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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  November 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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>> i put it in the seat where you can't really see unless you're looking for it. >> that's not stopping theefs in mesa where a string of purses were taken. those crooks are hitting up multiple places. 5:00 on this tuesday. >> some of you now crack the windows as the temperature goes down but iris we're getting a little bit of a chill. >> at into the 40s and 50s across the valley. we've got a lot of mid 40s valley wide. so i'd say sweater weather or jacket weather. temperatures will stay cool through the day too. a high of 70 degrees but more sunshine. we'll talk about the warm up happening in just a few minutes. iris, the roads are pretty quiet this morning. i'm not seeing any slow spots. we do have a crash i want to
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we can show you loop 101 southbound right at beth nooe home road. it's really not going to slow you down at all. breaking news right now yoer night from the abc 15 live desk. a 32-year-old is dead after someone opened fire at a phoenix apartment complex and justin pazera is live there. this near indian school is it and long jew. justin what is the word now on that shooter? >> yea can see that we have the crime scene unit right here but let's kind of go over here and i can really point out at how this goes on. here's what we know at this point. phoenix police saying that a 32-year-old man was shot multiple times. he must have heard a knock at the door. he came to that door. that's when he was shot multiple times. a female was in that apartment right now. but police are trying to figure
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and the suspect. at this point we don't have much to go on. as far as the suspect is concerned they don't know if they knew each other. so police trying to figure that out at this point. can you just see really at this point crime scene tape draped all across this apartment complex. that's what folks are going to be waking up to this morning. as soon as we get a suspect description we'll pass that along. now to one of those top stories that you received alert about. the former attorney for jody arias disbarred. abc15's jason bawl tighten is live in mesa. >> jody arias conviction is going to be safe.
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her. disbarred for writing a tell-all book. it's called trapped with missed areas. originally he agreed to a suspension but several lawyers explained. they say she read parts of the book and her biggest problem she says it's full of lies. behind that arias's turn called it a disgusting betrayal of their profession because of money. >> the witness, the evidence, in which he shouldn't be revealing in the first place much less lying about. >> reporter: nirmy's book came out a year ago and it's supposed to be a trilogy more on that coming up at 5:30. 503 and only on abc15 with more than 400 jobs to fill in the phoenix police department alone there's a new step to look out for your safety.
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morning. she's told them she's assembled a team to look for more effective ways. officers have been working overtime and specialty squads have helped needed. she wants to move an estimated 200 detectives back out onto the streets. >> a rough start for two people in phoenix. this near 40th street and mcdough. we're told nobody was home at the time. a warning for those who leave your purses in the car maybe you leave those shopping bags as we head into the holiday season. mesa police are dealing with a string of reports and the cars were locked. some of those purses were found dumped in another park but the money and credit cards were all stolen. police do believe this is the work of one or two man operation and these guys hit fast. they broke into those cars within seconds. >> as they're walking through
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down the i'll aisles they're glancing left and right. >> call mesa p.d. if you have any information. a former mesa police officer will have a few months to prepare for his trial. filing a motion about proximate cause. cause: meantime jurors in tuscan still have not reached a decision on the murder trial of a former fire captain. they'll return to the pima county courthouse today. accused of killing his ex-wife in a bitter custody battle over his daughter. he's also accused of killing her mother and a friend three years later. the immigration debate taking a turn as the inspector
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cards have been mishandled over the past three years. we're talking nearly 20,000 green cards have been duplicated. they might just have incorrect information but that would include names, dates of birth, photos. the green cards can be anywhere. in the wrong hands this could allow terrorists criminals, or people in the united states to remain here. and dan we've also got a big update on cards. happy to say coach is n the hospital. he's back at home. he checked into the hospital after feeling a bit off. earlier this season you'll remember arians went to the hospital for stomach pains. we certainly hope so. >> no kidding. we're all sending out well wishes. 6 minutes after the hour. the waves pretty small when you think of comparison to what the world braced for.
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the recent earthquake there. >> well no rain to impact your morning commute. we'll talk about whether we're seeing any snow in your state and just how cold it will feel when you step outside. >> and not much to slow you down on the roads either. i'm also going to map out your desert drive times. >> speaking of the roads don't get caught in in the
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imagine a world where instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. bring back the holidays. all right. let's talk about your most accurate forecast after a rainy start yesterday. we're waking up to quite a different picture. those clouds even clearing out to the east as you see here as you look at them via satellite. maybe a snow flurry or two. certainly along the san francisco peak. still seeing some light snow showers. after that we're starting a process of drying out. keep in mind with the cool -- the clear skies this morning,
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yesterday it's going to feel colder when you step outside. so you may want t grab a jacket. it will be dry through your morning commute and sunny through the afternoon but our temperatures are staying cool throughout the day. a lot of 40s in the valley. so it is colder in several valley spots. temperatures stay in the 50s today through about 10:00. then we gradually warm into the 60s and we'll spend much of the afternoon intoed the 60s with that temperature in phoenix just barely topping out 70 degrees. so temperatures today below average still. but i'll show you that warm up and whether we've got any signs of rainfall in the next seven days mallory. and iris taking a look at the roads right now not doing too bad. pretty quiet early this morning. this is southbound from the stack when you hit the i-10 split. the only crash we have is on our loop 101. it's in the west valley.
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taking this route this morning. and with thanksgiving just a couple days away we're talking about holidays and heavy traffic this morning and unfortunately they often go hand in hand. if you time it just right. so a-dot says if you're taking i-17 or state route 87 northbound try to be on the road by 1:00 p.m. wednesday and for i-10 drivers you should start your trip by 2:00 p.m. . >> that way you could beat the real crunch people end their work day and finish up their packing and as they get on the road. >> now of course there's no way to exactly predict your travel forecast with any crashes that could happen. so heading out early is your best bet. the back and forth between the d-backs and the county continues as an investor backs out of the chase field deal.
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complaining about something else. coming up joe lets you know why this free trial offer could cost you a lot more. >> in this morning's gma first look captured. after a two day man hunt 31-year-old odis cane is behind bars. accused of a capital murder. >> we had him under surveillance and at the appropriate time the s.w.a.t. unit made the arrested him. >> police and mccain see the same man after he brutally ambushed the officer. it was a bloody 24 hours for police officers across the country. at least three others in three different cities am burred during unrelated traffic stops. including a st. louis sergeant. we'll have the latest from texas coming up at 7:00 a.m.. with
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arizona's best mornings start here. >> so that deal at chase field takes on millions of dollars in repairs is now off the table this morning. abc15's nick cilletti. legal wrangling will continue. they're saying that they're going to hold the d-backs to their current lease which doesn't end until 2028. here's what happened. the real estate investment company that wanted to buy chase field has officially said no deal. they said the d-backs are refusing to meet with them and are demanding to see a number of financial documents. but the d-backs are crying foul over this one. they released a statement that
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are deeply offended that mr. greenburg would suggest that we would be uncorporative. the buyer agreed to provide to the county on this one. now there is some arguing, some disputes over what kind of financial information would be provided before they would meet and it looks like, yeah, it's going to end in a no deal. coming up at 5:30 we're going to dive deeper into the history of all of this a information about that real estate investment company. live here in downtown phoenix this morning nick ciletti abc15. back here to the live desk. the earthquakes in japan rattling the country. this is that story on abc news that everybody was holding their breath overnight. the epicenter was 80 miles to the southwest of the deadly 2011 earthquake.
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it was a 7.3 downgraded to 6.9. but this is the right here. you see that cluster off the coast of japan. nomi is the area. the waves reaching up to 4.5'. thankfully not enough to overflow those flood barriers. look at the tidal surge and other you had the quake, the subsequent tsunami and the nuclear disaster there. hey if you take a close look at this car here you'll see that the decal is drive today at the auto show. it's part of an investigation after a crash into a crowd in los angeles. police say the driver plowed onto the sidewalk and hit a planter. several people were injured.
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the sergeant on scene said the driver may not even have a license. my agenda will be based on a simple core principal. >> he's been pretty tight lipped on his presidency but now president donald trump has released a 3-minute video about his first 100 days. he talks about withdrawing from the transpacific partnership but he did not discuss the u.s. mexico wall. you might have seen this tweet from the president elect. even saying he'd like to see him represent great britain as their embassador to the united states. overnight the spokes person for the prime minister of the u.k. says there is no vacancy from the embassadorship to the u.s.. we've got some crazy video out of florida this morning. that's the suspected drunk driver.
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another alcoholic beverage. dui charges aren't the only things he's facing this morning. police say this all started when he stole on suv from a parking lot then ran through a red light. witnesses say he wreaked of alcohol then walked over to a store. took off his bloody shirt and then another drink. that's when the crowd of witnesses surrounded him. >> unreal story there speaking of unreal a philadelphia man injured in a blast. it contains some sort of medicine. he only opened it this morning. police investigating to find out if the explosion was intentional or accidental. again the contents exploded. >> soon this will be me and probably you looking for great deals for the holidays online. but if that deal involves a free
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move on. take this ad for lash renew. maybe maybe not. >> we really don't have background on actually does the product work. >> felicia thompson with the better business is concerned how it's sold. if you cancel it send it back. instead. >> we have consumers coming to us saying that i was charged $150 for this product. >> 136 custom complaints to the bbb in the many about cancellation rules. >> just hard to get ahold of this company. >> customers say i called during my cancellation period. and the representative insisted i try the product first. she says okay i'll just charge your card $89. one was a mail drop. the other housed a different business. while lash renew gives you 14 days to cancel. >> their free trial period
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their project. >> the small print lists a four day delivery time. >> it's nearly impossible in those cases to actually receive the product, try the product, and send the product back before that free trial period ends. >> the cancellation rules are clear and had no reason for all of the complaints. free trial periods can be really tricky. i would avoid them. let joe know for all the ways to protect your money. know. all right. let's talk about your most accurate forecast. check out all the 40s that we have around the valleys. mesa you're coming in at 76. and chandler at 407 degrees. under those clear skies as that storm system that brought the rain yesterday is clearing out to our northeast. now our temperature in phoenix is at 52 degrees. that dew point not far at 47 degrees.
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closer we tend to start to see things like fog develop. and in spots across the valley those temperatures are much closer. so i just wanted to give you an early heads up. there's a chance we could see some patchy fog around the valley so keep that in mind. right now not seeing any visibility issues. it will be 51 degrees by the time the sun comes up. so we've got some chilly temperatures to start our day. we'll warm into the upper 50s by beautiful with sunny skies, dry weather through the day and today's high temperature makes it to 70 degrees. that will put it a couple degrees low the arch this time of year. we'll be cooling back into the 50s by 10:00 this evening. now today a cooler below average day. as we go into tomorrow and then thanksgiving those temperatures do start to warm back above average. temperatures will stay in the
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weekend but then we've got some cooler temperatures heading our way. no rain in sight either. future cast we'll see those sunny skies into the forecast tomorrow into thursday. as we head into the weekend we will see more cloud cover and then another drop in temperatures. we'll talk about who could see some rain by next week in just a few minutes. abc15 desert drive times. >> for drivers starting out in the north valley this morning the you're continuing eastbound here to get on i-17 or the 51 i'm not seeing slowing there. remember that bell road is set to open today. so it's been some time there and again you should be able to use that a little later this morning. taking a look at the big picture i do want to give you a look at our abc15 live drive. looks like they're stopped at a
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seeing those wet roads this morning. obeying the traffic laws. always good from our abc abc15 crews. a former asu quarterback having a tough time playing south of the border.
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operation santa claus. >> it's time to take action and help out operation santa claus. we are collected money toys kids clothing and non parishable items. for the first time ever a monday night football game for the first time outside the united states. hosting the raiders a some improvements for houston. here he hits braxton miller for a touchdown. the raiders would rally late for the win. they've got the best record in the afc at 8-2. dan, we've got more news coming out of that game that's making some headlines this morning. >> let's say the fans in mexico city were not on their best behavior. that's a green laser. fans also heard chanting a
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off. certainly not what the nfl had in mind for its first game south of the border. all right we've got beautiful clear skies. cool temperatures too because of those clear skies. i'll show you how cold it will be as you get ready to step outside. it's a beautiful looking start to the day. >> and we do have some delays on i-10 this morning and a crash on the 101. so i'll map out what you need to know before you hit the roads this >> it's not working. >> and a man shot multiple times as he tries to open the door to his apartment. the latest on this investigation coming up. >> plus a stroll down the street turns into a survival mode after
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you're going to step out to dry weather this morning but colder temperatures too. our temperatures are down in the 40s and low 50s across the valley. you may even get some patchy fog on your way to work. it will be a cool day. i'll break down your hour by hour planner next. let's give you a check of the roads iris as you head out for your morning drive. around this time in the morning
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drivers. so about a 14' minute drive timement your slowing from about 83rd avenue. we're also going to head out to the east valley in just a couple of minutes. 5:31 christopher sign is off. but dan spindle. >> developing right now our team's on the scene of two different scenes right now. a group of people were walking when a car shooting. a woman was hit in the leg. the only suspect description that we've got right now is of the car. black, maybe a dark green four door sedan. >> and dan i'm here on the scene of the second shooting this one near 12th street and indian school. as they're trying to piece this all together. the thing is they really don't
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here's what we do know. one man was taken to the hospital where he did die. police believe he is about 32 years old. he just opened the door to his apartment complex when that suspect opened fire on him shooting him multiple times. we do know there was a female inside that apartment at the time. not sure of the relationship between those two and really not sure of the relationship between the victim and the suspect at this point. so detectives are here trying to piece that all together trying to find out if the two knew each other. they don't even have a motive at this point. but of course we're going to pass that along. we're life in phoenix justin pazera abc15. 5:32 and who killed a dena farmer. she was killeded on state route 51 back in september. in just a few hours from now the phoenix police will hold a news conference on this case. they are asking for your help to solve it.
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the investigation is heading. the scene is extremely difficult to look at that's a tree right there. six children are dead after this crash. while you were sleeping the chattanooga police arrested and charged the driver of that bus. his name is john thvmdony walker. he is now facing vehicular homicide and reckless driving. >> he and we hit a mailbox and then flipped over and hit a tree real hard. >> investigators also got a warrant to remove the black box and video cameras on the bus. the elementary school will be open today. grief counselors will be on hand as well. the parents of those kids believe he droef too fast. >> do you have anything to say
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>> i'm sorry. >> that will not make up for the fact the san antonio police officer is dead. officers say otis mccain admits he was upset. ben gentleman min marconi was just standing there writing a ticket when he was shot. well his most notorious clinton is behind bars. he will never represent in the courtroom again. you probably saw that news alert go out on your phone. that the former attorney of jody arias was disbarred on the case. he's live in mesa outside the home where that horrific crime happened. jason her new attorney certainly has a lot to say. >> reporter: well that's right and you know jody arias is really only the only person who knows exactly what happened that
5:35 am
angry he's been making money off of those secrets. crowds literally celebrated outside the courthouse when jody arias was convicted for murder. her trial lawyer has made. originally he agreed to be suspended. but now he's agreed to be disbarred. the book breaks confidentialty but they also think it's full of lies. the book is a pretty rambling story about his representation of her. and the lies that he told are smatherred throughout it. . >> so the question now will arias sue her former defense attorney. >> still a lot of questions
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drivers are still shaken after this chain reaction crash. dadly one person died in this 20 car pile up. dps says the roads were slick after the storms move through. the gfrn announced the deal yesterday. several tribes have already signed on. it means more tables at existing casinos and no more casinos in metro phoenix. but the tribe that owns it has a man who lives next to that casino says expanded games could add a lot to glendale. >> more stuff to do around here. >> yeah, it'd be an excuse from phoenix up here. >> a statement from the tribe says they'll be considering that idea. well the deal is not done until someone signs on the dotted line and that is not happening for chase field.
5:37 am
out of its plans to buy the field. nick c iletti is live outside the ball park. >> right now we know the deal is off the table. the d-backs were hoping this deal would be sort of a field of dreams if you will. so here's the game plan for you. the mary cope pa county district -- according to the group the d-backs refused to meet with them. now they also said the team demanded to see financial documents. the team is denying that this morning. they say they just wanted the same kind of information that the county was entitleded to so selling chase field started to become more of a reality this year earlier when the county and the team were squaring off.
5:38 am
hour the d-backs are responding to all of this. they do not agree with what this realty firm is saying and you'll hear the reaction. that's coming up for you at 6:00. >> thank you nick. today the arizona supreme court could define when a police officer can search a probationer's home without a warrant. this stems from a 2013 arrest of a convicted crack dealer. so the maricopa county proobservation department was called in. the judge agreed with his attorney that there was no reasonable basis for that search. something fishy is happening at temp town lake today. it's going to be restocked with trout. head to the lake this afternoon between 4:00 and 6:00. today's event is the first of five monthly trout stockings.
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your amazon deliveries over the holiday season. a cargo carrier. a protesting staffing shortages. pilots are picketing in ohio. they're threatening to ground flights for amazon. that cargo carrier operates 35 flights a day for amazon. just at the worst time when you're trying to get those packages off to grandma's house. well the moon this morning is at 36% visibleable and we can see all 36% as we look live. a beautiful looking start to the day but those clear skies along with that cooler air that moved in yesterday making for a colder start. temperatures are running about 10 to 15 degrees colder than this same time yesterday. so today you'll feel that difference and especially if you're in spot that is are down into the 40s like mesa. you're down to 46.
5:40 am
and tempe you're not far at 52 degrees. we're going to stay in the 50s through really much of the first half of the morning. we'll be at 52 still by 8:00 here this morning then climbing into the upper 50s by 10:00. the 60s don't set in until after that and we'll be right around 60 degrees by lunchtime. so cool by lunchtime too and today's high temperature just barely makes it to 70 degrees and we should hit that high around 4:00. nothing but sunny skies in the forecast for today and a co evening on tap. temperatures cooling back to near those 50s by 9:00 here this evening. a cooler day but i do have warmer temperatures headed our way in time for thanksgiving. and iris for drivers starting out in the east valley still no crashes, no slow downs for you on all your freeways out there. your desert drive times out in the west valley. this is going to start right at grand avenue to hit the 10.
5:41 am
on the right-hand side. now besides that you're still seeing those delays. and then i-17 is slowing down just a little bit. right near the stats you're going to see just some minor slowing there as well. and we've been waiting for it for months and today it is finally finished. we're talking about the new bridge at grand avenue in bell road. the $42 million project should help eliminate delays and congestion in that area danielle. your thing for thursday, well don't worry because one valley butcher shop has quite the deal of the day. >> plus those pesky political
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it is a quarter to 6:00 here at the live desk we just got brand new information in about that tennessee bus crash. they're confirming kind of the
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i'm just getting this information. 5 students. three 4th graders. a kindergartener and a 4th grader. six remain in i.c.u.. again devastating here. that school bus you see there wrapped around that tree. the school bus driver 24-year-old john thvmdany walker was arrested. 35 students from kindergarten through 5th were on board that bus when it flipped onto its new information coming out of tennessee this morning. you thought the 101 pile up was bad yesterday. look at this. 56 cars piled up. this is in bejeing in china. the area just looking like a war zone there with cars flipped over and buses completely destroyed. >> unbelievable video, dan. well election day is long
5:46 am
still filled with those campaign signs. at least in phoenix this is what the law says. signs have to be taken down ten days after the election. if the signs are along public rideways that would be 15 days tomorrow. here's where it gets interesting. state lawmakers say it's a crime to remove someone else's signs but only if it's before the election or within seven days after. the bottom line if you see signs up after tomorrow it is time for them t the secretary of state's office says it is time. 71.41% turnout. in fact more people showed up at the polls in 2008 and 2012 compared to this year. and there were other surprises. our most populated counties.
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? ? . >> that means it's time to take action and help out operation santa claus. we're collecting money, toys, kids' clothes and non parishable food items. >> for every $5 you give you will give one entry to win one of these beauties . courtesy of sanderson ford and lincoln. and sticking with the holiday spirits you need a christmas tree how about one that's already decorated decorated by local designers. all week long you can view and bid on those nine foot trees or you can donate it back to phoenix children's hospital. >> there are 60 programs at the hospital that are supported strictly by donations, by the community, by grants, foundations and donors, and without funding those will go
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between dillards and nimo marcus. oh, you hear it right there, the sound of hail having pounding down on parts of the valley. all part of those showers and storms that moved through the valley yesterday afternoon and again even in the morning yesterday. we were clearing out by the evening. i want to thank all of our viewers who sent in videos and pictures to share at and check this out, to our north this is in williams, the bison at the arizona wild life park. i want to refind you again send to to and we had some nice snow up in the high country but now all dry and dry here in the valley too.
5:50 am
some snow flurries right over snowfall. other than that drying out. but here's the deal. we are going to potentially see some patchy fog as that sun starts to rise here later this morning. so keep an eye out for that over the next couple of hours. even here in the valley. we could at least see some patchy fog. and we are going to enjoy abundant sunshine through today. sunny skies in the forecast for the rest of the valley and as we look into wednesday. by thanksgiving day a few high passing clouds at times during the day. and if you're heading up to the high country maybe to celebrate the holiday if you're traveling tomorrow things looking all dry across the state through the end of the week as well. nothing to impact your drive out of town. by the weekend sunday specifically into monday those snow and rain chances will be back for the high country.
5:51 am
is going to keep you dry. now as far as temperatures today well they're going to be cool across the valley. despite the fact that we'll see more sunshine we're looking at highs in the 60s to low 70s. so just below the average for this time of year. phoenix hits 70 degrees and we'll see those 50s and siktsz for highs. 70 today but then gradually warming by thanksgiving. a high of 75 degrees and even black friday in the 70s. i'll break down your hour b hour planner for thanksgiving in a few minutes. mallory. well minutes ago how i-17 was getting a little bit busier and now i'm definitely starting to see those brake lights. once you hit 7th street things do improve from there. and the 101. take a look. just about a 6-minute desert drive time and thises from 75th a. the delays this morning are going to be on the 10.
5:52 am
point. just kind of that slow and go. this is a look right at 83rd avenue. i'll break down exactly what you need to know for the 10 coming up. okay all you gravy lovers out there. your thanksgiving day feast maybe without your favorite topping. and heading into the 6:00 hour drama and controversy. what the company's refusing to do with lawmakers. >> and i want to remind you win some cash for the holidays. abc15 giving away $500 tonight. two lucky winners will get a $500 gift card just by watching
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okay. the votes are in, the results are sealed tonight we will know who is the 2016 dancing with the stars season. even though the country singer and actress says she is grateful for this entire experience. >> i've done everything i wanted to do and winning the trophy that wasn't what it was about for me. it was about going out there and making the finals for me. he's helped me become so confident and helped me express
5:56 am
that was a beautiful thing. >> okay. so tonight's james hefrjcliff and calvin johnson jr. will battle it out. right here on abc15 tonight at 7:00. and after abc15 at 10:00 tonight catch a star studded jimmy kimmel in the help in the fight against aids. if you donate $10 you will have a chance to drink tea with him and julia roberts. and a studio hang out with one direction's liam pane. clear skies but school temperatures. i'll show you how cold it's going to feel when you step outside this morning next. >> and it looks like we have a crash on the 10. causing some delays. >> we've also got some breaking news across the country.
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i'm justin pazera live in phoenix where one man is shot multiple times after he opens the door to his apartment. the search for that suspect coming up. >> plus talk about getting thrown a curve ball. the d-backs now back to the drawing board when it comes to finding somebody to buy chase
6:00 am
>> and only on abc15 with hundreds of open positions at phoenix p.d. the new chief is unveiling her plan to keep you safe. >> as we talk about your most accurate forecast temperatures have gotten even colder here at the top of the hour. look at those morning temperatures right now sitting at 46 in mesa and upper 40s also in glendale goodyear. phoenix sky harbor is expected to 51. grab a jacket as you head out the door. but then today we're in for a i'll break down your hour by hour planner next. and iris so far we've been pretty quiet as far as crashes or anything like that but it looks like we have a stalled seminear i-10 eastbound. it's right near 43rd and 45th avenue. definitely adding to some of those brake lights. on i-17 southbound it's right near the i-10 stack. don't have too many details.


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