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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 16, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00, a heat wave hits the bay area. we're breaking down just how hot it is expected to get in your neighborhood and how long this warm weather is lasting. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. >> when are temperatures expected to be the hottest? >> it's going to be within the next few hours.
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the heat advisory starts right now. this is for all the areas shaded in orange across the bay area in interior valleys an parts of the north bay where we're seeing temperatures headed for the upper 90s. this continues through 8:00 this evening. for the east bay, it's also going to be hot. some of these temperatures reaching over 100 degrees. so we do need to monitor for heat-related illness as well as limiting time outside. as we check out our live view in dublin, also looks hazy as we see more wildfire smoke coming in. right now the temperature is at 86 degrees. there's not much of a wind. the air is very dry. we're headed for the upper 90s today. up to 105 in livermore and 105 as well in fairfield. bob redell is live from livermore, one of the many places trying to beat the heat, bob. >> reporter: it feels like we're at 105.
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we're only at around 90 right now. that's why a lot of parent and young kids are taking advantage of the toddler time here at the livermore community swimming pool here at robert livermore community center. as i mentioned, temperatures 90. later today other parts of the east bay forecasted to hit the triple digits which is why the national weather service issued a heat advisory. a reminder to stay cool, stay hydrated. don't over do it. >> they said 105. >> this morning you're thinking -- >> let's get started early and get her down for a nap. >> obviously the heat is going to be super hot. keeping them cooped up isn't a good option. we wanted to get out and get some wet water on us and feel good. >> with this hot weather there's an increased risk of fire danger
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in nearby dublin where the eden fire burnt 56 acres, came close to homes, forcing an evacuation of some people. firefighters did save the homes. no damage to any structures and people were allowed to return after two hours. the since the lightning complex fire. fires sparked by lightning that merged and burned more than 846,000 acres. kari is tracking possible lightning for tomorrow. back to today's heat, many in the bay area will be opening a cooling center who don't have air conditioning. talking about dublin, the senior centers and library are open until 4:00 and 3:00 this afternoon respectively. campbell community center is open from noon to 8:00 and brentwood community center from
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11:00 to 6:00 p.m. that's not an all-inclusive list. for a more comprehensive look of what your community might be doing, you can log onto our website at >> live in livermore, bob redell, nbc bay area news. if you haven't downloaded our free nbc bay area app, it's very useful. you can keep an eye on the rising temperatures by typing in your zip code and you'll get a forecast for where you live. >> happening now, day two of a strike by kaiser mental health workers. you can see union members are out there and they've been out there since early this morning. across northern california and the central valley, about 2,000 workers are striking including counselors, psychologists and staff. it comes in the wake of those stalled contract talks. workers there demanding higher pay, increased staffing and patient wait times.
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kaiser is saying workers are getting the fair offer. >> if someone has to wait three months, six months and they're already in acuity of a crisis, that crisis is going to become full-blown where they'll need more services and care at that point. >> the union's proposal to reduce time directly seeing patients comes at a time when we're faced with a 30% increase in demand for mental health care. >> kaiser also saying they've hired nearly 200 mental health clinicians to cover the walkout. they also say patients will receive care during the strike from clinicians who chose to keep working. picketers will be out until 2:00 this afternoon in oakland, santa clara and santa rosa. the first lady testing positive for coronavirus. >> scott mcgrew joins us now. the white house says the symptoms are mild. >> thank goodness, like the president experienced, twice, in fact. the first lady and the president were vacationing in south carolina. the president will return to
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washington, d.c. the first lady will stay. the first lady is double vaccinated, twice boosted and has been prescribed a course of paxlovid. she's 71. the president, because he's been exposed, will wear a mask when meeting with others. today's scheduled signing of the inflation reduction act is still planned, a $750 billion tripled-down version of the build back a better bill. it does a lot, reducing the deficit on corporations, expands health care under the affordable care act. despite what some people are saying on social media, it doesn't raise my taxes. it won't raise your taxes unless you're a corporation that makes a billion dollars or more. >> not today. >> in fact, no individual income tax are mentioned in this bill at all. >> but a lot of people wondering if it will reduce inflation.
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>> you think the inflation reduction act might reduce inflation. but the non-partisan congressional budget office says there's no evidence necessarily that it will one way or the other. i did say it will reduce the deficit because it brings in more money than it spends. many say the deficit is inflationary. >> wait and see. >> thanks, scott. one of the area's biggest political heavyweights is stepping up to take on san francisco's monkeypox outbreak. this comes as the city and the state are seeing case numbers grow. nbc bay ares ginger conejero saab has more. >> the plan is dose of the pox vaccine and expand access to vaccines in general. we know house speaker nancy pelosi will hold a telephone town hall later today to talk about the monkeypox outbreak and available resources for san
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franciscans. as of yesterday, san francisco is reporting 563 monkeypox cases. california's monkeypox numbers are almost at 2,000. four bay area counties are among the top tep jurisdictions with the most monkeypox cases. those include san francisco, alameda, santa clara and contra costa countys. the hours at the monkeypox vaccine clinic at san francisco general has been extended. it will be open from 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. monday through friday depending on spliechlt the current supply should last until thursday. still awaiting word on when they'll receive their next allocation and how much they'll be getting. >> i would just say that san francisco continues to have a higher rate of cases compared to the state overall. we're unfortunately proportionately having a very high rate of monkeypox, as far as i know the highest in the state right now. we expect those numbers to
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continue to increase. we're not seeing a plateau which is why we're encouraging people to get vaccinated, take prevention measures. >> also happening later today, santa clara county officials will be addressing the monkeypox outbreak in their county at a regularly scheduled meeting. in san francisco, ginger conejero saab, nbc bay area news. if you have any questions on dealing with monkeypox, we have answers for you on our website. for the list of those answers to the most commonly asked questions on the disease, just click on the link in the trending box. still ahead on nbc bay area -- >> the most important thing, if we can't prevent them, we need to hold people accountable and we need to make that arrest. >> i talked with san francisco's police chief to talk about the steps the department is taking to help with the issue. also we'll discuss a town hall planned for tonight and how you can take part to make sure your voice is heard. taking a stand against injustice. the way one activist and artist
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is creating change in the inequities black and brown communities face from our climate in crisis. it's back-to-school time for the triplets. yep, had to go buy school supplies. that's how heavy the cart was. check out some of our shopping adventures. you can always keep up with me and my triplets on facebook, instagram and twitter. stay with us. you're watching nbc bay area you're watching nbc bay area news.
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thanks for sticking around. millennials, as they migrate to san francisco, there's new data revealing the top places they're coming from. according to a number -- this is the numbers from the u.s. census bureau. one in 20 millennials living in san francisco, they were living in los angeles as teenagers. about 3.5% were in sacramento at that time and about 3% left san jose for the city by the bay.
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meanwhile, when looking outside of california, about 1% of those millennials, they were living in san francisco. they actually traveled from seattle, chicago, boston and new york. many are calling for swift action in response to an increase in recent attacks in san francisco, and there is growing frustration and fear among the asian community. later tonight a town hall is being held with community leaders to try to address the issue. joining us now is san francisco police chief bill scott. thank you so much. i know your time is valuable. we appreciate you being here. chief, it seems pretty crime, crimes of opportunity really, they appear to be getting worse in san francisco. robberies and burglaries as well as many community leaders feel there isn't enough accountability for some of these crimes. is it that bad? >> well, it's bat -- definitely bat when you're a victim of it. in some categories, you mentioned burglaries, statistically we are below where
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we were this time last year. but that doesn't give any solace to people who are victimized by these crimes. with our aapi crimes, statistically we're quite a bit lower than we were this time last year. >> any tangible actions your department is taking right now that you're telling your force when they go out on the streets? >> sure. yes, we are. that includes -- there's a number of things we're doing. let me name a few. in terms of the robberies and the street-related crimes, of course, an increase in presence is always helpful in that regard. we have evidence-based research that shows when we're out there assaults and certain types of crimes tend to happen less. we are augmenting our staffing levels with as much over time as we can work. our offices are working very hard, working extra shifts. offices are tired but they're out there and working. that definitely helps.
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in terms of the investigative size, we've doubled the sizes of our burglary unit, for instance. and we think that has contributed to at least a decrease statistically in burglaries year-to-date. in terms of some of our aapi crimes, the most important, if we can't prevent them, we need make that arrest. it's up to prosecutors and we have to give them the best evidence we can get our hands on to make sure there's accountability. >> following growing calls from the community, you and the district attorney are holding a town hall tonight. tell us what you hope to gain from that? >> first thing, as you said, is communicating with the public we serve. we want to hear what their concerns are. we want to work with our community stakeholders to solve these problems. policing -- we use the term community policing quite frequently, but that really does mean something. we have to work with our community members because the community are the eyes and ears.
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oftentimes when they report crime, when they become witnesses, we have better outcomes. in addition to forensic evidence, fingerprints, dna and those type of things, it's still an old-fashioned game. if you see something, step up and say something. that's how we solve crimes. >> have to keep that communication open. i talked with the police chief about so much more. you can watch the entire interview on our nbc bay area app or on roku and apple tv. let's take a live look outside. where are we going midday? >> somewhere hot. >> it's a beautiful sight out there. when the temperatures start to creep up later today -- >> maybe someone is out there baking cookies. >> doing the egg test. is that going to be a possibility by the end of the day? >> i don't know if it's going to be that hot. we're seeing really hot temperatures, especially compared to the way our summer has been going so far. i want to show this near surface
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smoke model. the shades of blue is smoke coming from the six rivers fire or the mckinney fire further to the north. it's basically moving in and settling down towards the surface due to the high pressure which causes the air to sink and also it just kind of settles in the valleys that we're seeing for now. so today is a spare-the-air alert day. you probably saw the signs if you've been driving around the bay area telling you to take public transit. what we're trying to do is reduce the amount of pollutants we're putting in the atmosphere because there's going to be wildfire, smoke and ozone. it will be most unhealthy in parts of the east bay and south bay where the air doesn't get to mix out as much due to the topography and the mountains that we have. we're already -- look at that 90 degrees in vacaville. these are the current temperatures. we have not even made it to noon yet. it's 79 in san jose.
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fairly mild for san francisco with upper 60s. we're warping up to 79 in sonoma. when we compare where we're headed today versus the record highs, i'm thankful we're not hitting records here because santa rosa's record is 104 degrees. we're expecting a high of about 97. oakland headed for 86. the record is 93. san francisco is well below the record, and for river moore we'll head up to 105 which may be one degree shy of a record. it's possible we may reach 106 there, and san jose headed for 93 degrees below that 2020 record. so for fremont, 94 today. 104 in concord and 99 in martinez. now, these temperatures are very hot today, but tomorrow it comes down a couple of degrees, but it really won't feel much cooler because tomorrow is where we get a surge of humidity coming in. it's going to make you instantly break out in a sweat when you step outside. at least on thursday, we'll start to see the humidity coming
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down and temperatures coming back down to something more normal for this time of year, even for the middle of summer. let's talk about that humidity, where we see the green. this is mid-level moisture in the atmosphere, where it's green, even dark green shows a plume of high amounts of humidity and moisture in the atmosphere. another round of monsoon moisture may trigger a few isolated showers. what we're really concerned about is the risk of lightning. that means the rain dries up and we can still see the lightning and we know our vegetation is extremely dry. as of now, there's not a lot of moisture showing up on the models, but we are going to be watching that as our cloud cover increases tomorrow afternoon and continues through early thursday and then for the weekend, dry air returns, temperatures come back to upper 80s for highs on sunday, and san francisco will come out of those upper 70s and we'll see upper 60s in the forecast as we head toward the weekend. now as we turn to our "climate
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in crisis," we talk about the impacts of heat waves, air pollution, water contamination, all that comes from a warmer climate. that affects black, brown and indigenous people the most. communities of color are taking a stand against environmental inyou system by joining organizations and increasing awareness. i spoke with a community activist who is using hip-hop to add color to the green movement. >> hip-hop is the voigs of every community. we use that voice to highlight all the justice issues that we deal with as people in the hood. hip-hop has always been a tip of the social political sphere, so it makes sense when i'm from hunter's point and grew up next to the super fun site or the coal plant down there. a lot of black and brown people are dealing with the burdens of environmental pollution. i think here in san francisco and oakland, oakland and the bay area, we need to highlight
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things that humans are going through. we have kids having issues of learning with lead in fruitvale because of the pollutants going through the air, the particulates from all the shipping down there. we need to talk about that. the bay area is one of the centers of environmentalism, to highlight these black and brown kids that industry is just sitting on the backs of. that's why we have this environmental equity summit. it's also a lot of fun, too. >> can watch his full interview and find out more about the environmental justice center happening saturday. go to and click on the "climate in crisis" page. if you take vta, yesterday we told you vta this week is taking their next steps is rolling back service to prepandemic start times. bus lines are already running at 15-minute intervals again. light rail lines will follow suit this october. happening now, netflix is
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subleasing two of its buildings in los gatos. the company predicted it would lose subscribers in the past few quarters. this is due to strong steaming competition. according to "the mercury news," netflix lost 2.2 million subscribers so far this year to cut back. netflix decided to let go of two buildings. the company still operates four buildings in los gatos on allbright way. first, making a mark in the south bay. we'll introduce you to a local we'll introduce you to a local artist helping spread love
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a sai developer teaming up with a well-known artist to breathe new life into properties. >> republican properties is moving to lincoln avenue and willow. the building will soon be home to a new restaurant, copita -- the business is allowing a
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muralist to make a location for her new canvas on the wall there as the building owner explains, the hope is that the art will draw in customers. >> the climate for developers post covid is high, costs are high. we try to maximize the beauty of a building. there's no better value to a community than public art. >> it's always tremendously rewarding to add to my city. i'm from here and i love being able to be a part of how people walk around and experience it. >> the mural is of san miguel in mexico. she hopes it will help showcase mexican culture. >> love it. beautiful colors. trending this midday, what can only be hailed a hot topic for a hot day, spluuting. >> let's talk about it. i had to ask. what is this? let me explain it for you. i have a picture for you as well. if a picture was worth a
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thousand worlds, this would be it. you can see what splooting is. it was a new term brought around about ten years ago, basically what we've seen our pets do over the years, sprawl out, all fours out. they've been seeing that a lot in new york in the parks there. the parks department is telling everyone if you see the squirrels splooting in the heat, they're fine. the most common team -- splat is where it comes from. >> you don't want a squirrel to go splat. splooting is okay. >> i might have to splat in the pool by this afternoon. it's going to be hot in the bay area. >> definitely see the dogs laying like that trying to stay cool. you don't want to take your dog out walking. i'd say in the hot pavement on the inland areas, we're headed over 100 degrees. the weekend is looking much better. i think sunday is the best day of the weekend and we do still
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have our microclimate. fairly mild through to the coast. >> try to keep cool. our next newscast is coming up at 5:00. at 5:00. >> we'll see want more from your vitamins? get more with nature's bounty. from the first-ever triple action sleep supplement. to daily digestive support. to more wellness solutions every day. get more with nature's bounty.
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♪dance♪ live," the ninjas have assembled in las vegas and our pal "american ninja warrior" host matt iseman is here. we are digging into san francisco's rich history and discovering artifacts you can check out for the first time ever. plus, if you like pina coladas, paul is back to help us celebrate national rum day with fun facts and recipes. cheers! and i am in hermosa beach with celebrity trainer


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