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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 31, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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inted sse to the le behinth oscars inclung why diversity should not trenng topic. "nightlyews" begins rit now. his is "nbc nitly newswith ster holt, reporng tonight des moes, iowa. >> good evening. everything up until this poi has been joing foposition at the starting gate. 1,500 raies, and 60,000v ads and cotless nd shakes. but now the re race for the prest bens. thwa caucuses urs omow. a late pl has the demoatic race clton versus sanders a tossup. as for the republicans, trump a thenruz and the rest of the pack needing make up a lot of ground. on the groungetting out e te is wher the first inhe nation bate wille won. r am is in the thick of it tonight. s starwith nbc kristen welker. >> lester, good evening. tonighth camigns tell me they're expecting this to be close. there have been tens
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ads. phone calls and or knocks. now it comes down to turnout and the final pitch from t candidates. it's the homestretch. hillary clinton and bernie sanrs blanketiowa. fight fothe numb one spot in a race likelyo aho finish. >> monday night could be an historic night r th cnt. we can make history. let starttorm of movement toward the futurehat we wt to make together! >> rorr:ust hours bere voter caucus, inton and sanders in a statistical dead hea 45 to 42%. in final iow pollg. getting peopleut to vote tomorrow is today's top priority. teamof volunteers and organizers knocking on doors one last te. makiever supporter knows o ings -- ere their caucus location isnd how they'll get there. d thclinn mpaign allowing c an exclusive look at
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developeapp which is ke a ccus nit calcor hng thp close tabs on caucusgoers and how they're voting morrow. >> it allowss to streamline the process and help t precinct cap pains able november more quickly thso of e es they're spending ss time calcating and mo time persuading. >> andlinton avaged 125,000 door knks alone. team members are in ace. and saers ground te equally imprsive. 76,000 door knoc, over 15,000 voluntrs. today, clinton still playing defense on her prate mails wh she secretarof state. >> i just have to point out that the timi and some of t leakthat have leup to it are concerning. >> rorr: sanders who's been reluctant to engage in the e-ma issue today weighed in on "meet the prs." >> i think ts is a serious issu i'm not gog to attackillary n. the american people he toakat dgme. >> reporr: wh the clock cking ters
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thr say. >> who are you supporting? >> bere sanders. >> why hillary inton? >> i tnk she has the most expernce. e can do the job. >> repor sanders could win iowa if younvoters turt in force. one campaign official telling me tonight w or lose, sanders iin this race r e long haul. lest? >> a right, thank you. the margin a bit wider in iowa among th republicans although nald trumps leadinby five points the latest polling with ted cz working hard to close that gap. llie jackson has the gop eld coverefor us tonht. >> reporte in the finacrunch before thcauces, en church becomes a campaign sto >> i pray that god will will be done. >> reporter: buthe signs of peace givg way to the battle on the campgn trail >> donaltrump suorts expanding obamacare. to make it full on socializ medicine like bernie sanders. >> look, ted cruis the total liar i am so against obamacare.
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replace amare. >> reporter: trump ing strongtill suitab starting to tamp dow expections. arguing he doesn't have to win this state. >> i like to w io m dog really well withhevaelicals in iowa. >> reporter:hey both kn that chstn suorca t deciding facto siin ccusgoers identified as evangelicathlast coup of cycles. ifhe same number turns outomorrowit lle a de hea at's going to be importt for yoin that caucus ro? >> i think what'most important to me when i go to the caucus, i want somebody wh obviouslshares the same values that i have. as a christi, as a bible belier. >>eporte pasto new hope church clear on what they wa from nomie and what thedon' >> i'm dispoind that people will tell us when they get to washingtonhey're going to do this. i'm disappointed that threicans and decrats can't work
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better laws at reach acrosshe aisle and that benit a erans. >> rorr: that ustratn one the ggest factors fuelling outsiders likerump and cruz here. >> very ustrat withh rties. although i have faith at it can be corrected. >> reporr: that's gary ware at a marco rubio rally. they're all ready for ace th las pasiowa andhe starting line is 24 hour ay. theeal poll is at mters is tomorrowig. the poll mat i wh we actually d righ not necessary at all the media tells us do. >> reporter: and late today, a memorable ment on the trail when cruz'bus stuck in the mud. the mpbe hoping thas t metaor f whato come tomorght. and i a sn of how fluith race real
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likely republican caucusgoers could still be convinced tohae thr mind, lester. d ifhey do is ted crho ss to benemo >> hlijaso thanyou. andrchell has been folnghetwis tur and shs here to lk us ug. with the crs. >>t's soight in bo it aelection that y have outsider crowds big qutions on whether theyan deliver the crowds on the caucuses. on theemocrati side, hillary clinton had big head start on organization but she's fighting off that bernie nders surge. the polls ow 83% ofhe clinton supporters have made up the md compared to 69%or sanders clinton will be using the playbook that barack obama used to defeat h eig years ago. everythi will depend onurut. campaignnsers say if only 170,000 people were tvote s wins. if me 200 p,they did foobama, then saers woulcarry e day. it's a lot at stake. sanders were to win, ould have big momentum going intoew hampshire
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ahead and would be a real isis. >> the republican side has the trump sur en real, h will the game play t? >> the question is ether thaturge is al. he now leads cruz by fiveois. it's clear his attacks ruz have taken their toll since cruz was leading trp a month ago. again, the issue is organization. trump has e bigger crowds, but the poll don't suggt ground swell ofew voters. cruzas beeonhe roore in ia d by tomorrow night he ll have gone to have all 99 couies if he ts tt buunstuck. republican party leaders are in near panic abou a trump viory becae itill give hia huge s to the mination th wry aboutruz whhas en fht wi party establhmen reblicans are pi atco rubioou comen a strong d. >> going to be aig day. he way, there could be snow. a stng -- yeah, the caaigns closely hing the weather here in io. use it could impact caucus tuout. so a swath of snow is
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directly to e state. not expectedhit until late monda nit, but iowa is one of 15 states under wintertorm advisories tonight, 3 million people are under blizzard watches or warnings with up to a foot of snow across parts of the plains and the midwest. there's late word in the second arre of t gri abduion anmurder a girl. two virginia tech studenre being held without bond as tions swirl the motive. kristen hlgren has details. >>eporter: in blacksburg, virginia, sadness anshock. >> everyone is still trying to wraphe mind aund en the news. eporter:ews at two virginia tech studentsre now being he in connection th t murr of 13-year-old nile love. freshm david eisenhauer is charged with abduction and firsdegree murder. 19ear-old natali keepers with improper disposalf a dy and accessory after the fact.
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on thursday, masve arch scouring e ea for the teen. a liver trsplant recipient, dependent on medicion to sale. liay that search lethem er, an 18-year-old engineering studen fromyland. and then, lovell's body, about 10miles from home. according to police, senhau and the young teen knew each other before h disaearance. >> eisenhauer us relatnsto hivant duct a thell her. keeps lped eisenhauer dispose of nicole's body. >> rorr: tay, ate policeearched a po on the virginia tech cams. th weekend lovell's ther pted on facebook, i'm still in shk. i haveotnge to y. i'm broken.fath's upeakable pain aan entir mmunity now comes together to mourn. kristedahlen, nbc news. the next
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ornization will come togeth to ma a major decisi abo zi and wheth to clare a glol public health emergency. in braground zer for thtbreak t governnts stli to protec ucate peop aboue rus. r rehemallis talked tan american on a missiono help the st vulnerable resints. >> reporter: sunday mog prayers in a park and texas native dennis dowling is on a ssion. woing with poor faliese'in brazil for 30 years. hifocus is on ucing them about thzika virus. how hard iito commune is message torotect yourself? it's very difficult. a t of times they don't ow what the consequencesre, what the dangere. eporter: f 19-year-old anna payola, the ssage ts home. two months pregnant she had zika like symptoms. a fever, rash and bo hes. she said she's worried the vis that's been linked to birth defectand brain damage in fants
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d doctors told h usensect rellenand protective clothing. but no trousers, no long sleeves. not rprising in this land of sun d sk. now preparing for carnival later thi week. part of the stivities constant reminds to beware of mosquitos. this 13-ye-olds learning about zika in scol. to t northf brazil, colombia is so fighting to stop the spre of zika. fumigati trucks are going street to street the eecially hard hitortheast corner of that country. colombia rorts more than 20,000 case ka. among them, 2,100 prnant women and the government is urging women toelay pregnancy. e news comes befe the world health orniti cve r a rare emergency meetg tomorrow. to decide whether to declare a global
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back here in brazil, the epicenteof the tbreak, lifeoes on. but many fils worry abouthe virus d wh it means for their future hema eis, nb news, brazil. >>when "nitly news" continues on a sunday night, why some peop think living the greek islands and the eye of the refugee storm shld get a ve itant recognitn. plus, we'low yowhapns wn a won turnthe tan a poli
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w the ongoing migrt cris plang out with tragic consequences in the wate off the gre le is wke, 37 syrian men, men an ildren drowned, ng t jouey. ime a new wave ofigrants trs to ma it sre, residents risk their own lives to rescu welce them. as bl neelreports, that's caught th attention of a lot of people. >>epor overloaded with syrians fleeing war, another boat lds on the land in the eye the refugee storm. their relief is clear. in the arms of landers whose compsions now in line for a global priz thfrnginr tempatures aren't derring es people 50,000 pple have comeore already thonth a quarr a milli in the last three months. many owe their lives to the island ople
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fromheir sinking at, and who s tragy too. we und bodies -- >> bodies -- >> yes, many accidents. >> reporter: they have seenany drown, others dying from exeme co >> lika war zone we're in. we have halots of people that have not ma it. >>eporte aer rescue, this one a boatoad full of children under 12. voluntr medics r babieso the clinic whe the island doctors despair of war without end. >> i feel very sad and i'm very angry about this. >>eporte everyone re has been deeply affect. >> people just walking their dog on theeach t expect to find the body of an 18-month-old child in the morning on a dog walk. it's not good. >> reporter: forheir couragand sacrice, the landers are no being nominafor thnobeace priz >> when they make such
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t. >>epteutot everyonen e land is cel the nation >> we need tstop this. i n't want the pele tbe dying this way. >> reporter:he isnd's lifeblood, tourm is dying too. they fear the nel prize won't brg that back. you're afraid? you're afraid for your livelihood? nothing t a peace prize will stop em, rescng the vicms of. bill neely, news. en we come back, how diversity ma me in hollywood last nignobody's hurt, but there wl still pain. it comes when your iurance any says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a r? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, yod get your wle car back. guess th don't want u driving around othree wheels. smart.
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robissin dm max. because it's never st a cough. ,,,,,,, re i you over toda-- turning of the tables in miamwhen a erulls over a police oicer for
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you just heard the driver ithe video posted on friday. she accused the officer of pushing 90 mis an hour. for his part, t ofcer sa he was on his y tok and didn't believe he was speeding both agreeto set a good e ivs everhere a they pted onood rms. >>the dirs nnerof the screen tors gui awas represent a s contrast to all-ecade awarctnonees announcethis month criticm and boycot byom and our steve patterlls us aboue message that they had for academy wis. >> reporter: the night could be summeup withne sentenc >> thankou, gentlemen. welcome tose tv. >> reporter: actor idris elba calling it li h saw ifter the seco win of the night. e of stu awarded to the n-whitnominee at
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minees. to the nominees, to the red carpet, this was hollywood's night shocase diversity. >> this is what we talk about when lk about diver. >> reporte all in direct contrast to t academy award nominations. not a ngle actorf color up for ain. viola dasaid it's ongoing battle. we ha become a society of tnding topics. diversity is n a trending topic. >> repter: but this oscar season it's en a viral discussion. e #oars wte sparked r second yerow, now a hollywood boycott th the academy mang chges diverfy the membership.>> is okayo evol and chge and grow. >> i the s.a. award winners em and fail nominan white ac eporter: there's a sizae diffen in vote the s.a.g. award timess ma
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tom wi me tonig 's b io cs since 19. he lf lkonthe wa toghntrodus usone n wh veca bbus down year miget out anst his vote this time. tom? >> ts gh ha beemi heor ag me. ioware always engebut ne chs th arehi ar. pical hell uses e mechar od frot rth e.entime wh m is charod in his wor. >> iave costore. full serve automotive repair. and with theas i se sever drent gr oetnol. and i have b ears, go my rdear. ifsked me wod takero wagton t myusiness in here, no w. no way. bei' meto los they'd have thing to . they're aying
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em don'tven ca o re o her eyt their power. they got tir power. they want their way. for iowa, not only for iowa but for the tional spotlight a faas'm crned s naonal rity. providing our own fuel. annot buyi fm the people who wanto hurt us. i made thetatement a senorrom texas yeag when ias in d. d i sa, i want ame engy indepeent anhe saidr. good, that's a pipe dream if u er t that's going toappen. as lg aseople li you are charge, rig. i a t of thgs wre talking abounoul't be edboutn a normlection, use we have so outsiderinvolved i thra, things a ing lk abo and in my view, no matter how much you loveon ump think of the reasons wee lking about th gs is because he's eping eme. >>l, lester, obvisly,ald trp opg there are a loof charlie goout the an
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t here in the rate. curiousnoh, iowas very ll. wa is eat ai go3.ymt, des es is boomg but typiy ac the country, they feel th n wking waat shld and they really believe that gton. d thnk dy liktrump n come a mae shp. t of quest still toe answ but we may see people w h't usedomout is me>>nk wll a high num it'seen low in past, % a hignu. but ey thi beigth tha >> right, tom okaw. that's "nitly news" fothis sy.t, rt iowa. 'lbek here morsvotes are st thyotchi. ht. rstes are ca
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hi. nig. watcngews tching n oyo saturday i'm haxton. it's a "first alert weather day" here on new5. the first round of snow has made its way here... and are tracking the storm th team coverage awe head into the evening. andy koen is monitoring roads, jessi mitchell is tracking trouble spots. but let's start withs five metegistarlee hoffman in the first alert 5 weather center. im tracking e winter storm cting you areas with going snow throu the evening arenticipating 1-3 ines before tonig and 3-5 by mond eveninwinter ibacknd will take hoverhe next few days wi a nasty winter storm. a passincold front dropped a fresh ch or two for most locations overnight, b that is just round one. thatront brought much lder air with it. the 50's and 60's are a thing of the pastnd today highs wl


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