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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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abc15 breaking news. >> reports of explosions as flames set off ammunition in the east valley. this shows you where off main street and really the red mountain freeway there. jason valentine is on the scene. >> reporter: we've been talking to a neighbor he says he saw the first cop car screaming in here woke up came out and saw all this area on fire. said it was incredibly hot. that trailer is still on fire and it's completely gutted out
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there's another trailer. you can tell there's some orange glow in there. that's because there's another trailer behind there that's flaring up and also on fire. he saw three trailers on fire in all. he says three people made it out safely but we have none of this official right now. we're still waiting for an officer to be here from rural metro and once we get them on scene we'll be able to get a more information about exactly what may have happened. how many people have been displaced in the this fire. we'll be working on this throughout the morning. >> jason we'll be checking back in with you. now to a story you will see only on abc15 happening right now. a skriem spree near an east
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valley neighborhood. two police cars rammed here. shots fired and now two suspects are in custody. abc15's justin pazera joining us live with exclusive information and exclusive video. >> reporter: chris, we are at the first scene right now. we are outside the talking stick resorts. >> this crime scene, stretches down that rock pretty far. this is where it all started right here. there's another skriem scene to the south on the 101 at mckelleps. they were able to catch up to these two suspects right here. this is video you're only going to see on abc15. this started in the hotel's parking garage. security called police about two suspicious people in their car.
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car. they were able to get out of there. that's when that second patrol car opened fire. that car was able to make it it onto to the 101. they jumped out of the car and tried to run. thankfully the salt lake river police were able to caught up to those two a we're asking salt river police about that and we're also skwg why that person was loaded up into the ambulance at this point we haven't heard. >> and of course we have all that information up on lots of details with that story. right now police in glendale are investigating a car-jacking story. a woman says two teenage boys
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parking lot. they reportedly asked for her keys. she thought it was a joke until a third guy showed up and made it pretty clear that wasn't the case. an orange dodge caliber with an arizona license plate. here's some surveillance pictures from tuesday by the way. a woman's car was stolen from a walmart. just like last night's car-jacking three men were working this together. they did get away but that car eventually turned up in avendale. 70 animals dogs snakes, birds, hedge hogs all of them rescued from a home in mesa. the conditions they were living in just filthy. >> so what they're doing is raising these animals to sell to
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so this is a money type operation. >> that's sheriff joe arpaio. they told us the animals were never mistreated. time now for your most accurate forecast. if you're just waking up this morning plan on another cold start to the day. temperature's dropped in several valley cities. glendale you're waking up at 38. in goodyear with 40s and tempe under mostly clear skies. those high clouds will not warm up our temperatures. we're going to stay cool through the morning. another cold start as you step outside. by lunchtime temperatures step into the 50s. we'll see more clouds the next couple of days. we'll talk about whether we've got any signs of rain. all right iris. i want to update some breaking news. police in tacoma, washington
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killed. officers were responding to a domestic disturbance. the suspect barricaded himself in this home. officers on the scene say a woman and children who were in the home may -- have been led to safety. the officer who was killed 17-year veteran of the police department danielle. >> that's terrible. south carolina there aren't a lot of details about this one but we do know the shooting happened at an apartment complex. the suspect was also shot and at last check was in critical condition there. investigators are trying to figure out exactly what led to that gunfire. well the pictures are just disturbing. the little boy it's the
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of inflicting the pain. timothy core has been fired after he was removed from class for miss behaving. police say the surveillance video tell a much different story. >> that video made our investigation showed an assault and showed this 7-year-old boy in school being slammed about by this 25-year-old man. >> that little boy recovering from major trauma to his head. the school district says it is fully cooperating with police. well she took the punch and may not face charges. she hit officer jeff bonnar. the cokenino county had until monday to file a complaint against morris. the case was recently handed over to prosecutors.
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family and friends. at christ church of the valley. he leaves behind a wife and four daughters. well it might be cold, that does not mean it's not important to watch your kids around water. an 11-month old boy is okay. the boy found floating in a pool. crews say the toddler was in the water for about a minute or two. the mom acted quickly to give r detectives are trying to find a lead to find a baby in a woman's truck they stole. remember we showed you this exclusive video right here on abc15 mornings yesterday. happy to say baby is now back with mom and dad. she admitted to using food stamps that she had no business
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fraud calling for supervisored probation and payment of more than a thousand dollars fine. audio uncovers what may have happened to that charter plane. on the last leg of its flight this jet begins to circle in bad weather. then disappears from radar. well the pilot 7 minutes before he could land. 71 people were killed. dan, they're also looking into the possibility the plane could have run out of gas. today we know donald trump is headed to indianapolis to talk about the air conditioning carrier deal. he is going to leave his own businesses behind while he heads to the white house. there's no mention of the hotel.
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his equity steak in the trump international hotel. if trump has to give up that stake she stands to lose millions of dollars. an election recounted started this morning. nearly 3 million ballots will be counted by hand. presidential nominee jill stein. she is allegation pushing to recount the vote in michigan. time right now 4:40 and the temperature 44 degrees. we've got some high clouds moving in from the west. they're pushing in from the west but they're fairly thin high clouds and they're going to stick around throughout the day. still plan on mostly sunny conditions as those thin high clouds shouldn't be too thick through the day. we're going to actually stay in the 40s through that 10:00 hour. 50s by lunchtime and today's high very close to yesterday's
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but your most accurate forecast also has more clouds. i'll show you that 7-day in just minutes mallory. >> abc15 desert drive times brought to you by century link prism. >> and we're starting your morning pretty light here. i'm not seeing any slowing southbound around the k. so this is going to be from the i-10 stat until you you hit the i-10 split. we had a crash from 43rd avenue a-dot camera focused in here. still doing okay. we'll also give you a look at u.s. 60 coming up. happening right now. the time is 4:41. this is a live look from the scene. jason volentine is there. >> destruction across the south. we're going to show you the towns ripped apart by tornados and the clean up that is just
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coming up on 4:45. the first one right here. this is going to be a scary situation unfolding in scottsdale. near the talking stick resort casino there. started at the casino and ended down here. here's what we know two cars were rammed. then shots were fired. justin pazera is on the scene of that. the other breaking news we have right now reports of explosions as flames set off ammunition in the east valley. this is going to be near main street. jason's going to update us in a moment. thank you. happening now people in the
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inspect the damage caused by the severe storms in that region. right here. we know tornados killed five people in tennessee, and alabama. dozens more were injured. buildings and toppled trees in georgia, mississippi, and south carolina. others are deciding to not charge a police officer in the death of a black man. keith scott had a gun back in september when he was shot and killed. >> well dan her story is both a miracle and a mystery. this california mom who was abducted and released three weeks later. investigators say sherry papini was branded with a message.
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two women who said they were very careful. they spoke spanish the whole time and never revealed their identities. >> the suspects concealed their faces in an attempt to hide their identities. >> papini's husband knew something wasn't right all along. before abc15 news at 10:00. taking users the ceo is saying people are already facing warnings, time outs, and bans. it's happening right here in arizona. a-dot is now using facial technology. it starts at the nvd. as soon as they take your picture. the computer scans your mug
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same facial features. that is how they busted teri rice. now facing a list of charges for using the identity of men in georgia. >> this year alone our detectives have brought dozens of people forward. several involve victims that live outside of arizona. >> nvd clerks are also trained to look for anything suspicious when you apply for license. so it is the season of giving some local organizations are asking for socks. >> yeah, have you heard this? socks the most needed and least donated item. they're kicking off a socks from santa drive today. >> we see our clients light up when we give them the socks.
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they're wet. and it means a world of difference to them. >> just bring new socks to the village on camel back that sock drive goes through the 15th. we are off to another cold start across the valley and really across the state. and this cold start will lead to another cool afternoon with the low average highs. the difference today is that we'll see more high clouds drifting through the day. we're alread them running through the west. we're sitting at 44 degrees. our sunrise a minute before 17 in case you're making plans around that sunrise. now we are in the 40s in phoenix but we've got several spots in the 30s. you're one of the cooler areas. also check out maricopa. down to 34. still holding on to those 40s.
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temperature will still fall another few degrees by sunrise. so phoenix will go from 44 now down to 41 by 7:00 a.m. that was actually our low yesterday morning. so if you were cold yesterday i think you'll feel cold. our temperature stays in the low 40s through 8:00. we'll still be in the 40s through 10:00 early this morning. it's 44 in phoenix. 41 at lake havasu and we're actually a little milder in the high country. in the teens right at 11 degrees in flag staff but still cold in spots like the grand canyon where we're coming in in the single dingts. we do have freeze alerts in
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those free effects. that cooler air in place across the state. high clouds move in ahead of it this morning and through the day today. those clouds stick around through tomorrow as that storm system starts to sink south and into our state tomorrow. it's going to bring more clouds and breezes especially to western arizona. we're not likely to see much rain from it. those clouds will stay cloud though. tomorrow the best rain chances will also along the rim. it does look like the valley is going to miss out on those rain chances tomorrow. temperatures stay in the low 60s through the end of the week then a bit warmer this weekend near 70 degrees by sunday. we'll talk about who could end up with those snow showers and
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in the next few days in minutes. all right. i'm going to head out to the east valley right now. your desert drive time is about 7 minutes. and this is westbound from the 202 santan until you hit u.s. 60. it's also pretty quiet. it's picking up a little bit in the westbound direction. so as you're approaching the 101 but really wherever you're waking up we're looking pretty good. i'm going to give you a look at those restrictions f on some of our service streets in just a couple of minutes. during the 30th annual aps electric light parade. all the fun gets started at 7 central in the parade valley. i'll be out there with steve irvin. so if you can't come out and say hi don't worry you can catch it right here on abc15 at 4:15 on
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the latest news from netflix. >> a nod to the news that subscribers can now download netflix shows to watch them offline without the internet. >> good news for anyone waiting for apple's wireless headphones. a custom received an e-mail. he apparently was apologizing for the delay and hopes to begin shipment in the next tw >> amazing built in the 1800s and has a big fireplace. there's also a toy workshop estimated at $50,000. it's not on the market. >> where do all the elves sleep? >> they're in the back somewhere i don't know. >> there are are your tech
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vets who often struggle to make ends meet. alex jockez is one of those vets. he couldn't go to work. found himself struggling when the holidays arrived. >> last christmas, you know, i sold all my toys, tools everything i could do to make ends meet but we were short last chri my family it's hard to reach out. >> military assistance came through with presents. alex was so grateful telling us it actually shows that people care. clouds are moving in from the west. how cold it will be when you step outside. >> and we have a lot of breaking news we're following right now including a mobile home fire in
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>> well chris, we have two total losses, four mobile homes damaged in all. this is a big fire. so i want to set the scene for you. this mobile home behind us is where it started. three people were in this home just before 4:00 in the morning. they heard a few banging noises. they ran outside to see who was going on. they noticed their entire home was going up in flames. look inside the window here it's completely gutted out. but then i want behind this trailer right here. you can't see the mobile home but you can see the smoke rising from it. crews have it mostly under control. they're just using their tools to knock out ceiling tiles. and then two other mobile homes. or at least slightly damaged. we know three people who were in


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