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tv   News 5 at 6PM  NBC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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once de at the high scho... thfrtloader moves to oer schools ke the elementary. they will remove allhipile of snoout oferanwel praback in busess." now i'm told t filits crs will bwog l 7:00 or 8:00 to get everything cleared at49 schls.. that said...distct leaders ve also been out assessing roads d fety ncerns continue.....minut es ago they called r a two hour y, also said they will nir roovernight. llolsoews we're also trackg progress in the ty's other school district's. d-11 and d-20 wi be open tomorrow t they sayf yodon't el 's safe to g your child to school---call your school' attendance office and we're to they will be excused. eylso say-seome residential streetare still snowpacked bus may be nng
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roads in bad condition. will keep an eye any scholosures and delays heading into tomorrow---and keep you updated at ka-do xxxx w liveook outse in colorado sings and pueo this dny ening.; nshi today, but still co! red forecaer m daniels. radar, aew snow flak in parts of southeast colorado t nothinto berned with. skiewill be moly cle tonight. current teeratures all over southernolorado...... tonight cleaand very cold. sun tomorrow and cearly th a bit warmer from morng into the aftnoonh ds
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just a few hours ago, colorado springs plow trucks star making their way on to residential streets. and they've certainly got their work cut out for them!! news's greg dingndo is live rockrimn. eg normal when it snows, the ci doesn've to get in the neighborods because the su just melts it aloff... but wi most ofhe city gettinmohan a ot. that's just not going to haptheyave plow l 56-huned neil....anths ing to take awhile. okq brett rubbic sot:3:20 in some pts i d say we got 1-2 ft. and for some that's made things a little dficult getting out. sot: 40:12 i'm glad i have all wheedrive.
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ava rubbico sot: 36:33 i think sd to slide is car. its g the ci kws a too ...with all the mpts comg in w th creave handn e main r...thell bsi a grid....gog om o tth next....until every roads cleared... but don't expect it to be perfect. t: 20:47 one pass in, one passut. weill not caning fr rbcu. especially when there's things li cars in their w. mong them wille a bi lp.. as f svengn ur own.arkas says there's a certaiwatoo . corey farkas/city stres mngr sot: 12:38 -6 you don cleaareao right your driveway that plow is going to plow rht in front ofyour dway an may difft to get out again. the tyalsking for patience... you'lld ..... it could bawle before you see pl sot: 21:12 wll be working on tthrough the weenon all this. itill takes all the way ththe weekenand to somt's complelyunacceptab. cathleangry with la os sot: 48:never had issue sli i do here. she says, she pays tas.....and was the stet
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cathleenungreis/angry with lack of plows sot: 47:29 - 40 my resnsibility is to sidewalk and dveway... i take cof my resoilty.... the needs to take carof r reonibity. but not evybodisp in arms er some say jt rt oling in colorado...eciay after a storm as as bad his one. sot: 39:40 they're doing it as fast as theyan in my opinion sot: 43:11 that'kinda how it is and i don't think its worth getting up set about. . the city did say they were gng to work on getng an inracte map set up to show people the grid system the plows are moving on....but f now its not ready just yet. .....youe best b is to pack your patience, remove the snow frothe right side of your drivay and move your car for whever the plows do nally
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,, those ows may movin residential areas--but we also found some stl hard at work on the interstate. and it was a bigperati!!! we found about a dozen plows workintogether with the state patrol to canvass all lanes of the interstate this morning. our cames caughthe operation as it moved past i-25 and women... heading north xx here's a look at t intste tonight. re's a look at tnterstate tonight. most les are now faiy clear, but u might run into som isolated icy spots, so still take it easyut there, especially if yore driving ter rk. traffic has been running mostly atosted spds today. it's important to keep the elderlin our community in mind especily with this much snow on the ground. they often need re helthan the rest of us to dig out.. our kelsey kennedy spokeith silverey senior services about being a good nghbor to those in nee ok rq
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geinto the grocery store or ttg ouon the strts, just imagine the kind of challenges that the seniore having to face awe." clearing a path the max... orping off the car.. can be neaimssible for our elrligors.. as good neighbors i ly helpful to bewaref the senior citizens that live in your neighborhood and you're clearing yr own drivay dewalks,erps you could send your kids o to clear theidewalks and driveways as well." e cityinanhat sa mu have ur sewalcleared thin4 hours.. s so seniocitizens concerned.. oughhe city lls me they'll coider your circumstans bere handing down a fine.. lversuallyelivers meals on wheels.. but the roads have been too dangerous for their lunteers.. theyeled extra meals last friday maki emergencyuns only since then.. "to make sure that if they didn't have any food in the house th we wod know about that so we cld get someone out to g some food tthem."
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"we need tod to just regroup and get the food for the neouplof days but everything should be bk to no thuday and friday." now,t'time to talk broncos! the team is hard at wo, practicing every play,aking surehey're phycally and mentally rdy for the panthers. and ere are a loof fol behind scenes in san francisco getting ready r the big day, iluding makinsure everybodsts safen anoff the field. sptsirector grant meech live outside n francisco tonight with a closer look at stadium security. thfbi is unaware of an crediblehreatsgain thesur bowl butvery available law enent en helping protect super bl
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the nfl's crown jewel will be highly protectedorces seen and seen iboth cities... actis that have beme norm for fans. its viously neceary with athletic events beina high profile thing... i actually ran t boston marathon the year after the bombing and so this is nothing like that so i expected it.... ctical officerwithxt muon ang witsa frano city cops wi keep an eye out for anything suspicious and many other elements the baguont see. theyant the fans and ticket hoers to feel safe whi taking in t spectac but want fans
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super bowl a ha co theme this yea humor! we'll have a preview of at you'llee aad at 6:. also coming up --- the ski report- meteorogist carlee ffman with the latest conditio at snowstm. mike--? i'm mike daniels. ll havyour extended rst
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to.. are calling -- "fe-changg"
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don't miss tho stories---and all the days lest and breaking news--only on news fivat ten. now,et'sheck bacin with mike. a lookrom cameras across colorado.... highs todain the 20's d 30's. current tempertures and wi chills outhern colorado... nexteather maker, a cold northwest flowgain tomorrow. weak disturbancethe flow will bring clouds and a few snow flak late in the daynto tomorrow night. mo of the flries will stay over the hheelevations. hour bhour, sunny and co early moorni. cldsncrease lateitthe waesdung thearly afternoon hours. a feflurries wildevelop la, mainly over the higher elations. lows tonig in e singles and
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hightomorrow in the teens, 20's and 30's. 7 day forecastor the springs, high torrow 35. mostly cloudy fray with a high in the 30's. warmest day of the weeke wi be saturday. dry next week with a warming trend. puebloigh tomorrow 38. upper 30;sgain friday. cj warsatuay with sunshine. cooler and dry sunday. much warmer air next week with a high in the 60's owednesday. canon ty and woodland park, flries possible late tomorrow ov the higheelevatio. anotr chilly day friy. warmer air sday with hine dry next week with a strong
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if you a heading to the slopes r the weekend be ppared to hang on tight.. windusts wilbe uaround 30 mph noto mention more snow... and fresh powder inot inhort supply after the pt week the last 7 days the least amount of snow fall wa20 inches at copper mountain... breckenridge and loveland both got inches and keystone recieved the most snow at inches ...looking ahead land and keystone will see will s the psiblity for now heading to t weekend with highs only in the teens for fridaynd thoseusty wis...expect sshe on saturday with highs in t 20's and 30's then snow starting in saturday n continuing thugh sund with highs in the teens and 20's ...similar
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an pperount wh his e s idndore snow and gusty wind saturday much niski weather stlyun and h in 20's buthat snes bk around saturdanight in sund .rememberou can always check the latest ski nditions on our website koaa dot com bayou brcos mania contues acss the country asans gear up to head out to the per wlhis weekend. we fou one ser fan icanon city... that's making his way to lifornia with 9 other mily memberfor the biga!! news fe's lena howland sat down with him today -- she joins usive in studio -- and lena this isn't his fst super bl? a n known as 'smitty' in canon city is leaving fohis fourth super bowl! th's right, he watched as won back-to-back in the 's with jn and hel be ere again to hopefully watch peyton manning and theeam.. do it again!! fl nat
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fly overhe smith household in canon city. into 80, 81, my son and i we ab to butwticketso we stted going the game, and so now i have seven seon ckets so a t t family goes! th 80-year-old super f has been a sean ticket holder r almost half of his life. go bronocos! so before the super bowl two years ago -- he bought ts smarcar in black and silve.. and as you know blk and silver, is sething like a raercar of cours n thrilled about the raiders cors, he it inted blue and onge right away and he d the vil stickers aa finishing touch. ve got peyton manning's number righhere, so we've made everything as good apossible for the brons with it and his oncos pride don't end er the fourth quarter the a-c champiship game --is fght and hotel to the ser bowl were already booked we hadn't itwothe game yet
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awful close tong i and ybe ki us go into ti smitty wilbe heading to california witne other family members thiiday -- equipped wh his lucky hat. unbelievable, i'm 80 years old and i've beeto aot of broncos games and some of the super bowls but this to me is just fantastic to be partf the he doe't have tickets to t game itself, but he's just rilled to be apartf the fa expece ain- confidt roos wl ke home the w. de'sense toughthat thevecored lot of points and had some good gam t we're going tothem wnnd manning'son be the big guy that day and he's gonna get 'er done! wel he much more about how our denver broncos are preparing for the super bowl with sports directorrant mch live in lifornia cominup tonight at 6:30. li in pulo, lena howland,
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days of snowfall... ceainly impacting the snowck in the high country. where it's at--andhat it means to all of us, next at 6. ana major health scare for thousandof pientin o state. we'll te y w a hpitais notifyg surgery patients t may have been exposed to
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,,,,,,,,,,,,, covering colorado tonight: a majohealth concern for about 29-hundred sgery patits at swedish medical center ienglewood. e spal says ey are notifying patients w've come throin the past fivmonthey need to be teor h-i-v and two strainof hepatitiss part of an invtigationnto a form surgal tech. a spokespeon for the state partment of health confirm an investigation iunderway involving e possible dersion drugs by that emploe who isn't beg named. the hospital is saying there's no evidence of patient exposure to the dangerous viruses, but they are being extremely cautious by aski for the testing e done. we'll continue to k this for you. withllhis sn... e avalanche danger igh in e mouns.. just learned snowmobiler was lled on wolf c pass..
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but managed to dig his way out. no names have been reased. xxx for that reason... thers alanche mitigation work going on right now. c-dot is using a howitzer from the army... usinit's l gun ttrigger slides along red mountn pass.. that's near ray and silverton. the pass had been closed since sunday n, is now back open. xxxxxx on the plus side... alisoie has been gre fothe overall snowpack. state meteorogis say colorado'snowpack has jumpedore than 1 perce above average. that great ns for our war supply this summer---bse when the snowpack mes this spring, the run-f fills many of the reservoirs all rel on. and rememb...some of our heaviennual snfall is in march and we could really bld on what we've already reed. good news for r force football fans... he coa troy calhoun ha signed a contract extension. details the dealater in sports. and a g reliefo ny in corado singsoday--as snow plows get into some untoucd areas. next at 30--holong it may
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our top night at six0.. big reliefoday for many pele in colorado springs as the city plows are now tackling resential streets. we found plows at work today--- but it's going to take a while to get everywhere. news 5's greg dingrando is is live in rockmmon with more on e process and how lo it's expected to take.
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city crewsave their work cutt for them.... they have 56- hundred lane miles to cover..and we're t talking about pushing around a few inches. some parts got up to 2 fee the streets divisionas t city broken downnto grs. crews ll be working nearly around the clock, plowing er street in a grid, then move on to the next one. don'expect it to be clearb to curb ough. trl onlydog one ss in, andne pas out.....and its still gointo ta them through the weekend to get done thing....that's geing some xed reons fromple arnd tow cathenungrangry with lackf plows so 47:29 -0 my responsibilitys to sidewal and my driveway... i take care of my resoibilty.... the city needs to keare of theiresponibility. sot: 43:11 that's kinda w it is and i don't think its worth
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e gridystethe ci has s up't me publ so s hard tonow a tck wl be llinthugh ighborho so u st b i toust bedyort... that means minyour carfrom the street and plowing in the right way so the plows don't ju push the snow back in front of your driveway again. greg dingrando, news 5. , enoughnowfall oftecaus some damage--whether snapping tree limbs under its weight or as we saw today a carport! this carport gave way and collapsed on several cars at an apartment compx ne union & acady. we're told the fire departnt used "aiba" lift the carpt up. e rson we spoke with says r ont bumperasamed
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those plows may be moving to lower priorityesidti areas... but found some still hardt workn the interstate tay a it was a big operation! weound about a dozen plows workg totherh the state patr to caass allanes of the highway this morni. is was as the operation moved past i5 and woodmen---they ke going through the nor end of town. xxxxxx school districts around our area clos today... bucrews that work on the cilities... didn't have the day off. they a hd at wor-ting to get the snow cleed! district 49 even rented a front enload. and it's been goinall day!! srted at falcon hig ho... and then mov tother schools. the district h to clear parking lots, walk..and acce rout and at falcon ementary th had tnnel through the snow... just to get the front entrance. " it wasrobably about three to four hours to remove all the sn andld little path. and then i start buiing a tunnel. our inalcon d peon... they've been dealing with drifts
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an5 feet high,ut d9 ha announced only a 2-hr dela for tomorrow. they'lmonicondions overnight to see if that need change. xxxx we're alsoracking progress in the ty's other big school rict's. d-11 and d-20 lle en tomorrow.. but they say if you don't feel it'safe to get your ild to school---call yourool' attendance offe we'rto ey wil excused. o -b se residential reets are still paed buses m be ruin late, or n able to go down rdsbad condn. also, the miami-yoder school distri is on a two hour dela morrow. we are kping an e all xxxx big snowtos like thee w this wk-an have a g impact owho relyothers for hel silver key senior services...which provides "meals on wheels" for senis... has alsoeen impacted by the storm. they've been closed the past two days last friday..,they delivered enoughd to last through monday... but today, they had to make a few emergency runs for seniors
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they plan to be back "on schedule" tomorrow. "we need today to st regup and t the food prepped for the next couple of days but everythi should be back normal for thursday and iday." silv key asks th you be aware of the eldlyeighbors in ycommuny. th say, beood nehb and eck onhem... u mievener to help ovel t sidewaland driveway. asompetitives sund's super boight be the field...,the battle on tv during the time ts could be as fierce. barger with a preview for us tonight... on this year's bat o superbowl commercial! == nats if last year's super bowl commercials pulled hetsings nathis yr's target the funny ne. sot charles taylor / pfessor, villanova university :10-13 "hor is by far, the mostsed proach in the super bowl ads" doritos once agains using knowns to deliver laughs... t sktles hop stapower hits the comedic set spo tseaon!" t s oper exec. edit, week21-2
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but when it falls flat, not so much." nats "can't barely stand on my feet" honda's dging its humor be withtherdvertisi stae. t james er / exec. itor, week :32-34 "kids d animals always sl really well." nats "becae died from ancciden in contrast to last year's cially conscis, b somber nationde ad sot mes cooper / exec. editor, adweek :39-44 "whi, really was one oth mostistoc flops in super bowl history" bueiser'yingriti wit from helen mren.... nats "r aiwas donad to scice, sciencwould rern it."o target drunk driving. nats "so stoit for s that do hit the laughter bullse, "check the walk-in closet" there's often shelf life beyond game day. ts "pi!" sot chleor / proor, villa university 1:00-04 "pe, on average, are mor e to sre aumorous socialia's w many of the ads nats "ppy birthday!" have already been teased nats "yoready? or premier in full....which carries risk. sot chars taylor / professor, villanova universi 13-1:17 "wheyou lose thelement of surprise for the ad, i think it limits the impacin the super bowl." buwith more 00 million consumers watcng sday... nats "y ce!" adverters hope the last laug is theirs.
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many celebrities are also a bigger part of ts ye's super bowl ads as well. at last count, 33 cebrities are appearing in game day ads. xxxx e billion people now ung the most popular messagi app in the wo we'll ll you what it is.. ah first, let's cck back in with mike in the weather ce. i'm mike daniels. i'll have yo extend first alerfive forect ne at
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,,,,,,,,, a okrom cameras ross lorado highs toy in the 20'and 30's. cuent tempertures and wind chills over southe colodo... wer maker, cold northwest flow again tomorrow. a we disturbce in thflow ll bring clouds and a few snow flakesate in t d into tomorrow night. most of the flurries will ay over t higher elevations. hour bhour, sunny and cold eatomorrow morning. oudsncrease late wh the warmest air ring the early afternn hours. a few flurries wildevelop late, mainly over the higher elevations lows tight in the singles and bew zero. highs tomorrow in the teens,0's and 30's. 7 day forecaor the springs, gh tomorrow . mostly cloudy friday with gh in the 30's.
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ll be saturday. y next week with a warmi trend. pueblo high tomorrow8. upper 30;s again friday. mucjarmer satu with sunshine. cooler and dry sunday. much wa airext we with high the 6s on wednesday canon city andoodland rk, flurries possible late tomorro er the higher elevations. another chilly day fday. warmer a saturday with sunshine. dry next week wi strong rming
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odews r air rce otball ns ... headoachroy caoun gned on fornotheath the faons. but first ... broncos runng back c-j anderson returnsomes to play in the bigst game of his career.
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native one on on... everody knows the broncos have a od def ... but it's going to take more that just stopping the panthers to win on sunday. denver's oense nds to show its strength as well ... and thategins bystabshing the run. news 5 sports director gra meech taed one-on-onwith t man leading that rush attack ... cj anderson. joins us live from san francisco with me. grant?
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run this ssobut it's been up and down so far... oncos ruing back cj anderson knows it'sot a perfectyste but he home this week, so wh res. nothing like going home... big game onot. woulbe going home this weekend if we were playing i the super bowlr not... the noheifornia native is back in old stomping grounds with his new team... but don't exct himo be ing to guide tweek. they prey much knoats on wherewant to . hey ask met em knower than that.. ats what it is.derson has been a main force in the broncos run gam.. combining with ronnie llman for 12 touchdowns. and yes... he as frustrated with the cons running game this se bute wont stress over . thats just fooyou gotta be patlot of t ane get r oprtunity to hur spots, weotta hit em and wow this sunday we are aying a stout defense and weave be patit d ther will be plays to me and
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to capitalize on those plays it seems like eryone has an inioabout e broncos match up on sunday. most no one is taking the broncos to win superowl 50 and e players e human - they hear all the wor. they d't like what they ar d if oer people can ve theiopinion - so can bronc wide receiver emmanu sanders out what he thinksill happen against the panthers. a lot of people said we were gonna lose andhen we l a loof pe said we were gonna n and th we lo - they dont know what eyre talking about they aust givi their opinion so heremy opion, osunday... thdenver broncos anre gonna face the carolina panthers two greateams th two gat quarteacks with two great defenses and and may the best
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the force acemy and coach tr calho have agreed ta one ye contract extensiough thyear 202 caouhas coachee falconfor the la nine seasons with a 650 overallecord. air force is also 35-29 in mountaint n that same span. calhoun led the falcons eight bowles, including school-recx in a row from 20 through 2012. which aur is discontinng a brand cars---30. co bell hopi f some
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we'll tell you aut their newmystiousew pmoon topping yo consumer watch: winter weather didn't stop ople from bung cars last month. suv's ad t way ovall sales matched last nuarys... e biggest winner of the "b-tee" auto makerwas fiat- chryer wh a nearly 7-percent increase. xxxxx however... not every car was iving off the lot. toyota h announced it'll
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afr ars poor sales.bennininugus 27 mol year scion vehicles will be rebadged as toyotas. but good news if youlready own one... toyota dealerships will continue to service scion vehicles. a messaging service called "what's app"as reached "one billion" active users... making it the st "used app" in the world. to put that in perspective... that's oneeventh of althe people on rt t youaven'teard of ... that's becausehe vast mari of its users are outside the u.s. 'wha app" was purchased by facebook in 2014, and can ke phone lls, sd text messas, share picturesndideo on any smartphone. st of usould not order food withouknowing what iis, t 's just what to bell wts u to d the fast foorestaurant has
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new mystery menu item. for .99 you can pre-ordethe on ta bell's websit.. en pick the mystery item at a taco bell restaunt thi saturday. taco bell plans to reveal the item in a 30 seconsuper bowl on nday a begin sling itn monday.
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the next h spot for marijuana tourism? tonight only on news five at ten... we'll show you "t ma" in trinidad---and heafrom tho whsay couldthe to. and the citent blds. ahead of sup bowl 50 as our denver broncos prepare to take on the panthers. wel tell you what state and ci lde are putting on the line.. betting leads from the carolinas...hopi for a b onwi th for joining us for 5 at.
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. hey, are you tryg get yourself lled? -(horn blares) -(crashes) (screaming)
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i can't stop my leg c y stop my leg? yes! - there it goes again -okay, great, dad. can you d your leg load the dishwasher as an encore? you never apiad my creative side. uh, i got two tix to the knicks-cavs thursday night. -take me.-no, i said it fst. sorry, boy a, it'a school night and i can't just take one you. pass. no, no... luxury boxes. ack! will watcht from my couc i am not interested till the playos. you are the only hum in new york who would pass up seei lebn in t garden. -ce onoys, let's get cleaned up. -what are you,heir mother? see, this is what a father who participates in his children's liv looks like. cell phone vibrates) -if you love h so , y don't you marry him?gohaker leg e. we caught a .okay, , it's iservice day, the boys don't have school.
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