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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  November 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MST

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breaking news. seems like too much of a coincidence. a second carjacking at a wal- mart. a woman says two teen boys came up to her near 55th and northern and asked for her keys. she thought it was a joke until a third showed up and told her otherwise. her car couldn't be hard to
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it's orange be license plate bed3834. >> the mo is similar. the woman's car stolen from the wal-mart northwest of that last one near 79th and peoria. that one turned up in avondale. the victim tells us three guys were woushging together. -- working together. the last ones to see him alive. a little boy's grandmothe speaking out after he was run over in front of their south phoenix home. >> as nohelani graf shows us it's hard to put into words but what she says is something every parent needs to hear. >> we were all here. >> and happy memory about a gathering. >> he was right there. he walked up to there and i
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>> my daughter and son-in-law are very good parents. >> that's how fast she says he slipped out of sight as she grabbed a jacket and her daughter turned away. >> we were going to chase him to grab him. he was running off. he never goes out the gate. >> that's how fast he was hit by her neighbor, a friend. she grieves for him too. >> it was an accident. >> she says he was small but his >> he said three words, dada, nana, and papa. >> he said what they all hold most dear, family. she hopes hr words can help another family from the pain they're living. >> keep an eye on your kids always because it could happen out of the blink of an eye and you don't ever think that it will happen to you. >> certainly thinking of that
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this family on saturday. there's also a go fund me account. there are ways to help if you would like to do so. more breaking news. a washington state police officer shot multiple times in the line of duty. the danger for the public may be far from over. that officer in surgery. the gunman still holed up in a tacoma home. there are brand new pictures from the scene. the officer went to the home for a domestic violence call. in baltimore somebody fired their gun that gunman on the run. six people shot. two victims dead. this played out in front of a store. the shooting all in retaliation for a murder several days ago. protesters on the street tonight since no charges will be filed against a charlotte police officer who shot and killed keith scott in september. his family has questions. so they aren't sure if they'll
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deplorable conditions. that's how mcso describes the place dozens of animals were living. dogs, snakes, bishdz, spiders -- birds, spiders, rescued. kim joins us now. kill kim? >> 70 -- kim? >> 70 animals recuperating here tonight. others being checked out at the vet in what the sheriff's office says is one of the most bizarre cases thef ever seen. -- they have ever seen. crates stacked on each other as feces and filth litter the home. >> what are they doing with these animals. >> an animals had no access to food or water. suiting up crews removed 15 dreedz of dogs and other -- breeds of dogs. and other xotdic pets. >> -- exotic pets. three adults in the home are
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the owner of the house runs a paws and claws mobile grooming company. this neighbor says she only spoke with them once. >> they told me they were dog groomers and they were very scary. >> this isn't the case of an animal hoarder but a chance to make some cash. >> what they're doing is raise raising these animals to sell to pet stores. so this is a money type operation. >> an down as the sheriff's office tries to figure out what to do. >> this is something new to me. if anybody wants a tarantula we're going to adopt it out. and hey, just take care of it. >> tonight no arrests have been made. but today the sheriff said they are coming. and we actually did get to talk to two people who live inside of that home tonight. they really wouldn't say much. only that these animals were
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we'll keep checking on this story. >> some of them really young. glad to see they're safe tonight. she took the punch and she may not face charges even though flagstaff police say marissa morris hit officer jeff. it comes down to a deadline. the office had until monday to file a formal complaint against morris. that reportedly did not happen. the case was just recently handed over to prosecutors. it may be cold but that doesn't mean it's not importt to watch your kids around water. an 11-month-old boy is okay after being found floating in a pool. crews say the boy was in the water for a minute or two. mom gave him cpr right awayment. a killer on the run. he has two victims. the second man shot on a light rail platform this week died. we're going keep showing you the surveillance video. the police believe the guy in the hoodie could be the suspect. if you know who he is give
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meantime detectives trying to find the person who stole a woman's truck with her baby inside near 67th in camelback. the crooks drove about three miles before dropping the baby off with strangers. we showed you the video last night. the baby back with mom and dad. >>new information about the accused wrong-way driver who hit a couple head on. turns out he was driving on a suspended license. he didn't even remember the crash saying he had a couple of er he told detectives he didn't know why he would have traveled that far north. as for the couple their injuries are significant. they broke a few bones. one has a punctured liver. they are expected to be okay. adot now using facial recognition technology to bust identity thieves. it starts at the mvd when they take your picture. computers scan your mug against
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names are turned over to detectives. terry rice is facing a list of charges for using the identity of a man in georgia. >> this year alone our detectives have brought dozens of cases forward using the facial recognition technology to capture and id thieves. several involve victims that live outside of arizona. clerks are trained to look for anything suspicious when you apply for a driver's license. it's the camera that got this guy in trouble. he took more than 40 videos of people in bathrooms. brandon sorrentino denies those accusations but police say the evidence is on his phone. all new right now. taking action against toxic users. that's what reddit is saying about the internet trolls getting out of control. the ceo telling cnn they have identified hundreds of users facing warnings, timeouts, and bans. there's a way to block any hate
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tomorrow a tough good-bye for the family and friends of phoenix fire captain chris fitzmaurice. he died last week in an atv crash last week. he leaves behind his wife and four daughters. tomorrow also a tough day in michigan. friends and family say good-bye to colin rose shot and killed off campus a few days before thanksgiving. police have arrested the accused killer. the saying it is ready to help heal tennessee families in a huge way. dolly parton herself promising to give thousands to the six families who lost everything in the wildfires. she's starting the my people fund to give back. more on the fire fight coming up in minutes. a weather alert as we track tornados in the south. it might be dark but you can see the damage there left behind from a twister in alabama. homes and stores destroyed.
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ground there. as we track the storms the line is stretching across portions of the south. through parts of georgia, south carolina, north carolina, and the storm system is actually centered farther to the north than that. and another one bringing snow right now to nevada and utah. and here's what happens as we head to friday. this thing dips down a little bit closer to us. a chance for snow to the high country. in flagstaff a chance in the friday forecast. some of see. tonight kanye west out o the hospital end -- out of the hospital ending an eight-day stay. he was being treated for exhaustion. you may have heard the rest of his saint pablo tour was canceled. an agreement on the diamond. mlb owners and players meeting in the middle on a five-year contract. it's a few hours before the current deal expires. just a verbal deal so far.
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thresholds, penalties and the team's draft order. one more elector who does not want to vote for president- elect trump. she's a democrat from washington state. the 19-year-old says she's trying to get other electors to change their mind before the official vote next month. she's part of a small group calling themselves the hamilton electors. apparently an apology can be worth a lot of money. the youber who -- youtuber who had autism is making money off his apology video. he's collecting ad money. the guy posted the video after melania trump threatened to sue. a problem park getting tlc thanks to a valley mom. it was built in the 1960. it's definitely seen better days. a valley mom snapping pictures. she says it was dangerous. >> there were several areas
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which is really common, they could bust their head open a little. >> she told the city about the problems and they're stepping in. the playground steps will be repraised and ask -- replaced and the graffiti power washed. you can call the parks and rec department if you have concerns. a race against the flames before they take over a city. and moments ago a family confirming the worst. oh drama. a compromise to keep the tree on camelback mountain. let it out. the feds are begging you to complain since ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ?
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(avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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breaking news now at flames try to take over an entire city. the wildfires in tennessee blamed for seven deaths. we're told that's likely to rise. the family confirming they lost
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they were on the phone when her house went up in flames. the call was disconnected. a curiosity intensifying tonight about the california mom abducted and released three weeks later. investigators say sherri papini was branded with a message but they're not revealing what it said. they're after two women who they say were careful and only spoke spanish the entire time. never revealing their identities. >> the s faces in an attempt to hide their identities from her. >> her husband knew something was not right all along. you can hear from him for the first time this friday night on 20/20 before abc 15 news at 10:00. more than a year since a scottsdale mom vanished. police need more help since they think cristin crable is in trouble. they need tips. she was last seen at her apartment near the loop 101 in scottsdale.
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how does a plane take off without enough fuel. one of the many questions to be sorted out in the next few months after a deadly crash in colombia. a drone now looking at the wreckage where dozens lost their lives. most of the members of the same soccer team. air traffic control was dealing with two emergencies at the same time. another plane diverted for mechanical issues. the pilot of the plane was told to wait. donald trump will reveal tomorrow the plan with inn- based carrier -- indiana-based carrier a company that was going to transfer jobs. there are reports layoffs will still happen despite keeping about 800 jobs in our country. an inside look at the clerk's office in wisconsin where an election recount begins in hours. it will be done by hands. the push coming from green party presidential nominee jill
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in michigan as well. a phoenix family needs your help to find zeus. he's a service dog for this army veteran who toured in afghanistan and suffers from ptsd. the pitbull went missing yesterday. he's microchipped. they don't know if he got out or was stolen. they don't care. they just want him back so he can help their soldier. a soldier missing for more than 60 years and declared dead a long time ago is now in a way home for christmas. daniel hunt fought in the yee yan war. he was -- korean war. he was labeled killed in action. his remains were finally recovered after decades of mystery. they are back in the states. his family was there at sky harbor today. the funeral is on friday and we will be there. join us that night to hear his story. answers on the tradition of a christmas tree right at the
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will it continue? >> jon erickson with a reason to be watching the hikers. >> the cacti are the year-round green decorations on camelback. this green decoration is just for the holidays and it's a tradition. here's why abc 15 toto last year. -- to be to be last year. -- t -- kim tobin last year. there were questions about whether a new tree would be allowed. ryan just finis he hopes to be able to see a christmas tree next time. >> i think it celebrates the season. what we all like to enjoy and be with family and do that. and if you're hiking with your family and friends you can take a photo and enjoy that as well. and the view. >> the mountain is part of a city park and the parks department says a tree will be allowed. but no decorations from here on out due to concerns they will fall off and threaten wildlife.
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on friday. in phoenix jon erickson abc 15 news. kim looks so rested when she was up there. >> i know. i haven't done it in years. i'm too old. >> i know. i can't do it. you'll have to carry me back down. >> usually we say go early so you can beat the heat. not anymore. >> no freezes in the valley but freeze warnings down the south. let's talk about those temperatures. we're going see uppe oracle, globe and eloy. down to 30 in casa grande and 31 in cooligde. there's a look at the temperatures buckeye at 45 so is glendale. apache junction 50. look at the drop off. superior 38. florence and casa grande in the upper 40s. phoenix sky harbor at 51.
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from variable directions. winds are light if not calm in the high country. you look at the temperatures next to the windchill and windchill is not a factor in most places. 31 in prescott. feeling like 24 at this hour. as we head into tomorrow and more so into friday an increase. this is tomorrow afternoon. still not bad across the state. overnight going into friday morning breezes pick up across northwestern arizona. there. we're going see the breezes stretch farther to the east along the rim through sedona to the white mountains as the storm system comes down. wind advisory in effect for lake ha have a sigh n. the -- lake havasu. more of an event to the northwest. dry here too.
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isolated snow shower in the flagstaff area for thursday night the friday. as this digs down, cloud cover tomorrow. the valley in the afternoon hours and evening as well. friday you see the slight chance up there. not expecting major accumulations. perhaps a light dusting in some spots. here the the valley more clouds. temperatures in the low 40s tomorrow morning. temperatures still well below the average of 69. mesa 62. scottsdale 63. lots of upper 40s and low 50s in the overnights. and as we take a look across the state very cold air up to the north. talking frigid single digit lows in grand canyon tomorrow with highs in the upper 30s. now temperatures don't change much on friday. by saturday and sunday the sunshine returns. back to the upper 60s. monday and tuesday another storm system to track.
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perhaps rain and snow up north. and another drop taking us to the 50s by next week. yeah you know that sound right now. collecting money, toys, kids clothing, and nonperishable food items for the charities on your screen. stop by sanderson ford or lincoln or our studios. you can also give to the cause
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fraud. if you want to complain, complain for the right reasons. the government is asking you to do it. the feds want to know about problems on the roads and our cars. up until recently they didn't have enough people to go through the complains. staffing is up so they want to sift out the problems. it's a christmas tradition sure to put you in the holiday
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news just coming in. the second inmate who escaped a jail in california last week was just caught in san jose. more breaking news out of tacoma. police confirming the washington officer who was shot has just died. the gunman though holed up in a home right now. we'll continue to follow this the latest on abc 15 mornings. abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> the phoenix suns off to a
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of the first 18 games taking on the atlanta hawks. they jump out to a nine point lead. hawks cut it to two in the half. the hometown team ringing it in. the suns pull out the win. 109-107. 465 days since tiger woods played golf in public. lots of eyes on woods and tiger as he heated up in it went well. two eagles and two bogeys he feels goot about the game. he'll -- good about the game. never too young to chase olympic gold especially when you dad is michael phelps. going live on facebook today for baby boomer's first swimming lesson. he took him to the same pool where he trained and brought his first swimming teacher to help the infant adjust.
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lights and giant floats. >> the aps electric light parade is saturday. and the twirling athletes are ready. they hope to dazzle the judges with 20,000 lights on the float and four former miss arizona contestants on board. they worked hard eight hours a day every weekend for several weeks. >> we really enjoy doing this for the community. we feel like if we don't eventually there will be nobody building floats. it takes a lot of effort. >> this is their 20th year to enter a float. >> a lot of people doing it year after year. the 30th annual parade is on saturday. i'll be hosting with abc 15 mornings anchor danielle lerner. it starts at 7:00 p.m. if you can't make it out you can catch a replay on abc 15 at 4:00 p.m. on sunday. all right bring a jacket. temperatures chilly out at the
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if you're headed to phoenix here's a look. 58 degrees as it starts at 7:00 p.m. mid-50s by the time it's over. we knew it would all pan out. bryan making the move to queen creek where he'll have an acre of land to run and play. he's partially blind and was the only dog not adopted during
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight bono, julia roberts, channing tatum, dj ka legal, neil patrick harris, and the killers. and now, ready or not, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy, the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. you are watching our second annual red benefit show.


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