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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 14, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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we will bring in our meteorologist. >> it is hot outside. 96 degrees right now. for a time this area was 100 degrees. 90 south of downtown san jose. now the interbay on the map moving tuesday through friday, the entire central sacramento
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valley under an excessive heat watch. some have an extension over the bay area. all the inland east bay for tuesday could see temperatures in the valleys in the upper 90s. now tuesday, the peak of the heat and in addition, a see skies behind me with a smoke advisory as the wind has shifted. the six rivers lightning complex fire to the north is sending smoke toward the bay area. in addition to the heat, the workweek begins with a wildfire smoke advisory, moderate levels of smoke pollution monday. we will see if it develops into a spare the air advisory tuesday. a lot of heat starting the week. we let you know when color temperatures return in 10 minutes. you can track the heat anytime with the nbc bay area app. free to download. we send alerts so you are updated on the full forecast.
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nancy pelosi and a delegation have traveled to taiwan. the member delegation arrived 12 days after the visit from nancy pelosi. it includes these people. there is set to meet the president and other leaders. they will talk about how to reduce tension with china and invest in semiconductors and other topics. earlier this much, the historic visit by the pelosi had an avesta aggressive response from china. new at 5:00, federal agencies warn about a spike in threats to law enforcement after fbi agents rain the mara lago residents of donald trump. the fbi and homeland security released an unclassified bulletin friday siding the attack at the fbi office in
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cincinnati. threats have come from online or other platforms. beware of extremists. keep an eye out for anything suspicious. the san jose mayor front runner hopes a new larger campaign headquarters will have the councilwoman opening the office to fanfare today. there were state lawmakers in the santa clara district attorney and the president of the san jose peace officer's association. they had backed the candidate to replace the incumbent. she says she wants to get keep the city she loves so much by taking bold action on the problems of affordable housing and homelessness. >> we know there are too many people homeless on the streets. we know that. we know it takes far too long for officers to arrive because we don't have enough. we know we have too many young people not doing enough to
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support the schools with afterschool programming. >> she took the lead in the primary with 39% of the both. the closest rival is matt mahan with 32%. new data show how hard it is to make it in the bay. housing affordability in california is at the lowest level in nearly 15 years. home prices reached record highs and april and may. interest rates jumped to the highest level in more than 13 years. check us out. according to the california association of elders, 20% of households in that area could afford a home in the first order of 2022. in the second quarter, the number did to 18%. the least affordable counties in the bay area are alameda county and napa county with 15% of people in those areas purchasing a home. the median home price in alameda is $1.5 million. in the mechanic, just over $1
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million. the most affordable county is solana, or 20% can purchase a home with a median price $625,000. we are back at 90 seconds. coming up, the first starbucks in california to unionize. workers are on strike. it has been one year since one of the worst wildfires in state history. a look at how one community is trying to recover and rebuild. the week is starting with an excessive heat watch for much of california including the in land east bay where temperatures in the next few days will be over 100 degrees. there is a sm
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♪ ♪ elon musk says tesla's full self-driving software is “amazing”, it will “blow your mind.” but does it work? this happens over and over again. 100,000 tesla drivers are already using full self-driving on public roads. i'm dan o'dowd. i'm a safety engineer
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and tesla full self-driving is the worst commercial software i've ever seen. tell congress to shut it down. paid for by the dawn project. just in to the newsroom. highway 29 is open since a deadly hit on crash last night. it was 11:30 on highway 29, giving george butler memorial bridge a crash. there were four other cars hit head-on. one driver was killed at the scene. two other drivers and passengers were hurt. investigators say it could have been a wrongway driver or drugs or alcohol. workers at a santa cruz starbucks are in the middle of a three having they strike. employees of the starbucks on ocean and water streets began the strike yesterday. the store was the first starbucks in california to both to join a union. it was the first rx in california to go on strike
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workers say there are unfair labor practices including not getting benefits and store hours being changed and not letting them know. we reached out to them yesterday for comment. we have not heard back. the workers unionized in may. starbucks said it opposed the move but respected the right to organize. today is one year since the was sitting fire east of sacramento. it burned more than 220,000 acres between august 14th and october 21st. it was the 15th largest fire on record in california. flames tore through communities in el dorado and appling county southwest of blake tahoe. more than 1000 homes and other structures burned to the ground. many victims are still getting over the loss. >> i wake up from dreams of being in the house every day. before i open my eyes, i think it was just a nightmare. >> this is a funeral. every time in come up here, it feels like i'm visiting a headstone of a loved one.
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>> the father and son were arrested in december of last year for starting the fire. he pleaded not guilty and is due in court. the weather we are having reminds us of conditions ripe for fires. >> we have hot temperatures and wildfire smoke impacting the forecast starting the week. we have a smoke advisory for the start of the week monday due to smoke from a fire burning on the northwest california coast. it is a complex of lightning- sparked fires giving us mild air quality starting the week. some of the wildfire smoke is enough for a smoke advisory impacting the northbay. we will see smoke at times rating from north to south. you're probably seeing it outside today. the trend is monday and tuesday. there is the source of the smoke with the fire at humboldt county and trinity county. we have that air pattern through tuesday. it will bring some of that to the bay area. meantime, the fire burns to the east.
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some it may drift to the west. the skies will be hazy. it will be hot outside. temperatures near concord and fairfield, middle to upper 90s. dublin tomorrow likely climbing into the upper 90s. we saw upper 90s early around walnut creek. 96 degrees. now, san francisco 66 degrees. good place to escape the heat. 83 in san jose. some low clouds on the coast in the morning. 50s and 60s start to the day. look at the lunchtime temperatures tomorrow. fairfield 88 degrees by noon. temperatures moving through the afternoon, middle 90s and upper 90s in these counties and around the valley area and south san jose in the 90s. watch what happens tuesday. you will have this excessive heat watch in effect for the inland hilltops. in the northbay, most of the in land east bay and the temperatures will really jump up. 102 through 104 degrees toward
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the tri-valley. upper 90s in the northbay. san francisco and oakland, 70s to middle 80s. bayside, 90s in san jose. near 100 in morgan hill. wednesday quite hot in land. the excessive heat watch may be extended toward wednesday and upper 90s and 100 degrees. still south of san jose for midweek. thursday, a bit of pulling. and more cooling bayside with 70s and 80s. still middle 90s in land. we see that heat lasting until wednesday and thursday. one thing that has change, we will not see the boost of humidity with the high heat. the best our chances likely stay off east of the sierra. this may be a welcome sight. there is a return of low clouds. that will be the ocean air cooling that kicks in as we have word friday and saturday. san francisco warm estate this week, like the bay, tuesday. upper 70s and cooling to the 60s toward the weekend. through midweek, plenty of heat in the inland valleys.
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some cooling on thursday. it will be hot and then back cool by the weekend. it is good news for air quality and temperature is. >> everyone was trying to skirt that off. trending now on the website, eight a flight in california. you may not think about this. a mega flight in california. research says it could happen. we take a look at how climate change could make future storms worse. visit nbc bay for the top story on our page. we will be right back. for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty.
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prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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heads up for transit riders. there will be service restored to pre-pandemic levels. weekday service on the blue line will start at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow. saturday and sunday on the blue line there will be the same schedule starting at 5:00 a.m. and running until 12:30 a.m. the next morning. the green and orange lines will start at 5:00 a.m. on weekdays . and run 6:00 aim to midnight on weekends. in october, vta will increase frequency of buses and light will . bringing the community together is the goal of the some detail county sheriffs office as they held a community festival. >> [ music ] >> everything from a mariachi band to food, art, crafts, and
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a zumba class were offered today at the annual north fair oaks community festival happening in redwood city. the sheriffs office holds the event to build trust between deputies in the community. >> it is an important event for the sheriff's office in the community. the opportunity to connect with the community and improve our relationship with the community. >> the festivals take place annually in the past 20 years. we will change the way we apply. up next, the innovative way a bay area company will fix the ongoing pilot shortage. the story you will only see on nbc bay area news .
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a high-tech firm in the east bay is looking to put airplanes into the sky without pilots. the coa car companies are working on cars without drivers. it comes at a critical time amid an ongoing pilot storage. >> there were 6500 pilot licenses issued each year. one estimate predicts a shortfall of 18,000+ pilots for the next decade. scott mcgrew went to the concord airport to check out x- wing. >> reporter: mission control is a one bedroom office in the second floor of a hanger at buchanan field. below, technicians double check the sensors that will allow this airplane to take to the skies by itself.
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airplanes like this are used daily to transport cargo and people to small communities all over the united states. there is a pilot shortage and the engineers at x wing have an airplane that can taxi, takeoff, and fly and land entirely by itself and think it is a good solution for >> it is a struggled to hire and train pilots, even with increases. there are in a not enough. >> reporter: a pilot right along for now. he hands off and the computer flies, monitored by the vision control. actually flying is the easy part. it turns out the biggest challenge in automating flight is not the flight itself. you have been on flights on autopilot. the challenge is talking to those guys. >> right now we have somebody in the station talking to the controls. the voice is relayed to the
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airplane. no matter where they are sitting where the aircraft is, we communicate with the local facility. practiced the pilot no they're talking with a no-pilot airplane? >> they have no idea. they do not know the pilot is not in the airplane. >> reporter: x-wing is named after the iconic star wars spacecraft. it hopes to convince the faa to certify the technology in the coming months. scott mcgrew, nbc bay area news . in order for small businesses to thrive, they need to be smart. efficient. agile. and that's never been more important than it is right now. so for a limited time, comcast business is introducing small business savings.
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toby needs a bath! stay one step ahead of stinky. mornings are our time, and i couldn't let stiff joints slow me down. so i started taking osteo bi-flex every day because it has joint shield... ...clinically shown to improve joint comfort within 7 days. osteo bi-flex - available at your local retailer and club. one of the biggest sports around the world is cricket. it is growing in popularity in
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the bay area. so much so, there is a cricket festival in santa clara. kids of all ages from the bay came and took part. the highlight was seeing the silicon valley strikers by the hollywood master blasters. the strikers are defending champions in the minor league. >> they defended the title. tonight, the spike in threats to federal law enforcement after the search of former president trump's home a new fbi homeland security bulletin warning of growing threats of violence against agents and their families the fbi and secret service now beefing up security at their offices as mr. trump rails against the fbi today. a man crashes his car into barricades on capitol hill, then pulls out a gun. >> he took out a handgun, began firing that gun indiscriminately >> what we're learning now about the person behind the wheel the terror attack overseas
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that hurt five americans.


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