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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  November 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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this is abc15 news taking action. >> who's headed to work and school and who's headed home today. >> where the death toll stands at this moment. >> and people in buck eye demanding sky high bills: it is 4:30 on this tuesday. lots to get to on this abc15 mornings. >> just now looking at the newest information coming in the crews on the scene of a house fire. main cross streets of this one are going to be gilbert and mckelleps road. about a dozen fire crews on the
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update on injuries or the extent of the damage. our photographer panning off trying to show us the house in question there and the large fire response. asking questions for us. when we get updated you'll hear that information. from there i want to go to more breaking news. another wrong way driver on a valley freeway. dps i heard them on the radio. they've moved fast on justin pazera is in the abc15 live drive with more on this. good morning justin. >> reporter: good morning chris. very scary situation for those on i-15. he was going in the wrong direct examination for three miles. dps could not catch up to this guy. it ended near anthem where he crashed his f150 head-on into a
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hospital with non life threatening injuries. they think he got on i-17 near view river. he was taken to the hospital and was expected to be okay. other than now facing some serious criminal xharjs. i-15 was shut down for three hours. it is back open this morning. >> justin pazera on that breaking news that's something else. meanwhile our neighbors up north are breaking brushes and ice scrapers as cars are covered with snow this morning. drivers could face icy conditions. flag staff unified schools are going to have a snow day today. and the city of flag staff offices and facilities they're on a two hour delay. meteorologist laura thomas is watching all of this unfold to the north. >> the good news is it's over
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17 degrees outside right now in flag staff. 4 degrees at the grand canyon. 22 in wendell rock. 40s across the phoenix metro. 47 officially at the airport this morning. so it's a cold start and it's going to be a chilly afternoon. we'll hit those upper 50s at lunchtime. up to 62 today. so really a beautiful afternoon. you'll definitely need the sleeves, the light jacket in the forecast. the breaking news continuing right now. this morning tragedy strikes a brazilian soccer team. the crew declaring an emergency due to some sort of electrical failure. crews are on the scene. 81 people were on board. the first division soccer team
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regional tournament. dan, something we are watching closely. back here closer to home we now have funeral information. the service set for this thursday at christ church of the valley in pioria. crashed with a friend there. neither of the men was wearing a seat belt. and a valley father is mourning the loss of his son. 41-year-old vince skalice. searchers found his body in that area of the park yesterday.
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>> let me tell you everybody that we know, everybody that our friends know everybody was saying prayers it was unbelievable. >> vince's father says vince loved to be outside. an autopsy is scheduled. so investigators can try and figure out exactly how he died. what is happening with the water in buck eye. afte increases in their water bills. last night the city council voted not to raise water rates. the bad news, the city does not know why everyone's bill suddenly shot up by hundreds of dollars and they might not find out. about 150 people have called the water issue hot line. about half of the bill complaints have been remedied. the city says it will not shut
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resolve the billing problems first. in just a matter of hours we're expecting a big announcement from donald trump's transition team. that position expected to go to georgia representative tom price. happening right now illinois state police as i drop my note here is have taken over an officer-involved shooting at this point. officers say that an off duty officer was shopping in a walmart when he saw a suspect who is wanted for crimes and theft. the off dut officer shot this guy before on duty officers arrived at the scene. the suspect is able to drive off. reck the car. officers released the canine. and he enlded up dying.
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watch. a day after a man plowed his car into a group of people on purpose. 11 people hurt there. authorities looking into whether or not this was terrorism. he once criticized z the media for his betrayal of muslims. he was shot and killed by a campus police officer. entire blocks evacuated california. look at this. a big rig flipped over. thousands of gallons of ammonia. when it hit the ground it caused a valve to break. authorities are now investigating to see whether or not the driver was at fault here. new this morning an animal rescue needs your help. rose ranch is in danger of
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enough money. they're really hope to go raise at least $25,000 by the end of january. to donate or to find out ho to volunteer we've posted a link on our website. 4:38 and the death of a woman from guatemala died following a series of seizures. you can't arrest me know i have a warrant. >> hey. you can't hit a girl like that. >> boy it is shocking no matter how many times you see it. and this morning we are one step closer to a legal decision. the county attorney now has the case and will determine if
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state lawmakers including the new speaker of the house are making it clear. taxpayer dollars will be a tough sell. the coyotes only want to cover 1 fnt $4 million of the project. team officials told us quote there will be conversations and you know we will watch for those conversations. a major arizona employer will put a stamp on future driverless cars. to process input from radar. cameras and laser sensors. chandler campus is the company's second largest in the u.s. no word if employees there will work on those specific processors. mostly clear skies here in the valley. we'll keep those clear skies going throughout the next several hours.
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we'll dip a little bit more to 43. and highs today stay well below average. mesa will hit 60. 61 in glendale and good year. when's the warm up coming up i'll let you know. abc15 desert drive times. >> and as you head out early this morning your roads are nice and clear. all greeb. no issues out there. no crashes we have to worry about but i do want to give you a also seeing pretty light traffic. we did have a crash 43rd avenue that had that onramp blocked off. if you're wondering about that everything should be good to go. all right mallory. time now is 4:40 and south korea could soon be looking for a new president. >> and he was trained to protect and to serve but one kentucky
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beyond for one desperate motorist. >> well the electoral college is on the right.
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it is just about a quarter to 5:00 as we take a look outside a chilly morning. laura thomas will have your most accurate forecast coming up in just a we're watching a developing story out of south korea. the country's president says she will resign if parliament comes up with a way to transfer power. hundreds of thousands of people calling for resignation. interesting stuff danielle. >> well many of our viewers were
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back in their homes. it's now 90% contained. so it quickly grew. after that fire was first reported last night. so far no word on how that fire started. california has traditionally been tough on climate change. cattle and other farm animals a major sources of methane. a new law requires our. dairyar regulations will drive up costs and will force some out of that state. okay. a kentucky police officer certainly delivering on her oath. alici thompson was speeding. there was no time to think. all she could do was react. >> so i pulled on the side of the road opened the car door and there's a partial head sticking
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you know, push, and there came the joy of life. >> she makes it sound so easy. even though she had just helped deliver a dlaeb baby she kept working her shift. she called her mom. >> love it. great story there danielle.. 4:46 as you wake up. e-mail haves turned into death threats. each state has electors. just got a threat from someone who says they will blow his brains out if he doesn't change his vote. a few states do not have rules against electors going rogue. a battle is really gaining some steam over plans to build the bez ert discovery center in the east valley.
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phase. they say they're now on the design phase. the goal is to. neighbors in that area say that's preserved land and they made it pretty clear last night they will sue. >> and iwanted to believe you but i'm concerned. when i retire ten years ago i was hoping i would never have to see the nasty under belly of politics again. >> the actual construction still months away. you're going to want to watch your social media feeds very carefully over the next few weeks. we've got a concern about holiday scams. three big ones to watch out for. text message saying you've won a gift card. never gives you away to collect your prize. the other scam facebook egreeting cards and also
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lyrics. just be skeptical for any offer of a freebee. 13 minutes to the top of the hour. whether you like to donate all year or just today on giving tuesday. share the meal maps out where your donation will help feed a child. charity miles puts miles towards every run or walk. and finally one toda to doe late to things like a taxi ride. you can download any of these to the app store. and we'd like to donate to operation santa claus. out there this morning it is cold across the valley. we'll still fall a couple more degrees before the sun comes up. we do have light winds. in the low 40s at this hour. so we are expected to hit 43 by
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by your lunch hour and then later on today we're only headed up to 62. so it is going to be a beautiful but crisp, cool, afternoon for us here across the valley. mostly clear. not seeing any rain across the valley. no snow showers although roadways still having some problems there with those snow showers ending over the last several hours. temperatures very cold across arizo so here's what's happening. storm system moves out. takes those rain/snow chances well off to the east northeast before another cold front moves in. so that's going to keep reinforcing this cool air we have across the state. 32 at the grand canyon. thurt 3 in paige. we will have those 60s and 50s back here closer to home in
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arizona. look for overnight lows single digits. so we already have freeze warnings. these go into effect overnight tonight because of those very cold temperatures on the way tonight. something you might need to plan for later on today. if you have plants outside and animals outside you need to bring those in. globe at 28. superior forecasted lows tonight will be very similar. we'll take a few degrees off even here in the valley but not expecting those freezing temperatures later on this evening. here's the forecast for today. 63. 62 wednesday. we only have a very isolated rain chance later in the week. friday, 53 and we'll finally see those upper 60s to near 70s coming up on sunday and monday. morning lows will be in the 40s.
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below average there with tomorrow morning maybe in the upper 30s in those outlying areas. if you're starting out in the east valley just an 8-minute desert drive time on u.s. 60. the 10 in that area is looking extra light as well and then i want to give you a look from our a-dot camera. we did have a right at i-17. a warning before you scroll through that facebook feed or those links this morning. the latest with hackers are trying to scam you out of your money. and it has been a valley new year's staple for decades. get ready for some massive changes why they're cancelling their iconic block party. >> and today's tech bites.
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internet. >> nordstrom couldn't keep up with the traffic. the sites were back up within a few minutes. >> and a new report about the next generation of the iphone and the possibility of a curved screen. >> apple could release a phone with a curved screen next year. the reports says apple is testing several prototypes. and it's about to become safer now awaits president obama's signature. supporters say the law is needed to have freedom of speech. >> those are your tech bites.
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get up to 40 megs for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. no, that's okay. i'm not hungry. don't worry about me. okay. ? we've got a safety alert to pass along. hackers could potentially exploit your photos and embed malicious code in them. no security check points. if you unknowingly open a file it would trigger and install a program called lockee and demand payment of about half of a bit coin. the best option never open a suspicious file that you don't recognize. well this next story night not sound real but it is.
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considering a netflix tax on streaming services like netflix or hulu. so-called netflix taxes have already gone into effect in pennsylvania and chicago. as far as we know no arizona cities are doing this just yet, the new year's eve party is going to be a lot different than years past. you watch all the musi well you're not going to get either of those things for 2017. you also want need a ticket to get in. instead the individual bars and restaurants will have to put on their own events. the block party was becoming too big of a task. and the whole thing was hurting businesses instead of helping them. it's operation santa claus. it is time to take action and help out operation santa
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toys clothes, and food for those four incredible charities list z on your screen. just stop by sander son ford or lincoln. come on by the abc15 studios and say hello. you can also donate a online. you also have chances to win a ford lincoln. all right. we're in the upper 40s out right now. it's going to be a sunny but chilly day. we're headed back into the low 60s. but how long will they last. and from the live desk updating you on breaking news. it is happening again. another wrong way crash. we are on the scene. >> look outside. 45 degrees folks as we wait for that sun to come out. also mallory moore is keeping a close eye on those desert drive
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mornings coming up in just two
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it has happened again. another wrong way driver crashes head on into a car. >> we're at war in this country. >> could it be another
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to protect yourself. >> and on a lighter note. let it snow. a winter storm in flag staff means a snow day for students but is there any relief in sight? sight? very cold temperatures there this morning. abc15 desert doppler not showing any rain across the valley. so it is cold in drop another couple of degrees. staying in the 60s. so well below average highs today. we are expecting plenty of sunshine as we get into the afternoon hours. i'll let you know how long the 60s are sticking around coming up in minutes. >> we're looking pretty good. seeing mostly dmreen on all of our freeways. but i do want to give you ai look at your desert drive time.


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