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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  November 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MST

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we have a crash blocking half of the freeway here out on the east valley. just past mill avenue. it looks like they're in the process of clearing. it has them blocking those right lanes. you're still going to see a lot of delays from it. kind of put it into perspective. just past mill is where you're going to see this. those delays start closer to the 101. you could just take the 101 we're also seeing delays on the 17 and the 10. we'll take a look at that next iris. we're gown to 59 degrees at phoenix sky harbor. so chilly as you get ready to step outside. just like yesterday with those cool temperatures. you won't need it for long because temperatures are getting warm by this afternoon. today's high 89 degrees.
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temperature. a very warm day. i'll show you the changes in the next -- the next time i see you guys. 6:00. now donald trump wants to build a wall along the southern border there could be a problem here as a lot of that land is reservation land. abc15's katie connor is live with a tribal spokes person we know is very passionate about stopping this. >> reporter: he says absolutely no way to building a wall or even a it looks like this is going to be a big problem for donald trump. because about 75 miles of the reservation sits on the arizona border. over my dead body will a wall be built. their ancestrial land are more
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to hear from the spokes person himself and why he says he wants donald trump to come down and take a visit of the land himself. >> and katie speaking of donald trump his transition team is reportedly hitting some bumps in the road. several sources claim fighting among team members mostly dealing with how things should be run. the big uproar is trump's choice of steve banem. giuliani could become secretary of state. giuliani is the favorite for that post. in fact the that source also says there's no competition for that job. election day of course a week ago today but hillary clinton just won the state of new hampshire. the race is too close to call. president elect trump still has 290 electoral votes.
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speaking of hillary clinton she's making her post election public organization. in other news this morning the pioria man accused of making and dealing spice and walking out of jail a free man. the guy's case is linked into the man who threatened to. >> i don't really know any of them. >> former mayor of marry cope
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spirit. she was happy and considerate and dedicated as a mom and wife. demanding to know why the suspect was released from jail after being charged. he was on a suspended license too and has a history of drunk driving. at last check the children remain in the hospital. one of the kids we know is in a coma. responding to a weekend. the dog is now under a 10-day quarantine and its owner didn't have shot records. we're told the dog attacked the owner twice. dan, let's go to tampa here. police officers in pursuit and it ends on the railroad tracks. officers spotted a stolen vehicle. the driver then took off of course. police followed.
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hopping a railroad track there. they got stuck. a man and woman inside that car. danielle let's say it. we do it at least once a week. you're not going to get away from the police. >> why do people even try. >> i don't know. the agency will debut an online medical appointment schedule in january. the app will allow vets to choose and book their own appointment times. you from two years ago. meantime the head of the va is headed to phoenix for a town hall. sloan gibson will be at tonight's event. the ashgz coyotes are more of a sure footing now as they struck a deal to tempe. a new arena proposed near lake mcclinic talk. the coyotes say they will chip
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the university in the city of tempe set to cover the rest. officials say they want to have a new arena ready for the 2019 season. over parking around university phoenix stadium. it will cost taxpayers $14 million for the city not providing those parking spaces that they promised to get the team to come to glendale. phoenix says it's losing millions of dollars because people aren't paying up. the city says one in five ignore the fine. even suspending driver's licenses doesn't get people's attention. city council is set to meet tomorrow. flower shops and attorneys may be busy this morning because guess what the adult daily website adult friend finder has
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who thought they deleted their accounts and get this a dozen in there because the user data is being sold online for $4,000 a pop. oh, my goodness you better get the alibis lined up. >> you call that head shaking news. you will be able to track your own luggage. the app allows passengers to keep an eye on your bag from the moment they check in. the technology is expected help reduce delta's percentage of lost and unclaimed items. take a look at these images here. showing the big makeover in store. here's the before, after more than ten years plans call for the inside to be demolished come spring and repurposed. this is what it will look like. it will take two more years. we've got some breaking news right now at 6:07.
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the scene. this is a crash involving a motorcyclist at 67th avenue in camel back. i do not have an update as it relevanted to injuries or closures. mallory will have an update on that in a moment. all right. let's talk about your most accurate forecast and it's going to be a nice morning for maybe a warm cup of coffee or warm tea as temperatures have dropped into the upper 50s. i know. going to be colder by the end of the week. it's going to be toasty as those temperatures warm up even quicker. we're actually going to stay in the 70s through 11:00. after that the 80s set in and we're going to warm into the upper 80s across much of the valley with phoenix topping out at 89 degrees. we should hit that high temperature. 89 degrees will put us just one
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high which is 90. we're going to have to be on record watch and that was set back in 1999. by tomorrow into thursday tloez winds start to kick up. we're talking gusts here in the valley between 25 and 30 miles an hour by wednesday evening. stronger up north gusting as high as 40 to 45 miles an hour in spots like flagstaff and those winds will usher in some much cooler air. whether we've got chances in that 7-day forecast. mallory. abc15 desert drive times brought to you by century link prism. and i want to give you a look at your desert drive times. we've just jumped up to 28 minutes. that's pretty a slow desert drive time from the 101 until you hit the 17. even the 17 is going to be pretty sluggish until you're past the durango curve.
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you is now completely off to the side it is still very heavy. here's a look at rural. super heavy traffic here. basically back to the loop 101. i'm going to give you another look at that crash on 67th avenue. these teens certainly think they had a good plan going from car to car in a neighborhood. we're going to take you there and explain what they got away with. >> plus we a these humongous snowplows. >> and you're going to want to check your freezer this morning.
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th geeth, rfaceains, at ivides ening. mpacfent. eride, omndedient. tas wten. ades, ffenteng.
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safe to say nobody could forget this scary sight. this morning we have learned the first lawsuit has been filed on behalf of some of the passengers on board. the passengers american airline employees should have done a better job inspecting that plane. ski season is just days away from opening in the high country. a-dot taking action this morning. abc15's nick cilletti is live. now it's actually a great time to start thinking about this.
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absolutely right just like this one i just talked to a-dot and they told me this truck here weighs 70,000 pounds and they say it is ready to go. so let's go ahead and break down what else you need to know. they say break down a map with you. have a fully charged cellphone with you. also try to advance. try to maintain about four car lengths behind them. and they say while their team is on the roads making sure that everyone's staying safe they're also in their command center doing the same thing. >> sometimes it can be not just in northern arizona it can be throughout the state into southern arizona. all the operators are there to really listen in on what's going on around the state and it
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information on highway conditions around the state. >> reporter: another piece of advice make sure you're slowing down even if it does mean you're going to get to our arrival destination. come-u in the next half hour we're going to talk about those emergency kits and why a-dot says you need one even if you think you don't. important information chris. >> nick ciletti on that one. san diego neighborhood on high alert this morning after a series of car break-ins. there are the culprits right there caught in the act. this is surveillance video. a team of thieves walking the neighborhood. and then they'd run away to the next house. san diego reporting thousands of dollars of goods have been taken here danielle. chris, right now at 6 k a
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freeway. a driver shot during some sort of a road rage act. the driver called for help after being shot through the window. edward snowden breaking his silence again. snowden claims trump has different set of values. we have some new video to show you overnight of president obama lands in athens, greece. after this quick stop he'll head to germany and peru where he will take part in economic summit. the president explained why he's remaining hopeful about america's future and why we
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>> i think he's sincere in wanting to be a successful president and moving this country forward. >> president obama went on to say he's encouraged by trump's message of unity on election night. pima county leaders will meet to review a new measure. ban if given the green light. first. the hope is to have a new law in the coming months. no wifi. a bookstore owner in wyoming wants customers to live like it's 1993. >> yeah, it has to do with these phones here. she's urging people to put away those electronics when they are inside her business. she says her customers support the ban adding it creates a place of peace and quiet.
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1999. yeah, we set a record high temperature on this date of 90 degrees and we're going to warm near that record today. the good news is this morning clear skies and cool temperatures as you get ready to drive into work. we've got a big cool-down headed our way. this morning we're going to 59 in phoenix. and we've got cool tempera picking out the kids' out fits. we're going to be back into the 80s by lunchtime and today's high reaches 89 degrees. again, the record is 90 degrees. so just coming 1 degrees shy of that record set in 1999. 30 year average is 76. look at those high temperatures across the valley.
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87 in apache junction under clear skies. mid to upper 80s across much of central and earn arizona 68 here this afternoon. we've got those clear skies on tap for today but changes are heading our way. a storm system moving into the pacific northwest. we'll start to pull in some clouds. those clouds will move in tomorrow. we're not going see any rain in the valley. but we could see a sprinkle or two . the gusty winds that we'll feel tomorrow and the big cool-down. so we're going to go from record today to 85 tomorrow but down into the 70s thursday into friday. much cooler and check out those morning lows. 40s and 50s as we start heading into the weekend. we'll talk more about how strong the winds will be in minutes. i want to give you a look right no from our century link
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northern avenue. you'll see this partially blocking the roadway. now on the 10 we are already seeing delays out there on the west valley. so i-10 eastbound is right at 83rd avenue. you're definitely seeing extra slowing because of that and the i want to gef you a closer look at this crash. it looks like camel back is pretty slow as so beth nooe home could be a good option and chris, i know you have some more detail on that crash. >> yeah, i want to get up to that scene. i promised you an update and here he's justin live with a news update. >> they just took that person on the motorcycle. now you can see glendale police out here in the middle of the intersection.
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like it collided with that white suv. at this point they are diverting traffic through the 7-eleven parking lot. and if we kind of turn over here you can see on 67th avenue they're also diverting some of the traffic. the fire trucks just left so it looks like at this point glendale police trying to clear up this crash pretty quick. >> thanks for the update. also breaking overnight a teen with the hospital after a fight in surprise. >> also a valley teenager being called a hero. >> and a huge name in music just anno ? at village inn, a good meal is about more than just how it tastes. it's about how it makes you feel.
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who have a sweet tooth. they are take a look at your skreeb here. weight watchers smart ones chocolate chip cookie dough sundae. you're going to want to return these items to the store for a full refund . if you need more information head to two dogs caught on video falling down on the job. take a look at this video happily greeting two burglars. one of the suspects even bends down to pat one of the dogs on the head. the burglars managed to get away with several items including a gun. controversy is now brewing along our border. coming up find out who's saying no way to donald trump's plan to buld a border wall. >> take a look at the delays. i'm going to show you how to get
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just about 6:30. a live look at the valley. >> yes, we could be flirting with a record today. a cool-down just days away.
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forecast. >> good morning guys. let's talk about what's happening now. we're down to 59 degrees. low to misdemeanor 50s across the valley. a little bit of a chill in the air. this afternoon very warm as our temperature climbs into the upper 80s across the valley with phoenix up to 89 degrees. we do have a big cool-down. more winds heading our way. i'll track the changes for you day by day. and iris night now on loop 202 mountain. the fire department just arrived a couple minutes ago. so not really affecting the main line of traffic just yet but you can see those delays kind of trickling back. and another crash causing delays. this has been sticking around at mill avenue. even though it's off to the side you're slow back to the 101.
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a better option for you. we'll give you another look out on the 10 in just a couple of minutes. i want to update everyone here at 630. a fight in surprise and then a teen ends up in the hospital with stab wounds. when officers got to the scene here they couldn't find a thing. well that wasn't the parents of a 17-year-old called 911 and said that their son had assaulted apparently by an 18-year-old. and that then launched a large investigation still at this moment. detectives are still interviewing witnesses. i have not been told. it sounds like those injuries are not life-threatening. county recorder helen bercell countying those ballots even though she
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they say adrienne fontez as unproceeded. marry cope county proving to be valuable for president elect donald trump. the assistant designate. maricopa county will deliver the most amount of votes to donald trump of any other u.s. county. more than 711,000 people voted for trump taking nearly 49% of the vote here in marry county. >> we are still waiting to hear back from fire officials about a pair of mobile home fires. air 15 you can see here in this video over that scene last night. we do know at this point is that no one was hurt. now to phoenix an 18-year-old being called a hero this morning after alerting his family about this house fire. this happened last night. the teen managed to get his five brothers and sisters out of that house. the family's three dogs were
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we're told the house is not a total loss. maybe you're heading up north. you might smell some smoke in that area after a trailer went up in flames. i-17 near state route 179 is still closed. tough on drugs then how about now. this morning a new side of a formeren county attorney our cameras catching up with rick romly. and dealing spice. >> reporter: were you thinking about how this looks. >> i know look it i'm county attorney and i know that the outcomes are not always the best because i was. i was very tough on drugs. i worked with dea, the fbi others as well. >> now his cousin walked out of court a free man. well his plan to build a wall maybe controversial but
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backing down. abc15's katie connor is live in the news room. katie their cooperation would be key to building a wall. >> it is. and dan i want to show you why. without their cooperation there would be a big gap in the wall. about 75 miles of it runs along our border and that's the longest shared border of any native american tribe u.s. just yesterday tribal chairman spoke out yesterday and said absolutely no way to a border wall because their ancestrial land is more important than politics. >> so we can truly protect the homeland of this place they call the united states of america. >> and the tribe leader invites donald trump to come to the
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believes the wall would not be good for the entire community. do you recognize this guy right here? because this morning there are new developments. a federal judge has approved branden dashy's motion to be relieved from prison. he and his uncle were both convicted for that. a judge constitutional right were violated. then he can be released. we've got some startling numbers just released by the fbi when it it comes to hate crimes. this is for all of 2015. only six states had more hate crimes than arizona. because of their race or ethnicity. fire crews are closely
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into the air. we're told a contractor with cutting tools sparked that fire. crews also saying the air quality was not drastically affected. you might want to get over to a meeting being held tonight. this to gilbert road. valley metro ready to update everybody on the construction and the final design. a nearly two mile project will extend along main many of us coffee is a crucial part of your morning routine. but today you're invited to have a cup of joe with a police officer. it's from 7:15 to 10:00 at the dunkin' do nuts. today is american recycle day. you can turn it into a good cause.
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center is refurbishing those cellphones. the phones are being collected tomorrow at several locations all around the city. you're going to find those posted on dan, igot an alert coming in right now at this moment there's concern regarding a bacterial disease. thousands of turkeys have died at a vermont farm which raises and processes about 30,00 turkeys a year. only about half of the turkeys of those 30,000 will make it to market this year. the owner of the farm right now an investigation sunday way believes a fox carrying foul cholera snuck into the barn.
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bruno mars coming to the valley. his magic world tour starts at the end of march. on november 5th of next year. so you've got to wait a little while to see him. also on monday adele will be saying hello to thousands of people in the valley. also new this morning the tour is expected to get a upgrade. adele is transitioning the show to stadium concerts for her australian tour. new at 6:00 jay-z's streaming. rights to the music catalog. court ordering to title and rock nation an agreement was made before prince's death.
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valley and up north too. off to a nice and clear morning but also off to a cool one. here in the valley we're feeling our own cool air at 59 degrees and we've got again a lot of low to mid 50s across the valley. we climb to 81 by our lunch hour and the near record with a high today of 89 degrees. so your most accurate record or near record warmth by this afternoon and it's not just the valley. flagstaff warming to 68 degrees. that's certainly unseasonably warm. a couple degrees shy of the record high temperature. we're going to be feeling the heat today but temperatures are dropping by thursday. i'll show you how low they'll go in just minutes. and i want to remind you, don't forget that abc15 is
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the holidays. two lucky winners will get a $500 gift card. you've got to watch for that weather word of the the night. good luck. all right. let's give you a check of the roads right now. one is the 202 northbound. looks like it's partially blocking that area. northbound on the 101 right near university and things are looking a little bit better on the 60 w now off to the side and that crash we have at 2024th street. this is another crash right at 83rd avenue. you're still seeing about a 30 minute drive in for drivers on the 10 right now. and let's give you a look at the i-17. we still have this crash. the northern overpass is where you're going to see it. looks like a tow truck on scene. and you're still going to see some minor brake lights as you
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we'll give you a look at north 101 in the valley. only on abc15. it's not sitting too well with some drivers. why it's sparking privacy concerns this morning. >> a-dot also taking action out on the roads this morning. we're talking about winter weather safety and sometimes it's not always what's on your car but inside your car. >> and there's a concerning situation in the southeast specifically right now. of the daylk at subway, there's never been a better time to try something deliciously different... ...because every day of the week, you can now get a featured six-inch subway sub for just $3.50.
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well iris has been talking about that change into the weather heading into the weekend. so a-dot just wants to spread the words now.
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nick, a lot of people hitting the roads for the holidays what do they need to know? >> yeah, guys hard to believe next week is thanksgiving. a-dot taking action this morning to make sure everybody's prepared and they're also talking about those emergency kits. it's always a good idea to have one. we know it can get awfully snowy and if it gets snowy enough they can actually shut down the freeway. you don't want to without any food or supplies. they say you need a first aid kit. also a flashlight. extra batteries for that. maybe some socks. hats, and gloves. ice scraper, sand or kitty litter. even if you think you don't need one they say it's a good idea to have one just in case. >> we have situations where the snow is severe enough where it
6:46 am
in your vehicle that are going to help you get through those types of things. >> reporter: and final piece of advice guys make sure that cellphone is fully charged just in case you have to phone somebody for help. >> nick ciletti on the ice for us this morning. i want to talk about the fire right now. firefighters are working around the clock across the southeast here. seven states right now are dealing with a number of wild fires. most of them burning in georgia, tennessee, and the carolinas. these fires have caused millions of dhars in damage and there's growing health concerns here because of all the smoke. a red alert has been issued for people who may be susceptible that there. 14 minutes until the top of the hour.
6:47 am
for the kids in that community. it is private property so he sometimes uses the drone's camera to track the cars all the way home. one family who happened to be tracked says hey that's an invasion of privacy. >> maybe the reality is they should actually stop at the stop sign. >> under arizona law it is legal folks to use a drone to record somebody e in his or her back yard. well petsmart is going to have to pay fines for not recalling a fiesh bowl fast enough. company official hs promise to improve compliance with consumer safety laws. hey if you're looking for work verizon is looking for you.
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speaking and bilingual employees. wore told they've got 300 jobs available. if you're headed to sky harbor any time soon valuet services are now available. united airlines just now announcing plans to limit baggage that some passengers carry on flights. here's the deal. customers who buy the cheapest fares will be limited to one carry-on back and it must fit under the seat. united is the first major airline. another change those low fare customers will not be assigned a seat until the day of departure. the move is expected to add $4.(800) 000-0000 to united's
6:49 am
so nice of them to do this. why do they even offer low cost fares in the first place. >> those fees just keep adding up. how about some happier news. this morning starting out with some very comfortable temperatures. we're down to 59 degrees. a bit of a chill in the air as we start out in those clear skies. temperatures warm back into the 80s by lunchtime and then climb topping out at 89 degrees here this afternoon. 89 is our high for today. that will put us 1 degree shy of the record which is 90. we're going to be on record watch. changes are heading our way and we're going to start to feel them tomorrow and see them too. we're going to see more clouds increasing through the day on wednesday. not expecting any rain in the valley. eventually gusting between about 25 and 30 miles an hour at times
6:50 am
stronger up north around 40 miles an hour. and it's those winds that are going to help usher in some cooler air. so we're going to go from 89 today to 85 tomorrow. and it brings in the cooler air. highs by thursday into friday only in the low 70s. we get a little warmer saturday but only in the low 80s. so a cool-down coming. we'll talk about how much cooler the morning temperatures will be by the end of the week. and iris i'm up to the north valley. you're starting to see some delays on the 101 eastbound. this is from the 17 to the 51. but we also have a crash before that that's going to add to those delays. loop 101 eastbound at 75th avenue. looks like it's just blocking that left lane a little bit. so until they can get that cleared off something you'll want to stay to the right to get
6:51 am
at our abc15 live drive. so we'll give you an update just as soon as we can how that could impact your morning drive but again that's where they're headed. it is all about those frios on those dancing with the stars. even rolling his race car out onto the dance floor. but forward. we had to say good-bye to little women l.a. star tara joels. >> it's been a growing process for me. >> james hifrjcliff, and lori hernandez all of them head into next week's huge two part finale. donald trump wants to build
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president elect donald trump doing a bit of bragging it sounds like this morning. he just tweeted this out. he writes if the election were bosed on total popular vet i would have won even bigger and more easily. the electoral college is actually genius and that it brings out all states. campaigning is much different.
6:55 am
trump. i'm katie connor live in phoenix. a spokes person recently told a local radio station over his dead body and that accounts for about 75 miles along the arizona mexico border. he also invited trump to come down and tour their area. >> police are still working to solve a dea phoenix. the victim identified as dellvin mccalvin. the shooter took off. that shooter is still on the run. similar story out of glendale where detectives are working to solve a deadly shooting there. witnesses tell police they say two guys take off in a dark colored sedan. we are still waiting for an
6:56 am
morning about the violent crash that killed two people. breaking news at the same time yesterday morning. phoenix police say edgar valensuela was drunk at the scene of the crash. sloan gibson will be at tonight's event tonight at 6:00. today will be the warmest day of the week as our high temperature warms if we do happen to tie it you'll get an alert on your phone. that way you know if we do hit that record high of 90 degrees. tomorrow temperatures start to trend down. but then much cooler into the efts combi the end of the week and cool mornings too. >> and we're up to a 20 minute desert drive time. for the 202 to the 60.
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good morning, america. anti-trump protests escalate. a trump supporter caught on camera attacking a fellow student on a college campus as president obama tries to peacefully pass the baton. ideological. i think ultimately he's pragmatic. >> his advice to the president-elect as donald trump builds his team, the new role rudy giuliani may play in his white house. breaking overnight a massive manhunt for this accused killer escaped from a county jail. now authorities warn he may have stolen a truck with a rifle inside. the search for this man who could be armed and dangerous. caught on camera, this hot air balloon goes haywire at a festival catching fire as fireworks explode. firefighters on the scene as the crowd screams, running for their


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