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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  November 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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abc15 breaking news. >> 4:30 and let's start with the breaking news you saw first on this is going to be a wrong-way crash apparently. a vehicle crashing head-on into a greyhound bush. the i-10 in goodyear shut down right now. i want allison rodriguez she is on the scene allison walk u.s. through what happened. >> reporter: this is going to be backing up for hours and hours. i mean you see that there is debris everywhere all over the 10 right now that's why all of these lanes are shut down. this was a violent crash and still up ahead we've got the greyhound bus not as bad as this
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that's the debris we have left. now we were listening our ears were to the scanners all night just to keep an eye on what's going on to listen to what we heard as soon as this car came in. >>911 dispatch: a single vehicle wrong way driver one reports a vehicle on fire as well. >> reporter: all right. so we are still trying to get confirmation on if there was fact a fire. we are told that a lieutenant is going to come out and brief us here. we have heard report that is this has turned fatal. as soon as i get an update i'm going to bring that to you guys right away. in the meantime let's take a look at how to get around this thing. >> so it's going to be i-10 eastbound just past loop 303. like a mile past loop 303.
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buren. they're rerouting traffic northbound on the 303 so it's definitely going to be a headache for drivers most of the morning is it sounds like. take a look at the big picture but i'll give you a closer look at your traffic in a couple of minutes. i want to let everybody know right now has a slide show of that breaking news along with all the details, dan. >> okay. we're going to stay on top of that story. also the big story people are out and about now hour getting those door buster deals. not a bad morning as long as you have your jacket. >> once again waking up a little bit chilly in spots. some places in the 40s. winds are calm. so that's the good news as we take a look at currents across the valley. 48 in glendale. 46 in chandler. so, yes, you are going to need
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morning. we're warming up nicely. we'll be in the 60s by mid morning. 75 by 9:00 and 79 for today's highs. it's not going to last. big changes coming our way. this is definitely not the way you want to spend your thanksgiving day. this home badly damaged. dozens of firefighters works to knock this out in gilbert. the flames started in the attic. still unclear what sparked them in so intense the roof caved in. a number of nashs shocked after seeing that fire across the street. >> -- neighbors shocked after seeing that fire across the street. >> i felt bad for them it made me want to cry. >> some of those same neighbors helping the family out with a place to stay. dan, 4:43 back here at the
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and his wife. the deputy an off-duty deputy with mcso were hit by a van as they were walking outside a bar. we know that she has life-threatening injuries. the deputy was seriously injured. the driver did remain on the scene. investigators told me that it does not appear so alcohol or drugs were a factor in this crash. meantime this guy behind rs trying to light a patrol car on fire. two dps troopers were inside that restaurant. they spotted him before he could do any real damage as he admits he stuffed a newspaper into the gas tank and lit it on fire. investigators for mesa p.d. are handling this case and they say at this point there's no real motive. >> police now identifying the victim from this deadly crash.
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mosure another person also hurt in that crash. this holiday weekend valley law enforcement out enforced to keep those drunk drivers off the road. our crew joined scottsdale p.d.. police tried to get an intoxicated womaned out of the car. >> tonight? >> my house. >> your house. any alcohol consumption before driving tonight. where are you heading? >> to get some food. >> well the officer didn't find any drunk drivers. they said overall it was a pretty safe night on the streets. hundreds braving the crowd
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today. abc15's justin pazera likes a deal so he's live at the chandler fashion center where the action is already under way. good morning justin. >> reporter: good morning dan. i got the cool assignment this morning. we have seen some folks coming in and out of macy's a few folks lined up at best buy. maybe just like six of seven people. let's take a look at some of the video that we go from some of the other stores. we're hearing jc penney opened up pretty early yesterday. even toys 'r us but the national retail federation predicting about 137 million americans. as far as the shopping malls go this morning a lot of them are
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this morning and we're going to have live reports throughout the morning. we have perhaps the most important list that you will want to see it is the stores with the biggest average discounts. wallet hub looked at 8,000 different deals. jc penney, kohl's sears also in the top 10. if you missed this weekend's black friday deals get fingers ready the busiest online shopping day of the year just three days away. this website si great guide to find gifts and shipping too ? here's the story of a lovely lady ? ?
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broadway star. henderson also on abc's dancing with the stars in fact she was in the audience on monday night. her career lasted more than six decades. she was surrounded by family and friends in the hospital. dan, listen to this. right now san francisco officer is in the hospital after a guy hit him in the head with a skateboard. the injured officer was talking to this guy after it was reported the suspect was bothering people outside a starbucks. what's when the suspect started running and the officer caught up to him. and he struck the officer in the head. he was take be to the hospital. i'm keep an eye on it for you. now to a deadly shooting in nevada. this one happened in the parking lot of a walmart in reno last night.
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space. black friday shopping gone wrong here. when one driver opened fire. the identity of the victim has not been released. the walmart where this happened it stayed open for black friday shoppers. hey as you're heading outside maybe getting that cup of coffee this morning a little bit cool right now. 53 degrees. some places actually in the 40s right now. especially in the northwest valley. keep that in mind. glendale, pioria. we're going to see another quick warm-up. we'll top out in the upper 70s flirting with the 80s. we even have some rain chances coming our way. i'm going to detail all of that for you. well this is the touching moment that we've all been waiting for. valley teenager taking a grandma up on her offer. our cameras were there to
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before you head out if for some black friday shopping there are a few toys you might want to avoid buying. >> dan 4:39 the suspect should be charged in the day of that killing of the detroit police
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happening right now the looking live at what is left of a car that crashed head-on into a greyhound bus. a wrong-way driver crashing head-on into that bus. it's at i-10 near sarahval saying that 35 passengers were on board that bus plus the driver. this was coming from san bernardino california to phoenix. right now they don't have an update on the number of injuries but i do know that we have been
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more on that. it's on right now at as well. chris call this the feel-good story of the year. we all take cellphone pictures and selfies we don't expect stories like this when a grandma invited the wrong person to thanksgiving dinner. the families got together, the grand kid that wanda thought she was texting too. everyone says they're so thankful for such a profound lesson in kindness. >> that shows me how important kindness is. >> and doing kind deeds. >> healing the country with an accidental text right there.
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together. of course they posed for a few selfies during thanksgiving dinner. charges could come down at any moment for the suspect accused of shooting and killing a wayne state university police officer. collin rose was his name and he was shot in the head tuesday while on patrol in detroit. police arrested a suspect just a few blocks from that scene. officer rose was 29 years old. worked on the force in five years and was set to in a few months. police shoot and kill a patient who stabbed a worker at a health care facility. officers said this situation escalated very very quickly. the female worker who was injured in this, the victim, she was taken to the hospital and expected to survive. a quarter to 5 now rental
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council will vote on approving a design contract of up to $2 million worth. over the next 10 months they want to look at dmolishing some of the rental car area. they say they will work on the pick up and return garage. president elect donald trump spending thanksgiving with his family at his palm estate in -- palm beach estate in florida. carrier confirming that it has been contacted by the incoming administration about its plans to move 1400 jobs from indiana to mexico. but they say there's nothing to announce at this time. she wanted to be the next president now she's challenging
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for a push recount in michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin after reports that voting security experts alerted hillary clinton's campaign to the possibility of hacks in some key counties. >> there were lots of hacks taking place around this election. hacks into voter databases. into party databases into individual e-mail accounts and what we also know unfortunately is that the equipment we use much of it is not just open to hack it's basically invite hacks and mall fooez and tampaering etc.. >> it will be up to the courts to decide whether or not a recount will go forward but it is an uphill battle at this point. investigators are working to figure out what caused this house fire here. it left three family members dead. the fire started early yesterday. one of the victims 74 years old and neighbors said the family
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christmas. they were cooking outside ahead of thanksgiving when this happened. before you head out to holiday shop for the kids one group is warning about toy that is are just too dangerous. >> how about that in the middle of the night? >> that's scary. pretty loud too. these toys on the arizona commission for the deaf and hard of hearing annual list of noisy toys to avoid. by the time kids hit the teenage years 20% have some sort of level of hearing loss. and the commission is asking parents to do their research. >> we're not saying don't buy those toys but beaware when you are shopping if it includes some sound level you might want to test that. >> that's a great heads up. look at this. you can test the noise levels of
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app. you can put a piece of tape over the speaker if you want to keep the toy but just reduce the sound. that is some good advice there. 4:484:49 time change this morning. as you wake up this morning live look outside. this is the mayo clinic up there. it's 50 in mesa. good morning tempe you guys are at 51 and 49 right now in glendale. so it is another chilly morning but just like yesterday we going to see another quick warm up. here's your most accurate forecast by the hour and phoenix we're going to dip into the 40s. 60 by 9:00. 69 by 11:00. 75 by 1:00. 77 by 8:00. definitely a warm day but it's not going to stick around. here's abc15's desert doppler right now.
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starting tomorrow with this this storm system that's approaching it's going to bring some cloud coverage to the valley. you see it kind of takes over much of the state. even some rain chances as soon as early sunday morning. we could also see rain chances monday. so let's talk about those rain chances for you. we're putting them at a big fat zero or friday and saturday. sunday up to 50% rain. and we will see some nice clearing throughout the rest of the week. if you're headed out to tuscan 65 for kickoff and 58 as that fourth quarter wraps up. let's take a look at your highs for the rest of the valley. it looks like we'll see upper 70s for the most part across the valley. across the rest of the state 61 in flag staff.
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here's that most accurate zday forecast for you. as we start to work in more cloud coverage and sunday is the big day of rain. more clouds. rain chances up to 50% temperatures. so that is a 13-degree drop there. still chilly on monday. 62 degrees as we hold on to those rain chances and take a look at this we see highs in the 60s for the remainder of next week. we'll take another hour by hour look at that most accurate . and nick take a look at the roads this morning. i do want to head back out to the west valley here because we have this closure on the i-10 eastbound from this terrible crash. it's just past the 303 to astreya. so mcdough and van buren. if you're heading to southern arizona state route 55 might be
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quiet right now. we were hearing reports of a crash but i'm not seeing problems right now. we'll give you a look at i-17 in just a couple of minutes. >> our favorite time of the year. 15 years going strong for operation santa claus. we are collecting money, toys, clothes, and food items for four incredible charities. just stop by sanderson ford or lincoln, stop studios or any of the 120 plus ups locations valley wide. you can always donate online at you will get an entry to win a lincoln. whether you prefer basking in the glow. we have got a little something for everybody looking to fill up
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weekend. later on credit cards can get you into trouble unless you know how to use them. joe let's you know how swiping that plastic can get you some extra cash. >> hey there it's black friday. so exactly what kind of deals are they looking for. >> tv or entertainment systems. clothing ranks second on the list followed by computers or laptops. >> a new survey says 23 million americans plan to stop. now it lasts all month long. >> and cyber monday is expected to be the largest online shopping day in history. >> adi is forecasting that online shopping will increase 11% this year with nearly $92 billion in total holiday online
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well now that thanksgiving's history we can now get into the christmas spirit. >> right. glendale will actually be a
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leds light up historic downtown glendale. >> and the kickoff party includes rides and music and food and of course santa. runs from 11:00 to 9:00 tomorrow. >> and ballet at 2 performs the nutcracker. >> if you are looking for gifts head over to west world of scottsdale. from 10:00 to 5:00 and sunday. >> but if you'd .00 both saturday and sunday. >> but if you'd like to .00 to 5.00 both saturday and sunday. >> but if you'd like to forget about the holidays let's check out the cool car display. 4:56 some good weather today but you've got to deal with the chilly temperatures. you expect temperatures in the 50s this morning. i'll tell you how much it's going to warm up to later on at 5:00. eastbound i-10 is shut down right now. that's what's left of the car.
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abc15's breaking news. >> this breaking news as you wake up. boy a deadly crash on the i-10 overnight. it caused such a big problem. we've been following this story for you. we want to get straight to christopher sign. >> dan, is sounds like it's a
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head-on into that greyhound bus. that's all that's left of the car here that caused this. the loop 303 and saraval avenue there. how many people were injured here. >> reporter: i sure did we do know that one person was killed as a result of this crash here. take a look at this other vehicle. believe got on here from the loop 101 and traveled westbound here on the eastbound lanes as far as that greyhound bus we do know that 35 passengers were on board. that includes the driver. they were all taken to the hospital. unfortunately one person did lose their life here. now police say or dps, excuse me the troopers say they're not


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