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tv   News 5 at Noon  NBC  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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let's you caught up on y cast. firsaler5 meteorologist jessicn metelive in the weather center. e the heavy snow has ended for st, it has certainly left behind a lotsues. we've had reports of over a ot of snow for areain and arod colorado sprgs. it'll take time for the roads to be plowed and for yone to diout. ros are stilsnow ced in many areas today andide and ckds will likely be probletic for days to come. it another good day to stay inside and sy fe. snow coverage and inteity ha improv gatly.
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continue to be strong, especily easof i-25. these winds will stastng through this evening causing moresss with low visibility, blowing sn, and ifng snow. the shovels aren't done workg yet! tperatures won't get above freezing today andhe winds will give windchis the tes and si dits. en. stl a ve cold night with lo in e sing ds. ld ctinues wednesday, agai not getting above freezing. so afteron sw will develop in theountains, but th'll have head ti reaching the lower elevions. thay will be a brighter day with highs finally getting above freezing before our ne chance for snrrives frida affic goev tgh on i-25 is morni when a box uc
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near gden the gs road. e force of thesh-- s strot bre through cable serang the nor and southbound lanes nod on injbu is a distraion-while ir the damage. in puebl-- ice ie word of thday. was a messy mmu for people who had to hit the s. this is a look at the interstion of elizabeth and highway 50. veral of our viewers reported an icy drive along hay 50... from pueblo west-- to eastn pueblo county. even tugthplt- ny side streets are still in bad ndition.rly monday nig- city crews rly monday night -- city crews tookdvantage when the ow sn'talli as much... by re- treatg theiprimary roes! workers spenthei shift spreading salt... sand and dicing miure. they were also able to monitor tre spotke northern enue neaprairie and inclines like the one on santa fe. we really pt the guys out therthwholme, patrolling
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improve the roadway conditio. ink at really thbest we can do, ands worked out ll for us right now. plows are only running on seven routeshrought the city.use caution iyou'reheadg out. back to the springs... c-dot city street crews the snow... this morng... plows ntinue to hiprimary rout. even thoh there ar40 plows running 24 hours... the city knows pele are frustted. th're aski dverso be paent and stay o the roads at l ssib. also... a minder ty wot t to the side streets uilhenow stops and all pry an secondary routes arele. unta met transit annoued th mornihat s service is suspended icorado spngs for the day. th..
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shut dowroutes 4-and-a-half hours early! conditions at the downtown bus terminal were treachous all day long.. alough bus are eipd with chains, at least seven got stk in a 9nute sn in the ternn. despite snow... the colorado springs airport... is working to keepunways operating! asf righnow ere's delaysr ncellations is morng. and yesterday at the springs airport... the onlyancellations were to and fr denver! pls spent thday clring ruay afr the snow is sweeped aw.. another uck spreads top the lihecals to lp t sno lt! osbout0-thou dolls fojust one pass!!! but the airport says that's what keeps runways open and allows
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denver international airport shed this vio on twitter-- on how its crews keep operations goingather like this take a look-- this is new,ime psvideo-- you can see plows another uipment clring snoom theaxiway near 500lights--r a third ofhe airports trafc -- were nceledesterday dueo e stm. today and night... the salvation army's warming sheltein downtowcolorado springs will remain open. it's been opatinaround the clock for the pa two days helpg the homeless. shelter managers sayhey added room fornother 38 people to come iand get warm, but not nearily eep at the shelter... that puts them at st ove200 spacesvail. humans aren't the only os who suff from the cold... these winter storms can alsoe fe- threatening to livestock on the plains. 8-years ago... a blizza kild thousands cattle near launta. but rancherse spoke with--say they aren't concerned about a disaster likthat rht
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because this is the timef year when they planor winter stms. anarbetter prepared to protect their imals. our election w016 coverage moves to new hamhire toy afr a nailiter in iowa last nht. republicans had a winnerot lo aft the causes ded - but mos had toait ll morng. tr pts tls us,n so ecincts it tk a in flip to decide. nats: rubio greeting supports the candidates on the ound in w hampshire... campaigning furiously llowin last night ia ucuses on the democratic side ror thin finish. hillary clinton edging bernie sanders. s/ hilla clinton/ d presidential candida :14 - :19 "as stand here tight breathing a big sigh of relief - thank you iowa!" after counting night... clinton was clar the "apparenwinn" byhe rrowt of marns... less than lf aerntage point. ts: sanders "iowa, thank y!' be sandersad this reaction right after he landed in new hampshire:
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presidential cdite :36 - :44 "we look forward to doing well here in new hampshire and after that we're off to nevada and then south colina ere i think we're gonna surprise a whole lot of people just as we did in iowa." ted cruz, oting the bible, claiming the bigge victory ever in iowa caucus history s/ ted cruz/ r presidential candidate :52 - 01 "tonht iowa has proclaimed to the world that mning is ming. morning is coming!" donald truanded in secd plac barelyad of o bio s/ donald um r 1:11 "we'll go on to easily beat hilly or bernie or whoever the hell ty throw up there." rubio - a close number three - here 18 "so this is the mont thesa would nevehappen!" all the ndidates pledging attle out in newampshi, and beyond. new mpshire is a primary sta .. the dynamics, the polling very differere already .. but there were lessons learned here in iowa tt ese candidates can take to new mpshire .. one them ..
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it wasn'a record but it was stro here lastight from iowi'm trac pot. nbc ws. some broncos plars say they're a bit sore this mornin after their buses were iolve in a crash oa bay ar freeway. a driv apparentlstopd in the middle of the freeway when theeas police escort pulled up behind her... crash. a highway patrol off suffed mor injuries.noerious iies for th players. one family has created a snowy version of their favore football player! the casey family in grand jution built 12 fo snowman with brons quarterbk yton manning's nuers painted on the front. it took them more than 6ours to cate the stpiece! the real manning is ly six-foot- five, les in comparison to this sw
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coming up -- bi cosby is back in cour toy --we're taking aloser okt the charges he faces. but fit your extended foreca wi meorolost ssica n te. jessica? while thheavy snow hasnded for mostit h certainly left behind a lf ises.
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of snow for whe thavsnow hnd for , it hastainly left behind a lot of issues. we've had port over a foot of snow foareas in and around lorado sprgs. 'll ta te for the roads to be plowednd f everyone to dig out. roads are still snow covered in many areas today and side and back roads wl likely be probletic for days to come. it's another good day stay inside and stay safe. snow coveragd intensity has improved greatly. we'll only he a fescattered owers today with maybe 1 additional accumatn. winds picked up overnight and continue to be strong, especially east of i-25. these wis wi stastro throh th evening causing re issues with low visibility,
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yet! temperares won't t
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cosby isin pennsylva courtroom toda y's attorneys are trying to get sexual assault charges against m rown. ris poone explains why. --- reporter le lead --- lawyers for bill cosby say ten aghe district attorney promised not to psecute the codif he t se againstim. --- insert pkg-- entertainment on bilcoy. in court in a philadelphia suburbfacing sexual assault charges which could put him in pris for a decade. tuesday's hearing: a pivotal ment in the case ainst the 78- year old. aleyes are on former montgomery county district attoeyruce castor. he told prosecutors last year he made a pmise to cosby a cade ago. he would not prosecute, if cosby testified in a civil lawsuit. cosby did, and settled that lawsuit in 2006. sound bruce castor /form montgomery cnty d.a. :27-:35 "i rember thinking
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something inapproprie. but thinng that d beinable torovet are o differt things." the current dist attney ys there no evidence such an agreemener exied. coy is crged wh three countsf aggraved sexl asult stemming from a 2004 enter withr temple university basketbem constand. constand contends in 2004 drugged her an assaulher. cosby ss the montmery county's newly elected district attney, kevin stee deced tfile chaes lastear afr a judgunaled transcripts of cosby posionn that civil suit. in theeposition,mong other things, cosby admitted he gave constand pills and wine that night. sound bi brennan - attorney, legaanalys1:10-1:19 "it doesn't get y better than having the district attorney at the time s i made thiseal and it should be hored. that's as a powerful ait gets" now a judge will decide if cosby's own words can be used against him. chris pollonbcews, rristown, pennsylvania.
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arning to i is hard for anyone... bufor kids with disabilities... it can espiay difficult. buw adapti skis armaking easier r these kids to hit the slopes. "ashley bishop" has more. --- pkg --- nats "we're going skiing!" hayle and skylarre bh fifth grader.. they areeyond exted to hit the slop with their friends. e two girls are disabled and get to participate wh a speciaadtive ski. parents of cldren with disabiti s this a ecial outing because tdon't always get to go. sot: liza gion, skyl's mother "they get leftehd ite a t,t better now thawhat i used toe for sure" craig dummer is volunteewith hope inc. heoe't have any il participatin tie or that are disaed... but took the day off fr his job so hayle and skylar could come. sot: craig dmer,ope in volunteer haa grrty ke t dayff, 's fst
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lot energy and excitement, so i wahappy to come out and help" the adaptive ski costs rougy out $4,000 and weis about pou dummer along witother vot be trained to e it. the vontrohespeed eerski. er stakingff w wel worth the experice. sot: craig dummer, hope inc lueer "seeing the smiling faces of the kids coming down and hearing their favote parf 's comi dn e hi othe ride up the chair lift" mother la says the volunteer e angels andappy her daughter cou have normalcy. so liza gion, skylar's mother "to sethe looks in their eyes when they come down the hill, it's reay priceless and there really are no words" nats reporter: "how hap are you to be here with your class?" hayle: "so happy" n't go away.. we've got one last check of your
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bere we go -- we have to s you this vid of this t-rex blowing snow icolood sprgs
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clningerriveway in a t- rex costume.. we've posted it on ouracebook pa and it has gone viral!! you can watch the full video there wean getnough of i anksor speing paf your afrnoon with us. for continuous news upteal we c't get enough of it!
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etr you're big or al young or old,
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