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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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starting with nb andrea mchell. andr? >> reporte good evenin leste not only is it goi intoheebate, does thnew poll sw bedes ahd of hillary hen new mpir but hhas a ig lead amon women. and a gianlead with young pele. as hillary clion epares for tonight's showdo, her top target, reacngoung voters and women. our w c news "wall street journal" maris whopping 22%. among wome s ails by 4%. and young men, 29%. clinn is noticeably toning down those sharp ges she showed in iowa. >> i will stand up and fight for yoy singleay of this mpaign! >> reporter: showing her softer, more reflective side in new she. a ralimpseast night. >> i've had to be in puicealing wh someery fficult issues. and personal iues.
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she reesn a suit rable - be graful for ur limitatis. >> reporter: inne o her strongest moments of this caaign. she also touted he progreiv credtials. >> am a prressive who getsesultsan i wille a progressive president who getsesults >>epter: but it's anheromment tt could stick with her. struggling tonswer wh she took $675,000 in speaking fees fm wall street nks. >> well, i don't know. that's what they offered. rorer toalstet, rom bernie sas, and sure to mep nit. andrea mchl,bc news, durham, new hampshire. >'mkae hunt withhe sanders campaign, raling his troops before his one-on-one debatth hillary clinton. >> i look around this beautiful room, and i sense th people here want to make a potical relution, am i right about that? >> reporter: tonight pect bnie sanders to once again go after cltowith t esonwho's the mostrogrsive?
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clinton is a ogree? somdays, >> repte his caaign ting to twitter, highliting her support for the wa street bailout, the patriot act and the iraq war. >> the progressive community was etty united in saying, don't listen to bu. >> repter: key f sanders tonight, acng oer voters. ounew pollhowing the majority onew mpshirolder voters over 60 back hillary clinton. sanders' message is already hitting home for unpeople. like the stunts at the univerty onew hampshir i've got a friend in bernie reporter: managing exctatns is anher coerfor sanders. 's so far ahead ght now,f hilly clinn does mage to close th gap, it could still be a problem for hi even if he comes in first.
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>> check todd co-moderating th deba omsnbc. uck nders long coidered the onrunnerthe new hashire ce. does thake any prsure off secretary clinton in t matchup tonight? >> y know, don't think it does, only becaof thelinton tradition here in new hampshire. nehampshire's been ve good to the clinton mily. saved bill clinton's candidacy in 1992. frankly, it saved hillary clintos candidacy and helped extend that race in 20. i don't think necessarily it buy her time. but look, this debate is coming at a time when the t of them are having a real deba about what should theemocrac party be. shouldt be whait's been? is it the paof obama and clinton? or does it need to go in a new direction as bernieanders? clrly an army of supporrs wants to take it. >> chuck, thanks very much. tonight's msnb democratic debat kis off live from the universi of new hampire, co-moderated by chuck, and racheladdow at 9:00 eastern time.
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shows marco rubio leapg ov ted cz in new hampshire, to take the number two spotehind front-runner donald trump. as nbc hallie jackson tells us, rubio's adversaries are pili on try to stop his rise. >> reporter: with me inew hampire, m ping for photo finish, drawing crowds in evy sh as republican rivals take theirs. >> thankou guys for being re >> reporter: the new sparked b thislip, rick santorum endorsing rubio, but seeming to struggle when asked why. >> can you name his >> my feeling on marco is someone who has tremendous potential, tremendous gifts. if you look at being a mirity iheted statesenate i t years where noing got done, is >> reporte rub's coetitors desperate gain ground in ne >> his
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bitis. he's gifted. he can turn a phrase really wbut what has he done. tacis, this isy e unedat is write amnesty bill for the legal immigrants. teming e vand fighting human trin >>e have real hit in the u.s. naut my time speaker of the house and a state legiator. >> rorter: rubio trying to stay above thtablishmenfray and so is john kich, campaiing at concord high school. >> are you the present? >> yes. >> did you run negative campaign? >> wouite great you could run r president just like you run for class president, whereou just tell op what you're for, instead of spenng youtime ashing somebody el. >> reporter: donald trump's trashing everyone els slamming all politicians in typically trump faion. >> i was going to say they're full of [ bleep ], but i won't say that. >> while trump still leads in new hampshire, jeb bush is hoping foost with help from his
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barbara bush will be here tonight, the first time since her son's announcement speech. apg ge on e caaira former drug company ceo who some have cd e hated in america provoked a lot of anger on capitol hill toda martin shkreli refused to testifyore member of ngress, and then later insulted them. nbc's anne thompson s the detas. >> reporter: appearing smirk -- >> are you listening? >>eporter: - and ofn inattentive. >> yeah. >> reporter: former pharmaceutical ceo main shkreli lived up this bad-boy reputation appearing before congress. >> i intend to use the advicef my couel, not yours. >> rorter: posing for piures instead of listeng. >> it's not funn mr. shkreli, people are dying, and they're getting sicker and sicker. >>eporr: he de to swer why the company he once led raisedhe price of a life-sav dru 5,00.
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>> on advice of counsel, invoke fth amendment privilege. reporter: under deralndictment for unrelated securits frd, the -year-old ually loves to talk. >> i'm from the street >> reporter: but today he let his attorney speak for him. >> what you saw was nervous ergy by individual who very much would like to explain what happene >> rorter: leavi the other drug company executives to face furiestioners. >> i find it repulve what you've done. >> reporter: valiant under fire for jacking up prices on twoeart medicines and other well-established ugs. >> whe wve made mistakes, we're listening, and we're changing. >> repter: termined to ve the std, shkreli took to twitter calling the congressmen imbeciles. no apology from a man who oncean a company with the potential to save les. anne thompson, nbc wsnew york. fears over the zi virus have le
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state of emergcy to cover five counties. vernor rick scott sa that e 12 cases scovered in orida are from infections outside the s. but tes are out in force in south florida spraying for the mosquitoes thacarry zika. scott is also asking the cdc for 1,000 mo rapizika test kids. we turn to the ng andody wain syri new dro vide shows the utter deation of the city whe 1 llion pele lived before the war. today the u.s. pledged an additional $600 million to a fugees. while the who cat get t face growing desperation. includes those in town outside damascus where the red cross ys it is close t getting aid to. footage we've obtained contains artling and dibi detai of what peoe e faci the. hereurhief ren coespondent chenl. >>eporr: ty're
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that ayria gornnt helop oppingar ful esive rm below, killing cal activists say one person. dann the aiv whtooks o, to us bombs ra downp to 30 times a y. he sent us another video of muhammad, a malnourished 11-year-old ose ther says is too weak to walk. day said these deos arehe only thg he can do for his people. >> wsee th and we can't anything r them. they areng in front of our eye >>eporr: the vernment cff city apuniment f s resiance. syri oppitio rcesre dng t same thing to vernment stngholds. in the mide, smany sufferinpeople. >> this situion, this siege continues like this foa ek or less, huneds of people will die, of course. incling me. mae you won't me
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>> reporte there's no power either, so danny spoke us by the light of a sma sopored lamp. whenas the last time you ate something? >> it was sterday. andhat wasit? >> that was . people are dying in the cities allround ria. and nobody remembers them. nobo cares about them. to stop this, th disaster. >>eporter: which is whday risked erytng to take world hears thi 5-year-old cryg o to her mother, who has no medicine, food, or milk to give. riard engel, n ne. >> hrible reality life on the groundn syria. > leturn to the huge metne gas leak thatas affected thounds of families in a l aeles neighborhood night weave exclusive access.
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thair. nbc's steve patterson wawith him. >> reporr:t is t untry's invisible dister, plume of methangastaming into t atmosere. se here in infrared pouring out of a ruptured natural gas we right ave the affluent community o porter ranch. the ountf thane ewg out is impossible to mease from t ground. >>his is oou ggt les. 'rreo as it>>eporter: to gather the data, you need to y into it. scientist dr. even nnel ia specially ouitted anto col ucl . sie his initial flightnnovemb, connly's da estite me than 20 mlion pous of the ha preou at as mu eenhouse gasmitted by nearly ha a milliocars each year. >> it's 20 or 30 times as large as the next biggest one that we've seen.
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realization the air leto a hundred days of heart ache on t ound. vid d his daughter are amg 5,000 fami living in temporarhousing. >> walking in the community,ven fo fi or n minutes, to wk my d, i couldn't breathe. >>eporter: he said the rate of e methe has significantly slowed. gas company officials say theeserir will be drained and well capped by the end of the month. >> we're working really hard and safely sp this situation and bring them home. little comft fo falies waiting to go ho, as thenvisle thre hgs in th ai steve patterson,bc newsoverorter ranch, california. ill ahead here tonight, protecting the super bowl. wely with the es in the sky and go inside the fbierve center tasked with securinghe biggest sporting ent of e year. > e evidence o the plane with the
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>>it is bit sp evente year, and now the super bowl is also one of the country's operations. the san frcisco bay e game, dozens of law enrcement agencies are gearing up. tional correspondent miguel almaguer shows us how they' securing the city by land, sea and air. rorter: witmore than 1 milon people pouring into san anciscfor the super bowl, the only
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game may be security. the fbi leading 60 agencies on the inhe airnd at sea. >> this is by far the most significant security presence we've had at any event in the baya r sure. >> reporter: with bomb-sniffing dogs, car-sweeping x-ray mach, and sharpshoers positioned on rotops, surveillance onhe gund is als y. the bay area is wired, cameras, high-tech nters and video feeds e cording hundredsf images ery second on strejust lik one. mu of that surveillance ibeg beamed right back into one room this is the i's centl commd center, where they quarterback the la enforcement bling. >> the bad guys have weave to getucky air teams face uni challenges. levi sdiums 45 miles from san francio. they're watc ery brge roway for anything unusual. >> on game day, air
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restricted, but no foblackhawks like these flying in tandem, taking part in an aerial ballet that ncs wit boats in the bay. this coast guard cutter patrolling 200 nautical miles out to sea. our job is to use outraining and experience and notic things may not be 100% what they should be. >> reporter: the that could come from anywhere. it's not just the super bowl that makes the bay area a security concern. it's also a status as a symbolic american city. a city where all eye will soon ben th super bowl. but noeveryoneil beatching the game. miguel aaguer, nbc ne, san francisco. we're back in a ment with millions more air bags being recalled over potentially daous flaws.[burke] at farrs, we've seenalmost eveing, so we kn howcover almostanything evenrkey jerks
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clsified information wasent to the rsonal e-mail account of former secretary of state colin powellan seniorides toormer secretary of state condoleezzri. well tolnbnews thatothing secret nt to peal cot. spesfor ce he-mailser about diplatic nversations and ntained no intelligence information. multiple sourc tell nbc news that the force that rped a hole in a passenger plane eromalia was kely from a mb made of military gra explosiv. investigatordid find explosive residue in the termath, b if it was ab,o terrorist oup has claimed reonbili yet. more air bag recalls, mlions more. hoa ano 2.25lionres de btakataill ha to beeplain certain honda an acura mols. d anoir bag manufacturer, contintal automotive stems, announced its own recall iolving pontialir bag probms in u to
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this imy bodofroof! finally night, r manyhey're the mostntertaining part of the super bowl. the commercis. da ay,uthe super bowl ad game is already inhe secon quter. once again, many companieare reasing their commercials before t big ga, hong to generate days of buzz instead of just hours, even if many fans would rather wait. >> mr. tyler?
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>>ream on! >> highe >> dreamn! reporr: thi ye's trend celebritie liam neeson is hking tvs,rakeells cell phone pls, and christopher walke is a carsalesman, alo wi seren will, and ryan reynolds, ry reylds. >> oh, in my face! >> this wille the celebrity bowl you'll probay see north of othe ads at this poin ving some sortf celebrity element. >> reporter: perhaps the only thi that can top starower is ppy power, the adorable and the bizarre. th yr a 30-sond sur bowl spois goinfor as much as $5 millian l-time high. adveers are cranking up the cody. >> miss mooe, eat a snkers. w? >> you get a little wn you're hungry. better? >> much better. >> my ll
5:57 pm
favorite this bud light political spoof. >> just wait until you oucaucus reporr: don't worr though, many adl havebe released, leaving ty oroom for me surpris. frye nbc new that's going to do it for us on a thsday nig i'lester holt. foall of us at n , thank you for tching, and od nigh sps. 'll tellouhere ice and slush rema troublesome for drivers. mike ad libs weather and joconcerns f some in northern el paso county. we're looking into why water rates in monument---could be doubling!
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i'm lisa lyden. and i'm rob quirk. new toght at six: the people monumenneed tt read for sticker shock. water rates could be going up,...a lot. and the is causing some concern for folks o ll b foing e bi. news 5's andy koen is here nowto explain why the increis tang place ... and whsome are sg the town truses should reconsider. under the oposed ratschedule, custers cod end up paying double wthey did for water lastear. the board of trus tes us they've been keeping rates artifically low for too lo. t the ecomic devopment corporation warns a fast jump uld harm businseand kill ok rq monument town trusteesay wateratencrease has en a long time coming. "for the last 20 years, there has not been a water rate crease for a sma subset our popution whore serviced by the town's water district." the water enterprise sthey have run a deficit in the hundds of thounds of dlars
5:59 pm
trustees paid the bills by using monefrom theenal fd ... which th say is iro citize w get wer from other utities. "tho citizens who e paying their fair share for the water, yet are being asked to i addition to that, suidize 20 to 30 peent our citizens such that they can enjoy extremely w water ras." but business leaders warn the new rates are jumping too fast. "it's a tough decision to ha to rse rates iany circumstance, but think th can be done in a much smarter way tht's currently being proped." the econom development corporation worries the spiking fe in particul wl depress develoent ... simir to what ppened in founin. "they saw a decrease if not a complete stoppe in developmen they then lowerethe rates they saw development start up again. they then re-raised the rates and saw delopment fa off." trustee jeff kaiser don't wa to slow growth and said the boaris working to fi t best solution for the water dget long term.
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