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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  November 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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the trump transition team has people from our state capital. find out coming up. this morning so far so good as far as any delays or crashes. you are seeing your typical delays the 19 minute desert drive time from the mini stack. you are really not seeing any crashes but iris, folks will probably want to get that heater going. >> absolutely. we have some freeze alert south and east of the phoenix match the phoenix metro. in the valley we are waking up to 30s and low 40s. it is going to be cold as you step outside.
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morning. temperatures staying cool and i will break down the planned for you next. severe storms hitting alabama, georgia, tennessee leaving destruction. three people died in alabama with two dying in tennessee. we saw tornado warnings all night long with some of the newest images coming in because dozens of people county went to the exact same shelter and they also arrived. this is what is left of one home. that is the front door of a home. that is all that is left. this picture gives me goosebumps. the 24-hour day care took a direct hit with three children in critical condition here.
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>> first things changing for a valley mother who leaves her car running while she steps out. the thieves jumped in. >> abc15's justin pazera following the search for the suspects. they are still out there right now. >> we have all been there. you hop at of your car just for a second going to be all right but then they took off. they did not know the baby was in the backseat apparently. we have video of the baby being reunited with the mom and dad. what a relief. police were looking for the child for over one hour. you cannot imagine the agonizing time the weather spent wondering
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we spoke to the woman who held to the child tied -- tied -- tight. >> it is better for them to have dropped it off somewhere where there is people so that she will be safe. >> right now police are looking for a silver tundra pickup within arizona license plate and it is justin pazera, abc15. a tragedy for a phoenix family after a 1-year-old boy is run over and killed. it all looks like a tragic accident. police say the neighbor's truck backing out of the driveway. several neighbors could hear
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fall. >> i went toward it and i saw people going crazy. there was a dad in shock and angry. >> the parents were so distraught they got into their own car and a dispatcher helps intercept them a few blocks away. we are learning more about the guilford teenager killed in cameron k was always seeing with a fishing pole in his hand. was with a friend over the weekend and somehow one of the vehicles rolled over. we will not tower in the face of adversity but our student body will come together. the community rallying
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plowed through a crowd with his car and isis is taking responsibility. as of right now there is no direct contact between isis and the suspect. the somali born student said on facebook he had made peace with the islamic state group. a new federal initiative to prevent death. th train ordinary people on how to treat gunshot wounds and other injuries. that person would be the in between four emts arriving on the scene. we know two names from arizona will be part of the trump transition team. track abc15's katie conner is at the capital. >> reporter: jeff dewit spend time at the capital managing
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of the trump transition team. dewit was just named a special advisor for operations. no word yet if or when dewit will step down from arizona. also stephanie grisham will serve as the press director. remember her name from the state capitol and also as the arizona attorney general. we are looking at two other big names with jan brewer and the sheriff joe arpaio. katie conner, abc15 news . in the valley a scheme in scottsdale ended with a wells fargo bank getting robbed. police say he robbed a bank near scottsdale in thomas
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call police if you recognize him. no solution in west valley one day after the city council voted to not raise mysterious high water rates. the mayor is working to get to the bottom of those bills but his team has solved 45 cases so far. if you want to see the grand canyon you had better head to the south rim the north rim will shut down for the winter. the stretch will reopen in may. abc15 desert drive times is brought to you by centurylink prism. >> crews just cleared a car off of the freeway right indian school. it was partially blocking the exit ramp. it looks like maybe a minor crash or a stall. take a look at your southbound
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desert drive time. really not too bad. as you continue you will see some slowing go but most of your delays will be on the 10 in the west valley and i will also give you a look at the east valley in a few minutes. many drivers are probably cranking the heat this morning. >> absolutely. at phoenix sky harbor we are colder and colder and the west valley has some spots 5 degrees colder than yesterday. if he needed a jacket yesterday, you will definitely want one today. 39 in surprise and buckeye right at 36 this morning. glendale your temperature has dropped down to 37 degrees so a cold start to the day and that
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before we bottom out and warm back up. we are in for a cold day today. you might want the sweater with 60s chilly for us. 43 degrees is the temperature right now at phoenix sky harbor and today the high temperature is 63 degrees. 63 is still putting us 6 degrees below the average which is 69 degrees. nothing but and we will talk about the storm system heading into our state in just a few minutes. >> this is a big one you were talking about earlier. i told you about severe weather now turning deadly impacting travel across the nation. this is in and out of philadelphia national airport with a live look at the departure from philadelphia.
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and the rest are all delays with one 14 it. the chicago cubs are keeping a presence in the east valley strong. this is the new fiesta sports bar at 17 acre park in mesa. they have a bs signage there. the charity donated $100,000 to make that park a reality. how to free groceries sound? you may still get something near food city and thomas. you can get tamales and a sushi bar. the first 300 people to shop this morning to a goodie bag.
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this accident claimed the life of her daughter and this is something every single parent can learn from.
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we have a health alert for you this morning. flu season is maryellen resendez is in scottsdale for us this morning. you just got a flu shot. >> reporter: we want to point out that the flu shot that people think they are expensive. most of your insurance will actually cover the flu shot. you can see at this place they do not even collect a copay.
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around. right now the flu is going to hit hard again this year. some of the symptoms are the runny nose and the coughing. you want to make sure you get the flu shot. it takes two weeks to take full effect in your body and that will help prevent the germs this time of year. last year was one of the worst years for cases of the flu arizona. this year the prediction looks like a repeat. >> last week we had a horrible season. we are protecting this year will probably be pretty bad as well. >> reporter: coming up we will tell you how you can avoid spreading those terms as well as getting those germs. many of them can live on a
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maryellen resendez, abc15 news . now to a story everyone can learn from out of salt lake city. a 3-year-old daughter of byu assistant football coach has died. she died one week after sunny was found tangled in a blind cord. reno mahe 's daughter was found blind -- cord from the blinds. i used to have them in my home. i cut all of them to prevent something like this. >> it is something people can think about right now. dozens of candles are remembering the soccer players killed in a plane crash this morning pope francis is asking
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authorities have recovered the black boxes and all but six people died in that plane crash. he once dominated the football fields but now he is a rapist to serve 20 years in prison. a judge just sentenced darren sharp. high-powered attorney gloria allred spoke on behalf of the victim. >> were it not for of all of the victims who reported his crimes, he would be free today to continue raping women. >> his los angeles sentence will be served at the same time as others around the country. a guy police say is pretty brave. he hijacked a bucket with gold
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he just went for it and it is an 86 pound bucket. officers say he took it down the street and hop into a white van taking off. searching for mike. this cute pup escaped and got lost at the airport. there is a 5000 peso reward. hopefully someone is able to find her and bring her back home. a lot of us are getting out early this morning. it is going to be a cold start to the day. temperatures are chilly this
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maybe you have got the heater on this morning. bundle up here as we are starting out in the 30s and 40s across the valley. we have got freeze warnings to our northeast and to our southeast. those alerts are in effect until 10:00 and even more in store with freeze warnings near nogales. cold with 43. up north we are talking single digit temperatures in flagstaff. we are below zero at the grand canyon this morning. a colder start across the state and today highs in the 30s just barely above freezing in flagstaff. central arizona making it into the 60s and here is how the
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it will be a slow one today and we will still be in the 40s through the 9:00 our -- hour. so it is still chilly by then. today the high is up to 63 degrees putting us below the average for this time of the year. lookahead temperatures will cool quickly after sunset. our temperature stays below average through the end of the week before we start to ee temperatures back up to the 60s. we could see some snow showers in a few spots and we will talk about which areas could see snow in a few minutes. no delays on the 51 but there is a crash off of the freeway on 16th street right at missouri avenue.
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can use seventh street instead. this is eastbound from the 101 to the 17. i want to give you a look from her adot camera and you are start to see a slowdown between i-17 and ninth avenue. don't go breaking my heart. how does a john sound? tickets go on sale monday. it is that time we will keep reminding you please help out operation santa claus. we are collecting nonperishable food items for incredible charities listed on your screen. >> just stop by sanderson ford or lincoln, the abc15 studios
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always donate at another christmas decoration display disappears. this one is all caught on camera. browsing reviews before you buy online. we will let you know how to spot a fake that could take
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at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always believed the holidays should be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday. let's bring back the holidays. the oregon mark helfrich dismissed by the ducks. they did beat asu and finish with a better record than u of a but speculation is running wild
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a smash and grab like none other with every crook grabbing every weapon they cut. the atf says gangs like this one are having a spike in gun store burglaries. those assault style rifles were stolen and that is more than one burglary per day. the majority of them end up being used in violent crimes across the country. a consumer alert. >> amazon has been fighting the battle of fake reviews suing sellers. the website helping you sit through them. it analyzes reviews and examines the language and even the reviewer. >> it spits out whether our algorithm tells us if it is
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>> experts recommend changing the filter from default to most recent. we have a new crash on i-17 at camelback blocking traffic. it is going to be a cool day with highs in the 60s. i will show you how cold it is in your neighborhood this morning next. a home on fire. the pull a woman out and th newest information next. thousands run for their lives of -- as wildfires the ashes behind.
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a tornado watch and morning across the south as these storms hit in the middlof night leaving some with nothing. we are waiting on a big announcement from donald trump and who could be the next secretary of state. sniffles? it could be the start of the flu season and coming up what you need to know. good morning, everybody. we are glad to have you on abc15 mornings.
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waking up to the 30s. tempe dropped to 39 degrees and mesa is down to 36. phoenix still waking up to the 40s with clear skies. a look at your most accurate forecast and we have a high of only 62 degrees. when our next system moves in in just minutes. >> you can see dps on the freeway at camelback road. it looks like they are going to hopefully show you a look from the big traffic map. maybe taking a look at the 10 which is very heavy right now. i want to show everybody some video with breaking news we were following earlier this
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a couple first responders are rescuing this woman right now. she is an extremely critical condition and was found on the floor in apache chunks him. a neighbor heard a noise and called 911. deputies are on the scene one of them smashing through pulling her out. >> talk about a nightmare. your car gets stolen and inside is your child. thankfully the baby is okay but the investigation is far from over. abc15's justin pazera has been tracking the latest. >> reporter: we have no idea who the suspects are but it was scary for this mother because her baby was in the backseat. thankfully they had enough
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looking for this right here we have video of the baby being reunited with the family. the little girl was inside and they did drop her off pretty much randomly. we spoke with the mother of the baby. she is grateful this morning she is finally got her child that. and the guys came. that was the hardest thing. the minute. >> reporter: she was talking about the hardest things theme minutes that child was missing. here is the deal. police are looking for a toyota tundra this morning. the arizona license plate is
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pazera's, abc15 . sheriff joe arpaio will not have any downtime because his trial is a couple months later with the attempted court case. the sheriff faces six months of jail time if convicted. 19 fallen heroes always remembered. they now have a state park in their honor. it opens today and along trail there is plaques commemorating the hero. it leads to the spot where they took their final steps. the entire hike is a 7 mile round-trip. apparently this guy got his hands on christmas decorations in the west valley. a family says someone took off with christmas inflatable's from their home. the suspect put them in a bag
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the family says people on the street are now putting up fewer decorations because they are concerned about thieves. >> we love christmas. it is our favorite time of the year. my daughter listens to christmas music all year round. >> one neighbor put decorations near the roof so it would be harder to steal. back here we no looking at wildfires in tennessee. there are winds hurricane force at gatlinburg pushing them even farther. three people have died with entire buildings gone. more than 250 buildings have been damaged or destroyed. the mayor lost his home and hundreds of firefighters are
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i am a monitoring this fire in missouri north of kansas city. a pipeline exploded last night. the pipeline was carrying liquid propane. bitter rivals joining forces in democracy 2016 with another big announcement expected from donald trump today. abc15's katie conner state capitol with more. >> reporter: things got pretty heated between donald trump and mitt romney. you probably remember when donald trump said matt, -- midronate was the worst candidate in history. romney is a leading candidate for the secretary of state. this is the same mitt romney who was one of the biggest
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this is a video of them taking the stage in mesa when neither of them would even mention the name of trump. romney has changed his tune but mccain is sticking to his guns. >> he even said that people should lose citizenship. >> i will not comment on mr. trump's comments. >> why not? he is the >> because that is my choice. >> reporter: mccain said his job is to make sure our country is secure. katie conner, abc15 news. the world's largest tobacco company may soon stop selling cigarettes. the ceo of philips international says to the bbc the company wants to phase
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but the company now says that they are launching smokeless cigarettes. a different form of e-cigarettes which uses a nicotine liquid. it looks like people may have partied too hard over thanksgiving. we got our hands on the doi arrest numbers. 333 people arrested. 86 were extreme with the average blood alcohol level double the legal limit. a lot of people were in a hurry with many ticketed for speeding. happening right now the storms that have hit the southeast. at least five people have been killed with a tornado hitting a mobile home. the national weather service will be sending teams
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this is an image that haunts me with four children. that was a day care that took a direct hit with four children now in critical condition. after 20 buildings were also included including a church. scary stuff. we have cold weather here. what we need to >> a cold start the day for sure with temperatures into the 30s and 40s this morning. it will be cool this afternoon with temperatures staying below average. dry weather with a little bit of that daylight as the sun approaches the horizon. it will be dry through the morning commute and through the day today with our temperature in phoenix down to 43 degrees
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valley waking up to mid 30s. bundle up on your way out the door. it is a cold morning and today the warm-up is very slow as you look at your most accurate forecast with me. we will be in the 50s before lunchtime. talk about this in minutes. east valley drivers, your commute is starting to see delays westbound approaching chandler boulevard. let's give you a look at your desert drive time. we switch over to are traffic map with a 14 minute desert drive time near loop 202 taking you to us-60. the freeway is also starting to get congestion to gilbert road
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elliott. we are seeing a 30 minute drive for i-10 drivers in the west valley. we will take a closer look at your drive on i-17 next. they saw their way out of jail but one cannot keep up after authorities are ahead of him. the flu season is upon us and what not to do coming up.
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tens of thousands of people honoring the dictator in cuba. look at the crowds gathered last night in the revolution
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to pay respects. leaders expected to attend sunday with the ashes beginning a journey to santiago, cuba. a girls dormitory catches fire in turkey dropping a dozen inside. all 12 died. officials believe the fire exit were blocked. we confirmed 14 people been detained. a man paid to protect high school students is now accused of preying on one of them. he is accused of assault on a child. police are not saying much about his arrest but the principle -- principal says he is not allowed back on campus.
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california after more people are getting sick from eating the same meal served by a church. the number of people who got sick is up to 16. staying in california with one inmate still on the run after escaping from jail last week. his back on his way to santa clara county jail. they got out of a second story window using a bed sheet. that is the guy on the run. it is cold outside and some of us are feeling a bit under the weather with many may having the flu. here in arizona it is not unusual to see flu cases into may.
6:47 am
can come on the very quickly and hit very hard. >> the biggest thing we find is when people have an illness of some sort that they go to work and that is the worst thing. if you think you have the flu, stay home. >> reporter: if you have a child in school, keep them home if they are not feeling well. make sure you get your flu shot and make sure your hands frequently. if you have sick coworkers, keep them safe. the company of mark zuckerberg is apologizing for these -- deleting his posts on fake -- facebook. the company says there was a
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time to get rid of the diaper. are you up for the space challenge? nasa launching a contest to figure out how astronauts can get rid of waste during launches. it has to be hands-free and it must work nonstop for six days. the praise is $30,000 prize $30,000. it is time to help out operation santa claus. that is where we are collecting kids clothing and nonperishable food items. >> for every five dollars you can enter to win one of these beauties courtesy of sanderson ford and lincoln. let's talk about your most accurate forecast with nothing
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getting out early this morning. it is colder than it was yesterday down into the mid to upper 30s. mesa has dropped to 36 with chandler waking up to 37. 41 still in deer valley but just a colder start to the day with 43 in phoenix. we will stay in the 40s through the 9:00 our and by 10:00 hit 50. will have sunny skies and then the high today only up to 63 degrees putting us 6 degrees below average and a cool afternoon. if you're outside with the cooler weather we are seeing higher amounts of sensitivity. we will talk about the changes next.
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traffic center we have a medical emergency on the loop 101. this is the eastbound side of traffic and you are going to see delays back to 35th avenue or so. things are improving southbound because of the crash. we are now seeing 23 minutes until you hit the i-10 stat with the 51 and southbound at northern avenue dipping into the right lane. so far your speeds on the 51 have not been too bad. phoenix will be glowing saturday for the 30th annual aps light parade. i will be out hosting and the parade route ending at indian school. if you cannot make it out you
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abc15 at 4 pm on sunday. several severe storms tracking the southeast with many dead and the destruction coming. crooks managed to steal a car but there was a baby in the
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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with five people died ripping raise your alabama storms. -- ripping right through alabama . four children are in critical condition after a tornado hit a day care center. it was destroyed more than 1.5 miles long. the destructive fire trapping a woman in apache junction. the deputies were first on the scene. the woman was on the floor and the busted in and pulled her out. am justin pazera in phoenix where it was a scary night after someone stole a phoenix mother's car. her baby girl was in the backseat. they ended up dropping off the
6:55 am
a stranger to call police. thankfully that's little girl is okay the police are looking for a tundra pickup truck with the arizona license plate bez4872. justin pazera, abc15 . the president elect making his first deal to keep 1000 jobs in the united states. he is working with the air- conditioning company in indiana and is agreement tomorrow. i'm katie conner at the capital where two people are part of the trump transition team. stephanie grisham will be the director with jeff dewit. katie conner, abc15 news. you can pay tribute to the
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spot. it is 7 miles round-trip. the arizona humane society found homes for 300 pets. the shelter cleared out except for this little guy right here. >> the 5-year-old german shepherd cannot see very well but he can still get around. one group may be playing hooky today. gma the coworkers splitting a jackpot. >> later on the femur -- the famous actor talking about the church of scientology. all right. let's talk about your most accurate forecast . you'll wake up to temperatures in the 30s
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degrees with temperatures staying below average for now. the next storm system lives in on friday with temperatures a little more mild this weekend. we are up to a 30 minute desert drive time with a quick look at a crash at northern. we are back with the latest in a 25 minute. evything. it's all of this, this, this, and this.
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good morning, america. deadly devastation. 23 reported tornadoes tear through the south. >> there's a tornado right there. >> destroying homes and demolishing a day-care center. as those massive wildfires rip through tennessee. >> go, go, go, go. >> the largest there in a century. forcing thousands to through a terrifying path of flames. >> my house is on fire. >> leaving a trail of destruction, now more severe weather is on the way. breaking news, president-elect trump with a major announcement about his new cabinet this morning and that dinner with former rival mitt romney overnight. >> president-elect trump is the very man who can lead us to that better future. >> speculation now growing over the race to be secretary of state. as trump's team announces a deal to keep hundreds of jobs here in the u.s.


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