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tv   ABC15 News at 5PM  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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lights and sat down against the walls. >> around noon university officials said a suspect was shot and killed, the scene secure, and no longer an active shooter situation. >> we have a man with a knife running around cutting people. >> police confirming later the suspect was shot and killed and rumors about a second suspect wsh unfounded. >> -- were unfounded. >> drove a vehicle over the curb west of college avenue, struck pedestrians. he exited the vehicle and used a butcher knife to start cutting pedestrians. >> there were multiple injuries related to lacerations or cuts. most likely as chief said from the stab wounds. >> officials identified the attacker as ohio student abdul razak ali artan. he became a permanent citizen two years ago after leaving so
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he was upset about attacks on muslims. 11 people were hurt including one with critical injuries. breaking live coverage of this continuing tonight with world news when this newscast ends. you can see this on or our free mobile app. steppout side and then -- step outside and then go back inside to grab a sweater. rain in the valley and snow in flagstaff. as we track the rain, sleet, and snow in the higher terrain. you can see the snow shower activity picking up near pine top lakeside. the dark blues indicate a heavy band of snow showers there. rain near holbrook. the purples a little wintry mix of rain, sleet, snow near sedona. a few spots over the last hour
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switch over to snow near the prescott valley area. along i-17 treacherous conditions for the next several hours. rain near camp verde. we can see it from the cam in that area. farther to the north it is snow shower activity in the park and into flagstaff. a live look right now from the flagstaff area from our arizona network. windchills to deal with. getting the snow this season. jason is live there helping us to track it all. >> and this is a live look at -- and this is a live look at a guy freezing his h hishgsney off -- hiney off right now. ive you look -- if you look, a little bit of sun on the clouds. it was really heavy an hour ago. when we got here around noon
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nicely plowed. and then in the last couple hours probably about an inch of snow. and then a lot of that's been packed down on to the streets by the cars driving along there. they're smooshing it down. while it looks traumatic if you're a thin-blooded valley dweller it's what these folks look forward to all year. no problem getting the mail delivered. lots of people told us they were cold but the a different story. lots of businesses thrive on snow tourism. none more than the ski house where they've been watching the sky. >> we were all a little nervous at the beginning of the year. trying to open and we didn't have any snow. it's what we've been waiting for. it's not done yet. >> yep. all right. so a lot of this snow, what it does is turn to slush. this is all watery.
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black ice. more about some of those concerns and what to look out for if you're headed up to the high country at 6:00. for now live in flagstaff i'm jason value len tine abc 15. new developments surrounding shocking video we showed you this month of offering jeff punching ma ris sa morris in the -- marissa in the face. they are submitting the case to the attorney's office after the crimin finished. it will be up to the county attorney to decide on possible charges. that officer is on leave. he claims morris hit him in the groin he denies that. learning more about the 16- year-old gilbert boy who died in an off-road vehicle crash. the gila county sheriff's office says a boy and a friend were -- and a friend were riding side by side. he later died at the officer. a similar situation taking
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captain. chris fitzmaurice was on a hunting trip when his atv flipped over. he was pinned underneath. investigators believe he was going too fast and lost control. fitzmaurice is survived by a wife and four daughters. we have been warning you about this, package thieves outside your homes. buckeye li package in the west park develop. ment. if -- develop. . if you know who he is call police. a quick thinking neighbor alerted cops about cars. they saw the front door forced open and three people heading out. when they saw officers they headed back in. they tried to get away in the backyard. one was caught on the spot and the police caught with the
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at random. millions won't go near the mall on this cyber monday. or perhaps the entire holiday season. instead letting their fingers do the shopping. cyber monday sales expected to hit about $3.3 billion this year up nearly 10% from the year before. another stature, fortune magazine reporting about a billion a day on shopping. the valley's professional soccer team made a series of major announcements. they are creating a new complex. that's near the new proposed coyote stadium. they're changing their name to phoenix rising sc and introducing a new logo. the stadium should be completed for the 2017 season. another name in the hat for secretary of state.
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trump tower today. he pleaded guilty last year to one count of mishandling classified information. he struck a plea deal and avoided prison time. days after the death of fidel castro, president-elect trump is now talking tough on cuba. he threatened to undue the deal that restored diplomatic ties. trump tweeted today if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people american people, and the u.s. as a whole i will terminate the deal. what we're learning tonight about the man involved in a deadly accident over the weekend. they're trying to keep their heads above their water both. we took action this month about the high water bills. new tonight, a push to get the mayor out of office.
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well the sheriff is launching his posse. the armed volunteers pal trolling the malls -- patrolling the malls. sheriff arpaio put this in action 23 years ago. how effective have they been? >> well, the sheriff tells me they have stopped car burglaries and nabbed car parking lots. but this year his concern not so much petty theft. the sheriff says he's worried about terrorism, carjackings, and shootings. the posse is armed volunteers. there will be a large presence at the malibu they'll be in vehicles -- at the mall, but they'll be in vehicles and on foot.
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purse snatchers. you'd be surprised what they see out there. >> person on top of the car, loading packages, person in the basket loading packages, doors open, trunk open. >> i'm a little concerned this year. we've had about four violent acts, killings at malls. texas, minnesota. >> the armed posse has been trained to look for anyone out of place these members will work hand in hand with mall security. here's one thing you should know. you can ask mall security officers for an escort to your car. especially when dark, back to you. back to business for parts of downtown phoenix after somebody spotted a suspicious package. air 15 near 4th and adams right between a city building and parking glaj. phoenix -- garage.
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the package was harmless. hearing from the man accused of shooting and killing nine members of a traditional church in south carolina. roof hurled ray sirs insult -- racist insults at the people he's accused of killing. he faces 23 federal charges for the attack. police investigating a mysterious death at chandler community lake. we're waiting to hear what happened to gerald brandstet texte -- brandstetter. >> police still have not said how he died. the woman behind a deadly peoria crash facing charges. amber sloan was behind the wheel when she crashed into a mini van with five kids inside.
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others injured. it does not appear sloan was intoxicated and they're still investigating if she ran the stop sign. a big mess outside a home tonight after the nasty storm that hit the valley overnight. leaving one man picking up the pieces. i'm craig fouhy live at the big red brew house for tonight's cardinal countdown. parking is free, admission free, join us.
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we now know the name of the officer involved in a deadly shooting in surprise. grufz has been with the police
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it happened saturday morning. investigators say the officers checked out a suspicious car when the officer got into a scuffle with the 20-year-old derek adame. do you know these people? buckeye police say they are wanted for a fraud incident at a buckeye wal-mart. their pictures just in. surveillance video caught the images of the plan and woman. this is becoming a theme every monday. but sadly, not what we want to become a tradition at this point. >> certaly not. another cardinals game another loss. the team 4-6-1 on the season. our playoff hopes slipping away game after game. craig fouhy live at university of phoenix stadium with more tonight. what do we need to know? >> i thought we'd be looking at the playoff picture trying to figure out which team we might be playing. after another road loss, a disappointing loss that leaves
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this season has been a letdown. honestly when you watch the way we're playing it's hard to imagine this group even making the mrauoffs. while we're down and licking our wounds after watching the team coach ar yans has a different -- arians has a different outlook. he thinks the answer is pretty simple and in no way is he ready to throw in the towel and give up. >> once we win one we'll be and i think we'll add them up at nine and i think we've got a great shot still. to think we would try to lose games to get a better draft choice is as nine. i don't -- assinine. i don't know who would do that. >> we're here at university of phoenix stadium. chandler catanzaro will be our guest. we'll see you at 6:00 with the cardinals kicker chandler
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again admission is free, parking is free, come on down and watch monday night football. the green bay packers at the philadelphia eagles. . 15 mile an hour gusts through the valley causing a mess. trees down, property damage, and for one man, his portable shed smashed into his neighbor's house. that shed is just a pile of scrap metal. >> it seemed like the wind got one part of the shed and uprooted it. >> he's going do have to replace that shed. but luckily nobody was hurt. easy to replace the shed. that's no problem. don't like seeing it go like that. looking like christmas in williams arizona wildlife park. >> wolves, foxes, and bears all of that snow in northern arizona. now is the time to check out arizona. it's open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 daily. they like it. >> what a fun day. >> i love it.
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out of the car. let's be honest you can crank up the heat and drive through and see everybody. >> i got out of the car today and was like what am i thinking. >> highs in the mid-50s. look at the snowfall totals. arizona snow bowl at seven inches. flagstaff at five. those totals will go up into tonight. a look at abc 15 desert doppler right now. the blue, that purple in the middle, a little mix of the two. look at what we're watching. isolated shower near black canyon city across i-17 headed to the east. farther north that's where we're seeing snow. falling south of chino valley. then it switched to snow as the colder air settled in.
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distinct line in the lower elevations. to the east still seeing quite a bit of snow alistening the -- along the rim this evening and the darker blue is the heavier stuff near clay springs. we'll continue to see these showers linger in the eastern portions of the rim and the white mountains until late tonight. snowy up there. here in the valley the clouds covering us. a few clouds starting to shine through. a chance tonight at 10%. right now at 56. humidity at 43%. winds at six miles per hour. temperatures across most of the valley in the low to mid-50s. cave creek colder. 49 there. as we look up to the north we got temperatures at the freezing point in sedona and in the 20s in flagstaff and show low. some stiff breezes in some locations today. breezy along the rim near the
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instead of feeling like 27 in flagstaff feeling like 17. got a windchill of 16 in show low. going to keep the cold air overnight tonight. the storm system heads out to the east. here's what it looks like on futurecast. a slight chance for showers overnight for eesh portions of our -- eastern portions of our state. sunny skies tomorrow, temperatures though stay chilly throughout the entire week. mid-40s through 8:00 a.m. in phoenix. mi 60s in the afternoon. mesa 60. tempe and gilbert 61. 62 in peoria and glendale. early morning lows mostly in the 40s. so a chilly start to the day tomorrow in the valley. up north lots of freezes to track in the overnight forecast. temperatures are going to get colder than this into wednesday morning. here's what's to expect tomorrow afternoon. 29 in flagstaff. freezing all day there.
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with clear skies and lower humidities temperatures absolutely plummet into wednesday morning. freeze watches in effect for gila and pinal counties. 42 in phoenix wednesday morning. lots of other spots in the 30s. a quick system friday and saturday with a slight chance of a shower in play before the 70s on sunday. the streets of knee nix will be -- phoenix will be glows on saturday. the parade route ends at 7th and indian school. if you can't make it out you can get your replay of it on abc 15 at 4:00 p.m. on sunday. as if it didn't already feel like it the holiday season kicking off with a tree lighting ceremony at the capitol. first here's david muir with the stories coming up. 60 seconds of terror on an american campus. the suspect driving into pedestrians and then slashing them with a butcher's knife.
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quick update on that attack at ohio state yiefrt r university. officers say -- university. officers say grieve vances about jsh grievances about -- grievances about muslims was on his page. nine people were rushed to the hospital. one in critical condition. president-elect trump tweeting out thoughts and prayers to the students and administration and
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responders. space world in hot water tonight after freezing 5,000 fish. it included fish, crabs, and other shellfish embedded in the ice. the park was forced to close the attraction after puck lick back -- public backlash. they will hold a religious service for them and reuse them as fertilizer. [ cheering and applause ] >> and take a look. the holiday season kicks off in arizona. the state christmas tree turned on this morning. it's a blue spruce from one of our national forests. in the middle of the night they are there for you. all new at 6:00 how cops helped save a business from a terrible fate. election fraud? so many voters talking about
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we asked arizona officials did anyone vote illegally. >> all he wants is to put a smile on your face. a local comedian's livelihood stolen. how it happened and where he'll go from here. still tracking snow from the high country. as well there's a live look from abc 15 desert doppler. sinking to the south and east. we'll talk more about what to expect more in the valley for the rest of the week at 6:00. >> the ski resorts love you right now.
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could have. plus could your iphone tonight, breaking news. we're on the scene right now. the horrific attack at a major american university. the suspect plowing into pedestrians, then going on the attack with a butcher's knife. multiple victims. and what we've just learned about the suspect. also breaking tonight, the recount battle. the first state set to begin. we're there tonight with new reporting. president-elect donald trump drawing outrage from some after tweeting claims of voter fraud elsewhere with no proof. and could there be any change in the outcome of the election? severe storms at this hour. a tornado watch right now. heavy snow, rain and ice. that system marching east tonight. the record-breaker. holiday sales already. and now, it's cyber monday. the best deals you can still get tonight. and the missing mom mystery tonight. three weeks after she vanishes,


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