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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  November 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm MST

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bullets fly in neeks in 24th and jefferson. at least one person has died and another in critical condition. this say live look near the light rail, meaning big closures and delays. crews gathering information from
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snow coming down in flagstaff and other areas blanketed the road making things dangerous for the people driving back to the valley afte holiday weekend. slick streets. we're tracking the latest. tonight we start with coverage from flagstaff. joe, the snow really coming down up there. >>reporter: it's coming down off and on all day. another band moving through flagstaff now. it's start to go accumulate on the ground and parking lots and on the ground. will you show the street right here? the road are starts to deteriorate and adot is out in force. >> as night fell in flagstaff, the snow started piling up on the roads making it hard to get around, whether on four wheels or two feet. >> just slow down. that's the main thing. >>reporter: robin east on his
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dodge the snow flakes but it's the drivers he really has to be looking out for. >> some of them are fine. i think i flipped off one during my run. adot has plows on the roads trying to keep the mine ones as clear as possible. earlier in the day, they were loving this weather. >> i think it's a great change of scenery. it's really cold. >> with enjoying the snow before classes start back in the morning. >> we're going to start making snow ball fights out here. it's going to be awesome. >>reporter: back to the wet snow, it's been slow and steady. officials are asking everyone to slow down and give yourself plenty of time if you have to travel. adot has the signs up reminding drivers to be especially careful if you're
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as temperatures drop well delow freezing for those -- below freezing for those icy conditions. thanks, joe. turning to weather now, he's a current nou look. we're tracking the showers and strong winds across the valley over the last couple of hours. quiet across the vie right now. -- valley right now. beginning to see heavier showers near superior, near florence. all towards hayden at this time. things dry quickly but it's cold. and even the snow showers across the higher terrain have pushed off to the east at this hour near sun valley will continue to move into the white mountains. more on snow totals coming a couple of minutes. the cold front brought
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in goodyear. evening deer valley, a quarter of an inch. that was pretty normal across the valley. anywhere from about two tenths to close to t tenths of an inch of rain. knocking out power to many. 50 miles per hour gusts in sky harbor, deer valley, 39 miles per hour gusts. winds calm overnight tonight. rain chances not completely gone. this could bring us a slight chance tomorrow afternoon. we'll have more on the forecast in a couple of minutes. aps and srp crews out for hours working to get power back on for people tonight. a few thousands without power to want. we can see little pockets in glendale, scottsdale, and aps had a thousand people out in the downtown phoenix area.
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up. we'll check throughout the night. we've been out all night chasing the outages for us. won neighborhood that was actually in the dark there? >>reporter: this neighborhood getting their power back on minutes ago. still on scene working on some lines right above those homes. there was a firefighters were also out as aps crews worked on the lines to resolve the issues. in other areas around the valley, thousands in the dark as well as storms knocked their power out. the rain causing a number of ow issues tonight. driving around, we will several car accidents. unclear if those were weather related but the rain did not help. the rain has now stopped. most of these homes now have their power returned.
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and leaving the scenes. back to you. following the breaking news again tonight, the shots fired in phoenix at 24th and jefferson, megabegan thompson live -- megan thompson live on scene whachlt are the police telling you? >>reporter: they'll be on scene for quite some time. 24th and jefferson after two men were shot on that platform behind me, witnesses are telling police a third male came up of argument broke out. it took a deadly turn when one pulled a gunfiring. one in critical condition right now, and the other died. the person who did it still out there right now. police telling us that -- we've asked for a suspect description. they are pulling the tapes, the surveillance tapes to try to figure out what happened. we'll
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a teen in serious condition after being nearly heck kro cuted -- electrocuted. he touched a high-powered wire and was badly shocked. we're told he fell from the pole seriously hurting his head and arm and had a seizure. right now officials trying to figure out why he was up on that pole in the first place. scary moments, four people hurt after someone fell from an upper level seatin crowd below. we spoke with witnesses there who saw it all unfold. >>reporter: an auditorium full of people witnessed quite the show during the intermission of an afternoon showing of beautiful", the musical. >> lights cape up and there was an loud thump. >>reporter: firefighters say a person fell from upper level seating into the crowd below. >> they were actually from the next up from us down into the ark voir dire level and --
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on to of an elderly woman. >>reporter: three people were taken to trauma centers with serious injuries, another person being treated for minor injuries. this woman saying she can't imagine how much it hurt. >> they broke four seats, had to block off these seats after they fell out of the sky, i guess, and did some serious damage to that. >>reporter: police just telling us the man who fell was getting up to use the bathroom saying mistakenly assumed there was a waway on the other side of the wall and stepped over. it's the updates that are hard for us to hear. a child passing away after a cra peoria last nate night. the truck slammed into a minivan packed with five kids inside. the 12-year-old died from the injuries today. no names
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officers say it does not not appear -- does not appear that she was intoxicated. another family forced to say good-bye to their family member. a boy's body found today after he was reported missing. his body pulled from the water, his bike found nearby. family members tell us he did not take his wallet or keys out last sunday night when he went for a ride. they thought efs not going to be gone for long. police still investigates what went wrong. who is behind a shooting. a woman taken to to hospital after getting shot near phoenix children's hop. the woman and man told us they got robbed overnight in the area of 36th street and thomas. when they tried to run away, the woman was shot. the crime scene making its way to pch. we're told the victim has nonlife threatening injuries p to deadly police shooting in surprise tomorrow we're expeblt pekting to learn the name of the officer who
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checking out a suspicious car near 175th avenue and waddell ended up getting into a scuffle. the office fired killing the 20-year-old. right now officers piecing together the moment before a deadly crash in phoenix. two people hit by a car in 19th avenue in northern. the man in his 50s was killed. a 12-year-old boy is listed in critical condition tonight. witnesses tell officers they were crossing on a red light. we're told the was cooperating. officers do not think he was impaired. a piece of good news here in the tragic story of a chandler mom killed while crossing the street with her two young children. we learn that had the gofundme page set up by her family has surpassed its goal of $85,000. the funding goal being raised, mean while her daughter is expected to be out of the icu soon. her son ryan is at home
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officer getting a big scare, forced to jump out of the way when a car came crashing right into his patrol car. this is at 35th avenue and baseline. the officer had just stepped out of his car when the car slammed into his cruiser. the drifr is in the hospital with serious injuries. the officer say it's possible he may have been impaired. search and rescue crews looking for a phoenix hiker lost somewhere in california. teams searching for to be somewhere in the national park. he was supposed to return wednesday from a five-day backpacking trip but has not been seen since. cardinals started the season as one of the favorite to go win the superbowl. 12 weeks later they look more like a team on life support than a team of destiny. they find more ways to
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falcons. cost the cards a touchdown. two pass interference calls on peter sen led to ten points by the falcons w. the score tide at 10, an intentional grounding call on palmer shuts down an otherwise promising drive in the first half. defense gives up three second-half defense while they manage seven poivents in the final two quarters. arizona had its sixth lost of the season. the cards have lost two straight and three of their last four. them. >> it has. >> we talked about the transition from last year to this year and the difference here. >> such high expectations to start the year. bad day. well, you have been hacked. that's the only message left after a public transportation area is forced to shut down in a big city. shots fired in a busy tourist spot.
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. police are searching for two suspects after a shooting that left one person dead, nine others hurt. shots ringing outs early this morning in the french quarter on the bourbon street. two men got into an argument, shooting ten people. none of the victims were the intended targets. police arrested several people for illegally carrying guns. they say they don't think any of them are behind the shooting. new tonight we're agent a hazmat scare in florida. people evacuated in the cape corral area as a gas t crashed and catches fire. fire and police spending most of the day out there moving 9,000 gallons of fuel to avoid that explosion. tonight people back in their homes but the cause is still under investigation. hackers targeting public transportation in san francisco this weekend. messages reading,
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appeared on the machine forcing officials to shut them down. riders got free service during the outages from friday into yesterday afternoon. it's not clear at this time who compromised that system. weatherwise, so much going on. we had the valley winds and now as quickly as it came in, it's pretty much out of here. we're not completely done. i'll tell you why coming up in a couple of seconds. hooer what we measured at the harbor today. really just over the l of hours, the rain has stopped. 22/100ths of an inch. normal rain for this time of year. we should be sitting at 7 inches. weaver just shy of two inches below average. 1.83. we should be around 5 and 22/100ths of an inch. here's what it looks like. quiet in the valley.
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temperatures cool behind the cold front that's out to the east. heavier rain that passed through superior just quickly moving off to the east and southeast towards hayden and oracle. florence had heavy rain. i-10, rain there. this continues to move into the tucson area. bulk of the snow fall, sun valley picking up on some of those snow showers. snow not completely over. li higher terrain. ze the winter weather advisory until 6:00 that including white mountains, back to payson. we could see one to three inches. alpine could see up to five inch snowfall before it's all said and done. here's what fell in the high country last check.
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inches of snow. forest lakes, also 6 inches. flagstaff area, i spoke with the national weather service there, they had anywhere from 2 to 5 inches around flagstaff. four inches in williams. overall that average was around 2-6 across the higher terrain. we'll see possibly an inch to an inch. this storm system moves to the east tonight. here goes the snow showers into new mexico. to east and to the southeast overnate. a little bit of clearing overnight tonight. this storm will be on the backside of it. not only will bring in these cooler temperatures but with moisture hang around we will look forward on the backside of this system the chance for a few more snow showers across northern arizona and a slight chance for light rain showers here in the valley. by tuesday we will be done with the snow and rain across the state. winds out there, lighter
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23 miles per hour winds reported there in falcon. generally around 5 to 15 miles per hour. that's where they'll stay through the overnight. the cold front moves through and brought the strong wind gusts but knocked temperatures down quick. 48 right now in deer valley. 49 phoenix, sky harbor. we'll hover around that as we head into tomorrow morning. not expecting temperatures to move a lot as we go through again the overnight hours. 27 at the grand canyon. 32 in window rock. overnight lows will be in the 20s. 34 tomorrow morning. 19 in flagstaff. back up to 33. so temperatures in the teens tonight, near freezing, highs tomorrow road conditions not looking too good. they're going to be staying pretty tricky tomorrow. take time and have patience for that if you're
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valley tonight. tomorrow in the 50s. take a look at the extended forecast. which willy morning lows in the 40s. light chance of rain friday and saturday. we talked earlier about the cardinals but lots going on. >> all road games this week.
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saw hawks looking for their eighth win of the season. winston throws two touchdown and the bucks defense shuts down wilson and the hawks. he finishing the game with two interceptions after getting sacked six times. the hawks offense manager just one field goal in the second quarter. the saw hawks fall to the buccaneers. at that point tampa bay gets a win. >> la rams in new orleans to take on the saint windshield the top overall pick. goff getting -- saints with the top overall pick. brees was outstanding, four tds.
10:24 pm
to hightow tow. saints beat up on the rams. la has lost six of their last seven games. 49ers take on the doff fin -- dolphins at hard rock stadium. this is the final seconds. san francisco drives 60 yards. time running out, scrambles an. 9ers fall and lost record ten straight. the dolphins won six straight. every team in the west lost today. >> they're now east. maybe it throws you off. >> they don't like the east coast. thank you. cyber monday is a few hours away. some
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. phoenix police tonight have enough to put out to the public
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we're being told they will try to pull video from the platforms from the valley metro flt here's what we know. two men were standing on the platform when a third one approached them. some kind of argument broke out that third man pulling a gun and firing at both of them. one is now d passing away at the hospital. the second one fighting for his life at the hospital. they're not sure if the second man will make it. the suspect still out there right now. police also telling me that they' be out here for quite some time. the mobile command unit just arriving on scene. avoid 24th and jefferson. avoid it if you can. thank you so much. snow in the high country. rain in the valley. this on one of busiest days of the year.
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us. >> a quiet out there in this hour. doppler are not showing any of those lingering showers across the valley. might have a string l or two but -- sprinkle or two but that's about it. chilly 49 degrees. wind speeds lighter behind the cold front. three miles per hour. that is up to 86 dewpoint still set in the 40s tonight. bring the rain chances down to zero through the not expecting any more rain overnight. however, on the backside of the storm system we have a slight chance to see a couple of light showers tomorrow afternoon through the evening. we'll keep those rain chances around 20% and then those rain chances are out of here. the bulk and the punch of this storm system hit a couple of hours ago but still lingering showers possible tomorrow. winds, gusts between 40 and 50 miles per hour along the cold front and you know when
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besides that, these temperatures fell quickly and they've been staying in the 40s valley wide. upper 40s in chandler. we'll stay on the cool side tomorrow as we expect the clouds and slight chance of rain tomorrow afternoon. highs stay in the low 60s, upper 50s here across the valley. we'll have more on our state forecast. when we could see forecast in the seven day in minutes. the rain causing a number of issues in the valley tonight, knocking out power for thousands of people. 16th street an buren, and one of those neighborhoods just got their power restored. >>reporter: they did, minutes ago. and they had to be patient out here. now the power is mostly back on. crews are working on a line above these home where is the power is still
10:34 pm
homes here. a poll was on fire and that's what crews were working on. they left minutes ago. still recording more customers without power. srp, more than 1200 wi power. you pass of number of accidents. not sure if related but it didn't help it was raining. some neighbors saying they're not quite sure why crews left because they're homes are still without power for a couple of these homes. it's been a long time for them. we're making calls to learn more about crashes. one man taken to the hospital after a wreck on i-10 near 83rd avenue. the red truck banged up. we're told he should be okay.
10:35 pm
if impairment was a role. two cars involved here. several peek checked out at the scene. we're told they should be okay. the driver was taking a field sobriety test and put into handcuffs aver wards. checking to see if charges have been filed. day two of nine official days of mourning following the death of castro. he ruled his country with on friday. with a response of what it will mean for the u. s. and cuba relations going forward. >>reporter: a sea of flags from the air celebrating the death of fidel castro, cubans praying for the day freedom rings. this woman came to the united states.
10:36 pm
and uncles. it was my parents and my brother. that was it. >>reporter: in cuba, a different mood. this is a symbol of troubled relations between the two countries after he was rescued after the coast of florida after a legal battle is mourning castro' loss, saying in an interview. >> fidel was with my father at th made sure i made it back to my father and back to cuba. >>reporter: no u. s. official said they planned to attend castro's funeral, the former presidential candidate lashed
10:37 pm
thug. >>reporter: we will ensure the cuban people can begin their journey to libberty and prosperity. turning to a warning from a donald trump advisor. the supporters would feel betrayed if he tapped mitt romney as secretary of state. >> has he been doing something for the united states of which we're unaware? did he intervene in syria? did he offer to help? >>reporter: selecting romney would put a trump critic right in his cabinet. they went on to say other supporter also respect any decision that trump makes. trump is said considering giulia giuliani for the postp.m. i
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guessed that 12 weeks in the cardinals would have four wins and be salvaging a winning season. i know i didn't. it's hard to put your finger on what's going on. the cards start strong going 75 yards and nine plays take a 7-0 lead 6789 things start falling apart. it's a whole bunch of things. a pass interference penalty, a mishandled snap, a pufrp puntd, dropped interception, a holding penalty, dropped passes, missed tackles and on and on and so what is it? what's happening to this team? a year ago it seemed like every single ball bounced into their hands, but not this season. this season is more like everything that could go wrong will go wrong. so the cards have gone from the penthouse to the outhouse in one short year. the way is schedule is shaping up it's going to take nothing short of a miracle to get to eight wins.
10:39 pm
>> wondering what happened. >> is players and coaches are doing the same thing, fans. >> wow. hopefully next year, can we look forward to it. >> it's not over yet. thanks. tomorrow is a holiday season officially kicks off in our state. tree lighting ceremony is going to be held at the state capitol at 9:30 a.m. the governor will flip the switch and a choir is set to perform. the tree is a spruce from our national forest. it's been a wet evening in
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. it's time for in the ring. you're back in town, we love it. good to have you. >> can't get any better than that. >> you ready to go? let's get this thing started. number one, here with go. the cardinals are they just shooting themselves in the foot nonstop? >> they can't stop anybody. you go from being a superbowl contender to not making the playoffs this season possibly. it didn't go well for them in atlanta. number one offense. jones and today taylor he was able to go out there and light them up. >> oh, yeah. you saw d. j. drop an interception in his hands. campbell dropping off sides on a punt. those are killers. >> yeah. >> they're drive killers, and they save the falcons a number of funs and just kept moving the ball. >> yeah they moved the ball up and down and field.
10:43 pm
it was the other guys on the atlanta's offense that was able to have a great game today. >> it's always -- you never know when an official throws a flag. it happens. >> this one is near and deer to your heart. arizona state get thumped by the wild cats. did the sun devils quit on graham in th >> it seems like they didn't show up. they don't show up in certain games on the road. >> why is that? 512 yards rushing against then. >> that's too yards. when you give up that in one game -- you had to stop brandon. they did not throw a pass in the second half. three of eight for 77 yards. and you don't throw a pass? something is wrong, something has to change. players -- i wouldn't say they quit but they did not do certain
10:44 pm
>> did the coaches make any adjustments and try to shut this done? it was crazy. >> they haven't made ajustments all season long. during the losing streak they've given up over 46 points in a game. that's a lot. in a defense you've got to be able to make those adjustments and they did not happen. tlrs going to be a lot of issues going on. >> topic no. 3, todd graham. will they move on and what's the future of todd graham? >> the future is bright. graham is has done a lot of -- has done a lot of great things for this university. this team is -- they're graduating and ready -- things are getting better. >> right. >> we've got to do a better job recruiting. put it that way. the cooing into the season was a lot of injuries. when a guy goes down, there hadn't been a guy that can come in and pick that up. recruiting is huge for december and juary and we've
10:45 pm
year. >> i've continually say this is recruiting, you recruit depth. guy getting hurt, next man up. usc is loaded. first level, second and third level. they can come to usc and start. so recruiting has to get a whole lot better. >> thanks for coming in. we appreciate it. >> well, take a look at this. it's going to be a flag staff tonight. this sent in from lena flores. this is blowing snow again earlier this afternoon around 2 to 5 inches of snowfall there in the flagstaff area. and joe is out there today and he'll be back out tomorrow morning with an update. those roads are going to be tough to get around. they were tonight. temperatures will be in the teens overnight into tomorrow morning.
10:46 pm
have a chance to thaw out. >> people in the high country, they definitely want the snow and need it. they need to get the snowfall in the winter as we get into wildfire season. here's what's going on. winter weather weather alerts continue through the white mountains as you get near payson. this is until 6:00. you see the snow now moving through canyon day. through the white mountains moving into new mexico through several minutes and into the next couple of hours. the rain in valley has ended and you see that rain now off to the southeast towards tucson. this is the broader perspective. i want to show you where this is going. the storm system, cold front continues to move off to the east. we'll be on the backside of it tomorrow. we'll be look for a slight chance for a few more snow showers a
10:47 pm
generally speaking across the higher terrain, maybe another half an inch to an inch in some locations. we won't be looking for a repeat of what we had this afternoon. in the valley a slight chance for maybe a light shower or two. a rain chances widespread rain is going to be out of here and start to clear things out as we get into your tuesday forecast. rain chances look overnight, keeping a model of the forecast through about 3:00 tomorrow, we'll bring the rain chances up here in the valley slightly. stay dry tomorrow. 10% chance of rain at 4:00. we'll take them out of here as we dry out and looking for quite a bit of sunshine as we get into the tuesday forecast. the cold front came in, brought the strong winds gusting between 40 and 50 miles per hour wind gusts reported at phoenix sky harbor. temperatures fell quickly as well. we're staying in the 40s. we will stay here for the most part as we go through the overnight hours. so not a lot
10:48 pm
temperatures overnight. 47 and low 50s in goodyear. the winds making it feel like it's in the teens. you will get into the teens by tomorrow morning, though. actual air temperature 27 root now at the grand canyon. 46 in bullhead city. 19 tomorrow morning at flagstaff. 18 at the grand canyon. 31 in sedona and 28 in payson. we'll arizona as well with upper 30s expected. 46 here in phoenix as well. we're back up to 61 tomorrow. 43 in prescott and hovering around that freezing point in flagstaff tomorrow. here's the forecast. 61, glendale, your most accurate forecast looking like sunny skies tuesday. valley lows see some upper 40s wednesday.
10:49 pm
towards the end of the week. . 30th annual electric light parade gets started at 7:00 at central and montebello. if you can't make it out there, we will have the replay here on abc 15 at 4:00 p.m. the very next day. basketball the phoenix suns
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. 5 and 12 the suns hosting the sixth win nuggets in town town phoenix in afternoon. the suns scored 15 points and find themselves down by 20. but they climbed back pulling within four in the final minutes. bledsoe wins it and 25 def vans coming in the second half. the suns can't complete the comeback.
10:53 pm
-- nuggets by 6. last place arizona coyotes in edmonton at rogers place arena. 1-0 lead at the 16-minute mark of the first period. mike smith playing with 41 saves. they tie the game with a goal in the third. six minutes later, coyotes beat the oil. >> we have a lot of young players, a lot of new players. we knew it was going to take time to get our group together and we're moving the right direction. are we there yet? no. we've got a lot to work to do. we've worked hard to gel this team, get a lot of those young players up to nfl speed and i feel like we're moving the right direction. >> that's good news. reminder
10:54 pm
brew house for a cardinals count do you know and some monday night football. we'll be live in our 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. shows. arizona facebook page at 7:00 with cardinals kicker chandler tomorrow night. craig, thank you. whether you have two lanes or four like (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit,
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. taking care of our furry friends and need, a big surprise, a donation of elevated doggy beds for the colder winter months are in now. step up usa chose them for this special project. they get the kids involved volunteering so they can see how far their hard work goes. >> the dog jumps right on it. it's awesome.
10:57 pm
involved to make sure they know how to give back because they love it. it's going to be so used to it as they get older. >> look at that. right down that new bed. the nonprofit got cash donations and drop them off today. the kids got to go and give treats to the pups, all while looking for their forever homes. they can get elevated so they don't have to bopt concrete because it's chilly outside. >> it is. slight chance of rain tomorrow afternoon. 61 for a high. below average all week long. could see some 30s across the valley as we get into the middle of the week. >> i want the 90s. >> hey, don't say it. friday, 63. 66 saturday.
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