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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 15, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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questioning the autopsy report. look at the video and the circumstances of the case. >> a mechanical problem, sorry. >> big-time heat, four days at 100 or hotter in the bay area. we will show you where it gets up to 103. a mechanical problem after erncy landing at oakland international. >> the news at 6:00 starts now, good evening and thank you for being with us. we want to start with breaking news, the fire in the hills of dublin. this is near the border of castro valley. you can see sky ranger giving pictures from overhead. we have good news to pass along. crews have stopped the forward
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progress of this fire. this is schaeffer ranch park in dublin off of 580. a short time ago you could see the intense smoke and the flames. driving off of 580 you could certainly see the smoke. sluggish traffic westbound 580. dublin has issued a warning, be prepared to evacuate west of schaeffer park road. evacuation center has opened up near dublin elementary school. the traffic is much better now but it is still slow-moving on 580 westbound. we will all watch this fire throughout the newscast. good news, the forward progress has stopped. okay, tonight, the autopsy results are out on the death of a san francisco man who died after being restrained by police and firefighters when he set off a fire alarm on treasure island. the investigative unit told you
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about how the man was kept facedown in handcuffs for several minutes. >> i feel like i still got a chance. >> that is kurt in a 2014 youtube video, the man died in march after police detain him outside of this treasure island apartment. sources who have seen the officer body camera video from the day tell our investigative unit that it shows him twice complaining that he could not breathe during the seven minutes police and fire restrained him, facedown in handcuffs. police have not released to the video to us or his family citing the ongoing investigation but the autopsy concludes he died of the toxic effects of ethanol and methamphetamine during exertion and physical restraint. making no reference to the video. as authorities from the office
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of the chief medical examiner say the video was part of the evidence review, a forensic expert is surprised that it was not explored in greater detail given that it was in custody. >> it is important for the pathologist to look at the evidence. >> the forensic pathologist and legal consultant who formerly worked as a assistant medical examiner in san francisco says it is not just that there is no mention of the video, the final report failed to mention ct scan results showing that there was a anoxic brain injury triggered by loss of oxygen. that information is in the investigator notes but not in the medical examiner findings. the autopsy report does not say if the death was a homicide or accident. >> you need to look at the video and circumstances of the case in order to have a better understanding. for what stopped the oxygen from getting to the brain. >> the doctor has testified as
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an expert in these cases, she says the video is especially important because it shows the man said he could not breathe. >> what i can say is i can't breathe is often a signal of imminent distress. >> that's because there is a potential dangerous buildup of acid in the system. >> they are not building enough to prevent the acid imbalance in the blood and that is a signal of imminent danger. >> the video is not mentioned in the report of the medical examiner office says that a document showing police provided it in march and it was forwarded to the pathologist. they did not answer questions about why it was not included. >> that is a huge piece of the puzzle that is not included. >> civil rights attorney representing the victim's mother.
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>> cannot let go because i don't know what happened. >> yet to see the video but wants it released to the public and the case reopened to fully account for those deadly circumstances. >> it is a real head scratcher. >> now turning to our weather. the heat is cranking up with temperatures reaching dangerous levels. this is video from walnut creek. people hitting the hiking trails. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it is hot and intense but we are not breaking records. >> that is right, very hot compared to where we have been but we were 106 before in concord, 108 in livermore. we are in the low one hundreds but tomorrow is getting even
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hotter. a look at the heat advisory moving through tomorrow and you will see it is in effect over the northeast and for the south bay. temperatures from 90 to 105. no major wind, 5 to 10 miles per hour but we will have elevated fire danger because of the drought in place. this is how things will play out tomorrow. in the forecast you will see temperatures starting in the 60s but it will climb, by noon 88, 2:00 p.m. 98 and coming up in 15 minutes we will talk about spots reaching 1 to 3, 104 and even 105. >> as the bay area braces for days of triple digit temperatures, the biggest transportation provider safety is top of mind. when it gets this hot the concerns become bart rails, high temperatures were blamed for deforming a track
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triggering a derailment in june. prompting bart to implement a policy to cut train speeding half when temperatures are rising above 100 degrees. we asked if speech were cut today and they said so far the answer is no. >> a plan of action would be nice so we could hear what is happening with safety and how they will mitigate this situation. with the old rail lines. >> no decision has been made about whether to slow trades tomorrow when the forecast calls for even higher temperatures. be sure to download the free nbc bay area news app, you can keep an eye on the heat just type in your zip code to get your forecast. aloha on hold, a flight headed to hawaii turns around. a southwest flight took off from oakland on its way to maui but it was forced back to the
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airport, it landed three hours later. the plane had a hydraulic issue, thankfully the plane landed safely. passengers boarded another flight for hawaii and presumably they are on the island now. oakland continued its cleanup efforts at a homeless encampment today, the center of a legal battle between those living there, the city, the county and caltrans. we were over this encampment between west grand and 26. a judge issued a temporary restraining order to residents trying to stop caltrans, the county and the city from kicking them out of this encampment. but the property has multiple owners and the judge says it only applies to parts of the encampment that are owned by caltrans. so the city of oakland is cleaning the area on city-owned property, the city is offering housing to the displaced and
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plans to build a 50 unit emergency shelter site program. thousands of kaiser mental health workers hitting strike lines today saying that patients are not getting the care they need. 2000 counselors and staff going on strike after the contract negotiations between the union and kaiser permanente have stalled. the union wants an increase in wages and is also demanding a comprehensive settlement to increase staffing and reduce patient wait times. kaiser says the pandemic has left it struggling and it has given the union a fair offer. >> someone has to wait three months or six months. they are already in a crisis. the crisis will become full- blown where they need more services. >> the proposal to reduce time directly seeing the patient comes at a time when we are faced with a 30% increase in demand for mental health care.
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>> kaiser says it hired 200 new mental health clinicians to try to keep up with skyrocketing demand. the healthcare giant says that patients will still receive care during the strike. 2 1/2 years after the first covid lockdown santa clara county's health officer will be reliving early days of the pandemic. dr. sarah cody will face attorneys to justify decisions she made with health orders she directed. the deposition is in preparation for a lawsuit filed by san jose's calvary chapel which regularly defied county health mandates racking up nearly $3 million in fines. there is a gender gap when it comes to the housing market but this one may surprise you. according to the census bureau, single women are far outpacing men with homeownership nationwide and it has been that
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way for years. we talked with some women who say homeownership is a priority for them to ensure autonomy, security and hedge against inflation. >> having a roof above your head is equal security. >> my goal was i want my first house to be bought by me. i don't need help. >> according to the survey, san jose has the largest gender gap of anyplace in the country when it comes to homeownership. next, free water for your lawn and plans, the program that is back in a bay area community as the weather is heating up. in san francisco i am sharon katsuda where the district attorney and the police chief announced an arrest made in a high-profile case. as temperatures continue to get hotter we have a spare the
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100,000 tesla drivers are already using full self-driving on public roads. i'm dan o'dowd. i'm a safety engineer and tesla full self-driving is the worst commercial software i've ever seen. tell congress to shut it down. paid for by the dawn project. san francisco's police chief wants to send a clear message. that those responsible for the wave of attacks on asian elders will be found and prosecuted. today he announced arrests in a
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high-profile attack of a 70- year-old asian woman. here is sharon katsuda. >> a lot of victims mentioned. this is just one case. >> in chinatown flanked by the district attorney, community leaders and officers the police chief announcing multiple arrests in the daylight beating of a asian woman, 70 years old. >> the 18-year-old oakland resident and three juvenile suspects age 11, 13 and 14. >> the moment that i saw the video of the attack i cannot tell you the feelings that i had inside. what is going on in our society? and in san francisco, it is very disturbing. >> the district attorney says that no hate crime charges have been filed but also says the investigation is ongoing, days after an arrest was made in the attack against another asian elder.
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days after we brought you exclusive video of two other attacks on asian women in the richmond district. the district attorney tells me she is asking staff to pull open cases involving elderly abuse to see if more information can be gathered to file hate crimes. >> hate crimes require proof of motive so oftentimes that requires some expression verbally from the assailant or it requires a level of investigation into past history, social media. >> the police chief and district attorney will hold a town hall meeting tomorrow night to further address the issues and explore how to work together to keep the community safe. from san francisco, sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. today those who live in livermore have a greener option for watering plants and grass, the water resource district is offering free recycled water, it can be used to irrigate
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lawns, trees and other landscaping. livermore residents are on a limited schedule but those using this free water program are allowed to irrigate whenever you want as long as you have a water tank and a pump back home capable of holding the water. >> it is not so much the money, just having the available water. >> keep in mind the program is limited to livermore residents. they can receive up to 300 gallons per visit at the free recycled water program runs through october 1st. the fire from the hills of dublin. this is a live look from sky ranger. you can see the fire trucks on 580. you can see the ground that is charred. crews say they have stopped the forward progress of the fire. specifically this is schieffer ranch park off of 580. you can see the scars from the flames and in the upper right a
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collection of homes. thankfully from what we understand, no homes caught fire. there is a line of firefighters protecting the community. we have video from the ground level. this was about 40 minutes ago. you can see how different the firefight was. the smoke and flames, the city of dublin has issued a warning to be prepared to evacuate if you live west of shaver park road. the evacuation center has opened at shannon community center near dublin elementary school. traffic on 580 westbound is sluggish but forward progress has been stopped. you can see how intense it is. >> yes, the firefighters are so aggressive with additional resources. they are getting on it very fast. homeowners really need to watch out tonight because there are hotspots to watch. this is the map perspective on
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this fire. this is 580, 83 degrees with wind 5 to 10 miles per hour. at the height of the fire it was creating wind with isolated higher wind gusting but the wind overall helped throughout the night. a closer look will show the fire was near schieffer ranch road and 580. this is a subdivision that we showed you in the video near this end of dublin of art, marshall canyon road and ridgeline place. you should keep your alerts on your phone and be ready to leave if you have to evacuate. things are looking better but with those hotspots things need to be monitored. more coverage on that at now our weather. the other thing we are tracking is the heat. today you felt humidity from subtropical air to the south and 95 walnut creek.
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80s at 8:00 p.m. but slowly cooling. 70s at 7:00, through 11:00. we have this weather from this area of high pressure pushing in the heat and there are thunderstorms, but the update is most of the thunderstorm chances should stay east and south as we have our eyes fixed on that. a smaller system to the south keeping things cooler at the coastline. all in all widespread temperatures for the forecast. if you're getting back to school or back to work if you think you need a light jacket in the morning you will not need it for long. 69 in the tri-valley, 66 in the south bay, san francisco 58 and the east bay 65. warming up another 3 to 6 degrees so in the south bay 94 in los gatos, 100 in morgan hill. antioch 103, walnut creek 100,
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pleasanton 102. we do have this ocean breeze, 86 in redwood city, san francisco 70s and downtown at the mission and north bay 104 clearlake and novato 76. the trend will be dropping in temper in san francisco as 60s return and for the inland valleys two more days of the hot weather and then back to the lower 90s and upper 80s by sunday. >> i like sunday it looks good. it is navy week in san it is navy week in san jose this is what people with eczema said
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morning. lanes were closed as crews cleaned up for two hours. police did not say if anyone was injured. a discovery of several catalytic converters, santa clara county deputies tried pulling over a vehicle in cupertino but the driver took off. after a short chase, five catalytic converters and a replica gun were found in the vehicle. the driver was also on probation. it is the start of navy week coming to san jose. members of the navy visiting the harvest food bank, the sailors helped pack food for san mateo and santa clara county. they will be volunteering at the boys and girls club, and habitat for humanity. more than 75 sailors will participate in education and outreach throughout san jose and at the south bay including at the family fiesta this weekend. next, you have seen them on air countless time and now he is being honored for educating
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vote yes on 27. this is well-deserved, top honors for a well-known bay area doctor. dr. peter chin-hong awarded the carl sagan price for signs popularization, presented every year by the beacon of science. the nonprofit dedicated to science education. dr. peter chin-hong is a
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professor of medicine specializing in infectious diseases. you have seen him on the nbc bay area news, he is a medical contributor helping us understand covid and monkeypox. tonight, the heat is problematic for bart. after a heat related to rome in june we are asking the plan to keep trains on tracks in the next 48 hours and we will be joined by a harvard researcher about a major lesson we did not learn after the first outbreak of monkeypox. next on nightly news, and inside look at the deaths of the western drought. the colorado river at tonight several new developments in the search at mar-a-lago and the growing security concerns for federal law enforcement. donald trump in his first interview since the search saying the country's temperature must be cooled down or, quote, terrible things will happen
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it comes after that security bulletin warning of growing threats to federal law enforcement. also tonight, mr. trump saying t fbi seized his passports and why the doj is asking a judge to keep the warrant affidavit sealed also tonight, former trump attorney rudy giuliani informed he's the target in the probe into alleged election meddling in georgia. and another trump ally, senator lindsey graham, vows to fight after a judge ordered him to testify just breaking, airport chaos in new york why the faa is warning of massive delays, and it's not the weather the fall of kabul one year later what life is like under taliban rule after that chaotic u.s. withdrawal. the dire new warning. an extreme heat belt forming in the u.s. potentially raising the heat index up to 125 degrees. and our report from inside one of america's national treasures. how a mega-drought is


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