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tv   Today  NBC  February 4, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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>> oh! >> becse christine isughter, rea. take a take a ok. >> da can you put theow inside t brai >> yeah. i didn't know she was goingo hit me wit . she changedhe game pn up on me. boom >> it's got to behe same as the otherbraid. >> yeah, it's got tbe tam as the other braid. just -- boom. look at th. th i t dngelo williams cuain call. it'she fir time we've h daddy time wle i'm doier hair. all y do isontas. can yo domethi se? yes, c now. oworle tt'cu! >>eet. >> can wt for allhe sur wlomrcls w.'soing tbe good. there e going to be s gd es a rit. th hpe a othe ti.
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relyongnd -- >> y'reop i toe arun le somert >>heudiee ior a thav n idea- tyhihey' fascinatin >>as baggi alon a on. yowhe'r le iit il gng you c't bieve . yo think, tre must be a appointmt andhen ty st, noin >> reahe fromc. beeyound trere cues uhod be ae s in pele's ces. wnin whilehe ct is goi on- he's alws bored. theyaye sul ae to pi up o i very qukly. thchip n'ow why wenked abouecaue g t chip. we thought wou sth >> s. t'sac to i crm, ich wea fascating. okay, now that' ue. ot of peoe c r a room. they jt come barreling , dot rlizeeoplre ving aeryn depth -- >> yes.
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>> imptant convsaon. >>yes, exacy. >>ndhen -- >>ll ght. g it. >> you kw what? ry nn we'reustrying to stall til -- get it or with. >>ou yshis is good. this o is ait wbk. 's fmroalledtlc. >> rember th. and it is son cald "by, baby,baby get i ith whou morning, noonnd night it's gnae good a that's all ght le gonna beive when is it goi ing? >> c up righ he. sexlity oh, that'hy you lov it
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for thisyopendooh time, hoda eati ice eam. bab baby baby >> com , go-j ge m g. get my dance crew. baby baby baby it >> it makes sen them! arown >>tlc,"by, by baby". >> when w >> whe it going to do something? >> it just di a i o sirius xm and ar tethe onxmhael108. you can find usthere. on't know wou would want to, especialle're doing somethinge eg ice cream. >> butt' y-free and lly ben s has d t. all right. two womenely cut hai are gng makeer as we speak. and fger foo with big flavor if you're throwing a party for super bowl nday.
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so we prepare for everything. it' isus tee more d unti the pers fe o aihecos,ndha ar ifoue now a supewlpa you g to on otos" f aed sfoom res for shi tvory >>nnables aifestyle pe a aut o f co lcom >> you cam all the way fmew zeand. i loveeing he ou ! and to make nf stu.>> ay!>> so wre goi t make made and we'reo lly crunchy,o really
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en i >> aamol >> sheou par bowl the potatoes minutes, and thatn you cut emthey don't tak sng. er. >>er, a you can nto chips i like cuunky en bause the i eatthein yes.>> which islthy pa gh andheicethin byar cookingthem, yse som hetamp andt means thcrunchier. so throonsli oil and the ic our. y wanted spic the put consum cng it wit that? >> andome flakey . >> oka >> t igoingo good.>>
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han oayerthick. >> okay. >> otherwise ty steam. and you want nice a y. ant themruy andcrunch. >> do you pap on the ttom of the bdish? >> tha i anydish! she dishes. >> i don't. >> let m g loo -- >> uly the paper towels er the the trickouan this- w g to put ev --you, >>uh-huh. rythinhere. you know,sedo think when you made maaise,ou to havur tanhe se of yruth. mes i reall fre andag. >> ok>>chotle oveat.>>on't- >> very unnecessary. >> don't say it. >> thastale >>
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get ovehe! >> okay. >> that lks fiar to >> donnow i i c cope o orda's hous >> excme. id jus happen? >> thaustpened one nd. hat'scrazy! >> liciou >> idelis. >> aoulavo that a whicay y li >>ouhese in has eette g are woingo t ese? ce or re thiss anotherlerin >> okay'r ad whatre we ki? >> we're makg poorn. and t thi aut popcorn -- inittl bag! >> we likethese. you know on myhow i don'tse any wn you gt in the bag,heou do tng in the microwave, a the ht is in
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so it doesn't burn you mak a flatin like this. >> .>> shobe doing it onhere. >>okay. >>nd t you jus p tha in the micwave and iakes aut the tes, and you get poorn. >> okay. >> and now'm jt gngo put -- >>he are good. >> ices somecinnamon, chilisalt. salt ak i up. >> iike it. >> and then -- >>reou putti ccolate top on th? >> ah >> wha are y talking about? >>aking you y. and thehe other -- everythings on the weite. >> yeah, yeah. >> her guamole is awesome. >> guam he de. >> deliciou >> and you are -- >> algh find out which jobs c earnou thounds of dlars fro home. and theroduhat will giv you a face-liftitutoing
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> if> if y rea look youn mbeautifu u'redyorbosbuzz. bobbi thomas is here wh quickty for yr skin, hair and nails. >>nhere miles? watgommy here these are s products tha camecros my d and one of the w categies i'm finding, skin carpecifilly aiming, ey're trying toefy gravity, cose.>> ocourse. >> s est laude has comeut with sethi cled ld ta. thisame outnate20, a weave a picture of almaer ont wh us. ma>>et'sak a lth ct yterd i my d theen ey lk ath bor ahe afwo>>t sinpres. s r pymersthenth y, they lif and tigen the area t aears t me ift, ah. >> wt ito sa is ihougt wa esve. weve iouoing t wear keup or ,t might sta to pl up,o w tbe
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ov that >>ma, y look beful. xt, dr. brat hassomething sothin caldoemeelths needles,ndhiis fille mask aou leavehis mask . youpp i wit aru after rnin >>alma! aoupply tit a brush,nd l i fl i -- it essential le primer- a fill. so you'let ts really smoot peancender your meup at lifts a tightens and, again, it gives y that le pndreapit wil hpigen middle to low sti ofour fa. >> andou wr makeup o that >> y wl te fines itilldritor le apre mor produsor the necks retinolha lts rely well. >> wo
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andhe ra han, iav to say, sheolsyonce'sr, madonn sheno how to deal whair at'see toueverytng and-new, the smp and condioner andplit e reme. itil pct youpl es inhreewa, a insnt ke ioo l y atad a hat.shean rdyha. sh hasn itheaborki on thi for overwo years. i waso excitedo tthis. an l b notleas one of my favorite this zo ce ithhis naked nicu >>vedy talng about th! >> tis lup y il afr y wr red nailisanou nls are yeow, this is col rrecr. ve onhishand. and thisan has nothin even thoug i looks pple in thetle, itoes o r, and itelpsin you il ck. sot's gre quick fix. >> cane s little mes, please? he' ked out. >> chstine!
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> it's thity thsday, a dampeath couldn't dampen the energy of our plaza. >> weid somhing dfere today. we pxd one luc ly fm the crowd and the oth out of her chaiight h 30 for "ambushmakeover". >> so now they' ready for their big reveal. "today" contributor and styli to the sts, louis va kari, la la la
10:21 am
ndiss rsf, jill mart. rt.>> a woman i are.>>on we al one l was fro thepla. t t ladwh ets t de usoellhe - what we do before a evythi, we cked her, and she so eited becseoday h5th annsary >>e'alko i co first leet pa wi 66 old fromyork, pennsylvania. mary two kids curly works as a corporate event planner, an avid wa sh describeser ey l frumpy. >> you're gigglin and fyou've been through such a tghtime. so what doess mean to u? >>m exced about this! i'veted to cut my hair for such a long and i hardly wear a mpt al
10:22 am
year a just wantomething to te my mind off o it. well we e going t make you l even mor beautil. >> t youmuch >> lt. andaveriendut . th,lee kee yourli a okay. here i pat wilson before. brin her out. >> all right, pat, let's s thew you! oh, my gos ! okay ruth. t ready, ruth >> take offourlindfold and get ready. >> yk wondfu ou seeowood youook i fr's ey are you ready, pat? l ght, it's ti. spin righere. take a look. , m gosh. oh, my gosh. looko beautiful! >> wre going t need some, baby. >> you look gorgeous
10:23 am
>> okay, we've got u. tell ushestory. >> okay. numb one, her hair. e did color her hair, but she di't color it enough, obviously. it faded. it was a gray. it was a blonde. no she is a definite war blonde. remember, ag i --s i always y,air cor is so important to skin color. then the makeup, ocourse. and en, of urse "t"! ve i gavethis gre ircut. took off man inches and you look ungeorel.beautil. >> thank you! thk yo >> i am goi to he to umy ga! >> all rit. jill perfectt. >> s peect. >> ll, tt's how t w whe in e winter. we leinte white. isw. and i love- youon't nee jey w it >>nd of applause
10:24 am
she e sa one ofur staffmbers. shorks on ambh every week, has been working atbc for over 25years. and tod is her 25t wedding anniversary. so we decided to surprise her with a whole new look. let'watc >> surpse! surpsere >> mgo. >> tay is your y! >> thank you so much. >> areou mortie >> rtie i -- i - i'mocd. i' just shoednd ted. and --hankyo ohf cose. soele youutf an it >> yes,ou did. , my god! >> all rit. we'r going t yan you away.>>ok. >>akfouorhree ur>> by his o exciting! >> a ght. she's here with her husba tim. tim, raise your hand. >> and a few of her co-workers!>> nbc poss in the house. >> that's right.
10:25 am
before and bring out the n 25 yearsarri karen bime! >> wow! >> oh my sh! >> oh yeah,et ready, kids. >> all right, you guys, te off your bldfolds! >> w., my g. >> c i look? >> yes,ou ca >> oh, my gosh! oh, my go!oh, my gosh >> you look beautiful! >> thank y so mu! ye, i tnk y'r gooor anothe 25 years of marriage. i ally do >>elus about . >>ay. tammy did such a color mistake. yhould have hadhe right color, but overland, overland. soer hr w almost black. and it's even bcker tha in the before picre er so what i ho is i lightened the base added these highlights wch allf a sudden erases years. dot you think?
10:26 am
>> i mean, real. andt alsak her thin hair which is- doesn't fi so mu texte. texte. i alwaysave thatn my back ck. anf se the beautif makeup. >> loo ather! >> what do you think, tim? a eper? >> beautiful. i le the hair, i reaydo. faastic. >> aell us a ts ess, please. >> iis new shny. woul i uld like you to talk about the dress. >> where are you ting her? >>e were goingo go t a fren steakhouse mewhere. but we'll see. game. do y guys lik the nbc poss >> oh, god. >>reat job. >>fantastic! >> tha youll so ch. >> next week apecialvas day.youournintot we'll choose you. and how to make money from the
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>> probably have been a few times wn you thought about wh it would be lik to work from home.>> or mbe you want toake some extra cash, b you nd flexible schede so you c take care o yourfami. >> oentimes the obstacle is getting started. >> so se welch is here. she did some assistancich extensive research, and narrowed down for people looking to lach buses from home. er must be many bau of th unemplme siation. >> a l of pple lkingor th, ght? absolutely. >> your number o i dirt sales. and i wou imagine you nd a certain type of rsonality, ght, to go int that? >> absolutely there's 18million,t's estimated i direct sales. thl everything f makp to ps and pans to dinnware this is an indust, if pple haveveraid to yoou cld sell anything
10:32 am
u ve to lov the product and rowing parties a have a lot of iends. andou c't keep going back t the same peoe again aagain. >> that's hard. >>nls they reall love t product and come back for fills. >> h much could you mak if u reoi ts kinof thg? >> we, there are staup cos. so ranging anyererom $0 to $2 and then youan make -- t sky is the limit. that's what they tlu. t, you know, the average consultant makesbout $25,000 year. t the fst year, ay. kes a while. but the rl money comes in recrtingtheromen to constants. ha w you get a piece theaction. >> and a commissn o their sales. d s youe to ve a comfor level with asking your friend to coultas. an fri and family touy from >> hoda has no problemith that. >> all right. let's mov to -- this aool ea. we'r talking about a viral assistant. >> this is a rea growing field. rtual assistan th i basicaloi all the things a assistant does, b doin themromr ownhome.
10:33 am
virtual aistant here. who is on skype. hi! what'sou name? >> melissa. >> hi melissa. so melissa would be our virtual asstant. how would it work? >> melissa has been a virtual sistantor ten years. from herme sheas several ients. e h b thi bines o thatme. shhas two daughters,nd 9 and a husband who worksy long hours. d so melissa, howid y get started? >> m motr i ls realtor, a i sed worki her asstan d peopl in e office asked ho i'm doi evhing, d she startedinquiring, and i it. anen ievelop a nic clientele. the whole ius i fro that network. fantastic idea. >> so it seems like is such a smart thing. e oy issueould be if skype didn't wor or something dropped out in the middlefn importan ment. doesha happennd howyo de with it? >> yes. l ofhis do aretually ofcame,ff of skype. so mostly e-mail, texto it
10:34 am
bu it cou happen, finily. >> youon't haveo pick up anybody's dry cleaning. >> a very flexie jo you ar able to balance work and fe with this, as a virtual assistant, right? it'sflexib? >> . >> i don'tnk she can hear us. but she is love >>suze,an make a prett gooding doingthat? >> about 0- after y'v workor a few years. it is a little nely, gh. you don't have a lotf -- >> your chin are the, you know. gives you exibilit you don't have that waterr chitchat. >> ts is -- you'r talki outin-hom daycare. no i imane the areotf yers with iuran and -- right. >> licensi a allhatf, right? >> highly regulated industry. >> should be >> it should be. >> those should . >> totally e. isield is very natal to manywome they rse tir kids, have the ills so they want to take on two or tee kids o four kids theroblis, it is highly related a therereh artupcosts. >> how ch?
10:35 am
have to rfit you home safety relations, have to anhe bath they're not goi to make money rightaway. probly, unless you h aew kids. and there is a cap. you ca never have more than 1 kids i you home. >> sure. >> would want to? >> kidding. >> thank suze. >> if these ideas sounded sweet, checutt we ve for you next >> ey valeinsreats f ur liteet r is cassrenta neagrance eakthrou. the world's only bodwash ...with agrance relee pearls. toyour skin to relse frage to hou necareorever colleion.
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,,,,,,,,,,,, > valentine's day i exactly ten days fm now and nothing makes hearts mel more thanome made ies. >> if you want to surprise you sweetie or whip up treats fo the kids we have the founder and edito oftyle meprty, haylarson! yoe have frenchad outfs? >>ren't the cute?
10:40 am
>> adds to the ambiance. >>o you d't nd to know how to bake to make any ofhese gs. >>o, a you d't nd to spend a fortunend y can g th wleamy inlved. we're starting with xoxo coie you srt witugar cookie base, my favoritece on style meliving.c no we're goingo load the frosng >> so y jt i th. >> she's alrdy made the ok>> wusedookie cters a thecing is hereand pile it on, girls. th is not theimo watch r waist line >> oh, we never do. >> and after you g th, you kn, smear itou. >> shmear. a tn wedd bling. wee adding rockan to it at'sooking beautiful. >> tak it very- well, one of does. kes it seriously. >>oou have these greatxoxo oks. >> ver cute! all ght. come o over re. >> b fou teeth, b who cares?
10:41 am
cherry soda? >> hombre chocolate dped chriesweave melted white chocate, ombr t colo. so -- >>! >> dunk themin, set them on the parchmentpaper. let them set f a cupouple hours. >> this isor tladies. >> adorable. >> so over here, let's go over to cinnabun. >>o happy. >> these are cinnamon ros. so ts isike -- hatou buy ithe s. >>his is t definion of esome. you b the ithe store. weunrolled th.yo mig need to use some scisso. whatou'r going tdo iol em towardsach her. >> make het. did you see tt ay a ace! >> and even kids can do . make a heart. h lon aer tre ke >> if youake them like th,
10:42 am
ey'rhearish, yeah. >>idn' k that -- hi, guys! add deand gre. >> none told me ty were coming. >> they a some ier- option so we've g strawberry kabs wanto look at the straerou. they're hearts! >>oh, that's so cute! if yut the strawberry length-wise and a divot out, you ve ahet.>>tre you kids doing here? >> that. that's what they' doing. they'reaking something el. >> yep. u need some hrt gummy candies,przels. eat a f whilet it. enjoy. and it's goosnack. >> you know at, it's fun. >> cute anyway, right? and theecipes on >> we are back in nt. firs ts is "today" on nbc. excellent job!
10:43 am
is time fy, okeeot oelriti otogphedithiratsnd dogs,ut someelebav a taste for exotic floyd mweatr was giv a tir. silton had ankajou a ghtans. is y or not oyo have exotic anals? >> he's what we had to say, if you fairt all. >>'m always ufortable domesticing animals thatou be happier inheir o natural hatat, oda. thatakessense. i say as ng as youe abiding by the law, you can he any pet you want e. bu as for , i'mtinkingith inky myg. >> and i snk wh bambino an lois -- what are t oer ones i don't know. lsik - i dore. i love the others. >>f you'r having sup bl rt tsweeken lkhat we
10:44 am
>> it'$50 fm harry and david,hich i an amazing mpan >>ou c get i f t super wl for tuesy. devered f tuesday.>> ! , saturday what d i y? >>tuesy. . >>toow! 50 bks- >> y c defitely get iby esy. sorr about th.
10:45 am
>> wht as well >> anuncer: >> announr: today on rachael ray...doot adjust you t. one only,nging yr rite shows back to life. >>oe that snd like me or what? >> anuncer: "$40 y," and reunion 10 yearsn the making and nevieve. what lie. >> annocer: and the granddaddy them al "emeril live."
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the "eril liv band. [cheers and alause] >> rachae that'sgreat. [che and alause] >> rachael: lcome, erybod only raaelould pull this off. >> rachael: man, we g the ba! othese we got eril, it's "emeril live."
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