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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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it is cyber monday and chances are you might be clicking on amazon. the big force behind the fulfillment center coming up. good morning, everybody. welcome back as people are cutting back from thanksgiving. >> you are also breaking up to some cool temperatures that is for sure. >> i have to give joe bartel credit. he is a trooper for us this morning. it is warmer in the valley but not by a ton with 45 in mesa and 48 in tempe. 42 in litchfield park. let's take a look at clouds and radar with the state starting to see the snow drift into the high country after we were in a low overnight. this is the nevada/arizona border. this is what will eventually make its way down to flagstaff.
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just a few minutes. we do have a crash right now on take a 17 southbound and -- i-17 southbound and adot has pulled out the camera. i am not seeing any slowing in the valley. the 60 in the tent are looking pretty good and we will give you a look at i-17 coming up. hopefully our commutes don' there. thank you to francisco pre- telling this -- for sending this time lapse. >> if you're headed up to the high country, bundle up as abc15's joe bartel's is letting us know what is going on . >> reporter: right now pleaded that flagstaff schools are on a two hour delay.
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just a bit with not that many people on the roads this morning. this is 2 to 5 inches of snow with this white stuff here and then you can see the sign from adot got says winter weather conditions. they said they can expect drivers to see icy and snowy conditions heading out. speaking of snow, take a look at some video. it was really coming down last night into this morning with a lot of heavy snow coming down and the drivers taking it really slow because it was very slippery. of course as the temperatures went down, it got really icy and adot is asking everyone to be careful because conditions are very treacherous across the high country this morning. joe bartels, abc15 news.
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back in the valley the rain causing some problems for home owners and the local power outages. this is in mesa. as we hope over to srp just a peppering throughout the valley. this right here is the circuit breaker with 17 customers out in mesa. we are hoping to learn today by a teenager electrocuted off of state route 88 new tortilla flat. they tell us that the teenager touched the wire and was shocked and then fell. a family of four including two teenagers shaking after a group went right into their home attempting to rob them. maryellen resendez is at the
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. maryellen, is the family okay? >> reporter: three blocks is how farthest trail -- is how far this trail spams. you can see those lights flashing. that is where this trail of items starts which includes clothing. police were tipped off something was not right when a neighbor spotted three suspicious cars. door forced open and then three people were on their way out of the home. they ran back in when they spotted police. he tried to get out the back and one was arrested on the spot. the other two managed to get away in a getaway car. police said they did find weapons. in phoenix, maryellen resendez, abc15 news.
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figure out how a 20-year-old man ended up in a leg. his body was found yesterday. family members say he went out for a bike ride but not take his wallet or keys so they did not think you would be gone to go long. -- too long. a 20 year veteran dies in an atv accident. it happened in the high country with fire captain a girlfriend me page has collected $70,000 so far. -- a girlfriend me page has collected $70,000 so far. pamela hesselbacher died crossing the street. her daughter audrey is expected to be released from the ice you -- from the icu very soon.
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for the hotshot will open honoring the men who died in a wild fire. it is 2 miles south of yarnell and there is a trail that leads to the area for those firefighters died. election day has passed. today we get the official results from maricopa county with the election happening today at 10:00. the county spent several days calculating the provisional ballots with 15,000 deemed to be invalid. a deadly day in louisiana after a gunman opened fire on two separate scenes. i have new details on a rampage in baton rouge. we'd have a new crash on some of our side streets and i will not set out for you next.
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by hour temperature forecast to let you know how chilly it will get. what happens if you have to
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good monday morning. nick ciletti here. let's talk about your most accurate forecast and it feels chilly outside. right now at phoenix sky harbor we are at 48 degrees. that goes to show you how cold it really is. he will stay cold and by 10:00 it is 54 degrees. that is when we start to work in the chance of getting some more showers. maybe not quite as severe as what we were seeing yesterday but we cannot rule out the chance of pop-up showers. 61 will be the daytime high
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the should be this time of the year. in the high country is where we will see some action this morning with prescott 43 degrees and flagstaff 32 will be your high. you will spend much of your day below freezing with another 3 inches already with 2 to 6 inches in parts of the high country. the overnight low is going to be just 25 degrees. only chance of rain and snow this week. i will break down the next round of storms coming through coming up in your most accurate forecast . i want to give you a look at the roads from our centurylink prism traffic center. we have a crash just south of i- 17 with 19 avenue north of southern slowing down just a
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i also want to give you a look from our adot camera. this is i-17 south on the shoulder where you can see some flashing lights. i will give you a look at your conditions on the high country and that will be in a couple minutes. it is that time to take action to help out operation santa claus. we are collecting money, toys, and children's clothes for amazing charities listed on your screen. >> just stop by sanderson ford lincoln at the abc15 studios or any of the ups across the valley. you can always donate at . it is cyber monday with 122 million americans online shopping today. what happens after you click buy? chances are it will look
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cyber monday to not hit your wallet? have you checked your powerball numbers? in the gym a first look a state of deadly -- gma first look a state of deadly accidents in arizona with the wrong way driver killed. a college football player in massachusetts killed going the wrong way accidents over the holiday. you have seen them before. vehicles on the road side of the road speeding while wrong- way crashes and make up only 3% of accidents they are 27 times more deadly between 400 deaths a year and 60% of the accidents involving drivers who have been drinking. coming up at 7:00 we will have tips.
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are looking pretty good a deadly rampage overnight. if one was killed and then tossed out of the car. he then pulled his car through a crowd of people who were trying to help that women. two people were hit in the vehicl ambulance. an ems worker was also shot by this guy. the suspect ended up dying during a shootout with deputies. in other shooting coming up with more on the investigation from the live desk in 30 minutes. the want to move on to some scary moments for moviegoers in california. introduction the security guard
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a disturbance of some sort happened in the theater in the circuit the guard -- security guard chased the man out of the theater. both are expected to survive. remembering a fallen hero with officer colin rose in detroit. hundreds of people walked 1. officer rose. a funeral is set for thursday. the suspect is still behind bars . a close call for the person who underwent surgery for some bamboo blockage with the panda eating small meals and is on the road to recovery.
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gorilla will be memorials in an ugly christmas sweater. it is sold by fresh brewed tease. it has become a viral sensation. check your lottery ticket because you might be a partial winner. fortunately you wanted a millionaire numbers and away because 40,000 people in our state won at least some money. joe ducey here. if you book a flight on line do you know the refund policy? >> i was getting everything ready and i felt a little dizzy. >> reporter: for three years robert has battled hard problems and he couldn't take his
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>> reporter: he bought the ticket on orbit that said getting a refund was not easy. roberts said he had to sign the paperwork but then he got a notice. >> they both told me i have to get my money back. >> rapper let me know in the volunteer team went to work. >> he was on top >> reporter: they were in contact and said they are bound by the policies of the airline partners. >> the state on top of them and eventually i got my money back. i am very happy and it was the best thing i ever did. documented says the typically extend the value of the ticket for a year but made an exception.
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well. before you buy you should know the cancellation policy. i am investigator joe ducey. have a great day. thanksgiving is done and black friday is over with. cyber monday, get ready because it is here. >> i am distracted shopping right now. >> it may not seem that big but shopping analysts say consumers spend $3.3 billion on black friday. >> abc15's justin pazera is live this morning. what is going to entice shoppers today? >> reporter: there is so many things. my photographer says he found me some shoes for christmas. they light up.
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will take part in cyber monday today. displays is the size of 28 football fields. it is a massive fulfillment center. it is likely some of your items will go through here with many americans going to shop today. 28 million folks plan to shop with the mobile device. retailers will be using some of those get people to purchase. but we will talk about the economic impact in arizona here as far as the number of employees coming up in just a bit. >> thanks for that inside look. if you are looking for the best deals you can headed to . the nine best
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it actually links you to all of them and that you know what to look for. taking action for you with those deals i think this is just an's third-year in a row taking action for us. mother nature doing a good job keeping us on our toes. here is your most accurate drive time forecast. as you head back to work and school, it is 48 by lunchtime you should still stay in time with rain chances back into the picture and by dinner time the commute is a little better with the low 60s at that point. at least it will not be the 40s. let's talk about your snow forecast. we talked about how flagstaff was picking up a few inches.
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show low with the timeline for this a little bit earlier. these places could actually pick up some snow this morning. let's talk about your most accurate forecast and guide you through what is going to happen. today the high in phoenix it will be 61 degrees with a 20% chance of showers today. the best chance will be the afternoon and around dinner time. 62 for tuesday and nice and sunny. by friday we have another system working its way in warming things up to 71 degrees. you can track these changes right along with us. abc15 desert drive times is brought to you by centurylink prism. >> if you're headed up to the high country this morning, we have been showing you how the roads look. you can see the slowing from
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flagstaff with things improving. just a reminder, if that is part of your route, you should definitely take it easy. i not seeing any slow spots -- i am not seeing any slow spots.
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this just in to the abc15 live desk. vatican officials say pope francis will visit ireland in 2018. if we the first time a pope has visited the nation in 40 years. pope john paul ii visited in 1979. 1.2 million people attended that mass. >> that is like the cubs celebration after the world series. the great news is the delays at the airport for traveling were almost nonexistent over the weekend. there were quite a few taking to the skies and hitting the roads for the thanksgiving holiday. mallory, when folks come home what will they see? >> prices for gas have been all over the place. the national average is down to $2.12 a gallon. in arizona, prices are not much
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we are taking action for you this morning with finding prices as low as $1.85 in phoenix and glendale. you should head to to find the exact location. they are taking action and care of our friends in need with the dogs at the maricopa county animal control having a big surprise. a donation of elevated doggie beds. a them for the special project and collected all of the donations needed. i think this is a perfect morning to keep your dog in your bed to keep you warm. 48 degrees right now with the rain chances going up today. we will talk about when we could see more rain and snow in
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to pick up on 83rd avenue with a closer look at your desert drive times straight ahead. how a light rail stop became a crime scene and what we know about the suspect this morning.
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we are on the scene. and dangerous driving conditions across the high country. what you need to know in a live report from flagstaff still ahead. they had to block this off after they fell out of the sky. >> damage with a few people were covering this morning. 5:30 on this monday after the holiday. glad to have you here with us. >> was. >> danielle and dan, we certainly had a lot. everything from lines to uber and taxis out the door. a little better with 48 degrees in a period of clear whether. we will see more snow and more rain and you will not have to worry about any rain right now.
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valley and we will time out those rain and snow chances in just a few minutes. we are seeing those delays on the 10 with right around 83rd avenue. we are off to a 13 minute desert drive time from the 101 from the 1012 the 17th and the hot spot is between 83rd and 51st avenue. i want to update everyone from the news. phoenix police officers investigating. we are told a neighbor noticed something suspicious on the streets. officers showed up and noticed the home had been broken into. a father and a mother and three people were leaving the house
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they tried to turn around and one was immediately arrested. everybody else was arrested. officers found weapons and the property throughout the area. brand-new video after a mobile home catches fire overnight. there were no injuries and the cause of the fire still under investigation. people in flagstaff are waking up to winter with schools on a two hour delay. >> joe, what does it look like for drivers this morning? >> reporter: trying to stay warm this morning with drivers facing dangerous conditions right now. this is milton road in flagstaff. we are seeing some clouds coming through with conditions
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was slippery. this is what they were dealing with last night into this morning with snow coming down really fit at times. it did taper off but then it started to get cold and all of the snow that have melted it turned to ice over night. that is what drivers are dealing with this morning with schools are on a two hour delay. keep that in mind this morning. joe bartels, abc15 news. >> in the valley last night the storms causing a number of issues. this after the storms
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a trip there. you have been wanting the efforts. >> it is not as bad as it was with thousands of customers without power to now just a few hundred. this is 28 customers here in the area of mesa without power. srp is having a peppering across the valley and six customers without power in may said. i wanted to let you know our crews were on the scene of some snow damage. a man suspected of pulling a gun on a phoenix light rail platform killing a man. all of this happened late last night shutting down 47th and jefferson. witnesses say an argument broke
5:35 am
suspect description right now. we are working to get that information. they are looking for information to help with the investigation. near phoenix children's hospital a person was sent to the hospital. a woman and a man got robbed and they say when they tried to run away that is one the woman caught shot -- woman that is when the woman got shot. others are in the hospital. we are hoping to learn the names of the family involved. they are investigating if she ran the stop sign. apparently a spectator during the intermission of "beautiful" someone fell off the upper level balcony.
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>> police just telling us the man was getting up to use the bathroom and he assumed there was a walkway so he stepped over and firefighters say three people have to go to the trauma centers with injuries. search and rescue crews are looking for a missing phoenix hiker in sequoia national park. 41-year-old vince scalise was supposed to return from a backpacking trip and he has not been seen. search and rescue teams are scouring another part of california for a man and his wife who got stuck in the snow in el dorado county northeast of sacramento. the search resumes at 8 a.m. arizona time. 5:36 and with the election
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president-elect donald trump does not believe hillary clinton won the popular vote. he blasted the nominee for taking part in a recount effort. a tweet said position to win the electoral college i won the popular vote if you do not count the millions of people who voted illegally. the clinton campaign announced saturday the are not attempting to actually contest results. >> one of those recalls could begin soon wisconsin to meet today to discuss a possible timeline. officials say it will be tough to do it by the deadline of december 13. president-elect trump narrowly won wisconsin and pennsylvania. there was no evidence for the results were hacked and i am still waiting to find out if california will face the same
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if you are on a shopping hangover, finish strong. >> if you are feeling a hangover from shopping, you do have control over how much you shop. we have justin pazera live at the amazon fulfillment center. what is the hot item today? >> reporter: there are so many and i like that. finish strong. we are at amazon h valley. so many people will be shopping today. how do you know what size of a box to use? they have this down to a science's. -- to a science. you press this little button and they even have down to the exact amount of tape to use on the box. it takes a couple thousand
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i just spoke with amazon about the economic impact and this is what they have to say. >> there is 2500 full-time employees in this facility and a few thousand more throughout the valley. we do bring on additional employees every year with 120,000 seasonal employees who go on to become full-time employees. >> reporter: that is a good thing with a lot of those hired here in the valley. these items are ready to be shipped out. last year it was 15 million items just on cyber monday alone . that is a lot. there is so much to choose from. we created a guide to all of the deals. just had to and you can also find the most accurate forecast.
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abc15 mobile app. we have a winter weather advisory councils throughout the state for this morning and i have to reiterate that doesn't mean we will not see snow but it does mean they have canceled those four different reason. you should keep your guard up as we could see some snow today. here we go in the eastern part of the state with a few inches possible in lake with 3 to 5 inches. the high country we are forecasting when to 3 inches. then going until 9:00 the afternoon evening timeframe. here is your most accurate forecast with 43 degrees and that 56 by 11:00 up to 60 degrees by 1:00. we do have another storm system
5:41 am
going to get a little bit warmer. i will have all of the details coming up in trend. also we have delays on the west valley but here is a look at a road closure we told you about earlier. it is between 26 street and van buren street as your best option to get around it this morning. east valley drivers have no delayset you a look from our adot camera. things are picking up and i will keep a close eye on this with a new crush on the 10 west of the 101. we have to look at -- still got to talk about the hangover from the storms. we have the brand-new video coming up next. nine days of mourning to remember the dictator of cuba.
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as you get ready to head out, i want you to see the storm damage coming in on 56 street. we have power outages and damage and it looks like a cinderblock wall took a tumble. nobody was injured with severe storm around the valley. the hunt is on to find whoever opened fire in the french quarter in new orleans. at least one person is dead with nine others injures. officers say two men started an argument and one of them pulled out a gun offering shots. four people remain in the hospital. it is the beginning of nine
5:46 am
ahead of the sunday official funeral. you can see places like in south florida there are parties in the street. one country joining in the mourning period is north korea with a three-day mourning period. >> you can hear the crowd immediately watching their feelings known on car koppernick. >> dozens of fans not happy about colin support of fidel castro. they say he praised castro during interview on wednesday and he were poorly said castro invented -- invested in education while the u.s. invests in prisons. the cardinals game against the falcons was a microcosm of how the season has gone so far with things looking like they
5:47 am
the falcons took over. cameron gabriel making it hashem and the cards could not get their acts together. they will try again sunday when the host washington and a minor you can run and a reminder you can get out the frustrations with the cards countdown monday night football as well with abc15's craig fouhy will be there. that starts at 7:00. do you remember the cards game against the seahawks? the broncos and achieves almost ended in a tie bouncing it off the upright. it was a heartbreaker for kansas city getting out of
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state agencies are caring up for a booze fills few weeks. they want the annual dui and sober driving campaigns. they arrest hundreds of drivers every season. more than 25,000 dui arrests were made in our state last year. orlando police officers are gearing up for a new department headquarters with the new facility to be next summer. those funds for the new station will come from a sales tax increase. the holiday season officially kicking off in our state today at the tree lighting ceremony to be held at the capital. that is at 9:30 this morning and governor ducey said to speak and a choir set to perform.
5:49 am
most accurate forecast and it is that time of year driving around with the christmas trees on the roof rack. it is beginning to look a lot like christmas in certain parts of the state with some snow in the high country and let's take a look at abc15 desert doppler which is moving faster than we thought it would with snow moving into the highe if you are at 6000 feet, you could start to see some of that maybe even this morning. what you are seeing here it looks like this is north and west of sedona picking up a little of that. chopra tells has been doing an awesome job for us reporting on those road conditions. if it looks treacherous then try to stay home if you can or
5:50 am
road. let's talk about futurecast with a lot of us in the clear right now. what happens over the next 12 hours as we will start to see some writing push in. according to these models it looks like moisture will stay to the southeast of us. here is a quick look at your most accurate forecast with 61 for the height degrees -- high degrees today. nice clearing for tomorrow with 62 degrees and 64 on wednesday. sunday is looking nice back up into the 70s. we have a new crash for i get 10 drivers -- i-10 drivers at avondale boulevard. it is definitely something to look
5:51 am
bit southbound from the stack to the split and right around grant street. also this is just before that basically at camelback and it is just going under the speed limit but you are not seeing a huge traffic delay. we will give you a look at your north valley commute coming up. it is time to take action and help out operation santa claus as we are collecting food items and clothes for the charities listed on your screen. >> just stop by sanderson ford or lincoln for abc15 studios or ups store locations. you can always donate at . for every five dollars you give, you will get entered to win a ford f1 50 courtesy of
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college? we will let you know how schools are changing tuition rates.
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just when you thought tuition hikes were the norm, so the mississippi is bucking the trend.
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$210,000 a year. recently they saw 2000 and a drop. a record number of car buyers are upside down's on trade-ins. so far the 32% of all vehicles offered for trade-ins are actually worth less than what is on the loan. the previous record was 30% in the streets of phoenix will be glowing this saturday during the 30th annual aps electric light parade. >> i am so sad i will not be there with you. the parade route ends at seventh street and if you cannot make it out there don't worry because we have the replay of it on abc15 at 4 pm
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today is your last day to add to your family for free. the arizona humane society teaming up with the zappos to waive all fees for dogs and cats. some people waiting more than two hours with the hopes of bringing home a new pet. they remained from $2500 and you can check out the available animals online. forecast. we will be in the 40s by 7:00 and 50s by 9:00. breaking down the rain and snow chances ahead at 6:00. east of the valley at loop 202 we have a crash. look at this out of flagstaff with a live look. joe bartels is there. we have new details about
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snowpack across the high country right now. a family of four targeted by thieves. we are on the scene and a neighbor may have saved the day. good morning, everyone.
6:00 am
desert doppler . right now it is pretty clear. i have been looking at this very closely this morning with a few sprinkles. better chances for rain here in the valley this afternoon, but take a look at this we are starting to see some more precipitation in some spots >> this area to get worse now and we will have the timing of all of this coming up in your most accurate forecast . >> valley now a big problem spots with some delays on the 10 but this is on the east valley with a crash involving a motorcycle on ray road and it sounds like the rest direction -- west direction is blocked off. this is definitely something you will want to make note of this morning. we have quite the weather


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