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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  December 1, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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this is abc15 taking action. >> mobile homes gutted after fires ripped through a mobile home park. a family that has nowhere to go and now investigators agree it looks suspicious. >> and we thought they'd get away but their luck ran out. >> he only >> a little boy so full of life taken in a tragic accident. the message that his grandmother has for all parents. we begin with brand new information in a your news room agent a deadly situation in surprise. police on the scene. you see them there a suspicious death. at 163rd avenue. officers called out to the area after they got reports of a body of a hispanic male.
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right now. police have not said how he died. we do have calls in from officials. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. two arizona blifrs shot this morning -- police officers shot this morning. one of them seriously hurt. shots exchanged as the two officers went to serve a search warrant there on that sment. one officer rushed into surgery a couple hours ago. we know that officer is in critical but stable condition. the other officer the leg, that officer expected to be released today and we now have learned the suspect in all of this is dead. two different crime scenes along the 101 after suspects start ramming squad cars. that's where salt river police took the two suspects into custody. this is exclusive video. it all started when a security guard called police about a
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parking garage. so when police got there the suspects rammed the squad car and made a run for it. >> and trying to avoid the police nearly struck several pedestrians walking in the parking structure as they were trying to exit out of the parking structure. >> that officer opened fire missing the suspects. finally at the loop 101 and the car stalled. it's still suspicious activity that was, that tipped off that security guard. and updated breaking news right now that we first brought you. it is back open after a deadly crash in phoenix. police were on scene -- they were on scene at that area. there are a few details but we do know the person who died was hit by a car.
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two were destroyed. abc 15's jason bollentine investigators are on scene. >> the firefighters did their job. the flames are out and now sheriff's deputies take over the investigation. two homes completely destroyed. their family thinks this is arson. firefighters hosing down what's left, the family already knows there's nothing left to say. >> this is yt owned. >> says it was her 76-year-old mom, her sister and her sister's kid who were all asleep inside when the flames started eating their home. >> my sister woke up and heard somebody throwing rocks at the window. >> the mobile home behind elizabeth's mom's was also
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>> so he probably tried to get even with the trailer park. >> mcso is also calling the fire suspicious. fire investigators are taking a closer look. jason bollen teeun abc15. now to our $15. now to our most accurate forecast. you probably noticed those clouds that moved in overnight and as we go into this afternoon plan on a mix of clouds and sun with mostly sunny skies this afternoon and more clouds coming these clouds, the thickest starting to lift a little bit to the north. we're not seeing any rainfall anywhere in our state and i don't expect any rain. abc15 desert doppler all clear and while we've seen those clouds move in today not a day for rain here in the valley or across the state. we'll stay dry but also stay cool. it's been a cool morning. we've dropped into the 30s and 40s again here early this morning. and by this afternoon we'll only
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63 degrees. so cool and dry today. these clouds are moving in ahead of a storm system that will push in tomorrow. i'll show you what changes we'll see tomorrow and feel tomorrow. >> thanks. phoenix police busy with a standoff this morning. witnesses say a suspect in that car bailed out of an s.w.a.t. team tried to talk that suspect into surrendering. glendale police are looking for a suspect over near 51st avenue and thunderbird. after someone saw the suspect trying to break into a vehicle. the suspect did take off. authorities aren't sure if the person is armed. so if you are -- so you are being told to avoid that area. this story really breaks our heart.
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tragic accident. hilda quinioez says the second she stepped inside to grab a jacket her grandson xavier bolted out of the driveway. it's hard to put her grief into words but what she does have to say she thinks all parents should hear. >> keep an eye on your kids always because something could happen. out of the blink of an eye and you don't ever to you and. >> she says xavier had only recently learned to walk and was learning new words. now they're collecting donations to help pay for his funeral next week. well it is judgment day for state lawmakers. pleading guilty to food stamp fraud. she'll be sentenced today after she was indicted back in june. her term ends next month. mcso calling it one of the
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abuse they have seen. we're talking about dogs, snakes, spiders, birds, even hedge hogs all rescued from a home in east mesa. investigators say the animals had no access to food and water and were living in filthy conditions. >> so what they're doing is raising these animals to sell to pet stores. so this is a money type operation. >> so at this point no arrests have been made but we did talk to two people who house who would only tell us if the animals were mistreated. happening today a final good-bye to a phoenix fire captain. christ church of the valley in pioria. in an atv crash up in other words and he leaves behind a wife and four daughters. valley women targeted and attacked while out shopping. plus tips to try to make sure you don't become a victim.
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giving the government access to every computer and cellphone you own. why some senators say it's equivalent to government snooping. >> and we've gained strength and we fight and live on in their memory. >> that fight goes on. millions taking a stand against aids today. how you can join their fight coming up next. >> and giving tuesday raised their record $47.7 million for charities this year. we wanted to know if you've
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a new investment this morning to mep sae our first respond -- to help save our first responders thanks to a new grant. this money will add firefighters fromoston and from southern arizona to a group they're already studying. the goal is to measure
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like chemicals and other carcinogens through things like breathing and through the skin. happening today millions of people around the world are taking part in world aids day to raise awareness about treatment and prevention services. you can participate as well. they're you'll see 15 quilt panels honoring those who have lost their battle and are continuing to fight every day. >> this fight is personal and it is elm bodied in each and panel here today represented by each and every individual who is no longer with us. >> well the panel's brought to us by the aunt rita's foundation. they're going to be on display until december 8th. it's going to be at the parson's center for health and wellness
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we will show you how those are being used to bust crooks. >> and the clouds are thinning
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i am totally blind i lost my sight in afghanist. if you're totally bli, i am totally blind
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calling 844-844-2424 or visit starting today all it takes is a single search warrant to search millions of americans computers and drel phones the updated rule is needed for them to track down cyber criminals.
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called it government hacking and surveillance and promises to introduce a bill next session to appeal it. it sounds like something out of a spy movie but it's happening right here in arizona. it starts as soon as you take your picture. computers scan your mug against millions. those names then turned over to detectives. that's how they now facing a list of charges. >> this year alone our detectives have brought dozens of cases forward using the facial reck technology and several of those involved victims that live outside of arizona. >> well mvd clerks are also trained to look for anything suspicious when you apply for an id card. >> valley mom is taking action
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built back in the 1960s. a valley mom snaps some pictures and she says that place is down right dangerous. >> there were several areas that if a toddler tripped they could bust their head open a little. >> now she told the city about the problems and now they are stepping in. we're told the playground steps will be replaced. the graffiti on the equipment will be power washed. if you like wearing sweaters. on. it was kind of frigid out there this morning. >> we went from warm summer temperatures to winter temperatures. fall just kind of forgot about us. you know, but it's only in the 50s plus there's been some clouds out this morning. so it's making for just a bit of a chilly day today. we started out cold too. we started out with temperatures in the 40s. similar to yesterday morning. we've lacked all of that
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in. but they are starting to thin out in a few spots and certainly just south of the valley we've got more clearing. we'll see more of those mostly sunny skies returning with some high clouds. i also wanted to show you a view up north. that's where the thickest clouds are. this is our casino cam and you can see those gray skies. not seeing any rainfall. just clouds that have been drifting in from the west really since early this morning. you see the bulk starting to lift a little bit farther to the north where it's going to stay partly cloudy through the afternoon and evening. with mostly sunny skies. the clouds aren't going away completely but we'll see a little less of them here and they'll be thinner as we go into this afternoon. so your most accurate forecast for this afternoon right now a dry and cool chili 53 degrees under those partly cloudy skies.
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afternoon and we'll gradually warm but only into the low 60s again today. yesterday's high with 62. today a degree above that. overall cool and below average high temperatures once again today. and those temperatures will start to fall back. we'll also see a little bit more cloud cover going into tonight and also tomorrow as we track our next storm system. i wanted to show you the wide view because that storm system is developing to the north. it's going to bring a small cold front in meaning it will bring a colder push of air and also some stronger winds. not much in terms of rain or snow. not today but as we go into tomorrow could see a few of those developing showers. up to our north by the afternoon and evening. also southeast arizona. tuscan slight chance of a few spotty showers. but the valley still looking to stay dry as we just aren't going to see enough moisture.
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especially by friday evening. again, for now not expecting any rain. slight chance of a lingering shower up north. so for the high country tomorrow 30% chance of snow showers. up north especially along the eastern rim northeast arizona too slight chance of showers south of casa grande. next week another storm system moves in but even that one not looking to bring much in terms of rain just a slight chance over the higher terrain. while we won't see much in terms of rain we'll see the clouds and we're going to feel the wind too. we already have wind advisories all across western arizona. if you're going to travel these winds could be an impact for you . we could see some dust and some strong cross winds too if you're driving. what will feel rather here in the valley in just a few
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by operation santa claus is military assistance mission. they help provide the little extras to servicemen and women and vets who often struggle to make ends meet. alex was one of those vets. after an ied attack on his unit alex suffered a traumatic brain injury. he couldn't work and he found himself struggling when the holidays arrived. >> last christmas you know i sold all my toys, tools everything i could do ends meet but we were short. my family's hard to reach out. >> so military assistance mission came through with presents. a visit with santa and a christmas to remember. alex is forever grateful telling us it shows people actually care. all right. people do care. we brought one of those people who care. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> what do you like about
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involved in year? >> it's arizona. it's our 20th year. arizona's key to us and the great thing about operation santa claus. and you know like we were talking earlier it just keeps happening faster and faster every year. >> so tell us about the events. >> well we're kicking off the holiday party season. we've partnered with the bar as well as roger klein. he's goi bands by yuca. we're asking for a $20 donation at the door. 100% of the proceeds goes to operation santa claus. we've got some raffle prizes. it's just a fun way to kick everything off and do it in a fun way. >> when you see some of those charities too you've got again it affects autism families with long term disabilities.
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immediately impact and like you said 100%. >> no doubt about that. and if anybody's inclined to bring a food donation. we'll be collecting clothing, food, and toys at the door. but you know we hope to raise $10,000, $15,000 tonight and put it back into arizona. >> they love cash too. greg didn't mention cash. any time you want to donate cash they can stretch that dollar better than anybody else. look at where you you can go to any one of the sanderson ford or lincoln locations and 120 ups stores and here at abc15 as well. best of luck on the event. it's the first of many to come i'm sure. so they were given bonuses to fight for our country but then the government said we want the money back. now another change and they were
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for some this nickelback song yeah it's their jam. this is exactly what police in one canadian town are going for. they're using nickelback songs as punishment for dui offenders. once they're stopped police will blast nickelback while they haul them to jail. >> what's wrong with nickelback. it's not that bad. does the abc hit show
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about joining the fbi. as the fbi is hosting physical fitness tests at grand canyon university. the track there. the test includes how many sit ups can you do in a minute. you max out on the push ups. you run a mile and a half. he is checking out his metal. >> i won't if he's going to make it. we'll have to find out. here's a reason to about wine. drinking white wine can increase your chance of skin cancer. a glass and a half a day also increases your risk of getting skin cancer on your torso. a link between the two is still unknown. valley women targeted at busy stores all in the past week. we'll tell you what you need to
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a safety alert before y shop this holiday season. two women say they were the victims of car-jackings near two walmart stores. near 55th avenue and northern. a woman says she was approached by two teen boys and asked for her keys. she thought it was a joke until another guy showed up. and here's surveillance images showing two guys who police think. it's not clear right now if
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they are very similar. the woman who owns this car says that three men were working together. they got away but her car turned up in avendale. it is a scary thought someone trying to hurt you or steal your car while you're shopping. >> your best protection is to be prepared. when you park make sure it's under a light like this one so everything's lit up. make sure to check in also it's important to look underneath your car to make sure no one is hiding down there. now try to protect yourself when driving. police say make sure you lock your car doors and keep those windows rolled up. if someone confronts you with a weapon give up your keys and leave. if you're in the car get out and leave everything. parents if you have a child in the car with you let the car-jackers know repeatedly while you're doing that get the
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your car usually not your child. lastly and with the holiday season make sure you don't leave your valuables in the front seat. police say make sure to put it on the bottom of your car or also on the back of your car. an 11-hour standoff sends with a suspect shot and killed by police in washington. it's believed that suspect is connected to the death of a tacoma, washington police officer who was shot multiple times while he was responding t a domestic violence call yesterday. that suspect's identity has not been released. now to the wild fires that are not slowing down in tennessee. seven people are dead. officials say these are likely the cause of those deaths. more than 700 structures are destroyed. most in the resort town of gatlinberg. new video out of the south where at least 13 tornados touched down.
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thousands of people are still without power right now. the areas hit hard alabama, louisiana, mississippi, and tennessee. well the presidential recount in wisconsin is bringing out the looky loos the recount is being done in two large conference rooms. the recount being requested by jill stein. apparently the deal is done. headed to indianapolis today to announce a deal with carrier corporation that they will be staying i at least the jobs that the company planned to push down to mexico part of their operation. the move saves hundreds of jobs but at this point it's not clear what type of deal trump and carrier might have made. we will learn those details later on today. we do have details on the wrong way crash. officers say the suspected driver 51-year-old ferman
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suspended license. admits to having a few beers after work. as for the two couple injured in that crash they are expected to recover but do have some broken bones. buzz aldrin was air lifted from the medical center. he had been in a research center in an arctica. his evacuation was done as a precaution. there's a photo right there on twitter. well the number of americans filing for unemployment benefits is going up. the labor department says applications for jobless aid went up to 17,000 last week. still weekly claims have come in
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weeks. remember this the defense department has been trying to recoop about $20 million in reenlistment bonuses paid out to those soldiers. and the burden of tracking down those soldiers falls on the government. signing up for social security can be confusing. it is just for vets. ages 50 starts at 6:00 at the phoenix mesquite branch library. well it looks like you're going to get your wish. the annual christmas tree is heading back up to the mountain. it's becoming a tradition for hikers up there. but when a group took one tree up last week it was vandalized
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the decorations was littered and the trees were not alloweded. we talked to one hiker who was ready for the christmas spirit. >> i think it celebrates the season. i mean. you know, what we all like to enjoy and be with family and do that and if you're hiking with your family and friends and you can go up there and take a photo and enjoy that as well and enjoy the view. >> it turns out the parks department rep says a tree will be allowed this year. but no decorations and that tree could go up by tomorrow. >> new major league deal. the owners and the players union has reached a deal. in addition listen to this baseball announcing that the winner of the all star game will no longer get home field advantage in the world series. it will go to the pennant winner with the better season record. we have just learned the vikings coach will not be at tonight's game against the
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ago. had a procedure to repair it. there might be a complication that happened due to that. the vikings beat the cards last weekend. cutting the sugar in calories but keeping that great taste. how nestle says they will still be keeping the same great taste. how one university is updating how they tell students you're in. >> and it's getting a little wild here at abc15.
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we have a special guest right here. this is christy from the wild life world zoo. who do we have here. during commercial break i thought i heard something come from this little guy. >> they can make a hissing sound. >> okay. i thought it was christy at first. i was like are you okay. >> but he's just kind of smelling the air right now.
11:39 am
surroundings. what these guys will do is they'll actually open their mouth. stick their tongue out and shake it around. this is a blue tongue sking. and you can see how he has that bright blue tongue. >> so reptiles are cold blooded animals. so body temperature is based on a lot of times you'll see reptiles basking out in the sun because when they're cold they're a lot slower. >> is he threatened right now because i can see the tongue coming out. >> so he's not threatened right now. he actually smells with his tongue. so he grabs molecules from the air and drinks them back into his mouth and that lets him know what's around him and what he's smelling.
11:40 am
hot pink so it's a real big contrast of colors. and if that doesn't work he'll turn around and take off running because as a predator grabs ahold of his tail he'll actually drop it. >> really. >> yeah. so he just leaves the tail behind with the predator. gives him a chance to escape and the predator's usually lef confused. >> so they have special blood vessels. they're very well designed and adapted. they don't have their extra energy supply. his tail will eventually grow back. >> i'm learning stuff. i had no idea. awesome. if somebody wants to come out
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single year. >> still not threatened. >> you know just trying to pack in everything you have to do there in a day. so you want your tv and your internet services bundle together to get a great price. joe lets you know what happened when one man couldn't get the
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watching your money on wall street on this thursday of training. 19,181. positive territory 57 points up right now. first it was caesars and now it's the wynn. and encore. just this week caesar's entertainment made a announcement. well chocolate with less sugar still the same taste. nestle says it can reduce sugar in chocolate by 40%. the process alters the structure of the sugar making it taste sweeter in smaller amounts. nestle plans to gradually update the products in stores. dr. oz may soon be dishing
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claims he made on his show. that 80% of extra virgin olive oil you buy in your stores is fake. they will aggressively defend the story which was covered by other reputable organizations. one of the attacks happening on older versions of google's android operating system. the apps are on non approved sites. says it is not done evidence of any froj lant activity. good morning joe ducey here. you've seen these deals where if you bundle tv and internet you get a great price if you can get it. >> 11 days left to get this
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high hopes for this deal. there's a hitch. century link is not available in his new valley subdivision. >> i said you've got to be kidding i said i've got a satellite on my roof. it will cost you about $150. >> no great deal. no $150 vooes is a gift card either. >> i said you've got to be kidding. >> so melvin let me know. volunteer directed to call. days later. >> he solved my problem and i'm happy. >> melvin said he got a call from the office of the president of direct tv. true or not it sounded impressive and so is the deal direct tv offered. >> we'll send you the $150 vooes is a gift card and i'll give you four months for free. >> and i said okay. >> and he likes the monthly
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>> at&t which owns direct tv says we apologize interest any inconvenience and worked with him to resolve his concern and provide an adjustment. thanks direct tv for taking care of that. if you've got a problem let me know. >> thanks joe. workers are wanted in sprouts farmer's markets. the grocery chain holding a national hiring event with 250 jobs available right here in arizona. get those resumes ready. the event is tuesday from present 9:00 to 6:00. the state. you can get a head start by applying online at sprouts website. remember waiting by that mailbox for days or even weeks for that college acceptance letter. today's generation of young people might not have to wait at all. now using snapchat to let future students know that they have been accepted. dan, i think this is just proof. >> maybe i'm at least say i'm
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snail mail. an entire year's salary. that's how much it would cost about all of the gifts on the twelve days of christmas list. it's only up about $200 this year. here's how it will break down. the main culprit for the increase two turtle doves now cost $375. most everything else is the same price or cheaper in recent years. the highest price tag i seven swans a swimming. geese, swans partridges and a pear tree. just by a couple degrees the clouds causing that slow warm up here this morning but those clouds are starting to thin out and for the rest of the afternoon plan on mostly clear skies before some thicker clouds roll in tonight and tomorrow. we'll still see some of those
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what we had earlier this morning. it's 53 now another phoenix sky harbor. plan on these chilly temperatures to cool temperatures to really stick around through the afternoon. we have made it though into the low to mid 50s across much of the valley. really all of the valley. this after starting out in the 30s this morning in many spots. can you believe it. it was another cold start to the day. 56 in tempe. 56 in glendale and it's officially up to 52 right deer valley. so cool again to chilly out there. so cold up north. we finally made it above freezing in flag sta. we're right -- flagstaff. prescott you're checking in at 53. and our cool start will lead to a cold afternoon or cool afternoon rather. i should say our cold start will lead to a cold afternoon. temperatures will stay below average today with highs only make interesting into the low
11:50 am
60s today. highs will only top out in the 40s across northern arizona. still another day of these below average high temperatures. so again as you're heading out to lunch plan on the 60s. our temperatures will climb from 53 now to noon. we should hit right around 3:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. and again that's below average for this time of year. a lot of low 60s in the valley today. apache junction your high it to 61. 63 in surprise and buck eye. jikt 2 for goodyear. with 60 in cape creek and 62 in chandler this afternoon. now tonight more clouds will move back in. so that will keep temperatures from getting too cold. at least they won't get as cold as they've been in the last couple mornings. jacket weather tomorrow. more cloud cover but temperatures will only drop into
11:51 am
drop into the teens. and down to 31 tonight in sedona. i mentioned more clouds. that's because of we've got a storm system moving in. tomorrow best chances for snow will be in the high country. 30% for some snow showers. accumulations looking light. and it looks too dry for any rain chances. for now not expecting any rainfall here in the valley and we'll see somewhere sunshine as we go into next week another storm system goes into the weekend. still not seeing signs of rain for the phoenix area. we will feel some stronger winds tomorrow mainly across western and northwestern arizona where gusts could be as high as 50 miles an hour. wind advisories could be posted. so if you're traveling to california strong cross winds blowing dust could certainly be an issue. here in the valley winds not as strong but some breezes.
11:52 am
tomorrow. we'll keep some breezes in the forecast through saturday too. so below average highs today, tomorrow, by saturday, sunday we're closer to that 70-degree mark. still in the upper 60s monday but then another drop in temperatures coming our way by the middle of next week. thanks iris. terrifying new details now coming out in the abduction and kidnapping of a northern california man. >> her left hand was in the vehicle they opened the door. she doesn't know because she had a bag over her head. >> that's sherry papini's husband speaking exclusively to abc's 2020. branded his wife before she was let go. you can see more of this interview friday night right here on abc15. arizona police officers targeted.
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brought to you by sanderson ford. >> here are our results. we want to know if you contributed to the records of donations. the 20% said i didn't donate this year. >> as we come up on the 12:00 hour let's recap. surprise story investigating a suspicious detdz. they say a hispanic man's body was found along the road. released. after a shooting this morning the suspect was shot and killed. another officer also shot after they went to serve a search warrant at an apartment complex. well arson investigators are looking into what caused flames at a mesa mobile home neighborhood. family members tell us the man who lived in one of those homes was supposed to be evicted today. here's what's coming up on the now arizona.
11:56 am
there's a new rule that lets the government snoop into your digital life. what is called by some unnecessary steps. >> plus do you have a hard time remembers things that will give your memory a boost. 'tis the season for all of those bright lights and giant floats. yeah, and the arizona twirling athletes are finally ready. they hope to dazzle the judges with 20,000 lights on their floats. they're going to be that float. 30 twirlers with lighted batons dressed as princesses. eight hours a day for several weekends. this is the parade's 30th year. i've been out there a couple of years. danielle and steve will be hosting this year. it starts at 7:00 central in montebello. if you can't make it don't worry. and once again on christmas day. >> have and you know if you're going to be heading out there
11:57 am
50s to 60s. so certainly take a blanket with you, a jacket, a coat for the kids. today's high a cool 63 degrees. tomorrow stronger breezes through the day. mainly across western arizona. we'll feel occasion breezes. staying dry it looks like for now with highs in the low 60s. we do get a little milder saturday and sunday looking beautiful but then another drop in temperatures heading our way by the middle ofex for now those storm systems don't look to bring rain chances. >> i'm surprised how fast this happened. we went from hot. it was legit cold this morning. >> you forget your jacket you'll regret it. >> we're back at 4:00 this
11:58 am
now how's that thing supposed to convince anyone to buy a car? it's just full of hot air and doesn't say much. like the labels you see on a lot of chicken packaging. the ones that say "raised without antibiotics." that's just a trick to get you to pay more money. fact is, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. it's a marketing mr. floppy arms here. though i must say, he is somewhat hypnotic. don't fall for the hype, dale.
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? >> announcer: today, we're talking tinsel and giving your dishes merry meal makeovers. clinton's in the kitchen with "top chef's" gail simmons. mario's cooking up a tasty twist on your holiday ham. and carla's solving all your plating problems. get ready to get merry, right now on "the chew." ? [ cheers and applause ] hey! you startled me there for a second. welcome to "the chew." are you guys feeling very merry and very bright, but also very hungry for some festive new dishes? >> yes! >> well, you have come to the


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