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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  November 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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breaking news and video. a valley baby kidnapped and dropped off at a random home in west phoenix. >> navideh forghani was there to see the moment police arrived at the home to find v find the baby -- to find the baby safe. the focus now, finding whoever did this. >> police are looking for a silver colored tundra.
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from her home. a woman -- miles from her home. a woman came up to the house, dropped the baby off, and told whoever lives here to call the police. that gave relief to two very scared parents. >> her mother's eyes still teary after she watched strangers drive off with her baby inside. >> she got out of the truck for just a second and someone took advantage of the situation, driving off in knowing a baby was inside. >> they can take everything but her. >> three miles down the road and what felt like an eternity another family called police. >> she said call the police. and she leave the baby in the bol bottom. >> i went -- in the bottom. >> i went outside and grabbed her and tried to make her comfortable. she held me so tight. >> left on a cold sidewalk, the
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>> she's running to go in the truck. and if you see the woman you don't see nothing. >> no signs of the suspect but relief that a little baby is back with her family tonight. >> i'm just -- i'm honestly happy that we were there. it's better if we were there to save her instead of her just being dropped off and having to spend the night like outside in the cold. >> now as i mentioned police are looking for a colored toyota tundra pickup. license plate bez42. if you see it call phoenix pd. a breaking traffic alert. a situation we hear about too often. a driver crashing into someone justing in the street. the -- just walking in the street. the intersection blocked off. we have calls for more information.
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minutes. an entire neighborhood devastated tonight. a 1-year-old boy killed after slipping out of his parent's sight. >> nohelani graf live near 19th and broadway tonight. sadly it was a neighbor who accidentally ran over this child in the driveway. >> and you know what steve and stephanie i spoke to that little boy's aunt who tells me family was over tonight. they were cooking dinner. there were plenty more kids playing. and they this little boy slipped out of sight. but you can see the mobile homes packed in here. neighbors are close in every sense of the word. the neighbor who hit the boy knew exactly where to run for help. they're investigating but right now this just looks like an absolutely tragic accident. >> i know i haven't like in my hands. i saw him without any life. i haven't. shocking. >> the garcia sisters will
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neighbors for a lifetime. where they usually hear the yelling of playing kids instead drowned out by sleeks of terror. -- shrieks of terror. >> screams. >> a 1-year-old boy in his parents arm. the neighbors in his truck. >> she was like we didn't see him he came out of nowhere. >> he slipped out of his parent's sight. >> may have walked away for a few seconds. didn't see him either. raw human emotion takes over and the boy's parents could only focus on getting their baby to the hospital. >> you look at the human aspect of it, seeing your child gravely injured. >> still panicked it seems they drove on a flat tire. a dispatcher helped medics and police play catch up. their hearts broken. they'll never see that little boy again. now the sisters worry about the
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unsee that tragic crash. >> imagine like the future. how are they going to be? >> now, police say they do understand that the parents were distraught but between rush hour traffic at that time there's a lot of construction in the area. it took them a few extra minutes to catch up with that family. so they want the public to keep that in mind that they're trying to get to these scenes as fast as they can. that aunt says she is working fundraising account to help the young parents pay for it. we'll get that to our viewers. >> our hearts go out to that family. thank you so much. breaking news from kansas city tonight. flames shooting into the sky after a pipeline explosion. but this is a bit of good news, bad news situation. first the good. it's in a pretty remote area. no homes or businesses affected. the bad news is firefighters have limited access points to attack there.
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getting under control. donald trump suring up his transition team. two names from our state involved. jeff dewitt was the coo before this. also on the team stephanie grisham. she's the press director. she worked as the press secretary in the statehouse of representatives. devil on his hat and the devil is in the details. police say this guy wells fargo inside the albertsons near scottsdale and thomas. it happened last night. no getaway car, he just ran off. no devil here. just a grinch, trying to ruin the holiday spirit in one neighborhood. abc 15's jon erickson is in avondale where neighbors say they scaled back the decorations because of too many crooks. >> well, they still have mickey and the angel but there used to
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here until another character showed up. >> it was like watching the grinch movie. he had the sack walking off with our decorations. and like he's in whoville. >> it's the time of the year when the brown desert in avondale turned technicolor. the christmas story here told by decorations. >> the elephant. >> this is what his yard looked like this weekend. no more after this anti-santa showed up. took some of the cheer, put it in a bag, and road away. nearly all of their decorations in lower buckeye. >> it's the exact opposite of what christmas is and what the kids want. >> miles says it's crooks like this one damping the spirit in this neighborhood overall. fewer decorations than before. >> they get taken. >> he's right. after driving to find something colorful. >> you scaled it back because
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neighbor? >> yeah. >> the survivor is dominion. and grady wanted to make it tough. >> if he wants to try to climb up there and steal it. good luck because i had enough of a time getting it there myself. >> the hope here is that santa is the only one that makes it to the rooftop. the cameras are night vision. we could have gotten s but the lights were in front of it. if you have any make sure they don't dangle in front of the the cameras. one on one with diane douglas. unveiling a $680 million plan to may for improvements and changes for teachers and stay tuneds. she's asking for $200 million more. one of our first questions where does she think the money should come from? >> i think there's possibilities through the rainy
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held by the feds back to us. if we have additional revenues coming into the state i'm going to advocate that they're being spent for our children. >> some highlights include a raise for teachers in arizona, repairing school facilities, and buying new school busses. it does not address the goal to change common core but a separate plan for that will be revealed next month. more than 14,000 people forced to homes in gatlinburg tennessee. firefighters work feverishly to put out a wildfire that's believed to be caused by an arsonist. three people killed already. some 250 buildings destroyed including the mayor's home. we checked in with a mesa woman vacationing in the area. she might be allowed back to her resort tomorrow. but for now in a hotel outside of town surrounded by people
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>> even going down to the breakfast room, talking to some of the people down there, some are residents. they heard their homes are gone. it's very sad to see everything is memories, gone up smoke. >> incredible images as the firefighters fight the flames those in shelters wonder what the fire will even spare. another concern from the fire, saving wildlife. a national park service. you can see the animals in the river with the flames feet away. some of them spotted in nearby cities as they try to get out of town. it's a cold night in the valley and it's about to get colder in many spots. freezing temperatures tonight and freeze warnings and hard freeze warnings in effect just east and south of the metro. some spots seeing the first freezes of the season, miami
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average but colder than many parts of the country including places in the northeast only seeing lows in the 40s and 50s tonight. an incredibly cold air mass over our state. you're going need to protect the pipes, the plants, the pets, and you too, people. stay inside as much as possible as these temperatures hit. i'll let you know how cold it's going to get in minutes. breaking in manhattan. a live stream leading to guys were taken away. this started with talk of a gunman at the park hotel. a security guard heard chatter through a door about guns and shootings. police checked on it, found a bunch of bb guns and the guys live streaming themselves flaunting the guns online. paid parking? maybe the new norm at hotels and casinos along the vegas
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the rest following suit in the new year. this includes paris, planet hollywood and others. the rio is still the one that's free. otherwise rates start at $8 an hour. protests in the fight for $15. people wanting the national minimum wage increased to $15 an hour. police arrested some protesters blocking traffic in kansas city. but in phoenix it was a peaceful demonstration as dozens marched to last month voters decided that the minimum wage will go up on january 1st to $10 an hour. we're very concerned. the guns are in the wrong hands. and it's dangerous. >> gone in just seconds. a gang of thieves pulling off a gun heist and all of it is call on camera. a big announcement expected in hours from our next president and the big dinner meeting with mitt romney.
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i call it bad. >> why police think they have a bad santa on their hands.
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? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. ganging up for a gun heist caught on video. a large truck crashes into the front of this tampa gun shop. watch as at least a dozen thieves get out with their faces covered. dozens of rifles and handguns gone in less than two minutes. >> we had bars on the window. it's not going to stop a 6,000 pound truck. >> the concern is where the guns are going, what they're going to be used for, and who has their hands on them now. new developments on that campus rampage at ohio state. we're hearing from a professor among the 11 hurt when a student drove his car on to a crowded sidewalk before stabbing people with a butcher nice.
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know if this was terrorism. he's just glad he's alive. >> i'm sore but i'm going home this afternoon. and he's dead. so i think, you know, my sense is out of respect for the living and the dead that we should wait until we know exactly what the truth is. >> three victims remain hospitalized. police shot and killed the attacker, abdul razak ali artan. an osu student and legal u.s. resident from somalia. a recent facebook post suggested he was angry over the mistreatment of muslims. isis calling him a soldier. a big announcement early tomorrow morning. that's the word from a senior advisor for donald trump. mitt romney wrapped up dinner tonight in new york city. a lot of speculation that the big announcement is secretary of state.
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but he discussed the meeting with the future president. >> looks like we don't have that sound. meantime, mr. trump is set to make one of his first public appearances since the election. in indiana on thursday to promote a deal with air- conditioning company carrier to keep a thousand jobs from going across the border. sheriff joe arpaio has not been ruled out position learning today he'll go to trial april 4th. his lawyer wanted more time to prepare. the case stemming from arpaio ignoring court orders from immigration patrols. a bold step by north dakota's governor to stop the protest over the dakota access pipeline. an order issued to allow police to block supplies as bitder cold temperatures move in.
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deadline to evacuate. they say it cuts through sacred burial sites and threatens the water supply. these are the hotshots who died in the yarnell fire years ago. it opens to the public tomorrow. governor doug ducey gathered the friends and family of the 19 men for the ceremony. you'll see plaques commemorating each one of heroes. >> it's kind of unbelievable, really. you know, it's sad but it's neat because they're remembering them this way. pretty awesome. >> the trail leads to 19 memorial markers at the very spot where the hotshots took their final steps. the entire hike by the way, seven miles roundtrip. an electric car maker setting up shop in arizona.
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rival tesla. they made a deal today. they plan to build a plant in casa grande. it could provide 2,000 good paying jobs. the plan is to have the first cars ready for sale by 2018. it's that time. got to get the coat out i decide. >> -- decided. >> always out. >> should have been out a couple days ago. >> 62 was the high today. below average by several degrees. and the been very cold as well. tonight colder than last night. right now skies are clear. a lot of snow on the ground and on the peaks up in the high country. if you're headed up there for skiing or snowboarding snow bowl and sunrise colder on saturday than sunday. there's a system clipping by our start for friday and saturday that could bring isolated snow showers as well. a look at the valley.
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humidity at 38%. humidity and dew point lower into tomorrow and dry air continues to come in. winds out of the northwest at three miles per hour. temperatures around 50 in laveen at this hour. look at the rest of the valley. every other spot in the 40s. for the most part talking mid- 40s. casa sa grande -- casa grande mid-40s. flagstaff at 11. tonight single digit flagstaff, show low, and others. spots farther to the south freezing for the first time. casa grande and even tucson where that freeze warning is in effect. highs tomorrow, 62 down there and here in phoenix. 58 in casa grande. 45 in payson. along the rim mid to upper 30s. window rock at 35. the coldest spot for tomorrow afternoon.
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phoenix. by noon at 57. then we'll hit the low 60s in the afternoon forecast. still below average. it drops to 69. seven degrees below normal for tomorrow with a high of 62 like today. phoenix is only going to get down to the low 40s. other spots will be feeling the 30s overnight. a lot in the east valley. mesa and gilbert at 39 tonight. 36 in carefree. queen creek at 35. and 39 will be your low in anthem. highs tomorrow in the low 60s across the phoenix metro and staying that way for thursday and friday. by friday more cloud coverage in here. doesn't look like we're going to see rain in the forecast. slight chance up north and a slight chance for snow showers up north as well. a quick, weak system. saturday breezy but highs get warmer through the weekend. upper 60s for saturday, sunday, monday. another subtle cooldown on
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a paw print that could be from a mountain lion inspired police to set up cameras in kansas to be sure. they never expected to see the images they ended up catching. >> white gorilla, maybe a werwwolf. i call it bad santa. the old lady with the bow and arrow was comical. >> police never caught the mountain lion but say they they're not after whoever was in costume performing. >> don't you want to know the back story? >> yeah. the best guess yet about what the world will be like in -- >> that was 2030. >> one last lonely valley pup. hundreds adopted except forever him. he's all by himself.
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this is my park. i'm like the mayor here. i know every bench, every tree, every squirrel --
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police have to think and act quickly on the roads. that doesn't come without training. tempe office v officers sharp -- officers sharpening up their
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from now? a parent, grandparent? gray hair? too late for that. no hair, still a possible. >> a study on what america will look like in 2030, focussing on artificial intelligence for transportation it's believed self-driving cars will be the norm and flying cars not far behind. at home personal robots could become commonplace for cooking, cleaning, even securit one area of uncertainty, healthcare no way to know if robots will be trooused like doctors -- trusted like doctors. robotic tutors could enhance learning for students but it's just a guess. the future of television filled with cord cutters and a new player tomorrow. direct tv now launching in the morning. $35 a month. you need an internet connection
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he's last, but certainly not the least loved. over the holiday weekend the arizona humane society found homes for 313 pets during a special event. the shelter totally cleared out as you can see. all except for this little guy. this is bryan. he's 5 years old. he's a german shepard. partially blind. he can still get around. he needs a loving home. if you feel moved contact the humane society or go on their website. cardinals not very good right now. everybody has an opinion. craig fouhy says blame anybody
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abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> when you're twelve weeks in and you have only four wins you do a lot of soul searching,
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and one of the continuing themes is a lack of toughness, that hardnosed attitude you need. >> why we weren't as physical as we should have been is a question because we did not hit last week. we need to be more physical and if there's one thing that's disheartening it's that we're not as physical as i wish we were. when it comes to a lack of wins it's hard to pin it on one thing or person n. a it's -- or person. in a team game it's a team problem. johnson is leading in yards for scrimmage, third in rushing yards and touchdowns and number two in yards after catch. his 1,534 yards of scrimmage are a league high of the cardinals total yards from scrimmage. he's scored 13 of the 28 touchdowns.
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100 total yards in each game this season. he's close to the record. you can blame anyone except david johnson. oh and larry fitzgerald. that's fouhy on sports. freezes overnight. outlying the valley.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, benedict cumberbatch, isla fisher, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from flatbush zombies. and now, moving right along -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thank you. thank you. very nice of you. hi, everybody. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. wow, that's very nice. i'm glad you're with us. you know, we have a good one tonight. we have a superhero on the show,


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