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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  December 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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>>reporter: arson investigators are on the scene. let me show you, if you look where these flashing lights are the home right there is where this happened. it is not the home itself, it is a trailer in back of the house. i want to take you to some video that we shot when we got on the same. what we are told is that neighbor woke up, heard the sound of burning, the kinds of things you would expect to hear when something is on fire. they call the fire department and they had to get here and use specialized equipment. they got the people out. it is a man and a woman. both in their early 40s. they were both rushed to the hospital in critical condition.
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survive despite the efforts of first responders. it is a suspicious fire and police are not telling us why they were staying in the backyard or who lives in the home itself. a lot of news to get to hear. >> as you get up and are getting ready to head out the door let's get a look at your forecast. >> you will notice a bit difference outside, we have more clouds out there. mostly cloudy skies, but all drive for your morning commute. temperatures this afternoon only in a high around 62. we will talk about who does have a chance for snow and rain in just a few minutes. we are starting off with a crash in chandler. we are getting details that it
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looking at the speed, not affecting those speeds just yet. we are not seeing any snow anywhere else in the valley. -- any slowdown anywhere else in the valley. a death investigation is labeled suspicious. we have confirmed a 30-year-old was found along the roadway. officers say it is suspicious. if you know anything, please contact silent witness. he may have a fight mustache, that he is accused of tricking others into thinking he is a woman. joshua jenkins is facing charges for a dangerous camp where officers say he pretended to be a woman online, lured men in for dates and robbed them. we stopped by the home where he was supposed to have lived and
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firefighters impress good say the people who lived in a home a cop i did exactly the same thing. -- firefighters in prescott say the people who lived in a home did exactly what they were supposed to do, call 911, not out of the home, and did not try to save anything. it is all about south of the border for two lawmakers. the mayor heading to mexico city for the c 40 summit. he is taking on climate change and will use phoenix as an example for sustainability. in about two hours he will join mayors from dc, seattle, portland, and new york city to talk about moving forward with climate initiatives. governor ducey to be a mexico this weekend talking trade, a hot button issue as donald
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on the nafta agreement. sangha by two a soldier once lost, -- saying the buy for a soldier who was once lost during the korean war and missing are more than 60 years. his remains were recently recovered and flown to sky harbor days ago. the service begins at 8:00. we were one of the hardest hit areas when it came to the housing market. next year shows a bit of a change. we are out taking action trying to find out why.>>reporter: next year we will be seeing a lot more for sale signs across the valley because phoenix is supposed to leave the country when it comes to the housing market. that website projecting home
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compared to 4% nationally. home sales are also projected to climb to 7%. like we were just saying, phoenix was one of the hardest hit areas in the country back in 2008. we saw plenty of homes stopped midway through construction. good news for our neighbors down south in tucson who came in at number nine on the list. coming up i will tell you which cities ranked worse. how loud is too lo trying to figure it out as they mall a new noise ordinance. one man says the latest proposal is to allow. >> it would be like if you ask that to -- asked staff to recommend an ideal weight for person and they came back and said 800 pounds.>> mayor call
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working hard on this. no decisions just yet. have you ever hiked spruce creek? there are some close changes that could alter how you experienced the waterfall and some other areas. the feds might limit or ban swimming altogether. you have a chance to weigh index tuesday. you can dial in on the number on the bottom of your screen for a phone and meeting. you can also email beforehand. water is also an issue and buckeye. some dealing with nightmare water bills between $702,000. one month into a new hotline service and the city has received 145 calls. of those half the places --
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some progress is being made. it is an iconic piece of scottsdale now up for sale to the highest bidder. scottsdale is not taking bids on the 121,000 square-foot tent that was originally purchased for $2 million. whoever buys it has to dismantle it by june. the city recently held the tony nelson equestrian center that is permanent and year-round. register for the draft like men do? what the obama administration has to say. here is a look at the crash i told you about in chandler. we will show you how to get around this. we are waking up to mostly cloudy skies. we are live in phoenix.
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does the his show quantico have you thinking about joining the fbi? >> if you are thinking about going you could have to pass a fitness test first. nearly half who drive past. the fbi's phoenix field office intense cardio. there is a total of four rounds where applicants have to score 12 points or more. >> being a special agent can be mentally draining and fitness helps you in those situations. >> if you think you can beat the clock the phoenix field office is now hiring. go to for more information. 48 degrees is our
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phoenix sky harbor. it is keeping our temperatures a little milder, the cloud coverage that is. it really stretches across the state as our next storm system is making its way through. we are also seeing snow showers. those can be found throughout the higher terrain. watch for a few slick spots. all dry in the valley. as we go through today there will be a period of time when we could maybe get a sprinkle or two, but that is just a short period. most of us will stay dry across the valley. mostly cloudy to start the day, partly cloudy to start the afternoon. we are going to stay in the 40s through 8:00, but still in the
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high of only 62 degrees. a cool day today, and i have milder temperatures for the weekend to show you next. let's give you a check of the roadways. we have a crashed out in chandler. it sounds like a serious crash on loop 202. it is blocking the right lanes on the westbound side of the freeway. the shore to stay to the left to get by. the good news is traffic is pretty light in that area. streetlights around the city of phoenix are going to get a modern makeover. the mayor and city council noted some move forward with replacing all the lights with energy efficient led lighting. they also plan to swap out the bulbs to a much warmer tone.
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reopening for business as the wildfire spreads and takes out
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i want to talk about the devastation in tennessee, the death toll from this raging wildfire now up to 11. dozens of people reported missing at this very moment. 14,000 people evacuated earlier this week. this is something else, the dollywood amusement park will reopen this afternoon. and pigeon forge businesses are starting to reopen. residence say it looks like a war zone. it is heartbreaking, i have been to that area and it was beautiful. we know wildfires, you have to take a look at the destruction before and after.
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that fire that burned through thousands of acres. some 700 buildings in one county bird. it sounds like the obama administration is on board for women in the military draft. the national security council says now the previous barriers have been removed it makes sense. still, it will take an act of selective service. a somber day in san bernardino as today marks one year since 14 were killed during a mass shooting. officers will hold a 14 mile memorial bicycle ride. a memorial service will be followed by a moment of silence to remember when the first 911 call went out. could ryan lockley finally
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him? he will have to face $20,000 and the criminal charges will go away. you probably remember he falsely reported a crime at a gas station. meantime michael phelps is looking to the tech world as he explores life beyond the pool. he says he wants to explore valley. we are talking about holiday travel coming up and we wanted to start with rental cars. before you leave the lot check the car for damages and be sure to write anything down.
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their insurance before checking yours to see what is covered. if you are involuntary bumped from a flight request the refund in cash. go to the let joe know facebook page and safe travels. what better way to get in the holiday spirit and a lot of your weekend? tomorrow is the third annual aps electric light parade in phoenix. >>reporter: good morning. we have a sneak peek had of everyone else. it is so beautiful to see up close.
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the tree later on this weekend. you can bet they are going to be pulling out all the stops. many of the flows are so meticulous in the details. volunteers of all ages putting in countless hours including nonprofits. they are hoping everything goes smoothly fm do a good job and hopefully we will win something. more than that, just being able to be a part of the parade. we love doing it. the kids learn a lot. it is a family tradition. the boys, even if they do not twirl they come out and they can also get the community hours
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>> how many hours in total? >> actually, judging will start tonight at the north baptist church. you can get a sneak peek of all of the lights up close and personal like we are getting today. exciting stuff that you will see in person. >> i will be out there. the parade kicks off at 7:00 the route ins at seventh street and indian school. if you can't make it out, don't worry, you can catch a replay at 4:00 on sunday. before you get ready to head out the door let's talk about what's happening. we are waking up to mostly cloudy skies. not seeing those 30s and the valleys this morning.
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i do not think it will be until after 11 that we will see those clouds break up a bit. this window of time between eight and 10 when we have chances for more rain not out of the question, but the best chances will be up north and also through southeastern arizona. temperatures will be cool to start the day, gradually warm back in the low 60s this afternoon. today's high a repeat of yesterday. if you were chili through the date yesterday today you will feel the same temperatures down to 55 degrees after sunset. the clouds move again today due to a storm system ship across our safety or it will not bring much to the valley, but we will see rain shower chances across
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tonight, still a chance for lingering showers. aside from that we will be clearing out skies and mostly sunny skies as we go through the weekend. we are going to feel some stronger winds as well dusting will be as high as 50 miles dusting will be as high as 50 miles per hour. a high of 70 by sunday. we will talk more about week's storm system in minutes. we have an update on a crash down in chandler. it is still blocking the right lanes, but we are hearing that it is an suv trap underneath a semi paragraph make sure you stay left to get by.
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because traffic is light in this area i am not seeing it impacts your desert lifetime take a look at the big picture, i can tell you right near 67th avenue out in the west valley
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it is time to take action and help operation santa claus. we are taking donations for the amazing charities listed on your screen. there is a new attraction for you and the family to see in scottsdale. 10 spinning top sculptures that were created to award-winning mexican artist inspired by traditional toys. these spinning tops ar just for kids.>> they tap into the inner child of everyone. in many ways we are surprised of how we are servicing people of many ages. >> expect the sculptures to pop up in different places around town. if you are heading out to the light parade tomorrow grab a blanket. we will talk about today's temperatures next.
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we are starting to see some delays out in the west valley. you are slothful about 75th to 59th. we will head to the north valley and just a couple of minutes. raking news, we are learning two people have died after a fire rips through their camper. we are alive in peoria. moments ago investigators are calling it suspicious. >>reporter: the fire trucks are gone, but arson investigators are still here. two people are dead. this flashing police car and
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where this happened. it is not the home itself, but i camper in the back home -- backyard. according to police neighbors heard the sounds of fire and called the fire department. they showed up and had to use specialized equipment. they busted down the door, pulled the man and woman away and got them to a hospital. were not able to pull through, both dying at the hospital. police are saying this is a suspicious fire. they are not saying what the two people were doing sleeping in the camper or who lives in the home itself. i want to let you know we will be launching air 15 soon for another look at the crime
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meanwhile, a large police presence in tempe where a guy went into a subway for cash. police say he entered the store wearing a gray hoodie and jeans. they search the area and could not find him. we are working to get an update on the two officers shot in the line of duty. the two were sear wanted suspects when shots rang out. both officers were hit and the suspect was killed. one officer remains an icu or the other is already home. the police chief tweeting this out saying a vest likely saved that officers life. the tucson shooting coming hours after an officer in washington was shot and killed.
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he leaves behind three children and a fianci. meantime, a officer that was killed in an atv accident last week. if you have time to help there is a barbecue benefit taking place tomorrow. fire station 20 is the location. it certainly wasn't another typical day for dps. these goods were found in the basement of state building. apparently, the former director was building his own police force to protect his officers. he was forced to resign last week. take a look at this pizza party. this group is celebrating the departure of sheriff joe arpaio. he was voted out of the office
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>> and agenda that is not -- a agenda that is not inclusive and we are going to be organizing people to stand up against hate. >> it has been a busy week for the president likes. my wife said that the half to hold rallies now that he is one? he doesn't have to, but he is. the last nomination for secretary of defense was james mattis. he led troops into the bloodiest battle of the iraq war and will need a waiver from congress to be confirmed. there is a legal statue in place daily you must have a seven-year period between military and civilian life. when it comes to the ftc on
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elect says he has narrowed down his choices. one of his first decisions will be to replace justice antonin scalia. our housing market is making headlines across the country. finally, the valley was one of the hardest hit areas during the recession. we are live in phoenix with more mac >>reporter: we are live off of 16th street and glendale where there is a for sale si r just down the road, there is another home for sale. a realtor protects phoenix to be the top housing market in the country. home sales are expected to climb to 7%. this may not be the best news for first-time buyers. interest rates being on the rise often work against home
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tucson is ranked number nine on the list and the worst city is chicago. parents in peoria may want to have a chat with their kids after a situation has homeland security investigating. a letter was sent home to kids after parents alerted administrators that someone was asking their kids to send them inappropriate pictures instagram. the school did give out these five tips to help. they include setting accounts to private. parents are urged to also know the child's passwords. mostly cloudy skies is what we are starting off our day with. these clouds moving in as our next storm systems is tracking through our state. it is up north where we are
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slick driving conditions, especially if you are traveling east along the 40 or 17. as far as the valley goes i think most of us will stage right. i brought in a 10% chance between eight and 10:00. outside of that we will be drive. plant on a cool day, cooley -- cooler this morning. you may need through the day as high temperatures will only make it into the low 60s this afternoon. that is a repeat of yesterday's high temperature. act temperatures then falling after sunset. we will talk about that we can outlook and minutes. it sounds like we have a role closure because of a water main break on 16th near
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seventh street could be a smart route or you. we have a role closure this weekend and we have some weekend travel alerts. the eastbound side of glendale avenue will close and this is going to be from 9 pm friday until 5 pm monday. and then we have this crash down in chandler. we are following developing stories. as you were talking i was getting new information about a major drug bust in our state. there is no slowing down for santa who is taking a risky dive before the holidays. you can watch the jolly old elf underwater with the whole family. we live in phoenix.
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sneak peek at all the flows on
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fact. advil is not only stro it's gentle on your body too. have trusted advil... patients
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relief doesn't get any better than this. advi right now, we are working to find out the noah's information regarding a big methamphetamine bust that happened when deputies were conducting an traffic stop on interstate 40. found the drugs in the trunk. the street value is 116 big dollars. two men have been arrested. deputies say they were driving to the east coast to deliver the drugs. thousands gathered in indonesia for what could be a valid protest. i write you this yesterday. the us japanese government officials are warning citizens
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the city's governor. they claim he insulted islam and now they want him to be arrested. families are preparing to receive the bodies of the victims of last week's jetliner crash in columbia. 71 killed were players and coaches from a brazilian soccer team headed to the finals of one of south america's most prestigious tournament. a road rage incident claiming the life of a former nfl player. we are working to find out if any charges will be filed. he was shot to death following an argument. the sheriff says he was standing outside his car when he was shot back the suspect is stay at the scene and is being questioned. what looked like boxes of skin care cream in the not be
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million. this video was made after the driver was speeding and then started acted nervous once he was pulled over. authorities believe that truck was headed to canada. profiting off of another's pain. way an online dealer is hoping to learn -- make sales from a murders handbook the victims is talking about how the online bidding is affecting her emotionally. the going rate or the manuscript is more than $1300. and attorney assisted his client has nothing to do with the online sale.
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he is accused of paying for personal expenses with campaign cash during his last run for mayor in 2013. it looks like martin squarely is not too happy that some teams from australia created a drug for just two drugs a does. he posted several tweets overnight. we told you about this yesterday where the students re- in a life-saving drug. -- drugs. it is certainly beginning to look a lot like christmas. why not grab a blanket and less the lights dance around you.
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getting those flows ready.>>reporter: absolutely not. this is so detailed. i am sitting in a 1952 fire engine that they have decorated with all of these lights. this isn't your normal parade. just go into something like this. that is why they are asking people to come out and to enjoy this. you will see a child with those tory eyes and in all of
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>>reporter: the parade kicks off at 7:00 tomorrow. it in at seventh street and indian school. if you cannot make it we are going to the area sunday at 4 pm. if you want to get out to see it live that is great. i have to practice my wave. >> looks good to me. do you know what looks perfect? this site, santa. >> the big guy has about three weeks to let kids know if they have been naughty or nice. the risky moves may be worry in sum, but officials say he is totally safe. >> you can see santos underwater adventure every
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you can also write letters and decorate ornaments. it is the crossroads of the west gun show. >> tomorrow foodies can head over to the taste of arizona featuring all sorts of food, and celebrities fairfax and back enjoy the halloween -- enjoy the balloon >> on sunday football fans get ready for the cardinals game against washington. >> you know what, the weekend to be nice. i am tracking snow showers and i wanted to give you a heads up that they are getting a little
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and even close to holbrook. if you are traveling along the 40 watch for trick slick spots. temperatures are cold up north, just a few degrees below freezing. here in the valley not as cold as it was a. the reason temperatures are coming in a little milder blanket of clouds we are seeing across the state back still cold enough for a jacket, but not cold as it was sue's are going to stay cool around the morning -- i think temperatures are going to stay cool around
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temperatures will gradually climb with a high of 62 degrees and phoenix. 62 degrees for your high today, we are talking 70 degrees by sunday. a crash is slowing things down on luke 202. lanes are still blocked and you can see how heavy it is getting there. it sounds like the drivers will be okay. if you can wait to get on the freeway until you get past alba school that will save you a couple of minutes.
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north valley drivers looking for an eight minute travel time eastbound from interstate 70.
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have now been turned over to the egyptian government. several illegally artifacts was seized. someday back to the eighth century. the smugglers had claimed they were just movie props. a valley doctor has now created a new tech knowledge he that has created a real was that are worn on each side of your body and send out vibrations that interfere with mechanism. the doctor says anyone can use them, but they are having a huge impact on dance with autism. >> kids calm down in real time. i feel like i stumbled upon a miracle that i want more people to know about.>> kick starter campaign launched to start
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order starting around $200. time to help out operation santa claus. we are collecting money, toys, clothing, and nonperishable food items. stop by sanderson board, or any of 120+ ups store locations. we have chances for snow showers today and week. we will talk about the wins and temperatures next. and we have delays on the 202 and things are stacking up on interstate 10. two people have died in an early-morning peoria fire. this thing is now being labeled as suspicious. the debate over prisons hitting the federal level as homeland security takes a stand on what is best for immigrants facing deportation.
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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two people are dead in a fire there may not have been an accident. arson investigators now on the
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telling you this is suspicious? >>reporter: that is right. a man and a woman both in their early 40s dead after being found in a fire. take a look, there are police officers talking with the fire department right now. they have been looking around the perimeter of the house. the fire itself happened in a trailer behind a neighbor according to police her crackling and called the fire department who were able to come out and find a trailer on fire in the backyard. they used specialized equipment to actually see there were people on the floor. they were in extremely critical condition


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