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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  November 1, 2016 1:35am-2:05am MST

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issues, you can see the plane and flashing lights. they landed safely and everyone is okay. a night of fun turning into fear. a serious crash in south phoenix. >> this accident shutting down the intersection for a while.
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is back to normal. take a look at what we drove up to. a minivan with serious damage. it appears that sedan t-boned the minivan. two adults in critical condition but they are stable. the two children taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition. the police don't have good witnesses, they are trying to figure out what they are hoping to get more information when they talk to the drivers. update to breaks news we brought you at 6:00. police hoping a new sketch will heed to an arrest after two people who were shot drove to a police station. if you recognize him or saw
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>> officers were called out after two people found remains at the herd cemetery. the remains are old and apparently these type of calls come in all the time. the grave sites are oding and the site doesn't look like a cemetery. we see children trick-or- treating near a registered sex offender home. that's what we saw tonight. there's special rules tonight. >> authorities say something as simple as this is not allowed outside a register's sex offender's home on halloween. >> he's dressed as a police officer going door-to-door, if he finds anyone handing out
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problem. he's knocking on the doors of sex offenders. >> we're making sure the lights are out. no decorations. >> dozens of officers around the valley tonight. >> we want to make sure the kids are safe. >> open the door. officers were trying to find someone at this house asterisk or treaters came -- or-treaters marched closer. same case at a different home. decorations here, next door dark and uninviting. >> going after the individuals that were convicted of a child sex crime. >> halloween can stay scary in the movies, the goal for these officers is to keep it safe in real life. >> on our ridealong, no arrests tonight, the registered sex
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supposed to be doing. police departments in other states doing the same thing. this is from nashville, they call it sex offenders stop in. making sure they have the light off. garages down and candy locked away. >> asecurity officer at the pal verde -- paolo verde arrested. >> a live look from the i-10 in chandler, if you know anyone at halloween parties know that police are cracking down on drunk drivers. we have a map on right now of all the valley checkpoints. 60 dui arrests made this weekend alone.
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aaa with the tipsy tow service. halloween is a lighthearted time, police are serious about being on the lookout for the serial street shooter. with seven murders linked to him, officers continue to say this is an open case. >> and confirmation of another presidential campaign visit. mike manslaughter will speak wednesday morning -- mike pence will speak. >> tim kaine will be in tucson and phoenix and will speak in spanish. more on his running-mate's visit in minutes. police in nevada crediting police in our state warning of a mass shooting.
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conversation over skype involving her child. we're hearing from students at that school. >> if he didn't get arrested or they didn't find evidence, that would have born horrible. >> officers arrested a 15-year- old boy. a drive home that could have ended in disaster, they had a tire blowout at speed, you won't guess what might be behind it. a story that every driver needs to see. >> the cause of that flat tire may mean the difference between shelling out hundreds of dollars and letting someone else pay for a repolicement. >> it felt like a curse driving on the superstitious freeway.
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she pulled over as quickly as she could. >> wondering what caused it. i'm glad we didn't lose control of the car. >> a inspection revealed a gash. >> about 15 cars pulled with flat tires. >> engineers investigated a bridge expassion joint. a piece of steel ruined her tire and others. >> there behind us on the left side, she was upset. she just got new tires. >> adot said anyone who thinks infrastructure flat ands a tire can file a claim with the agency, they will investigate and could pay for a replacement tire. >> it was more get off the road. >> we have instructions on our
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claim and let you know how it turns out. a chance her community filled with concern. two homes under construction caught fire over the weekend. gabriella was not home at the time. >> she woke up to all the sirens and sent me the video. the police have little to go on. two teens were she came with me the scissors. >> he got out his gun and killed her. the decision is march has been debated. the man who fired his gun has officially resigned during an investigation. shipley was never chaininged.
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decisions. chief williams announcing a new executive assistant chief. happening now, arizona officials up sure how to close a loophole that allowed a noncitizen to register to vote. >> that would be difficult to do. we're looking at the date that he got that reissue. i don't know how we do that. >> you have all the politicians th many years and nobody figured this out. >> we agreed not to identify the man who used his real driver's license number the register. this case led them to find a fluke in citizenship verification. an election lawsuit is making its way to the court.
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suing the republican party to stop what they fear is voter intimidation. they want to block g.o.p poll watchers from intimidating those who turn up to vote i'm a video from a rally may have gone too far. >> let me show you what we feel about the second amendment. all right press, we're after you. >> it's titled jeff dewitt, second amendment. he tweeted the video saying he loves it put took it down and said he wasn't part of producing it. the company that did said it was a private joke. remember those long voting lines from march, a report warning of a repeat situation
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officials take action. unless voter tin out is done 1900 poll books are needed and that goal is less than 1% of voters waiting more than 30 minutes. the report recommends extending early voting hours. transit workers going on strike in philadelphia. drivers for buses, trolleys and subways striking over failed contract talks. the problem that many fear could last through election day. the state trying to got a lawsuit tossed out from the freeway shooter. asking for millions claiming the state never had sufficient
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a look at one of the spookiest spots. rhonda going all out, animated ghosts, skeletons, fake fingers, blood and 1 million spiders. >> she loves halloween, what about her kids, aren't they scared. >> it's funny, had a party the other might and people said aren't they scared. nope, he's pouring blood into the pool. >> they start in july with indoor decorations. she spends 3,000 this year. we broke the 26 day stretch of the 90s. 86degrees on this halloween. 10degrees shy of the record, the 80s will be sticking around. more wind, maybe rain chances
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we'll take uday by day -- you day by day. >> satanist with a message for a valley city and the devil is in the details. >> is it's a rigged election.
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. is it right, is the election rigged against him. the latest leak claims that. it's an e-mail appearing to tip- off a clinton official about a debate question. the e-mail surfaced weeks ago. the boss originally denying that accusation.
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her. >> she should be fired from the dnc. if they fire donna brazile. why not hillary clinton. if he did that, he thinks he would get the electric chair. >> the clinton campaign is denying to verify if that report is true. >> and i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did mails for the last year, there is no case here. >> when asked about the fbi investigation is obama administration neither defended for criticized the investigation. >> we're gearing up for the clinton visit. we'll stream her speech live on she's scheduled to speak at asu.
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valley, he won't be campaigning for donald trump. he will be at slown park to support john mccain. >> we have our hands on the 45 page report from gilbert police about the small plane that crashed into a house sparking a huge fire in september. the plane was carrying sky divers hired to jump over the fair in gilbert. as they jumped th noticed a wing was on fire. he intended to make an emergency landing. he bailed from the plane and tried to aim for an unpopulated area. that plane crashed into a home. it landed in the room between the two of them and everyone survived. as for the sky divers the crew
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lawyer. on that night neighbors approached officers with pieces of debris from the plane. officers are trying to put together a final report. the leader of a sat analyst group sending a letter to scotts tale accusing them of -- scottsdale accusing them discrimination. >> scottsdale has a test by which to decide which religions are allowed to speak. they have discriminated against us. >> no other religion is treated this way. city officials only allow groups with a substantial connection to the scottsdale community. now that halloween is just about over.
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pumpkins. >> halve lean eye -- javelinas snacking on pumpkins. >> if you leave pumpkins out, that draws them to the neighborhood, so we're asking homeowners to clean up after halloween, whether it's candy or anything like that. >> game and fish saying javelinas are attracted to food left if your pumpkin survived to this point. >> i saw a few tonight that were really sad. >> the heat was not doing it for us. we are out of the 90s. smooth sailing to the end of the week. evening temperature fantastic. effect right now. 10miles an hour winds. 76 at glendale.
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70. here's a look across the state, right now we have temperature in the 50s for prescott, sedona and payson. clouds streaming in from the southwest brought us a beautiful sunset, we're going to keep the clouds coming in tomorrow. we'll see more breaks tomorrow. we have our eye on the next storm system hitting northern california bringing rain snow to the higher terrain. it brings it onshore and digs down through the great basin area and back toward our area. we're going to see the moisture increase. see a slight chance for -- isolated shower or two. in northern arizona a chance.
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52 in globe, from the valley to the west upper 50s to low 60s. tomorrow 82 in gila bend. 83 in yuma. show low 64 and payson 69 degrees. lows for us in the 60s, cooler than that in the outlying area. queen creek down to 58. we'll see highs in 70s with much of the rest in the low 80s. we're near average. our 30 year arm is 82, and that's what we look the hit form tomorrow. here's the break down. 60s through six, seven, 8:00 a.m. upper 70s at noon. at 2:00 in the afternoon 22 to 5 low 80s in the valley. 84degrees on wednesday,
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86 on friday. thursday a few breezes and the slight chance of a stray shower and thunderstorm. more sunshine on the weekend. the 80s are here to stay, that's your weather word of the night. go to for a chance to win to the "dancing with the stars" finale. would you get halloween. couples saying i do at the downtown justice center in phoenix. staff and couples in costumes. >> wait until you see how some of the big name celebs dressed up for halloween. up for halloween. >> how to turn r regularity. than the competition.d. 's s you more health benefits
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. tomorrow is the day, the photo enforcement cameras are turned back also a new camera at dobson and ray. you will only get warnings for the first month. open enrollment begins for the health care stage. if you're not covered by your employer this is where you can get insurance. you have to december 15th to enroll. >> abc 15 taking action for your wallet.
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stuff on facebook. >> i told my first item a few weeks ago. >> look up facebook yard sale and post several photos and a good write up. itser than e bay and safer than craigslist. >> i'm leery of craigslist. you hear about the dangers, strangers. >> you meet public place. trending now, celebrity costumes. they didn't disaimportant. >> four of our favorite looks. start with the suicide squad, they almost unrecognizable, kelly ripa and jerry o'connell
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ellen was sia. >> martha stewart cooking up a bloody nurse costume. >> sunday's loss may have been
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. breaking right now, human remains from two people in the gila bend area. not giving many other details. the investigation is just beginning. >> breaks news from fresno, a deputy has died after being shot stently. you see the emotional procession of flashing lights. the sheriff will speak about this tomorrow. the deputy was on duty. no one has said how if gun was accidentally discharged. map the cardinals lost to the panthers and two key players, vell deer is out for the season and will undergo surgery. mathews is expected to miss 3


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