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tv   ABC News Your Voice Your Vote Election Night 2016  ABC  November 9, 2016 11:00pm-12:05am MST

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>> jimmy: welcome back to the program. tonight you can see her cohosting the american music awards monday, november 20th, on abc. supermodel gigi hadid is here [ cheers and applause ] then this is his latest album called "for the good times: a tribute to ray price," the great willie nelson. is it a coincidence that willie is here on the day after we legalized marijuana? tomorrow night, matthew broderick, butch walker and t.i. will be with us. and we have a new show on friday with lin-manuel miranda, ken jeong and 12-year-old albert tsai, and we will hear music from banks. our first guest tonight has two
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center honoree and does the best impression of robert de niro of anyone. his new movie "the comedian" opens in select theaters december 2nd. please welcome robert de niro! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: how are you? >> okay. >> jimmy: i have to say i'm so scared of you. it's almost ridiculous. i spent the whole day thinking about just how this conversation could go south. and i'll be just talking, you'll be sitting there staring at me. [ laughter ] how are you feeling today? >> huh? i'm not feeling good. >> jimmy: you're not. >> no. >> jimmy: that also worried me, yeah. are you still going to punch donald trump in the face?
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>> i can't do that now. i have to respect that position. though we all know what he -- anyway. you know, i just have to see what he's going to do and how he's really going to follow through on certain things. and as we even see now in a lot of cities, a lot of people are getting very upset and protesting. >> jimmy: but what's the point of that, really? >> i know, i know. >> jimmy: the protesting. he is the president. do have to -- i'm sure president obama's speaking from his own personal experience when he didn't get a whole lot of support. >> sure. >> jimmy: he's saying, we're all on the same team. >> right. >> jimmy: and occasionally teammates do punch each other in the face. [ laughter ] >> i know. maybe he will. >> jimmy: how many restaurants do you have? >> i have a few around the world.
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>> jimmy: is donald trump allowed to eat in those restaurants? >> that's a good question. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i think you could ban him. are you a workaholic? i try to imagine -- i know running a restaurant is a lot of work. even supervising a restaurant group. you have hotels, do you mean hotels? >> a few that we're starting. >> you have a number of hotels. >> a few, more eventually. >> jimmy: right. is it something that you're heavily spend a lot of your day working on that? >> i'm involved. i am very much involved in them. because i just am. i'm not there in all the detail stuff, day-to-day nuts and bolts. >> jimmy: will you pick the towels, for instance? >> maybe in a certain situation, certain places. >> would you insist on a certain thread count for counter sheets? >> i won't go that far. >> jimmy: okay. do you ever find things in another hotel and go, we've got to get these for ours?
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and as far as the menu goes at your restaurants, like if you say i really love a good linguini and clams, and i know this is a japanese restaurant -- [ laughter ] >> well, i have to run that by nobu. >> jimmy: you have not run that by him? you think he'd react well? >> he'd be nice and say sure. >> jimmy: you're also co-directing a musical on broadway which is very interesting. this is chazz palm terry's "bronx tale." >> yes, yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: whic movie. >> i'm co-directing it with jerry zax, wonderful broadway director, musical comedy. and so he's really doing the heavy lifting. but i'm co-directing. >> have you work the on broadway before? >> coincidentally, i did a play called "cuban teddy bear" at least 25 years ago in the same theater we're doing "bronx
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just a coincidence. >> jimmy: i'd ask if you loved brad way, acting on stage. i assume considering the fact that you've not done it in 25 years that's not your thing? >> i like doing movies. >> jimmy: you like the movies better. do you remember the first time you were recognized as an actor? somebody came up to you, i know you from something? >> you know, the one time -- i was doing -- i was driving a cab around for "taxi driver" a week or two before we started. and avenue, i looked at him through the mirror and he looked back and i could see that for a split second he said, is that? i think it might be? but he didn't say anything and i drove up wherever. >> jimmy: that's some story. [ laughter ] maybe you could call it "uber driver" or something.
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you, that you are one-quarter italian, correct? >> yes. >> jimmy: which shock the me. because to me you're like one of the most italian-americans. i realized i am more italian than you are. >> yeah, i didn't know you were part italian. >> jimmy: see, that's where we get you, yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] >> where are you from? >> jimmy: brooklyn originally. >> you are. >> jimmy: yeah, my parents are from mishkia, which is an island. not my parents, my where's your family from? >> a place called ferazanno, near campobazzo. >> jimmy: of course, of course. [ laughter ] you were an italian citizen? >> yes. >> jimmy: did you ask for that? >> i'll probably have to move there. >> jimmy: you might have to move there. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: robert de niro, the new movie is called "the comedian." we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ]
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i know you, you're jackie burke. >> i am. >> my dad used to love your tv show, we've watched every episode. >> always nice to meet a fan. >> yeah. well, we just had the one tv.
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>> harmony schultz. your parents in a nazi barb barbershop quartet? it's nice to see women laugh. once you can make a woman laugh, then you can make her do anything -- they always say. i don't know if that's true. >> is that what they say? >> it's an old saying. >> like a very, very old saying? >> oh. >> jimmy: that's robert de niro in "the comedian." it opened on december 2nd. you play a like some comedians we can think of got a family sitcom, was known as this wholesome character, but really he was a hardcore, dirty, rough comedian. and he tries to make a comeback. at an older age. >> right. >> jimmy: again, please don't hit me. [ laughter ] but was that fun for you to play a comedian? >> yeah, that was fun. i had an art lesson, i'd been
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years. i thought it would be fun to play a comedian. and the script went through a lot of iterations. different directors. finally we started with taylor hackford. and it became what it became. so it was fun to do. >> jimmy: right, yeah. and do you go to comedy clubs? >> no, i don't. i love comedians. >> jimmy: you do. >> some of my -- i have very dear comedian friends. they're great. it's not so easy to do. standup is not what i worked on was hard. and i had jessica kearsen helping me, lewis friedman, jeff ross. more of those two, jessica -- >> jimmy: less jeff ross? >> jeff -- >> jimmy: jeff told me he helped you a lot. [ laughter ] >> no, no. >> jimmy: he helped a little bit. now i'm going to have to call jeff. now this is going to be an issue. >> he gave us the name.
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favorite comedians? just growing up or whatever. >> richard bellser. billy crystal. bill murray. god, i could go on and on. >> jimmy: i'm trying to imagine you at a comedy club and i'm not having -- when i think of you laughing i think of that scene in "cape fear." where you're in the movie theater laughing like a maniac and people get and up leave, they're so alarmed by it. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. >> yeah. >> jimmy: see? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're friends -- i assume you're friends. i don't know what to believe. don rickles talks about working with you. >> yeah. >> jimmy: he's somebody from -- you draw from in this situation? >> don, yeah. jackie lemon, don rickles. don is great. >> jimmy: not so much jeff, though. [ laughter ] >> no, not jeff. >> jimmy: jeff who? jeff ross? >> oh, yeah, yeah. [ laughter ]
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dellermo here interviewed you a little while back. >> yes. >> jimmy: cudo you remember tha? >> i remember that. >> jimmy: i thought we might relive that. i don't know if you know this, we won a peabody for this. >> oh. >> jimmy: were you aware of that? >> no. >> jimmy: it's true, take a look here. >> thank you. for sitting down with me. >> de nada. >> i have a pitch of your movie "killer elite." do you want to set it up? >> set it up? no, you set it up, you're doing a great job. you're mispronouncing the name, of course. but, you know. >> it's not -- killer i-lite? >> that's an "e." shouldn't it be "eh"? >> killer i-lite. >> either way. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: this is why he wants to build the wall.
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when he's getting ready to move to canada. thank you for being here. it is really an honor to have you here. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> jimmy: "the comedian" opens in theaters december 2nd. be right back with gigi hadid! [ cheers and applause ] ? this is the one. the one from her favorite movie. the one for an adventurer. the one she's been eyeing all year.
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>> jimmy: we are back. willie nelson still to come. "vogue" magazine called guest "the ultimate it girl." they called me that once too. on november 20th she cohosts the american music awards on abc. please welcome gigi hadid. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: gigi, how old are you? may i ask? >> i'm 21. >> jimmy: 21. did you vote yesterday? was that the first time voting? >> it was my second time being able to vote. i went to a polling place for the first time. >> jimmy: if you're 21, how is it your second time being able to vote?
11:26 pm
year. >> jimmy: you committed a felony last year. >> no, no -- >> jimmy: it's not on the date, i see. >> i just didn't go to a polling place. >> jimmy: but you were legally allowed to vote? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: because we could have you arrested, you know. >> please don't get me arrested. >> jimmy: okay, we won't have you arrested. i was mentioning that you were the "it" girl. it's not the i.t. girl. >> no, it's a social media kind of thing, i think. i.t. girl i was looking at this, you're on the cover of this magazine, you're on the back cover of this magazine, you or the inside cover of this magazine. your foot's on one page -- >> that has to be like a marketing planned thing. >> jimmy: do you think so so? you would know better that in would. >> i don't know. >> jimmy: maybe they ran out of models, i don't know. [ laughter ] when you are -- like for instance, when you're doing this, like what are you
11:27 pm
what we're walking into. when we get to set. it's just like, okay, so here's the concept today. it's either going to be a white wall background or a running track with a tiger. >> jimmy: they don't give you any heads-up? >> no. this day i was kicking all day. it's not normal kicking, it's like -- something that kickboxing coaches would probably really be ashamed of. they have you kicking like with your foot in the right way so the shoe looks good. then you have to g chiropractor later that week. >> jimmy: it's photographer kicking. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you are hosting, cohosting, the american music awards with jay pharell. >> i'm very excited. >> tell me about this. are you going to do jokes? do a monologue? >> we had our first meeting today. yeah, i mean, we have a monologue. like i'm just hoping i'm going to be funny. but like that's kind of jay's thing. i'm just really taking his direction. >> jimmy: i see. you're going to let -- but you will be delivering jokes? you have people --
11:28 pm
>> jimmy: i have a friend named jeff ross. [ laughter ] he's written for robert de niro. although there is some debate about that. you know, i hosted the american music awards. >> and they're huge, huge fans of yours. i was telling them i was going to be here and they were excited. >> the awards themselves are fans? >> yes, the small trophy was saying -- >> jimmy: i hosted it four years in a row. then after that they had no host for like five years. which is either a great compliment or a terrible insult. >> they never wanted a host again. they're like, we're really into the robot thing. did you hear about the k-pop stars that are performing in their hol grams? people are buying out like stadium tours to go see a hologram. >> jimmy: of k-pop stars? >> they're going to replace you. it's going to be "hologram tonight." >> jimmy: i'm being replaced by k-pop stars?
11:29 pm
[ laughter ] >> jimmy: what's k-pop? let's start with that. >> korean pop. >> jimmy: i know, i'm pretending, that's one of the things i do. i'm not here, i'm a hologram. >> i know. >> jimmy: your boyfriend is zayn malik from one direction who i hear a lot about. [ cheers and applause ] were you like a one direction -- you're young enough that you might have been a crazed one direction fan. were you one of those one-d people? >> i grew up in a household that my classical music producer. >> jimmy: i know your stepdad. >> josh grobe ban. that was the music that i was into. i think we all can name a one direction song that we like. >> jimmy: but no. >> maybe not. >> jimmy: you were not. >> but i love zayn malik solo a lot more. >> jimmy: your mom was on "the real housewives." which show was she on? >> she was on "beverly hills." >> jimmy: i got a report -- >> my mom's here. >> jimmy: she is? i don't know where she is.
11:30 pm
real housewives that's going to throw a martini glass at me? >> she's so mad that i said that, that they turned the lights on. >> jimmy: there's your mom in the headband and the flannel shirt. >> hi, mom! you look great. >> jimmy: is that your mother? wow. [ laughter ] very young, very youthful. >> thank you. she does look great in flannel, though. >> jimmy: i tell you what. i was skeptical about supermodel hosting a show >> me too, i'm still skeptical. >> jimmy: i feel you're going to do a good job. >> thank you. >> jimmy: i feel you have the right attitude and personality and your mother was a real housewife and your father's producing music. so who the hell knows how it's going to go. i think it's going to go well. it's the american music awards, november 20th right here on abc. gigi hadid, everybody! we'll be right back with will hi nelson! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel
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to you by new crown royal vanilla whiskey. vanilla so good. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank robert de niro, gigi hadid and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "nightline" is next but first, his album is called "for the good times: a tribute to ray price," here with the song "heart aches by the number," willie nelson! [ cheers and applause ] ? ? heartache number one was when you left me i never knew that i could hurt this way ? ? and heartache number two
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this is a special edition of "nightline." "the day after." >> tonight, president-elect trump. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. >> one of the biggest upsets in recent political history. >> donald trump heard a voice out in this country that no one else heard. >> the hopes young supporters. >> he's going to bring back many jobs. >> reaction from a loyal trumpette. >> so happy today. >> who's in line for crucial cabinet positions? plus hillary clinton falling short. the trump backlash begins. protesters hitting the streets in cities across the country tonight. >> not my country! >> hillary clinton's stunned supporters wondering what went wrong. >> she was robbed. >> the candidate herself graceful in defeat.
11:38 pm
are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable. >> what next for the woman who failed to crack that highest and hardest of glass ceilings. first here the "nightline 5." >> simulation initiated. ? ? >> take on any galaxy with a car that will stop for you. the new nissan rogue. "rogue one: a star wars story"
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edition of "nightline." we're taking a look at the election that shocked the world. donald j. trump, a real estate magnate and reality star with zero government or military experience will soon be our 45 the president. how did he pull this off? why did so many pundits and pollsters fail to see it coming this what happens next? we begin here tonight with abc's terry moran. >> reporter: they said he couldn't do it. they said he wasn't qualified. even the polls seemed to give him no chance. but early this morning -- >> the president-elect of the united states of america, donald trump! >> reporter: the man who so often hurled invective during the campaign. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> reporter: sounding positively, well, presidential. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans.
11:41 pm
>> reporter: a historic moment for the first time ever, americans elected a commander in chief who had no prior experience in government or in the military. it was a bombshell so many didn't see coming. >> words cannot describe how shell shocked the clinton campaign is right now. they were celebrating the night before on that last campaign flight from raleigh to new york, they were celebrating, drinking champagne. >> donald trump was being advised he would have to conced day that he was likely not going to win this election. >> so why was the polling so wrong? the polls were very tight, but there's two data points to look at. one, white men without a four-year college degree came out for donald trump in historic numbers. and millions of democrats who voted for barack obama in 2008 and 2012, they did not come out on election day for hillary clinton, or at all. >> reporter: as speaker of the house and long-time trump critic
11:42 pm
>> donald trump heard a voice out in this country that no one else heard. he connected with -- he connected in ways with people no one else did. he turned politics on its head. >> the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. >> reporter: some of those forgotten men and women today sounding jubilant. across the country. >> i'm happy. my husband woke me up at 3:00 a.m. this morning. i was shocked. >> how are you feeling this morning? >> i am happy. >> why is that? >> the new president. and he's not a politician. he promised to feed the people, something she never did. >> i'm thrilled, ecstatic that donald trump has won. i almost can't believe it. i really thought we were looking at a big hillary landslide tonight. >> reporter: the victory particularly felt in the parts of the country hardest hit by the recession. >> how many of you have been affected by job loss? pretty much everybody.
11:43 pm
pennsylvania a few weeks ago where students were holding mock elections and they felt their voices and those of their often out of work parents or friends were not being heard. >> how are we going to run the country together? >> why don't we split the country into two different countries? >> well, they tried that. that didn't work in the civil war. >> reporter: today that girl, brooke is her name, and her class, full of hope for what a trump presidency might do for them. >> he i jobs that were taken away. >> trump understood that there were people who felt left out by the government, left out by business, left out by culture, left out by everybody. and he was including them. >> reporter: but the force that elected trump and reaffirmed republican control of congress was broader than just people who have lost their jobs. >> he didn't get blown out among women, and he did do well among latinos compared to the previous candidate, mitt romney.
11:44 pm
not necessarily voting along purely ideological grounds. >> they went for some of the most liberal ballot anybody gives transfer a higher minimum wage. legalize marijuana. i think you saw ticket-splitting of a unique sort that didn't follow any ideology. >> crooked hillary takes their money like a big sellout! >> reporter: the trump campaign drew support from the wealthy too. consider the trumpettes, women who say they've raised hundreds of thousands of dolrs campaign. >> okay, just got off the plane, so exciting. >> reporter: earning a ticket to trump's victory party. >> the main ballroom with all the real people -- >> reporter: this morning still exuberant after a night celebrating, hopeful that her candidate will unite the country. >> right now, donald trump needs to get this country back together. and he's going to do that. all the people that have been scared of the things he's going to, do they're going to be so happy because they're going to
11:45 pm
this and prosperity. >> the sun is up and i know everybody had a long night. i did as well. >> reporter: donald trump said he wants to repudiate much of the obama legacy. but today the president asking america to give trump a chance while gently reminding the president-elect about the values he needs to remember. >> a sense of unity, a sense of inclusion, a respect for our institutions, and a respect for each other. i hope that he maintains that spirit throughout this transition. and i certainly hope that's how his presidency has a chance to begin. >> reporter: for trump, now comes the work of putting together a team. some early hints of who that might be up on the stage with him last night. >> he's had so few political pros around him. there's chris christie, there's rudy giuliani, there's newt gingrich, there's senator jeff sessions. once you get beyond that list? it's hard to imagine who he populates an administration with. >> reporter: one of the things his transition team is going to
11:46 pm
president-elect's impending court date, defending himself against allegations of fraud in his dealings with trump university. but his team's efforts will mostly focus on pushing ahead his ambitious agenda. >> donald trump will get his choice on the supreme court automatically because of the one vacancy that will not be filled before he takes office. >> reporter: during the campaign trump promised a long list of the things he plans to do. >> we're going to build a wall. obamacare has to go. a trump administration will renegotiate nafta. mexico's going to pay for the wall. i will knock the hell out of isis. we will suspend the syrian refugee program. we will double our growth and have the strongest economy anywhere in the world. >> it's hard to find major issues outside of maybe tax reform where donald trump and paul ryan, for instance, see eye to eye. so i think there's a coalition government between conservative republicans, people like paul ryan, like mitch mcconnell, and
11:47 pm
>> reporter: however contentious, whatever comes next, this president-elect began this next chapter of his incredible journey with inclusion. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. we have to get together. to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm terry moran in new york. next, as her supporters hit the streets in protest tonight, what does the future hold for hillary clinton? later, key moments from donald trump's astonishing campaign. ? my hero zero. ? ? such a funny little hero ? ? but till you came along ?
11:48 pm
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supporters of hillary clinton have been protesting in the streets across america tonight. how will these voters channel their anger during the next four years of trump? what now for hillary herself? here's my juju chang. >> no donald trump! no donald trump! >> reporter: across the country tonight, stunned hillary clinton supporters mourning and raising their voices after winning the popular vote but being shut out by the electoral college. up and down the west coast -- >> not my president! not my president! >> reporter: to east coast cities like new york. hopes dashed. unable to witness her shatter
11:53 pm
turning instead to grief and bewilderment from the streets to the airwaves. >> as usual, men can get away with anything and women can get away with nothing. >> the reckoning the morning after on "the view." hosts joy behar and whoopi goldberg letting loose. >> when you scare children by saying, you're not going to let them stay in the country, you're going to separate them? chirp don't children don't know what you're talking about. >> reporter: we're in a cab in manhattan heading toward a protest smack d and trump tower. perhaps only after this historic loss signs that clinton's message had connected. >> this loss hurts. but please, never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. >> fighting for what's right is a line straight out of hillary clinton's speech this morning where she was calling for unity and embracing a trump administration. but clearly her supporters, some
11:54 pm
we are literally hiking up the canyons of manhattan following this protest. it's a smattering of black lives matter, southern poverty law center, a number of colleges. hillary clinton took to the stage to concede this morning, apologizing to her supporters early on. >> i'm sorry that we did not win this election for the values we share and the vision we hold for our >> hillary clinton acknowledged what i have to assume was the hardest thing for her, which was reaching out to women and especially girls. she knows how deeply, deeply disappointed they are, that there is not a woman president. >> reporter: and offering words of hope and encouragement for the next generation of girls. >> i know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling. but someday, someone will.
11:55 pm
>> the concession speech was very emotional for many people in that room. there were staffers, many of whom have worked for her for years and years, crying, consoling each other. >> they were just in such shock. they did not know how to handle it or how to react. >> reporter: all this after a long night of uncertainty gave way to one of the most monumental presidential upsets in modern history. >> i think maybe the biggest factor is simply an error in trying to figure out who would turn out to vote. the obama coalition did not turn out in anywhere near the numbers they turned out in 2008 and 2012. >> reporter: this presidential race was the most divisive in recent memory, splitting voters along the fault lines of whites versus nonwhites. urban versus rural. men versus women. the scene at clinton's election night headquarters, one of devastation. supporters slowly trickling out
11:56 pm
electoral votes needed. the only person to take the elaborate stage, campaign chair john podesta. >> everybody should head home, you should get some sleep. >> this is a campaign that went into election day thinking they had this in the bag. it was supposed to be a victory party. that's what they thought it would be. instead we saw staffers leaving in tears. >> reporter: a star-studded backlash on social media. clinton fan chris evans tweeting, this is an embarrassing night for america. we've hit a hate monger lead our great nation. we've let a bully set our course. i've devastated. mylie cyrus releasing a raw, emotional reaction. >> i still think that in her lifetime she deserves to be the first female president. that's what makes me so sad. >> 59 million people voted for hillary. she won the popular vote. yet they are now the newly disaveraged. where do they go?
11:57 pm
this barrier that when you come up short, you're like wondering, when are we going to have the first female president? the raw numbers show the majority of the country said, we're ready for a first female president. >> reporter: for hillary rodham clinton, falling just short of the white house is a devastating chapter in what has been a deca decades-long story of public service. from her early days as attorney general working in arkansas, to her time as first lady in bill clinton's white house. >> would you raise your right hand pleas >> reporter: the hard-charging senator from new york. after a bruising primary defeat against barack obama, she served as secretary of state. >> good morning. >> reporter: for her one-time rival in his administration. even from her earliest days, young hillary rodham seemed destined for greatness. her wellesley commencement speech -- >> part of the problem with empathy with professed goals is empathy doesn't do us anything. we've had lots of empathy, we've had lots of sympathy.
11:58 pm
the art of the possible. and the challenge now is to practice politics as the art of making what appears to be impossible, possible. >> she has been the most significant female politician we've ever had in this country's history. not just because of the accomplishments that she was able to do in terms of securing a nomination, being secretary of state. but just also being in the public eye that long. usually those roles are reserved for men in politics. we had a woman basically be in years. i don't know any other woman like that. >> reporter: at clinton's alma mater, wellsly college, so many young women crest fallen. >> it's surprising and disappointing, to be honest. i'm from wisconsin. and they just said that a majority of college-aged women voting in suburbs in wisconsin voted for grump. that's really disappointing to hear and see. >> may god bless the united states of america! >> reporter: after a hard-fought race, the highest office in the
11:59 pm
pioneering grasp. >> where does she go from here? >> this is a woman who basically has been in the public spotlight nonstop for more than 30 years. >> ask skewered for much of it. >> the first thing i would be telling her is hang out with your family, go on vacation with bill, stay out of the public spotlight. then begin to figure out, how do i want to serve? serving's obviously a part of her heart. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm juju chang in new york. next, looking back at the most memorable moments of donald
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finally tonight, snapshots from the campaign that carried off perhaps the most shocking political upset in modern history. >> i am officially running for president of the united states. and we are going to make our country great again. >> the new hampshire republican debate starts now.
12:05 am
>> our campaign received more primary votes than any gop campaign in history. i am promising government of, by, and for the people. i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. >> we want trump, we want trump! >> we're winning ohio. >> the president-elect of the united states of america -- trump! >> hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time. and we oher a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country.


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