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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 8, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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before halftimhenhe punt returned to another broos field goal. halftime that started wit cold pla and ended red-hot with bruno mars and beyonceoining the the second half the teams traded field goals and later in e with the panthers down by six they rned it do agn their fourth the game. e broncos then pushed the ball across the goal neecuring the franchise ice third sup bowl w a a secuper bow ring for pn mannin jay gray, nbc news, san clara. following theame a dejected cam newton had thio say before walking on the media. >> they just played betr than us i don't ow wha you want me to say. >> hard night.
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led the defense andilleas richly rewarded byei ned super wl0 mvp. so have weeen the last of future hall famer peyton maing? >> i'v got l this sink in. it's been an emotional we, an emional night and a night that'sust begiing. i look forward to celebrating with my friends and mily, d i in i'm take some time aer th. like isaid, i'm to enjoy e night,ak inep at a time. and a broncos fans celebrated back in denver police managed to keephe crowd largely under controlith just a handf of arrest th broncosarade will take place tuy at 's ation. > see it's still anye's ra e lates mmouth universy poll came ou it hasond ump on top,ut get this t this
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say the undecided. it apprs marco rubio has the biest bull's-eye among a ndidates. nbc's gabe gutie report >> reporter: with his political future on t line, mar rio doled do sayin so wt i he sticks to a ript. >> it's intesting that right now after lastnis debate, alof you said the same tng three or four tim. >> i'm gng to keep rning that clip. >>eporter: but rubioee rattled repng the se rehesed liner times. >> let's stop once and for all th ts fiction that barac obama doesn't know what he's doing. barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. this notio that barack obama doesn't know whahe's doing. anybody who doesn't knowhat he's doing what hs doing on purpose doesn't ow what he's doinhere. >> reporter:he all ossault
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an inexrienced rot. e #rubioglitch trendinon so medi >> i think the wle race changed last nig. you know there was mar among some of the clash. >> repor hoping to gai ground goverrs christie, jeb bush and john kasich poug exive exrience butt's stl daltrump still leading by a wide margin aft his latest jabs through repeated boos. on ""meethe press,"" he described howe'd fig rrorist. >>i'd bring back warboardin and bri back a hel lot worse. what's wo >> i not going to b itp on onhis show the grode n mpirenfi for
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we g more on the democrats from nbc's kristen welker. >> reporter: secrery clinton taking a detou a baptist church larly african-american flint, michigan, impacted by tox water crisis. this is not mely acceptle or wrong, tho it is both. what hapnenlint is immol. >> repter: clinton's visit designed to ronate with her base in uth caroli ctical if she loses new hampshire. buthe clintons aren't giving upton grate state. volunteersreoing door to door. her sur inhiefill clintonack in the state where he was labelled the comeback kid that catapulted him to prez denlcy. >> this is 1992 on sterds. you need to respond on steros and you'll never regret it. >>epte.trails bernie sanders. women on the attack trying to
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>> there really isn't any kd forei policy netrk that is supporting and advising senator saers. >>epor sanders firing back on the trail i new hampshire. >> warn iraq, i was rig on th issu llary clton wrong. >> reporter: hailing fro neighboring rmont, sanders is leading clinton by double digits in theest polls but clinton has proven experience her ging her own comeba i 2008 beating baracobam aturyenat sanders made a quick detour in torks a o "turday nige" alongside the host, his doppelgaerarry david. >> madam ail bright was doi a interviewith secretary of ste. she said there's special place in hell f women who don't help
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tt's unfortuna i think women shou meould help men, men shouldelp n. we're now talking abou the presidt of t united stat and peop suld make the decision bas onho could do the jo best. ou've been taking criticism. >> thiis what isay. i say, a, is nonsense, and,b, it's the same argument used ainst rack obama i2008. who this you senator? he doesn't have neany sense with foreign policy. thirdly, the most important foreign picyssue was the war iraq, ok? not only did i vote agast tha war, which w the right vote, i helped l the opposition to th. >> hold on. wait a second. >> we were just talking about "saturday nighlive." >> she gave me a cough and ak are you se the wasn't a
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>> no, no. >> are you a finance of "curb your enthusiasm?" >> oh, yes i thk it was one of the best shoes ound >> you used toatchit. ye >> imust have been surreal to have lry david play you. >> it would be an unteme they e meing onisg n step on wt do with north korea. pyongyang claims itas jus a satellite but it comes one month afr they conductedn undergund nuclear attack. all 15 securit couil members plged to expeditioly adopt on sanctions againstthem. >> with eachction the move one step closero it declared goal of developing nuclear tips d tercontinentalstic
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not alw thiso ha. of >> o nth rea' weapons pabity. it been nrlyhree ds sia powerlagnitude 6.4 earthqkeucouther taiwan and people are sti trapped i beeathhe rule this morni twoeoplwere lled from rubble. so far more than 170eopleav encued from til reinin accordg to t "associed press,the deolow stds at . >> now for aook at the weather, hero metrologist bill karins.>> we' gwo big blizzards to talk about and a rail cold r mass is going to take over the east. this ia huge msttorm off the ast.brough set to rth rona yeerday. we're so forte many areas th this is hea along the asnd out to sea b is going t are up into new england.
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thatringtoll the ssouri. cape cin be a full-fleedblizza youan see the heaaind innghe cape. mef ts ig me out lg island a eventually providence. we blid warnings to nantucket. nter stoars all the wayo and islip. new york city under advory along with all our frien in w hashe ducofmae. how much snow are wealking abou t highethe totals er to thocean. up to ca cod, a fo of snow. new york city may g nhing but inche veightnd minimal effec ere. t onong isla, t ches. e bin place. ther bwing anddrifti. t souch blowing and ing. here's a closer look at the day ahead. well, you can see the temperates aren't all tt coldyet.
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systs move out that wn the cold air will rely invade fro t noh. rriendsninneapol already hh of4rees and a daystlouiwith some snow showers. i thi wn we start t tell you w close is going to be toward nextweekend,ple are not going toik it. >> y. >> youe de right on the storm last time we'll e,bi. s prices dro n, a whhne o tho5 million sur bo ads score the st, we'll let you know. aritening scene inlond alarms many b not the authorities. we'll see. u're wat"early tay."." everywhere, ery time. an back at the grocery store even before shgot 3% back onas, all witho hoops to jump through.
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magine a huge sinkhole swwiouar with yound your family stilln it. that's exactly what happened to a couple with their 2-year-ol daught in peru lt week. ite believed that hvy rai in rect days caused the sinkhole. anes werused tpull ohe
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imagina littleat. oh, my god. >>ight of a doubler exploding teified eye not a i was actually a stunt for t upming movie "the reigner" starngkieca me thougt was a terrost attacknd complained the public was notdequatel rned. do y thi they could have put up some signs or someg. raiding is. ey'reed of sdi guns and explosiveaterials unde the guise of humarian aid. th also try to recruit women to marry isis fightersn syria. thirida prancis wid in mexico cityo begin s ong tri suppte a aho of wohippers to cree wall
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rell phones. millions ofple have flooded th bes in rio de janeiro. last night theamous parade aturede ptty spectul floats. let's t down to business. if you bet the denver broncos would win last night's ga, yo winnings are actually taxae income. americans bet about $4.2 billion on superow50. nely billi of those bets ar wagered ilgay. e pebowls e stgale opoing ent ith uny. gasricesave dpped eks. e average is$1.82. the pricrop may continue if l prices continue to slide. >>cayo give me a rning? >> warng.
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>> soy rya reynoldss. it'sothe super bowl without the ads. more than 60 ads aired.expensive ones theatud m criti clg o a only rreynds, eventyr. thet adoty w an kevinhart wr oo bines a ultroundys. of the worst , skittle ss. >> plus, >> plus, one of the all te greats iting. not peyton manng. can you gueswho?wh cause you lieve go. onwa. today's the da carpe diem. tynol 8hritisain s two layers of pain relief. thrst is fast. e se lll d. we give you your day back.
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... autil corgir nd> and this morning on "today" lan eyer has an insid look ast nighs big gam and what w on behind the scenes uper bowl 50. >> sports even before the broncos can can fly celebrate eir unrdog victory thees ga seroo ss asset pisburgh a alrdy favored toin nex year super bl tf sttleoeeturn th'll like be witho marcndmar mahandyn. heweed thio. , indeed, hung up his cleats and inten to reti. the oedhanksnd
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soday knowsey nning diha t worst seon of a super bl wng arrback. it included t tchdos set up f defen and manng had thehorstassi qrtbackt .6. ssing an american herosn't cessary. just ahead, coldla bence, and bruno mars. you know you saw it and were wowed by the crowds at the sup bowl. plus, eltonohn and james cord killing it. you'reoing tsee itext.t. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzanoes not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, younowhere e waterfall is? warfall? no, me tzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somedy? if y're co, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to s fiftn percent or me on car insurance, you swchgeico. oh ohhhh it's wt you do.
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,,, th iredits like roasted halnand coco the lis ste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level.
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,, ws, news, lad gaga bwveryon wa sh kkedff supowl 50 witherympressive rendition of the "national am." the fans went wd. wearing my favorite jumpit. later col play and beyonce and uno mars playingurinth halfme show. it was erce so"gwife" fans devering a shocker. th show onl has n episodes left bore the series file. they're running out o story lis anyway. 's time. this is first initial announcement of the ama' impending nclusion. and the stars of "zoolander" stopped by "tuay night live" discusshat se, fashion.
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next we've got tom cruise. he's he's totally let himselfgo. >> gs, that's notom cruise. that's t cruz with "z." ted cruz? >> then jam cordehad fun with elton johlast night on he late lahow." >>ou have had memain looks er the years. >> you know, i was nev a ld vocalist not lik jagger. i wa on the piano and iast ex syol s i had fun with
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the denver bnc take home the crn t superow champions! we have highlights from the g game... plus... w broncos couny is celebrating the much earned win. temperat are ith20s this morning with tee in e high spot sunshine is in today's forecast. tempatur wilwarm into the 40s and ev to ne 50 r some of us. thiss just t start of biing in the works forhi . i wi hu anr ek comingin weather & tff on the 5's. good morning, thanks for jning us on thisonday morning... it's february 8th. i'm ira onin. and i'm shelle cockrell. first up this moing... celebrations continue across broncos country this morning ... as the denver broncos take home the lombardirophashe super bowl 50 champis! itas a great game frtart
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once again...
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