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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  December 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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it is 4:30 am and breaking news into the live desk where two people who were pulled from a burning camper early this morning have died. >>reporter: like you sa have died. this firetruck is in front of the house where it happened. it is not the home itself, there is a camper the high the home that started on fire. the fire department did
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using high-tech equipment. >> we have special equipment that allows us to see through smoke dark and things like that, we were able to find the victims relatively quickly. >>reporter: first responders allowed there and do everything they can to save lives. unfortunately they could not these lives today. both taken to the hospital where they die. the buyer is suspicious and arson investigators are on scene. we are on the scene of a rollover crash in phoenix. you see the car on his side? you also see a man being taken
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in one day four police officers are shot. >> they risks their lives to take down a wanted man. a bullet lodged in the center of a bulletproof vest that one of the officers was wearing. his partner is recovering at home. he was shot in the leg.>> both officers went to arrest a 27- year-old man after tracking him down and already wanted for aggravated assault. police say he opened fire, the officers shot back. the city of tacoma grieving the loss of a police officer.
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vigils for the 44 officer killed responded to a domestic violence call. we show you the standoff yesterday. police were called out because the suspect was fighting with his wife and refused to let her back in the house. time now for your most accurate forecast. a blanket of clouds across the valley also making for a milder start. temperatures are running about 3 to 8 degrees milder than time yesterday as we wake up to 47 degrees. a lot of low to middle 40s, but not many 30s. cloudy and chilly as you step outside. as we go into this afternoon our high temperature up to 62 degrees. we have a window of time where we could see a vehicle or two. we have a crime alert, a sandwich apparently not enough
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for a man who robbed this subway. police use the canines to look for him. the suspect is described as an hispanic man in his 20. we now have an answer for a neighborhood caught up in detect work back police say they were there to arrest a guy who stole a car. we are told christopher florez ditch th charges. this group is celebrating share of joe arpaio's departure a month from now and also warning about the incoming president. progressive democrats of america say donald trump's agenda is racist and they will not stand for. >> we are going to be organizing people to stand up against hate.
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back in new york and has big one more person for his cabinet, retired general james maddis. speaking of donald trump, where will he stop next on his retort? the bus is iowa. last night he told supporters he has to condemn bigotry or prejudice. >>[ clip playing ] >> we forcefully language of exclusion and separation. we are going to come together. >> before ohio he stopped in indiana where he reiterated he is building a wall. he says it will have doors to allow in legal immigration. keep using private jails is a new recommendation from a government advisement panel that disagrees with the department of justice saying
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way to help immigrants facing deportation. here in arizona we have several private prisons used to detain illegal immigrants. a cluster of them right along state route 87. that is where a female inmate had a seizure and later died last month. bernie sanders and a congressman both oppose privat happy with this new report and that the fans cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering of adults and children and the erosion of justice. customs officers busting a pair of suspected drugs modelers accused of trying to bring in 90 tons of drugs. canines were used to find them. the mesa police department just posting these pictures,
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they really need some help. 10 years ago the bodies of two men were found in an apartment near dobson and the us 60. one was 25 the other was 27, if you can help find their killer call police at the number on your screen. a doctor and his wife due in court as they are accused of taking cash and prescribing painkillers. doctor shaquille kahn suspended in wyoming as well. a scare in the sky. the newest information coming in about a play making a long trip was forced to make a u- turn and then emergency landing. the jet is surrounded after the fire trucks. after -- at this moment they are only calling this a mechanical problem. the 210 people on board were
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unfortunate mixup. i want to bring this to your attention. the jacksonville sheriff's office mistakenly tweeted the wrong name during a news conference. a hostages name was given instead of the government's name , who is the true suspect. reports say an apology was made to the family impacted by this. i want to show you the real suspect, nicholas humphrey who surren none of the hostages were injured. the swat team arrested those 11 hostages. studio 48 is the new name and phase of arizona's film industry after the state still bothers shut down six years ago. since then, cities have helped with filming in arizona, but now studio 48 will make sure arizona as a state is a great
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about the lack of a film office on my facebook page. now a cargo ship that was on his way to the space station is bits and pieces of debris. it actually burned after launch. there was some sort of malfunction that has not been identified. the last supply went up in october carried out by orbital a tk. we just learned, the company plans to expand and jobs in the next five years. about 1200 people already working at two arizona facilities. you are not going to believe the request that now has homeland security investigators involved. a letter was sent home to students at oasis elementary where parents for two alert administrators someone was asking their kids to send them inappropriate pictures. homeland security will not release details.
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they include setting accounts to private. parents are urged to note the child's password among other great advice. let's talk about your friday checklist. 47 degrees, milder than where we were at this time yesterday. higher because of a blanket of crowds that we have in place. by this afternoon cool, dry, and partly cloudy. i am also tracking snow showers. it will be all dry as you step outside. to our north some light scatter snow showers up towards the higher terrain. we will talk about when the valley could see a sprinkle or two minutes. early this morning, your drive is shaping up pretty good.
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it looks like some overnight work has opened up. take a look, the on-ramp was closed for travelers headed south on the 51. it looks like everything is bad (mac is going to be a tough day this morning, i am going to explain why. three things that do not go well together: anger, a gun. the lights are already up and ready to go for the annual electric light parade.
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a couple new developments involving that plane crash in columbia. no doubt going to be a difficult day for the families. today the bodies will be flown home to the families. this is the closest look we have seen at the damage. so far it appears the plane ran out of fuel. many of the 71 killed were players and brazilian soccer team. the company operating the play no longer allowed to fly.>> it goes without saying that you shouldn't be anywhere near a firearm when you are in a bad mood. and michigan woman fired a shot at the home she just purchased through a detroit bank. sheep all of her money into the home and then found out it was on the demolition list.
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you see her kids, they were taken away. from meltdown to mellowed out, a doctor has created a new technology creating real buzz. you wear them on the side of your bodies, they send out vibrations that will interfere with your brains fight for flight mechanism and overrides stress responses. can use them, but they are really having a big impact on students with autism. >> kids calm down in real time. i feel like i stumbled upon a miracle that i want more people to know about. >> a kick starter campaign just wants to start marking the. you can also put in an order, they start around $200. the streets of phoenix are about to glow for the 38th
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right now megan is getting a sneak peek at all the incredible floats before their big debut. >>reporter: it is just amazing. like you mentioned, this is 30 years in the making that aps have evolved in this. they are picking a very unique theme, a family tradition. bring your family out and watch this go down. this year organizers say they have the most lights ever. it is going to be tomorrow night starting at 7 pm. it will be making its way through the streets of phoenix before ending at seventh street. if you cannot make it out,
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you have to see this in person. it is so cool. >> you have to see it in person. we have you covered both ways. hey, it's friday. we are looking forward to the weekend. there is plenty of stuff to do to keep you busy. marrying main street is back in downtown mesa. period of annual old-time -- finally, if you just want to take a break from the holiday rush the 21st annual arizona asian-american festival is happening this weekend.
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on meantime, it is getting down to crunch time for santa. >> about three weeks left to let kids know if they have been nodding her nice. he is going through extreme measures. he is going underwater every weekend until christmas sunday. >> the kids here love seeing santa with the sharks. with the other fish within the tank. >> do not worry, kids, santa is safe. the sharks are bad regularly. let's talk about your most accurate forecast. this morning changes in our
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blankets on your back, keeping temperatures a little warmer underneath. that is why temperatures this morning are starting out in the 40s rather than the 30s. right now the coolest buys are chama. 40 degrees down in maricopa. and 46 currently in deer valley. a bit of a milder start. the mostly cloudy skies stick around through the morning before we see the clouds break up a bit. and i wanted to point something out. rain chances below 10%. idea bring them up to just 10% between eight and 10:00 as we can see a straight sprinkle or two. most of us won't see anything. the potential is there and very
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a very short window of time throughout much of the day and much of the valley. as you look at the desert doppler we are dry despite cloud cover. watch for some slick spots. that 10% chance in the valley forecast is right around eight -10:00 this morning. outside of that we are looking these clouds are all moving in as a storm system is pushing through our state. the best potential will be across northeast arizona. if you are maybe heading out of town this weekend just a slight chance as we go into this evening and overnight tonight. through all of this, the valley
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just that 10% chance of a circle or two early this morning. clear skies also going into our sunday. we do have wind advisories that cut me some dust. especially if you are traveling through california or through yuma. let's give you a check of the roadways. i am hearing of a bad chandler. this weekend, we are going to have some weekend closures. you will see interstate 17 s. ramp closed. a quick look from our adot camera shows traffic looking pretty good. again, we will get you some details in a couple minutes.
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breaking news, two people dead after an early morning fire in peoria. gnocchi is returning -- nokia is returning to smart phones. there were once the largest seller of mobile phones in the world before losing ground to other companies. these new android phones should be available early next year. you can now see niagara falls in a new. switch on last night with 1400 bulbs. it is that time of the year when we start keeping tabs on santa and his annual track. norad have launched their track of his 2016 voyage. you can even call it on christmas eve for santa's exact
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christmas trees going up all over the world. it is that time of the year. for the last time the first family helped light the national tree in washington dc. >>[ clip playing ]three, two,
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>> the ceremony tradition started back in 1923 and takes place south of the white house fence. you know the jingle very well, it means it is time to help out operation santa claus. we are accepting donations for the amazing charities on your screen. you can stop by our any of 100 was -- 120+ ups locations. we are going to get some strong winds where we could end up with some gust. we are on the scene of breaking news in peoria. a house fire has turned deadly and now detectives are headed to the same.
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housing market. housing market. next year z26zqz zvpz
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two people are dead after an early morning fire. investigators are looking into whether this is arson. it is near 83rd avenue and taxes
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>>reporter: arson investigators are on the scene. let me show you, if you look where these flashing lights are the home right there is where this happened. it is not the home itself, it is a trailer in back of the house. i want to take you to some video that we shot when we got on the same. what we are told is that neighbor woke up, heard the sound of burning, the kinds of things you would expect to hear when something is on fire. they call the fire department and they had to get here and use specialized equipment. they got the people out. it is a man and a woman. both in their early 40s. they were both rushed to the hospital in critical condition.


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