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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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to protect yourself. >> and on a lighter note. let it snow. a winter storm in flag staff means a snow day for students but is there any relief in sight? sight? very cold temperatures there this morning. abc15 desert doppler not showing any rain across the valley. so it is cold in drop another couple of degrees. staying in the 60s. so well below average highs today. we are expecting plenty of sunshine as we get into the afternoon hours. i'll let you know how long the 60s are sticking around coming up in minutes. >> we're looking pretty good. seeing mostly dmreen on all of our freeways. but i do want to give you ai look at your desert drive time.
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the 101. maybe you're taking the 17 north up to the high country and i want to send things over to chris for those delays in flag staff. you might want to call it a snow day for flag staff schools. everything before 10 k is cancelled. flag staff unified school district all closed today due the roads. we want too make sure everybody's going to be staef. and i'm also looking here. city offices and fa siltss will be open but on a two hour delay. and laura's going to keep a watch closely on this situation up there. we are following over night here. this is something else. we've got to talk about the safety of drivers. your family, my family put in
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the roadway. several crashes. justin pazera is in the live drive. jn justin. >> yeah, chris that latest crash happened on i-17 this morning when a car just hit head-on with another vehicle. this is the fourth crash that we have seen this week. one of those was caught on cellphone video. from the 303 at northern. you can see that car at the left part of down the road. it did not end like that on frad. when a woman driving the wrong way down i-10 hit a greyhound bus head on and then again on saturday dps tried to get the driver up to the 101 going about 90 miles an hour in the hov lane again the wrong way. right now a-dot is trying to
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this. they're also testing sensors to try to give them a little bit more warning. at this point they're just relying on you to call it in. >> let's continue with the breaking news happening right now. our crew is on the scene of a house fire. this is not the right video. meanwhile the house fire video i was going to talk about it's in mesa. it's near gilbert and mckelleps road. i was looking to see any live images coming in. i'll just stop right there and as soon as i get the images dan and danielle you want to talk about the attacks on ohio state campus. 11 people hurt in columbus ohio. was it terrorism? whatever you call it it's still violent. this is the question authorities
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the attacker abdul artan was born in somalia. he drove his car into a group of people and got out and began stabbing people. an on campus police officer shot and killed him. >> the most vulnerable spot wobs soft targets. those are places that have lots of people with minimal security. schools, malls, airports, hospitals, arenas, hotels, restaura public transportation. the arizona counter terrorism information center is constantly monitoring for threats. valley agencies train year-round for those scenarios. just to make sure they're ready for anything. >> so we're at war. we are at war in this country, in the community. i'm more concerned this year
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>> so law enforcement is training to respond but the key they say is prevention. the best thing they say we can do is if you see something say something. they say call police because in the end you could be saving lives. 5 minutes after 5:00. police in chandler need your help tracking down this suspect. he doesn't show a gun either time. do you recognize him? know what that is please contact chandler p.d.. nothing funny about this story. a xhooediaen brought to tears. thieves took a trailer from brad sims driveway. inside of it his entire stage show. a lot of items irreplaceable. >> this is really a gut punch and i'm still kind of numb over the fact that somebody would
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allow us to do what we do. >> tragic there. he's hoping somebody will recognize that trailer. keep a look out folks. it looks like that one. report that to police. 5:06. always tough to show these emotional scenes. two soldiers lost their lives during resolve. he was serving his third tour overseas. well there is new hope for veterans fed up with long wait times. president obama signing a bill ensuring that phone calls and other communications through the va are answered in a timely manner. they want that answered by qualified person. the bill requires the va to develop a plan to handle those communications. will students in our state
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our superintendent hopefully hopes so. arizona kids can't wait. that's the name of it. it's an updated version from the 2016 plan. increase support for rural schools and she'll highlight accomplishments from this year as well. diane douglas spent the last few months getting feedback and she's said to release the plan on 2:00. this morning there are some new questions about the arena, the coyotes in the east val going to pay for this new project. abc15's nick ciletti joining us for this one. >> dan, danielle. that's right we're not far from tempe marketplace. so we knew that taxpayers would play some kind of a role for this project here. this morning we're getting a better look at what that actually means.
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expected to be about (2) 000-0000. one way to do that is through what's called a tax increment. and that's according to the athletic business blog. the team would want to collect some of the sales taxes. here's a possible issue. these kind of financing plans have historically had a hard time legislator. now the team ceo and president says their plan looks a little bit different than some of the ones in the past. that could be something interesting to watch. we're going to talk about yet another obstacle there is to completing this project. live here in stefrpe this morning nick ciletti abc15. the time right now 5:08 and raging wild fires burning in tennessee. my goodness in a popular theme
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path. >> we'll am give you a look through desert drive times on i-17. >> and our air quality looking
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good morning everyone. a chilly tuesday morning out across the valley. current temperatures sitting in those mid to low 40s. phoenix sky harbor reporting currt scottsdale and 42 in deer valley. so could take a degree or two off of those before we start to warm as we head into the morning. we'll still be sitting in those 40s at 9:00. with highs today staying in the low 60s across the valley. the average high 70. so below average highs today. coming up on thursday we're going to be staying in these mid 60s. so some cool air continues to
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it's a cold start in flag staff. 27 right now in prescott and 0 being reported at the grand canyon. will snow showers return? i'll let you know coming up. and even though you could see some split conditions up in the high country. much better than yesterday morning. but i-17 southbound just south of flag staff we are seeing a little bit of congestion there and just a remde easy up in the high country. here in the valley i'm not seeing any issues for you as far as the slow down. and your desert drive time from this point until you hit the i-10 split. we're going to give you a closer look at loop 101 coming up. is your weekend not up to par? don't worry about posting a negative review online because
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protect you. . in this morning's gma first look passengers on this jet were stunned. >> just opened the door and jumped out of the plane. >> landing in how often and new orleans not at the gate yet the emergency door is gone as well as a passenger. spotted on video she's scene running across the tarmac towards the terminal. but authorities quickly realized medical case. >> airport response team 92. >> the woman hospitalized over night but this is not the first time. in the past few years we've seen flight attendants who decided to quit. bailing out of the aircraft and their jobs. and we'll have more details coming up at 7:00 a.m.
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gma's first look.
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we're remembering the 19 men who died protecting our state. a private ceremony begins. they died more than three years ago. plaques with the names of all 19 men will be place trail. the memorial will open to the public on wednesday. so tomorrow, but we do want to warn you southbound state route 89 will be closed today from 6:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon. danielle, fire fighting is obviously a very dangerous job and this morning hundreds at this moment in tennessee are seeing first-hand the intensity of these fires. my gosh, look at that right
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gatlinberg right there, tennessee, those folks are being forced to get out. the flames getting closer and closer. it's a resort town. and so far at least 14 structures have burned. dollywood among the evacuations. speaking of evacuations. chris, a woman from mesa getting out. we spoke to her on the last night. this picture was as she droef out flames just feet from her hotel. she says she saw a wall of orange as they got out as fast as they could. >> we were at the top of the mountain going down. we literally drove through flames and visibility was 0% right there. it was scary to see the flames right there. trees were falling down. i mean, we just couldn't see
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>> catlin hoss and her loved ones made it down the mountains. they had to be careful to avoid steep cliffs. in other news this morning have you had a bad experience at a hotel or sfraunt but maybe you're afraid to post bad reviews online. congress is sending legislation to the president. if you give a one star rating. the bill is in response to businesses requiring customers to sign clauss and then suing a bad review happens to be brought up online. black friday, cyber monday if you're feeling kind of drain why not empty the wallet. >> today is giving tuesday. it's a worldwide event. abc15's mary ellen live this morning. we can't say enough. this is a good thing. >> it is. it's a perfect day to give to operation santa claus and
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start giving to toys for tots at any toys 'r us across the nation. now marines are going to be stationed at toys 'r us across the nation. experts in cleveland say studies show both physical and mental health. >> if we take people, put their brain in a machine that can image what's going on in a and ask them to make charitable donations we know that the reward centers in our brains get activated and stay activated. >> now this results in releasing endor fins that researchers call the helper's high. the researchers take part.
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self-est eem. eem. ? it's operation santa claus ? ? . continuing with that giving spirit it is time to take action and help out operation santa claus. we are collecting money, toys, clothes. >> i can fill the endorf flowing already: you can always donate online to givetotheclaus temperatures in the 40s right now. mostly clear skies. still a little bit of cloud cover out there. not producing any rain. we say dry day. headed up to 62. plenty of sunshine. so going to be still very nice
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the afternoon hour. we'll hit 60 as well as gilbert and glendale 61 for an afternoon high. you get the green light again. jackets this morning. maybe a light jacket this afternoon but it is going to be a beautiful day across the valley. so we had those snow showers that lingered throughout the morning hours. we've had a few light showers around tuscan. on the backside of this system we are clearing out quickly and me you'll see that some passing clouds across northern arizona today may have a couple of high clouds throughout the afternoon hours. overall clear, dry conditions. the rain chances are ending before our next system rolls around next week. and a very slight chance of rain here in our 7 day coming up. look at these high temperatures today. we're staying at below freezing. 43 at hastings.
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and in window rock 8 tonight in flag staff. we have freeze warnings that go into effect for portions of heela county. more on this in minutes. abc15 desert drive times brought to you by century link pichl. >> we are starting off your morning drive crash-free right now. i do want to give you a closer look at your west if you're hopping on loop 101 in a couple of minutes hooking up with the 10. once you're on the 10 you're still delay free right now but i can tell you near 67th avenue it is definitely going to pick up. so i'm going to keep a close eye on that. and another look at your east valley commute on i-10 in just a couple of minutes. >> 5:21.
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this saturday. i'll be out there alongside steve irvin. all of it gets started at 7 central and montebello. if you can't catch it catch a replay right here on sunday. shock in the soccer world after a plane crashes carrying a brazilian team. they are still searching for survivors. meanwhile can we go to frame 2. live i protesters outside an mcdonald's
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it may be the first thing you did this morning. pulled your phone off the charger. well if the charger's a knock off it can also be a fire hasrd. >> my alarm was going off saturday morning. >> a normal weekend. >> and like clock work i pulled the charger from my phone. >> until this happened... >> i just heard an explosion. >> and then i looked down and i see the sparks. >> in a recent lawsuit apple claim it is tested more than 100 apple devices. lightning cable sold as genuine sellers on the company says 90% of them
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that had risks of overheating. apple says for third parties the proof is in the packaging. apple certified always have the made for packaging. it will show the words designed by apple in california. it will be followed by a 12 digit serial number. >> all the regular cords they bend and show wires every time. so i was thinking that this >> the place where katie bought her charger isn't selling them anymore. grab the jackets if you're headed out this morning. 45 right now. what are we looking like this afternoon? i'll let you know coming up. >> and if you're about to hop on i-10 we're starting to see some minor delays. >> speaking of the roads a-dot has to be concerned because it has happened. a wrong way driver slamming head
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this morning. we are on the scene with the
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it has happened again. another wrong way crash on a valley freeway. we will show you the crash that happened on another valley
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>> i have details on a new obstacle the team could face. >> and if you're planning to bring in 2017 on mill avenue. well this year's celebration in tempe is going to look a lot different. some huge changes coming to the block party this year. all right. let's talk about the weather. it's chilly for us. >> we're seeing some single digit readings up across northern arizona. a little cloud cover out there. 45 is what we're right now. we'll keep that over the next hour or two before we warm up. still chilly as you head into noon. 58 degrees. sunny skies 62 in phoenix later on. and take a look at the roads right now. it has been very quiet. all green except for the west valley on i-10. not bad here. it's kind of what you would expect for this time in the morning. 14 minutes. this is eastbound from 75th
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we'll give you a closer look at the east valley loop 202 coming up. >> and mallory a-dot has to be scratching their head. another horrific and preventable crash. this happened on the i-17. we're there on the scene. justin pazera is joining us live with more on this. justin i want to ask you what's the severity of the injuries here? >> thankfully these folks are going to be okay here. we are going north right now on i-17. the same way the victims were going except they had a driver coming right at them. that suspect crashed his ford f-150 head on into a subaru. the couple in that car was taken to the hospital. thankfully they do not have life
5:32 am
truck is a guy in his 40s and 50s. they think he got on i-17 near view river. he was going the wrong way for about 3 miles. he was taken to the hospital. he is expected to be okay but he is also going to be facing some pretty serious charges. i-17 was closed for three hours this morning. right now it is back open, chris. >> justin pazera on that story for us. impairment also a in this crash. you can see the far left lane appears to be shut down there. this happening around 1:00 this morning. and dps has told us at least three vehicles involved. i don't have an update on the extent of those injuries at this moment, dan. well it is still fall. we've got winter weather in the state. flag staff is dealing with a snow day. several other schools up in the high country closed today.
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lucky. your classes begin at 10:00 a.m. at nau. we have all the details for you at be sure to drive safe, as you know black ice can be an issue out there on the roadways. we don't want to see any crashes. 5:33 and remembering a phoenix fire captain. services for chris maurice will be on thursday. he died in staff. he leaves behind four daughters and a wife. we have a link to that page on our website and also happening on thursday a candle light vigil to remember jared brandstater. his family says he went out for a bike ride but never returned home. new details about a charter
5:34 am
team that crashed in columbia now. 81 people on board. a famous goal keeper was killed. and that goal keeper ended up dying in. and the sixth survivor was found. the focus of this investigation sounds like it's going to be around some electrical malfunction. the south american soccer federation has cancelled all games. the team was supposed to play tomorrow. i saw the car ran into him and plowed into a crowd of students that were standing outside. >> you hear this out of breath after running for his life. this just one of many 911 calls from ohio state university after a suspect plowed his car right into a crowd then went on a stabbing rampage. right now the investigation is
5:35 am
you would label this terrorism. >> good morning to you from an ohio state university campus that is waking up from what was a nightmare. >> right now students are starting to head back to class. we've seen university employees prepping those buildings and dining halls this morning. and over here inside the student union people leaving messages a thanks to first responders including officer allen horico. he shot and killed the 18-year-old student and smol yan somalian refuge. it was a little more than 120 seconds of chaos on campus. >> it was amazing seeing that like such a big school can come together so fast regardless the amount of people.
5:36 am
that there was no loss of life for any of the student body here. >> there were several vigils both on and off campus and the university has just announced this morning another what it calls community healing event at 7:00 in one of its arenas. i'm evan miller. back here in the valley drive hammered get nailed. all 0st across our state they get ready dui enforcement campaign. and now we know that one popular and huge party won't be happening. we're talking about the new year's eve block party. you won't need a ticket to get in. no big artists out there performing. no fireworks. it will be up to individual bars and restaurants to put on their own events. there is one thing happening this holiday season you're going
5:37 am
patrolling all of the major malls. no horses this year. sheriff joe arpaio started. policy volunteers say you'd be surprised to see how many people don't take precautions to protect their own valuables. >> purse in the basket loading packages. doors op. >> keep your eyes open and be aware. if you don't feel safe you can ask any security officer for an escort out to your car. asu hockey complex in the east valley. >> both groups will have to move pretty quick if they want their plans to stay in place. knxv's nick ciletti is looking into that timeline. >> reporter: so we're finding out the team would like to finish out their lease in
5:38 am
2018-2019 season. after that they'd like to go to their new home but that needs to be built first. asu and the coyotes have to figure out other design and operational plans. the construction company would have to move pretty quickly to finish that in enough time for the next season. they also need to finalize plans with the city and state. the plan right now is to have a 16,000 seat for the chi i don't thinks and a 4,000 seat venue for asu. the hope is to not just cut ties with glendale but also to increase attendance. their attendance has been some of the worst in the entire nhl. ahead at 6:00 who's going to pay for this? who's going to pick up the tab? we have the answer for you. nick ciletti abc15. all right. let's give you a check on the
5:39 am
on 202 santan. no delays here from gilbert until you hit the 10. even on the 10 in the east valley looking pretty good. really the only delays you're going to see right now are still going to be the 10 out in the west valley. basically between about 91st and 43rd avenue and speaking with the west valley. take a lookment we're at loop 101. traffic's still pretty light. but it looks like northbound 101 there is a stall you on the right-hand side. i'll give you a closer look at your north valley drive coming up. >> good morning everyone. grab the jackets as you're headed out as we stay in the 40s through 9:00. sunny skies throughout the afternoon and we're staying below average. looking at those low 60s. valley wide. we've had the snow showers across the higher terrain. we had the light rain. it is going to be moving off to
5:40 am
of days of very nice conditions but we stay cool as that strong storm system continues to filter. another front on the way. we'll reenforce that cool air. 18 flag staff. 27 in prescott. we have 45 right here in phoenix. we're going to look at the next 24 hours because we have some changes to tell you about for tonight. so highs today in flag staff at 30. again we'll have the 60s here in phoenix. now we do have freeze warnings that go into this is something you'll want to prepare for for today down to pinell county. as overnight lows dip near or below freezing. just a quick look at what you should do today make sure you wrap those outdoor plants and bring the pets in tonight as well. hundreds of workers at one of the world's busiest airports. walking out on the job.
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life. from chase, so you can. what is up with the water in the west valley. people in buck eye want to know what's going on. some obscene water bill increase. they will even lower some price for homes with larger amounts. the bad news is the city doesn't know why everybody's bill suddenly went up hundreds of dollars. here's what they do know about 150 people have called the water issue hot line. half of those bill complaints have been remedied. good news. other accounts are being credited. the city says it will not shut down anybody's water. dan, talk about a problem.
5:45 am
ripple effect on flights across the country. 5500 workers joining the fight for the $15 an hour wage. the workers include cabin cleaners, janitors, and baggage handlers. if indeed this happens. we're following a pretty bizarre story out of california. theye what caused three people to die and other people to get sick. they all ate at a church. part of it was prepared by volunteers. 835 people had that meal and test results are pending as to what caused those illnesses. it is a quarter to 6:00. first the man suspected of shooting 9 people at a church in
5:46 am
attorney. dillon roof wants to represent himself. jury selection is under way right now. seven potential jurors have qualified. the court needs 70 qualified. former nfl star daren sharper is a serial rapist and he will spend years behind bars for his crimes. via video conference pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a woman back in 2013. he has already been sentenced to 18 years behind bars after admittin raped women in four different states. final sentencing takes place in los angeles today. let's talk about the transition of power here. it could be a very big day for donald trump and vice president elect donald trump. there will be very important announcements. we expect for cabinet picks. tom price was chosen as health and human secretary.
5:47 am
has already helped write plans to replace obama care. trump is still meeting with secretary of state. iraqi prime minister discussed his phone call with the elect. 5:47 and you know it is giving tuesday. studies show giving can be good for your health. >> what's not good for your health your stress levels is giving to a scammer. abc15's joins us now live to find out whether or not a charity is legit. is there a way to check on a charity. >> there certainly is. it's called take a look at this i pulled it up on my laptop. you just enter the charity right there on the line right here and
5:48 am
actual non profit organization. beware of the grinchshes just waiting to scam you. and make sure you're not taken by door to door requests nor donations. i'm getting a lot of those e-mails myself that get sent out and shared. ask the documentation of the charity's non profit status. and don't limit your donations to the holidays. if you give throughout the year you're less likely to fall to that pressure of having to give to the actual organization during the holidays. it also gives you time to check them out beforehand. and if you're looking for a good charity we've got a couple for you to give to today. you can drop off an unwrapped
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sanderson ford and another one is going to be right here at toys 'r us and that is the marine's toys for tots. giving sure makes you feel good. dan. thanks mary ellen. >> yeah, and she mentioned this a bit but it's time to take action. we are collecting kids' clothing. >> for every $5 that you give you will get one entry to win a 2017 ford f-150 courtesy of sanderson ford and lincoln. and looking like the holidays out there. and we have 40 out there in the valley. so jackets this morning in fact you may need them as you go throughout the afternoon. plenty of sunshine. going to be a very nice day.
5:50 am
gets into the 50s we'll cool down tonight and a little bit colder tomorrow morning. air quality forecast looking nice. as you look with the satellite recorder composite still have some of that snow on the ground. if you look a little bit further down here in the valley with have mostly clear skies. future cast shows we keep a little bit of that cloud cover to the north. as bring them back in the forecast as our next system moves in as we head into the end of the week. so we'll keep an eye on that. 18 in sflag staff. 32 in sedona. 45 here in phoenix. headed up to 62. 43 in prescott. 49 in kingman and we will stay below that freezing point and window rock also going to hit 30.
5:51 am
a quick look at your most accurate forecast. we stay in the 60s. very slight chance of rain friday into saturday morning. and drivers hopping on i-17 this morning you are starting to see minor delays and this is starting in the north part of the valley. a 20 minute desert drive time until you hit the i-10 stack. really the only congestion i'm seeing out in the east valley there's a cars on the right-hand side at loop 101. there's also a car ahead of this off on the right. not really impassing your speeds but it is getting a little busier between chandler boulevard and warner road. the city of phoenix putting your tax dollars to work as they're
5:52 am
road paeing season ever. that's about four times what they typically do. this is all part of the
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5:54 am
merry christmas from grand canyon university. 5:54 if you have a shopping
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i'm dan spindle abc15 news. well a police officer is getting morning golden achs at mcdonald's in topeka, kansas. he opened up his dr. pepper. >> they're supposed to be looking out for the community and doing their job and they get a break and won't something to eat and drink it's perfectly natural to get what you pay for and certainly not mustard in your dr. pepper. >> you heard that right. mustard in that officer's drink. we can tell you they're now out of the job. headed out this morning we're sitting in the 40s right now. we'll be talking about highs back in the 60s and how long they last. >> and we have delays on i-10 and i-17 this morning. i'm going to map out all you need to know before you hit the road. >> and it happened again. we're seeing four wrong way
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
i'm justin pazera in the knxv live drive. the driver, a wrong way driver slams into another car on the i-17. this is not the only close call, though. we'll tell you how many wrong way drivers dps were trying to get off the roads.
6:00 am
about the suspect. we begin with the weather alert this morning. the snow has stopped but it is still a big nish the high country. >> flag staff nau is open will so a lot of people wondering is the snow done. >> well the snow is finished. but we still have those snow packed roads. icy conditions as temperatures sit in the high country. flag staff look at that negative 1. actual air temperature at the grand canyon. 27 in prescott. we'll be headed up into the 60s


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