 yea o and was jus i "tinwreck." >> ihink if you feel goodr modetely go,tou b ni. you're the o ball o this. >> is anexceio theonderfulpl w meione ahe ception. >> yeah.
8:11 am
unt min that group. we'rgog to elore longevity nexteek on"today," called vingongernd livg bette thamn ha. >> if you're alth en say it, that's not wha mes to nd. >> she's pulli the rip co. she is. >> i'm t. >> that' be fun nextweek. >> a we're aware, valee's day issunday. gh being putr rite romanti co doit. an artletheington "xplains exaly y. rontic comedies, and i can telloum personal experice,pendingganyears as aine rson iis terrib fyou. yo cpare your fe. you fee lehat thing that happened inttin hl ppen happen to u.
8:12 am
ould dofou're alone on valeine'sday. >> watch "rambo." >> ststers." >> "die hard".ou the ideas. sy awayrom "you've got mail. ". >> stay away from hugh gra in gel. >> you can'tatch romcoms but you could watch this. this is fabio. the famous romance novel model. he's all his glory in an 18-m longule lo style videoor valentine's day. >> what's that cat doing? >> h layhere. evy oe i a whil he sa, heo,ladi. that's it. >> heo, gorgeous. >> remember what he was most fausater in his caer? the bird hitting him. >> the rolle coaster. >> t red on his face. >> oh,ookt at! >> weould nev show that. >>r laught it. >> no, no,
8:13 am
>> hello,gorgeous.>> you have thosepajamas, don't >> by t wahe expensive exnsive thveversy caes mpus. thea ose. >> tare steing t things like cra. >>reat coats. knows. >> can believe tre has been 14 thefts recently. these jkere not cheap. they gowhere fro 00 to $1,0. our ad.d. sai her son sewed a tracking device into his coat >> it's worth it if it's $1,0.>> giv my >> cgoose. >>op start, willie?
8:14 am
last night,anye west veing hi ssoee line at madison squa didt disappoint. heang sgs from hupmi album whilehe models b omampbel sod o age.the kdaia wethe.cludge inge g l . the s thehowas tetedut more than the democrati de last t. >> incredible. >>he8000tis. kanye's kae's sh hashtag was 900,times. >> that' low blow >> you like the show ght? r resident fashiosta. >>ot theclots. ik tnct.they sa this we'll be weing in 20 year
8:15 am
>> you w't be he. ibe gone >> taylor swts so openuphe grays this sdanor s as, inclinglbum of e ar. this oferer is amin adelade,adga, ya e cast of amton," jti bieber,ihna a re shld be a huge night. >> willie, thank you very much. >> mr. roker, check of the ather?
8:16 am
the co >> that' >> tt's youratest weather. >> announcer a littl romance is sponsored by smucker's. smucker's isappy to celebrate ppy uple >>t' ti. pa twof o ltl romance series onthursd,od proses very sci lentine, and she's back t morning to deliver on her prise. >> todays that day, everybody. i brought you the love stories of incredible coupl whoave uck togetr f more than half a ceury. they were a few of the stars of a new micideo we cated wi t wedng gus. as mt said ts video is my valentine tollf you. the wld premiere i moments away. first, here's how we pulled it >> gorgus. >> quiet, please. >> reporr: thisntine's, i decide to throw a party. guest list, exusive.
8:17 am
50years. and they have to dance. we wed dozens of sweethearts steing throu kitchens and halays across amica. all for thapecial iite and a chance to star in music video. a valentior the r rantics in all o us. featuringouplesho hadade wo. but w neededhe perfect so. >> hi. >> it's ing to be awesome. michaelson she wrote these cathy tune ss. "little "lit romance." one listen d we'rehooked. >> little romance, take two. it seemed like it has the right and just fun. >>it one more me. >>he veo is going t follow couples as they're gtingeady for big night out. i'm the hntinment a
8:18 am
>> how lg heou bn married? >> 68. >> that's amazing. >> everybodyready? ter: we feature the best toe taperspers in a dancing sce with ingrid at first- >> i'm getting dizzy. >> where are u, dear? >> we were dancing with 12 left feet. >> did you see her? really funny. >> reporter: a a few take -- steppingnd backwards. >> reporter: the music vid new bee newbie allpros later, we have our official sweethea dance with 35 coles. >>t seems like yesterday. >> 63 ars. i wish i hadha toy. look at at rorr:ore than just a viosht,e wt t celebrate the couples with the ulmate affa. wedding gurus from the knot coordinate everydetail. we wanted to make this
8:19 am
>> o of thhings i learned om talng and meeng you guys is when somhing is bron in a laship, you d't throw it aw. yo fixit. that what you guys have done. cheers to that. andheers to you guys. i t thiseo will inill he in people, that love can last. it's really inspirati tsee people that havade it through. >>eporr: turns out, love, like making a micideotas peiste persistee peistence. ree ready? >>es >> het comes. we're going to bring you the rld premiere of "little romance."
8:20 am
ouethe m t dance youe in the moodor a little rance you're in the mood f l i s you press cse i s i see you style the hair s it seems, you're in the love loo dance tonight, iave the cnce to ber little romance nit, i'm in the mood for love
8:21 am
i've wted all my le wn will they fally play your song i'm ithe md to dance >> i promise to love, honor and cherish yo >> the joy of my life. toave and tho. >> i do, le you. >> i love just havin him ho. you kn, everything worked out. >> 61 years. >> 50 something years and he still hase ughi. this isif it's the oy chance get ift' the onl chance i get ready to throw the shoes away away iill sweep, sweep, sweep you f you feet
8:22 am
f your feet to be your ltle romance can ie the chance to be your little romance can i have the chce, i'm in the mood for you you'rn the mood for me we'e mood for love >> so sw >> wasn't that? about those coups? >> mes me want to sign up for ballroomancing csses with my wife seriously. th's really nice. >> swee hs off to robin. yo kno how s c p togeer a productionsheook cef at. we broht y thoseorie there's more to hear omou
8:23 am
havt,e nouncethe is ck. ge with our sister compy,sa we're throwing big, fat, tay wedding,n honor o t release big f greek wedng 2. >>his is how it wos. you're engage love t vie,e aatovsty, you' t one a we wt y eted"tay." to for chanceie the knot wh our fam yours, >> tger the mi moreteus.load a short videoheck t the rulesnd gulations. be quick about it. you ve until fruary 26. >> w. >>ot a lot ofme. >> i . you ve aittle bitf . tnit. great., that wasn. cg big ai
8:24 am
parkndlive. first,r local good friday good fridamorning... we're coming up on theottom of the hour... i'm a cronin with this tay ow update. happening today at city hall in coloradoprings.... council's marijuana task for isolding is third official meeting... the group views, studiesan evuates laws and regulatio peaing theo maana dustry... no word on what on today's agenda... that meeng takes place at 10a- the pikes peak conference room... we have new information this morning about what happened on e night prosecutors claim a former inmate tried to break intohe home a former correctis officer. this is ear-old thomas guolee-- hgointo a shootout with police on t night of december 30th.
8:25 am
ws5-- y ol aed hborif t oiceras at his er sprveom the officer's wifealled police wh sheeard loud banging outside her home. officers respoed-- and opened firehey ol ted ti at em. he wased... noffs wereed. eeemnsjailn e clements." chierninmeteologist -- stephebowers joinsnow witha lot our cal recast... stwithun filred thro clouds, mperatures will warm through the 30s and into the mid-40s through 10 am. temperatures at no wilbe nearing 50 around colorado springs and monument and well to the 5round pulo and caon city. on't get any warmer than 50s lower 60s today before cooling beginsnd 40snd 50s ma their rurn by 5 pm. this evening will be partly cloudy with temperures coong
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> 8:30 now. it i friday, february -- whais it -- 12, 2016. ta lk atthat yo looki a a huge skiing d ardiamp set up on the field at boston historic fenway park. doesn' that lookfu >> i may steal youranian goose coat. >> it' reall cold and windy. dylan is there ande'll check in with her in a couple nutes.
8:29 am
slidown tha in a lunchtray >> snuggle up, snuggle bunnies. >> i didn't want to go for the blanke >> why t? >> mick jagger and martin scorsese scse teaming up. we sat down legends to hear aut theprojec> t valentine'sgifts. mart stewart is here on howo make gifts for your loved ones. t's vantins day withcandy. >>e ha orinal ideashat e bette tha hearaped box of cholates. cu. >> nothing is better tn is >>eaping fmes kind of lickin ourfas. >> can wo methg, also? can we, thirning,ay a qu getlnd a very, vy hay 90th birthda to a
8:30 am
great baseball player and a member of our family always joe is 90 today and hast been feelingll that ll. if you're wahing, we lov you. we wish you the very best and a very, very hapbirthd. >> huge to joe. >> lovem. let's a check >>t our weeke tlook. turdaye havew rn he picnoes okin aenow ang the nngnd asinokor pnt o sunin i the southwest.cend rm onnday,uny, recorows inhe noheast.owhrghre lake icy in thidisssippi ve ll.reai a snoxpands out
8:31 am
ounday l w around >> tha >> that's your latest weatr. you know at?fire about h i perfect. anyway, we ve some friends over here. where are yrom? >> alabama. >> you shoulve stayed in alabama. >> i know, ght? >> we' glad youehere >> thank you. over here, we've got a mbe omur hke champs you you guys are rea for the cold. fantastic.
8:32 am
>> let's g friendsver here. ere aryou from? >> minnesota. >> this is nothing for you, ri >> no. it's comfy here >> over he, that's what's going on. now let's head ie t mt. tyou. the excement up in bost, we've been showing you ts all morn instead of seball, fenwa is ho to a ski and snow board mpetit coetition. good rning. >>ood morning. fenway isn't kwnor its nose bleedea bres highyou can get, higher than ghts asfe. it's all for the big a competitio i am joined by your nbc analy forre singnd the first
8:33 am
congratulatis . we've g sportt i think is -- we're in the middle of downtown boston. what's going onre >> interting location weted to introduce this sport in the right in order to do that,eided to putt right ithe middle ofisrious piece american tiit anity antiquity. hopefully the cro would sho and they did. and we had a cracked lmet >> what happened last night? actice. ended up getting little concussion. mi ccussion. he. i had to watchhe boys. >> you're feeling okay? >> i feehismornin the boys putn a great show stight but i couldn't b a part of it >> you're n gng to compete tonigh but you're hoping to compet in big air, ithe
8:34 am
>> ah, hopefully i can g back r both oulde a lg road ere, but it'll be wth i >> since you'reitting this out, we have the analyst on skis. i hope you've donhis before. not re an b thatup. ou'v got th, man! >>e goe noing. he w go. whoa! whoa! back flip. oh, my >> amazing. >> is >> it's pure ice on the way . ion't enantoteplose to . ke, how'd igo? how would
8:35 am
i'd give it a perfect 10 roguebackflip at 8:30 in the morning. not bad. >>e's been an analyst eight years. go out and dn tha -- >> thawas insane. d prs. >>hat' howhas ne guys e bigir ction contues tonight. it'll o c-. guys >> i'm a skie dn'tik t sou of any pa of ttra i'll tl yht now, tis pure ice. dylan, thank youymuch. >>azing. >> t icons androjectcoming . martin scorsese and mick jagger
8:36 am
8:37 am
th i "today" o nbc. the there are few peo w are more quafiedo tell the sry
8:38 am
inhe '70shanic jagger. he's teamed up with marn "board "boardwalk em" fame. they hma,"vinyl >> this serie broughtogether th two ico t show theown and dirty ofew york 1970s music scene andhehady buness behind it. >> show people how rock a roll sposed to makeou feel. hven k theant to whawas it abohis period, ck,he 19 rock an roll? you lived it. the shs not just sex, drugs and ro and roll,t's a pivotal point. >> more the drs. there allse th, to be clear, but it's also abo these new genres of mus coming. >> roc and rl isefinitely the,ut we kind o touch
8:39 am
genresf music. ere's pk starting. we g the beginningsf h hop. sco. it was aery excing ti. new york w a excitin place, ough iwasovty sicken, run do. vertheless, despit over things it was hugel create period in many spheres. >> we >> we dece to sethi first series in this ri. >> the '70s w a perd of greatxcement forme. beginnin o all the work i did in film, and music was td into at completely. >> andou use the stone througut througho the movie.
8:40 am
no point. >> do you have a favorite stones song? cld be, "givee shelte" >> that'she on >> it'sterein we en up using withoaying we're going to use it. by the way, m favorite es song, too. >> "exi". >> do yohave a favorit album? >> i can'temem which songs ar on which album, tbe st. >> reporte evef mick's memof his own catog is vagu hhasn't rgotten the ofte shadyusins bend t songs. >> one othe key things that mick pointedut when he cam to me toossibly make ailm the subje and it'd beor abt the music busines tn abou the artists a t mic. more aut h the business ra
8:41 am
it was alied wh the craziness othe artist and the period. a lot o people imagine the bunessmen ofweretraightac but they were not. >> you h that expience with some of these guys? >> yeah. >> the rolling stones! >> okay. >> reporter: scoese directed th 2008 rolling one's docuntary, "shine ligh" but vinylshe first colloration with thewo icons. >> two gs who hadreativ control the entireers. how did you work together who s in charge >> we ve a goodorking relationship. even thohreot used to gettg our ownayo some exnt, we both know we ve work with other ople. youlws wantt to be t be. the t about marn and, webo want perfection, knong it unlike tohappen. wean a muchs wean get. >> the wor rlly wel togeth the series is great.
8:42 am
forhe rvw,rses said goode're goi to boom is here and mk will behere he startedirecti the segmen which was cool for mto watch. >>en b scorsese. >> i have. the series premiere of "vyl" is sunday nit onhboo. >peing of sic, have seen tsew video by ok g psideide " they shot it i zerogravity. khis out. >> so so coloul. i love it. >>hey too 21 fts in zo gravity to shoot that deo. >> we should do it >> i wouldee 21 little bags
8:43 am
>> quickly i want to go back to on thing. i'll be willie and you be ck you have a favorite rolling stones song? to be nest, i don't rememberhich songs go with which album? >> you're sitting across from on of your heros a hs mick kn son are on which album, really. that needs tbe af. >> probably alreais.
8:44 am
8:45 am
valente's daygifts. firs > w bk vante'say i thi sunday. noetr y showouov thanakg setngro rah.los,arth cator ahi beaufus hh ojechatvenheays we
8:46 am
>> a do ese,llie, d pyth grou, our fave le s. >> ni. >> rdyor mi? >>yeah >> fout.llef you k w ts >> bry e. wl . wh are ng? >> are butiful va owpretty. >>re they hard to make? >>n'tour wife like breakfast pray withtray with it? hat'ourwi i need a." >> there's no "a." put an"m" f ha. i'll don "m formatt she >>'ll love that. >> ynt a border wit this purpose craft paint. these are stencilsouan buy at the craft ore. everybodan access these w nodifficulty. put the stencil on.
8:47 am
you d'tantoo on >>ng tdo thene yogo i put this here? >> re. you do it. you're bter tha me. >>ou goike at. yo puthi offer have ha chose a morimple lett. this comes beful. i wa wit mart, annee,uti wa tnkinf yothe wo. >>ethatdr hi, .at do wha atong do you have? nowhat' beaiful >> "unfttable martha. >>verybo unforgetta >>true. bu m wifes more unforgble. some are more forgettable. >> reall >>ombre t.
8:48 am
ke you crafts glu ant over an enti part 's made o of hvy caboard beoard, what. then we haveour different colors, tones of glitter. glitter comes ineautiful lors now. yore aood painr,. wocos. osnough r is. just che wleth stt wite lightest color on e topnd go do. ant to move on with mr. geist while i continue working? >> she doe tstyo >> we donave timeor crafts. e o wn rt. >> what' playi now? littlefrank. >> "t wayoutonight." >> i>> i got lost in eyes for a second. at are we doing he?
8:49 am
dier. are you goi to have sy din dinn o dinner ovalentine' >> absuty. good. youunch out the heas. what is thimaterial? >> wax.yo can applyhese hets. lo how easy they pun t. heatt up lite wh th hair dryer. right on teheart. warm itup. >> all right. >> and applyt yr candle d it sts. . ni. ittays right on ere. yoan d alliffent se ts canak pillad candles in something speci. >>ns isinc i did theonline dating thing with u, who are you spendi valente' with? nice pe frid saturday andunday, i'm flng out thre >> ust kiing. iwish sh.
8:50 am
maha, tnk you much. happy valentine's day. >> didn' tha coming. >> i to get t image out of my hd now. >> all instructis atoday.coho. upnext how t think outshe box wn it comes to
8:51 am
first, this is "today" on we'
8:52 am
w thatounoow to me urwnvas, yo nwe treat tooit it ri is style directo at "good housekeepi"gazine, he to lp us think outse othe bo >> gd morng. lif is likeox o chocolat but wre takg it a noh. >> youevernow wha you're going toge >> y haveood things for us. toint i want to me is these are all sll availabl yo m i a cost t ovnigh . d a goo job o finding loca chocotes here d across th country. support sllbusinesses, as well malvi is out o northcarolina. is i bed chocolate ckie withhe marllowinside. is is fromusnd a wife team. chocolaten chocolate, whi i he youlike. $6.50 for a pack of four. >> i love it. if you likeour chocolate in brownbrowni or cook the a
8:53 am
>> can itry? caramelbrownies. these gorom $24.99 to$34.99. really fun and nice to give to your >> you can get these by valentine's day?>> yvernight them. >> wow. >> this one, i'm particularly obsessed th. th is from wood house chocolate. you like peanu butr cups? >> lov them hi has roasted peanuts, home homemade peat $16. $16. thiss britt bark a mom tripled ts busess becahey're so addicte. speakingfaly-r bunees, two sisrs in ooyn family sunds. es run $ t $8. you love a chocoteovered pret sprinkles, salty
8:54 am
love h chocolate?>> love >> ts ransrom5 t $1 you sti i in andt's a rea decadent hot ocolate. we'll he the lis on com/food. for more on sweet trea. oau into something? >> one more. >> these are the hearts. 2.95th is use a mic ld >> the rt will online happyvantine's day. >> good friy moing... wee comip on the top of the hour. m ira cronin with this today show update. new this morni: colorado springs police ar looking r man they say robbed a business gunpoint just before 9 o'clock last nig -- in the 500 blk nth murray. ficers say the manhoa cashier handgun... anmanded money. the cashiecomplied -- and the man got away. e suspec described- as a
8:55 am
6 foot 3 -- and 6 foot 5. with a slender build was dressedn all black -- and was wearing a black and ite ndana. wee heard about sevel other armed robberies inhis area around tame time. in yr election watch both democratic presidential candidates will make tir presence known i lorado,...ahd of our caucus march first. bernie sanders and hillary clinton ll attend an annual decratic party dinner tomorrow. sanders will ao hold a rally at the corado convtion center at 3:00 p-m. and chelsea clinton ll be campaigninfor her mother i boulr and denver next ek cora jns a dozen oer states, on superuesday to choose a predential preferen. chf morng meologist -- stephen bowers jns us now a look at our local forecast... stn... th s filted roh the oudsmperatures will rm through the 30s and in the mid-40s thugh 10 am. temperatures at noon will be nearing 50 arod corado springd monume and well into t 50s around pueblo and caon city. we don get any warmer an 50s
8:56 am
make their return 5 pm. isvening will be partly cloudy wittemperatures cooling
8:58 am
>> this morning today's take, tie holmes in her mos intense role yet. > and mick jagger andartin scorse. cakes, cftsnd more for valentine's day. th's a comg up. frombcne, thi is "tod's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie and tamr and mron hall. welcome to "today" on a friday mni. february the 12th, 2016. we brought our crowd in tight to thatire pit. need it o. it is cold here in new york
8:59 am
countr on the couch. >> this reminds me of my parts wouldn'tet me sit on the sofa. >>he only difference it's not coated inplastic. nolastic slicover. >> you can't gin tre. >> i don't know why, i woke up thinking about th hung out with someool girls yesterday. >> looking r t. weeed it, because ts wkend we have teerures pre to be suzero from thmi est, to th-- midwest tthe east c 14n new yo, 8 in boston. it wl g suny mog. i me, it's going to be brutal. ke aook atheimag, this is from scranton, pennsyania. 12 inc wat main breaks spraying wer 20 fe io the air, covering homes, strt signs, power lines wita thick sheeofce.
9:00 am
it crazy. they finally wereble to chip away, butook at. >> wow. yeah. at is unbelievable. >> unreal >> isn't that crazy? >> we spent a l of the week in nchester, n hampir covering t primary there. we got luck because i'm lookingt the phone, native 8 tomorrow, negavenmanchester. it is dgerously cold. soeople have to check on the elderly, esally. check your pets. dress in ye. frostbite can occur very quickly on exposed areas of skin. please be carefu >> sous like a good weekend for a blanket and clicker. >> we are getting a sneak peek of presint obama's appearance "ell" later on y. theirst lad h aice valeine's dayessage and he reded in presidential form. >> i wanted to wish you a hap valentins da so ourast one that wll spe the wte h an hor of that irote you atle
9:01 am
wanted to share. roses are red,iole are blue, you are the president and i am your boo. >> somebod called e situ ro, cae are abo get hot. [ cheers [ cheers and applaus] because i le yoso much, i obamacare t you morehan u know. th'sight obamacare >> thi >> thi is the mann the last year of h presidcy. enjoyi hself. >> hwas so modern d hip. obamace. >> obamacare you. >> a i thoughte' bre out in marvin gaye. >> he h t get -- you have to get into tresident's speech. i wi obamacare you.
9:02 am
that's very cute. one thing the cold weather is good fors up in fenway park in boston. they tranormed fenway where the red sox play into the winte wond this is a -foot high sno ramp. it is called polar tec big at fway. at fenway. it's a free iing competitn, dylan was there. and the anyst trying it out. >> oh. >> bam. >> wow. nails th landingight ther >> w. >> that's incredible. >> that's a littleif. from t t of theramp. how small the btom looks. howas dyou thin -- ingdown? >> i don't know. >> doesn matter. doesn't really matter. >> it'not the spd.>>ust so y stop at the bo. >> gd int, mr. rok. >> this is on nbcsn this weekend. do. we see it at t olympics d see it. >> what does that feele?
9:03 am
>> never everer. >> we're just like -- never ing t it, never goi to happ. > anoer hot thing that's ppen last night kae west has hi shodebut. we'll talk about that in a moment andeadline -- lamar om madeis first plic aparanhl kaashi's sband. he lookseat. >> he lookephenomen. remember he was on life support he was never going to walk again. >> h cldn'tspeak. kanye escorted lamar into mason squa garden to cheer of people shouting his nam >> wow. >> the kardaians dssed tre in kanye'slothing line which i thoutooks like "game of thrones." but that was his line. lamar is also in one of kanye's men's collectiieces there. that's azing. the's lhas be tued around. >> like y said the reports
9:04 am
i didn't see if we'd see the guy in plic agn. he his at a public event. so happy to e obousl justn corast, ande don'tnow and perhaps on their show ty'll tleally what happed and hi urney. he inith his childritg him. they've put out a couple instagra >> ing. speang of runways, tamron walking the ry for a scial cause lastnight. >> >>meri heart asciatios go red for womened dress collection. ere you see -- >> hello. >> tamron hall! >> h there. >> goodhing that wasn' today. >> look at you. yeah! >> my golly.>> that was mark bauer ahe goed -- you haveo come out o yr shel mo. you realldo. >> da
9:05 am
th ishe gpe truth.mauer,hat's his creation. i'd ner seen thisress until 20 minutesefor iut iton. u kw is, aalis i l ow ts isv. i'me-net parties, do i talk to pele? person our amapr, she's like, you'rehere, in the dress, you ve to do it. >> and ydid. florence hende wasy atio hadere o and bay disrobed the red carpet. >> tha our rl.lorence waslike, dot and own it. >> you looked amazeing. >> you hadat company. fran drescher,annahite>>ye it was a f a good us i wald hor of mt who passed away. iook o aon ago from work. in h nor. ease gover tth webse, th arin arassociatn,
9:06 am
woneed toor o alth he an annual exam and rend the wom iour fe. it's gato a gat red dresut better toave a hug from you m,nt, lov one. >> the next best th a seet mi what happened? >> wead jamal on the yesterday. en he twes this en you're ting hardot to ignore your buddy al roker because you just wan to stare atamronhall >>k at him. >> malcolm jamal-warner tweet this. >> follong up with,he oy annoying pt w not having time t askillie geist to trade seats with me. >> see,ou guys -- ok. yesterday, i was acced o flirtingith emvpf the super bowl von ller. >> who was adorable. i made a joke and i reallyas
9:07 am
>> no i was flirting with mcolm jamal. >> i tnk it was obvious. >> the pple had it wrong. it was all on twieter. vo isike 20 i'm a ndred. it's not lane. >> tron huable. i like t sound o that. neve mind. rgetth. >> his a handse tent and a mucian i started instagr stalkin him. is mutual, okay. >> there's a song calle "i goes dn in t dio." >> direct message? >> i haven't done i ye i have a date lined up for valentine'day alrey. in case it falthroh. > gss at? day3 of o 2 dsf izes 'll help you find us on
9:08 am
hyid sw ower. thin sayse youhan a hybrnow blower rth almt 00. go's's take. hony likese have? 236,00 ur w to hefully milln. chk i out. please le u a fabookom/tod'stake. resto winhat sw ower. of ur, wharien lavoex. it's wke and sng dn theoldr.we are lkingt brutal temperes, rd lowsoving
9:09 am
lakes righ >> tt' >> that's your latest wehe >> than, al. oming , itoesn't g better than this. mi jagger andtinscorsese, the film's front man and the oscar-winning director teams up for a series hbo called "vinyl." it's about the sex, drugs, rock and rollifestyle of the '70s. we'llatch up wh a couple iconnext. we stoarthritipa, y d'tavto becae you believe in g onrd todas the da rpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain s layersf pa relf. fit as e sendas all give you youray bac
9:10 am
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all r 80 calors. light & fit. el freeto eoy. so my kids don't have to forage, got two jo to pay a rtgage, and i've also got a brn. life's shorttalk is cheap. i'll be working while you sleep. still don't think i've g a bra? you think a resume's enough? who'll step up when thingset tough? don't you want that kind obrn? a deee is a de. u're gonna want someone like me. but only if u ve a brain. > martinscsese aollyod icon his careerpannhalf a ury wedible, iconic ike axi er," arri rert niro
9:13 am
wi drogainor "raging bull." asn'ntil 2007hat scseseon his fars bestector th "departed." he was nominated again for "thelf ofl ."now, he' teadith anp aning artist n mic ggfor a w ssn ca inyl." it's aut the gritt roc and roll scene in new yk city. >> soord on the street is this show is 20 years in the making. ted as a fil you pitch to rt is that right, mick?
9:14 am
th said,may, it had to be cut to tee hours. marty said, never. >> i said, two urs. >> reporter: they found a home on hbo,re the series ptes the sex, drugs and rock d roll of the music industry that jagger lived rough. on of the actors on t show, mick's son, jame >> wead this character wrien fo ap and cin pun band. i sa, i he too is but i'm going to throw my son in the mix. he'snto the punk rockand. put him in see howe es, throw him in the mix. i thi he comes out very good. >> very well. >> reporr: srsese is a rollingnean faythe band's music has been the soundtrack t some of the mos memorable sne in his films. >> the mic that really scored my life at that point. th music i kept reling to was the stones. >> i have a guess based on how ny tim you've used it in a movie.
9:15 am
could be imme shter. tt's the on >> reporter: both srse jagger worke wh the late davi bowie. they reflected on the loss of a longime friend. >> verysaddening. you know, i hadn't se him such a along time. it's very sad. i had no idea he was tha ill. >> i met him in the early '80 worked with him on"last temptation of christ." >> maybe you'd learn alesson. >> tnk you, gentn, so ch. ppreciatehe ti congratulations. >> thankyou. thankso ch >> ych first episode of "vinyl"s sunday on h ahd, we'll catch up wit katie holmes on her intense role theilm "toh td fire with fire." the video that' turn you
9:16 am
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lee mome sp you. not the miles. the jeep grand cherokee with a 730-mile rae. the most awarded, rerding suv ever. , >> it's friday everyonelet's kick ohe weekednesd a litt bit ofop fix. i g m tux on and evything. let's g it started becausee have to dress . bigayor kanye,ght? the rper duted his new album
9:20 am
he fally ned t thi as well as hishieezy collection for adit mon re garden e ent karian an came t to support yzy including his wife kim w wt platinum for the event. maybehe'sopinthe aum wi do the sa. see wtouid there, kim. wee not se ifhe 'do is rmt. what? it's a knoorthest w looking adorable. look at h at the bottom the screen saling sho proving kids can sla ion. thteed carkahian-west family includeed lamar odom and congts to kanye. ey're sayg he reined shion and music at t same me.good f him. > the band okgo isnown for unning with usheir newest video. 's called pside down and
9:21 am
it looks as though the video was otn one ke, whic makes i more impressive. weot sure how they will top is one but we look forrdo what they can come uwith . i haveropose tt the ay" team react ts deo. roker says notpping. okay. it's presidt's day weeke d ntine's day wke b moth's d home eay.we'r not tking about the holiday,e're talngbohe ne st-studded mrom o yavore rectors, gary rshall. yahoo! movies has t exclusive premier of the new trailer and itas a list ofa-list jennifer aniston, katehudson, liobhe'sour ek. >> her ex jus got remarried to, li, a 12-year-old. >> hi, sandy. >> hi >> ier a job. >> more about t twe d your exnd. >> i'mure i exaggerated. i'll have a better idea once the acne clears up. an you go the permarket. what doneed?
9:22 am
tamn th. oio rht "t." i don'kn what that mes. >> i need a pce check on organic -- >>wo so. >> nice mti you sandy wh o so. i love it already. can't wait to seethat. at's up my alley. tayl sft iset to opet e gmmys mondayght. e singer is nominated for seven awards,ncluding album of year t year. eist of pforman annound so extenve, adele, lady gaga, luke bryant, stinthe of "hilton" which wre so excited abou rihanna andsn't kendric lamar going tperform? he's king of the grammys, right? let me know becauselays beat sound. ju ahead, wll cch up with tieme toal her m whahe thinks of awson eek" ke. >> and al is wpple up ra cake yr lonews a wth.
9:23 am
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9:29 am
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9:30 am
he g a gift from aican ur, a sombrero. looks good in it. theontiffeturns to the t cann -- vatican in wee saturday wha w athern theacific sn swe lt over arod grelas. cold temperares in th upper dwestnd northeas asar south as norern florida. suay, sunday we are looking for re sw from the upper eat les a the wayn inhe gulast. rain and ice a sno on the pacif northwt. record ls sundayorning in the northeast a m-atlc stes. 10 dreesooleha i shod
9:31 am
atos aelesn sunday,,,,, >> tt >> that is youratest weather. w t today food. a dessert not onl perctor your kids buto a rtic finish t your dinner with your sweetie. stwberry tcak om used to make this all the timend ioved it. it a se det. this. you xtra bi,t' gr ve yourawberri gs, lemurd wit b so alhe bakg ingredient th is really -- you get a food oc a i makes some do it bha. take your flour.
9:32 am
ng pder a salt putt toer the sect is, w you put your butter, i should be ice cold. really? >> keep i in thereezeril u'reeady to useit. put yourutter in there. easier to cuthen it's cold. >> exactly. put the top on yore goi to basicallyse this utets crumof course, yave to g the top rst. anay, you pulse it >> we get the >>hi what endwith. cr stuff. now, you whi anitle milk. you'reng to put than he y g tot tother. you mix it up. you're going to roll iutoabnchuare takeshap>> hav a hearr y use thect ci. >> so cute. >> now, to finh it off, before yon ru i
9:33 am
the biscuit is critical to this. a bad biscuit ruins it and this is good e. >> sinkle sugar o top. 5 foinut in the en. ile isbaki, get theipe straries and mashhem're gng to towsugar. atlewater. then y're gng to take the -- onse are mashed, put i someliced strawies so there' heft tthem. >> got it. >>meantime whiedeam. you can tom froetore orak youow mon cu. lit lem zest. wh, whoa, the nia! some vania. >> there you . >> reaife rig there. it's how it hnshome. >> the you takour-ut
9:34 am
ke dollbi of sour cream. >> this isne of my favit dessert desserts. theemoncurd, the bt i've ha >> gives it another flavor. >> fish itffith a little au ber stau ber strawberry and champagne. for the kids, sparkleing grape e. don't ge tso your ki. >> oh, aune tamron. >> this is the after-party where the kids aren'tat. >> for morealenneayideas, head to shout outto shoutouto one of our loyal food clumembers. cheyenne, thankou shang yo recipe. > katie holmes on h new movie, "touched with fire."
9:35 am
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9:39 am
on her most innse role yet, as a wolgan battng bipolar disord. tamron caugh up with katie. >> i satown withatie and her love-interes in thelm, luke kirb iad a talk with herbo anotherous role from way back when, abeloved television sh. he it is. >> were you a fanf"dson"? >> yeah. is tt convincing? >> no, that wa >> it f so long ago. >> it was icoc televisi. >>asn't quite 20 years ago. >> that's what ty wrote. >> reporter: the timesave ange sce kat holmesas a high schooler. wither newest role, we're seeing a new side of the actress. >> tryg to figure outho i am. u know,ause i don feel like mf anymore. even when go off the medication, i d't feel like myself. >> it's nhing like anythin
9:40 am
e love story invoed, it' rely sa you wan the to beogether but -- >> you do. -- they're not good for each other. because we both share, we're the only ones that can relate to ea other. >> ftike tt watchingthis. i want theharactstogeer, but i don't.i think i spes tthe emtryou h ore. what washa lik for yo you kn, is about a five-minuteest that rked. >>ive nutes, y wer? itherou s that we're going to loc in and do this or not. >> when y go he and you're with your child, does a film like thisave a impact in your interaion and eve educating your child about this >> you know, this wa a rlly innse project, b i leave it at work. i kp everything really st o separate.
9:41 am
>> i know you talke to "more" zi rely. the quote was, i feei'm still a teenag nerr in a lot of i still feel like a girl. whatoes tha mean? >> i guess it ss i'm not that lf-are, is what mea. i do tngs that are alngin io thishat e n,utdon't ink about itooch are you kid at heart? >> yeah. i'm ineans a aweatirt mostay and i like . >> do you think that, with everyone kd of io throwck telesion would you beilling to go back to d a rebo of awson' creek"? >> and be in hh schoo again? >> more of the creepy teacher in sc you tell me >>n i lookack at the show, it had a cerin charm that was available. itas before the internet really tk over. was befe ho it wefore thisd of n form o coication. it had this certain feeng that s of th '90s. >> it's timeo grow up, dawson.
9:42 am
>> i don't think that in today's rl youould achve tt same kd of feeling. y think they' like on facebook now, t characters? theye faceb friends? >> where arehey now? they justommunica on facebook. >>y ttll t time, like thet of us they're texting to each other while they're sitting wh each other. >> "touched wh fire is in select thters, nationwide nt week. "dawson cree fans haveo wait. >> you wanted t reboot. i'm too old to be into the "dson crk," but everyone under myge liked it. >> classic. >> you won't get it. comgup, bacon ros. whether you like salt or swt, we'll show you some of the most amazing and delicious cations from youtube, after this. her coosts have never seen
9:43 am
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9:47 am
inspiration for valentine' you can find it on utube. can channel, howo cake it, has over million subribers. an t rtha stewar >>ne dream come true. the second, i had one year anniversary o youtube. and he wh youtoday. >> ngrations. ppy youe here t cebrate vantin day. let's sta wh thmoji cakes. kes. ts kiss fac and heart es >> h do you d ? >> ts a fdant ca, which is l of what do his is too mh to handle, u can make tin cak baked in tin cans ice tm wh raspberry butter crea at ynd up w is
9:48 am
perft forntin da tophem with y l one's favorite canesdo it wh yourids or fe>> autiful. i' goingpl it wle you do baconith al. >> okay. >> thim sdbang it'slowers and dinner inone. >> w. >> y knock it out. you tak a strip of bacon and ll i up. enou it tthpicks so at they stand up on your bakingra. justike crisss . csss applesau. >> goo memo. std tm o tynd bak th at 400 dreesntil crispy. >> where is the bquet part coming in? >> you getour standd bouquet d pluck off the flowers. take yronoses a stick th ielowe d. llo.
9:49 am
>> she loves . sh no >> you still love bacon. >> i do. debora you know wha get al. let'sov orhere milk shakes, mason jars >> this from t domestic geek. thiss a crry ce makecake mk sh shake. thiss vanilla i cream and we pour in mi. then wehave,f course, cheres for the cherry cheesecake. is is cream cheese. ifou can grab the vanilla a graham crumbs. >> absolutely. >> should we put a bon rose? no acon milk shake. i like the way you think. >>e' going toix itll together. >> what do ye abouthe mason jar? they seem to popur. >>hey'rechic, funnd casual.
9:50 am
>> love it. >> pouritn a ja let's skip aad to the en >> let's do . the ale cake, aeatit heart sweart. ean sleeve sweatsrt. ou mouf a het template, foa roller int and pntaw. y pattn. >>ee reatg? >> a down theslee, awayyontt. ce ou wit somethi lik at. >> iould wear thin how to ke pain cake, across the sweatshi. >> happyarly valentins day. >> yo too.
9:51 am
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col col day o on the rink. sheinelle joness wm inside with us >> hi, i'm warm. do you believe in love? >> s. >> y're going to sethis y tomorrow
9:53 am
awe stories. the coupl is married no they had this near death expeerpsex exrience that made them realize their love. let's not have a nearth rience and let's recognize the perso whene have them. that'sor all the romancs out there. do you kno the difference between love or lust? >> can you haveth >> you knowhat? ah-ha thing, i don'tnow if i ought about i that way. we'le a psycholt and dig into it. >> you can haveboth. >> true >>ou probably shod have both. >>exactly. >> i'm pretty deep. >> lust becos love >> absolutely. back and forth. >> can lusto to love? >> sure.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:58 am
solutely. you kno s this i oday" with kathi giffor gifford and hoda ko livrom io 1 tir a in rkefeller aza. >>ou mad it! it is tried,ru 12th. meredith vieria is here for thielee. >> tha u! hello! >> is alway a pleasure >>ik tt we wen cual today.
9:59 am
thetold me you wand toocasu. al. yoald me u stimes, you re slurring your words. you sd "go casual, go casu." ever >> we have stiller >> that' >> that'shygrd to did it. >> have you see"zoonder ? no buteople have see it. he's funny. he said the f movieidn' even dwe. it'sne of thoserdnes thec le ault g. >>s so funny. yeah, tt wasood one. do youwhat jebush's er- >> wt o with me? movies. and they ked her to be in
10:00 am
>> was she in? >> no, becauset wase an orgy thi s didn't d it. ande'll talk romantic weekends. >>ow are yo 'm good >> evethg good? >> oh, everythi's peac. ueally have toringhat up? no, i'm fine everng is really,eally . of like,erhing's go my husband's birthday is sunday. >> valentine's di? >> he's val baby. i w lik toelebrate and he doesn'tike biays. he think vantin is a ripo, staura so exnse, they jac up the es of flowers and basicly nothing. >> thas it? >> this is it. cheap wine - >> yot dg because -- >> because i gave it u for . and tn ysked men the sh. know, ofll the things to


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