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tv   Today  NBC  February 2, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, to winter o winter ornot.
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guyset dress u i those hats.let's b honest. eyive for th. >>hi did n -- >>hil has the personali a slug on thesidewalk. look at his teeth. >> h nds brac. he isit of aver. he >>e d not e his show? >> whi means what? spri is on the way? >>well, sprin isn t way no matt at >> he is alwayswrong. t alys eationalceanic and atspc admintratio ps his abbgre as whe is like theolls in ia. ki kiing. >> w. >>hat the gnews >> it' also tional tateot y. >> theseter tots cam from the melt shop. shock tops aprinkledith esannd parsley. sytops d weven need scbe ws ppeng?
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>> with eese. i thought y said they didn he y. >> i didn't tte bit o ch in is. are u re? >>ou t meo hav one,nd i did. >> have anot i'm j kidding.>> t lde haha peen wroe, parsle an -- d -- >> i'm sorry. i would have never -- >> i'm s il be fine. jmy kimme an ongo thing. diffent ppleee dientl about. it calie- it's mn but funn th ask peoe o thetree quesonsbout theewsf e da >> i wt to go o rordaying i hate tse kind things youon'tk ton o lady stblg up an eslator. >> yesterday on the day of the iowacuse pe were asked if theyvote>> but twere in carnia, rit? >> allegedl >>ay
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have you been able to get out and vot yet? >> ye i have. >> whe did you te? >>oted at an old elementary sool by my hoe. >> have you been able t g outand te? >> i absolutel have. hoywood. >> how were t lines today? >> n d. were thepl at th >> very ni. veryce. >> did theyfferookies or ice? the di ey offer coffee and a donut. >> how was the coee? >> i dn't have it, buit w ce that it w offered. >> is there anythinghat you have said t people that dn' te today? think you guyd t yocaboesut thend g te here's thin are watchind you dw i 's kno i been setup. you can't biehey keep going on and on. there was no prima going on there. the thing is, here' where hoda
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natial foo of thselves. >> they feel bad ifhen't te. none enno wes on the caucusnt yeerday. they haveoig relea to allheir -- so ty are ok wh it. >> thas presseton you imagine tv cre cin to you, hey, will you sign th? okay. u kn, i don thi pple e- think pe justign things. i kw i. i'm aplr, ? >> m they shouldn't. >> dow what iohateople ask me to . >> i know that there were no women there. t weld >> big news. theylwaysalk about how upiden e. women drivers. big ns wh t hks to e is oiciallama's mo bedcebrity. yeah. st we're' wi,ho w ao love denzel washgtonnd -- >>ols this? m hanks was also -- >> a harrisll >> harrispo.
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most of them aren't s good. >> whais youavoriteom hank mo i lov "big i lig." >> "sleepless in seattle." that was the other -- w it sleepls in seattle. i thought he wa amang in "phidelphia. you and i loved him"bridge of spies." >> some of theerre john yne, harriso rd san llock,en fer wrence, clint stwood. some guys are in the. jo wayne andli stwo. bradt a juliarts. >> ifou werot wahing, at wasoing on inio, you were probably watchin he chelor." amandaere tell us what haened. >> thr hou o gdness lastnight. th hours of"the bachel." >> ben continues his que f love, d it srtedith this girl, amandawra. >> te. >> bens going to takeer o on a hot air blo ri. sheaso wake up earl
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morning. she lives in the hotel with all th other girls, so take look at how the morni went >> ay. >>ood moing. oh, my god! >> what? what? >> i wanted tcome say . >> look so bad. >>hose wve is th? >> not mine. >> i don want himo smell my dragon breath, bs is me. is theuyt i am coetingith 11 other women for his heaaw me this morng. >> y, amanda w got date to go on. good morng. >> gmorning. hi. >>a wok up liked notcool. all right. , she d. >>heotally had makeup. >> sas rey. >> she's like a disney inss.
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it stardust. want a breath mint? >>e knew he going t d it he got to get up,rush histeet do his hair. >> i felt sorry for the girl th the retainer okay, ever. >> jubilee was really th of the show last nit. n likeder fro the get-go.she's startin t become very alous, and iteeik s tsalous, a then s gs mean >> that's what usual happens. >> wtonot to t girls. to ben. she' playing hd to ge that blew up in face lt ght. >> not used toeing overshadowed. gonit, i felt reald about everything but now i jteally disappointed in his thoughts. julee, can we talk? >> >>awkwd. >> did you hear what she id? >> she's, like, l's not hd hands.
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like, this about you and i ghnow,nd i just want to gr your hand, jubilee, and wa you upstrs, a you're, like, no, ,no. you pull away me. how is thatse to make me feel when i try to grab hand in front of a group, a itulle away? tnk i think is bt if tig w say goodye. i wld have loved him unconditionay. >> she wal sadly into a cab like bawling. they're in mexico he goes into a corner a cried. ght? man up. everyone is drunk. >> he is crying in a corner. no he has to go back upairs to go back on the dateit all these girls, and i'm a home ing how is this going to recover? he is hearroken. >> oh,es not,amanda. >>e isying.
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was fine. >> tig i hado say go. >>s it oka if i say f one cond? i'm sorry. you h theuation like th w such respe a grace. >> i'm done breaking up with peoplefter this. >> >> yeah he is not broke hearted. >> you can tel how hurt hwa >> wn you watchhisnews whern thorld wou ever want to love him unconditionally for the rest of yourlife? >> yeah maybe. h dsn'tee what' happeng behind the scenes. thisnds o a le hange wh olivia ande've beetalking out her for a il
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the show last nigh was a to be continued. e girls td benhathe bullyi evybod and stard t belve it, s next week we find out if she's still on thehow o no >> wt doou think?>> i think she's still goi to be around f at leas onemore. >> iho. >>ft's working in the tings, you got to keehe >>anhat was -- i l theact tt she lieves ahis stf. it's but it' adorable. what that mes. a little spanky spanky. >> lou manfradini has a solution to all thoseoyg little
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ask ur doctor hantix ight for you. >> if >> if you with a pesk whe i problem aroun the house,on't call aandy man. u whan to do. ask lou. lou manfradini, he a name th rhymes with kelsey ballerini >> i like that. do you like it? >> casf. >> today the hos of se art" and od"ontribor is dng something diffent. he hasht aut solutions to a probl hhas asked about the most. lt noodle of two. these atems that get stoent hat are new at i think ll be really helpfu inting touch up is always a pr this gan invente mething callethe m pai sink.
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youave t tupyou go to ope them up and takak t us this is littl j thaput thextra paint t you have that has a brushlrea in it, and n whatever colorou have, y keep in ther neve hav toash tbrush. you ally thiou the t. you ne,ut it , and youap i off. >> that's so sm >>t comes empty. youill up and -- >> with thild can of paint. recycle it. >> that'ingenius. >> h startboutng a n jar to i obj vent it it's, li $15. a you a profeio painr and you do a lot o uch-ups, this is rlly -- >> how abooap that sin one ofhese trays gets sloppy. >> thiisy favoring. the soapner. have onef the. we use dov soap. i know u can see my sk, h ni it . it's veryli whent' in a soap dish it dripsff io the sink, and yo have to keepou sinkean. dsn get that soapy residue. if youan showhis one he
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if you put it on thecoter, the chromeeflects off ofhe p and iind of bnd in it m mostavit thin i' telliyou, it'sam chanrnour vanity. ro how doest stick? >> you just st on u know? >> the's atleepit to with t it. i wasexcite lou, i le . >> this is the nor ow. here you he the swn neyo, b a of areas whhias fir st te w about 9.this islo tha you pus behind andan youhangthe angle as youush the snow.they have aittle video on ts thing. when i fst saw it i w th four incs o sn-lik powder yogen . veomhomemrips in my shoes and il do the drivewalickety-sp they make a 4foot. shoveling sn
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does it st? >> $0 fofoot. >> you cang i up. yes, hang it up.this is a coupl of electcal items i li gudianangel,ou he chen, worri abohem sticng thisthe ouets. u s t on ove t et if seoneouch, iturns e per off for fivseconds. oh, wow. then you plug it bac in. any time a child isr it o ug in acuu ea for nds, i tff and back on. $20. >> goto buy a lot of them. >> if you have newer home, of the eleril s, there are actually outls in there ttamperoof. you may hav ose. th is coolalle snap power. it's an outlet coverhat has built- l.e. nightight in it >> at? >>t night,hen the light goes f, it casts lign there. counter ps,haways. >> ntasc.
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>>o smart. >> people n't fa ith midd oe ni the it rks, you have th right herha goes er -ll you have too i pew thven mne w a usb charger. >> love . >>fiy, the sweec. mount thisnder theitchen net dick i withr toacuum clr. >>ucks in the - what? wait, where is it it's underourcabinet. your kitchen floor i a u go with your toe kick it.there's a lik that like vacuum eane swetu into e ea. >>icktithourtoe, sweep itin $189. >> you don't nd a dust pan? >> justhebroom. >> dyou have a dus pan? >>no >>ere you go. it's for you. take that home. e love u, lou. >> i'll be over to install it. i'll bring my w. e it all.
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we' we' back onhe booze d spankytuesday. fore the b wesked this quon.
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the answer a ruler. >>e thought maybe is rur -- o a bed. >> bed has a foot too. >>ot dog. a foot-long hot dog. but a bed has foot, but no legs i it's on the ground. min doesn't he legs ne s right -- the nothing under. like it' right on the -- anyway, if you want to get a l up on your look this nter, you don't need to blow your budget on a brandewutfit. >> sometimes youeed is one item to ma a stent. here is bttany levi. britny came. >>hi. >> sometimes we he sff in our closet, and you thi i dont t wr thatecse we don't know what we can with ght? >> eryone i ck to try to fd mclots, b what we can d i look at our closet d add just one statement pce justoak a lilebit. >> let's ke.>>he has a beautiful top.
10:27 am
s on.we often reso the ouns drs. >> i le them they flatter. >> we cante it up tch. she n a statement belt. this isor the daytime. it's a southernawlbeltan look, she automatical has hi. we've givener aittle bit of a figurelattering lhouette. itostsnly $1 rely eas f da >> what aut nighime? >> we'llo into the nittim >> keysha -- >>hat' so crazy. this i another belt. thiss rupy's on rve. is is oy $27. it's really fun. e clasps it and phe silver chain. >> chang her earring up a little t. >> actly. it mov her in from day to gh >> again, flatterg silhouet. >> thank you. our next model is chstin she's got aic outfit that a loofeople have. >> definitely. >> lot of tes when women -- moms, ty get it. they're going outnd rning ers. ackn blac
10:28 am
>>he isoi to per ac o backnsemble wita n bold trench th's really in this is from elequey, and it's $179an nowt's dow to 9.99, which wlove. e ft thatt's bol in color d contains aite bf a peplum around the istline. this ct goe to se 24 loofhapes and styles. dferent colo different real fun. you can agai from day night. ght. where is nicole? >> i don'tknow i hav't s her. come on cole. >> heree have -- >> wait a minute >> we have cole, an she's in our ack on blackorkout enmble. evybod resort t this. i do thi a the time. it easy. thees par ahis all
10:29 am
under0, and brookunning sh then iyou go in d we added pf c to her legs basicay her comprsion knits d nike sky-high sneakers, and is is inexpensive for rkout wear. we le. >> y lkgrea before a afr. >> whe is natali >> lia i cnn our downirpohi look. e has her top, hertilled jes, and she's going to a moto jacket. a full ltherotcket. on >> like a little bomber jke jacket? >>s only $599 >> wow. $59.95. i'm sorry. she'soing toair it with anropolo eveni star. ide tt on. relyeserlainhip, pineansp tc >> lov . >>ast ekento -- >>hereou go.
10:30 am
everys dre likethat. >> one m model. e more mode >> heha lani a the pt abo melan i the fa tt she is going to te r blu on blue navy auneam bend pr it with statemen nkle from bauble bar. take whatou are wearing and pop it out j give a liit of a statement. >>ooks good. >> ght. >> changes it. changes iup. >> all righ >> therehe goes. gd job.>> thanks >> thank youery much. >> everybo looks great. thanyou. >> fore bttany style tips go game day dheou c hom or packp f a tailgate courtesy ofhef tim love. >> please don't goywreet becaus our singer is going to vanilla yogurt. bluerries. and milk. gethem t t fbidden dain alender...
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good es angood drks. are you stilln need of game day dishes, our today's food am wan to help. they eisd thefnd own lesom dove i austin, xas. n ve. opeeives uo h name. able. >>hare we making, tim? >>s is whaall dog. >> theurger d. >> okay. le it. >>nvented all ad dog a leftov from stes cook night before leftover mea scraps i havirin andbriske everybod evybody has a fd processor. weri we gri iup le this. ls lech >> that's right. >> then i add in lik a little -- ha that it' got littl sal pepper, papra,ch po. th recip i oheebsite.
10:36 am
>> mna is goingoold >> regular. >> the goo uff. >>okay thene m allpreallywe. nds. >>et in ere. >> get in after . >> ihoul make y'all do this. i t ow how indedre >>orm it into hotdogs oh, my god. >> go ea and say know it'cong. >> it's interesting. >> yeah >> ye all right. but the good part about it is at thesere gat for -- you n tail. lot of times you have - od. >> d'tave a l ofoom lo >> okay. why did youut ts o p of? >> wehut the lid when we grill because we want ito be smoky and tast lid. >> ay tsere all,'m fgave- you can at least th. >>et us, toee wroe. >>lettuce, tomato.
10:37 am
>> whenhe pte starts coming outf the dog like at, that's when you knowt'sready.seriously. lik this. >> do it. >> do . >> like is. >> that' okay. >> relishcheese. at not. >>,ake -- >> whatou like on yours? >> y eat ursweethea ady had a tater >> cas? geter it pu on the bun. >> allright. i' take that one. >> thas going tbe too hot to eat,hoda. >> how can y -- l's . >>id you do that >> sheid . >> what a woman wo potatoesno >> wve potoehe. we'r goi toook until ey'r so stt ou thene'reoioddn - thiss yo gu. a in -- >> ne? wine. >> thank u. chick stock. wh that does is potats
10:38 am
w gotounthrough. >> you mush i a tother. >>ou d like thisma vinegrte. >> it's going tbe on o website. >> this is delicious. >> vervigary. >> i lov it. >> i love it too. >>t's good,right? is is ry good >>ind the rece at today.m/food. you canheck out sw restaurant staup tomorro. super hotsinger, andoure about to see wh >> single from & sr tank alyear lg. you put the time i u pue wo in. day in and dayut. when your tax refund arrives, me the most of it. low prices oneverything you need to put the fun in your tax refund. happy tax refundays fr walrt.
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he e is a multi-talented nine-time gramm nomined r & artist who goes by one name only. tank. >> he has been burning up the charts for s.
10:41 am
and pitbull. >> he hasis new albu and it's gone t numberwo on the billboard 200, and it's cle ve, sex, and pain. >>. >> depending on t order. it all in how y -- >> you got t do thecond. >>yes, yes. >> you have five beautiful dren. ve they heard this sic? that how you me these ildren? >> it's supposed to be adult music. you know? got t call yesterday fro my oldest and she said, daddy, someone thinks this are inappropriatehat you said >> we want to hear.>> thank yonk >> tnk you so ch. if only y know if only you knew,h if if ly you know u knew, yea
10:42 am
if onlyou knew how much i do do tripping y don't know, you don't know, you don't know baby, you don't know, you don't know, you just don't ow >>hat's it goingo take f you to know you're the only one i want around what's it goi to take for you to know that you're the only to hold me down gi, you don't know at i know youhould know ba youon't know, you don't know, you don't know f only you kw h much d love
10:43 am
>> you don't know you, you d't know, you don'tnow baby, you don't ow,oudon't k don't know hon honestly i can't take it baby, i theole reason you been been winning i want to be w my pockets willro she want tbe in aa potion bause i like aan that take o d't need no cell mate no cell farhone that mean don't call me, don't bell up on me don't ride me in blic, b ride me in private that patty wcrazy, but the got discovered if onl knewuch i do love
10:44 am
and you want to make me tri outfy now sy th me trim all these wom now but you don't know, y don't know,ou don't know ba, youon't kno you don't ow, you don't know, you just don't know erything y do, i'm satisfied you don't know, you don't ow, you dnow ain'to w i'm goingo never let you go eah if only you knew how much, howmuch, how much i doeah love you tripping out of my head trim all these wom
10:45 am
know,ou d't know ut yon't know, y don't know, you don't know you don't >> yes! tank. >>hank you so much. thankyou. >> oh, t u. >> we'll ge away our big prize. first, this is "tay" nbc
10:46 am
bef >> before we sayood-bye on thistuesda we want to me five viewe reayhappy. it tim toive itaw >> almost 1000fou entered. this week's pri is ao pro hero 4 session camera and accessories. >>ok, it'sorth $400 almostgo pro's smallest andightest ra. >> howe is that >> easy one buttonontrol for theideo andphotos. plus, it waterproof. compatible with a go pro mounts aaccessories. >>ou also getthree-way
10:47 am
small remote and a 32 gigabyte sd rd >> you sta it with ts on your wris you ctat from over here. >>go. get way down on thbott. >> w you got? >> debbie neanrom tennessee. i'm hpy for deie. 45 seconds. i've gotally frowionn. >> >>gnes hornrom georgi i'motasng . avne dickeon fronois. illinois. bridget fro illinois. >> enter again for nweek's ize. go to tlklg and >> we have a great show tomorrow. >> leave me alone. stop it!
10:48 am
conga . stop . ridicuus.
10:49 am
you do me. cheers and applae] announc it'sundhog d on rachl ray.
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work? >> rachael: come on oubon. announcer: this couple h been eating same thing f year, can rach break them out of their food rut? >> announr: and lots of lely ways toreak out of your love making rut. now, are you rdy forrachael? >> rachael: all ght. [cheers and applause] >> racha: happyrounog day, people. now groundhog dayf ur is a funholiy,euess whether springs comingight aroun the corner or not. groundhog day is my husband's favorite comedyf all time. i aually can sayil murray's next lineeforbill gets it out ois mouth, that is how many times i've seen"groundhog day," anyway, our staff cam up with a f ide for the sh. we will see all the ways peep kel groundhog ourselves, getting
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and sofoh.
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