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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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head. doesn't get much closer than that. this again, is close call, officer is not out of the woods yet. >> reporter: talking about another officer involved shooting in october when a man fired at them when they tried to stop him for a drug investigation. in this case police are still talking to witnesses. trying to reconstruct the second that left two officers wounded and one man dead. the officers are many. people in it -- in tacoma, washington are remembering jake gutierrez, served for 17 years. jake gutierrez responding to a domestic violence call when he was shot. back now to presidential elect donald trump's victory tour, in cincinnati saying thank you to those who voted for him. live look right now. getting started an hour ago.
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securing the presidency. it will continue over the next few weeks. before ohio the president elect toured the indiana factory he presented from moving to mexico. the president elect taking the opportunity renew his pledge to build that wall along the border. and trump making a decision, making secretary of defense. the retired four star general in 2005 he said it is fun to shoot some people while addressing service members in san diego. posts on social media calling a district to send a warning -- school district to send a warning to parents. the request that has department of homeland security involved in this one. abc's navideh forghani is getting more information. >> reporter: i just got my hands on this letter that was sent out by the school district
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the students after parent told administrators that somebody was targeting their children on instagram. this is what we know so far. the students are in middle school. whoever sent them was requesting the kids send inappropriate pictures. now department of homeland security took over the case. they had it is early in the investigation so they can't release information just yet. but the school district is setting great advice that be a reminder to everyone on social media, especially for kids. make sure all accounts are set to private. don't talk or friend anyone you don't know. never share inappropriate pictures. don't share personal information. and for parents you should know your kids password. this is great advice everyone should be following. we will keep up to date on this story and find out who is targeting the children. back to you. >> all right. thank you. new pictures coming into
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an arsenal in the basement of an arizona government building. police just releasing the images of 50 guns and 80,000 bullets. the director was forced to resign. he was arming his police force, worried about threats. they offer social services and processes unemployment benefits. more questions than answers tonight in a suspicious death in surprise. crews finding a body on the side of the road. air 15 over the scene this morning. police say the victim is a man but his name hasn't been released and there is no word on a cause of death. if you know anything call surprise police. punishment handed down today to a law maker who pleaded guilty to food stamp rad. cecilia velasquez -- fraud cecilia velasquez sentenced to one year of probation and
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people she represented. touching good-bye from phoenix fire. services for chris fitzmaurice. friends say he died doing what he received and tonight they are opening up today. joe bartell has more. >> reporter: chris fitzmaurice loved adventure. the only thing he loved more, his wife and four daughters. >> the irony r runs into burning buildings for a living to be taken on their day off. >> reporter: he says the atv crash that claimed his life is hard for his friends and family around the holiday. >> the day after thanksgiving he was in the middle of nowhere. that is just the kind of person he was. >> reporter: he says chris was at home in the outdoors. squeezing everything he could out of life and his loss is
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>> it brings me comfort in knowing he passed while he was doing something he loved. >> reporter: now his firefighter brothers and sisters are supporting his family who now have to face life without the man many considered larger than life. joe bartell, abc 15. deputies make an arrest in a crash that killed a bicyclist. he was on heroin when he drove into the man. he took off and his van wa found nearby. deputies tracked him down two days later. animal abuse case in east mesa. no arrests tonight but right now there is a call to help the rescued animals. the mash unit is asking for supplies. pet food, blankets, and more. 70 animals rescued from the home. investigators say they had no access to food or water.
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case of mobile home fires. crews responding over night. four homes catching fire. two destroyed. nobody was hurt. it is unclear if investigators are looking for anybody right now but they say the fires are suspicious. another reason to be careful on social media. police say this guy would pose as a woman online and then lure lonely men to rob them. joshua ryan jenkins facing charges. officers say he posed as a girl and met a thatperson was able to identify joshua ryan jenkins to police. clouds streaming in today as the next storm system approaches. we will see more of the cloud cover into tomorrow. it didn't do a lot to keep the temperatures milder than what we have seen. it was another day at 62 here in phoenix and temperatures right now are sitting in the upper 50s at this hour. so we will keep partly cloudy skies going through the evening forecast. temperatures in the middle 50s
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and low 50s through 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. a chilly oklahoma here in the valley and we will see -- evening here in the valley and we will see clouds up north and windy conditions across western arizona as the storm system moves minof the spots under a wind advisory, how strong the winds get across the state and a look ahead to the weekend, still ahead. from the abc 15 live desk a look at the tornado damage in alabama. the governor of the state touring the effected areas today. when the tornado touch touched down yesterday -- touched down yesterday. the governor meeting with those impacted by the storm. the clean up getting started. picking up the pieces after homes were destroyed and power lines came down. north carolina tonight, it was announced no charges will be handed down to the officer who shot keith lamont scott. this is the scene last night after the ruling. protesters were chanting and
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but the demonstrations were calmer than two months ago. 11 hostages safe tonight after being held in a florida bank. the man accused of keeping themind is now in costied. -- them inside is now in custody. a s.w.a.t. team stormed in catching the man. tragedy in texas. a crash involving a school van killing one others. the van was headed to school when it got rear ended. it was stopped when a truck came crashing into it. the driver of the truck telling officers he was blinded by the sun. the child who died was the daughter of a deputy. changing of the guard in mesa. the first female fire chief ready to take control. mary cameli. she has been the interim chief taking over for the chief who
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the ladder. across arizona, border officers busting drug smuggler. two people accused of trying to bring 90-pound of drugs through the port. officers finding meth and heroin inside cars. and k-9s were used to find the drugs. back here in gilbert, an injured dog rushed to the vet after a home catches fire. that home going up in flames. crews worked to get it un control. it is unclear if anyone was home at the time or what started the fire. a astronaut evacuated from antarctica. >> and let the recounting begin. how clerks in wisconsin are doing things differently. >> how do you get the best airfares and what can you get if your bumped from a flight? coming up, joe lets you know how to protect yourself and save money on your holiday
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. right now police trying to get to the bottom of cars getting stolen from valley walmarts. a woman's car was jacked at the store. we told you last night about a car being stolen from a walmart. it is unclear if the cases are connected but they are very similar. we are working working to learn if charges have been filed accused of ramming police cars at talking stick resort & casino. cops say the two hit the squad cars and took off. an officer shot at the suspects at one point. nobody was hit. their car stalling at the 101 and police took them into custody. authorities taking action tonight suspending all operations of the airline that crashed in columbia killing so
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soccer team. 70 people died. six survived. the airline told it can no longer operate. slamming into a mountain side with the brazilian soccer team on board. the plane was running out of fuel. now to the shooting of another police officer in chattanooga, tennessee. an officer injured and the gunman is on the run. the cop was shot three times. he was able to drive himself to the hospital and has been released. police are using helicopters and shooter. also in tennessee powerful evidence of how hard fire crews are working right now. these guys taking well deserved rest from fighting wildfire. battling the flames for 30 hours straight before this sidewalk map. the fires burned thousands of acres and killed 10 people. the second man to walk on the moon will remain in the hospital over night. buzz aldrin flown from the
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the 86-year-old was visit ising as a tourist when he started feeling under the weather. he had to be evacuated. he is good spirits. joe ducey here talking about holiday travel coming up real soon. we want to start with rental cars. before you leave the lot, check the car for damage and write anything down. even the small things on the contract so you and don't buy their insurance. check your insurance. >> travel on tuesday, wednesday and saturdays. cheapest days to fly. >> if you are bumped from a flight, you can get 400% back in cash. . >> $3,300 for damage or lost luggage is how much you could get back.
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page for more information and safe travels. >> thank you. from the abc 15 live desk a man on the run. police need your help finding him. here is a picture. authorities say the 42-year-old sunshine carter molested a 10- year-old girl police got heard. he hasn't been seen. he may be a danger to himself andorallies. he may be driving a 2001 harley davidson motorcycle. call 911 if you see him . and so it clubs across wisconsin recounting votes for the 2016 presidential election. green party candidate jill stein leading the effort for the recount and today it got underway. most of wisconsin will hand count the ballots. a few others will do a estimation. the findings -- combination. the final combination. the findings due december 12. starbucks ceo howard schultz is stepping down. in april he will become
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social impact activities. chief operating officer kevin johnson will replace him. abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> the cardinals toughest opponent has been themselves. last three losses combined the cards flagged for 26 penalties. costing them 240 yards. do the math, 80-yard per loss. you don't have to be a wiz to huge disadvantage. >> ball not falling my way right now. we have lapses to where -- shooting ourselves in the foot. [ indiscernible ] >> patrick peterson said if it
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to dig themselves out of holes. >> mental errors. one of the big problems. >> he hasn't seen this since he was at temple. >> hopefully the season is still salvageable. hoping for warmer temperatures -- [ talking at the same time ] >> it will get slightly warmer. another storm system clouds and radar. this system bringing snow showers at this hour through nevada, utah, colorado, and further north and now into new mexico. we had a little activity near the desert earlier in our state but as we look at abc 15 desert doppler the time lapse video it has fizzled out. nothing left falling tonight but more chances for snow showers up north into tomorrow. here is future cast, going into
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chance up there for a few isolated snow showers in the flagstaff forecast as well as it y sinks down we will -- as it sinks down we will see a chance for scattered rain showers across southeast arizona, snow into the white mountains into saturday. if you are wanting to head up to the high country there is a chance for continuing snow on saturday at sun rise. at that point everything will be wrapped up best chances there on saturday and then sun rise saturday and drier conditions on sunday for both spots with temperatures a little bit milder there. now as far as wind go, we anticipate gusty conditions across northern arizona, northwest arizona will get the worse of it as the storm system sinks down. winds out of the north. they will be strong anyway and then they will funnel down the
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the western agent will be under a wind advisory tomorrow, gusts near 50 miles per hour. the valley, breezy saturday. 6:00 p.m., breezes could still be continuing but they will back off how are through the how are legislature hour by -- hour by hour through the parade. 51 at 10:00 a.m. and upper 50 at noon. partly cloudy skies throughout the day. highs in activity forecast looks great for tomorrow. it will be a cold morning for us. air quality looks good. and the pollen count will stay slow lo to moderate through the weekend. no concerns there. the forecast, 63 tomorrow in gilbert and 62 in goodyear, glendale, tempe and scottsdale too. here is a look at the next few days. below average tomorrow. milder through the weekend. back up near average with upper
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saturday afternoon. we will talk about next week and the changes coming up in the next half hour. mean messages. where a museum was vandalized and why police are having trouble finding who is responsible. >> the message for whoever is targeting one family with messages of hate. >> and if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america.
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developing tonight vandals
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people about immigration. troubling messages. the graffiti showing up at the new americans museum in san diego. some reading too much immigration. go back to your country. this is ours. and over population and crowding by immigration. museum staff is worried about how children will react. >> it is vandalism. a crime. it is wrong. we don't condone it. we don't support it. we support freedom of speech, this is not the way to go about >> what is making it tough to investigate, there is no surveillance video of it happening. a family in colorado targeted with hate graffiti twice in 7 days. the family saying they used spray paint to scrawl kkk and a racial slur on the door of their apartment. this had the mayor saying they will not tolerate this activity. smile on his face now but
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of this happened. the 65-year-old surf said a shark bit his arm and foot and then he managed to swim to shore off the coast of australia. his surf board split in half. he is expected to be okay. police think the shark was a great white. the fbi has to be at their best. new at 6:30 p.m. the work out applying to be a special agent. >> replacing dark and scary with festive, why you will want
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new at 6:30 p.m. they protect us from threats but to be an fbi special agent
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collect fuel could muster. -- select few could muster. abc's chris gros has more. >> reporter: no matter how much you warm up. i remember feeling loose. there is only so much prep you could do before it begins. >> i am assuming everybody sent their best representative. i am hoping for 75%. >> reporter: that is the odds against us today because in the test only 60% actually pass the first time. the cocktail. >> they don't understand the fatigue that as you will experience today. >> reporter: only this reporter listened. it starts off with as many sit ups you can doane minute. i got 31. -- do in a minute. i got 31. that is a failing grade. the 300-meter sprint. i didn't do much better. >> being a special agent could
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helps you in the stressful situations. >> reporter: with 5 minutes to rest we start push ups. nice try. but another fail. the chairee on top, a -- cherry on top, a 1.5 mill run. >> you don't know what you are going to be asked to do so that is why physical fitness is important. >> reporter: you can't help but collapse once it is over. and thtest is so tough -- the job is even harder. our score today? >> negative 4. you need 12 to pass. chris gros, abc 15. -- >> reporter: chris gros, abc 15. >> start training down. impressive. good job. okay. if you think you can take the test, the fbi is hiring. looking to file 750 positions nationwide. we posted all the information on .
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enforcement law enforcement taser international can now connect smart weapons to body cameras. by using a high tech battery it could alert the cameras when a smart weapon is armed and the trigger is pulled. police are getting a boost to make the streets safer. a $45,000 grant will be used to crack down on dui. it will also allow officers to provide education and public awareness. going green in lights will become l.e.d.s. approving a plan to replace all 100,000 lights in an effort to reduce energy and paintness cost. turning dark alleys into hot spots. abc's sonu wasu is looking into the program and shows us how it works. >> a lot of trash we need to get out of here. >> reporter: once dark, dingy
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it even has a name. the alley of the arts and this is what he hopes it will look like in the future. not just murals -- >> art installation, lighting installations. bench installations. >> reporter: the city gave it the green light. it will be funded by business owners and community groups. they are on board. >> more attractive than an alley. >> reporter: check out the inimages product. -- the images that inspired the product. selling food and drinks. the murals created by local artists. if you are interested contact the city's planning and development department. sonu wasu, abc 15. from one of the worse to one of the best. phoenix will be the number one housing market next year. home prices will jump 6% and sales climb by 7%.
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9 9th. the home to the car auction, but west world is about to lose part of its identity. issues with the dent and the possible sale, and now it is happening. taking bids for the 121,000 square foot tent, $26,000. happening now from the abc 15 live desk a new sheriff in town, one group is using tonight's meeting to celebrate and make a call for action. are about to speak. now that sheriff joe arpaio has been defeated they want to fight back and protect dreamers and stop threats of mass deportation and a plan to try to take back the house and senate. many are spending this world aids day honoring the lost. a candlelight vigil is underway in phoenix. on display there an aids
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with the disease. many are from arizona. the panels come from a foundation and will be available till thursday. also right now honoring those touched by cancer. excuse me. with this holiday tribute tree. it was just lit. kids decorated it with especially made ornaments. tracking your forecast, more clouds today, not just in the valley but across the state, the next storm system starts to dig north and northwest. as we look at clouds and radar. you can see blips here. we saw few isolated snow showers earlier. but at this point we are starting to see clearing again. here is the system. you see this right here as the lines lines tighten up. there is the area olow pressure. it will -- of low pressure. there will be a chance for showers as well. here is what you need to know,
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terrain, flagstaff, rain showers across southeast arizona and really windy weather with this one tomorrow across western arizona. we will look at the wind advisories and what you need to know before heading into the weekend coming up in minutes. new into the abc 15 live desk the governor of tennessee declaring a state of emergency after wildfires killed 10 people. you see here. the damage, described by some as like a war zone. you can see the shells burned out homes, scorched treed and smoky haze. burning more than 700 buildings in one county. the number of injured 75 with several reports of missing people. tonight officials say most of the burned areas have now been searched. shopping inside a walmart, one minute, running are for their lives the next. the tragedy forcing this store to shut down. >> a vacation at sea, wait till
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covered up. >> and grab your phone, which apps are not the real deal and
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or visit us at step by step, you can do this thing. new video tonight, tragedy in iowa, a pickup truck slams through the doorsf a walmart, hitting a display. you can see the store closed and taped off. three people killed. two work there. the injured. in los angeles, a drunk driver plows into an apartment, killing a 5-year-old boy. police say the car came through the bedroom. the driver telling police she swerved to avoid another car. the parents listed in serious condition. another example of dangerous driving in rhode island. a man streaming his 114 miles per hour drive on facebook when
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into a truck. the 20-year-old had to be rescued and is in critical condition. in ohio, a self-driving big rig rolling down the turnpike for the first time. it is a straight and flat road. the a driver will be in the truck as back up during the testing. prying eyes, how it is easier for the hackers. >> will it end up on your table? what is behind the new cereal
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big news today from the fbi, allowed to hack computers or smart phones already hit by hackers anywhere, and at once.
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allows agents to get one warrant. the department of justice says it is needed to help them investigate and track down cyber cyber criminals. you may want to clear your phone with word of a massive hack. a million androids androids infected with bad apps. google says no information has been stolen. it appears to enrichment scheme. demo, wifi enhancer, snake, memory booster, stop watch, clear, flash light, touch beauty, only download apps from official app stores. they dumped oil, tried to cover it up and now paying for it. $40million fine. carnival agreeing to plead guilty to polluting the sea.
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company knew better. encouraging a boy scout of sealierler products as the company pulled its advertisizing. -- advertising. christmas comes early for thousands of california soldiers no longer forced to pay back enlistment bonuses. the defense department has been trying to recoup $20 million that was paid to soldiers but lawmakers struck a deal allowing the pentagon to forgive the debt. we owe our veterans so much and for those wounded it is a struggle to provide the basic necessities. one of the charities benefiting from operation santa claus. >> reporter: when he signed up to serve in the army he knew he would be on the front lines.
6:47 pm
patrol in afghanistan. then an ied went off under neath his unit. >> helmet was blown off. and my canteen took a piece of concrete that went in, the water blew out. >> reporter: he suffered a traumatic brain injury. he had black outs, seizures. he wouldn't work. for two years the family burned >> last christmas, you know, i sold all my tools. everything i could do to make ends meet. but we were short last christmas. >> reporter: a friend told him about military assistance mission that provides support. his children got to meet santa claus and pick out their presents. a gesture that meant so much to someone so proud. >> a lot of people walk away,
6:48 pm
i don't know what to say to that. you know, i did it out of my own will. i don't expect anything in return. but when they do something like this, it shows people actually care. >> reporter: with military assistance mission we are collects, toys, clothing and money for southwest autism research and st. mary's and the ronald mcdonald house. you can drop off your donation at sanderson ford or lincoln, at the abc 15 studios or any ups store and today returns to golf. his first action in 15 months. what are we expecting to see? a win? no. a little consistency and most of all we want him to stay healthy. the sport is that much more entertaining with him involved. he looked like the tiger woods
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four birdies through the first 8 holes. the back 9, however, much different story. struggled to finish it off as he double bogies twice in the final three holes. putting a damper on a solid return. after the first roundwood sits in 17th place. not bad, except there is only 18 players. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> this guy is this month. fresh off two back surgeries. not looking for him to win. just want him to be there. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. all right. if you are headed out in the morning to get golfing in, i don't expect frost delays. it will be chilly. mid-40s at 8:00 a.m. and 50s in the morning. by lunchtime 57 degrees. 56 now. wind at 6 miles per hour. out of the southwest in the valley and across the valley
6:50 pm
surprise, wickenburg, anthem, cave creek and apache junction down into the 40s. as we look up to the north, freezes in frag staff and show low. -- flagstaff and show low. upperwinds -- winds light. tomorrow wind will be howling. all along the western edge of the state. bullhead city, lake havasu, parker, yuma, under advisory for tomorrow. gusts near 50 miles per hour as the storm system starts to dig down. it will increase the wind down the colorado river valley as well. for the valley, not bad. winds 10 miles per hour. occasional gusts near 15. also a chance for snow showers up north and rain showers across southeast arizona for friday afternoon and evening
6:51 pm
system digs down across the state. at this point the valley looks to remain dry, a few clouds. 45 over night. and lots of freezes across northern arizona over night and highs tomorrow at 38 in show low. 53 globe. 45 prescott. and 58 in bullhead city. in the valley we start out in the 40s and end in the low 60s. mesa 62. so will tempe. and in the west valley, 62 is the high in good year and the next 7 days. temperatures look milder through the weekend. upper 60s saturday and sunday. soot afternoon breezy in the -- saturday afternoon breezy in the valley. next storm system could bring rain or snow to the higher terrain across northern arizona. valley forecast looks dry. if the models show that changing we will let you know. at this point partly cloudy skies, 64 tuesday.
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it is time for fouhy small stars. gilbert meeting up with a young man who is already drawing comparisons to the world's top athletes. >> my name is ayman. >> reporter: when it comes to sports he is considered a child prodigy. 8-year-olds, he is competing against kids who are 5 to 7 years older than him. >> three favorite sports are tennis, basketball, and football. >> reporter: he has been he was 4-years-old. steph curry and lebron james quickly come to mind when watching his amazing skills. he won plenty of medals to prove his game is no fluke. >> basketball. basketball. >> reporter: in baseball he is compared to derek jeter.
6:53 pm
nadal and roger federer. on the golf course he looks like a young jordan speith or tiger woods. >> golf. >> reporter: he has game. some of his earliest videos were posted to youtube when he was three-years-old and he continues to mesmerize his comtitian. your this week's small star -- competition. you are this week's small star.
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