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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  November 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MST

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an explosion in afghanistan. this is a huge u.s. base. reports of a number of casualties specifics not just yet. the information just coming in. we will update you as we learn more. breaking for a third straight night anti-trump protests in the streets. in some cities like miami protesters shutting down freeways. these demonstrations happening all over. our satellite center flooded with live pictures. our crews responding to a number of stories breaking here tonight. in goodyear where our thoughts are with an 8-year-old who was flown to a hospital after this crash. two cars involved here. not many street lights in the area. it's extremely dark and hard to sea. a -- see. a stretch of it closed for several hours. a driver runs into a 15- year-old girl crossing near
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the driver stayed on scene to helch. we're working to -- help. we're working to find out how that teen is. a valley woman sharing the moments as she tried to fend off a driver who wouldn't quit. this going down near 48 sxt thomas last night. that driver behind bars. kim tobin talking with her. >> that is right she fought him off for an hour. she said she never had an with this guy on the road. she was on the 101 and got off going west on thomas when he came off a side street and started ramming her car, following her for miles. >> i could have died. i could have lost my life. i mean 25 minutes he was not letting up. >> describing her terrifying encounter with this black car. >> it was 25 minutes of pure torment. >> she saw the driver swerving behind her and then. >> smashed into the back of me.
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her. >> i tried to go right and he tried to sideswipe me. >> he hit her car seven times. she stayed on the phone with 911 who tried to get an officer to her and told her. >> you drove through three different jurisdictions. therefore i have to keep transferring you. >> at one point the man got out of the car. >> seeing his footstep out of the car at the red light when i was not able to go that was the scariest time for me. >> the flashing lights finally found her. the driver 25-year-old joe moses hit another suv and spun around hitting a scottsdale patrol car before he was finally arrested. >> they said he was blij represently drunk. -- belligerently drunk. >> she says she was a victim in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> that guy should never be allowed to drive again.
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as it was to be targeted adds r as a ran dam -- as a random victim the worst was trying to scream out for help. back to you. as promised more new video to share from the anti-trump protests. and a clear theme tonight from police. if you're going to block traffic there will be arrests. state troopers forming a wall in atlanta to help keep the freeway open. >> one of the largest of the night marching straight to trump tower in new york city. people of all ages wanting to make sure their liberties are protected. hundreds in chicago marching through the busiest shopping districts. making sure their voices are heard. the rallying cry again, not my president. >> one more look from portland where things really got out of hand last night. that's said to be from anarchists who overtook the
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rows of cars damaged, windows smashed. a different tone tonight. officers making sure this stays under control. the protest in the valley turned confrontational. we've been watching them all night long. are they still out there at this hour? >> they have cleared out late tonight but while they were still here along the sidewalk on mill a conflict between proand anti-trump -- anti-trump people turned bitter. the divide in our country is plain tonight as under the american flag a man waves a trump flag along mill with dancing in the background. steps away on the curb are the protesters. the disagreement on this street corner is quiet. but this one was not. >> we're very sorry. >> you're sorry that i'm alive. >> we're sorry your mother gave you birth.
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been love trumps hate and you just told this man you wish he hpt been born. i think -- hadn't been born. >> i believe that's what you said. you wish i was not alive. >> maybe. . >> moments later the group took to mill. and it looks like the police weren't expecting them. weren't ready to block traffic for them. as anarchists tend to do many people were wearing black. it's a good thing this white pickup here saw them. police told them they'd be arrested if they didn't move to the sidewalk. they did move on to the sidewalk and carried on. and i checked with police throughout the night. they did tell me no one was arrested and no one was hurt. back to you. >> thank you. as we take one more look at tempe signs on social media for three more protests.
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3:00 and 6:00 tomorrow. and then another one for sunday morning at 10:00 along mill. >> the protests we've been seeing could have been staged at a trump tower in phoenix if things had gone differently in 2005. he wanted to build a development it called for a hotel as tall as 18 stories. but it had its opponents. greg stanton thought the building would be too tall. he is now of course the mayor a group telling protesters to stand down. black lives matter arizona asked what are you protesting and said quote you should have voted. they said that it doesn't make it okay to protest the president chosen. racially charged graffiti found in the bathroom of a dorm. university officials telling abc 15 quote this is not who we are.
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and security of their students is their top priority. at the sfraupt. but not -- restaurant. but not meant as a drive-thru in this way. a total of three people hurt out here. within of them may need serious medical attention. the crash shutting down baseline for hours in that area. check out these pictures because the hope is whoever you see right here won't be able to hide behind that mask. this is the best clue after a hold up at a circle k near 113th and bell. the robber was armed and bold with that gun. you're hired, they're fired. that's what a valley whistle blower hopes to hear from president-elect donald trump. nohelani graf sat down with brandon coleman looking to the new administration to make sweeping changes to the va. >> he wants the new president
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veterans and who better to weigh in than someone who helped expose the broken system in the first place. >> they found people stealing and found people that are dishonest. they can't get rid of them. all of that's going to change. >> brandon is counting on it. he's remained vocal since outing the va on abc 15 for mishandling suicidal veterans. >> he jumped off of a rooftop. programs canceled. still he feoffed. >> but he says -- still he testified. >> but he says veterans are waiting and dying. he's ready to take the issue to the top. >> i want the decisions to stop being made by men in suits with good healthcare or men and women who didn't serve. i never saw a four star general who needed care at the va. >> he's calling for bonuses to
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cushy pensions taken. >> change is coming. time to drain the swamp. >> graph grafr abc 15 news. -- nohelani graf abc 15 news. the newest pictures. this a protest in los angeles right now. as you can see protesters there in the middle of the street. we're looking to see if police are on the scene as well. so far no signs that this has been violent. it's unclear what part of los angeles this is in as we'll continue to follow it. meantime as the next president trump gets to choose his transition team. we'll talk more later on. one of his choices leaving some stunned. the father of the most controversial immigration bill is on the team. kris kobach the secretary of state in kansas says he's been advicing trump on immigration since the beginning. >> we talked about all kinds of things from the wall to how you
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leave the united states. there's no question that the wall is going to get built. >> immigration rights advocates are holding out hope trump will come up with a more inclusive immigration plan. an update on one of the biggest supporters. jan brewer. we told you she fainted on election night. she has pneumonia and traveled back to the valley from new york. she's resting and doing much better. election day was tuesday as you know. and it's now fr still waiting for more ballots to be counted in maricopa county. about 238,000 early ballots and 55,000 provisional ones. and this can change the outcome of some of the races. hel enpurcell -- helen purcell is in charge of the votes and shes currently trailing. we're guessing he will have
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through the duct work of a home trying to get away from police. this mug shot will tell you that he did not get away. police got an alarm call from the home near 55th and northern and when they got there they heard a noise in the ceiling. he came down and was arrested. months of painful waiting for an arrest over for the family of a murdered parker woman. two people are behind bars but that's all police will say. the family of cynthia williams days before her death. she was supposed to get a ride with a friend. her body was found days later. the family offered a reward. he's not a monster. those are the words from the mother of an accused serial killer who lived in the valley. todd is accused of killing seven people in north carolina. detectives have found three bodies on his property. one of the murders leaving an arizona boy to grow up without his father.
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emergency in north carolina. it helped them battle a problem that we're familiar with here in arizona. wildfires. 20 active ones in the state right now. the smoke spreading to neighbor neighboring states as well. many families being told to evacuate. back here closer to home temperatures above average. as we hit the # 0s valley wide. sitting in the 06s and by tomorrow morning upper 50s to 61 in phoenix. how warm does and could we see a cooldown. that's in our shech day coming up. a story starting to go national. >> a box of miss america crowns stolen from a front porch of former miss phoenix whitney ford. we can tell you a new box of crowns arrived in time for tomorrow's pageant which crowns miss scottsdale, phoenix and miss maricopa county.
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it's a matter of in some cases literally life or death. >> you need a prescription but the prices are outrageous. that is until now. a secret to saving up to 80% on live-saving drugs. bah humbug. the new creepy crawly that could hitch its way to arizona just in time for the holiday.
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we want to give you an update on the explosion in afghanistan. it's a major u.s. and nato base. at least three people have been killed. another 13 people wounded. there's no word on who's responsible for the blast. we don't know whether those casualties are american soldiers or coalition soldiers. back at home a traffic alert. part of loop 202 shut down. closed between i-10 and 44th
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for weekend roadwork. it will open by is 1:00 tomorrow night. -- 11:00 tomorrow night. tonight four months since the last known time the serial street shooter struck. seven murders across phoenix dating back to march. police have not given up on hope for finding him. we reached out tonight. they say they're constantly looking for tips and it's a priority to catch this guy. it's a priority for us too. we have a special section on and it documents the trail of terror he's left behind. at last check a $75,000 reward is still on the table if you can bring this guy to justice. for months it's been about campaigning but now it's about governing and mrekt donald trump making one -- president- elect donald trump making one of his key decisions, the head
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with mike pence. planning out his next moves in trump tower. christie stays on the team in a smaller role. joining jeff sessions rudy giuliani newt gingrich and ben carson. the president-elect will have to make a change in his means of transportation. he's been flying in his own jet. but he will have to switch that out for air force one. unless he wants to install the expensive features like special shielding for a nuclear blast. a health alert tonight. a rare form of bedbug reemerging. >> and you want to inspect the suitcases if you're traveling. it's a tropical bedbug that's been gone for 60 years but was found in a florida home. the normal female bedbug can lay 200 eggs but the tropicals can lay 500 and they could have
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>> they feed on human blood and can leave you with blisters and itchiness. >> if you know something is sucking the blood out of you you're going to panic. >> they can pop up six weeks after you come home. if you find them in bed you call for help. meds are supposed to cure pain not cause them. but prescription drugs are coming with soaring price tags. we took action and set find a remedy to give your budget much needed relief. >> it's the difference between life and death and the vicious cycle starts when people can't afford to take their medication. >> leaving them to come to the emergency department for consequences of not being able to take the medication. >> they have insurance it's just not enough. dr. hammer has interesting advice. >> there are patients that i have that i think would benefit from investigating canadian
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sure i'll refer them. >> the good news? you don't have to travel. it's partially because of this guy, bill hughes. it undercuts the cost of drugs in the u.s. it helps people like chris drews whose mother takes 27 medication. 30 pills cost $378 in the u.s. at the canadian med store it's $63. another $300 compared to $71. and another $100 versus $95. >> it's a matter of going to a canadian pharmacy and getting the same medications. maybe spelled a little different. an easy decision to make. >> the pills work fine but to be safe we checked for you and they have no consumer complaints, active investigations, or judgments. >> it's legal to order a three-
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prescription and your insurance won't work. >> they discourage it because they can't guarantee safety of the drugs. strange lights striking again this time in the tempe area. a handful of abc 15 viewers asking what was the flurry in the sky last night. well timing and location suggest it's not a ufo but a salute to service. the golden jumping during the asu game last night. sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> a matchup of heavy hitters. wildcats taking on michigan state in hawaii. u of a down early but they claw their way back. arizona travels the length of the court taking the lay-up before the buzzer. final score 65-53.
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football field. steeler's wide receiver antonio brown wearing these cleats for pat till marn. video-- tillman. videogames can be a productive use of your time. >> he's in town for the nascar weekend. jason snavely has more from the track. >> yeah i got started online racing through i-racing. so it's a computer simulation that is, truck series and nascar series and a lot of cars around the world. >> it's a video game? >> yeah it is. unique that i started that way. my parents were always talking about you you need to get out and do something. maybe do another sport or something. i played other sports but i was passionate about racing and luckily i got that opportunity to pursue my dream. >> what skills did you learn
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>> joust knowing the racetracks -- just knowing the racetracks. >> you learn that? >> yeah. i was able to come to phoenix. i've been to some tracks i've won at this year. >> so you've raced here before you arrived here? >> right, yeah, that's the plan. >> so you know the sports commentators jinx? we hope we didn't jinx him. he blew a tire in the final lap but we're sure he'll have more opportunities. nice quiet evening ahead. a warm and dry evening.
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made it up to 83 today. sunny skies and clear skies tonight as the temperatures fall. upper 60s at the airport. light winds. dew point in the 40s. 40% humidity. upper 50s overnight lows. expect to wake up to 61 tomorrow morning. winds light overnight. tomorrow maybe you're heading to pir. temperatures warm up to 83 as
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hours. very similar to today. looking for sunny skies and a few breezes as we get into the afternoon hours aez well. -- as well. outside mesa gateway six miles per hour and westerly winds at the airport at five miles per hour. here's how it looks. a couple of gusts can't be ruled out in the late morning and afternoon hours. ten to 15 miles per hour. keep that easterly direction. we wi up on the way before some cooler weather in that seven- day forecast. look with me now. disturbance to the east. a little cloud cover across the southeastern portion of the state. another one moves through. a few breezes across the high country. not bringing rain chances. ridge of high pressure buildings in as we go through -- builds in as we go through early next week. above average highs continue on
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monday forecast is ten degrees above average across the valley. 30s and 20s across the higher terrain right now. 33 in prescott. very cold. 24 at the grand canyon. colder in window rock tomorrow morning at 20. 31 tomorrow morning in winslow. high 50s and 60s in those locations. 67 in payson. 83 in gila bend. 80s valley wide after we hit the 50s and 60s tonight. and as you look at the forecast with me, some slight changes. first the warm up on the way. in fact, we could be getting close to records on tuesday. record high 90. mid-80s wednesday and mid-70s returning by the end of the week and speaking of a cooldown, holidays coming up. and couldn't we all use extra cash? abc 15 is giving away $500
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gift card to helch. watch for thewet -- help. watch for the weather word of the day starting monday night at 10:00. all the great deals. all those long lines. our smart shopper making it
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the biggest shopping season of the year just two weeks away. do you have a plan? no worries because our smart shopper team did some of the work for >> dan shows us how the top black friday deals and what you need to do to save the most out there. >> whether you're looking for electronicings, clothes, toy -- electronics, clothes, toys there is a deal. >> the best day to shop is going to be thanksgiving. whether you're shopping at home or you actually enjoy going to the store.
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favorites are target and kohl. >> kohl's has a tv that comes with cash. that's means only $175. anything under $250 is a good deal. dell has some tvs for half off and wal-mart is increasing inventory 50% over last year. gaming systems, drones, tablets, and small kitchen appliances are also hot. do you have to stand in line to get the deals? >> the majority of door buster deals that we used to have to stand in line for are online. >> check your favorite stores to see if you can avoid the crowds. >> i don't want to say good weather for shopping because i think people are interested in getting outside and enjoying a great weekend. >> hanging out, relagsing.
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>> so much going on.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- lin-manuel miranda. from "dr. ken," ken jeong and albert tsai. plus music from banks. and now, stay put -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. welcome. thank you. very nice, thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you really for everything. for those of you who served in our armed forces, happy veterans day.


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