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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  November 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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students from six phoenix high school districts were part of the protest today. district spokesman, said that the superintendent plans to speak to case action, because of the fact, they thought adults were behind all of this. since, we have talked to case action arizona, we will have at 10 pm tonight. many of the students denied that they had anything to do with it. >> it's something i want to do. i want my voice and point heard. case point is that ptolemy, my principles are not told me. is our idea. -- case point is not doing this. my principles did not tell me this. is our idea.
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and then as the rest of the teenagers tend to do, they followed along. the students here, tell me no, if there will be a protest here tomorrow. the students will have an excuse absences counted against them but nothing i can suspect but nothing like a suspension. here is a walkout in los angeles. let's hear what these students have to say. they are chanting out there, not my president, they're holding signs saying, trump and their opinion was a terrible choice. still ahead, ways to cope, ways to talk to your family, friends, who may have different views than you do. more than 400 more than 400,000 uncounted ballots, sitting in boxes and not being counted at the maricopa county recorder's office tonight. >> they don't plan to file
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delay. how are the other counties doing? >> reporter: i checked with this agreed terry of states office, and they say that every -- i checked with the secretary of state's office, they say that every county will be counting. and also pima county, they will not have final numbers until saturday. here in maricopa county, it will not be until sometime next week that could county recorder tells me that this is normal. but some are calling her and efficient and the office and efficient. if he gets the job, things will be different. key questions by 170,000 of those early ballots were still not processed by election day. >> you know, i would have the office working through the entire weekend, day and night shifts.
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>> i know the job i do. i know the job that my team does and i am proud of that. >> reporter: election officials tell me that staff will be here until 10 pm tonight sorting through those ballots. than they planned to spend 15 hours a day, including, working through the weekend to get those numbers to assist as possible. >> it's not only our stay. there are -- is not just our stay. there are still boats needing to they have been overwhelmed by so many paper ballots. no votes were lost here. but workers will have some overtime hours ahead. supporters of prop 205, even though the state, they say it is a tough hill to climb with 600,000 votes left statewide to come, we will wait for further results. we are the only state that
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several states have changes on the horizon. some people blocking the vote in maine, they say it is too close to call. prop 206, those who make minimum wage, they will see increases over the next few years. our state will end up being $12 an hour. his team is not busy, that does not mean that. they are i picking a cabinet. nothing official yet but these are the names being floated by political experts, who may or rudy giuliani, newt gingrich. she will work with trump on behalf of the country. no word on if the president elect will pick up that offer. she believes america and always will. -- >> we owe him an open mind and
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our constitutional democracy has to be a careful transfer of power. we don't just respected we cherish it. >> the purple is set to show a sign of unity. sheriff joe arpaio is stunned that he cannot hold on for a seventh term. listen what he told abc15 with his election loss in been charged with a federal crime. >> i was convinced that i would still be the even going to court, and then getting convicted, it's difficult for me in my office, because they know we do not do anything wrong. it is hard to fight back. many forces were against me this time. but i gave it a shot. i do not leave.>> the sheriff thomas is a seamless transition. were learning about the new
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what it means for you. >> reporter: he is putting together his transition team. but it is hard to wipe the slate clean after years of controversy and a lawsuit. from the moment that pulp and zone declared -- paul pinzone. >> arizona stands for something greater, we are all entitled to respect. >> healing after years of hurt and racial profiling. >> reporter: a federal court appointed monitor will be at mco also -- at mcso for quite some time. >>'s work will be a lot less difficult and a lot less
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>> reporter: there will be a massive rebranding effort. his name is everywhere. we will have to remove his name, is going to cost us a lot of money. >> reporter: the closing of tent city. there is a shrinking jail population.>> it was just a political sideshow for him. not make any sense from economic standpoint. >> reporter: there are a lot of decisions that paul penzone will have to make. he will be meeting with the officials to talk about the entire section of the operation. activist for undocumented immigrants celebrating election
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sheriff joe arpaio. they say that their fight is not over. it was a warning for the incoming sheriff, paul penzone we are sending a message to the city, to the county, and to the state, that the politics of arizona make a dramatic shift today. it is one that will drive a community that going to protect its communities, and will move forward. and that will be not of team supporting criminalizing our people. >> the activists calling the kercher's office, a broke office, they vowed to keep a close eye going -- sheriff's office, a broken office. they vowed to keep a close eye going forward. temperatures now into the 70s, scotts care -- scottsdale, goodyear, mesa 80 degrees at
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tonight, temperatures are going to be in the mid-70s, 7 pm and 8 pm. that is across the phoenix metro getting to 72 getting to 72 x 7 p.m. the breezes will start to back up later tonight. they will pick back up tomorrow, late morning, early afternoon, the breezes will still be in place, we will have a slight drop into the temperatures as we head towards veterans day. we will take a look at your forecast and how long it just a tragic reminder on the sacrifices they make every day. you see that there are funds that are lowered to honor the show low police officer. he was shot by daniel erickson that barricaded himself in lakeside for six hours.
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erickson may have lived in gilbert and had a criminal history dating back to 2004. you just got out of prison two years ago. a guy carjacked a driver at don't wait in tempe. police searched the area for a while then found the man hiding. a horseback rider, they detected a dead body and advise them. and suspicious. there were sparks area in the san tan valley, the area was under construction. that seems to be the case with many of the recent fires. why a uncle lost his -- by an uncle lost his life in the valley.
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we have a lot of protest happening here across the country. we want to show you these live pictures. this is times square, we are tracking situations at columbus circle, and michigan avenue in chicago. this is elect, donald trump. you are seeing these people in the streets. we have so much going on. we will keep you posted on to this. we will shrink this to a smaller box to put on your screen. we will take you to other news of the day. details from a corner, two bodies found in south carolina home. we found out that the couple
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the woman was 25 years old. she appears to be shot in the head. and her 29-year-old husband, it seems he was shot in the stomach. last week, authorities searched his property, and they rescued a woman that was found chained in a storage container. later, they found her boyfriend in a shallow grave. he served time, in arizona, he is now linked to seven murders in total. new at 6 pm. and accused murderer back on the street tonight. he posted bail. the 26 cerald, shot and killed a man must be, -- the 26-year- old shot and killed a man last week. it was apparently over money that was owed, $3000. it was from a drug robbery. getting used to the president, donald trump, republican lawmakers are getting ready to work. the biggest priority is to get
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>> one of the worst piece of legislation that was passed in the first two years. >> people are happy with the election results but some are word, and here are three of the reasons why this back but some are worried. here are three reasons, he is a business guy with no track record, the worried about a global trade war, that could have an impact on the investors are anxious, because they do not know how he will handle the economy or growing national debt. are you tired about hearing about scams with good people losing money? you know the call. >> you have many viruses on your computer. >> reporter: this computer tech wants to clear the viruses. >> this is what the virus looks like and you have thousands of them work>>
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>> reporter: i took their word that they knew with their telling me. they charge $3000. >> they charged me another $300 and it became $600. i almost had a heart attack. i disputed but the credit card company. >> the credit card company said that i had to finish paying it because i waited too of the right people at the credit card company and after a short time the teams work to pay it off. the $600 balance with the rest and she celebrated. >> i was ready to dance. thank you so much. >> reporter: let those calls go to voicemail. team phoenix can help you. they help people every day. you can call or email, or tell me about it on our facebook page.
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cardinals are back at the training facility. three wins, there is no margin for error. that starts this weekend against the 49ers. the coach says it will take a team effort sunday afternoon. carson palmer says that with the long we got, and the cardinals are more than ready to get back into the field and play a game.>> the 49ers are the 49ers. we do not care what the records are. we have had our home game winds. the crowds have been great and we anticipate another great one. hopefully, we will play to the standards of our crowds cheer. >> we had to wait twice as long as usual. we are ready to go. >> that is a big game. forget the election for a minute
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>> forget the election and move on to the game. your forecast got looking pretty good, glendale mostly sunny skies, temperatures slightly above average, we will be in the low 80s, and then we will be in the 80s for most of the day. the winds are out of the north, northeast, are nine miles per hour. the starting to back off across the valley. were sitting at 80 degrees here in phoenix. humidity 13%. it is much drier out there today than it was yesterday. it is breezy in chandler. 70 miles per hour. they're coming in from -- 17 miles per hour. they are coming in from the east. the winds mainly out of the east, southeast for the rest of the evening. they could be up to 10 miles per hour. early afternoon the breezes
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miles per hour. and there will be stronger winds across southeast arizona. tomorrow, temperature wise, cooler, today 85, tomorrow 81, goodyear and gilbert 80 degrees. glendale and tempe 81 degrees. and the early morning start in the upper 50s and low 60s. the outdoor activities look great for tomorrow. that would be for trial the weekend. you are good to go on activities. the air quality looks good. the pollen is at a moderate level. if you are an allergy sufferer you need to be watching this. we will keep it between 4 and 5 1/2. let's talk temperatures, the high country, brisket 60 degrees. flagstaff 58.
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flagstaff 58. we are not expecting much here other than the clouds in southeast arizona. temperatures in the low 80s for friday, saturday, and sunday. that would be here in the valley. take a look at the seven-day forecast, so you will know what to expect coming up that will be in the next half hour. your safety. police and need your lp
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right now from the live desk, police are learning us to a person that could be targeting your kids. here is all surveillance video, -- is a photo actually. he is falling children and contacting them in the stores. he is a person of interest. if you know his whereabouts call tempe police. there was a deadly hit-and- run in scottsdale. he is behind bars for the death of the doctor. the doctor was on his motorcycle, and 69 street and shay street -- and shea.
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we are hearing about the protests across the country. we will keep you posted. there were so many emotions brewing. tonight, here are three ways to help cope. distractors of, spend time on hobbies are volunteering. get exercise, that will improve mood and reduce stress. and at thanksgiving, talk about what you are thankful for. after the break, we will go more into the sun moving forward. what else to do if you're
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breaking right now from the live desk, a group beginning together in phoenix. it is a candlelight vigil. error 15 is over -- air 15 is
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it will continue for the next 90 minutes. let's take you to a live picture at asu. students are making their voices heard. they are out there with their street signs and chanting. this really started 30 minutes ago. they are marching down mill avenue. and is set to end at 9 pm. with everybody voices heard, the anger, the frustration, there are massive protests happening. look at the scene in chicago. there are thousands out there. two groups uniting as one, in downtown chicago. michigan avenue had to be shut down. there are so many people out on the streets. there are young people, minorities, they are angered by the results. they did not think that donald
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all americans. let's take you to washington dc, there are protests there, in front of trump international hotel. there is a candlelight vigil as well. new york, where donald trump lives, the streets are packed with protesters. there intersex avenue, plenty of people at times square and columbus circle, they will end this at his home, trump tower on fifth avenue. these are some of the anti- trump protests. there are two more live pictures, seattle, philadelphia, we are going through all these pictures and we will keep you updated. icy pictures in boston, oakland, los angeles -- i do have pictures in boston, los angeles, and keep these pictures coming in and i will keep you updated. >> this was the situation
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protesting. this really was broadcasted live on social media. >> the kids say that they were protesting the values that donald trump stands for. >> another demonstration in california, one protester was hit by a car on the freeway. hundreds of college students poured into the streets overnight. the injured student was taken to the hospital with a broken mic. no one was arrested in leopard -- with a broken leg. there was no one arrested. >> yes. we want to point out, the protests are one side of the story, there are plenty of celebrations celebrating donald trump's victory. this is some of his supporters
6:33 pm
in new york. he wants to get a lot done in the first 100 days. many of his pledges, around the goal of reforming or replacing lost, that were put into place over the eight years. the message from trump's arrival, coming together moving forward. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and a chance to lead. the results are painful and will remain painful for a long time. she congratulated donald trump and offered to help them on behalf of our country.>> our current president getting together with donald trump tomorrow. they will talk about his mood -- a smooth transition going
6:34 pm
power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. >> president obama called donald trump this morning to congratulate him. a lot of people are curious about how john mccain feels about donald trump's victory. he released a statement, congratulated -- congratulations, i will work with him with the security issues facing our nation. abc15, jason valentine talking to a counselor on how we can destroyed by disagreements. >> our communications of -- our communications expert says that we have to find a more positive way to talk to each other. the back-and-forth was brutal on the campaign trail. >> it is all childish. i'm not saying i am about a, but
6:35 pm
bad. >> if you are feeling angry, processed. talk about it. 4 he says the worst thing you can do is bottle up the anger, talk about why you're frustrated. -- >> reporter: he says, the worst thing you could do is keep it bottled up. he says this why you should talk if you are frustrated. remember to keep the conversation positive, look at the other side, check out your emotions, and folks are moving forward.>> feedback, what can we do? >> reporter: agreeing to disagree is the american way. i am jason valentine, abc15 we have been tracking a breezy day but a lot of sunshine throughout the state.
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there is a look at the broader picture, right now, it is quiet across our state. we are tracking the pressure of to the east. were watching this one, it will move back towards the west a little bit over the next 24 hours. it will keep the breezes up, tomorrow, and bringing in some slightly cooler air once again. today, we dropped 5 degrees down to 85. tomorrow w as a high. and we will start out today at 60 degrees. coming up in it that we will look at your veterans day forecast. and escaped inmate in maricopa county, michael hoffman, he kicked out the window and escaped this morning from a prisoner transport van. this happened near 35th avenue and lower buckeye. a scary robbery in phoenix, this guy was one of
6:37 pm
he is accused of threatening a man with a gun, and a machete, and riding him. a 15-year-old boy helped him pull it off. a third person is still on the run. it happened near 19th avenue and camelback. they believe they are linked to two other robberies in the area. he is facing several charges tonight. what the jury needed to see again in the intense car death trial.
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there is still no verdict in the hot car death trial. the jury could not come to an answer. he is charged with murder for accused of leading his son in
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from the live desk, the president of mexico plans to meet with our next president soon but the official date is yet to be announced. he gave a speech in mexico, and he plans to meet with donald trump sometime before he made -- takes office. creating a dialogue between our two countries is crucial. the death toll, rising to seven, there was a horrible train it crashed while going around a turn during a rain storm. the driver is arrested. it was going too fast around the curb. 50 people were hurt in that derailment. this is taking over downtown of a major city. is coming from a wild fire. is coming from metro atlanta. it's from existing wildfires
6:46 pm
dry conditions and high winds, those are big factors with the spread of the fire. were trying to learn more about the building fire in scottsdale. we are told that it was filled with smoke and firefighters had to mark -- work quickly to get workers out of their. a busy day rescue a teenager, the 17-year- old, slipped and fell, hurt her ankle, you can see the crews bring her down the mountain. the teenager expected to be okay. the overpass, grand avenue and bell road, it could be complete in less than two weeks. adot is said that they are on track as long as there are no weather delays. once the spanish they will work on ramps to and from grant. and they will work on the
6:47 pm
that will be finished by spring training. one irish bookmaker, the election payout backfired. he was so sure that hillary clinton would win the election. now, they have to pay for an half-million dollars to people who bet on donald trump's winning. it will be the biggest political payout ever. words coming in congratulations. behney took to twitter to wish him good luck. mitt romney, jeb bush, and many spoke to him over the phone. another hot topic, with the hollywood walk of fame damage start, remember the video with the protesters smashing it? officials say they plan to reveal a fully prepared star. the cameras were rolling, the
6:48 pm
removed it. he was charged with a felony and vandalism. falling monday nights seahawks game, making the referees full-time employees, the nfl that talk has skyrocketed. before we jump onto the full- time bandwagon, police are ready discussing adding an ei but with a full-time referee do during the week? a hockey referee told me he spends 40 hours a week studying and preparing. it may be part-time by definition but he is putting in full-time hours. but the coaches want the best officiating official possible. >> they should get paid but full-time employees.
6:49 pm
>> that is full-time? >> well, they are all part- time guys right now. >> [ laughter ] let's take a look at these temperature, 80 degrees in phoenix. humidity 13%. drier air coming in over the last 24 hours. the winds are starting to back off as the sun set with a breezy day here in the valley. more breezes into the day tomorrow. 76 degrees low 70s by 9 pm. and upper 60s by 11 pm. we will be watching this forecast very closely as we approach midnight tonight. a record is that state. this morning we got down to 60 degrees. the record warm, low temperature for the state, it is 67 degrees. that was set back in 1991. if we do not drop below 67 degrees, we will then have a brand-new record on our hands
6:50 pm
morning. take a look at the temperatures, 79 degrees scottsdale, 74 chandler, we have a couple spots in the 80s, glendale, but most of the rest of the valley is in the 70's for down to the south, tucson, casagrande, -- show low is a cool spot across the state. it is still breeze across breezes will continue, and they will be enough to 30 miles per hour tomorrow. the strongest winds across southeast arizona, but going across central arizona as well. up to 15 miles per hour. and they could go on up to 20 miles per hour. we could have later winds on friday. low 60s up until 8 am. 70's at 12 noon, and in the afternoon the forecast will be
6:51 pm
we were at 70 degrees and we will see a high of 80 in mesa and gilbert. 77 cave creek, and 79 degrees in anthem. across the state, we have some freezing to track, show low, flagstaff, the low will be at the freezing point, but then the window rock area in the grand canyon, and valley out to the was cut in the 80s. 80s will stay for the next seven days. audience saturday, as we go into next week, temperatures will keep us warmer. by pressure is back with mid- 80s returning for the first half of next week. if you are looking to fill an entire saturday with a phenomenal price, you have to check out this entertainment center here in maricopa. let's see what they got.>> [
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we have been ll protest growing across the country. several cities, in fact, they are gathering over president- elect donald trump. we want to show you some of these pictures. were tracking chicago, new york, philadelphia, oakland, and some of the protests in seattle, los angeles, and they are organizing some here. let's go over to air 15.
6:56 pm
streets for this rally. their caring science and chanting, they say, it is time to stand up and fight against what we have seen here. they have been marching along mill avenue. they are stopping traffic and going in and out around cars. they will headed back to a is used in. -- they are headed back to asu. you see right there, they are stepping in front of that car. we will continue to track this, it will be also on our facebook page. a suspected carjacker in tempe. we do not know his name but you can see him being taken away with handcuffs. he hijacked a car and then hid in an industrial area. police officer from show
6:57 pm
suspect barricaded himself in a cabin and was shot and killed. the reaction to the news on what they say he was doing, in show low, warned that coming up. veterans day coming up friday, tomorrow the last day of school for the week. temperatures in the 50s and 60s
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