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tv   Today  NBC  February 3, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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jackson. you might rememr him a a judge o factor," but is he a legendar music producer. >> a. reid >> a reallye guy. >> so nice. he dresses so -- zoog h is jus like like rfection. >> all ght. would you care for someords of wisdom? >> i'm rea, hodie. >> colin,namaste. >> namast >> close your eyes. you never knoow strong you are uil being strong is the only choice you ha. >> vorite i was hiing of your friend. >> thank you. yourfriend, ji, howtrong she s and we' talk about her in just a second. >> we lost aood friend where heed. we're going to talk about her. >> now, kimmel last night, there was tv doctor reunion. geoeclooney, who has been
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so nny. you guys remember he started in "e.r." e has a new movie called "hail ceasar >> bot of them showed u to save jimmy's life. let' take a ok. >>oh, my god, i'm dyin he is- i tell y what, he is crashing. his kidneys shutting down.>> organ failure. >> super ventricular tacchyrr thmi mia. >> youave t get him t rapper's delight. >> y remember wha theyaught usn tvedical hool. giveim t rapper's delight. hip-hop you don't stop rock it up- >> alive. >> see, tt would kill me, but ithim aliv >> rapper's delight. >> you knew the whole thing.
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hop d't spocking until bang bang boogie and up jump the boogie wh the rhythm of the boogety beat. guess what, america, we le yo >> i can't remember george cloone knows all twords. >> i c belie you do. >> that's one of the reasons love clooney. we thought people versus j. simpson was s tonight. >> it's on hulu though, so you can wch it. everyby who h seen , and know some people whoave seen the whole thing, sd it is incredible. the actins intens amanda, who is one of our tv critic loved it. we have one of the sces from last night's epise. ithod marcia clark listeni too.j. his firstnterview witlis. there? how did youet that injury? don't know. first time i w inchicago.
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and i was running around, and i broke a glass. yeah. then one of your guysust called. actually, cut it fore. maybe i opened it. >> that's >> well, i can't tell. did he c his hand in l angeles or in ago? how d h injure himself? wh did the cops tolerate it? >> he is the juice. he rushed more than 2,000 yards in one season. i hav no ideahatha mes, but, youno what, it shouldn't matt. g away witheating he is t gng to get away wh killing her. >> not so fast. that, ocourse, w sarah paulson, best kwn for "aricanorror story." >> tt was cuba gooding jr. playing o.j. >> thepide eed with j. ing into his bronco and drgwao avoid getting arrested. we all remembethat >> that's so -- yeah,his is really bringing a lf people back to that. >> a lot of u't want to go back. some of usere involved -- n in it, t, know, with some of the people. >> you guys re. >> anyway, you probably remember
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and when the verdict came down. something to look fwardto. do you know anybody wh a st talker, hoda? >> i talkast sometime >> we do. ihink they're tking aut -- da, da,, da,da. >> a newstudy. this i whe the falkers live, are y ready? ssacsetts, number three. minnesota, nber two. and the fastestalking state in e united es of america -- >> we don't need a drum ll. >> s,edo. >> oreg. >> why? >> colin doesn't agre y? >> minneta and oregon? come on. >> what do you mean come on n york has to beumber one. new york has to be numbe e. >>ow do youeasu something like ttanyway? the slowest talke - this is not surprising --outh carolina, louisiana and mississippi. louiana. >> they have a geility aut them down ere. there's a rf the southe citiest'souch bettersometimes, isn it?
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>> speakin of aweso, es who s on ain lasnit. >> i have notng to d wh th. cassid gifford was bac on e.t. hostinuper bl corage. it was nfl media day. here a littlit of her appearan. >> well, it was my vy first super bo mediaday. let me countown the crazy. there was a g in drs. sfwl know, we're from germ and in germany we s wey terviews her from foll if we look like you. >> there were puppets and i t really uerstand why there were pupps, nor did they speak english. what does this heooith the super bowl? >> i don't think s knew what she was getti into when s said where he to this. >> where i peyton maing? i would ve to interviewhim. >> leprechaunried t have fu with her. >> proposed t her. shead a great me. love coents today is nonly wine d weesday, b it's hump day
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commercial tt was just releasedand it fits right in this la. it's called ryvie. take ok. wt man, what a man, agh good man yes, he is what man, what a man, w a man, what my good man s i again now what man, what a man, a ty good man >> in my ce >> too aggressive. >> a car that dsn't get distraed. to emergency braking with pestrian detection. on t all newyund lantra. >> oh,yeah. little -- whatoes he do? anything. >> no, but h is cmunicating with me wh u? >> thatittle -- >> ad works. u are too funny. >> that was cu.
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makeover, and if you and your anther are sted, go to g & d hit the cnect button we wouldove to have you come on dow and b made ov baby. >> ah.>> you'll have to fill out a form and send says photo. fine. weo need y -- e a sty. st please, yougu. if you have an ipira story or an unevable story like the one we had last wee ere a young manound his biological mnd the h biological pents got married decades after ty gave up same website. i'm not going tsay it again. >> iust want t giv a qck tributeo a fend of e . thers autiful g nam ll brazinski-ly i went to theayn islands, and meter and her beautiful husbd bart in the lobby, and we were chattg andtalking. liked her s much. i thought she's so sweetnd so full of life,nd she was yog, in her 30
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remember iocked eye with her, dhought whym upere and why i't she uphere? id cay somethin ust met this rea cool girl. she's a bright light. she huch lifen her. she came upnd spoke. i k n abo her. she came up to poum, and is w years ago, and she said theocrs told me i have three nths to li, and she said but i want to tell you something. i have the bestnd in the rl stan bart. everyone ded. she sd i'm working hard to help other people, a shed i'mhe luckst wom ithe room. i looked ather, and she wa like you know wheou feel li- she was. >> s eded swroi. she s a beautifpe. >>he wasbeautiful. lrned yesterday that s ed awa yterday rning, and she left bind so many iends and people who led her. we h her on the show coup of tes. ths at she said back then. >> stay positive because to me ke it's the word fe. i have le today.
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proble thatills,ho wouldn't behakingheir fist atod sayg why me but not r. >> you just take every moment, and cherish it, an don't worry about e stuff tt you can't have. focus on wha you have. >> she justlives, and yougo, oh, i'l havehe's having. go, gi >> mom wten her facebook paghat her daughr ent the past six a half yes battlinger illness with grace, inatn, mor, and generosi she says oellyeanill be greatly missed by family and fries ashe's tched untless lives. everne has bn in awe of her beautyoth inse and out, a her mother, she w my bt friend,y coidan lov of my life. her light wl continue to shin o le and pye t her fami. okay. >> is he one n yo's finest. 're talking about colin quinn. >> what a segue. >> fin out why heolds t key to our happiness.
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seconds after carving, we not only severy ice,e double seal i thresults e mething to savor. llshire farm. because it's worth ing right. >> you mightw colin quinn best from h time behinhe anchor desk hosting "weekend update" on "s." >> you don't have betr picture? >> and more receny for playing ai whe ischumer'sad in la mm's blobust rain wreck." >> nowe has season two o his funny w seriesop s whi gives us a behind snes lo at the making of a fictional police dram >> okay. what iswron the scene needs someing. >> no, i don't think it does. >> what am i ing? >> y nee an obstacle ho about a cold?
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>> it won beisacting at all. >> this a task force. we're going to find him. >> y know, he doesn't rely -- >> i'm soy. t do you have cold? >> cut, c. ene. don'tprov o of what h is g. >> l like fun. hello, colin. whyouback? >>hi ladies >> season two is cominup. >> you gotnewed. >> ah. it'rettes >> ah. >> are you freer o t we cayo do whatever th hk y wa? >> yeah >> no one you wt t do? no one tls y wodo. ally >>ot ailliinions. >> who opiniso yo car t? >>mi. . we're big. yeah.we're tit. yeah y get cebs to come on web. that a b . you get jey sefeld. >> they don't have to er r. how do youethese gs t join you o theshow? >> eachne praty, and is e of tho tng where y ask op, andhen ty say no.
10:15 am
do you really underand >>no. ion't either.>> i'm sing irick themo th thehi tim the fl d.>> howou you g us be o your show? >> wld tellyou, y, we're oongt month.>> , we can't. can' >> then aonth fromow -- a monthro now i tl you we're shoongagain. >> no, youave that lunch.reer >> t thi time i i hat keepskingyo but we'll sht in the stu rht aft your show at takes 20 minutes, which it takes tee hours, but you say 20 minutes, and then -- people d it? >>,hedo. theye >> you g jryeinfel to it. >>e anderryre tight. >> basically y call you frnds. let'se hone. >> calln favors. >> a right. wh elseou wking on? >>t's not enou? i'm herromote
10:16 am
ory. i have a couplof irons i the fire. hat mns n. you got ing. >> i g plenty. iot nhi tangible, no. soou have handcuffs to your ndor a reason. >> most peoe do, hoda. >> you are. all gh we're going to do someing. >> we're going to aer commerci. we'rgoing ta a break. him. >> with the handcfs. we're going to play a game of charadesith those. handcuffs and lilliana other rantic valentine's day wrdz. we'll be right back. that's a neac new active dlyoisturizer brighte pack wvimin c, e and active lha. it does mo oiste,
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,,,, oh. >> we' back with the star of "cs show" colin quinn. is going toet us hacued. >> the only way he is going to give us the key is if kathie and i can actut- >> it. is this t right >> it won't shut. >> no, you got toohat one. it's better. >> you h to do -- exacy. >> i need it -- >>unny thing. >> here we go. >> youe going to be sorry. here's what'soing to ppen. colinasot in that hat there are five cop ows. okay?we are going to guess them, and we'r g tctt out together. we're going to play chades with yookay? >> do you whatever youwant.
10:21 am
okay. ready? wah. okay ok. >> ll, pull, pull. >> okay. >> you can't talk. >> oka >> h d you say rhysth? >> how do you say rhyswith? >> you cannot talk. >> dragnet. >> that was horrle. >> okay. we got it. ay. wait. no. >> this is not working. >> hi five-0. >> i'm sorry. you have too much stuff there. i'msorry. >> okay. . >>oh. nypdue >> oh, yea >> the dge. >>warm. >> the iron badge. the badge on the chest. the breas --he bae. theshield. the shield. >> ye >>his is so exciting.>> like when hoda keeps talking. you're n allowed.
10:22 am
>> oh, please. >> how is this ever goingo happen >> pd bl. dagger. the stab. gun. knif knife. blade. e 2. >> oh, lord. >> never. never. first word. suicide. kill. kill shoot. kill. oh! go tohe next e. roore are no more. >> yes, there is. >> stop talking. okay. oh, this is -- >> oh >> t arch. e march. nypd ue. >> no. >> three words. >> is it three otw >> blue bloo. >> i think that might be one word. >> blue blood. >> that word is --
10:23 am
>> trainwreck. hill streetblue >> this was theorst idea ever. >> widn' we justo law and order? >> you were wrong. >> the problem w -- >> what wa the probm? >> i don't think thereas a problem. it sound like a gooddea when i heard it. i'll b honest. , sounds good. >> at the time. >> we love yo colin. u come to play, baby. >> miami vice. >> cop show on - >> t are hard. >> ow. gett rdy for a big footbal weekend with a game owho knew, but, first, local news. to shut evybelse u about me quiing smokg. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it w going to really hpen. after one week of chti i knew cld quit. along with support, chanx (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reducey urge to smoke. someeople had changes in havior, thinking or mood, hostility, agation, pressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while takingr after stopping chantix. some had seizuwhile taking chantix.
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, > i it'sines daydnesy, an we'reeady to play "who knew," and since the super bowl his nday, w thought it woulbe fun to tes your knowledg the bigme.hoda is aoss the stree at the shop at 30 ready to hd t $100 to anybody who gets the quesons rit, for t that you gng t get
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here with me is nbc sports chor dave gshey,av te you. >> great to see you. great to be here. >> y the first eson >> i'm's your name? >>cindy. >> where are youfrom? >> connecticut. >> i don'tnow if you canee our n di 's a who new world. clud super bowl what sporting evead most tv viewers ithe united stat? exclusd super wl. is it the oly women's figure sking, nbafi orascar rint c cup series? >> the nascar sprin club series. zzer ] >> wait,wait, wait. yeah. everything is relative. >> we love nascar on c, but, no,t is figureskating. 1994. hard to believe it was fr hours tape delayed. top five most watchedroams in sports history.
10:27 am
schedule. seveweekfter t aack she came ba wonhe silveda awesome moment. >> you know, is dorhy ll childhood hevery day. i lo -- i know. >> w your na >> dnewalker.loo wre a you from >> wa. , youare. all right. here we . is team has theoser bo cmpionships in its frchhistory. ist t new england patriots, thisco 49ers, or pittsburgh steelers? >> pittsburgh steele bell ]>> ys! got yo00. >> knew thatone. no. i would have said t patwrots. i didn' kw that. >>atriots have won four sce 2001, buthe steels have won x of the eight they've pyed in. they w four in six-yearpan in the 1970s. two tms in this super , pans havon a super bowl the broncos have won two. >> yeah.i'm happy forhe panthers a
10:28 am
>> oy 20 y old, so it's st - >> yeah. >> i new. yes. >> okay. all hode. >> what is your name? >>mikaa.>> where are you >> columbia. >> is brand super bowl ad reived theighest rating the usa today ad meter viewe poll. doritos, dweiser, or fiat? >>oh goness. wa i fiat? s it? oh,wa. yeah! everybody wants her book. it wanot fiat. the king of beerss theing of super bowl ads. dweiser won for the thi ht year. 13 of the last 16 years with eir lost dog ad. >> that was my favorite ever. they're not doing animalsgain. >> it's a tea jerker. they had the lost puppy who found his way home. >> ahe horse was so ppy. >>yes. e horsame to his defen because t wolvesurrounde him, and they wald him back to
10:29 am
tearjerker >>t was a perct commerci >> it areat ad. >> leto backo areat woman. >>e see a uple of them. look wt's in the window, kath. look at this place. it's filled with us. all right. what's your name? >> kierly >> wre a yfrom >> spane, shinon >>okanre w . the vce lombardi trophy is made b wt jelrycoany? kay jewellers, red, o tian >>ffany. [ ding >> okay. >> all right, hoda. thk u,everybody. ffany, ye. o tiffans made every super bowl troy when it was called the world fooal champnshi op, renamed lombai trhy in1970 ter, of course th late great packe vince loard where i. isevenpoin, 22 and a half inches of sterlg si >> i'veeen . yeah >> it's a beau. have you held it up? >> maybe.
10:30 am
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mau mau have i a powerball ticket i your walt hopin t win the jackpot. >> even if you don't, you probably dreed about what you do with theney, even if you ever won. >> if your dream includes a big beautiful home, we'llhow you howo create a luxurious space on a sll budget with m lotty dream home host dad bromstad. >>hat a fun show for you to host. >> so fun. t to be a part of on really unique live they win million a millions of dolls. >> man of them come from very humble beginnings,right? all of them.
10:34 am
andheo see thr different hos, right? you aoing to describe them to usan we're going to try tore o which one they chos>> correct. >> are wink at what th camfrom. >> whatever you want. >>his is wthey ca. it wasumbl beginnings. probably20quare feet. they raise five childrentherodor insane. andhey won$180 miion. >> here's the first home that they checked t. it cald the b crestranc ll usbout this one. beautiful. itas set on a hilltop. it was absolut gorgeous. had a complete araan rah. it had, li, msmounts of acage. wasstunning. i mean, from top to bottom had everythg tt they needednd wanted. itas eous. >> howir ds, by the are they grown? i'll telyou a storabout one thin >>he house of renity ishe second home
10:35 am
it was comply inined. it w clor toa.,o isa litte expensiv but s absutely eous. it had wing ititerally had, like,wi >> what do you mean >>ou walknnd it li --he easting andest wing and south ng. >> ok. >> and lastly, there'sometng ed the eag's crest. >> eagle's crest. >> bet it has areat view. this was onopf mountain, and thisiterally me wit a snow plow. >> ist a movie theater? has a movietheater. >> what? >> had a workout room. it litally was like a lodg literall a lodge. i bet i k which onehey picked. which one would you oose? >> if i were them oh, which one would i hoos? which do you think th ch >> thi the chose serenity, the second one. >>econd e. okay would havhosen the first one or the third one.
10:36 am
have osen?>> i don knohe people, hoda. >> you are all by yourself. >> alone. >> the first two housert5o $3.5 mon the second hse$5 lln. wch o d tyhoosin. >> eagle's crest. >> the lasone. the last one. $5 million. it w amazing. literally -- >> ty'll be happythere. >> how c how cane do that for our owmirable little ve >> all right. we don't hav miserle ves, but -- >> i do. >> you're right. >> a great w todd an expensiveook to a roo i- i it. >> secos. go. you take ath smalliece of lding,nd youaint the drywall in betwn, and it looks like you'reoing to have vy expeiv vaufu hat dido forse ros? >>e too twofofurs a sedtgeer ta i t yr lalryclner. createshiselio- .
10:37 am
>> what did do you th thirug wnere? >> tse are actually o gs t geer. y can't buy one g,hy ttwo, ree, oour and rpet tape duc tape. >> wow, david. >>avyou some nice artworkn the back. >>rinted frothe iert. easy. yoca is gil. you can fd outore about all that sff on my lottery dream home frida nightn hgtv. loo l forvantine' and his gift is discoring new le. th man behind the music, l.a. re. he shas somories. >> it's big,y. >> after this. l at b and i wa d i waworried about int damage. myoctoidjot pain frora can be a sign ofxig joindamage th could oy geworse. he prescribed enel toelp relie in and lp stop furtr damage. enbrel may ler your ability fightnfections.
10:38 am
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with that amop\ coiden shon!thon naitemfromp\. find it in the footcare e. is > is he the man behinde the bigge names in music a me of the most popular songs ever recorded. >> we are lking, of course, abt l.a.reid. >> we love him. >> he has wked th the who's who of tale. michaejackson, whitney
10:42 am
just to name a fe >> l.a. is having quite the er, and he wtesll aut it inis newoogo , my story of making music, finding magic, and searching for o is ne." >> t titles as long as the bo. >> tt wa eat, by thwa >> hod aothouhis bo to faasti rely ining. everythingou promi on that cor. you deliver ithis book ev foreople n in th music buness. >> thihen yiste to e neste we tngabt, jenfe z,ihna, miael ckn, jayz, mariah ca the all have ahread th runs throu th. a silar thad at threa - >> what is it? tellme it's l.a.reid. >>ohome iwish. it is yo ere'sometng aut it wh youeaa ng, do you ink at's ahi tt' a t, that's hit?
10:43 am
ihink of myself as - y are going t think i'meay az yo c m open, youno what you'll fd? a 16-yr-d kid. that's likee. >> that'sha mauteay ouhoda.eusalas of a -yea 16-year-old rl >> >>. >> you have worked witso many eats. on tm whitney to you ao talk about what you say was onemissp, andhawa ving herit dow withiane sawy during that crack is whack. >> dia sawyer is incredib, and think she did an incredible job. e selant. she s sensitive. i didn' knoha whitney hadso sues. i jt didtknow. >>er y notndingnough time with her? yoweren't hearinghe stori?
10:44 am
opleersolli it wasn't your place. you're an tist. you'ryinto rabilate r image. >>hen that wa coming outf he h,e y theur thinteiew? >>asatchg i on camera tmonitor. >> wt dou thin >> my mou opped. i couldnelieveit. , m god. she didot s at. thelt that iailed her becaus i rllyug i pla torote heright, ando protectllarstnd no jus expose them, you ow? i wt t sell thehiny packe.>>righ d wanbo to tnk that is pired. orxpit your ownti. >> tt's noty thg. >> michael jackson was one of yours, and y desibe going to neverland, and there were a couple o ieresng stors. one was i didn't realize that miael jackson an prie had a riy. ulyouescre y w inhere ->> in the1980icel jacon an prince wer pop -- auably
10:45 am
it w hd to beatth. i didn't realizehat thereas any valry, i'mot sure that it was a rivalry as much as was michael hav f moment. >>o the momen was -- nd the ment s, youow, there's a famou video on yoube jam brown show, and miael was on stage wh james brow and knewrinc was in thedience,nd he iited ince ,and, yow, i wasn't - iove prince. hes absoluty my favorite arst theworl right,ut itasn' his gates michae gom chule out of it. >> hwaigglgut it. yo heard all about ttss men trainer, a you kw that wasone. we love -- we wa more >> you kno wlse weve? ouroug morris.>> don't we love doug morris. shout- t doug. if are you interested at all in music ort in human nature, thi a booo re. l.a., tha ymuch. i you guys. thank you. >> next time i come, i want
10:46 am
yes, indeed. >> don't say it. he wants mystuf >> want your uff.i want your secret sauce. >> wht be able to s if jerry can get you a bottle. bestith thebook. we love you. i wouldayhe title, but it's o la. >> valentine's gifts with a lot of hrt
10:47 am
nbc. her we go. want the what we'r liening to >> yes, what isit? >> wo that's such a odong. >> socu. iove. >>oveev fa
10:48 am
lents ft. this a heart headphone splitt. >> that perfect found el. >> from if yout toive a f personalized gif the arere engrafed with a personal messa that say always onyheart. musnd usthem f did ttll theti. loved th. here reallcute from youon have boyfriend, u cuyne more $9. u c ctomize m. u a bnde guuy withglas andou c put - he canng you flors or bri you chocolate. tt'spathetic i'llake it. >>nly $9. and this a funif for yrdaht oresfrnd es aphe cesro sknypl
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icke. i did xo o y could do your initials >> v. >>'s taboupas. th are kisprt pa jamjas anlet' anlet's talk aut this. this is also om personal rsalizion th candle, you can busit and en you pou it over your partner. lite massage.
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>> hee alae] >>nnou: t on rel y. >> rachael! >> rachael: you'reot sunny andeon >> im sunny anrson. >> annocer:ouble the fu double the reci. okay, okay. >> announcer: easy skillet chicke ros over into chil
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>> announcer: then, game o wh kywhitley. >> racha ray! shekesr day. >> anunce now, are you ready forachael! [cheers applause] rachael:i, everody. [cersnd alaus >>acha hi. i'mo excitedtoy, my first t o of our favorites, a real-life girlfriend ofne. she has a hugeit show, she's part of the food networ my home away from home. you guys know herrom "the kitchen, it'sunnyderson. [cheers a applae] >>achael: i don't know i y have ever se sny on our show or watched the"the kitch"," but thats not sun anderson.>>ell --
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