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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm MST

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tonight, the new tornado threat as we come on. millions bracing for storms tonight. 35 reported tornadoes already. the state of emergency declared, an ef-3, tearing through a starbucks. the threat from texas, all the way north. donald trump calls hillary clinton a bigot. trump's own supporter behind him then late today, hillary clinton firing back, asking which campaign is really promoting racist lies? and trump, moments ago, doubling down, when asked if clinton is really a bigot. pulled from the rubble. the stunning scene. 17 hours after that deadly earthquake. the 10-year-old girl pulled out alive. the air scare. the radar vanishing at two major american airports. pilots suddenly forced to circle. some diverting.
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the 59-year-old woman suddenly falling 35 feet to her death. and after hiking those drug prices, that ceo -- grilled tonight. good evening. and as we come on the air tonight, there are new tornado concerns from the south all the way up through new york state. nearly three dozen reported tornadoes already, one supercell producing multiple twisters, including a confirmed ef-3, tearing across kokomo, indiana. cell phone video shot from a garage showing the powerful storm ripping through a neighborhood there. and this starbucks. watch as the roof is ripped off, the building collapses. employees and customers inside, hiding in the bathrooms. ginger zee is standing by with the track of tonight's storms, but first, abc's alex perez, in the tornado zone tonight. >> reporter: tonight, millions bracing for scenes like this. >> oh, god.
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>> reporter: after a frightening 24 hours in the heartland, 35 reported tornadoes. >> oh, no, man, that's a big one. >> reporter: including an ef-3 twister ripping through kokomo, indiana, packing 150-plus mile per hour winds. and just to give you an idea of how powerful this storm was, we're in the middle of a residential neighborhood. the winds picked up this huge commercial truck, dumping it right on someone's lawn. the storm's wrath caught on camera. watch as this starbucks is flattened. brandon mobleyho from a restaurant across the parking lot. >> this happened so quickly and so violently. all i started thinking was, there's people in there. >> reporter: with the storm churning, starbucks manager angel ramos followed the advice so many of us have heard before and moved customers and employees into the bathroom. >> as soon as i saw the clouds twisting, we got everyone inside. we closed the doors and all of a sudden, it started rattling. >> reporter: minutes later, the building was a pile of rubble. only the bathrooms left
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customer hannah harris and everyone else crammed in the restrooms -- safe. >> it's a miracle. we shouldn't be here. at all. >> and alex perez with us live tonight. and when you see that video of the starbucks, alex, incredible they all survived, as you point out, in the bathrooms. no one killed in these twisters? >> reporter: that's right, david. amazingly, no one killed in these twisters. officials say there are reports of at least 10 to 15 people who suffered minor injuries, but they're not in the clear here just yet. here tonight, including the possibility of more tornadoes. david? >> alex, thank you. you're absolutely right. let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee, who is tracking that severe weather threat right into tonight. >> reporter: right. the immediate threat, i want to take you to the severe thunderstorm watch that is actually in texas and oklahoma, because that's the first area of concern.'v got flash flood watc that include wichita and kansas city. but just as alex said, kokomo included again in the risk area. i put the future cast on here, and you can see the cells just blowing through there after 10:00 p.m. so, until midnight.
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watching it, too. tropic s could bring a lot of rain. >> reporter: important distinction here that that tropical system could bring a lot of rain, even if it doesn't become a named storm. so, keep that in mind, because gaston stays off to sea. that's not the storm we're all talking about. it's that one, just a wave right now. and it is fighting through a lot of dry air. if it makes it through, it could drop considerable amount of rain either in south florida there, you see, but some of the tracks now taking it due west. >> all right, ginger. we'll see you on "gma." now, to a powerful image in the west tonight. 39 large wildfires burning in california, washington firefighters using air drops today to make quick work of a fire burning in the hills. that's near santa barbara tonight. now, to the race for president, and a dark 24 hours. donald trump calling hillary clinton a bigot. late today, clinton taking the stage and firing back. and donald trump just a short time ago, pressed to explain why he thinks she's a bigot. you'll see how he responds. all of this tonight, as a new national poll shows clinton leading now by ten points, above
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abc's david wright, and what was said and how even some trump supporters seemed taken aback. >> reporter: hours before hillary clinton took the stage in reno, donald trump dropped this bomb -- >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. hillary clinton is b >> reporter: that woman behind him there appears to be shocked. today, clinton made her case that it's trump who has been running a racist campaign. >> donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. he is taking hate groups mainstream, and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> reporter: in some of her strongest language yet, she ran down the list. >> he promoted the racist lie
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really an american citizen. >> reporter: using trump's own words against him, she accused him of launching his run for the presidency with another racist lie, about mexican immigrants. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. and some -- i assume -- are good people. >> there has been a steady stream of bigotry coming from him. >> reporter: she also made it clear she doesn't buy trump's new effort to reach out to african-american voters. african-american community. give donald trump a chance. we will turn it around. we will make your streets safe, so, when you walk down the street, you don't get shot, which is what's happening now. >> trump has stood up in front of largely white audiences and described black communities in such insulting and ignorant terms. >> reporter: today, clinton's campaign released a new video.
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members like donald trump, is because a lot of what he believes, we believe in. donald trump would be best for the job. >> for president? >> yeah. >> reporter: trump denounced her new line of attack as a brazen attempt at distraction. >> when democratic policies fail, they are left with only this one tired argument. you're racist. you're racist. you're racist. they keep saying it, you're racist. it's a tired, disgusting argument. >> reporter: and tonight, trum was asked to explain why he really thinks clinton's a bigot. >> her policies are bigoted because she knows they're not going to work. >> you're saying she's personally bigoted. >> oh, she is. of course she is. her policies, they're her policies, she comes out with the policy. >> but hatred is at the core of that? or dislike of african-americans? >> or maybe she's lazy. >> and david wright with us live tonight from reno. david, hillary clinton also singling out donald trump's new campaign ceo today? >> reporter: that's right. he is stephen bannon, the former
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clinton characterizes as a right-wing website. she cited some headlines suggesting it traffics in racism, sexism and conspiracy theories. he just joined the campaign a couple of weeks ago, and after it's all over, he plans to go back to breitbart. david? >> david wright in nevada for us. david, thank you. meantime, donald trump this evening, explaining a major shift in his immigration plan, and how he would handle 11 million undocumented immigrants. after acknowledging in the primary, he would have a deportation force. abc's jonathan karl on a campaign tonight insisting this is no flip-flop. >> reporter: with the election just 75 days away, donald trump is still trying to figure out his plan on immigration -- the central issue of his campaign. >> i'll be making a speech on that, i would say, over the next week. laying out an exact plan, and i think people will have great respect for the plan. >> reporter: one thing is clear -- trump is now ditching this vow he made to deport everybody who came into the
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>> what do you do with the women and children? >> they're going to go with them. oh, everybody. >> you send the whole family? >> sure, it's got to be a family unit. it's going to be done humanely. >> reporter: now he's suggesting that's not going to happen. >> and there certainly can be a softening, because we're not looking to hurt people. >> reporter: and in town hall meeting on fox news, he even polls the room. >> who wants those people thrown out? >> i do! >> the guy who wants them thrown out, stand up. >> stand up. >> stealing our jobs! >> who does not want them thrown out? >> stand up. there you go. >> we are going to come out with a decision very soon. >> reporter: even rush limbaugh found that quite strange. >> i'm used to candidates who know what their policy is, and telling the audience what it is and trying to persuade the audience to understand it, agree it with it and help the
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>> reporter: limbaugh suggested trump has caved and is now supporting amnesty. trump's national spokeswoman struggled to explain the change. >> he hasn't changed his position on immigration, he has changed the words that he is saying. >> reporter: but trump is facing reality. he needs to reach out to hispanic voters, as hillary clinton has done, famously taking this moment and quickly putting it into an ad. >> and jon karl with us live tonight. jon, donald trump says he's going to come out with a decision, quote, very soon, on his immigration policy? >> reporter: he did say that, david, but even today, trump had contradictory things to say about what his position is, and it is now unclear, david, whether or not or when he is going to come out with that immigration plan. >> all right, jon karl live in washington. jon, as always, thanks. overseas tonight, a race against time to find survivors of that deadly earthquake in italy. the first 48 hours, of course, so crucial. the death toll tonight soaring. rescuers today finding more victims alive under the rubble.
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abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran with the dramatic rescue of a 10-year-old girl, pulled out alive. >> reporter: with time now working against the rescuers here, there are extraordinary moments playing out amid the ruins. a 10-year-old girl pulled from the rubble after 17 hours. her feet appearing first. then, firefighters slowly lifting her from the debris and into the arms of her rescuer. this man, stuck unde crumbled home for more than 24 hours, pulled to safety. his slight smile the only hint of his relief. officials say the best chance of finding someone alive is within 48 hours of the quake -- a window that is rapidly closing here. and strong aftershocks are only complicating efforts. this morning, this building, part of a school, was badly damaged, but still standing. and then, this afternoon, one of
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has been turned into a flattened moonscape. drone footage showing a stark divide. the town's ancient buildings now in ruins, while its more modern buildings, still standing. many of those who were able to escape their homes when the quake hit are now left with nothing. >> and terry moran is with us again tonight from the quake zone. and terry, hundreds of aftershocks since the quake and you were telling us, more aftershocks just tonight? >> reporter: yes, david, all day and all night. and it's not just the danger and the fear from them. this is a mountains to get in and out of. just a few hours ago, a few miles down this road, an aftershock brought down two houses in the road, and now this side of this town, this whole part of the disaster zone, is cut off. david? >> all right, terry moran with us again tonight. you and the team, stay safe. and back here at home, meanwhile, and to a power outage, forcing ground stops at two busy airports in florida. flights in the air when the radar suddenly went down. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: a complete ground
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lauderdale, too, after this startling radio call from controllers to pilots. >> okay. everybody on this frequency, use extreme caution. we've lost all communication, lost all radar, we cannot see you. >> reporter: the controller lining up jets for landing, in essence, blinded. that left jetliners with nowhere to land, so many started circling. more than a dozen flights diverted to other airports. the problem? a power outage took out the critical radar and some communication systems. >> i think we still have this vulnerability out there, where we have these faciti have these redundant systems and backup power supplies that seem to trip and they don't seem to work. >> reporter: the faa says another center took over the airspace. the jets in the area, which could see each other on their controls, all landed safely. it took 90 minutes to reboot the systems, even though the power outage only lasted five minutes. more than 100 flights effected with delays of more than an hour or so and raising new questions about power systems. david? >> david kerley, thanks. with so many american families on vacation, we turn
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state park in delaware tonight. a woman falling 35 feet to her death from a zipline. abc's linzie janis tonight on the new safety concerns over the popular rides. >> reporter: tonight, police investigating how 59-year-old tina werner plummeted to her death while on a zipline course. >> she fell to the ground, and subsequently died from her injuries from that fall. >> reporter: werner was nearing the end of the two to three-hour "g "go-ape treetop adventure experience" at a delaware state park. and nearing the end of the two to three-hour course, when she fell from a narrow platform like this one. the company says werner completed a safety lesson, but says, according to witnesses, at the time of the accident, she "had unfortunately disconnected herself from the safety system." tonight, her daughter posting, "full of love and adventure. my mom died completing her bucket list, ziplining."
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accidents are rare, a recent study found there are thousand of emergency room visits every year from this increasingly popular activity. david? >> linzie janis tonight. thanks, linzie. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the dramatic rescue from a burning car. the moment was caught on body cam, a police officer running straight into that inferno. the passenger trapped in the car, and you'll see what happens next. of course, the epi-pen outrage now boiling over, after spiking prices for families. tonight, the ceo is grilled. and you will see it right here. and later tonight, america strong. the song suddenly being sung in this american neighborhood, and the man saluting them -- that's who the song was for. you have got to see this. coming up. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof.
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(wolves howling) fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums. new developments tonight in the growing backlash over those skyrocketing prices for the epi-pen and other drugs. abc's adrienne bankert again tonight, this time, on the ceo in the hot seat. >> reporter: they're not budging
5:48 pm
the maker of epi-pens hiking the cost from $100 in 2009, to more than $600 today. while the ceo's total compensation also went hiking up -- from $5 million to $19 million. today, ceo heather bresch blaming the skyrocketing costs on a failing health care system. >> price is part of the problem, but we need all of the stakeholders at the table. >> reporter: deflecting accusations of greed, bresch saying the money also goes to research and bringing drugs to market. >> we've put hundreds of millions of dollars behind it. you can't pass legislation. you can't enhance formulations. >> reporter: buckling under pressure, mylan announcing it will now issue $300 savings cards. for a fact check, we brought that straight to the health policy department at consumer reports. would you say this new mylan savings program actually will help those who are underinsured and uninsured? >> it will not. >> reporter: consumer reports
5:49 pm
insurance aren't eligible. neither are those with medicare or medicaid. and it's up to the consumer to seek the card to get a discount. david, tonight, mylan issuing a statement, saying they are expanding a low income payment assistance program, something that the underinsured and uninsured could qualify for and receive these life-saving epi-pens. david? >> all right, adrienne, thank you. when we come back here tonight, breaking news on american swimmer ryan lochte at this hour. also, the raging inferno we showed you. that passenger trapped. the police officer runni straight into danger. and then, the explosion. and then, the explosion. we'll be right back. ? it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ? ? trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression.
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5:53 pm
all, freeing a trapped passenger just as the vehicle explodes. just a stunning scene. the driver did not survive. they say it's a miracle they got the passenger out. the seats were melting. and we turn now to star swimmer katie ledecky, fresh from rio, of course, taking the pitcher's mound with her hero, bryce harper, at the washington national's game. but before she could throw that ceremonial first pitch, she had to shed a little gold, asking, hey, do you mind holding these for a second? peeling them off, one by one, five olympic medals and check not only is she a good swimmer -- right across the plate. when we come back here tonight, america strong. the quiet neighborhood suddenly breaking into song -- and you'll
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child meth. why it is not the first time it happened. >> and a blowing dust right now. tracking where the dust is headed in your most accurate forecast next. finally tonight here, america strong. a surprise serenade for a world war ii veteran who surely deserves it. this quiet street in california suddenly quiet no longer. all of them gathering in front of one house. ? stand navy out to sea ? ? fight our battle cry ? >> and why were they there? these sailors had come to salute a world war ii veteran that couldn't make the trip to see the uss iowa. ? anchors aweigh, my boys ? ? anchors aweigh ? >> he heard them. ernie thompson, on his porch, saluting back. ? we sail at break of day ?
5:58 pm
country in world war ii. >> the battleship missouri, anchored in tokyo bay. >> he was right there onboard the uss missouri, during the surerender of japan, ending the war. one by one, the next generation of sailors lining up to personally thank ernie for his service. >> absolute pleasure. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> and ernie, with a message for them. >> very proud to have served in the navy, have served my family and my country. >> and tonight, his country thanking him. and ernie, we salute you, too. that is our broadcast for tonight. i'm david muir. we'll see you tomorrow. good night. this is abc 15 news taking
5:59 pm
a city bus with nowhere to go. we are live there in moments. first a weather alert. air 15 tracking dust in the valley. chief meteorologist amber sullins is tracking it for us. >> heading to the east. not coming in to phoenix. look at the time lapse on our valley cap. pushedinto sun lakes and chandler. -- pushed int chandler. live now, the dust is starting to disperse. chances are the national weather service is going to cancel this early. in effect till 7:00 p.m. i don't see it going on that long. we are not seeing reduced visibilities anymore as we look at all the cams in the area. i will keep you posted. it looks like the dust threat is not as great as it was. in the meantime spotty showers
6:00 pm
8:00 p.m. a 10% shot. 10:00 p.m. and over night 20%. and temperatures in the mid-90s at 7:00 p.m. 93 at 8:00 p.m. and 92 at 9:00 p.m. tonight. coming up your forecast, the storm chances over the next few days and when we could get a break. breaking news update from the abc 15 live desk. it effects your commute. part of the road just reopening after water main break causes a sink hole. live pictures for you near 35 35th it wasn't in time to save the bus. getting stuck three hours go. at this time only southbound 35 35th avenue is open. watch your kids around water at this hour as a 2-year- old girl is recovering over at the hospital. she was pulled from the bottom of a pool in chandler.


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