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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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this morning. last time we checked in with you they were still putting out hot spots. >> they finally got nose hot spots out on these two -- those two hot spots out on these two mobile trailers. on the other side of this block of mobile homes and ijust learned arson investigators from the maricopa county sheriff's office will be coming out and taking a look at the scene. firefighters don't know exactly what started this fire. scene this trailer house we're standing right in front of actually had a natural gas leak that was causing some problems. that gas leak probably caused by the fire itself. firefighters had to get that out. had to deal with a lot of hot spots. this fire burning very hot. total loss on two trailers. there were three people who were home. a woman, her older daughter and then a child were all in one trailer when this started
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spokes person. the woman heard some banging, came out. saw the fire. she was able to evacuate herself and those other two people. all the other trailer homes had nobody in them. so that's the good news. those three people who are without a home are with relatives right now. we'll send it back tow. let's get you out the door with your most accurate forecast. we're down to 44 degrees at phoenix sky harbor with 30s across much so grab a jacket april you step outside and plan on another cool day today. 50s by lunchtime and today's high only 63 degrees. some more high clouds moving ahead of our next storm system. and iris we have a crash right now for east valley drivers. right at the u.s. 60 i-10 interchange. but a little bit ago they just
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the 10. looets give you a closer look from our traffic map here. i'm recommending if you're trying to head in from the westbound 60 here. those are looking great as far as your speeds go and it will save you a couple extra minutes: also seeing delays on the 10 and the 17 out in the west valley. any time a police officer opens fire on a suspect it's a pretty big deal. that's exactly what near the talking stick resort this morning when two suspects who were trying to run from police rammed the police cars. the first reporter on the scene of this story. justin what do we know about these suspects and the officers here? >> well everyone is okay and thankfully those suspects are in custody. but you know you're talking about this being a big deal. it really is especially at this
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in that parking garage right there these suspects they almost ran over some of the folks that were here just trying to win big. this all started in the parking garage when one of the security guards noticed something was up with the car. he called salt river police that's when the suspects tried to ram that squad car. they did. when they got out of the parking garage. they made a wrong turn. that's when another officer tried to approach them. that officer feared for his life did hit the suspects but they managed to get on the 101. that's where that car stalled. police believe because it was damaged. they tried to get out of the car and make a run for it. salt river police right on their tail. they were able to catch those two folks. at this point we're asking salt river police what's that suspicious activity. and right now you're looking at that exclusive video. this one guy was put into an ambulance.
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he was put into that ambulance. we're hoping to get answers to that. >> thank you justin. meantime a valley family is talking this morning after a little bit was run over right outside of his south phoenix home. >> absolutely heart breaking. this morning they have a message for every parent out there. >> keep an eye on your kids always because something could happen and you don't ever think that it >> that's hilda kiniones. she says her grandson bolted out of the driveway. we are also staying on top of what seems to be a very dangerous trend. women targeted in parking lots. the locations where two walmarts in the west valley just miles from each other.
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avenue. what info are you getting out there? >> well the woman tells us last night she was walking out to her car here in this parking lot. two teen boys came up and demanded her keys. she thought it was a joke. she handed over her car keys and police say it's an orange copper dodge caliber with an arizona license plate bed3844. this mo is similar to what happened a victim tells those three men followed her into the store and when she was looking they took her wallet and keys. back out here live, they did locate her car out in avendale but there's no sign of the crooks. right now police won't say if these two cases are connected. but danielle as soon as we know we'll let you know more.
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about the accused wrong way driver. police tell us hermine cervantes admitted to having a few drinks after work. and a family needs your help this morning to find zeus. the family says they don't know if he got out or they really don't care either way they just want him back. new at six thousand nine people busted. as deputies uncover -- even along with drug paraphernalia and meth. this was part of a three month long investigation in arizona city near eloy. closer to home the search is intensifying for a suspect involved in a deadly double shooting. you're looking at surveillance
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rail platform. do you recognize that person. dan at 6:06 i have some breaking news into the live desk. listen to this. buzz aldrin was just lifted from a station out of the south pole. this according to the national science foundation which provided that flight. the flight was requested by a private tourism firm. i don't know what the situation here is. dan, i don't know conditions are but buzz aldrin just evacuated from the south pole. president elect donald trump kicks off his victory tour today as he continues to build his administration. abc news is now reporting sarah
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job. and 300,000 federal employees. so far no comment from our senators john mccain from that possibility. the house will vote on a bill tomorrow that will allow the california troops to keep it. they were given the money to reenlist but the pentagon asked for the money back. that led to a lot of outrage from congress. i did rants on that on facebook. lawmakers quickly putting together a must policy build. the 34th annual event will be happening saturday at 1:00 p.m. more than 100 trees will be lit up around the old courthouse. arizona's christmas city back in 1989. mofrd of course passed away in september at the age of 84. check out this new video. you see it right there. this coming out of florida.
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forming off the coast of destine. it did eventually move inland and you can see the funnel at least of that storm moving very quickly. no word if there was any damage done. florida trying to dry out after some wet weather and a lot of rain. that severe weather threat has finally cleared out of that area. back here at home we're seeing some changes in our skies. we did see those high clouds. now they've spread in across the to keep our temperatures from dropping too much further this morning. now a 1 degree difference from 24 hours ago as we sit in the low 40s still. despite those clouds it's gotten cold overnight. so we are down in the 30s in many valley cities. pioria you've dropped to 36. and 39 in gilbert with upper 30s in apache junction. grab that sweater or jacket as
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it is going to be a cold morning and a cool day. and these high clouds will be a little thicker this morning. overall mostly sunny to at times partly cloudy skies with a high of 63 degrees. that still puts us well below that average for this time of year which is 69. so a cool day below average high temperatures. we'll talk about the storm system that's moving our way tomorrow and whether we're going to see any rain the road from sr67 closes today for winter. the closure also includes those facilities. for a check of your local traffic let's check in with mallory moore our traffic expert. abc15 desert drive times brought to you by century link prism. >> our drive time is pretty
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8 minutes. this is southbound from mcdough. but i also want to give you a look at our a-dot camera because u.s. 60 still trying to recover. so if you want to take the 101 to the 202 that could be a good option. also seeing delays on the 10 because of this crash. i cannot believe some images i'm seeing coming out of tennessee. it is heart breaking. we're going to take you there with a new threat for fire crews. >> we have new information this morning coming in about at san bernardino shooter just a day before the anniversary of those horrific attacks.
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as we hit 6:15 i want to bring you the latest information. now learning seven people have died. this happening in the gatlinberg area of tennessee. fire crews working around the clock. my gosh some of these images are just haunting here. the new threat some areas have received rain and crews are dealing with mud slides now. and at least 700 structures have been and danielle they now have a curfew in effect. chris, take a look at this shot from nasa. it is satellite image capturing the drought ridden southeast. you can actually see the smoke from space. this is from four different wild fires. tomorrow marks one year since that dead liter report attack in san bernardino, california. this morning newly discovered
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light on what happened specifically. this picture of syiad was captured. e-mails also suggest farook was upset he had to attend a mandatory christmas party at work. terrifying new details in the abduction and kidnapping of a northern california mother. >> her left hand was in the vehicle chained to they opened the door. she doesn't know because she had a bag over her head. they cut something. >> that's sherry papini's husband talking exclusive to abc's 2020. also revealed that the suspects who are on the way branded her before she was let go. you can see more of this interview friday night right here on abc 15. a group took one up that mountain last week.
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one got vandalized and then removed. a parks department rep said previously the decorations were littered and the trees just wouldn't be alloweded. that left a lot of hikers disappointed. >> i think it celebrates the season. what we all like to enjoy and be with family and do that and if you're hiking with your family and friends you can go up there and take a photo and enjoy the view. >> we're told the tree will be allowed just no decorations because they can fall so they say a photo is worth a thousand words especially when it's from a wedding. in 1946 no one in their family took photos of their big day. it's something the couple they regretted for years and years. >> last week that changed though. they did this photo for their 70th anniversary. it was a gift from one of their granddaughters. they looked so happy and in
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heaving mess here. >> well you were 16 so you're getting close. we'll see some changes in our skies and i wanted to give you a heads up because you'll notice them as you step outside. but we're not seeing any rain with those high clouds. abc desert doppler all in the clear. so i'm not expecting rain at times they'll be a little thicker. especially here this morning but afternoon and dry weather for the valley. also dry across the state despite those clouds spreading in from the west. you can see on satellite clouds and radar they're not producing any rainfall. that storm system off to our northwest. and it is going to gradually sink closer to our state today. by tomorrow it actually moves in. but we're not going to see any rain from it. at most a few snow showers. but the valley just looks too
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we will keep those clouds around through the day tomorrow but again not going to see any rain here in the valley. saturday starting to dry out in the north. dry here in the valley. then another storm system moves our way early next week. so more clouds the next couple of days and more breezes by tomorrow. now here in the valley just between about 5 and 15 miles an hour but up north and in western arizona we've got wind alerts as we are going to feel some wind gusts as high as 50 hour in some spots. if you're heading out to san diego, california that could be an impact. temperatures today stay cool with highs in the low 60s across the valley. mostly sunny skies. temperatures do get a little warmer if you go into the weekend. we'll talk more about that in minutes. all right. let's give you a check of your road closure right now. you're going to see cactus road closed because of an earlier
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cave creek and 24th street. hop up, use that, especially as you're trying to get on and off the 51 this morning. take a look at the big picture. you're still seeing pretty heavy delays out on the 10 in the east valley. but then we also have a new crash out on the 10 in the west valley from our a-dot camera right now. it looks like it's off to the side here. i-10 eastbound right at about 43rd avenue so you're going to see even more slowing the way you typically see on the 10 and a-dot crews got more than they bargained for. state route 77 closed hours longer than planned and that's because of this. take a look. a massive 18-foot tall rock that plunged 150 feet down to the highway. now the good news is here that the rock came down when they wanted it to and not when there are passing cars underneath. mallory from the live desk
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damages. well the world's largest food company says they can reduce sugar and chocolate by 40%. making it taste sweeter with smaller amounts of sugar. nestle says they plan on making the change. happening today millions of people all around the world. they're taking part in world aids day to raise awareness about treatment services. you'll notice 15 quilt panels there honoring those who have lost their battle and those who continue to fight every day. >> this fight is personal and it is elm bodied in each and every panel here today represented by each and every individual who is no longer with us. >> the panels brought to phoenix rita's foundation will be on
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by the mailbox today's generation of young people might not have to wait that long. green bay is now using snapchat to let future students know they've been accepted. those snaps will be in addition to the paper that will still come via snail mail. it is time to donate to operation santa claus. we are so happy to do so because we are collecting items for incredible charities right here in the valley. courtesy of sanderson ford and lincoln. >> and early morning fire. three people without a place to live. the family through tears tells us what happened. >> and players at talking stick
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bargained for. one officer opening fire. we'll tell you what happened next coming up. >> and it's a slow drive on u.s. 60 on i-10. >> plus a safety alert this morning. women targeted in parking lots just like this one. what you need to know to stay safe. >> and freeze alerts in parts of southern arizona. no ale at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always believed the holidays should be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday.
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abc15 live desk. a mobile home fire in mesa. just west of the 202. one mobile home catches fire. it then spreads to three others. and for the first time we're hearing from one of the owners of these mobile homes. jason ballentine h this breaking news for us in mesa. >> yeah, three people out of a place to live tonight this morning rather and we're going to hear from her in just a moment. i want to set the scene what happened here. this mobile home here behind me as well as the mobile home behind it completely gutted in a fire that started just before 4:00 this morning. the flames then spread to two other mobile homes that are damaged slightly. obviously not as bad as the two that are completely destroyed.
6:31 am
a woman in her 70s her daughter, and then her daughter's young child. and just a little while ago a family member showed up and told us it's horrible. they lost everything. take a listen. >> my sister woke up she heard somebody throwing rocks at the window. so she got up and she didn't see nothing. and she laid back down and she heard something else and she laid down and she saw a bunch of orange so she was able to get her baby an there. >> now, you just heard from that woman. she says the mobile home right behind this, the one that's also completely destroyed, the person living there was supposed to be evicted this morning. they think this could be arson. i talked to the maricopa county sheriff's office they are sending investigators out to the scene to take a look. however that is standard procedure any time the
6:32 am
back in to you. jason volentine following the latest on that story. we want to say good morning to you. thanks for starting your day with us. >> yeah, a chilly day. >> a cold day that's for sure. temperatures like yesterday down into the 30s and 40s across the valley. we do have some high clouds drifting in but it is still a cold start to the day. keep that in mind if you were cold yesterday. temperatures very comparable to where they were yesterday. and this afternoon it's going to be a cool one with some high clouds sticking around through the day and below average highs topping out at 63 degrees. i am tracking our next storm system. also who could see snow and how strong the winds will be over the next few days. are you still seeing a lot of congestion on both freeways. because of that you can see everything is off to the side. let me give you a look at your desert drive times on the 10 in
6:33 am
20-minute drive from the 202 santan to u.s. 60. so your smart route on both of those freeways you could always take the 101 to get around that. besides that we're seeing a typical slow and go. i'll give you a look at that next. more breaking news you saw it first. in early this morning. two police cars in scottsdale rammed. you want to it's all unfolding this morning. it ended just a few miles away. justin pazera has the exclusive arrest video morning and the new arrest information. >> let me tell you it started here at talking stick resort. if you've been here trying to win big you know exactly where this is at. the second crime scene those suspects were able to make it down this road.
6:34 am
their car stalled. it all started like i said in that parking garage. a security officer said something's would you please these two folks in the car. they called salt river police. when they showed up those suspects rammed a squad car. got out of the parking lot rammed another squad car. that officer feared for his life and opened fire. he did hit those suspects but they managed to take off. they jumped out of that car and made thankfully salt river police were able to catch up with them. dan and danielle we were asking salt river police what was that suspicious active. it's not clear at this point. we also see some of that inclusive video. it's not clear what actually happened why he had to go to the hospital. but of course we're hoping to get answers to that. >> thank you justin. meantime two women targeted in just the past week. their cars were actually taken
6:35 am
shopping. >> both of these incidents happening in the walmart parking lot. katie connor's taking action this morning to make sure you don't become the next victim. good morning katie. >> good morning, dan. police say your best bet. always make sure first to park in a well lit area just like this one. when you get to your car after shopping make sure no one is hiding and then use a flashlight try to protect yourself when you're driving. so police say make sure that you lock your car doors and keep those windows rolled up especially at red lights and stop signs. if someone confronts you with a weapon give up your keys. if you're already inside the car get out and leave everything. let the car-jackers know repeatedly and while you're saying that grab your kids out
6:36 am
your children. back out here live because it is a holiday season we're going to be doing a lot of shopping. don't leave things in the front seat of your car. make sure to put them on the floor or also to put your purse in the very back so no one can get to them. mcso calling it one of the most bizarre cases of animal they've seen. snakes, spiders, hogs all of them rescued from a home in east mesa. of the animals did not have access to food, water, they were living in filth. we did talk to a couple of people at home. they claim the abls were never mistreated danielle. well dan, this is video we will never forget. a flag staff police officer punching that woman in the face. we've just learned that woman marissa morris may not face any
6:37 am
bonnar. now we're just waiting to learn if officer bonnar will be facing any charges. an 11-hour standoff has now ended in washington state. this after a tacoma police officer was shot and killed while responding to a domestic disturbance call. the 38-year-old suspect was held up in a home there. that's the officer's body leaving t the suspect used two children as human shieldses and armed with a rifle firing shots. both children, the kids they're okay. they're safe and this all started when the suspect had an argument with his wife and lockeded her out of the house. sufficient good-bye today for the family and friends of phoenix fire captain chris fits maurice.
6:38 am
four daughters. today also very tough day for those in michigan as friends and family say good-bye to wayne state officer collin rose. he was shot and killed off campus before thanksgiving just a couple of days before the holiday. police have arrested the accused killer. happening right now people in the southeast waking up, heading outside and getting a look at the damage caused by severe storms there. tornados there killed five people in tennessee dozens more were injured. the storms also damaged buildings and toppled trees in georgia, mississippi, and south carolina. turning to politics now president elect donald trump kicking off a thank you tour. later today he will head to indianapolis to talk about a deal to keep thousands of jobs in the united states. the air conditioning company carrier had planned to move a thousand jobs to mexico before meeting with donald trump. the first candidate driven
6:39 am
election in 16 years will begin today as this recount of 3 million ballots is being requested. recounts this year will not result in victory for hillary clinton. but stein is also suing for a recount in pennsylvania. workers are wanted at sprouts farmer's market. 250 jobs are available right here in our state. get those risumis right side because the event is tuesday from 9:00 to 6:00. get ready for it. stop by any of the stores across the state. you can apply online at sprouts website. hashtag thank you. more than 48 million thank yous to be exact. it's a record. a company that tracks online giving. 22% of all charitable donations were made online. the 38th annual light parade is saturday. i'll be hosting with abc anchor
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if you can't make it out to say hello don't worry. you can catch a replay right here on abc15 sunday at 4:00. as we take a live look outside we're starting to get a better view of those high clouds that i've been telling you about all morning long. they've been moving in from the west but they're pretty thin. we'll go for mostly sunny skies to at times partly cloudy conditions. but all dry as you get ready to hit the roads. we're not seeing any rain as these clouds spread in west. again, they'll be thicker at times but mostly sunny but partly cloudy as we go into tonight. temperature-wise it's going to feel as cold as yesterday. we're actually going to see that temperature drop a little bit further into the 40s. but it will be another gradual warm up and check out today's high temperatures. a high of 63 degrees. that's below average and we're
6:41 am
weekend. i'll show you those temperatures day by day in minutes. and iris we have a new crash. right near mcdough road. hopefully they can get that cleared off to the side quickly. so far the 51 hasn't been looking too bad. but right at the mini stack i think you're going to start to see some of that congestion there. so this is going to be from the 101 to the crash near 43rd avenue is now clear. but we still have one off on the right-hand side. and then just a heads up you're going to see this onramp closure where justin pazera is there this morning. but loop 101 southbound make sure you use mcdough instead. i'm also going to give you a look at that crash. saved in the nick of time. the heart stopping moment as
6:42 am
rescue a driver before a car explodes. >> and how hackers may use malware to stall apps on your phone. and they were in there is a place, like no other. where a walk down main street, can fill you with wonder. and the smile of a mouse can spark joy.
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from all of us at sanderson farms, we wish you and your family a merry christmas and happy holidays!
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this morning newly released dash cam video out of connecticut. teak -- take a look. >> t tree last week. the impact pinned him. and jam led the door shut. several officers who were there at the scene. they crawled in through the range rover's back hatch as they tried to work the driver free. that's when the suv caught fire. officers amazingly they were able to pull that driver free right before the car's interior went up in flames just like that. the driver has since been released from the hospital.
6:46 am
new update on buzz aldrin. for medical reasons. the 86-year-old we have just learned is in stable condition. that's all they're saying and that he was part of a tourist group visiting the south pole. i'll keep you updated danielle. new money this morning to help save our first responders. researchers at the university of arizona expanding study. the money will add firefighters from boston and southern arizona to the group they're already studying. the goal is to measure firefighter's exposure to chemicals, and smoke inhalation. your phone could be infected with malware. most of the attacks are happening on older versions of google's android and operating system.
6:47 am
apps from non approved sites. ? because we all just want to be big rock stars ? ? ? the girls come easy ? ? for some this nickelback song might be their jam. they are using nickelback songs offenders. once they're stopped the police blast nickelback while they hall them off to jail. i don't know if you should be offended if you're nickelback. there's the link there. >> a lot of hating on nickelback and we all started singing that when the song came on. give them a break. an entire year's salary. that is how much it will cost to buy all the gifts in the twelve
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up $200. it will cost a little more than $34,000 to buy everything on the list. two turtle doves which now cost $375. >> most everything else is the same price or cheaper. the highest price tag is for seven swans a swimming. that's going to set you back more than $13,000. ? it's operation santa claus ? ? operation santa claus is the military assistance program. just to make ends meet. alex hawkez is one of those vets. he was wounded in afghanistan. alex suffered a traumatic brain injury. he couldn't work. he found himself struggling when the holidays arrived. >> last christmas i sold all my toys, tools everything i could
6:49 am
were short last christmas. >> military assistance mission came through with some presents, a visit from santa and a christmas to remember. alex was so grateful telling us for people who care. many of you donate food, and jackets and toys local organizations are asking for something else. >> stocks are needed -- socks are the most donated items. they are hoping to change that. the socks from santa drive starts today. drop off some new pairs at the village on camel back or churn ice cream. speaking of socks go to my facebook page. i posted a picture of the thicker socks i had to wear into work today. we're starting in the 30s to 40s across the valley. a lot of mid 30s. so grab that jacket as you step outside. you're going to notice something
6:50 am
we've got more clouds moving in from the west but they're not producing any rainfall. abc15 desert doppler all in the clear. these clouds are moving in ahead of a storm system that will push in tomorrow. at most it looks like we'll see some storm systems. for now it looks like the valley is going to be introduce dry for rain. this is for clouds the next couple of days. really through the next seven days the valley forecast looks dry with just a snow showers going into early next week again for the high country. so a cold norng and a cool afternoon. that's what's on tap for today. a mix of clouds and sun. the 50s set in through midday and then our high up to 63 degrees today. we'll talk about the milder temperatures heading our way this weekend in that 7 day forecast. and iris i want to head out to the east valley. that crash we had at the i-10 that has cleared but take a look
6:51 am
i think the 101 northbound even though that's slowing down too could be a better option. also want to update you on that crash i told you about a couple minutes ago. state route 51. you're going to see some on and off congestion for a couple of miles. and i also want to give you a look at our a-dot camera. it's pretty heavy as you're approaching 32nd street. the cras look for some extra delays there. mallory i have more of the explosive video this is unfolding in scottsdale after an officer opens fire after several officers had their cars rammed. >> meanwhile we're going to be >> meanwhile we're going to be going back out with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time...
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z26zuz zvpz
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on the scene of a big mobile home fire in east mesa. three people barely made it out. and their family members think this was arson. then the mobile home behind this also a complete loss and this family we've been says it's that second mobile home where a guy was supposed to be evicted this morning. they think he came back here and set this fire on purpose. they think this is arson. maricopa county sheriff's office is sending arson investigators to take a look at this one. i'm jason ballentine abc15. i'm justin pazera live at the talking stick resort where officers are investigating an
6:55 am
guard approached a suspicious vehicle. that vehicle rammed a squad car. managed to get out of the parking graunl. that officer opened fire. those suspects took off down the 101. their car stalling. that's when they were taken into custody. everyone is okay. we're live off the 101. justin pazera abc15. justin thank you. police officers shoot and kill a suspect in an 11-hour standoff. responding to a domestic disturbance call at that home. using children has human shields. the children have been rescued. tonight family and friends will remember0-year-old jared brandstater. we are still waiting on the autopsy results to try and find out how he died. that vigil is planned for 6:00. it is judgment day for state lawmaker. she will be sentenced today for
6:56 am
was indicted in june. valasquez's term ends next month. police in the valley are investigating two different car-jackings and all involved women. the most recent was last night. the victim says she was walking to her car approached by three men. they demanded her keys and took off with her car. right now police are investigating whether it was connected to another car-jacking. reporting live connor abc15. katie thank you today donald trump heads to indiana. this as a recount. no word if there's going to be recounts. recount wills not result in a victory for hillary clinton. when we've just learned she has the popular vote. let's talk about your most accurate forecast. if you get ready to step outside soon. temperatures are just as cold as yesterday. this afternoon another cool day on tap.
6:57 am
today. 63 degrees. mostly sunny at times. more breezes and still cool tomorrow. >> and we don't have any crashes on the 17. i also want to give you a look from our a-dot camera in the east valley because of a crash at the 60. >> all right. we had a lot of breaking news this morning. so that's all been updated.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
good morning, america. trail of destruction. this twister in florida caught on camera as deadly tornadoes devastate the south. 48 twisters reported this week. now the death toll is rising. >> it looks like a war zone up here. >> the storm system moving east and a new threat brewing down south. breaking overnight, protests erupt over that deadly police shooting in charlotte. prosecutors deciding not to charge this officer after that shooting in broad daylight caught on camera. >> stop. >> the new evidence and what the victim's family is saying now. donald trump's victory tour. the president-elect celebrates his deal to save more than a thousand jobs making good on a campaign promise. >> call up the head of carrier, hello, this is the president.


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