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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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next coming up. two arizona names joining the team of trump. who they are coming. >> you are watching abc15 mornings with danielle lerner, christopher sign, dan spindle, iris hermosillo, and valerie more. the small window we have. a lot of temperatures in the 30s this morning. those temperatures in the 30s and 40s across the valley with a clear and cold morning. the afternoon stakeholders to but it is sunny and dry. the temperature in phoenix just dropping 243. i mentioned we would keep dropping and i still think we could drop even further this afternoon. i will break down your hour by
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>> iris, so far your freeways are looking picture-perfect right now and that includes the 10 in west valley. it is still a 10 minute drive time. am hearing of a possible crash on loop 202. i will try to get some more details in the next couple of minutes. in the southeast portion of alabama right through the area. this brand-new video coming through from alabama with at least three people having died. a day care center is flat with at least four children having been taken to the hospital in critical condition. this is something i have been following all morning. >> a mother left her car running and the use took off --
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from her. -- here. >> reporter: can you imagine what was going through her head? those crooks took off in the car and then they drove 3 miles randomly dropping that kid off on the sidewalk telling folks to call police. this is video you will see only on abc15 as the baby is being reunited with the mother. child for over one hour before they got another call the tv had been randomly dropped off -- the baby had been randomly dropped off. >> am happy we were there. that was better than her being dropped off and having to spend the night in the cold. >> reporter: the woman says she did not believe the child would
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so police are looking for a silver tundra pickup truck with the arizona license plate aez4872. justin pazera, abc15. we have heard all of the rumors and this morning we had two names from our state will be involved in the trump transition to the white house. abc15's katie conner is at the state capitol with more. >> reporter: right now the trump transition team is being joined. jeff dewit was named the special advisor for operations. he ruffled feathers early on with other republicans in their state. there is no word yet when dewit will step down as his role as straight treasure.
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price -- worked as a press secretary at the capital. in two other names we are looking at is sheriff joe arpaio and jan brewer both big supporters since the beginning. devastation sending a ripple effect through a south phoenix community when a man back over a neighbor's 1-year- old. it all looks to be a tragic accident. we are told the baby slipped out of the sight of his parents and you can see the neighbors playing and they heard the screams. >> i ran and i saw people going crazy.
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>> the boy's parents were so distraught they tried to drive him to the hospital themselves. a dispatcher helped them a few blocks away. a crime alert after a shooting in one of our valley light rail stops. do you recognize this guy? he might be the one who fired the shot on sunday night. it killed 37-year-old corey the hospital. it is says dolls -- doubles -- devils on his head and he robbed a wells fargo near scottsdale and thomas. this happened monday night and there was no getaway car. three days of mourning in brazil. investigators are
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black boxes hoping they will help determine exactly what went wrong. 71 people died when the charter plane crashed. six people amazingly survived. three victims are still in the hospital after the ohio state university attack. the school president said he is proud of the way the students handled everything. a recent facebook the student was angry over what he perceived as mistreatment of muslims and ices calling him a soldier of the network. a new federal initiative is underway to prevent deaths like you saw at ohio state. the hope is to train ordinary people from custodians and
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how to treat a gunshot wound and other injuries. stony brook university in new york is hoping the program might spread across the country. the manhunt ending for one of the escapees in northern california. 26-year-old devonte campbell was arrested late last night. they escaped fr clara county jail on thanksgiving day. the sheriff's office were on the scene of a s.w.a.t. situation. big plan with a bigger price tag. diane douglas sitting down with us to talk money and her proposed changes for students and teachers.
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with even though cameras were rolling. you can see some flashing lights on the right side and we will take a look at that next. a cold morning an
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so we know how to cover almost anything. even a rodent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass. getting word of another collision. [burke] it happened. december 14th, 2015. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ? we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ? ? ? merry christmas
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celebrating 30 years. we have all the details today at 9:00. an electric carmaker mentioned plans to set up in arizona. a luxury car rivals they made a deal with the state involving tax incentives. they plan to build in casa grande to provide 2000 manufacturing jobs. the first cars should be ready to roll out by 2018. if you are waking up on the east valley and taking the 60 in it is just a 14 minute drive time. sticking with the east
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look from our adot camera. this could be a crash on the right side of mcclintock drive. it looks like maybe a stall or a traffic stop. besides that, the rest of the freeway is looking pretty good, iris . we have some cold temperatures running 7 degrees colder than they were 24 hours ago. you will feel even colder this morning then yesterday. spots like chandler are down to 35 and 36 in mesa with ahwatukee the 30s as well. palm valley cities are about freezing but colder this morning with mid-30s with buckeye down to 38. as you look at your most accurate forecast the phoenix temperature is 43 cooling a little bit before it starts to climb. plan on low 40s and the
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into lunchtime temperatures are still chilly in the 50s by noon before we topped out in the 60s this afternoon with below average highs in the low 60s across the valley. we will talk about the freeze alert in just moments. before you get rid of your old cell phone joe will let you know how to get rid of the personal information them. donald trump will hold a big news conference december 15 but we already know what it is about. we will explain. am maryellen. coming up how to make sure you stay healthy. in the gma first look the terrifying details of the sherry could pini kidnapping coming to life.
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a message burned into her skin. >> i think it was an exertion of power control are some type of message. >> reporter: her husband describe three weeks in which his wife was tormented telling gma she only weighed 87 pounds and was covered in bruises and rashes. her signature her had been chopped off -- her
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this morning we are taking action with what you need to know early on to try to stay healthy for this season. abc15's maryellen resendez is joining us. >> reporter: already the cold weather is showing a lot of sniffles just in our building alone. we are here at redirect health right now to get tips on how to avoid the -- the flu. let's to video real quick to show you in arizona it is not unusual to see these flu cases as early as november. if you have not gotten your flu shot, do not hesitate. it takes two weeks for the shots to take effect, and it will protect you for the rest of the flu season. the best time is as soon as available but it is always
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is a good thing to get it done right now. >> we can help you with that. we still have some shots available. i would absolutely recommend to get it right away. >> reporter: what can we expect this year? >> i think it is going to be a hard season i can this year -- again this year. i have never seen it as bad as it was last year and anticipate it will be a happy season again this year. >> reporter: thank you. coming up in about 30 minutes we will talk about how to avoid the flu at home with some tips. maryellen resendez, abc15 news . friends and family tomorrow will gather for a candlelight vigil to remember the man found in a chandler lake.
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answers. we are waiting for autopsy results to determine his cause of death. his body was found in a leg over the weekend. in the meantime we are working to get the autopsy results for a phoenix man who was found dead in sequoia national park. 41-year-old vince scalise was supposed to return from california but never made it. rain and snow with temperatures below freezing at the time. donald trump will be leaving his businesses officially in order to focus on running the country. he will talk about this during a press conference he is scheduled for december 15. meanwhile, steven mnuchin confirms he has been chosen as the head of the treasury department. one-on-one with our school
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plan to make proof means -- improvements in arizona asking the governor for $200 million more than the last budget. we asked where she thinks the money will come from. >> i think there is possibilities through the rainy day fund. if we have additional revenue coming in, i will advocate it be spent for our >> so assuming funding is not an issue some highlights include a raise for every teacher in arizona, repairing school facilities, you will school buses -- new school buses. abc15 learning this morning many people are asking for their jobs back at the arizona department of economic security after governor doug ducey force
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last week. >> we have set up a hotline for anyone that would like to dispute some of the things that happened. there were also some changes that were needed and necessary. >> as of this morning 250 people have called that hotline. the future of television may be filled directv is launching this morning and all you need is a streaming device. it is another cyber shopping morning. if you are going to buy a new computer or cell phone, do not just toss the other away. all the stuff forgotten on your
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>> personal information is the main key. >> reporter: today he is showing me how to make it disappear in a hurry. >> this is especially important for a laptop. the easiest way is to reset a device. >> reporter: that means going straight to settings and then general. >> you scroll all of the down to reset your device. >> it gets rid of your information. >> reporter: similar tracks for android. for computers with windows 8 and up. >> go down to remove everything
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>> reporter: then you are ready to fully cleaning the drive. it could take a couple hours but it is worth keeping the information. i am investigator joe ducey. have a great day. if you have a problem, let me know. authorities in new york are looking for the sky caught on video walking away with something very expensive. you can see these are filled with gold flakes. somebody through the tight security at inside the bucket is would $.6 million worth of gold flakes. we are waking up to chilly temperatures in the valley with freeze alerts to the east and southeast. these are all freeze warnings south of casa grande in effect until 10:00. temperatures in those areas
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30s to our west and phoenix right now at 43. flagstaff in the single digits waking up with 3 degrees. we are in the 30s in several valley cities look at how it will still drop through sunrays by 7:00 we are down to 41 degrees and before that the temperatures start to climb. it is still chilly and today the high is only up to 63 degrees. that will put us several degrees below the average for this time of the year with a dry day on top. abc15 desert doppler is in the clear and we will see sunny skies across the state with high clouds and by friday we have more cloud cover moving in.
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chances return to the valley and also the higher terrain to our east. we will feel more breezes on friday as the cooler air sticks around through the week but then it gets warmer into the weekend. we will talk about who could see those rain chances in just minutes. abc15 desert drive times is brought to you by centurylink prism. >> 57th avenue. it is not really impacting traffic and it is on the westbound side but still use caution this morning. taking a look at our big maps on the 10 from our traffic map we can pull that up and i want to show you there are no delays as you take it east found still just 11 minute desert drive time.
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no, that's okay. i'm not hungry. don't worry about me. okay.
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it is that time of year for operation santa. it is for the charities listed right on your screen. >> just stop by sanderson ford or lincoln and the abc15 studios are any ups store location. you can always donate at phoenix shoppers, get ready to colonel those baskets with free groceries. you can take advantage of new features at the food city that includes holiday tamales and for the first time ever a sushi bar. the first 300 people to buy anything will get a bag full of goodies.
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>> stanford did a study on what america will look like in 2030 focusing on artificial intelligence. for transportation, self- driving cars would be the norm and at home personal robots could become commonplace. >> one area of uncertainty is healthcare. there is no way to know for sure. and finally research believe robotic tutors could enhance learning for students. while the valley looks to stay dry, we will get another push of cool air. i will show you those temperatures in just minutes. your drive is slowing down near 83rd avenue. several people are dead with breaking news we are following as severe weather strikes the southeast. the current maricopa county
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judge and when joe arpaio is heading back to court.
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the newest information just in in apache junction. >> crooks tried to steal a car with a baby inside.
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they do with the baby? we will tell you coming up. a big critic of donald trump may become a big advisor coming up. will come to abc15 mornings. we are glad you are here. >> you said your neighbor turned on his fireplace and i had the heater on. >> temperatures are down into the 30s in many valley cities with phoenix coming in at 43. grab that jacket before you head out with a cool day and a high of only 63 degrees. we will talk about how cold they stay in your seven-day forecast. >> you are starting to see your ride slow down on the 10 year 83rd avenue. we will talk about where they
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right around 91st avenue is where you will see those brake lights and then it looks like a stall on the right-hand side of the freeway. the 17 is looking pretty good this morning. new information coming in as a woman is in critical condition after she was pulled from her burning home in apache junction. neighbors spotted the flames they called 911 and deputies arrived first. one of them found her in her living room. they pulled her out of the house and she was airlifted to a hospital with smoke inhalation and burns. there is no word yet what we have sparked the fire. a truck was stolen and apb was inside.
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the suspect is still on the run. justin pazera is closely following this story. >> reporter: they have no idea that baby was in the backseat. the child was missing for over one hour with the mother frantic trying to figure out where the baby went. let's take a look at some of the video when the mother and the child were reunited was a big relief. we are told the little girl was inside the backseat. they dropped the baby off at a complete stranger's house and put her on the sidewalk and said call police immediately. we spoke with the mother who is extremely grateful this morning. >> she went to knock on the
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>> reporter: it was over one hour they were searching for that little girl. phoenix police are looking for a silver tundra pickup truck with the license plate bez4872. >> thank you. we are expecting another big announcement today from donald as romney is changing his tune with abc15's katie conner live at the state capital with more. >> reporter: especially since things got pretty heated. you probably remember this tweet by donald trump saying mitt romney was the worst candidate in history but this morning there does seem to be a change of two with them having dinner in new york city and romney is a leaning candidate for secretary of state.
5:36 am
critics on the gop side along with john mccain. this is the two of them and neither of them would even mention the name at the time while romney has changed his tune mccain is sticking to his guns. he was asked about the trump comments on burning the flag and this is what he said. >> i will not comment on mr. trump's comments. >> why not? >> because it is my choice. >> reporter: mccain said his job is to make sure our country stay secure. back to you. >> talk about a real life cringe targeting neighborhoods -- grinch targeting neighborhoods. you can see him getting away with a christmas inflatable
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neighbors say it is causing people to worry and they are putting up fewer decorations in the neighborhood. >> we love christmas. it is our favorite time of the year. we are jamming christmas music during the summer. >> he put his decorations near the roof. it is the time of year you ought to get to know your neighbors because one man went off, come to a mess had his neighbor now called. police say raymond salazar was caught inside a home. the neighbors saw the guy on the roof and called the home owner right away. he was looking for a place to sleep.
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the hot shot is officially open. we were there as the governor gave his speech. it is the very spot where they took their final steps. it is 7 miles round-trip. mr. trump is said to make a first public appearance in indiana tomorrow to promote a deal which will keep 1000 jobs the victory tour is official in ohio with president trump planning to thank the voters for making in the president. >> sheriff joe arpaio has not been rolled out for a position with the trump cabinet. he will go to trial april 4 four months after the original date. the lawyer of arpaio wanted
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flames shooting into the sky near kansas city. this was a pipeline explosion under a field carrying liquid propane. no homes or businesses have been impacted, but firefighters have limited the access points. it sounds like it is getting under control this morning. five people are confirmed dead after a severe storm through alabama. a tornado killed three people and this is video. a 24 hour day care center was destroyed. thousands are without power and much of the area will remain under tornado watch. i've been to a couple tornadoes
5:40 am
absolutely. because folks are sleeping and you cannot see them coming so hopefully we will keep tracking the storm system and keep you posted on any updates. let's talk about our forecast at home with temperatures down to the 30s in several valley cities. chandler is colder at 35 degrees and 36 in mesa with deer valley phoenix sky harbor also mild at 43 degrees but keep in mind our temperatures will still drop a few more degrees. 7:00 is likely when we will feel the coldest temperatures of the morning. a lot of mid-30s across the valley. the sun comes up right around
5:41 am
degrees by 9 a.m. and only up to 50 by 10:00. high temperatures today below average and we will not richard through today so and we will not make it to their today. lindell this afternoon and a cool day on tap in just a few minutes. east valley drivers have no delays to worry about green. as you continue north on the 101 from loop 202 right now until you hit shea boulevard. the only delays are on the 10 but we did have a stall on the westbound side. it has cleared, but once you hit 35th things lighten up for drivers on the 10.
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the flu season is upon us, and it can come on fast strong. symptoms are runny noses and fever with chills and coughing. joining me right now is doctor janice johnston. you are actually going to give me a flu shot. >> that is the best way to protect yourself is with a flu shot. they are still available so make sure you get one. >> reporter: what are some of
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>> the main thing that i hear from patients if they think they will get the flu from getting the flu shot and there is no live a virus at all. that is a complete myth. that does not happen. if you get sick it was probably just rotten luck. >> reporter: am normally a record with getting the flu shot. what >> your arm will just be a little store but that is it. >> reporter: i promise not to run on this one. >> all done. >> reporter: thank you for not showing my face on that one. coming up we will talk more about the myth not to avoid the flu shot and we will have that
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in scottsdale, maryellen resendez, abc15 news. >> thank you. happening right now investigators are on the scene in san francisco after the death of a worker at a cirque du soleil show that happened in san francisco. investigators got reports of an industrial accident. the regulator is investigating what happened. right now as well 14,000 people were forced to stay away from their homes in gatlinburg, tennessee. red raiders are still trying to put out this intense firefighters. so far three people have died including the home of the mayor. we checked in with a mesa woman who told us she might be allowed back to her tell but --
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a scary warning in san francisco. throughout any thanksgiving leftovers immediately. three people died after eating at a charity dinner served by a church group. they served dinner two 800 people. the mourning period continues in cuba. the ashes of the later will taken along the route that commemorates his victory is 1959. it is scheduled to take three days and on december 4 he will be buried in san diego. it is time to go to the grocery store but not until you know what is on sale. we have the best deals this week . >> reporter: safeway has some
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pac for $1.99. you must buy ore but it is still cheaper. let's talk about your most accurate forecast . we take a live look right now at tempe with 40 degrees early this morning. several cities waking up to temperatures in the 30s. phoenix sky harbor is that 43 degrees and we have some northerly winds brain cooler air across the state. that sunrise is 7:14 this morning and i do think that temperature will cool again before we start to see if climbing again. by 8:00 we are back up to 43 degrees and by lunchtime we are still in the 50s.
5:51 am
puts us about 6 degrees below the average for this time of the year and it is the northerly air breathing the cooler air. no storm systems today and it will not be until the end of the week we actually see a storm sister frontal system move in by friday with another push of cooler air. for now i do not see any valley rain chances. we will stay dry through today and tomorrow with more cloud cover on friday but mainly the rain chances are east of the valley with temperatures staying below average through the end of the week before we start to her gradually warm this weekend with upper 60s and near 70 degrees. i will show you where we could
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see flashing lights on i-17 northbound at indian school. it does look like it is slowing down for the southbound drivers on the 17 right around camelback . then south of the durango curve it is a slow spot. up to the north a six minute desert drive time on eastbound loop 101. i will give you a closer look at your drive on i- 10 in a couple minutes. look at this little guy. he is the last of the bunch. he is in an empty room waiting for you to come adopt him. high water rates crippling some residents in the west
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all right. it is time to help out operation santa claus. we are collecting toys and many and non-perishable food items. >> dropping off your donation is easy.
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location or at >> every entry will get you entered to win a ford f1 50. >> over the holiday weekend the arizona humane society found homes for 313 pets in the shelter cleared out all accept this little guy. the 5-year-old german shepherd is partially blind but can still get around. if you feel moved to adopt you can contact the humane society or go on their website. a cool 63 degrees today but this morning i will show you which cities are down to the 30s. i told you about the severe weather in alabama.
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crooks take off with the baby inside a car. what did they do with the baby? we will tell you coming up next. the fury of mother nature hitting the southern state with
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the trump transition team has people from our state capital. find out coming up. this morning so far so good as far as any delays or crashes. you are seeing your typical delays the 19 minute desert drive time from the mini stack. you are really not seeing any crashes but iris, folks will probably want to get that heater going. >> absolutely. we have some freeze alert south and east of the phoenix match the phoenix metro. in the valley we are waking up to 30s and low 40s. it is going to be cold as you step outside.


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