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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  November 7, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MST

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a group headed online to get the sheriff out of office. a grisly murder case that is getting national attention. a man linked to seven murders and we're learning more about this arizona connection. early this morning janet we know the first woman to serve as u.s. attorney general has passed away. she died overnight from competitions with parkinson's disease. she's better final days of the family in miami. in 1993 when president bill
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first woman in the justice department janet reno was 70 years old. in phoenix a crash possibly involving a phoenix police officer. >> reporter: i just talked with phoenix police and they do confirm this was involving one of their police officers. you can see the damage to the front and there. police believe this was a red of their police officers. the good news is no one was injured. there are no -- the intersection is open right now we just have one lane restriction at this point. a tow truck just got here so they will clear the scratch here in the phoenix squad car will drive that away. at this point the tow truck just getting on scene. no driver on the word -- on
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impaired. we are off to a great start. we had a few passing high clouds earlier this morning but when you go outside you will see mostly clear skies and that is allowing the temperatures to cool cool off into the 50s and 60s this morning. chili in spots like mason and glendale. despite a cool start it will be a warmer day. high temperatures make it into the mid to upper '80s today. will come close to 90 degrees in just a minute. tomorrow we head to the polls and hillary clinton is hoping to make history come in the u.s. is the first female president. donald trump also has his sights on the nation's highest office. pulls have tightened in the the final days of the race. a poll pole gives clinton and
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furiously today. trump in florida north carolina pennsylvania new hampshire and michigan. early members numbers show about 40 million people have already cast their ballots. amber tamblyn and america ferrera will appear at the breakfast at clinton's arizona headquarters . later they will speak at phoenix college and asu never at a loss for words ted nugent raising some eyebrows at the trump rally in michigan. obama care is also getting a lot of attention this election
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patrick hoping to unseat john mccain. what does she have to say about this. >> reporter: that was one of the first question nights i asked -- questions i asked. this is a sprint to the finish line and two see who exactly is going to win. we know a lot of people have their eyes on this one. it's talk about obama care. patrick and knowledge to fixed with it. last month it was reported the premiums in arizona were going to store 116%. she said what needs to happen is more people need to come together to fix this. there needs to be more competition that will lower the health care premiums for everybody across the board. i took some shot -- she also took shots at her opponent john mccain. you will hear her go more in depth on what she's going to do
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bernie sanders has been pushing for the increase in the minimum wage. it is the other green proposition that you will see on your ballot next to marijuana. proposition 206 would hike the minimum wage to $12 per hour by 2020. you have one side think will help struggling families of the others are saying it will kill small businesses in our state. >> if you are a small business with one or two or employees you will be hit with a 50% cost for hiking or labor costs. >> 206 will increase the minimum wage and people will buy more. >> it would also mean earned paid six time from a million arizona employees. new political activists gathering to pray before they
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out to vote tomorrow. they plan to head out and hand out flyers from 8:00 until midnight tonight. a group committed to ousting the sheriff of ohio is venturing into the world of online gaming. for getting help from the tokyo-based company. people united for justice created a bop the with sheriff donald trump and david duke. tomorrow is a paid holiday. thousands of workers across the nation will get paid time off to cast their ballots as part of the take off election day movement. general motors board and first publishing are just some of the companies making sure the workers can vote. our state morning the loss of a soldier killed in action.
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of three soldiers killed in jordan. the convoy came under fire on a military base. they were from the fate of the special forces group at fort campbell kentucky. south korea news agency reporting evacuation drills in that nation involving american citizens. it's in case of a possible conflict with north korea. tens the south of the escalating recently. north korea has conducted to underground nuclear test just this year. in phoenix we're still waiting to find out the name of a man arrested accused of killing his girlfriend. the woman was shot of the weekend near 20th street and roosevelt. at first the call came in has attempted suicide the police took the woman's boyfriend into custody. he was arrested on manslaughter charges. nearly one dozen people are covering after this fire caused
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this happened at a in a small apartment complex which was destroyed by the flames. a gas company set off of the lines before firefighters could get control of it. one person was rushed to treatment. nine other people were also treated on scene. residence at this complex in scottsdale had a car ran into the building. the fire department sent us these pictures of the damage. we did reach out with no word yet on what happened or if anyone a disturbing murder now has links to our state. a south carolina man confessed to killing several people. his name is todd kovacs. he was convicted of raping a 14-year-old neighbor gunpoint writing to kill her siblings if she called the police. now he is connected to at least seven murders. investigators continued
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from water mains and families of some of the victims are speaking out. >> all this unraveling 8 miles down the road coming up 13 years later that someone 10 miles up the road brother was killed by the same person. >> he was brought into custody accused of kidnapping and chaining a woman up. he is now charged with a number of counts of murder of a 13-year-old cold case. asu named one of the most military friendly schools in the country by at the university ranked 56 out of 134 schools. the survey looked at services financial incentives and overall campus comp -- campus culture. the veteran center has two full-time advocates and employs about 60 student veterans across it's five campuses. our temperature is going down in the 60s even 50s across the valley. officially
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phoenix sky harbor. it will be a nice day but the warm-up will be quicker this afternoon will be a few degrees warmer. back of the upper '80s. that's well above average for this time of year. will be back in the mid- 70s by 10:00 in the 80s by lunchtime before we hit a high of 87 degrees. it will be toasty today but we will be near 90 soon. no big problems other freeways this morning if you're heading out on your monday morning commute that includes the north valley. here's a live look on i 17. this is that grant street. will head out to the east valley a couple of minutes. still had oklahoma dealing
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significant earthquake. what went wrong at a pumpkin chunking event. the three people ended up in the hospital. more mystery in the valley.
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
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a man instead along the las vegas strip hops into account and jumped into the famous fountains at the bellagio. police say the fight started in front of a different casino the victim was reportedly drunk at the time but is expected to okay struck a moving tribute for you to a police officer killed in the line of duty. one woman tying blue ribbons all along the road hoping it will help people remember officer cody. a 25-year-old was run over in salt lake city yesterday were trying to three people from stealing a car. three suspects were arrested and now a special investigative team is taking over this case. cursor coincidence this is a question people in delaware asking this morning at the
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a mishap left a woman in critical condition. investigators say an object hit the woman in head minutes after pumpkin was launched. this is not the first accident that happened at the event. an accident involving a four wheeler canceled the tradition at two years ago. it takes a lot of us years to figure out are calling but one young man has it all figured out and now he is losing his town to zachary of scottsdale is a dj and says he discovered his passion when he was nine years old. on sunday he got to entertain a large crowd at a charity event to benefit kids with cancer. >> i love music. i think it is sad that kids have to go through this and i want to help them. >> he has helped raise more than
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foundation. from the cdc the first case of potentially deadly fungus has been identified in the u.s. thirty people have gotten ill. officials say the organism is tough to identify. seven cases were identified between may of 2013 and august of this year in illinois and maryland in new york and new jersey. investigation. starting today more water will be released from glen canyon down. it could be dangerous for anybody downstream at it is being done to move sediment downstream to help rebuild beaches and backwater habitats. another mystery this morning. are crews spotted these three red lights in the valley.
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made calls asking questions but no word with the lights are. we can nine of the nfl season in the nfl -- arizona cardinals are wrapping up by week. they fell to the panthers a week ago in charlotte. they were dropped from number seven to number 12. the cardinals now have an 83% chance of missing the playoffs altogether and than 1% chance of making it to the super bowl. we caught up with andre ellington earlier this week and he thinks they will be okay. >> we have great leaders on this team and they are doing a great job with keeping everyone together and focusing on our bigger goals and that is making it to the playoffs and playing
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despite the injuries. it is a physical game and guys need to be ready to go. >> tonight monday night football and cardinals come down. the san diego zoo is a celebrating phoenix the children hospital. this is the seventh hospital to launch a channel of things to the ronald mcdonald house. over the next few days temperatures are going to be heating up back up and that's gonna make for a toasty day today but also a toasty election day. were to be flirting with records to over the next couple of days. her news as you step outside this morning it will feel pretty good.
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clouds. you will see mostly clear skies as we get ready to step outside and all will be dry for the morning commute. our temperatures have managed to cool into the 50s in several valley cities. mesa in the south east valley also hitting the 50s in gilbert. very comfortable as you get ready to step outside and we will enjoy these temperatures in the 50s and 60s through the morning commute with mostly sunny to sunny conditions. we will go from 64 nail -- now and we will start to see the temperature climb again but looking at mid- 60s in the forecast by 8:00 here this morning. before we get warmer and eventually into the 80s this afternoon. 64 in phoenix but below freezing in flagstaff and the
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morning. also sings a passing high clouds of the north but otherwise a mostly clear conditions. as the day goes on and we will see more cloud cover to the west and you may notice some clouds from the valley especially as you look out toward the western horizon. otherwise plan on dry weather today across the state tomorrow stay dry to as high pressure takes over and that means we have stable weather in control. also that will bring us one temperatures with a brick -- range of high pressure building disturbance that moves across eastern arizona but it it will bring us any rain chances. it will help drop our temperatures by the end of the week. are forecast is looking dry for the next several days for phoenix and also the high country. today 64 and we will make it down to the eight -- back into the 80s by lunchtime and today 87 for high. that is several degrees warmer than it was yesterday. starting to get closer to the 90 degrees mark. tomorrow i think there's a
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90. phoenix will talk about it 89 degrees up for election day. temperatures drop back into the low '80s by the end of the week. how close we are coming to records over the next few days coming up. i'm not seeing any slowing out there but it does oakland have a new crash on a week or 20 to wed mountain. that's in direction. it looks like it is blocking the right side of the freeway. make sure you stay to the left to get five. we will be back with more details coming up. if you're looking for a job we have you covered. we will tell you where you can apply for more than 1,000 jobs right now it is time to start
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you won't believe how far some parents are willing to go to make their kids happy. a look at why election technology is still stuck in the stone age. one day most of us and make it the cast a ballot online the researcher shows -- voters are satisfied with the status quo. sampson will use artificial intelligence to try to regain the lead in smart phones. they will create a digital assistant. the galaxy as a few goes on sale next year at the digital assistants will also be available in home appliance. what you get when you pair the amazon voice assist with the fish.
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics. we are counted him hours to one of the biggest days in modern history. we're one day wait for election day in the nation is divided. things are tightening up in the race for u.s. senate here in arizona. we sit down one-on-one with one of the candidates.
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we've been warned about hack attacks had a direction -- election. i'm tracking two major troubles overnight. what people expect as they hit the road this morning. >> makes conditions. mostly clear skies and temperatures cool two. you temperatures temperatures now in the 50s in the 60s valley wide and we will stay there for the morning commute. it will be a warmer day play on high temperatures to make it across the valley. also our state hour by hour breakdown next. most of the valley is quiet we do have a crash at the east valley right now. it is on the eastern side of the freeway and it sounds like it is blocking all the right lane. just the hov lane is open right now. traffic is so late in this area and did not see any delays.


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