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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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tonight, breaking news. after the deadly storm, the new and major system set to hit tonight. chicago, detroit, several cities in the bullseye. then, moving east, affecting millions traveling this thanksgiving. also breaking, what we have just learned about the driver in that deadly school bus crash. the children who survived revealing to us what happened on that bus moments before the crash. the police officer ambushed. now, the arrest, and the new moment today. what the suspect says when asked, did he kill the officer? you'll hear it. president-elect donald trump's about-face. >> lock her up! lock her up! >> after chants of "lock her up," what he's now saying about hillary clinton tonight. and mr. trump on those nazi salutes. the group celebrating his win. breaking now.
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several injured. and the new security bulletin just out before the holiday. good evening. and much more on that major new storm affecting millions in a moment here, but first, the other horror on an american road. that deadly school bus crash. and tonight here, as we come on, we have new reporting on the young driver, just 24 years old. the children who survived the crash are now talking to us tonight. what they witnessed, right before the crash. five of theicl killed. several in critical condition at this hour. and this evening, we have learned the driver had just been in an accident, and got his license to drive that school bus just months ago. abc's david kerley is in chattanooga tonight. >> reporter: the battered school bus. the wreckage tonight is evidence in this tragic high-speed crash. among the young lives lost, 9-year-old cordayja jones.
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>> when i seen the bus, i instantly got that feeling. i saw my other two kids crying, momma, momma. >> reporter: tonight, the 24-year-old driver remains jailed, charged with vehicular manslaughter. just two months ago, johnthony walker was involved in another accident, hitting a car. ntsb investigators say he only got his commercial license in april. moments after the crash, panic. >> i can see an arm moving, but i don't know if anybody can get to it. >> reporter: one of the boys on the bus says the driver walked away from the scene af crash, without helping. >> everything just started turning, like, the bus turned twice. >> reporter: police say the bus was traveling faster than the posted 30-mile-an-hour limit on a hilly, winding road. it runs off the road to the right, then swerving to the left. the bus rolls over onto its side, sliding with speed and slamming into a telephone pole, then wrapping around a tree. mother stephanie griffith and others had concerns about the driver. >> he's had multiple complaints
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>> driving too fast. >> reporter: this tragedy renewing the debate about seat belts in the nearly half million buses in the united states. it could cost between $2,000 to $5,000 to outfit each bus with seat belts. >> major questions about those belts, and know we learn there were questions about that driver beforehand. david kerley is live outside a memorial for the victims tonight. and david, what's the latest on the children in critical condition still? >> reporter: there are still six children in critical condition, david. six in s so, a dozen still in the hospital. and david, these kids are so young, one was asked, what was the name of their parents? the child so young, the only name they could come up with with "momma." david? >> david kerley with us tonight. david, thank you. we turn next here this evening to the other trouble brewing for travelers across this country. both on the roads and in the air, just as the thanksgiving rush begins. a new storm set to hit tonight, and it comes after that other deadly storm. parts of new york state digging
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four feet of snow. we have shown you here the treacherous driving and deadly accidents. this new system hitting chicago, detroit, many airport hubs, and then moving eastward. so, let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee, live in new york tonight. she's tracking it all. ginger? >> reporter: and david, the cold and wind making it feel awfully wintry here, but there are actual winter weather advisers that i want to bring you, from minnesota through wisconsin. those are the areas in the next 24 hours you really have to watch out for, that wintry mix. along this low pressure system are the issues. in the south, parts of louisiana, up into arkansas, tennessee, that's where the severe storms could occur. then, you see along the warm front, where the snow to rain mix will happen. so, some of the airports you'll watch out for, minneapolis, chicago, detroit, especially on that big day, wednesday, for travel, the roads, i-55, and then out west, i-5. david? >> all right so, travel safely to everyone out there. ginger, thank you. we turn next tonight to the deadly ambush of a veteran police officer. this evening, the suspect
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and when asked, did he kill that officer and why, he did not hold back. abc's kayna whitworth is in san antonio. >> reporter: tonight, 31-year-old otis mckane is in police custody just 28 hours after police say he brazenly ambushed veteran detective benjamin marconi right outside of police headquarters. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: mckane, who has a criminal record, claimed he was upset over an ongoing custody battle. >> society not letting me see my son. i lashed out at somebody that >> reporter: mckane first seen sunday morning in police headquarters, just hours before the shooting. surveillance video revealing he drove past marconi's squad car multiple times before stopping behind him, getting out and shooting him twice in the head. >> i need ems right now. >> reporter: police tracked him for hours before a s.w.a.t. team arrested him monday afternoon. but just seven hours before his arrest, in a bizarre move, mckane went to a bexar county courthouse to get married on the run. >> well, the fact that he's been
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not negate the fact that there are people out there who are still targeting police officers. >> reporter: david, the person who installed the unique rims on mckane's car recognized them when police released the photos. he will appear in court december 22nd and face capital murder charges. david? >> kayna, thank you. next tonight, president-elect donald trump, and to what appears to be a major change of heart on hillary clinton. after countless rallies where he stood before supporters chanting "lock her up," tonight, he is now indicating, he is not inclined to pursue further investigation of clinton, saying he doesn't want to hurt the clintons. he was also asked by "the new york times" about those nazi salutes. the group seen celebrating his win. mr. trump saying, if they're energized, he wanted to know why. abc's david wright at trump tower tonight. >> reporter: today, donald trump at "the new york times," on the record, backing away from one of his harshest campaign promises.
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lock her up! >> reporter: the threat to pursue criminal charges against his opponent, hillary clinton. >> if i win, i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to ok into your situation, because there has never been so many lies, so much deception. >> reporter: today, trump acknowledged he's having second thoughts. "my inclination would be for whatever power i have on the matter is to say, let's go this has been looked at for so long, ad nauseam." he didn't entirely rule out prosecuting clinton, but said, "i think it would be very, very divisive for the country." earlier today, trump's senior adviser said he's now the head of the republican party, and she hopes other republicans follow his lead. >> if donald trump can help her heal, then perhaps that's a good thing. he's thinking of many different things as he prepares to become the president of the united states, and things that sound like the campaign aren't among them.
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this weekend at a bookstore in rhode island. the woman who posted this picture to her facebook said, "i told her i voted for her, that she meant and means a lot. i thanked her, apologizing if i was being inappropriate," adding, "she was gracious, warm." today at "the times," trump insisted, "i don't want to hurt the clintons, i really don't. she went through a lot and suffered greatly." >> hail trump! hail our people! hail victory! >> reporter: in h with "the times," the president-elect also said he disavows and condemns this group, white nationalists meeting in washington who cheered his victory with nazi salutes and cries of "hail trump." "it's not a group i want to energize," trump told the paper. "and if they are energized, i want to look into it and find out why." the man in the video is richard spencer, widely credited with creating the term alt-right. trump's controversial chief strategist, steve bannon, has
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association with the alt-right. today, the president-elect defended him, saying, "if i thought he was a racist or alt-right, i wouldn't even think about hiring him." bannon will now have a top role at the white house. trump indicating he'll also rely on his son-in-law, jared kushner for advice, saying that kushner could help broker peace between israel and the palestinians. >> and david wright, mr. trump was also asked about torture today by "the new york times," and in our abc news debate, we had asked him about it, ande told me, "i would bring back waterboarding and i would bring back a lot worse." but today, we heard something very different. >> reporter: something very different, david. trump says he's changed his mind about waterboarding, after sitting down with general james mattis, retired general, who is now a candidate for secretary of defense. trump says mattis told him that building trust is a lot more effective than torture, so, trump now says, torture is not going to make the kind of difference that a lot of people are thinking.
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>> david wright tonight. david, thank you. mr. trump was also asked about his business, and potential conflicts of interest. the president-elect once saying in the campaign, if elected, "i couldn't care less about my company, it's peanuts." here's abc's chief investigative correspondent, brian ross. >> reporter: with growing concerns tonight about how he continues to push his business ventures, donald trump told "the new york times," "the law is on my side. the president can't have a conflict of interest." but throughout the campaign, trump had pledged to leave his business empire behind. >> if i become president, i company. >> reporter: yet, in the two weeks since the election, trump has taken the time to meet with the indian developers of two trump towers in their country, who posted this picture and then took it down. he complained to a british politician about eye sore wind turbines near his scottish golf course. and he's boasted his brand is now hotter than ever. his daughter ivanka's jewelry company tried to cash in on her appearance on "60 minutes" to
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his daughter in a meeting with the japanese prime minister, as she prepares to take over his company, which already has been seeking deals in asia. trump defended that today, saying, "if it were up to some people, i would never, ever see my daughter ivanka again." trump has investments or deals in at least 18 countries around the world. now, some of his own advisers fear the president-elect is already creating conflicts. >> you're going to have foreign entities, foreign governments offering swe hope of favorable action from the president of the united states. >> reporter: and today, there are new questions whether trump, as president, would take actions to help a huge jer ngerman bank which has loaned him more $300 million. trump used the money to buy the dural golf course in florida and build hotels in chicago and his new one in washington. but deutsche bank is also now the target of two major investigations by the u.s.
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possible $14 billion settlement, which could imperil the bank and effect trump's loans. senator richard blumenthal, a democrat, is calling for a special prosecutor to make sure the justice department does not back down. >> there's a clear conflict of interest between donald trump's personal business interests and his public duties, in fact, his public trust. >> reporter: not for donald trump, who said today, "in theory, i could run my business perfectly and then run the country perfectly," adding, "there's never been a case like >> brian ross is with us tonight. and the president-elect said something more to "the new york times," in fact, he said, "the law is totally on my side here." >> reporter: well, that's right, david. there is no law that specifically requires the president to give up his business or put it in a blind trust. trump says he'd like to do something to address ethics issues, but he also seems to be suggesting that he could continue to be involved with his business in some limited way, and there's nothing legally to prevent him from doing that. david? >> the scrutiny that comes when
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brian ross tonight. thank you. next thisevening, with millions preparing to mark thanksgiving, the new security warning, just out tonight. the department of homeland security and the fbi now issuing a joint bulletin to local authorities, urging vigilance from now through the holidays, right until the inauguration. it comes as police here in new york city tonight are already going to extreme lengths to protect thousands of people arriving for the thanksgiving day parade. and here's abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: tonight, police in new york stepping up security ahead of thursday's famed thanksgiving day par >> i think this year you are going to see a lot more blocker cars and sand trucks on the cross streets. >> reporter: federal authorities issuing a clear message to law enforcement agencies across the country. be vigilant this holiday season, through the presidential inauguration in january, as celebrations could be targeted by international terrorists or homegrown violent extremists. just yesterday, police in new york arresting this man, who prosecutors say talked of a times square attack, similar to
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authorities say people attending large gatherings should remain alert and report suspicious activity to law enforcement. david? >> all right, ryan, thank you. and wall street is celebrating a new milestone tonight. the dow closing above 19,000 for the first time. it is the sixth record high close since the election two weeks ago. investors are now betting that the new administration will favor investors and business. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the chemical plant explosion in an american city. the images coming in at this hour. for hours now. emergency crews on the scene. and the new warning to families nearby tonight. also, dramatic video, the heist caught on surveillance. thieves armed with guns and hammers. police now searching for the suspects at this hour. and the black friday deals already here tonight. long before thanksgiving. how you can save $1,000 on a flat screen. and the items you should wait until much closer to christmas. rebecca jarvis standing by
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next tonight here, black friday fast approaching. but it might already be here. tonight, the list of the biggest deals already, and the items you should wait on. abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis tonight, out to save your money. >> reporter: tonight, the new rules for that black friday bargain hunt. when to buy. and where. >> black friday isn't a single day. it's every day until christmas that you'll find deals. >> reporter: amazon, walmart, best buy and target already rolling out the deals. like 60-inch samsung tv, now $580, more than $1,000 off at walmart. $30 off the all-new kindle at amazon. and at best buy, up to $250 in gift cards with your purchase of an iphone 7. how do the discounts online compare to the discounts in stores? >> you should expect online discounts to match, or beat, the in-store discounts. remember, selling online, they're competing with the world, so, they have to slash the prices to make it worth it.
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on tvs, phones and toys, the number crunchers recommend waiting until thanksgiving and beyond, and using tools like camel camel camel, which automatically alerts you when prices go lower, and price blink, which flags the best deals when you shop. david, another pro tip. around this time of year, you'll be getting e-mails from your favorite retailers, touting special offers. our experts say, you can ignore them. they're not the best deals. david? >> camel camel camel. i've written it down, rebecca, thank you. when we come back here tonight, the message from former president george h.w. bush, the picture that's now been released tonight. also ahead here, the chemical plant exploding into flames. we've shown you the pictures. the evacuations, and now the warning tonight. and the nfl quarterback dodging more than just the defense. the distraction hitting him squarely in the eyes. take a look. we'll be right back. fisherman i was. i accept i'm not out on the ocean wrestling marlin. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat
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the blast. several neighborhoods and a nearby high school have been evacuated tonight. the dramatic jewelry heist here in new york city. surveillance video showing thieves armed with guns and hammers, smashing their way through a luxury store on madison avenue. police say they stole $300,000 worth of watches. authorities now searching for those suspects tonight. a major distraction during "monday night football." you might have seen it. houston texans quarterback brock osweiler targeted with a green laser during last night's game against oakland, played in mexico. e stands. osweiler says the laser definitely affected his play. his team, the texans, losing 27-20. the nfl is investigating. and an update tonight from former president george h.w. bush. it was three years ago, we showed you this photo, he posted it. saving his head to support a boy named patrick, a secret service agent's son battling leukemia. well, the president posting a new photo with patrick, who is doing much better tonight.
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now's your chance at completely clear skin. just ask your doctor about taltz. a library and suing over a toilet injury. what she says caused it to explode. spoke the phone out muggers are using to target finally tonight here, america strong. president obama awarding the presidential medal of freedom. the highest civilian honor, to 21 individuals. before the ceremony even began, the faces. robert de niro and the gang. ellen degeneres tweeting this video. the mannequin challenge inside the white house. tom hanks, ellen, pan up to kareem abdul-jabbar. bill gates, and the boss, pointing there. diana ross, michael jordan in
5:57 pm
ellen once getting the president to dance on her show. today, the president had ellen in tears. >> today, every day, in every way, ellen counters what too often divides us. with the countless things that bind us together. inspires us to be better. one joke, one dance at a time. >> reporter: wiping away the tears, a hug from robert de niro. then, it was his turn. >> his characters are iconic. the sis sill yan father turned new york mobster a mobster who returns a casino. a mobster who needs therapy. >> there were the musicians. diana ross, still reigning supreme. her trademark beauty and her hair. bruce springsteen honored, too. >> i am the president. he is the boss. >> and who stands taller than the president? kareem abdul-jabbar. offering a little help to the
5:58 pm
and michael jordan. >> there is a reason you call somebody the michael jordan of. michael jordan of neurosurgery or the michael jordan of rabbis or the michael jordan of outrigger canoeing. because michael jordan is the michael jordan of greatness. he is the definition of somebody so good at what they do that everybody recognizes him. >> just some of the many moments today. the full list of honorees at our website. thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow.
5:59 pm
served our country. nobody should be treated this way. tonight he is the victim of a big theft. >> one seatbelt can save a precious life. this story with the goal of saving others.>> dakota pipeline project changing lives in many different ways. >> the election fallout. a new emphasis on the -- >> we have a safety bulletin stray from homeland security. we are all being urged aware of our surroundings. to speak up if something isn't sitting right. specifically there is a concern about homegrown terrorists who are known to strike with little or no notice. big take away here, if you think you hear or see something suspicious report it. if you want to read the in torah brault and we put it on ben carson probably -- donald trump twitting his considering the retired neurosurgeon for
6:00 pm
development. only days ago dr. carson said he did not want the job.>> we have to keep an eye on this. it caused a big scare. we can tell you police are looking for some people who may have been involved in home invasion near 27th street and broadway. the street was heavily watched we couldn't even put our reporter on the air live out there. we will keep you updated on this developing story. the search for the gunman who shot and killed 41-year-old de the reward for her killer now at $21,000. will it be enough to entice someone to do the right thing and turn over the gunman. our reporter takes us on the pastor that ended her killing. >> reporter: detectives are keeping a tightlipped over what they know now leading up to the shooting of tenia farmer on sr 51 farmer called 911 and said three hispanic and any white


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