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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  November 29, 2016 1:35am-2:05am MST

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beginning right now winter weather hitting our state. the cars say it all in flagstaff. some people not going anywhere with the roads. 89a closed near jerome. schools just canceled for students in the unified school district. >> amber sullins in the abc 15 forecast center.
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supposed to last? >> almost done with the precipitation part of it. a few isolated showers southeast of the valley. a lot of the the snow we're tracking in the high country ending as well. we have wet roads and freezing temperatures. the perfect combination for black ice tonight. first on bridges and overpasses. if you car starts to -- your car starts to skid, don't brake. lean gently in. the freeze watch is in effect on wednesday. the road conditions not safe in flagstaff. jason is navigating the area for you tonight. >> it's a winter wonderland and people in flagstaff lover it. >> -- love it. >> it came on quick. >> on our way down traffic holding below the speed limit on i-17.
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is black ice. >> all the snow during the day turns to slush. and then irt refreezes and -- it refreezes and turns to ice. flagstaff pd saw accidents spike when it started but they say it's average for the first snow. two very different scenes in columbus, ohio. on the left the university community coming together to ask for understanding and condemn the campus attack that has left 11 people hurt. on through the attacker's home looking for clues. the somali-born student ran his car into people and started stabbing them. it's making us ask are we safe where we live. navideh forghani joins us live. the concern shouldn't just before for college campuses. >> no.
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terror experts. this is one of the many places where people spend time, hang out, and under constant watch. it's where people need to speak up. >> i hope that one day that we don't have to be fearful. we can straighten this mess out. >> until then pay attention to everything. a message that couldn't be more clear after today's attack. >> we should watch out because yo kill people. a vehicle is a dangerous weapon. >> in fact, that's the latest request by isis. they want sifrp thigh sers to -- sifrp thigh zers to use whatever is available. it's a reminder. >> we are at war. in this country regardless of whether it was a terrorist attack it shows that anything can happen.
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soft targets, schools, malls, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and public transportation. the terrorism information center is constantly monitoring for threats and agencies train year-round for scenarios. even joe arpaio providing training. they are ready for anything. >> we're more concerned this year than the others because of what's going on. on terrorism. >> while law enforcement is trained to respond prevention really is the key. if you see something, say something. a lot of these suspects are posting on social media before the attacks. take them seriously and report them to law enforcement because you could save a life. >> everyone needs to be watching. police at the university of arizona making their policies known about how to respond to a situation like the one at ohio state. run if you can, hide if you need to, and fight only if you must.
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enforcement agencies promote. breaking right now. a 300-acre brush fire near denver prompting evacuations until moments ago as strong winds blew the embers. firefighters were told -- started to form special teams to protect the homes. it's 90% contained. some people are being allowed back into their homes. no word on how all of this started. meantime more evacuations for a wildfire southeast of look at this video. ash covering the sidewalks? gatlinburg. as many as 30 buildings on fire. the sky completely orange from the flames the the distance. dozens -- in the distance. dozens of schools canceling for tomorrow. a mesa woman calling us saying she's in gatlinburg on vacation. this picture from her drive out. flames from her hotel. she saw a wall of orange.
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could. >> we were at the top of the mountain. and going down we literally drove through flames and visibility was zero percent right there. it was scary to see the flames right there. trees were falling down and we couldn't see much of anything. >> they made it safely down. not only were they watching the flames they had to be careful to avoid the steep cliffs off the side of the road. new information tonight on a in an atv crash near flagstaff. services announced for chris fitzmaurice. his funeral this thursday in peoria. he leaves behind four daughters, an online fundraiser has been set up and a link is on our website. scheduled as a special meeting for buck eye city council. >> a vote over water rates. people storming out and being invited back in.
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>> and a lot of confusion tonight. >> yeah, definitely. so about a dozen people were out here because of big spikes in their water bills. we're talking hundreds of dollars. they're circulating a petition to recall the mayor and then the meeting took a different turn. it went down like this. council meeting starts. two men called up for comment. they sung the praises of the council. a vote is taken to maintain and lower water rates for higher usage and that ends the problem is more people intended to speak and they felt like the two who did were given special treatment. >> it doesn't show on the agenda that there's a call to public. so i didn't fill out a paper. >> we were supposed to be able to talk it's not there anymore. >> we're going on a month now here. nobody's got fired. nobody's got nothing. >> and so there was an announcement made early on for
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a rep for the city got the council to invite anybody back inside. as for the rate spike, refunds are being issued in some cases. the city says it will not shut off anyone's water without resolving the bill problems. about 150 calls have come in to that hotline to address water issues. half have been remedies. some have had leaks, others have not. as for folks like jeff they have no spiked so they gave him the refund and we'll have to see if they stay steady or spike again. >> you'll be following it, thank you. the new year's eve block party on mill's avenue officially gone. it will not look or feel the same. no tickets to get in. no big artist performing. and no feshgs. it -- no fireworkses. -- fireworks.
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put it on. officials say it was too big of a task and was taking away from businesses instedz of helping. a -- instead of helping. a duel in the desert. a battle picking up over plans to build this the valley. the city council saying they're in the design phase, the goal to build the museum-style property on the mcdowell preserve. neighbors say that's preserved land and they made it clear tonight they wi >> and i wanted to believe you. but i'm concerned. when i retired ten years ago i was hoping i would never have to see the nasty underbelly of politics again. >> the actual construction months away. we'll see how a potential lawsuit affects that. you cannot arrest me until i know i have a warrant. >> hey, hey. you can't hit a girl like that. >> it is shocking no matter how
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tonight, one step close tore a legal decision on what will -- closer to a legal decision on what will happen to officer jeff after he punched a woman in the face. the county has the case and will decide. new dash cam video from the moments an officer in casa grande thought their life was on the line. known show the shooting -- none show the shooting or the officers involved. the suspect, a father of three, cops then tried bean bags and a taser before using a gun. more charges filed against the accused south carolina serial killer who once lived many the valley. todd kohlhepp con fessed to seven -- confessed to seven murders. tempe police continue to investigate a long list of unsolved cases for connection to kohlhepp. a phoenix man hiking and
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dead in california. his father saying vince was supposed to be home for thanksgiving. he never made it back. the park service says vince had planned a six-day hike starting off this trailhead. the weather was bad, rain and snow. temperatures below freezing. searchers found his body in that area today. vince's dad held out hope his son would be found alive. >> let me tell you, everybody that we our friends know, everybody was saying prayers. it was unbelievable. >> vince's father says vince loved to be outside. an autopsy set up to help investigators learn how he died. you saw the video here on friday at 10:00. chandler police releasing new surveillance video and pictures in hopes of catching a thief who's targeted two pharmacies in recent days. he's heard asking for
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he doesn't show a gun in either case. if you do recognize him call chandler pd. . they're the children of illegal immigrants for now protected by the daca program. if donald trump ends the program michael crowe sayings they'll find a way to -- saying they'll finds a way to keep it going. the immigrant detention center in elow criticism. a woman died in custody following a series of seizures. a measles outbreak started this past summer. the price is right. who donald trump just picked to help overhaul obamacare. democracy deadline. the clock ticking on a major effort that our next president wants to go away.
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now how's that thing supposed to convince anyone to buy a car? it's just full of hot air and doesn't say much. like the labels you see on a lot of chicken packaging. the ones that say "raised without antibiotics." that's just a trick to get you to pay more money. fact is, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. it's a marketing mr. floppy arms here. though i must say, he is somewhat hypnotic. don't fall for the hype, dale. dale?
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it started off as he mails but turned into death threats. electors will select our next president next month. one michigan elector says someone said they will blow his brains out unless he changed his -- changes his vote from a few states including ours do not have rules against electors going rogue. the green party presidential nominee has until tomorrow to hand in $3.5 million to pay for a statewide recount in wisconsin. today she requested a recount in pennsylvania. stein is not saying she believes the results will change. but she wants to ensure hackers didn't effect the election. the president-elect
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for secretary of health and human services. price is an outspoken critic of obamacare. he would be one of the people working closely on an alternative in theory. our next first lady threatening her first lawsuit since the election. according to a letter from her lawyer melania trump is furious over a video that suggests her 10-year-old son has autism. rosie o'donnell tweeted a link last week. she's not threatening o'donnell. delta airlines apologizing to some of its customers after a customer in atlanta shouted pro-trump and anti-clinton remarks on the plane. >> this man knows what's up. we got some hillary bleeps on here? . >> that's a short clip of what he said.
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free speech but not disrespect. some calling that decision ridiculous. that's how some might feel about this. a gray's analmy tax -- anatomy tax? the reason to make up for lost tax revenue from a growing number of cord cutters. to our knowledge no arizona cities are doing this yet. a potential roadblock for the coyote to build a new aree nachlt in conjunction -- arena. in conjunction with a su finances have always been a problem. taxpayer dollars will be a tough sell. they only want to cover half of the $400 million project. team officials say there will be conversations if the state does not pony up. the action plan is underway
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professional soccer team in our state. arizona united is also changing its anytime to phoenix rising sc. the nearly 16-acre site would be in mcclintock. it will come from the american indian community and private invest torss. they want -- investors. they want it built as early as next year. tomorrow a memorial will be dedicated to honor the gran mountain hot shots who lost their lives in the yarnell hill fire in 2013. plaques with the name of the 19 men will be placed along the trail. it will be open to the public wednesday. we've been showing you the snow video. a new time lapse of the drive up mount lemon. grabbing shots of the first major snowfall of the season. >> yeah, snowfall.
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there's still snow on the ground. and in the sunny spots it's melted already. >> there's even more in some spots tonight. wanted to give you some of the updated totals. coming in from the high country. greer reporting seven. forest lake, six. flagstaff at five. the airport didn't get near that. a few miles of west. still a few snow showers in the higher terrain. we're talking along the peaks. and also a few isolated pockets here near holbrook and stretching farther to the east. and that as well as spots south of white river. we're almost done with this storm system. winds are going to back off. breezy throughout much of the day in the high country. winds making a difference tonight.
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degrees. wednesday morning temperatures get even colder. freeze watches and warnings in effect for wednesday morning in gila and pinal county. some spots have not frozen at all. with those in place remember the four ps. pipes, plants, pets, and you people stay inside as much as possible early morning wednesday. 28 in globe and miami. and near the freez near roosevelt and superior lakes as well. here's what to expect tonight. lots of freezes for the higher terrain. 15 tonight in flagstaff. 18 tonight in show low and down to 49 here in phoenix. or 45 rather. right now 55. humidity at 48%. temperatures across the valley mostly in the 50s. spots like fountain hills, surprise in the 40s at this hour.
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the valley. temperatures a little bit below average in the morning and well below in the afternoon. average is 70. it's a chilly day tomorrow. start in the 40s in phoenix. 55 at 10:00 a.m. low 60s kick in around 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. freezing all day in flagstaff and window rock. only the high 20s tomorrow. chilly 60s in the valley. as we of the workweek there is another weak system friday and saturday. slight chance of an isolated shower in the valley. nothing compared to what we just went through. and after it clears out the 70s return. you may have to bundz l up. join -- understood l up. join us for -- bundle up. join us for the aps electric parade. it starts at 7:00 at central
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p.m. on sunday. still ahead. federal fumble. some of the outrageous ways your tax dollars are wasted. the psychology of shopping.
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all new at sock federal fumbles an -- at 10:00 federal fumblings. . >> arizona is in fact on the list.
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twice the necessary amount. the botched gun running operation we investigated. fast and furious on the list. other lowlights a study looking into why children don't like to eat food that's been sneezed on. that cost $2 million. then a half million to send a text message discouraging the use of chewing tobacco. watch your social media feeds. a consumer alert about holiday scams that could be you. three big ones a text message saying you've won a gift card. it takes you to a website where yourent personal information. the other -- your personal information. the other ones down loadable christmas lyrics. be skeptical. stores tricking you into buying more, or things you don't need.
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out some of the techniques. if the items are in the middle of the shelf and if a price end in 9 -- ends in 9 people are more likely to buy. rude people can cause people with lower self-esteem to buy more. and if you think the music is random the right general recan show -- genre can
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abc 15 sports brought to you by sander son ford. >> not exactly what we were thinking at this part of the
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believing the cards would have nine wins by now this is a letdown. as the losses continue to mount players stress and it falls apart. coach arians disagrees. >> if anything it's the reverse of trying too hard, pressing. trying, especially defensive trying to make a play. offensively it's a mess. -- it's a ma and catching it. >> you're trying to figure out why the season went south. after much thought, conversation and debate this is it. the curse of the sports illustrated cover. look what si did to us. they definitely jinxed us. there's no other explanation for this 4-6-1 record. coming off a trip to the nsc champion game and larry fitzgerald on the cover with this quote.


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